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tv   Eyewitness News at 6  CBS  October 24, 2014 6:00pm-6:31pm EDT

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work shore arrived at newark liberty airport today is already in quarantine. meanwhile this man doctor craig spencer remains in isolation at a new york hospital after testing positive for ebola yesterday. he work with doctors without borders and recently returned from the west africa nation of new gunie. nina pham, the dallas nurse, who treated the late thomas duncan is now ebola free and she was released from the hospital this afternoon. >> i believe in the power of prayer because i know so many people all over the the world have been praying for me. >> nina pham's first stop after leaving the hospital was the white house where she met with president obama. twenty-nine exchanged a hug in the oval office. also tonight a major step forward for first responders in philadelphia when it comes to ebola and protection that they will get. "eyewitness news" reporter walt hunter is live at ladder two at fourth and arch with our exclusive story, walt. >> reporter: chris, cbs-3 has
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learn that the fire fighters, medics here at ladder two station and throughout the entire city will now be getting an unprecedented level of protection from any ebola virus patient that they might have to deal with, cbs-3 has learned that 1600 high level protective suits are now on the way to the fire department along with body insulation bags which would shield any ebola patient from medics and fire fighters that might be called this first responders. new protection for philadelphia fire department first responders, has been on the way, outfit like these, about to be replaced by higher level protection. the fire commissioner confirming 1600 new jump suits have now been ordered. they include hoods, masks, and face shields. also, body insulation bags will now be aboard all units, to isolate any ebola patient from a care giver. >> the the suits themselves will cover every piece of exposed skin so they will in longer be exposed skin.
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>> reporter: fire fighters union president joe shuly says the the new protective suits, replacing these, are one piece, instead of gowns making it safer for fire fighters and medics. >> the suit themselves, they will be more substantial and thicker and better material. >> reporter: city officials promised last week that they would upgrade protection as cdc change its requirements. the new suits evidence that the promised upgrade is now underway. >> i look forward to seeing the suit and i think it will give our members a little bit peace of mine if they have to respond to an ebola incident. >> reporter: fire officials tell me they currently have 200 of the new suits already aboard, 1600 on the way, and after that beginning in upcoming days special training for all fire fighters and medics so they can take the epps that might be needed to protect themselves. live at ladder two stationed in olde city, i'm walt hunter, "eyewitness news".
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>> walt, thanks very much. we have set up an ebola resource guide for you on our web site at cbs it has all of the answers to commonly asked questions and links to the cdc. tonight a chester county priest is facing child pornography charges, prosecutors say he used social media to carry out his crimes. "eyewitness news" reporter steve paterson has details. >> reporter: priest, who is supposed to be caring for his flock and tending to people, particularly vulnerable people like children how can they be engaged in victimizing people through child pornography. >> reporter: five five-year old mark haines is charged with multiple counts of child sexual abuse for possessing and disseminating child pornography. chester county district attorney tom hogan says in an under cover investigation detectives discover haines set up an instagram account under the the name kate toy send and receive a pair of photos. it was the the tip of the iceberg. >> he had had been disseminating scores of child
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pornography pictures. >> reporter: detectives discovered haines posed as a 16 year-old girl in the series of graphic e-mails with the the 14 year-old girl. >> we now need to identify the girl and follow-up on that investigation. >> reporter: parishioners at saint simon and jude stunned at the allegations. >> the church does not need anymore of that type of thing. >> reporter: hogan says what may be most troubling part of the investigation is history of mark haines a priest who has been stationed at eight parish necessary four count business two leaves of absence since being ordained in the mid 80's. >> that is a red flag when a priest moves around between parishes. we are looking to see if there are any other victims out there. >> reporter: steve paterson for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". >> archdiocese of philadelphia, and charges are serious and disturbing. the the archdiocese is cooperating full which law enforcement and remains committed to preventing child abuse as well as protecting children and young people
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entrusted to its care. child pornography is a scourge that must be eradicated. sun made a welcome return today but as it sets on this friday evening, we wonder how much of it will we see this weekend? meteorologist kathy orr is live on the sky deck with the first look at that, kathy. >> chris, clouds have rolled in here in center city philadelphia but still a perfect sunset. we will see a good deal of sunshine over the weekend but a lot of wind as well. winter sun today, temperatures made to it levels we have not seen tonight a while. high in philadelphia 70 degrees. we are going to end the month of october above average, which is hard to do. right now in philadelphia 67. fifty-six in the poconos. sixty's every where else. average high being 64 degrees for this date. on storm can three we have some clouds lifting through. they are associated with a warm front, leading edge of warmer air that will boost temperatures tomorrow. here's the first forecast, little breeze think evening with temperatures in the 60's, falling in the 50's by
