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tv   Eyewitness News at 6  CBS  October 17, 2014 6:00am-7:01am EDT

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>> police open fire on tractor-trailer after it slams into several cars. >> "eyewitness news" reporter jan carabeo joins us now at police headquarters in norristown. jan, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, i just just stepped inside police headquarters here in norristown, i'm told the police chief is not prepared to make a statement at this time however could be possibly be releasing a statement with more information on what happened here in norristown later today. if you take a look at the video you can see what the scene looked like earl earlier this morning, the scene since cleaned up, cleared out. details of course still developing. but police source tells thus was a police involved shooting after a hit-and-run involving this tractor-trailer. we know that one person has been airlifted to hahnemann hospital as is a result of what happened here this
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morning. that person's conditions, how much; unknown at this time. now, take a close look at that video. you can see that there are three bullet holes on the drivers side of the truck. and then surrounding the truck, are a couple of police cars. one with its door open, and an evident marker below on the ground. >> this was a scene at the intersection of markley and west main streets in norristown earlier this morning. police are still trying to piece together exactly what happened. now, the initial police call for this incident just came in after 11:00 last night. this tractor-trailer was reportedly involved in a hit-and-run accident hitting several parked cars, as the truck came down markley approaching the inch section with main, sources say there was some sort of officer involved shooting leaving three bullet holes on the driver side of the truck. again, one person was air lifted to the hospital in an unknown condition, and no id on the person who was taken to the hospital this morning. we are still working to get you more information, but what we can tell you right now is that intersection has been cleaned up, and opened to traffic, just as soon as we
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get you more information on what exactly happened, we'll bring it straight to you on air and on line. for now, reporting live. jan carabeo, "eyewitness news". >> other news this morning, youngest son of vice president joe biden apologizes after kick out of the navy for doing drugs. the navy reserve discharged hunter biden year this year, after he tested positive for cocaine. the reason for the discharge, just became public last night. us official says the navy never contacted the vice president's office about the incident. carter biden released a statement saying quote it was the honor of my life to serve in the u.s. navy and i deeply regret and a.m. embarrass that my eggs cents cents led to my administrative did i charge. i respect the nay eight's die session with the love and support of my family i am moving forward. happening today, former congress woman, gabrielle i have give orders, making a stop in bucks county. part of a rounds table discussion to talk about protecting women and families
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from gun violence. earlier this week, she launched a new initiative calling for better laws. a number of regional leaders and law enforcement officials will join her in today's discussion. right now, 03:00. want to head outside to the skydeck in with kate in for katie. how is it feeling out there. >> i'm sitting here wishing i would have brought my jacket out with me. not cold this morning but chilly enough as we head toward sunrise, you may want a light jacket or sweatshirt or fleas this morning. you can probably shed it this afternoon as temperatures rise up into the low 70s, another beautiful comfortable day. let's look how things are being looking on storm scan3, right now, fine, no, few clouds, that's about it, chilly start to your morning, temperatures generally in the 50's, again, see no rain on the radar picture and all of the rain that came through wednesday is now well off to the north and east over portions every main. fifty-seven in trenton, 54 allentown, headed pretty close to the morning lows, usually hit them just before sunrise, and then we will see
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temperatures begin to climb again. a look around the region this friday, just beautiful day in the city. seventy-one down the shore, lots of sunshine, 72, cooler in the poconos, coming up the laters on hurricane gonzalo. for now we check in with torrey. >> sitting at my desk, i was go to give it up dayton twitter, really nothing to talk b i feel like going hey everybody. because i accident have too much to say, things have cleared out quite nicely. all of the earlier ends dents have cleared, ben franklin open, all of the bridges moving well, sort every still waiting on the rush. 6:04, we move now to take a look at 95, you will notice that even still in delaware county, both northbound, southbound, moving well. it doesn't matter if you are traveling around this area here, commodore barry bridge stretch, 452, making your wade toward 476 all-in-all moving real well southbound and northbound. good amount of speece between the vehicles, always great indicators speed censors are
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still you will there. we are still in the 50's if you are traveling on the schuylkill and 476. starting to see just touch of drop on 95. that's through the construction zone to girard. no delays for mass transit and things at the airport looks great. we'll see what happens with that rush in just a little bit. >> overnight the state department announced third dallas healthcare work nerve isolation on crust ship over posse bowl a contact. the department says that woman may have handled specimens from thomas duncan, but is not showing any signs of the virus. also new video of nina pham arriving by ambulance at the nation's institutes of health in bethesda. furs first to contract ebola on us soil tonight meantime president obama said open to appointing ebola abu musab al-zarqawi. and some lawmakers are calling for a travel ban from ebola ravaged countries. the president says he's not ruling it out, but a want is not a part of the current strategy.
