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tv   Eyewitness News at 5  CBS  October 9, 2014 5:00am-5:31am EDT

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enjoy, it is just nice outside but for another it is last nice day before a new round of rain will come along which we will track coming up, vittoria. all and all majors looking good but we have an accident traveling north bound 309 at paper mill. majority is on the shoulder but you we will have more details in a bit, now back to the desk. now a story you won't see anywhere else philadelphia police are investigating after a racial slur spray painted on the side of the center city high school. >> "eyewitness news" reporter jane california bay owe is live with the details for us, jan, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, natasha and erika. disturbing case of graffiti. vandals a appear at this girls catholic high school in center city. a racial slur scrolled right on the front door there smack in the middle of two crosses. the maintenance worker here has since clean this up so that word is invisible when kids arrive this morning. this is john hallahan catholic
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girls high school at 19th and wood street. the the racial slurs was spotted just before 1:00 this morning. we have blurred that word out in our video but it was right in the middle of the front door here's. that passerby tells us he was walking home, he tweeted a photo of what was written here and then alerted "eyewitness news". we have called police. since then a number of detective have been taking a look around. they have been searching the building to see if there is more graffiti but they say this one slurries all they have found. investigators have been looking around the ground here for possibly any evidence left behind and most importantly they are looking for surveillance video. back here live on the scene you can see a camera right in the front of the high school there. unfortunately i'm's told that video isn't very good since the the entrance seems to be obscured by this scaffolding. there is another camera right across the the street but i'm told that is not the pointed at the school.
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while will they are looking at surveillance video right now it doesn't look very good. meanwhile this morning police will be interviewing more people and following more leads and we are still waiting to hear from the will school. reporting live outside this high school in center city, jane carabao for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". one person is dead and a dozen more displaced when a fire rips through a delaware count fey silt. flames broke out last night at elwyn facility on the 100 block of elwyn road in media. elwyn is a center and home for people with disabilities. fire officials tell thaws quick reaction by staff helped save others. >> we arrived on the location, five minutes after the initial dispatch and we found the staff's vac waiting, 38 people from the building, they had one person unaccounted for at that particular point in time and there is reason for the fire. >> fire officials say that fire was contain to the bedroom and causes under investigation. right now coming up a at 5:03. we will get traffic and
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weather to go. better energy today. >> that within my advice if you have any plans you want to get outside, you know, this will be a good excuse to do that unless you are a duck and you like to run around this is rain. we have that on the way too here. lets take you out here and show you what is going on here and the temperature pattern that will take effect here. on this particular day of the year, new we're typically only topping off in the upper 60's. we have come from very nice warmth here over the course of last week. we will expect to see temperatures dip as the days progress and then they will rebound but friday looks like it will be a day that we will bottom out the most. here's is what going on, storm scan three bringing in high pressure many we will have a chance to warm up nicely later today to a very seasonal 70 degrees or so. fifty-six is current temperature at the the airport and we will drop another degree or two or three before the sunrisees and right new down in the lower 50's or 40's depending on location through the north and western most suburbs. lets go out towards
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quakertown, pottstown where we are at 48 degrees. it is jacket weather for sure. you will want to have that ready to go walking out the door but a few things are different. it is not the as breezy or warm necessarily as yesterday was but it is just as bright and sunny. so a lovely day unfolding here, but with that said even though in the poconos we are only talking 61 degrees, that is a nice afternoon for mid-october standard. by tomorrow we will track rain and we will track that system in the next hit. >> definitely a day you can leave the door open if you have the screen, real nice, comfortable, right. >> i just love that. >> yesterday was just as nice. hopefully this morning's commute will reflect gorgeous weather and be just as pretty, however, right new we're dealing with a bit of the situation. this is traveling in the northbound direction of 309 at paper in million road we have an accident, majority of that accident on the shoulder which is good news and it does seem to be in the the time that we have come back from our last commercial break, that we have made some progress in this
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incident. definitely less folks on the the scene. that is definitely good news, bad news is that this even happened. north bound 309 at paper mill you do want to be mindful of that incident on the shoulder. a as we take you now to the schuylkill expressway not too far from the 30th street station, vine street expressway, both sides of 76 are great and it is not only around center city but every where, every where as well, you have speed sensors like traveling on 422, 202, pennsylvania turnpike, northeast extension just lots of good news this morning. we have a accident in montgomery county at hanover street at fourth street be mindful of. that watch out for construction on both sides of the pennsylvania turnpike between fort washington and bensalem, natasha? new this morning there is an international manhunt for a father wanted for kidnapping a boy with ties to pennsylvania, here is, the man at the fbi is currently looking for investigators say jeffery hanson left seattle with his nine year-old son billy and they may be sailing to hawaii
