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tv   Eyewitness News at 5  CBS  October 23, 2014 5:00am-5:31am EDT

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start as early as tomorrow. we will have full details coming up, vittoria. as katie mentioned with the dampness we have on the roads just take it extra careful because we will see accidents happen with the slightest bit of slickness. we have overnight construction, we have other construction projects to talk about, we will talk about that, coming up, stay with us, ukee. our breaking news now pennsylvania turnpike in montgomery county reopens following a deadly crash overnight. >> four others remain hospitalized after a car collided with the tractor trailer. "eyewitness news" reporter jane carabao joins us from pennsylvania state police barracks in king of prussia with more, good morning. >> reporter: erika and ukee, good morning. details are limited and still developing but we have some new numbers for you this morning. police now say that four people were injured and one person died in this late night accident on the pennsylvania turnpike, and police confirmed that all five have of these people were in side the car that got in the accident with the tractor trailer and five
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are young adults. looking at the video you can see the scene of the accident. "eyewitness news" was there as emergency personnel transported the injured to nearby hospitals. the accident happened on the pennsylvania turnpike, westbound, between exit 339 and exit 333, in white marsh, montgomery county. police now say five young adults were in that car around 12:30 last night. somehow there was an accident involving a car and that tractor trailer. a helicopter were requested but all were grounded due to weather last night. four people were transferred to abington hospital in serious condition. within person was taken to einstein montgomery in critical condition. again, one person has died. now police are not saying how this happened. this accident happened and they are releasing the of the person killed or people injury. the investigation continues this morning. in the meantime that stretch of the pennsylvania turnpike has remain closed for hours as police reconstructed the the accident as they did during
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their investigation that stretch has reopened this morning. reporting live at state police barracks in king of prussia, jane carabao for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". right now 5:03. chilly start to the morning, katie. >> it is much like we saw yesterday, today bigger story we will notice more than anything is win kicking in. we have wet weather we have to discuss that is maybe tapered back by comparison to yesterday. it is still essentially the same forecast but there are factors that take more dominance in what we will notice out there today. it is because of this storm still churning away but starting to pull off to the northeast and moving off to the northeast here and poor massachusetts, that poor state has been getting pummeled. we are looking at a three hour loop but that has been going on for much longer then three hours. the soaking rain. strong winds. coastal flood potential for this part of the u.s. that frankly as a result means we were dealt a glancing blow out of this.
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yesterday was very dreary. today is very much the same but you'll have fewer showers. those will still be out there they are starting to taper off with time. generally from south to north you'll see wet weather wine to go a full close. over the course of the last couple days we have gone on temperature swings. we see this, this time of the year because we are in the transition season. you can see these differences where you heat up, cool down easily and that is even what the last five days has brought. what we will find here today as well. temperatures have a hard time breaking out of the 50's more than anything because of the clouds but this will help too that wind flow out of the northwest, when we look at future wind speeds that will be in the teens through better part of the day and higher for some of you. with that said the chilly breeze makes the thermometer feel even cooler then what it reads. because we will start to see high pressure tomorrow there will be a breeze around but tomorrow is going to start to transition back to much nicer weather. we have just got today to get
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through and then nicer forecast unfolding. in the meantime we have a dreary day. expect off and on showers. while not as wet as yesterday keep rain gear at the the ready and torey, would i say nice heavy jacket is not the worst idea either. >> never a bad idea, is is it, katie. good morning, everyone. traveling on our majors we are moving well. roads are giving you a big hug. not too much to talk b lets get outside and give you a idea. traveling on 476, this shot not too far from the mid county toll plaza you're moving extremely well only a few vehicles i think just looking at this i counted at least four or five vehicles so not many at all. not only around here but around schuylkill, i-95, just lots of good news. moving to the ben franklin bridge yesterday was big for us because they have finally reopened westbound side during morning rush and eastbound side during afternoon rush. that is same thing that will be occurring every monday through friday hopefully for a very long time until they get
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things back to normal on both earned at the aim time. also good news for patco commuters because they are only doing that single tracking potentially on weekend. we have resume back to a normal schedule during the week. looking at our speed sensors 55 on 95, 55 on 476, lots of green springled all over the map. 202, 42 two all looking great. pennsylvania turnpike not awful. in montgomery county we have an accident still closing, remington road at lancaster avenue. morris road is your alternate. we will leave with you this watch out for an accident on the eastbound side of the turnpike at willow grove, ukee. canada is on high alert after a gunman shot and killed a solder at nation's capitol. this is second terror attack in three days. >> u.s. is keeping a close eye on developments as terrorism officials looking in the possibility of islam i can extremist, cbs correspondent chris van cleve joins us with the latest information from ottawa, good morning.