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>> we're hearing from pham for the first time since her diagnosis. her fist action thanked her for part of the volunteer team that treated thomas duncan. second infected nurse remains in investigation right at emory hospital. >> children's hospital of philadelphia joins the conversation, in the nation's continued battle against ' bowl a chop has agreed handle any pediatric cases cents at home and abroad if necessary. "eyewitness news" reporter nicole brewer joins us from chop with new details on the newly created task force. good morning. >> good morning to you, ukee, thankfully the us hasn't seen any pediatric ebola cases so far. hopefully that stage continues. still it hasn't stopped alcohol from developing as you mentioned that internal ebola task force, should the risk become reality. >> inside the children's hospital of philadelphia preparations have been made, stack to stay one step ahead
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of the ebola threat. >> we have been making preparations for ebola since early august. so using guidance from the cdc in order to be prepared for the pen ten sal. >> the hospital is one after few in the country designate today handle any possible pediatric cases. from us children, evacuated from west africa, to those who could be diagnosed here in the u.s. with an internal ebola task force in place, chop has instituted screening protocol to identify at risk pain ends, ensure that proper personal protective equipment, or ppe, is available and continued to employ ongoing staff training on potter and reliable use of ppe. important information following an incident in dallas, texas, in which two nurses contracted the disease themselves, despite wearing protective gear while trite ago ebola patient. >> education is critical. it is something that needs ton repeated again and again. so we have developed policies and procedures around the safe management. and are work to go educate our
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staff in the high risk, that would be caring for on these procedures. >> doctor wanted to reassure the pun the risk of ebola outbreak is extremely low still the issue as you can imagine being treated with the utmost importance here at the hospital but also by government leaders. in fact, city mayor michael nutter also governor tomorrow corbett, both holdings briefings on the topic later today. nicole brewer, cbs-3, "eyewitness news". nicole, thank you. philadelphia's preparedness in the event of ebola outbreak was top concern for sit lied ers at a counsel hearing. council members got a look at the pro tech touch suits, paramedics, firefighters are issued. fire officials say they meet federal requirements. but firefighters union says they are inadequate. >> think should bewaring the bio chemical hazmat suits,
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that's what we assume dollars wrongfully so that is what our department was going to be outfitting people in. >> continuing coverage of ebola in the u.s. and overseas, we have assemble on line resource guide to help keep you informed. look for that at >> learning more about the road rage incident involving school bus filled with student. teenager was injured when suspect pulled out baseball bat, broke one of the windows, over levick and the boulevard, a gray chevy tahoe with four women aboard blocked the bus, the bus you see with two people standing next to it there. there were 21 students aboard that the bus. police tell us one of the woman who got out of the that hoo sprayed mastabas bus, while another broke a window with a baseball bat. fifteen year old student edge who was injured was cut by the broken glass. >> still ahead this morning, new details in the death of comedian joan rivers. >> end of the owes cents car
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pistorius site in seat. >> this man noticed the scar that he has on his and the there was changing shape. so cents it was horrifying. what doctors say the creepy crawl err they found under his skin, that's coming up. >> oh, yes, pennsylvania, new jersey, delaware, we're here to wake you up. so glad you're joining thus morning, as well as all of you around the country, around the world, watching us on line at cbs philly. good morning, family, back in a bit. a remote that lives on your phone. more wi-fi in more places. a movie library you can take wherever you go. internet speeds that have gotten faster 13 times in 12 years.
