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tv   Eyewitness News at 11  CBS  October 7, 2014 11:00pm-11:36pm EDT

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"eyewitness news". >> we have our eye on storms moving through the area right now. storm scan3 is tracking the system that will bring rain to the area over the next several hours. good evening, i'm jessica dean. >> i'm chris may. we've got video just in to show you tonight rain started coming down hard and fast just a short time ago in old city. accompanied by really gusty winds as well. >> those who were out and about made very good use of the umbrellas. kathy orr is here with a look at storm scan3. >> that's round one. another round moving our way. this lifting toward the north and east. basically on the jersey side right now. but more is to come. lighter rain in the yellow that you see through pennypack woods, palmyra and port richmond but over across the delaware we're seeing some oranges rain rates about half an inch an hour along 295, also the turnpike through willingboro, wood lane, maso masonville, medford, moorestown and toward mt. laurel. more rain moving up from the
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i-95 corridor but toward baltimore and washington and this is a history of some gusty winds. you can see it all lifting toward the northeast going in our northern and western suburbs within the neck hour, and here reported in maryland a 40 miles an hour gust these storms do have history of gusty winds and heavy downpours. winds out of the south right now between 10 and 20 miles an hour for the most part. they will be shifting once that front passes and it still will be windy tomorrow. future weather has good ham on these two rounds of rain, and as we progress through the overnight you can see the heaviest rain through 2:00 a.m. and skies begin clear. here are the details. we are expecting about half an inch of rain throughout most of the area. but in those storms, a little more than that. gusts to 40 and some of the storms once again the heaviest rain moving out by 2:00 a.m. come ugh and will it be clear enough to see the blood moon where you live? we'll talk more about that coming up. kate has details. cooler days ahead in that seven day, and more rainy days as well. i'll see you later in the broadcast. jess.
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>> kathy, thanks. new at 11:00 tonight a grieving mother's final wish for her son is rejected boy delaware church. but did she go too far with her fan for his gravestone? "eyewitness news" reporter charlotte huffman has this cemetery controversy. >> reporter: regular trips to visit her son donny never get any easier. >> my little angel. >> reporter: ever since bates buried her son more than three years ago in use castle cemetery she's been looking foreclosure. >> i guess the final phase of someone passing is to have a monument. >> reporter: but so far don 93's grave remains unmark except for family momentos and a tattered father's day card from his two children. >> this a little angel that i put here for his birthday. >> reporter: bates had plans for permanent memorial in fact she bought a $7,000 headstone. and this is the design she wants. various edgeings and six photos of donny with his children. >> this is one of the ones i wanted here on this monument.
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>> reporter: emmanuel episcopal church which own the sem terry says no. the church's cemetery committee which reviews grave markers rejected bates design. an approval is needed it's a rule stated in the standard agreement that bates signed when she purchased the plot. but as for specific guidelines for a headstone, there are none. >> what i don't understand is there are many out here over 50 at my last count that have porcelain pictures, carving. >> reporter: like a motorcycle, power drill, an rv, skateboarder, there's even a stone shaped like a teddy bear. >> these are people who are buried here. this gives their family comfort. this shows a little bit of peace of who they are. >> reporter: we called the pastor father christopher keen he declined to talk to us on camera but says, bates' design was not approved because it has too many pictures and edgeings including logos of the phillies and eagles. and there's no one for bates to
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appeal to. the diocese of delaware says it has no oversight and headstone you'll are up to each cemetery. father keen says she'll have to limb her design to a christian symbol of one photo of her son alongside his name and dates. >> my son is more than a name and date. my son has little children. they're young and they deserve to see them with their dad. >> reporter: father keen says the church will draw up specific guidelines to prevent issues like this in the future. bott testimony line here is before buying a plot carefully check that cemetery's guidelines and rules and get them in writing and if there are none, you may want to consider other options. i'm charlotte huffman cbs-3 it witness news. >> new at 11:00 a student athlete from mean is arrested and suspended from the football team after allegedly punching another student athlete. eyewitness was there when he turned himself in with his attorney. walt hunter has the exclusive.
