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tv   Eyewitness News at 6  CBS  October 27, 2014 6:00pm-6:31pm EDT

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strike or no strike call on friday and in one should count on any el's, buses, subways or trolleys running past this upcoming weekend. septa riders have have a schedule for something they hope will never arrive, a possible strike, twu local 234 president willie brown, saying that he cannot promise his 5,000 members will stay on the job after this weekend. >> i cannot promise anything beyond this week. at the even of the week after negotiating with septa the rest of the week, i will evaluate where we are. >> reporter: brown says his union which authorized a strike, sunday will keep negotiating, throughout the week, and depending on how it goes, he will most likely make his decision friday, on whether or not, there will be a walk out. >> i cannot put odds on it, we are very farrah part. >> reporter: brown says worker pension contributions, are the major issue right now, and he promises, he will give riders,
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at least 24 hours notice, but after this weekend, there are no guaranties, and no estimates on how long a strike might last. >> as long as it takes. just study our history. two weeks in 95. forty day in 98. so, we had a 44 day before that. so, hopefully it don't come down to that. >> reporter: septa officials reacting to brown's statements say they are pleased about the 24 hour notice for any possible strike and they expressed their hopes that negotiations would continue. by the way monies november 3rd, that is the date of the last septa strike back in 2009. that was a six day strike there were concerns back then about possible interruptions with the 2009 world series. now the concerns are election day which is next tuesday. live at union headquarters i'm walt hunter, cbs-3 "eyewitness news". >> walt, thank you. once again this does not
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include regional rails. those operators have a tentative agreement. as soon as is there any information on the possible strike we will let you know on tv and on cbs also developing at 6:00 o'clock "eyewitness news" has learned mayor nutter's plan to sell fill gas works is dead. today council president darryl clark sent a letter to mayor nutter stating that the council will not endorse the proposed $1.86 billion deal of pgw to uil holdings, the utility company, based in connecticut. mayor had said that one quarter of the proceeds from that sale would be used to sure up the struggling city workers pecks fund, opponents had said putting the utility in private hands could subject residents to frequent rate hikes and endanger relief programs. well, nurse quarantined in new jersey after returning home from west africa is now going home to maine. casey hitchcox, the first person forced in the mandatory quarantine in the u.s. was
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symptom free for 24 hours. although she had complained about her treatment, and threatened to sue. meantime right now, in new york a five-year old boy is being evaluated with possibly bowl a symptoms at bellevue hospital. the cdc and the pennsylvania health officials have not issued new monitoring guidelines. they include requiring people to travel to west after rick to keep a journal of their symptoms. those new guidelines officially begin today in new jersey, and in pennsylvania. >> health reporter stephanie stahl is here with more on this new cdc directive, stephanie. >> reporter: that is right, jessica and chris. we want to tell you we have in new cases of ebola in our area. no cases. pennsylvania and new jersey are among six states, actively monitoring travelers, from west africa who are identified as they arrived at designated airports, including jfk in newark. these are not people who have had contact with sick patients, or do they have any symptoms, this is simply precautionary. pennsylvania is monitoring,
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105 people for ebola according to a new department of healthy bowl advisory on the state web site. >> these individuals have active, daily monitoring, which means that someone speaks with them, daily, they will take their temperature twice a day, they are asking about symptoms. >> reporter: doctor kerry dehome, path surgeon general says if someone develops symptoms they would be isolated and safety protocols followed. this have been a few false alarms. >> we have reviewed many cases, of hospitals throughout pennsylvania, they know how to screen patients. they know questions to ask. >> reporter: the philadelphia health department is monitoring approximately 30 people, and is expecting to have five to ten additional people a day, referred by the cdc. they anticipate to eventually be monitoring 100 to 200 people at any given time. cdc directive is precautionary. those being monitored have not had direct contact with ebola patients and don't have symptoms. they are given instructors for self monitoring. health officials are supposed
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to check in on them daily for a period of 21 days. >> we will reach out and make sure every would be has a level of preparedness. >> reporter: now path surgeon general also told to us day that the state is in active discussion was hospitals around the state about which ones might be officially designate todd care for ebola patients. it has been voluntary so far but again, trough been no patients. also today we have learned from camden and bucks county that they are each monitoring two travelers. well, are you worried about ebola or do you have other health-related questions. three is on your side. we are hosting a docks on call phone bank tomorrow have afternoon. doctors from the pennsylvania medical society will be here in the cbs-3 broadcast center answering your questions about general health issues, until five to 6:30 and i'm sure we will have plenty calls about ebola. we are preparing to answer all of your questions. >> wonderful resource. >> yes. >> stephanie, thanks very much. it may be the end of october but we are tracking a