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>> final arguments are being heard for oscar pistorius. he was seen sobbing after he was told he does not have any money left. pistorius found guilty of culpable homicide for shooting his girlfriend reeva steenkamp. why the will decide his fate which could be up to 15 years in prison. the island of bermuda bracing for impact as hurricane gonzalo pushes further north. eye of the storm expected to pass about 29 miles off the coast later tonight, with category three force wind. now, this is the second major storm to hit bermuda this week. tropical storm fay swept through knocking out power to thousands of homes. 6:13, let's get our traffic and weather together. >> see in this image, not fair fight. look at the size of gonzalo. look at the size of bermuda a see the black dot? take a look at the scope of the storm. it moves toward that small islands, scary stuff. center of the eye wall, that's
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where the strongest winds can be found, and you can see bermuda is right in the path of this massive storm. hurricane warnings have been issued for the island. you can see hurricane warning for all of bermuda, there that will continue again into the weekend, as this storm heads north. still category four, path taking it right over bermuda as weakening four or strong category three storm before moving it away as we head into saturday. worse of the impacts will be later today into tonight and bermuda we'll keep you posted. storm scan3, shows no problems in our area this morning. seeing some clouds move on out. nice dry stretch of weather starting today. temperatures in the 70s today. close to 70 tomorrow. we get to upper 60s, pretty seasonable october day. cooler air starts to slide back in sunday, some of the coolest air of the season, highs only in the 50's sunday, and overnight lows sunday night into monday could drop to the 30's in a couple of spots, even in the city looking at 40 degrees for the overnight low, sunday night. take a look at the eyewitness weather three day, stretch of sunshine, nice weather through the weekend, but turns colder
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each day. seventy-one today. 69 degrees saturday. only 57 that fall chill settling in on sunday. now, here's vittoria. >> good morning, everybody, if you are traveling on 95, this shot here, into the too far away from the commodore barry bridge. smith commute. everything moving nicely this morning. still i would say that good news is holding on strong, even the 30 by that is right around 3:40, eastbound and westbound commuting again see great amount of space inbetween the vehicles. so wondering where is everyone? if you are traveling on the schuylkill expressway still at ooh 50, 55, 476. here we go, maybe folks are jumping on 95. ninety-five starting to see the dip in speed censor hears. so dipping down to 33 miles per hour. you were at about 55. so that means that we're definitely starting to seal some of the rush hour traffic around girard avenue. be mindful of. that will also be mindful of construction on the turnpike southbound between exit five and four, ongoing until 7:00 a.m. things lock great. >> thank you, torrey.
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happening today delaware bankruptcy judge could decide the fate of trump taj mahal in at -- atlantic city. trump entertainment resorts says the move is necessary to avoid shutting down that struggling casino. now, over at sugarhouse casino, they're getting ready to expand today. twenty-four new pokers tables will arrive this morning, at the casino for philadelphia's first poker room. they are going in and an interim room supposed to open next month, while the permanent poker room is being built. >> sources say a police involved shooting in norristown montgomery county began with reports of a his and run. several cars were damaged when they were hit by a tractor-trailer, earlier today. >> nina pham the first nurse diagnosed with ebola in the u.s., now being treated in maryland. she and another nurse contracted the virus after treating thomas eric duncan in dallas, texas. >> hunter biden the son of
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vice president joe biden, says he is embarrased by his discharge from the navy reserve. biden test pod for cocaine last year. we'll be right b back.
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>> celtics cruz, the real season starts in about two weeks. the kansas city royals will host the san francisco giants in game one of the world series, tuesday night. the giants are headed to the series for the third time in five years. how about that? last night they beat the cardinals on bottom of the ninth, three-run homerun, by travis. giants win six to three. and take the national league championship series, four games to one. thursday night football here on cbs-3. new england patriots tom brady through for three touchdowns against the jets, you continue to watch the celebration there, it was a thriller in the end. they blocked a field goal. it turned out the new england patriots won the game 27 to 25. >> you were up late. >> just little bit. maybe the first two plays.