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>> reporter: ukee and erika, good morning. people across canada are expressing a mix of anger, shock, and sadness, over what happened here yesterday. they are asking how did a gunman get inside parliament house when so many members of the can inadequacies's elect officials, including the prime minister, were inside. just hours after the attack on a solder standing guard at canada's national war memorial in ottawa the country's prime minister called the violence an act of terror. >> we will not be intimidated. canada will never be intimidated. in fact this will lead us to strengthen our rewill solve and redouble our efforts. >> reporter: on wednesday morning a mask gunman shot and killed a solder at close range. three two-year old michael zehaf bibeau who recently coverted to islam and stormed parliament. parliament block themselves, gunman was blocked and kicked
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by ceremonial sergeant have of arms. president obama spoke with the canadian prime minister last night. >> i pledged as always to make sure our national safety, is watched closely. >> reporter: parts of the parliament including the war memorial remain closed by police as investigation into the attack continues. it is second deadly attack begins military service members in canada in three days raising questions that the violence is connect to canada joining fight begins islamic state in syria. >> counter terrorism officials are worried this islamic state movement is motivating others in the only to come to fight in iraq and syria but echoing calls for al qaeda to attack in place. >> reporter: officials say they will continue to work with will allies around the world to fight terror. so some more about the suspect now. gunman's birth name michael joseph hall, we know he was born in quebec in 1982 and had a history of drug addiction and past run ins with the law.
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we don't know if he was working as a lone gunman or if he had help. that will be a center point in the investigation. we are live in ottawa, canada, chris van cleve, cbs-3 "eyewitness news". >> chris, thank you. >> ♪ oh, canada >> the flyers and penguins paid tribute last night before their game in pittsburgh, penguins anthem singer jeff, sang the canadian national anthem. we will recap the game later in our newscast. iteam is asking questions this morning about this high speed ride through streets of philadelphia a that lasted for hours. dirt bike and atv riders, sipped past pedestrian around the city performing stunts and weaving through traffic following a funeral of the fellow rider. many are asking why weren't they stopped? police department officials say they kept a close eye on the bikers but when they left the funeral the department
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ruled out any pursuit, citing public safety. >> i understand what the video is, disturbing when you see video but imagine my officers engaging these individuals forcing them up on the sidewalks? >> philadelphia district attorney seth williams called bikers behavior reckless. it is in the clear if any charges license filed. atf has joined devastation in the devastating building fire in reading. flames swept through the former reading outlet center at eighth and ol owe saturday morning. a developer was converting the building in to apartments. atf says 70 of those apartments were destroyed. damage is estimated at 12 million-dollar. trump entertainment says it will keep taj mahal casino in atlantic city through november. the casino was scheduled to close november 13th. cot still cannot guarantee the taj won't close by the end of the year. trump entertainment is eking 175 million-dollar in state assistance and give backs from unionized workers to keep the
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casino open. a former tinicum township police officer is facing up to 20 years in state prison. delaware county jury convicted jack parker yesterday of stalking his wife. parker was charge in 2011 when he violated an order to stay away from his wife's job at the county dispatch center in lima. he told police he attached a gps tracking device to her car to catch her cheating. the 69 year-old lost his police job in 1996 when he was quick of holding two women hostage at gunpoint at inter bureau high school. coming up on "eyewitness news", positive developments in the fight againste bowl,l, latest on the nurse who contracted the deadly virus and how our area is making sure first responders are prepared, should they encounter, a infected person. later, it has happened again, someone else jumps the white house fence, just how far this jumper got before the secret service got a hold of him. >> ♪
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nurse infect with ebola is on the mend. >> her family says she had a blood test and shows that she is ebola free. we have learned that starting in january johnson and johnson will begin testing a vaccine to protect against a strain of the virus that triggered the out break in west africa. meanwhile cdc increases veg lens begins ebola. agency requires 21 days of monitoring for all will travelers arriving in the u.s. from ebola stricken nations. officials in philadelphia they held a summit to determine just how well region is prepared for any possibly bowl a cases. right now just past 5:13. we are watching for that wind today, katie. >> today will be a more winnie day but we are still dodging some showers here and there and you have a lot of leaves yesterday from the trees that padded down on the roadways, sidewalks, and so just watch for. that currently any rain falling from the sky is generally, across portions of central new jersey here. that is where you'll find it heading up toward new york
