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tv   Eyewitness News at 5  CBS  October 17, 2014 5:00pm-6:01pm EDT

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not have have any positive cases of ebola. any potential cases are being machine toward very closely and pro actively by our public health and emergency management teams. >> reporter: state health officials joined the governor reiterating that the ebola risk to the the general public remains low. preparations for potential cases have been ongoing. >> what we are doggies evaluating our procedures to determine if there are any gaps or element that may need to be change based on news from texas. >> reporter: in a briefing later state health officials say potential ebola samples will be first analyzed by state lab in exton and secondarily confirmed by cdc. >> we need to work together to guarantee that we rapidly identified any and all cases. >> reporter: now officials say that they are concerned, that there is a growing fear and frankly a lot of misinformation about ebola. they want to us remind you that the only way it is spread is through direct contact,
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with body fluids, from someone who is sick, the risk of that happening is extremely low. reporting live from hup, i'm stephanie stahl, cbs-3 "eyewitness news". stephanie, thanks very much. right now doctors at special facilities are treating twoe bowl patients while health officials worked to make sure that the disease has in the spread. here is very latest, president obama names ron klain to serve as ane bowl czar. he was previously chief of staff for vice-president biden. carnival cruise passenger is being monitored fore bowl, the the dallas health worker handled the lab specimen from thomas duncan liberian man who died from ebola. cbs news has confirmed that the nih is conducting trials on an ebola vaccine there craig boswell has more from bethesda, maryland. >> reporter: doctors say nina pham, first person to contract ebola in the u.s. is resting comfortably at the national institutes of health. >> she's interacting with the
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staff, she's eating. >> reporter: but her condition went from good to fair after her flight from dallas. >> this virus knocks you out. >> reporter: she thank her doctors at texas health presbyterian hospital before she left >> reporter: nurse pham is inside this building, nih clinical research center that currently had has capacity for one more ebola patient and where researchers are working on a ebola vaccine. second nurse to contract ebola is getting treatment at emery university hospital, officials are investigating when amber vinson first started showing symptoms as outreach continues to those who flew on the same plane, and had contact with her, in ohio. lab supervisor who handled a specimen from ebola patient thomas eric duncan is quarantined on a cruise ship and shown no signs of infection but confined to her cabin until the ship docks in texas. with growing criticism of the governmental response, president obama name a new point person. >> what we were looking for is
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not an ebola expert but rather implementation expert. >> reporter: republicans asking for an ebola czar say ron klain who used to work for vice-president joe biden, does not have any public health experience. in bethesda maryland, craig boswell for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". well, mayor michael nutter says people that live, work and visit philadelphia need to remain calm. the city is prepared for ebola. >> the best that we can do is to be as best prepared as we can with nothing going on, at the moment. should something occur we're fully prepared to mobilize. >> we will have more on the city's preparations in a live report coming up at 5:30. stay with "eyewitness news" for continuing coverage of ebola in the u.s. and overseas, we have assembled an on line research guide to help keep you informed, you can check it out on our web site at cbs court has now spoken, the trump entertainment resorts
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can terminate its contract with the local union. casino says that decision means that the trump taj mahal can stay open but union is furious. our new jersey reporter cleve bryan is live on the boardwalk tonight to explain consequences of today's decision, cleve. >> reporter: chris, trump officials says that the ruling will a lou them to keep these doors opened, the casino operational but union leaders say closing in their opinion was really just a threat to try to strip away benefits and speaking with them this afternoon they have in the rule out than going on strike. >> what it means for other casino workers is they are all under siege. the entire city is under siege. >> reporter: union workers are outraged by a federal bankruptcy judge decision to how trump entertainment to break their labor contract with the taj mahal. >> with the stroke of the pen we have gone from middle class jobs, in the city, to working poor. my co-workers and i are absolutely appalled. >> reporter: trump entertainment says dropping employee health and pension benefits are necessary to keep
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the taj open. billion air karl ican who owns the taj 300 million-dollar debt says he would only take over and invest in the property if he can get union concessions and multi million-dollar tax breaks. city and state leaders have told ican they are in the playing ball but union was at the mercy of the court. >> we will stand up and fight. that is what we do. we will fight for our rights and what we deserve. we work hard here in this city. for some bol beyond air to come sweep it all away is unacceptable. >> reporter: while some say opened taj is better than nothing, unite 54 says by conceding at the taj they will be vulnerable at other casinos wouldn't want to pay more benefits then they have to. >> at this property, because it stops here. this is karl ican's water lou. he got himself in the fight he will in the win. >> reporter: gut reaction from ceo robert griffin he said we are prosecuted of our effort to keep the taj mahal opened, to deliver our loyal customers a continue first class gaming experience, and to have the