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i had to go to sleep. our time now 6:20. it is known as the the breakfast of champions, this week, wheaties is honoring a champion who never played professional sports. >> take a look at this. do you know who that is? former secretary of state madeline albright on the front that far box. tweeted this picture yesterday thanking general mills for the honor, chosen for her life-long work in international affairs. i like where they're going with this. to honor people of significance outside the sports world. >> love that. well, here is something to perk you up this morning, how would you like free starbucks for life? >> who doesn't like that? >> look at you. details coming up for you. >> yes, please. >> also, the story that will make you cringe, creepy crawl err that crawled under this guy's skin and lived there for three days. >> say what? >> look at the bulbs
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looking at beautiful friday. >> it will be beautiful afternoon out, there erika. great day to get outside. if you head out of work little early, take in some of this afternoon, maybe recommend that. enjoy nice weekends, as well, although it will turn colder over the weekend. if you haven't invested in nice fall coat yet, you may want to do so today or tomorrow. because i'll tell if you will get whole lot colder by sunday. today looks great. 71 degrees, mostly sunny and fantasticment tonight partly cloudy cool but not cold 55 degrees the overnight low. anyone sit being out for high school football action will lover the night tonight. lots every sunday this weekend, look at the drop in temperature, sunday high only 57. cool monday, as well, showers returning by tuesday. and now we check in with vet tore y quiet morning traffic wise. maybe everyone saw the forecast and decided to stay home today? >> that's what i am thinking. i'm thinking folks are feeling little warm maybe this morning, maybe? if you are traveling out and
6:25 am
about, really not seeing too much out there. and just this as kate said i'm sort of waiting on things to happen. we do have 476 northbound right approaching the area of route one, that would be here where you see the taillights. seems we might have tow truck, penndot, off towards the shoulder, not dealing with too much of volume problem anywhere. look at the speed censors, except if you are traveling on 95. but we're used to, that through the construction since, cottman, girard, so i would anticipate that to be your worse roadway. no delays for mass transit or at the airport, ukee? >> torrey, thank you. new details in the death of legendary comedian john rivers, medical examiner has released his findings and said rivers died from low blood oxygen, also sedated. the 81 year old died september 4th, 1 week after she went into cardiac arrest during routine medical procedure at manhattan clinic. >> australia scientists debunking the ida man claims a spider got into his skin. the question is now what was
6:26 am
cents it. >> said he was visiting when he noticed what he thought was a scratch about ann long. a doctor told him it was small insect bite but he said the trail kept growing up his chest. >> very searing, hot searing, burning sensation, like nothing that i have felt before. >> oh, whatever it was cents, the doctor did remove it, at least one expert says they think it was a might but thinking of that? >> that's alien movie stuff right there. well, how would you like to get starbucks coffee for free every day? you will soon have your chance. >> not bad. right? the coffee chain announced new promotion called starbucks for life, coming out this december. customers will be able to winfrey cup of joe or food item every single day, for the next 30 years. once again though the promotion starts in december, that is all the information we have right now, but stay tuned for details. >> stay tuned. >> that can add up. those cover east are like $4. >> i know.
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we're coming up in the next half hour of "eyewitness news" this morning, the latest word on ' bowl a words of another healthcare worker in isolation. >> also, following some breaking news this morning, jan? >> police here in norristown busy this morning, investigating an officer involved shooting. i'm jan carabeo, coming up find out more about the details that left three bullet holes in a truck driver's windshield. >> also ... >> you said they kept it ... >> anger and frustration reach a fever pitch. classroom cuts force parents to finds new schools for their children several weeks after the school year has already started. >> and vittoria and kate return, they've got traffic and weather together on the 3's for your friday and your weekend. we're back in two minutes.