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city area on the new jersey turnpike, you'll fine damp roads with fresh rain drops falling down and a few little spritzes falling at the moment in berks county. your pollen report we have continue to tell you this, it has been low levels of ragweed but those levels do climb slightly in the low range for saturday and sunday in part due to the fact that we are starting to dry things out here. today still lingering showers but we will dry out from south to north and that wind is noticeable. it is a chilly raw day. sixty-five tomorrow. we are jumping on the thermometer with more sunshine but it will still be breezy. heading in the upcoming weekend a nice fall weekend coming up and that keeps going in to early next week, vittoria. >> good morning everyone. theme is that traffic is beautiful, really in major problems at all we are not dealing will with too many construction zones soy lets take a closer look, shall we. as you will notice do i want to point out in this shot, if you are traveling even though it is a slightly damp you will
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notice we will have a little bit of the sheen traveling on our majors as you will notice here not too far from the turnpike commuting on 309. you still want to take it easy commuting on all have of our majors with that sheen because accidents do happen even with the slightest bit of slickness. moving over to i-95. they are looking good. this is southbound side around cottman avenue. northbound your head lights there. in delays in northeast philadelphia, south philadelphia, delaware county, even around the airport. things at the airport are looking great this morning. looking at our speed sensors again not too much to talk b high up in the 50's all over the map, and not only in pennsylvania but in new jersey, delaware as well. in montgomery county we have april accident closing remington road at lancaster avenue. try to avoid this intersection if you can using morris road is your best bet and we have an accident situation on the eastbound side of the pennsylvania turnpike at willow grove, something object mindful of this morning, no problems for mass transit, erika. breaking news in your head lines the pennsylvania turnpike is reopened after a
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deadly accident that happened early this morning in the westbound lanes. one young adult was killed, four other young adults were seriously injured when their car slammed in the back of the tractor trailer. canada's prime minister says its country will not be intimidated by yesterday's deadly shooting in ottawa. mask man stormed the country's parliament. the gun man was shot by a ceremonial guard at the parliament building. >> camden county and coupe are university hospital host an ebola awareness and safety training seminar, for first respond tours day. they will learn how to deal with the suspect cases of the virus. still ahead on "eyewitness news" an update on an air bag recall surrounding millions of vehicles in the country. >> we will tell you how many people are now affect, that is coming up.
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another take town at the white house. >> maryland man is in custody this morning after authorities
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say he jumped over the white house fence. the it unfolded last night on the north lawn. charges are pend ago begins 23 year-old dominic, authorities say he was swiftly apprehended by uniformed agent and their dogs. now the scar prompted a temporary will be down on the white house. the president was inside at the time. >> i'm shocked that someone would have the audacity to make that jump, you know, and ran towards the building. it is crazy. >> it can be a will challenge, everybody is trying to do it. >> this is the seventh security breach at the executive mansion this year. just last month a federal grand jury indicted accused fence jumper omar gonzales on weapons and assault charges. still ahead on "eyewitness news" new details in the deadly police shooting of the ferguson teen, mike brown. >> what an autopsy report says about the moments just before brown died and why protesters clashed with police again
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5:23, time for traffic ape weather together, good morning, katie. >> good morning, everybody. our storm system drifts north east so mainly more of a new england issue at this point but we are still dealing with additional wind, clouds and additional showers but i think wind end up being the most noticeable impact as we continue to watch this storm, roll away. so we will look at area peak win gusts from yesterday and we were in the 30's, 20's to day we could easily find more of that out there but more for persist tenth wind flow. you can see that represented in the current readings, north/northwest wind coming from the cooler place like canada to make those temperatures in the 50's and mid 40's feeling a little more chilly. have your heavy coat ready to go walking out the door at least a sweat shirt and you will thank yourself taking the dog for a walk or heading out