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ability to save 3,000 jobs in a very difficult atlantic city economy. now local 54 says that as soon as next friday, they will have their first protest, picketing, here at the taj mahal. we are live in atlantic city, cleve bryan, cbs-3 "eyewitness news". >> thanks very much. sugar house casino is doubling down getting ready to expand, 24 new poker tables arrived at cat seen owe this morning. they will be part of philadelphia's first poker room, expected to open to the public early next month. for now the tables will go to an interim room until construction on the permanent roomies finish. also, the the clean up, it is underway after a small fire forced historic city tavern in old city to temporarily close today this fire started in a dumpster outside of the restaurant at second and walnut, early this morning. there the was in damage to the building and there were no injuries. city tavern owner chef walter staib says he is working to reopen as quickly as possible.
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police in south philadelphia air asking for your help right new to identify two burglary suspects caught on camera. take a look at this, and, from this video, investigators say two suspects broke into all city rental on the 1300 block of warfield street in grays ferry. police say they used a car to ram through the security gate before escaping in another vehicle. anyone with any information should contact the police right away. well, happening right now, the outer band o3 hurricane gonzalo are being felt in bermuda. this is a category three storm with 150 miles an hour winds, and rough surf and damaging anything that is not nailed down. the eye of the storm is 50 miles from the island right now but it is moving north east. the rain has started to fall in bermuda much more is expect and residents have been prepared. >> just being cautious.
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>> unaudible. >> you might remember fabian hit bermuda in 2003 and that storm killed four people. to really get a sense for how big hurricane gonzalo is you need to see from it space, the eye of the powerful hurricane is clearly visible and we know a storm this biggies going to have far reaching effects. meteorologist kathy orr is here to explain and thinks one impressive storm. >> it is very sad because fabian created damage, some beautiful resort, hotels, many people go on vacation or honeymoons were leveled in that storm and we are talking about a storm surge comparable to fabian that could top 10 feet. let's show you very latest on a history making storm unfortunately. this is a view right now, live picture unbelievable pictures from hamilton the capitol of bermuda. you can see win whipping, sky, surf, just incredible and that surf will continue to build. we are talking about a very large storm system, bringing
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in waves, high surge and damaging waves on top of that. surf is building right now and it is expected to bring significant flooding to the coastal regions of this beautiful island. lets take a look now what it looks like on satellite we have colored high tops to show you high high vertical growth business this storm, right now it is only 50 miles to the southwest of the island of bermuda, and taking a closer look you can see just how close the eye is, to the island. those hurricane force wind are extending about 60 miles, so storm is 50 miles away, if you do math island already feeling those hurricane force wind. this i found earlier today thinks the bermuda doppler radar from their national hurricane center there and you can see the eye clearly defined, that wide opened, calm and where you see yellow that is all the convects on, eye wall most dangerous part of the storm and these cross hairs that little plus sign is
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bermuda you can see how close it is. the even though official eye didn't make land fall just yet the impacts are already occurring. right now maximum sustained wind of 115 miles an hour, really incredible, a cat great major hurricane moving north/northeast at 16 miles an hour. that means within the next three hours the eye will be either over the island or past very close to the island and storm accelerates towards the northeast. here are impacts of this very significant storm. we are talking about a life threatening storm surge and compares to fabian. significant coastal flooding and hurricane wind of 115 miles an hour. shutting a little closer to home we are looking at, a major cool down, as jet stream dips, well into the mid-atlantic, this means the coolest air of the season is on our doorsteps. that is very latest from the weather center, now back to you. the kathy, thank you. coming up on cbs-3
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"eyewitness news" a wild chase, a tractor trail are trash and gunfire, how well are they right now. and pope frances, and, sistine chapel for the first time in its 600 year history. we don't to have wait until black friday, and, take advantage of right now. plus a once in the million years cosmic event, happens this weekend, it involves a comet the the size of the mountain, we will have details when "eyewitness news" continues. in cases of rape,pposes aborin cases of incest,ions. and in cases where the mother's health is in danger. no woman should be forced to carry a pregnancy from a rape. mario scavello sponsored a bill to force women to have unnecessary and invasive ultrasounds. it's horrifying. women need to know that mario scavello wants to stand between them and their doctors in making decisions that aren't his to make.