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or another pacific island. boy was visiting his father and he was supposed to fly home to his mother in pennsylvania last in but he never got on the plane. the fbi has in the said exactly where in pennsylvania billy was going. president obama orders increased checks at the pass evening's arriving from west africa after the first person diagnosed in the u.s. loses his battle with the virus. cbs news correspondent susan mcginnes tells us what the cdc is saying now. >> reporter: dozens lit candles last night at will shire baptist church in dallas to remember thomas eric duncan, yesterday he became the first person in the u.s. to die of ebola. duncan's fiance who remained in quarantined told friends she's heart broken. >> the first thing she said is my baby is gone, i'm finish. >> reporter: health officials are monitoring about 50 people had varying degrees of contact with duncan for signs of the virus. they say out of an abundance of caution a sheriff's deputy
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who is exhibiting ebola alike symptoms has been hospitalized. he had been in the dallas apartment where duncan stayed after he arrived from liberia. >> we're just kind of scared. >> reporter: in response to the spread ofe bowl at white house says anyone traffic from woes africa to five u.s. airports will be questioned and have their temperatures taken. they start this weekend at jfk in new york and later at washington dulles newark international, atlanta hearts field and chicago o'hare. >> we recognize that whatever we do until the out break is over in west africa we cannot get the risk to zero in this country. >> reporter: officials say those airports receive the majority of travelers from west africa where out break has killed thousands of people. susan mcginnes for cbs news, washington. well, happening today candidates for governor in pennsylvania get some very high profile help with dueling rallies here in the philadelphia area. new jersey governor chris christie campaigns for governor tom corbett at a
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rally at valley forge military academy. doors there opened up at 3:00 o'clock. few hours later former secretary of state hillary clinton lend her support behind democrat tom wolf at an event at the national constitution center. you do need tickets for both of these events but they are free. last night in pittsburgh the candidates traded jabs at their third and final debate, latest polls give wolf a double digit lead over corbett with less than four weeks to go until the election. happening today a trial is scheduled for the day care own's cues odd leaving children in the car when she went shopping in port richmond. authorities say that in july karen tomorrows some left five children inside a running suv while she was inside shop rite on aramingo avenue. the children range from six months to nine years old. eyewitnesses say they were in the kara loan for a half april hour. well, a teenager is under arrest, all for a threat to be posted on social media.
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how he explained this school threat to police. plus inside the mind of the suspect killer, the the chilling notes left behind by eric frein including what he said about his escape after two state troopers were shot. this new jersey boy just wants to run but his school says no, why they are keeping him off the cross country team. and enjoy the the the nice weather today while you can, katie has her eye on rain heading our way later this week when we do traffic and weather together on the three's as we look live in atlantic city. right now 56 degrees
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a former penn ridge high school student ace rested for ledgely posting a threatening message against the school on something media police say 19 year-old eric wood claims he was just answering a dare when he threatened to bring a gun and a bomb to the school. using social media side called
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yik yak that is described as a cross between snap chat and twitter. >> kids, teens, high school and middle will school, they don't realize what can happen that it is not anonymous. officials say they monitor the site for misuse or threatening behavior and will block or sus pen account based on the type of content being posted. 5:13. we are going to give traffic and weather together, good morning in katie good morning everybody. today will be a very pleasant day. if you like yesterday you'll like more because it is in the quite as breezy, ape we have high pressure moving in, bringing with it a new area of low pressure. let's explain that. a lot of times you see area have low pressure moving in directing front through but difference here is we have a frontal boundary stalling out. you can see blossoming precipitation over iowa, missouri right now and this area will develop along that
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front, and ride through our area that is where this is coming from. it sound very similar with the timing as to what we saw last weekend in fact. lets go through future weather, time stamp tomorrow morning with plenty of clouds. you might have sunshine up through pocono region but don't expect it will last very long. already, the showers start to pick up. if you have a long day planned in center city i advise to you bring an umbrella with you because you'll thank yourself later in the day when it starts to rain. it could be heavy rain. we could pick up an inch plus out of this through saturday morning before it gradually starts to pull away. 11:00 a.m., 12:00 noonish we will see skies start to clear, but might be stuck in the clouds for better part of the day. pollen report, what else is new it is low in terms of the ragweed for next four days and with rain moving in if there were pollen issues they will get washed away with this system coming in. it wash's way the warmth for us for a couple days but we will read out nicely, check