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we're following breaking news right now from montgomery county. hit-and-run crash leads to police involved shooting in norristown. >> good morning, "eyewitness news" reporter jan carabeo at police headquarters right now to tell you what happened. jan? >> reporter: ukee, erika, good morning there is investigation is just getting underway. so details are still developing and still limited. here's what we know so far. we know one person was air lifted to hahnemann hospital
6:31 am
after shots were fired in the middle of a busy norristown street. if you take a look at this video, you can see what we're talking about here, this scene has since been cleared up, and cleaned out, than road reopened. you can see there are three bullet holes on the driver side of this tractor-trailer. and surrounding the truck are couple every police cars. one, with its doors open, and then evidence marker on the ground below. this was the scene at the intersection of markley and west main streets in norristown earlier this morning. police are still trying to piece together exactly what happened. but a police source tells me this is an officer involved shooting, after a hit-and-run accident, involving the tractor-trailer. now the initial call came in for this incident just after 11:00 last night there is tractor-trailer was reportedly involved in a hit-and-run accident hitting several parked cars. now, as the truck came down markley, approaching the intersection with main, sources say there was police involved shooting leaving three bullet holes on the driver side of the truck. again, one person was air
6:32 am
lifted to the hospital in unknown condition, and the id on that person is unknown, as well this morning. we're still working on getting you more information about the details that surround this shooting, and this accident. and of course as you saw in that video there was busy scene earlier this morning, again, that scene has cleared out, and the road reopened. live in norristown, jan carabeo, cbs-3, "eyewitness news". >> jan, thank you, we check in with you shortly. third texas healthcare work nerve isolation aboard caribbean cruise ship, the health department say she she may have handled lab cam, belonging to duncan. right now not showing any symptoms. meanwhile, pham remains in good condition while she un goes in bethesda maryland. this is video of her arriving last night. thanked her dallas co-workers in taped message before she l. her physician praised her strength in the ordeal. frontier airlines says it is con tacking up to 800
6:33 am
passengers linked to recent flights taken by amber vincent, second nurse infected with ' bowl a news comes as congressional hearing features push for travel bad -- ban. >> if passengers are not allowed to come directly, likelihood they'll find another way to get here. we won't be able to track them. >> it would be underestimate to say that the response to the first us based patient with ebola has been miss managed, causing risk to scores of additional people. >> back here at home children's hospital confirms it is among the few pediatric hospitals nationwide prepared to treat any child who contract ' bowl a doctors there have been receiving training since august. philadelphia doctor is now on her way to west africa to help treat ebola patients. "eyewitness news" caught up with doctor trish henwood at philly international airport as she prepared to board a plane for liberia. an emergency room doctor at u pen, doctor henwood, has cents been involved in a variety of
6:34 am
international humanitarian efforts, now, wants to help ebola patients. >> there needs to be more boots on the grounds, needs to be more treatment centers, mo beds, more healthcare workers, more resourceses in order to actually stop it where it is starting. i know that taking care of myself will be the most important thing, when i'm on shift, it is not something i think about usually, more about taking care of my patients. >> doctor henwood will mock work at the ebola treatment unit. let's get your traffic and weather together. here's kate. >> good morning, everyone, it is friday morning, things are looking pretty nice out there cents as the day gets off to pretty comfortable start. temperatures in the 50's, cool, but certainly not too cold outside right now. looking outdoors, take you down the shore, first light appearing in the sky here in atlantic city. beautiful shot there. the sun prepares to rise, looking forwards to real nice sunny and mild day, warmer than normal for this time of the year. here's a look at how yesterday panned out. started the day with a lot of clouds. look what happened in the
6:35 am
afternoon. sunshine, big puffy fair weather cumulus clouds, few more clouds around sunset, but all-in-all turned out to be george cents he is esiason fall day yesterday, and today more of the same. if you like yesterday afternoon you will like this afternoon. low humidity, temperatures upper 60s to near 70 degrees. storm scan3, no problems, dry for the afternoon hours. temperatures morning, 50's across the board, 58 at the airport, five's in wilmington, millville, looking at 59 in wildwood, ocean water temperature at 67 degrees. across the northeast, pretty comfortable temperatures, mid 50's most locations cents, and your eyewitness day planner look looking at lots of sun, 06 at 9:00 a.m. sixty-eight by noon, get the sunglasses cents red if i you're out and about through the noon hour, by 3:00 at 71, again, just great afternoon, if you can get out and enjoy it i would rec it, but stuck indoors all day, the weekends looks good, as well.