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well, police need your help identifying a brazen suspect robbed a with man in broad daylight. we have surveillance video for you as police say back on3 october the ninth, this man robbed a 56 year-old woman at fourth and market. he is described as a white male about 5 feet eight, wearing a blue shirt with yellow writing at the time. investigators say he pretended to have a gun. anyone with any information on who that man is is asked to call philadelphia police. and per less in montgomery county they are investigating an officer involve shooting that sent one person to the hospital. as "eyewitness news" reporter jane carabao tells us the officer opened fire on a tractor trailer after police say it failed to stop after hitting several park cars. >> it is finish line for big rig but speeding down norristown street late thursday night, a truck driver, wild ride, halted here at the intersection of markly and west main street by police gunfire. >> operator originally raises his hand as if he will
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surrender but you for some reason puts his hand back on the steering wheel and tries to drive towards the police officers. >> reporter: that is when one officer opens fire three times hitting the driver once in the arm. forty-six year-old man from new jersey was a arrested and taken to the hospital but police say this started blocks away after a caller reported a truck driver speeding and crashing into parked cars on speed street. that is when police spotted the truck. >> driving right through a couple red lights without even touching the brake. >> reporter: police say they chased the driver on this deaden street where he crashed through a guardrail in an attempt to get away but he fell a short distance later on markly where he was shot. police are looking into when was under the influence at all. >> i think actions that the officer took, saved other peoples lives. this was a situation, in which i think it was a miracle. >> and, and, at his protocol, and, reporting from norristown
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jane car owe cbs-3 "eyewitness news". chopper three over part of the northeast, and, and work is nearly done for a widening project on the southern section of the turnpike. 191 million-dollar project started in 2011 between mid county and land dale. turnpike officials say reconstruction project will enhance travel, and safety in montgomery county. an early start to our friday rush, good afternoon, 5:16, we're going to go outside to the ben franklin bridge and show you a serious situation. we are jam from the toll plaza a westbound over the city, over the bridge and into the city. losing out on two right-hand lanes due to construction. we will have a sticky spot eastbound from philadelphia to the jersey side as well. we will go on over to the blue route or jam pretty much both sides at baltimore pike so still heading northbound from i-95, up into route one and southbound side from route one
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up into media swarthmore area and you can see activity in the left hand shoulder, everyone slowly moving by to the right hand side. elsewhere, our travel times really starting to stack up. ninety-five northbound from 676, woodhaven road, 28 minute trip, already north bound but lets see schuylkill expressway eastbound from the blue route to the vine street expressway a 32 minute trip there. in delaware an accident naamans road and ebright road. everything in new jersey is starting to slow down a little bit, southbound side of 42 and 55 and 295 having a typical afternoon delays, chris and natasha, back over to you. thanks very much. still ahead on "eyewitness news" a new way to avoid that long line of star bucks. then another warning about soda and what it does to your body this new warning has some comparing it to smoking, we will tell you all about that, beasley. it is friday that means friday football frenzy, we are at absgamei high school and we will talk about that plus we
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will check with the flyers that is coming up in sports.