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9:00 p.m. at 11:00, 55 with mainly clear skies. coming up we will talk about the weekend weather, as temperatures warm up, surge of 07's in the seven day and halloween, we will look at whether it is a trick or a treat coming up when i join you later in the broadcast. >> kathy, we will see new a minute, thanks very much. there are new developments following hazing allegations at central bucks west high school. we have learned that the school's home coming celebration which was to be tonight has been postponed. "eyewitness news" reporter matt rivers is live at the school to bring us up to date, matt. >> reporter: impact of these hazing allegations not only being felt by students at cbw campus but across the community as a hole. superintendent david wentsel called the hazing humiliating and inappropriate. he a said most personally invasive required a rook toy grab another player's private parts, while fully clothed and with that he suspended the rest of the jv and varsity
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football seasons. >> east/west rivalry, big loss to the town. >> reporter: tim runs matt's pizza a stape until doylestown. he went to c.b. west and hopes people don't rush to judgment about the school overall. >> until we do know everything, because there is 20 different stories out there right now, which one is the truth. >> reporter: that is what investigators with the central bucks regional police department are trying to figure out, but neither police or district attorney's office would comment on the status of that investigation on friday. on the c.b. west campus students were still coping with the news. >> definitely disappointing. i'm just angry at people who decided to do that stuff. some people are i am florida tour. >> sometimes like the proper stuff needs to be done. >> reporter: advertise trick officials said friday home coming festivities would be postponed to later in the year. they will take place to coincide with the yet undetermined basketball game. >> me being a basketball player i personally love that idea because i mean it makes the hype for the game so much
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more inn tense. >> reporter: but not every football program here at c.b. west has been affect by these allegations, freshman team played a game tonight against the team from souderton. we are live from doylestown tonight, matt rivers, cbs-3 "eyewitness news". a judge revoke bail of a man accused of murdering a montgomery county man he met on craigs list. chad wilcox ace accused of slashing 36 year-old manual hackman's throat in his home and stealing his car and wallet p police track wilcox to tennessee and kentucky. montgomery county d.a. says after about a week at alleged murderer wilcox surrendered to police of raping a child for which he missed his court date. she says every on line interaction should be treated with caution. >> take this entire case is a real cautionary tail about the dangers of the internet, one of the key lessons there is you don't know who is on the other end of the screen. >> wilcox is due back in norristown court for a
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preliminary hearing on november 7th. the american red cross giving it's a assistance to 20 families after flames ripped through an apartment complex in voorhees, new jersey. that fire attack the roof of avalon court just before noon time. it grew to two alarms before crews got it under control. no one was hurt. the the causes under investigation. pennsylvania state senator leanna washington accepts a deal with prosecutors that she will plead guilty in her corruption case next week. washington has been charged with theft of services and conflict of interest. prosecutors alleged she ordered her staff to do campaign work on government time. it is unknown at this point if washington will face jail time for this. she did lose her primary bid for reelection earlier this year. septa's largest union will hold a strike authorization vote on sunday, transit local union 234 represents bus drivers and subway and trolley operators. they have been working without a contract since march. septa tells "eyewitness news"
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that no strike appears imminent at this point. there is no word when workers might work out if they to authorize that strike. new at 6:00 o'clock tonight a surprise home coming for an army veterans in burlington county, new jersey. >> this one stand out from the rest. we will show you how a community is helping build a new life for one family. >> also ahead at 6:00 there is new information in the fire that damage part of the flight 93 memorial in shanksville. pennsylvania. kathy. we have some clouds rolling through and in this case it is a good thing because it ace associated with the warm front that means warmer days ahead as temperatures surge in the seven day i'll show you how high they will get coming up as "eyewitness news" continues. beasley? it is friday, that means football under the lights, friday football frenzy, right now, i'm buena, they play
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this happened inside cafeteria of the high school outside of seattle. the eyewitnesses say no words were exchanged, that student,
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just started firing. we now know the extent of the damage left behind by a fire at the flight 93 memorial in shanksville, pennsylvania. the national park service says its team of museum experts and archaeologist determine the the fire destroyed 334 photos and 25 items including a boarding pass, airport parking pass and passenger id cards. the october 3rd fire broke out at the memorial's administration building. investigators say they have ruled out foul play but they may never know the actual cause. well, new at 6:00 tonight a thank you that goes far beyond word, for a veteran who was wounded on the battle field. >> it is being built in florence in burlington county new jersey. our carol erickson was there when a military family got the surprise of their lives. >> reporter: sign says almost all of it, army staff sergeant mario murray and his family are building a new house in the vacant lot in florence exactly where the bulldozer.