6:36 am
>> good morning, traveling on 95, you're going to be a little bit slow. but that's really the bulk of our slow down this rush hour. we do, however, have an incident, this is the girard avenue onramp to southbound 95. as you'll notice, actually watching live, that accident being cleared out of the way. so, good news, you still have some flares out and about on the road, looks like vehicle off into the meade, not median, but off in the corner here, then also another vehicle involved right here. so again, this would be 95, girard avenue onramp, to southbound 95. soap, you will need to just watch out for that if you can. try to avoid t maybe taking the allegheny to 95 would be better idea. schuylkill expressway starting to see just touch of traffic, but you will notice both sides of the schuylkill still traveling fairly well around center city. the problem area will be where it usually is a problem, that's if you're traveling westbound out city avenue out to gladwynn. fifty-five, 476, speeds dropping on 95 southbound as
6:37 am
you make your way out of the northeast down through the vine st. expressway. no major delays for mass transit or the airport. between exit five around four, traffic until 7:00 a.m. >> embarrassing incident for the vice president's son, naval reserve kicks hunter biden out after he reportedly failed a drug test. >> hunter biden's discharge from the navy reserve happened in february. details are just coming to light. the wall street journal siting two people familiar with the matter, reports biden tested positive for cocaine. the 44 year old failed the drug test not even year after he started work as part time public affairs officer. >> mr. hunter biden, mr. kathleen biden. >> march width three children, by then confirmed his discharge in a statement but did not acknowledge the drug use saying quote it was the honor of my life to serve in the u.s. navy. i deeply re -- regret, he
6:38 am
helped hits father campaign for officer, managing partner at washington dc investment firm. so far the vice president hasn't commented on the discharge. don champion, "eyewitness news". your time now 6:38. a lot of frustrated parents in philadelphia this morning. two months into the new year, hundreds of students now have to find a new school. a lottery was held last night at the waller d palmer leadership learning partners chapter school. they have to cut enrollment numbers to meet their reimbursement cap from the school district. they started when about 1200 students bugatti only covers 675. >> i didn't know what was going on, everybody blind sided to the whole situation. if he in they can do this stuff now, they do have done this stuff in july. >> the school tried having the cap raised but lost their battle in court. in all, 250 students were cut in last night's lottery. 3,000 people shutdown broad street to protest the philadelphia school reform
6:39 am
commission decision to cancel its teachers contract. it wasn't just teachers who protested. some parents and students joined them. the src canceled the teachers contract two weeks ago, which will force teach tears crib to their health premiums for the first time. the district says it will put millions of dollars into schools. teachers say it is a pay cut. >> it is a shame it came to. >> this nobody wants tore here. we want to be in the classroom. we want to be with our student. this is our livlihood. this is what we do. we have to be therefore our kids and own family. >> rally was held ahead of last night's src meeting its first since cancelling the contract. teachers and parents called for the src to be disbands dollars during three hours of public comments. well, fall foliage reaching its peak in the northeast, we'll take you on road trip, to zoo where tourists are headed. >> also ahead, another reason to cut soda from your die oath. how soft drinks can actually take years off your life. >> and, prince harry attends gala with hundreds of women. but he wasn't too happy with
6:40 am
his seating arrangement. so who did he get stuck next to? the royal snafu whether we come back. >> ♪ >> snow backups yet, at least from this camera. vittoria has your traffic this morning. let's listen to a little more georgia line. >> here's how we roll. >> yes. >> ♪ i'and i love new york. there's no place like it in the world. one of my favorite fall activities is visiting our world-renowned wineries
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>> see those little guys, workers cleaning the gateway arch. more than 600 feet above the ground, trying to figure out what's causing stains to form on the monument. in addition to the safety ropes, told workers also used suction cups to keep from falling off. >> brave, brave workers. >> watch that first step. it is a doozy. well, falling more than 4500 feet up, and reaching speeds up to 118 miles per hour, not a problem for these daredevils in china sky divers from 14 countries con beating in the world flying contest this week. preliminary round held on tuesday, the final round is scheduled for sunday. looks like a cross between superhero, rocky the flying
6:44 am
squirrel. that's great. >> let's get your traffic and weather together right now. >> well, thank you. i can't even remember the russian word for thank you right now, so i'll move on. 06 degrees, what is it? >> okay, don't know either? let's look, beach patrol headquarters in margate, looking at lots of blue sky, you can see the sun just peaking up over the horizon right now, it is 60 degrees, there, at the moment. in margate, looking pretty nice this morning, storm scan3, shows no problems in our area, clouds are moving on out. we have a lot of sun to look forward to today there is cold front continues to lift off to the north and everything looking just fine. take a look at your pollen report. see pollen levels are pretty low for the foreseeable future, sunday the highest day, low to medium range, predominant political send ragweed. looking at moving through the weekend, today, we've got sunshine, temperatures in the 70s there is storm blocking all the cool air, it is kind of damning the cool air off to the north, as is that low