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and, fly by, mars this weekend, and once in a million years event. it is expected to come within 87,000 miles of the red planet, and which, by space parameters is actually press the eye close. nasa's five robotic explorers are in place and they will try
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to capture images of the rare event. comet is traveling 126,000 miles an hour, it should fly by mars, on sunday. wow. >> wow. >> kathy, i had a jacket on earlier but i quickly peeled out of it, it was so pleasant today. >> it is deceiving, little bit breezy, in the shade it is cool but once we are in the sun it is beautiful. >> tomorrow same thing repeat performance, plenty of sunshine, temperatures mild near 07 but sunday is the the day that temperatures just crash and once they do we will stay there for a little while but it will be comfortable pretty fall like. outside we are looking at a picture perfect day from the city to the shore in the a cloud in the sky. we are looking at the north end of the boardwalk in ocean city, cape may county. folks out there taking a stroll, why not. live neighborhood network takes us to pottstown, and this is the pottsgrove senior high school, and a few fair weather cumulus clouds there. temperature 67 degrees. wind south east at just 7 miles an hour but the fall
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color looking pretty as well, typically we will peak in the philadelphia area. within the next two weeks. storm scan three we are seeing clear skies, few fair weather clouds to the west, that is it, a quiet weather forecast, in philadelphia 72. allentown 7o cooler in the poconos. sixty-three. seventy-one in reading. sixty's down through millville, atlantic city and wildwood. to the west cooler air. this will be our weather for tomorrow, temperatures in the quite as warm as they were today. we will watch high pressure continuing to control our weather saturday, area have low pressure to the north with some showers but this will usher in cool air behind it, we will stay dry and pleasant with temperatures in the 60's. it will be breeze which westerly wind, they will put a chill in the air but nothing like sunday. temperatures fall in the 50's and we will see a little bit of the wind that will make it feel much cooler. monday high pressure takes control, still seeing temperatures in the 60's and it is not until tuesday that we will see threat of rain. jet stream takes a dramatic
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dip by sunday we are talking about the coolest temperatures and then lifts to the north along new york/pennsylvania border providing some relief but advertised temperatures this time of the year are in the upper 60's and we will not even come close next week. for overnight a few clouds, cool, still a mild one out of the southwest. temperature 55. during the day saturday mostly sunny breezy high of 69 degrees and if you are heading to the poconos to do a little leaf viewing it will be very pleasant. saturday the best day. by sunday cooler high of only 49. monday partly sunny and 51. as far as fall foliage is concerned we have peak viewing in the poconos. the nice weekend to be there a lot of high color through red, berks county and lehigh valley and philadelphia area, we peak in a few weeks. few days forecast, showing us a a cool day. by monday we will rebound to 60 degrees. that is your forecast, we will be back with sports after th
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in macarthur's world, he opposes new laws to ensure women receive equal pay for equal work. and macarthur opposes a woman's right to choose backed by a group that would outlaw abortion even for rape and incest. for us in the real world, aimee belgard. aimee will fight for equal pay and protect a woman's right to choose. aimee belgard's on our side. i'm aimee belgard and i approve this message.
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all right. i'm beasley reese in absgamei high school, we are friday and friday football frenzy, they host st. augustine, they won four in a row, absgamei recovered from the loss to millville. we will talk more about that but lets talk about our cbs philly, top ten football teams, our power rankings has st. joes prep on top after beating lasalle, coach drew and lasalle, falling to number to. archbishop wood, st. joseph's hammington, pennsbury, shawn e, timber creek, camden and coatsville rounding out top ten. lets talk hockey. flyers with one final practice today, before the start of the three game road trip, thinks a
5:27 pm
tough one in dallas, to chicago, and then pittsburgh, all three of those teams made the playoffs last season so orange and black with the real challenge. they are winless in their first four games. >> in my opinion, i think we have the the top three teams in the league coming up. it is a great challenge. we have to make sure we're ready to play because we have to start the game at home, we will be in trouble. >> all right. coming up we will hear from the coach, plus a preview of the temple and the the houston game, that is coming up in sports, at 6:00 i'm beasley reese at absgamei high school friday football frenzy back to chris and natasha. >> beasley, thanks very much. coming up in the next half an her looking for a party space possibly for first time in the 600 year history the pope rents out the sistine chapel. find out who is olding an event under the sistine ceiling. with new protective gear
5:28 pm
on its way for first responders and city health workers, the mayor offers reassurance that the city is prepared to deal with whatever threat ebola might bring. i'll have the latest coming up. new at 6:00 tonight he is only in high school but this cherry hill student is tackling a very big issue. we will tell you how he hopes