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out tuesday, warming up easily in the mid to upper 07's but that comes with a price a new pot event cold front is set to start to develop by that point. vittoria, over to you. good morning, everybody. still a nice ride outside, it is there 5:15. and we're in the dealing with major problems. as we look here, northbound side of 309, on the shoulder would be an accident approaching paper mill road, excuse me, police are still on the scene to work on the remnants of this incident but as you will notice traffic moving by. we will update you on that. but for now we will move to the vine street expressway both reflecting beautiful track, nothing to talk about but signs of the the vine are great heading down tore i-95 or down through the schuylkill, in the westbound direction, and really in your western suburbs, still a good news just keeps on coming. fifty-five is your average on 422, same thing on the schuylkill, blue route, 202, all looking great and in delays for mass transit. we have good news this morning. hopefully it stays that way
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for as long as possible. septa is extending overnight weekend subway services on the broad street and market frankford lines. so many people are riding the subway from midnight to 5:00 a.m. on weekend that septa is keeping rides available inn definitely. here's a look at the headlines on cb. three, only on three authorities are searching for suspects after racist graffiti was discovered on the front doors of the hallahan high school for girls in center city philadelphia. police are examining some curve lance video right now from that neighborhood around 19th and wood street. one person was killed in a fire at a facility for the disabled, in elwyn delaware county. investigators have not determined what sparked this blaze. and the u u.s. government will take temperatures of travelers from west africa at five u.s. airports. there are also scanners at dulles schools. first man diagnosed with ebola in the u.s., died from dallas yesterday. still ahead this morning new york giants take trash
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talk about the eagles to a whole new level and this one even got at tension of their coach. you'll see tweet people are talking about today. also just imagine looking outside and seeing this, this is a mountain lion on your car and this than the even a wildest video of the animal in the car we have to show you this morning. stay with us everyone 5:16.
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two, drive to your local car buying center. and three, walk out with your check in as little as 30 minutes. buying used cars is all we do... all makes and models... no dealership pressure. we'll even settle your loan or lease. so don't wait. get your free online valuation now at the jet blue pass evening shore claims she was kick off a flight for tweeting about a delay is back home in the boston area. we told but lisa carter knight yesterday morning. now she tweeted about the delay on her jet blue flight after pilot was accused of being drunk. the he passed sobriety test and then asked carter knight to be removed from the flight. we are told jet blue has refunded her ticket and they said the pilot does have discretion to re move anyone causing a problem, natasha. man sets up a, security camera ace stunned by what it records.
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a hundred tane lion on his car. take a look here at this video captured in san jose, california. the animal stood about 302nd or so on top of his car before jumping off and running in his neighbor's backyard. best guess is the the cat was 125-pound, in american three years old, and experts say he, or she, was probably looking for a little snack and got excited. better to have a wild animal on your car instead of in your car, right? check out this bear devouring the dashboard on a car near denver. police had to help out when the the bear got stuck inside after smashing the windshield. officers tweeted bear unharmed, car was not, clearly >> lock your door. >> most definitely. still ahead new iphones are only a few weeks old and apple is getting ready to unveil new products, what the tech giant is expected to show off this week just in time for the holiday season. he is also one of the
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biggest stars of the planet but not everybody knows jay-z, you have to see what happens when a confused tourist confronts the rapper, stay
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coming up at 5:23. here's traffic and weather together. good morning , katie. >> good morning, everybody. today will be a pleasant day for you out there. if you wanted to make mess of the out door plans today would be a good excuse to do that. we will eventually see nice weather down the road but this is last night day before our next round of nice weather comes along not to mention a drop on the thermometer. storm scan three is empty. we will jump you tomorrow when rain moves in. right now thinks one computer model's take on how much we will get here in terms of the rain. heavier rain coming will friday night into saturday. we could be looking at close to 2 inches of rain through philadelphia, yeah, so a dousing coming our way friday night into saturday morning, that is generally timing for heavier but showers begin tomorrow afternoon and look at how well they get here under that included cover. by monday when we start the
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rebound here with some sun but we could see a shower on that day and it looks like a pretty large substantial frontal boundary will be evolving in the next mid week. our pattern remains very, am reply fight is the right word, vittoria over to you. >> i was stuck on dousing. >> i like descriptive word. >> i get that from you, katie, and i like ate a lot. you will like your commute a lot, right now. hopefully it stays this way but i cannot promise that. traveling on the schuylkill expressway in either direction this shot here not too far from the stretch of 202, both sides of the roadway looking great and not only in your western suburbs but every where. like traveling on i-95. ninety-five if you are commuting around south philadelphia this shot at broad street exit. in problems from this stretch. no problems from northeast philadelphia, delaware county and even delaware it is just a lot of good news average speeds all over are in the 50's on the schuylkill, 422, 202, pretty much every where