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do you have anything to say about the criminal charges guns you for the fight? >> no. >> reporter: cameron country man a junior and wide receiver on the university of pennsylvania football team declined comment following his arraignment on charges of simple assault and recklessly endangering another person for allegedly punching a member of a another penn sports team here on this street two blocks west of campus early on the morning of september 28th. >> nothing you can tell us about it? arrest reports claim 20 year old country man through the punch during an altercation that began when another student shouted at him from across the street. then yelled racial slurs. before shoving the football player. the reports indicate when a third student who did not yell racial slurs attempted to intervene, he was punched by country man and knock to the ground. suffering an injured eye orbit for which he was treater and released at the hospital of the university of pennsylvania. >> can you tell us what started the fight? we understand there may have been some racial slurs
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that may have been thrown. i have nothing to say at this time. >> reporter: responding to our inquiries, penn officials e mailed a statement that reads in part "there was an off campus incident involving two male students. cameron country man a student athlete on the football team was charged. he has been suspended from the team. until this matter is adjudicated by the criminal justice system. and the university's student disciplinary process has concluded ". now, country man was permitting to free on bill following his arraignment after he signed his own bail released on his own recognizance. his attorney declined comment. cbs-3 has learned that the university is also investigating the alleged behavior of the student who was accused and suspected of yelling the racial slurs. live at southwest detective division, walt hunter, cbs-3 "eyewitness news". >> okay, walt, thank you very much. classes resume at widener university tomorrow after a freshman was arrested an accused of threatening to shoot up the school.
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this is the threat that investigators say was posted on yik yak by 20 year old louis andres vela he allegedly wrote of shooting everyone who bullied him and referenced columbine high school. police used an ip address to track him down and he was arrested today on campus. he has been champed with making terroristic threats, harassment and other computer crimes. >> nothing is an idle threat. we have to take all the threats, you know, seriously. there's nothing that is anonymous on social media. >> widener students did receive alerts about the zig this morning. those we talked with say that they are pleased with the university's response to that situation. well, also, new at 11:00 a suspect is under arrest after a stabbing in a burholme grocery store. a man in his 50s was stabbed twice in the face inside this pathmark grocery store on cottman avenue. he is in critical condition tonight. police made an arrest shortly after that attack but there is no word on what led to the
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violence. >> the fbi is turning to the public for help its fight against isis. >> we're here with the soldier soldiers --ing. >> the fbi posted this video on its website of an isis fighter orchestrating the excution of prisoners. agency hopes someone might recognize the fighter's voice or appearance. it's part of a larger appeal to identify americans and other foreign fighter who's are joining the terror group. the fbi believes nearly a dozen americans have joined isis. >> we are tracking new information tonight on enterovirus if our region. there are five new confirm cases in new jersey. one in camden county and another in mercer county. the total number of cases in new jersey now stands at 14. additionally there are a total of five patients at children's hospital of philadelphia awaiting test results to see if they have the virus. all have muscle weakness that could be linked to the virus and
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all are being treated to reduce inflammation around the spinal cord. we don't know yet whether of these patients will have lon long-term lasting effects from this presentation until we've seen them a little longer. >> at least one child enterovirus similar to the one sweeping the country has led to paralysis. >> the philadelphia school district says it is ready to combat enterovirus if necessary. the district has bought special disif he can ant wipes that are capable of killing the virus. they'll use them on doorknobs and desk tops if there is an outbreak. the school district also needs the help of parents. >> please if your child is not feeling well, go and see a doctor and don't bring them back to school until they are fully recuperated and get a clean bill of health. >> here's an interesting fact to keep in mind. hand sanitizer ares not effective against enterovirus. >> well, new tonight hamilton township council gets an earful from residents over enterovirus
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in that school district. some parents have been critical over the district's response to the virus following the death of fer year old yardville elementary pre-schooler eli waller. eli died at his home on september 25th a death that has been linked to the virus. >> 484 pol doses should in the dye in this country and if they do, it's supposed to be looked into and it's supposed to be, v the best attention especially by the health officer. >> send your kids to school, put them back into the society. put them back into our town. let them play their game. let them go jim mass ticks torque dance. >> yardville elementary was sanitized as a precaution. latest now on the fear spreading over the ebola virus. four people are now under quarantine at a spanish hospital including a nursing assistant who has been infected with the disease. in dallas a liberian man being treated for e legal is showing improved liver function but he remains in critical condition. that man and a news videographer