6:45 am
moves away, cooler air starts to sing into the great lakes region tomorrow and arrives here by sunday, so tomorrow still comfortable, upper off six's, sunday though much cooler, that cold air moves, in highs only in the 50's, keep it there monday. but nice sunny stretch, the sun will be with us today, tomorrow, and right through the start of next week, but you can see the first half of our four day stretch of sunshine looks whole lot warmer than the second half of the stretch. looking at again temperatures only in the 50's, sunday, monday, showers returning tuesday. do you love watching the weather we want you to join our team of eyewitness weather watch he is. sign up by going to morning, vittoria. >> morning, kate, everyone. we are finally starting to see the rush hour, so if you are watching us right now, expect this volume to continue to grow. as we take a look at 95, this shot here, right as you approach the area of the vine st. expressway, southbound direction, pretty sole width traffic between approaching allegheny and the vine. but even before, that through the construction zones at
6:46 am
cottman avenue. traveling northbound, getting heavier, but not seeing the bulky delay that we are on the southbound side. 422, slow go, out of the area, saint gabe's curve then all the way down past trooper making your way down toward 202. finally seeing that eastbound slow down westbound however you're in the clear. not the same if you're travel westbound. at about 15 miles per hour, approach the roosevelt boulevard and make your way out toward gladwynn. fifty-two, 476, 12 on 95. no major delays for mass transit. things at the airport look just fine. we head back to the desk, erika? >> thank you, we have breaking news topping the headlines this morning, we expect to learn more later today about a police-involved shooting in norristown montgomery county. a tractor-trailer allegedly involved in a hit-and-run has bullet holes in it. the driver was air lifted to the hospital. >> nina pham first first to contract ebola after treating liberian man thomas eric duncan in dallas now being treat in the maryland. another nurse with ebola is being treated in atlanta. >> hunter biden the son of
6:47 am
vice president joe biden, was discharged from the navy reserve earlier this year after testing positive for cocaine. vice president son says he regrets his actions cents. >> on the health watch, limiting urine take of sugary soda could help you live longer. that's according to new study published in the mourn journal of public health. researchers at the university of california san francisco found sugar sweetened sodas accelerate cell aging and could strain the body's metabolism. study analyzed data from five # hundred people. >> experts say gradual weight loss is no better than rapid weight loss cents when it comes to long-term weight control. australian study find both groups of diet remembers likely to regain most of the weight they lost. but there is an interesting short-term difference. more dieters in the rapid weight loss program achieved their weight loss target. florida hospital examines its oldest patient. doctors at saint mary hospital
6:48 am
in west palm beach ran tests on ancient egyptian mummy that's believed to be between 2,103,000 years old. after a ct scan, doctors were able to determine the mummy a girl died of appendicitis. the mumsy now on display at a south florida museum. erika? >> so interesting. right now, 6:48. take a look around, you see this, fall is in full swing with all of the beautiful colors on the trees, love those. cbs news correspondent chip read heads north to vermont where the change every season means big business for the tourism industry. >> they traveled to vermont, from their home in southern california, to celebrate their 30th wedding anniversary. so, it is worth coming 3,000 miles to see this. >> slightly. >> more than three and a half million tourists come tougher month each fall to see and photograph the explosion of
6:49 am
color. >> i'm the chief foliage forecaster. >> you stay with great pride. >> i sure do. >> tight many of commissioner department of forest, parks and recreation. having a good colorful season, is big business in vermont. >> you bet, the scenic backdrop to $460 million tourist in flux in the fall of the year. >> i'm oohs g now diameter tape. >> snyder has team of forest ers who monitor the health of the trees, all year long >> this year in part because of early frost, the colors are more vibrant than they've been in years. >> hop on gone dole, a take in birds eye view. >> star of the show, flamboyant sugar maple. >> sugar maplesleaf turns from this to this. why? >> it is preparing for winter.
6:50 am
>> yellow, orange, red pigment have been there all along, only when the days shortened, the leaves stop producing green color owe film they reveal their hidden beauty. >> when walking through the woods through the leaves how would you describe your mine set? >> calming. >> not having to think of anything. being with each other, enjoying the serenity of it. >> vermont's magical colors, putting visitors under their spell. chip reid killing ton, vermont. i just want to jump nap pile of leaves like lie just with oh, that would be great. prince harry back in the news this morning, helping to raise money for seriously ill children. >> he attended charity event in london last night hosted by 100 women in hedge funds. nearly 200 people attend dollars the event, which benefitted the well child charity.