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rise in temperatures. meteorologist kathy orr is live on the cbs-3 sky deck with the first check of the forecast. kathy, a gorgeous day. >> absolutely and more to come, at least one more. we're talking about temperatures surging well in the 70's but unfortunately it won't last all that long. on storm scan three we have a few clouds to talk b that is just about it. we like these clouds because they signify a warm front moving through the region. they will be few and far between overnight. temperatures will continue to top the current high temperature, so far, 67 degrees the the normal high is 63. right now 63 in philadelphia 55 in millville. this evening, temperatures will be cooling throughout the the 50's. we have just a few clouds. by 9:00 p.m. 58. 11:00p m55. coming up we will talk more about the warm up, and then the forecast for halloween, is it a trick or a treat, that before a cold blast of winter-like weather for the weekend. if you have always wanted to be an eyewitness weather watcher, we are going to show you how later on in the
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broadcast, when kate bilo joins me with the seven day. i'll see you later on in the broadcast. >> all right kathy, thanks very much. both parents and students are meeting with school officials right now discussing the abrupt closure of their charter school. some say they have received robo call yesterday saying that walter palmer school would be closing its doors. others, showed up, to find those doors locked today. it is the second of palmer schools to have enrollment issues recently earlier in the month his school in northern liberties had to hold a lottery to select more than 200 children who would have to leave because the school was over its enrollment limit. officials challenge it but lost leading to a significant loss in funding. >> it is very traumatic for me personally because i'm very personal about these children. >> they went over their enrollment numbers and here we are in a situation that financially they cannot stay opened. >> staffers at the frankford school have been reportedly
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told that the students will be welcomed at west philadelphia high school. the school will be opened for parents to get information about transferring. pennsylvania state police have a new tool in their arsenal as manhunt for suspect killer eric frein continues. the yes department of transportation donated a large my lar balloon similar to the kind used to track weather systems. this balloon is unman, and unlike helicopters, it is silent. frein ace accused of killing one pennsylvania state trooper and seriously injuring another at a barracks in pike county, september 12th. campaign 2014 now, we're about a week away from election day and race for governor in pennsylvania is taking center stage. "eyewitness news" at the memorial park in allah den delaware county where first lady susan corbett campaigned on behalf of her husband pennsylvania governor tom corbett. she taughted her husband's record on jobs, and says that he has a record of keeping taxes under control. former president clinton visited pennsylvania today stumping for governor
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corbett's challenger, democrat tom wolf. hundreds turned out for that rally in pittsburgh, but the the the former president told the crowd that wolf would divide or would reunite people as the states leader. president obama will campaign for wolf in philadelphia on sunday. the white house sent details on that visit should be announced in the coming days. well, it is the grinch who stole halloween, still to come here tonight a thief caught on tape stealing halloween decorations, right off of the a front porch. >> he is known for taking risks and now famous philadelphia chef mark vetri has his sights set on the philadelphia navy yard. we will take you inside on this new adventure on this opening day, kathy. warming conditions across the delaware valley as temperatures sore but not for long, get ready for a significant november chill. hi, beasley. eagles lost the turnover battle and lost the game, a common phrase in football. we will take a painful look
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back to the bird fight in arizona and hear from chip kelly when i join you for
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to be so hard. three on your side jim donovan, will show how popular your finances could be as easy as texting your friends. that is tonight, on "eyewitness news" at 11:00 o'clock. caught on camera philadelphia police are searching for a suspect who stole, halloween decorations. this happened on thursday outside of a home in the 1100 block of fitzgerald street in south philadelphia. that suspect, then ran away from the scene. if you happen to know who that is or have any information, contact the police. a chef known for taking risks on his restaurant locations is betting on the navy yard for his new venture today chef mark vetri opened up his seventh restaurant, his trademark cuisine in a new direction. our pat ciarrocchi has the the story. >> it is a little hot but you know, you get used to it there right. >> reporter: flaming heat of the kitchen is the fuel that inspired, chef mark vetri. >> used to the heat. this is nothing. >> reporter: especially here, at vetri's new entry to his list of italian eateries.