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i'm natasha brown and here are the day's top stories, three pennsylvanians on a frontier airlines flight with the nurse who tested positive fore bowl air being monitored for symptoms. right now they are in texas and not been back home since the trip. bankruptcy court judge has voided unite here local 54 contract with the atlantic city trump taj mahal. the casino says the decision means they can stay open but the union is crying foul play. also police are investigating an officer involve shooting in norristown that sent one person to the hospital, investigators say the officer opened fire on a tractor trailer, after a hit and run. the kathy? right now hurricane gone solo dangerously close to the island of bermuda packing 115 miles an hour wind, within the next two hours it will pass over the island or come very close. you can see vertical growth of the clouds. the storm is packing intense
5:32 pm
surge witt. so storm surge is expect to be about 10 feet with significant coastal flooding. we will continue to track this storm as it continues to devastate the island of ber mute a for new back over to you. >> all right kathy, thanks very much. well, our coverage of ebola in the u.s. continues, at 5:30 now as city of philadelphia promises new levels of protection for health care workers and first responders. mayor michael nutter is offering reassurance that the city is ready foreign the possibility of an ebola threat. "eyewitness news" reporter walt walt hunter is live at municipal services building in center city philadelphia with the details, walt. >> reporter: chris, at a noon time press conference here at ms b, mayor, top city officials offering those reassurances that the city is prepared to deal with whatever threat ebola could bring, and by way of emphasizing their preparedness they said new protective gear is on its way for both first responders and for city health care worker.
5:33 pm
>> we're focused and folks need to stay calm and we're prepared. >> reporter: mayor michael nutter offered reassurance that first responders, hospitals and health care workers are prepared to deal with anye bowl threat that might arise here. >> should something occur, we are fully prepared to mobile ice immediately. >> reporter: officials revealed that protective gear from workers in city health centers which currently includes gowns, masks, and gloves, will be upgraded. >> we don't have the leg coverings. we are in the the process of ordering the leg coverings. >> reporter: after fire fighters union president joe shuly told city council hearing protective gear ordered for medics and fire fighters was not adequate, officials defended their decision, saying it met all current cdc guidelines. >> right now, we're meeting the standard as it is right here today, if it change tomorrow we will meet standard tomorrow. >> we believe they are wowfully inadequate. they are bare minimum level of
5:34 pm
protection that you can have in this type of situation and aside from wearing nothing at all. >> reporter: to a city shaken by images of ebola elsewhere mayor promised protection, asking philadelphians to keep the threat serious as it is, in perspective. >> it is something to be concerned but it should not dominate our lives at the moment. >> reporter: finally the mayor asked for an outpouring of care and support for the city's liberian community, many of them with family members still in west africa, at the heart of the ebola devastation. live from the muse pal services building walt hunter cbs-3 "eyewitness news". >> walt, thanks very much. stay with "eyewitness news" we will have continuing coverage of the ebola in the u.s. and overseas. we have assembled an on line resource guide that will help keep you informed about east bowl a and find it at cbs former congress woman gabriel giffords bring her
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message of gun control to our area. giffords took part in the round table discussion, in bensalem, to talk about protecting women from gun violence. several regional leaders and law enforcement officials were also there. earlier this week giffords launched a new initiative calling for stronger gun laws. >> women should lead the way, we stand for common sense, we stand for responsibility. we can change our laws, we can wine locations. please, join your voice with mine. >> giffords survived a gunshot wound to the head, during a campaign event in air zone, three years ago. well, catholic church should know by sunday its bishops will be welcoming to gays, and catholics who are divorced and remarried. vote tomorrow on a final report compiling two weeks of discussion in the vatican could be contentious. bishop's response to this weeks report raised questions about language and long held
5:36 pm
beliefs. our pat ciarrocchi has more. >> reporter: pope frances has told 190 bishops to speak frankly and without fear. they have argued, and that is after a mid report got international coverage about welcoming gays for their gifts, and accepting co happen tating unmarried and divorced couples. bishops have asked for more church teaching to be part of the report, eveningish speaking bishops asked that the language change from welcoming gay toss providing for gays. michael viola, a gay philadelphia catholic, felt the initial change in tone to be encouraging. >> basically saying stop shutting this group of people out, you cannot grow as an organization or as a church by limiting who can be members. >> reporter: viola is with dignity a philadelphia a catholic lgbt community that found a home in the letter level of the episcopal church. their masses follow a traditional catholic service.