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neighbor knows wounded veteran is coming in a few minutes so they have lined up just to meet them with a welcoming brass band, and this is not normally playing. and that band and these flag waving neighbors. >> all about the flag. >> reporter: and former football playing congressman and met or cade equals surprise to only five people. the murray familiar willly, ones on the sign in front of the empty lot as they roll up, sergeant murray and company only know he is coming in for an interview for a mortgage free house. and in a program to give house toes wounded vets. he has no idea he already earned it. >> it is a big surprise. make sure camera is on their face when they get here report report behind the wheel on his face it sinks in, retired sergeant mario murray, nine year veteran solder with the army commendation medal and suffering from ptsd and many physical injuries from an afghan attack, mario murray doesn't have to worry anymore about his american dream, a home for his family. >> it is very special.
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we have been through a lot. we have been through a lot. this is overwhelming, of course, but at the same time it is very hum blink. >> reporter: murray's house is one of 20 built and given to veterans by pulte each year and each one comes as a shock to the family. >> we have an interview. >> how long will interview be. >> reporter: the interview his brave service and now digging in to civilian life that he gave so much to protect n florence, carol erickson for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". bravo to them and what a great day for a ground breaking. >> or anything. >> fantastic. >> we paid our dues earlier in the week with that little weather ruth and new we are out of it. we are digging ourselves out into on beautiful wet's head. take a look outside, we have seen gorgeous, sunsets across the delaware valley. lets take you down the the shore, where you can see beautiful colors, along the horizon as the sun has set in the long ago, but at night fall we will see those temperatures falling as well
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as skies beginning to clear. here's our high temperatures, for the day, these are live neighborhood network sites, live weather stations all across the delaware valley. in new castle st. peters school 70. behind green lane at marlboro elementary 69. same at reading regional airport and west grove at avon grove high school the temperature is 69 degrees. not bad when you consider the average high for this time of the year is only in the lower to mid 60's. right now in philadelphia hanging on to 67 after a high of 7o poconos 56. sixty-four in wilmington. trenton check helping in at 65. wind are slowly subsiding, out of the northwest at about five to 15 miles an hour sustain at ten in philadelphia, sustain at three in allentown. on storm scan three we have had some clouds moving through but these are associated with the warm front. we will never complain about that because that means tomorrow will be just as warm if not warmer then today. temperatures, mainly will be in the 60's but in some locations, even philadelphia,
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we could make it to 70 again. courtesy of high pressure. warm front will continue to push to the north. then we will see a cold front moving through saturday night into early sunday morning. that will knock temperature down a few degrees and still comfortable sunday but big story on sunday is going to be the win. wind will gust to at least 30 miles an hour on sunday. by monday pleasant again mid 60's and then we will watch another area have low pressure, another warm front moving through and that changes everything for tuesday and for wednesday with the surge of unseasonably warm temperatures. it will be mainly clear tonight but cool, low temperature of 45. during day saturday, sunny, great fall day, high temperature of 68. best day to be outside, wind gusting to around 20. on the exclusive seven day forecast, sunday 66. but some gusty winds. the monday very pleasant, tuesday temperatures will rise into the mid 70es a, wednesday in the 70's as well but right now it looks like around 72