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to the gym. expect that is still damp out there. would i say umbrella is in the worst idea but we will be drying out from south to north and as the day goes on we will start to see clouds basically just left over clouds. by tomorrow, sunshine, finally making a return appearance and it will be a nice long stretch of the days, that sunshine will be the main feature for our forecast. we having on to look forward to, for sure, vittoria. right now if you are traveling out and about you have something to look forward to because roads look good. lets get outside and take a a look, shall we. traveling on the vine street expressway in delays in either direction. if you are traveling on the eastbound side we should be towards left side of your screen there those headlights making their way to i-95 in problems there. traveling on the westbound side in delays down through the schuylkill expressway. really all and all rine street expressway looking great. same thing traveling 42, traveling in pennsylvania, traveling in new jersey, not too much of a difference right now. everything is moving smoothly
5:25 am
with no problems. to back that up we will take a look at our wide where speed sensors are indicating lots more good news. traveling on the 50's, or the on the schuylkill in the 50's. ninety-five, 55, 53 traveling on 476. turnpike moving well. we have an accident situation in montgomery county at remington road and lancaster because of that accident that intersection is closed. so morris road is your best alternate at this time. also on the northeast extension we have construction in either direction at lansdale so be mine full of the guys and girls in the hard hats. in delays at mass transit. things at the the airport are looking wonderful. new lets get a check of sports with ukee. flyers are struggling out of the gate this season but come on it feels good to beat penguins. game tied at two in the third last night in pittsburgh when the captain claude giroux teams up with rj um burger to put fly guys up three-two. flyers weren't finished two minutes later umberger and matt read hook up with a streaking sean couturier and flyers beat pens five-three
5:26 am
for their second win of the season have the flyers will host wednesday wings saturday night. eagles and cardinals sunday in the desert. game 4:05 start from the university of phoenix stadium. birds offensive line is still on the mend but there are signs help is on the way. the guard evan mathis got back on the field for the first time since week one. he is nurse ago this mcl strain which should be back for caroline game on november 10th. got a great game tonight, battle for supremacy in the afc west when san diego chargers take on the denver broncos in denver. the nfl's all time touchdown passer payton manning will be under center for the home team, pregame coverage begins at 7:30. you can see the game right here on cbs-3. lets talk baseball, world series where royals end things at a game a appease. omar infante had had a two run home run during kansas city's five run sixth inning and royals beat giant seven-two.
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temper, fellows, series moves on to san francisco now, all even now at one win appease, quarter. coming up next half an her of "eyewitness news" just how high school kid want to spend their saturday nearly 200 local students have to retake their act because the results got lost. imagine that happening. >> yes. >> how it happened ape what the organization responsible says it will do to make it right. plus could a new treatment help from thousands suffering from a deadly disease. the help that may be on the way soon. and torey and katie return with your traffic and weather together on the three's. we are back
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in cases of rape,pposes aborin cases of incest,ions. and in cases where the mother's health is in danger. no woman should be forced to carry a pregnancy from a rape. mario scavello sponsored a bill to force women to have unnecessary and invasive ultrasounds. it's horrifying. women need to know that mario scavello wants to stand between them and their doctors in making decisions that aren't his to make. breaking news a car slams in the tractor trailer on the pennsylvania turnpike, and the at least one policeman died. we are live with the latest information.
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good morning, thank you for joining us i'm erika von tiehl. i'm ukee washington. we are learning more about the death of ferguson teenager michael brown. what a autopsy report tells us about the police shooting that claim his life, sparking more than two months of unrest. first though lets get a first check of the traffic and weather together with katie and torey, good morning. >> we will continue to track showers here in the delaware valley but more than anything, thing that will be noticeable today is the fact that wind is kicking in and chilly win too. so extra layers my friends, we are talking about temperatures coming up but nice weather coming up as well, vittoria so i come bearing good news as well. >> that is good news. that makes me think of my first car a ge o metro convertible and like a tin can. in wind like this you have to be careful in things like that, i'm just saying. >> so true. >> it was like a roller coaster car. but, anyway, traveling on the schuylkill express wayne, all of o