5:37 pm
>> i look at it from the perspective of this is who i am, thinks how god made me, and i'm okay with that. god is okay with that. >> reporter: question is are the bishop whose lead the institutional church okay with it? >> we're not giving into the secular agenda, we're not collapsing in the hate. >> reporter: cardinal george of australia told catholic news service he sees no change coming that would allow divorce and remarried catholics to receive communion. some of the senate's more liberal bishops want even more. >> they want wider changes, recognition of civil unions, recognition of homosexual unions. the church cannot go in that direction. >> reporter: bishop study stresses over two years so final recommendations to the pope will be made next year, one week after pope frances is expected to visit philadelphia for world meeting of families, in the sat center, pat ciarrocchi, cbs-3 "eyewitness news". meantime another move out
5:38 pm
of the vatican, that has caught some by surprise, pope frances rents out the sistine chapel for the first time. a select group of tourist paid more than $5,000 for a tour, complete with the concert inside the chapel. porsche is hosting fundraiser. vatican announced it will limit number of visitors to the chapel each year to just 6 million in order to protect the 500 year-old paintings inside. next time you ride september, considering making a donation to feed the hungry. septa celebrates itself hunger at north station food drive today at dilworth park. starting monday you will seafood deluxe containers at 43 stations, to make donate to go philadelphia bun answer a lot more convenience. 900,000 people in the greater philadelphia region are currently in need of assistance. >> septa is again asking for staples, such as canned pasta,
5:39 pm
soup, stews, canned vegetables, creamy peanut butter and jelly just in time for pending cold weather. >> septa riders and employees have donated 90 tons of food to philabundance since 2009, campaign runs through in the third. so far it is a messy afternoon we will start off right away out on our camera here at 202, at 29, so headed southbound is where you cane that delay, all the way up through 401, north bound lanes, moving great so far and typical afternoon delay here on the schuylkill expressway at city avenue. headed westbound, pretty much jammed from montgomery drive all the way up through gladwynn. the rest of the major still slow as we head over to travel times here 95 north bound heavy from the vine street expressway into woodhaven road, it will take you 28 minutes, little slow heading westbound from 202 into oaks, it will give you a 11 minute trip there disabled vehicle
5:40 pm
from the left lane from path turnpike eastbound and valley forge and typically flow out in new jersey, 42, 55, and 295, all jammed on the southbound side. septa, new jersey transit and dart running on time with in delays and in delays at the philadelphia international airport. natasha and chris, back over to you. still to come on "eyewitness news" a new reason to cut sugary soda from your diet and nothing to do with weight gain. also ahead tonight who will take shopping season is still a month away but time to get great deals. three on your side has several items already on sale this time of the year. kathy? we are tracking hurricane gonzalo as it tracks over the island of bermuda with devastation anticipated there. major cool down in our weather, something we have not seen, so far this season. it is all next
5:43 pm
well, a new service is coming for star bucks customers who don't like to wait in long lines, star bucks app will soon allow to you order drinks right from your phone, and it is all part of the company's plan to expand its sales over mobile tea advises. the services rolls out in portland a little will bit later this year and it is expected to be nationwide by 2015. well, if you are already starting to think about holiday shopping you are not alone. new survey by international council of shopping centers, found about 35 percent of consumers plan to start
5:44 pm
shopping before the end of this month. survey found shoppers will spend about $677 on average. you know, if you start holiday shopping soon there are some great deals, out there, cbs news correspondent allison harmlen shows us which products are on sale. >> reporter: winter is just around the corner but nicky's already shopping for next summer. he came to sears looking for a deal on a new lawn mower. >> just bought a new house so i'm really looking to save money on stuff like that. >> reporter: consumer reports say this is a great time of the year to save on summer items. >> because it is end of the season and retailers want to move american. >> reporter: at sears some lawn mowers are discounted 30 percent. several retailers are offering similar discounts on grills, bikes are selling for less, and big savings could be found on patio furnished. but summer products aren't the only items on sale. >> when we think of objecting we think it is time to get ready for holiday season. >> reporter: that means many stores are discounting
5:45 pm
computers and digital cameras to make room for holiday models. >> we find there are product cycles, older products go on sale. >> reporter: that includes clothes, as stores stock up for winter. >> as long as you are off season we look for shorts, summer clothes next year. >> reporter: smart shopper. >> buying a house, i have got to save as much money as i can. >> reporter: consumer reports say compare prices on line before you go shopping to make sure you are fining the the best deal possible. in jersey city new jersey, allison harmlen for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". well, consumer reports say more items will be going on sale next month including baby products, video cameras and toys. i wish i was an early shopper. >> yeah, good deals to be had but think it is too early. >> for me, i mean for a lot of people they are more prepared. >> lets get to november even if we don't get all the way to thanksgiving. >> past halloween, how about that. >> we will deal with that one. >> back in a moment.