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being treated in nebraska are receiving the same experimental drugs. >> the police. oh, bleep, bleep. >> a confrontation with police is caught on camera. how did getting pulled over for seat belt violation wind up like this? we'll take a look next. kathy. >> a rainy night across the delaware valley but more rainy days in our seven day forecast. more on that plus the blood moon come tomorrow morning. coming up. >> he played a pastor on popular television show and tonight he's under investigation for child abuse. the unique way the allegations against him came to light. >> and a police officer helping a mother in need. instead of giving her a tick, he gave her something she
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>> just a few short hours from now there will be something of a strange sight in the skies above us. meteorologist kate bilo explains the blood moon. >> an interesting site in the morning sky as we experience a total lunar eclipse. this is when the moon moves into the shadow that is cast by the earth and when this happens, when the moon is completely enveloped in the earth's had shadow it takes on a reddish
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hugh known as a blood moon this will happen early wednesday morning right after 6:00 a.m. the earth's -- moon moves through the earth's shadow. next time we see this april 4, 2015. kate bilo, cbs-3 "eyewitness news". >> man and his girlfriend file a federal lawsuit after this is caught on camera. >> you going to open the door? >> guy just tasered me and i just started -- felt like my bed was going to shut down and then i -- he tased me on the ground. i'm asking him, please, please just stop tasing. >> this suit was filed against the hammond indiana police department. it claims officers used excessive force during a traffic stop last month. jamal jones in the pass injury seat there says he feared for his safety and refused to get out of the car and that's when the situation escalated. police say they pulled the car over because the driver jones
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girlfriend was not wearing a seat belt. they add that officers making legal traffic stops are allowed to ask passengers to exit the vehicle. >> also caught on camera arc violent collision between a train and a tractor trailer near monroe, louisiana. the big rig driver tried to cross the tracks but became stuck. he got out of the truck just in time. but two train operators were seriously hurt in that crash. officials say there have been a number of accidents that cros crossing and that changes are needed. >> well a michigan policeman takes community service to the next level. this is officer brian hall -- ben hall, rather, he spotte sp d alexis dee lorenzo driving with her daughter but she did not have car seat. she explained she had fallen on hard times and couldn't afford one. he took her to a store and bought her a car seat with his own money. after the police department put the video on its facebook page, it went viral.
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>> the ticket doesn't solve the situation. what solves it is the child kneeing a booster seat like she should be. as the easiest 50 bucks i ever spent. >> i'm really almost at a loss for words because he really didn't have to do that. >> alexis plans -- says rather she plans to give back when she gets back on her feet. >> the man who played a pastor and father on the popular show seventh heaven is now under investigation after alleged audio tape admissions that he had inappropriate sexual contact with children are made public. tmz says during a secretly recorded therapy session with his ex stranged wife back in 2012, collins revealed he exposed himself to underaged girls and molested one. the nypd is now investigating but so far no charges have been filed. >> now to a three on your side follow up a local executive who helped scam hundreds of people is headed to prison. 46 year old matthew mcmannis of
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montgomery county was sentenced today in us district court to 16 years behind bars. as jim donovan toll us in special three on your side report last week, mcmannis ran the philadelphia office of remington financial group. that company took advance fees from entrepreneurs seeking commercial financing. that scheme ultimately defrauded 1900 people of $26 million. ingrid robinson lost $10,000. >> when i realized that this is a man who chose to be a thief, a liar, a coward and a self-serving man, i wasn't going to let it slide. i wasn't going to let it slide. i had to see what was going to happen. >> six others pleaded guilty in that case. and in addition to the prison term mcmannis was ordered to pay res toy tying of over $17 million. at children's hospital young patients meet their k9 counterparts. >> "eyewitness news" at chop for tonight's best friends bash. it is all part of the pet
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therapy program. the aim is to allow children to see how dogs are affected by health problems and how they've adapted. it is a collaborative effort between chop and penn's ryan veterinary hospital. >> good thing the dogs were inside because they would be getting rained on pretty heavily right now. yeah. no fun. a cool ran out there tonight. just hunker down, stay in and by the time you get up tomorrow morning the good news is, everything shall pass. but we have a beautiful vision. you heard about the blood moon. we'll take look and if you'll be able to see it in your neighborhood with our cloud cast coming up. take look outside where we do have rainfalling heavy at times throughout the late night hours. this is a view from our center city studios skycam3 taking a little bit of a break from the heavy rain in center city but more is coming. down the shore we have some showers in atlantic city. nothing heavy just yet. on storm scan three our first band of rain is moving up that i-95 corridor through trenton on its way into interior central south jersey and also new york.