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but may end up being warmer depending on how fast that cloud cover moves n for your thursday a high of 65. friday tricky, a front will move through and hoping it moves off shore that will leave with us a dry friday with high temperatures around 60 for our trick or treaters. >> wow. >> yes. >> and if you love the weather, you could be an eyewitness weather watcher for halloween or forever. we want to you join our team at cbs to find out more if you have a weather station, thermometer, if you want to join us we want you. >> we did. >> kathy thanks. >> you bet. >> a lot of people are heading on into the city this friday night so just 6:19, we will start off on the ben franklin bridge from the philadelphia side. you can see that jam. two right lanes have since reopened due to the ongoing construction. now they are reopen. we all four lanes accessing new jersey from to the city so
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you can see a lot of volume and headlights. moving on better eastbound into new jersey though, over on the schuylkill expressway, things are lightening up here a little will bit westbound at spring garden looking great and eastbound toward city is where you can see brake lights. out in quake are town route 309, overturn car in combination with the vehicle fire at cherry road police trekking traffic around this scene, so it is messy. a road collapse closing dehaven street between ballagomingo road and overlooked report. your alternate take gulf and front street and we will expect that to be out there will until monday for clean up. chris and jessica, back over to you. the "cbs evening news" comes your waste in a file minutes. charlie rose is in for scott pelley tonight and he joins with us a look ahead, charlie. >> we will have latest on the deadly school shooting in the sal will suburb. plus scott pelley joins us from dallas where he got first interview with the nurse helps for the to save the life of the first ebola patient diagnosed in america. the those stories are just ahead on the "cbs evening
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hello welcome to buena high school for the friday football frenzy, it is buena hosting pleasantville. buena looking to move to seven to zero for first time in 16 years. now as you know, this is going to be a great contest but there is negative news out of c.b. west. you may have heard their football season was suspended, entire coaching staff, suspended because of a hazing scandal. so i asked the buena head coach, how they initiate young players into their program. >> when they make commitment to come out for our team they are special already. only thing they have to do is clean up the yard and clean up the yard after practice, they
6:25 pm
are just as important as the guy who has been here for four years. >> now see that is a healthy way to do it. >> lets turn pro. you know eagles face cardinals on sunday, it is a big one eagles looking to move to six-one to keep pace with the cowboys in the division. michael kendricks, darren sproles, jason kelce listed as questionable for the contest. that is good news. eagles have the eighth ranked scoring offense in the nfl, but when it comes to red zone efficiency it is another story. they are tied for last. chip kelly knows it is something they must fix. >> we have had open receivers we have to put the ball on them. we have had a couple drops in the end zone. it wasn't one thing. it is a lot of different things. sometimes you get a zone pop on you when you are hoping it is man. we have to do a better job play calling and do a better job putting the ball on people and do a better job catching it from a receiver's standpoint good we will get you ready for dual in the
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desert sunday kick off at 11:30 a.m. join me leslie van arsdal, merrill reese plus my weekly one on one interview with cbs-3 contributor, shady mccoy. to the flyers now they will be without to of their starting defenseman for a month, brayden coburn and andrew mcdonnell out, they have called up shane gust tough son. that is from buena for frenzy tonight, there is more news
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news", charlie rose reporting tonight from new york. >> rose: tonight, another deadly school shooting. this time a student opens fire in a high school in a suburbef seattle. ben tracy has the latest on the casualties and the shooter. new york and new jersey impose a quarantine on health care workers arriving from west africa after a new york doctor catches ebola. reports from dr. jon lapook and jericka duncan. >> tonight from dallas we will have the first interviews with the nurses who tried to save the life of the first ebola victim. >> we offered him words of encouragement. we let him know we're here and whatever you need we'll get them. >> rose: and steve hartman on the road with a basketball player chasing her dream. her teammates are betting she'll catch it.