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soda can strain the bodies metabolism. researchers a the university of california/san francisco, analyzed data from 5300 people. hurricane gone solo, really devastating the island of, bermuda and hard to see waves from the land here but expecting life threatening storms surge, comparable to hurricane fabian back in 2003, that was also a major hurricane that hit bermuda but pounding rain, high surf and rain significant and flooding expect. we are take you to storm scan three where we will take satellite view with only about 45 miles an hour, south southwest of the island and then eye we're talking about but island being battered with hurricane force wind. now, this is the actual radar from the bermuda, doppler radar and you can see this is their weather service radar. here's well define eye, getting a lit green now but yellow, reds, oranges those are convective thunderstorms
5:50 pm
and the eye wall most dangerous part of the storm and you can see how it is closer to the center, bull's eye right here which is the island of bermuda and may pass over the island within the past or i should say next couple of hours. here at home much different weather on the mainland u.s., temperatures in the 70's, over past couple of days, even tomorrow getting really close but then falling, very quickly, by sunday. the temperatures back in the 50's. in philadelphia 72. seventy in allentown. sixty-three in the the poconos. sixty's north and west, that is our weather for tomorrow, we will watch high pressure dominate weather for saturday, highs in the 60's with the westerly win. we will get cooler by sunday. temperatures in the 50's, which will be at least 10 degrees below average in the upper 60's and that cool air will continue right in the day on monday, we will go up a few degrees but still staying below average. next chance of rain, comes tuesday and even into next
5:51 pm
wednesday. looking at future temperatures, tomorrow morning when we wake up temperatures basically in the 50's, down the shore maybe a few 60's. by the afternoon saturday highs generally in the 60's with the exception of the poconos. the the really cool air comes in sunday morning, even into monday morning when we will wake up to highs in the 40's and poconos in the 30's and by sunday afternoon, look at this only in the 50's with afternoon highs in the poconos, around 42 degrees. that is much cooler then we usually see this time of the year. few clouds expected overnight, it will be cool with the low of 55, which will be similar, to your sunday high. for your saturday 69, mostly sunny and breezy. looking ahead on your exclusive seven day forecast, sunday the coolest day and then temperatures rebound somewhat, monday and tuesday in the 60's. tuesday we will have showers, rain on wednesday and then some showers extend thursday. by next friday we are looking at clearing skies and a temperature of 64 degrees.
5:52 pm
lets look at is what trending right now, a high school student in north dakota shows true meaning of sports man ship. look at melony bailey, carrying danielle le new on her back in the middle of a cross country raise. these two teens run for opposing schools but bailey did not hesitate when her competitor tore her patella tendon while others ran right by her. melony carried danielle a quarter mile, all the way to the finish line. well done. well, now a pint sized rapper who loves golf, our man seven year-old caleb sea from allentown, sound like he has a new favorite day. >> hey, it is friday, so grab your clubs, and grab your balls, call your friend, and just got to play them, we have workers here. >> ♪ >> ♪ >> play golf it is friday.