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but here's the second band moving our way and where you see the orange through parts of chester county we're talking about rain rates at about half an inch an hour and that's decent for this time of year lou traces like new london, lower oxford during the evening overnight hours through london grove we're talking about these high rain rates that will continue through our northern and western suburbs. all of this is shifting toward the northeast. so delaware counsel too, new castle county, even philadelphia you will be seeing some of this heavy rain moving in over the next couple of hours. it's part of a larger system that has gusty winds associated with it as well. these storms have a history of winds gusting 30 even 40 miles an hour as this report shows from earlier this evening in parts of delaware. and also maryland. our live neighborhood network shows us our latest gust gusts t to go to 30 miles an hour in philadelphia and now castle county airport. a gust to 28 miles an hour in wallingford and in wayne looking at a gust of 27 miles an hour. right now temperatures not that bad. still in the 60s for the most part look at wildwood dry
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70 degrees. pock notice with the rain at 57. all the rain is associated with this front. it moves through overnight. the skies will begin to clear early in the morning. and then we'll see very breezy conditions. even though the rain gone, the wind will linger. thursday the cool air moves in and temperatures will be falling into the 60s. and once we get there, we'll going to stay there by friday even more rain. overnight showers and storms with breezy conditions, lows in the 60s. for the blood man we're looking at the beginning of totality at 6:25. clearing skies and 62. if you live in the northern and western suburbs you have a better chance of seeing it because by four, 5am clearing skies still some clouds in south jersey but by 7am most of us seeing the clear skies. if you want to get up, off good chance of seeing it. during the day tomorrow, we'll have the sun at 74. and on the, clues suv "eyewitness weather" seven day forecast once we fall into the 60s, we will stay there. 68 thursday. 66 friday. we bottom out saturday with a chance of showers. and then by next week back in
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the 70s but for columbus day and tuesday still a chance of show showers. little rain sprinkled in there all throughout the week. kathy, thanks. >> looking like a cool night sunday night for division al matchup with the birds. >> i wonder how this one will go. we have some good news a key player back on the pass rush getting back on the field but we do have lingering concerns on the other side of the field. we'll hear from quarterback nick foles about his struggling long ball. sports is next.
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>> the eagles record is four and one but after so many missed plays and turnovers lately the offense feeling lots of heat from the fans an lot of that negative attention directed to quarterback nick foles after throwing just two interceptions all of last year he's already tossed up five this season. one of his biggest problems the long ball. >> if anybody has ever thrown football or gone out there it's one of those things you keep working at it. we can't afraid of throwing the deep ball. i've all throwing the deep ball. >> good news for defense. michael kendrick returning to practice today. in a limited capacity. dee me company ryans took the day off dealing with a groin injury. he hopes to be on the field sunday. >> from sunday to today i feel like i made some strides and feeling better, and i think if it keeps going like it's going, by the end of the week, you know, i'm feeling good, hopefully i can go. >> of course thursday night means prime time football right her on cbs-3. the colts are looking for that are didn'tth straight thursday night win.
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they're takin taking on the texn houston. pre show coverage starting at 7:30. big meeting in new york between roger garden the owners. several items on the agenda on the top of the list changes to the personal conduct policy. they will also discuss the pending sale of the buffalo bills and the possibility of a new team in los angeles. >> it is time to cast your vote for the game of the week w should beasley go for friday football frenzy? now here are your choices. central bucks south at abington. we have lasalle at st. joe's and cherry hill east at shawnee. so good ahead and cast your vote right now on the audio road show app. >> the flyers will start their season on the road tomorrow night against the bruins in boston. forward wayne simmonds and mark straight will be the team's alternate captains simmonds is hopeful he'll play tomorrow after dealing with a bruised foot. >> he was one of the original voices of the philadelphia sports.
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and today fans are remembering the dean, bill campbell. campbell passed away yesterday at the age of 91 and flags at the well fargo center are being flown at half staff paying tribute to the great broadcaster. a viewing is planned for sunday from two to 6:00. the funeral will take place monday at 11 a.m. at christ the king church in haddonfield. he will be missed. we'll be right back.
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♪ >> landmarks all across the area displaying pink lights during october which is breast cancer awareness month. this is the national constitution center and the pink lights are a reminder for women to schedule a mammogram and to vigilant in the fight against breast cancer. the national museum of american jewish historically in the pink. cbs-3 and the cw philly have teamed up with susan g komen philadelphia for the annual lights for the cure campaign now in its 13th year. >> very special honor tonight for one of our own here at "eyewitness news". pat chiarocchi is now a knight of the italian republic. >> that is the highest badge of honor from the consul general of italy of philadelphia. pat has made countless contributions to the italia italian-american community here in our region and well beyond. it is a honor that is well deserved and we absolute pat for all that some does every single
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day. we're proud to call her our own. we'll be right back. ♪
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>> thanks for watching "eyewitness news" at 11:00. weaver back in the morning at 4:30 with erika von tiehl and natasha brown. for lesley, kathy and everyone here at "eyewitness news", i'm chris may. >> i'm jessica dean. remember you can always find us at the late show with david letterman is next with tonight's guest robert downey, jr. have a good night. we'll see you tomorrow. have a good night. we'll see you tomorrow. ♪
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