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in the green but we will have an accident scene to talk about in montgomery county hanover street at fourth street. try to avoid that intersection if you can. we have construction on both sides of the pennsylvania turnpike between fort washington and bensalem two lanes closed, mass transit looking great, natasha. well, flyers take on the new jersey devils tonight in the home opener and to get you flyered up, there is a pep rally today at city hall at noon time. flyers and bruins in boston last night and flyers tied the score at 1:00 in the third. sean contact tore yah scores flyers first goal of the season but bruins come back and with two minutes to play they score. flyers lose two-one. preseason sixers action last night at the well and check out the shot by casper wear at the even of the third quarter, up, up and away from the three-point line and other even of the court casper puts it in, sixers beat charlotte 106-92. sixers in minnesota tomorrow night. coming up in the next half
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an hour of "eyewitness news" bitter sweet day for philadelphia a couple whose story has gone viral, jan? >> reporter: disturbing case of vandalism gra the feet i spray painted on the front doors of the girls catholic high school, i'm jane carabao, coming up in center city what was discovered here overnight. plus a big protest on the streets of atlantic city, the move that is upsetting these folks and why a few dozen were arrested. vittoria and katie return with traffic and weather together on the three's. we are back in awesome! i've been claritin clear for 8 days. at the first sign of your allergies, doctors recommended taking one claritin every day of your allergy season for continuous relief. 21 days! 14 days of continuous relief. live claritin clear. every day.
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with tom corbett, things keep getting worse. september 16th. budget deficits force pennsylvania to borrow $1.5 billion dollars just to keep the lights on. three days later, pennsylvania's unemployment rate goes up for the second straight month.
5:27 am
under tom corbett, we've fallen from 9th to 47th in job creation. and on september 25th, pennsylvania's credit is downgraded for the fifth time in two years. why would we give tom corbett four more years? this is not what you want to see when you go to school only on three vandals strike overnight at a philadelphia school spray painting hateful graffiti on the side of that building there. we are live with the search for those vandals. also check your cell phone
5:28 am
bills why you could be getting some money back. we will check on weather and traffic with katie and vittoria. >> good morning everybody. today will be a day you want to take advantage of. we are looking at what i like to call the weather trifecta, you get sunshine, comfortable warmth and keep comfortable conditions throughout the day. it is not humid. it is just right. reason why is we have rain to track. we will do just that for you in the next few minutes but overall in the a bad start, how are things looking on your end. >> not a bad start overall. majors are moving well. speed sensors in the 50's but then we have things like this that pop up. traveling on i-95 southbound off ramp to girard avenue police activity there. notice police officer in the opposite direction. the we are continuing to keep our eyes on this stay with us, we will have more on this coming up in a second, erika. only on three an investigation is underway after a racial slurries found spray painted on the doors of the center city high school. >> "eyewitness news" reporter
5:29 am
jane carabao is live at hallahan high school this morning with the details, jan. >> reporter: natasha and erika good morning. disturbing case of vandalism, graffiti spray painted right there on the front doors right by the crosses of this girls catholic high school in center city and to make matters worse that graffiti was a racial slur. maintenance worker has since cleaned this all up so word is invisible so when kids arrive, you can see that worker scrubbing away in this video. this is john w hallahan catholic girls high school at 19th and wood streets. the racial slur was spotted by a passerby just before 1:00 this morning. we have blurred that word out in our video but it was right in the middle of the front doors here. that passerby tells us he was walking home when he saw this, he tweeted a photo and then alerted "eyewitness news". we promptly called police and since then a number of detectives have been on the scene taking a look around. we have been searching the
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building. they have been searching the building to see if there is anymore graffiti but they tell thus one slurries all they have found. investigators have been looking on the ground here for any evidence left behind and possible most importantly they are looking for surveillance video, you can see a camera right in the front of the high school there. unfortunately i'm told that the video isn't very good especially since the entrance seemed to be obscured by the scaffolding. there is another camera right across the street but investigators say it doesn't point in the direction of this school. in the meantime, detectives are going to be continuing with this investigation, they will be following up on interviews later this morning and we are still waiting for word from this school. we will bring you latest as soon as we have them but for now we are live, jan carabao for cbs-3 eyewitness muse. a montgomery county mother is arrested for injecting her teenage daughter and her teenage daughter's boyfriend with her win. patricia a daf than port, seen here, and man