5:53 pm
>> do your your think, caleb. we caught up with this young man on the links last year when he paid tribute to hump day. caleb teamed up with our nicole brewer taking down a rap for his favorite news team. >> i'm not rapper sophie been told i can't keep up with this six year-old. >> is what up nickie b, i'm caleb, shout to everybody watching cbs-3. >> he is so cute, he is really good. >> i a tell you what, can jay, jay-z, we have caleb. >> he is a doll. >> stay with us here on "eyewitness news", brad pitt on the front lines, and on movie screens this weekend. >> i'm kevin frasier in week brad pitt leads his crew behind enemy lines and all-star cast takes a epic journey in the animated
5:54 pm
have you seen tom corbett's ads attacking me... get real. it's tom corbett who's been sticking it to the middle class on taxes. corbett cut a billion dollars from education... almost 80% of school districts plan to raise property taxes. meanwhile, we're the only state that doesn't charge oil and gas companies an extraction tax. but corbett raised your gas taxes through the roof. i'm tom wolf, i'll be a governor who stands up for the middle class for a change.
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5:56 pm
in theaters brad pitt gets trapped behind even my lines and channing tatum brings an animated tail about bull fight to go life. >> kevin frazier from entertainment tonight has the word on is what new at the
5:57 pm
movies. >> i swear with all my hearty will never stop looking you. >> reporter: book of life tells a epic story of romance and adventure traveling through a fantastical world inspired by the the mexican celebration of the day of the dead. >> welcome to the the land of the remembered. >> reporter: tail features larger than life characters voiced by zeo, and, channing tatum. >> hey, girl. >> oh. >> get that a lot. >> that was most fun part of this film is that there was no wrong answer, like you could just go in and just scream or do anything that you wanted to do and there was -- it was always just like more, more, more. >> i am walking. >> reporter: in fury brad pitt is no nonsense leader of the world war two tank crew that includes shy a labeouf, and michael pena. >> we have these responsibilities and we have to keep these men alive. >> been with these five gentlemen for years. >> reporter: when an inexperienced solder played by
5:58 pm
logan learnman joined a crew, movie looks at experiences of brad and his team and harsh tolls the war has taken on them. >> i'm scared too. >> this film focuses so much on the psychological hardships, and dealing with those extreme conditions. >> it will end, but a lot more people got to die. >> reporter: for entertainment tonight i'm kevin frazier, back to you in the studio. >> for all of latest entertainment news just watch entertainment tonight catch it tonight and every week night at 7:00 right here on cbs-3. that will do it the for "eyewitness news" at 5:00. now at 6:00 a philadelphia hospital with the very latest city tapped to help with the ebola out break how the hospital of the university of pennsylvania, will be joining in the fight. also a judge hand down his decision on the future of the trump taj mahal and casino workers are fired up tonight. kathy? in weather, it is a beautiful afternoon and
5:59 pm
weekend will start that wearings but it won't finish that way, major cool down coming plus tracking gone sal a coming up. he is only in high school but that is not stopping this cherry hill student from tackling tough issues, what he is doing to battle bullets now at 6:00 o'clock fighting ebola in the u.s., another philadelphia hospital has been called on to help, in potential cases, of the deadly virus. good evening, i'm chris may. i'm natasha brown. the guess case off. here's very latest on the ebola scare. we new necessity three pennsylvanians were the frontier airlines flight with the nurse that tested positive for ebola. they have not returned to the states and they are being monitored right now in texas. also today president obama names ron klain to serve as ebola czar, but some republicans are concerned that
6:00 pm
he doesn't have any public health experience. and hospital of the university of pennsylvania, is designated as a location that will treat u.s. health care workers who may be infect with ebola in africa. health reporter stephanie stahl is live at hup with the details, stephanie. >> reporter: well, natasha, preparations for potential ebola patients continue to ramp up all across the states as those three people are being carefully watched, and here at hup they announced they could be taken care of certain ebola patients. a statement from the hospital of the university of pennsylvania says it has agreed to be among hospitals to care for u.s. medical work hours contract ebola while working in africa. hospital had has conduct training and is able to safely and effectively isolate suspect cases. >> on another front governor corbett and state health officials revealed three pennsylvania residents live in the northwestern part of the state are monitored fore bowl, theywe