6:51 am
>> remarkable charity, doctors and nurses cents worked to make sure that thousands of seriously ill children and young people receive the very best possible care. >> even with so many women in that crowd, prince harry later joked that he still found himself sitting between two men at the table. ya. he was wondering how that worked out. only few guys there. oh, that's funny. he does have one of those comments. >> he certainly doses. >> right there with the photo opop. lots of ladies. we'll be right back. my one word to describe ac would be laid back. relaxing getaway fun unique beautiful serenity shenanigans refreshing shopping surprising happy place you know what i mean? i want to say friendly. exhilarating adventure the boardwalk #nosleep it's a great weekend. there is so much to do here. it's so great to have it so close.
6:52 am
it's just a great location, a great place to be. we love atlantic city.
6:54 am
hey, good morning, erika. real nice start to our friday morning, the sun shining already, coming up, and blue skies, as far as the eye can see right now, actually, i don't know if the sun is completely above the horizon yet. looking at the shore cam, looking at blue skies outside, temperatures in the low to middle 50's. let's take a look at the eyewitness weather seven day forecast, boy, looks great right through the weekend. seventy-one today. 69 degrees tomorrow. then colder, but still sunny sunday, high just 57. you'll want to break out the boots and sweaters on sunday, i know vittoria has cents a lot of those, morning, tore. >> i kate, whatever do you
6:55 am
mean? >> nothing. >> good morning, everyone. if you are traveling on the schuylkill expressway you will run into rush hour traffic. that will would be your eastbound delay approaching the area of 476. so you're delayed not only winning your western suburb, but the westbound delay around city avenue, approaching city avenue then out to the out stretch of gladwynn. 476, headed in the northbound direction around route one, hit the snag there. definitely on 95, where speeds are dropping to 9 miles per hour. so we are starting to feel the rush. ukee? >> torrey, thank you. the pint size rap here loved golf is back. our man is seven year old caleb c from allentown, sounds like he has as new favorite day. >> ♪ hey, it's friday, also grab your clubs and grab your balls, if you got plans you better break them. got work tore school, not me either. calling out sick i got golf fever. hey, let me hear you say, take
6:56 am
off it's friday. >> my man. we last caught up to caleb on the links paying tribute to hump dayment even caught up with nicole bro from a rap for his favorite news team. >> i'm no rapper or so i've been told i can't keep one this six year old. >> what's that nicki b i'm caleb, shout out to everybody watching cbs-3. >> ya ya. nicely done. that's great. got to get him here live on the show. >> i want that friday song, thank golf it's friday. >> ya. hey coming up in just a couple of minute, more local news weather traffic, maybe little rap, tooment up next though the latest on police involved shooting in norristown, that happened overnight, we'll have that for you. >> talking live with that is cents a scientist about comet about to make close encounter mars this weekend, and some special guests, are in studio, from a new animated movie about to hit theatres. i'm going to spoil the surprise. >> go ahead. >> you know the pen wings from
6:57 am
that the a gas car, they'll be here. >> that's great. >> and a young star from the philadelphia area in the film with bill murray called st. vincent, will be in here, as well. great philadelphia many. >> action packed show. >> very nice indeed. >> next on cbs this morning, ebola in america. the battle to contain the deadly virus continues with the cdc under fire for its response. >> now to continue following your local news weather traffic and sports, we're keeping it live, keeping it local on the "cw" phi
6:58 am
in cases of rape,pposes aborin cases of incest,ions. and in cases where the mother's health is in danger. no woman should be forced to carry a pregnancy from a rape. mario scavello sponsored a bill to force women to have unnecessary and invasive ultrasounds. it's horrifying. women need to know that mario scavello wants to stand between them and their doctors in making decisions that
6:59 am
aren't his to make.
7:00 am
good morning. it is friday, october 17th, 2014. welcome to "cbs this morning." lawmakers lash out at the cdc over ebola, and we hear from one of the infected nurses for the first time. >> isis launches attacks inside baghdad amid reports the terror group is now taking to the sky. and pete rose tells "sunday morning" why he thinks he'll get a second chance at the hall of fame. >> but we begin this morning with today's "eye opener," your world in 90 skojds. >> if we do what we needed to do, stay focused, then this is going to be something that is contained here. >> america fights to contain ebola. >> a health care