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>> everyone will say it wrong, don't worry. they will make you will all sorts of names. >> reporter: it is italian meaning everything is wood fired. >> we have wood roasted fish, all different sorts of the meats, pork rips, we have wings. >> reporter: but against a backdrop of steel, gray, vetri has planted the restaurant his seventh restaurant their the entrance to the navy yard. and some ships are still this dock but it is largely ignored and hungry workers who populate the the business campus which has given the navy yard new life. and vetri, inspiration. >> everyone, and there is no where to eat. >> reporter: in 1998 vetri center city flagship bearing his name built an eager following. but it was oz tar hen ea on north broad street that raised hopes in 2007. wasn't that location too much of a risk. >> i'm like it is a a huge
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risk to go down to the navy yard, huge risk to go to north broad. i analyze them and they are not risky to me, they are just energy, it is crazy, exciting. >> reporter: here at this restaurant 130 seats inside, 100 more to come outside, mark desorea was first lunch customer this opening day. >> it is a bit roasted meats which are some of my favorite stuff. i love hanging out at this restaurant. >> reporter: it is launch. pat ciarrocchi, cbs-3 "eyewitness news". looks delicious. >> is it dinner yet. >> exciting signs at navy yard, exciting day here for our meteorologists who are unveiling a new tool that allows you to help forecast the weather. >> exciting stuff. >> meteorologist kate bilo is live with the cbs-3 mobile weather lab in hat before he montgomery county to explain all of it, kate. >> thanks, guess contact we are so exciting because we have cbs-3 mobil weather lab.
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we use twitter and facebook to get on the scene accounts from our viewers but now we have eyewitness weather watcher network to help launch it i brought weather lab out to the home of the youngest weather watcher kyle higgins, 12 years old in the hatboro horsham area kyle you have will already loved the weather. has there been one main weather event that cemented your desire. >> probably would be hurricane sandy because when it hit in 2012, it really wasn't something that we have seen that normally. when i saw that, there were so many things we neff seen before iowas like wow. >> it was amazing. >> you will remember it the forever. i remember may blizzard of 93 was my first one. we say in the meteorological community you are a storm meteorologist or snow meteorologist, which one are you. >> definitely a storm meteorologist. >> you like is he versace weather. >> of course, that is probably my greatest obsession with weather. >> kyle has a weather station in his backyard. we took the tour earl tore kay. he showed me all have of his stations, his set up.
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he has no a weather radio, solar powered weather station which means you can basically forecast in all conditions, is that right. >> of course, it really helps us on days when there is no sun or it is raining or windy or just batteries just want to die. >> right, exactly. >> thanks very much. here is our latest observation on the eyewitness weather watcher network from kyle. 62 degrees. getting chilly now that the sunniesing down in the hatboro horsham weather. now for more, we will send it back inside to kate. >> back to you, catty thanks, kyle. well done. thanks very much, kate. all right. lets take you now to the eyewitness weather watcher network, we will see all of our locations and our reports, first, we're going where it is 66 degrees. gary says wind are 17 miles an hour in avondale pennsylvania but look at that relative humidity low at 32 percent. real gee further north to downingtown. temperature down to 57 degrees. carolyn says relative humidity sitting at 47 degrees. lovely day in lionville, a slight breeze, and you can see wind out of the northwest at
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12 miles an hour, but it is going to get warmer tomorrow. to the north we will go to allentown where the temperature is still 65 degrees. kim says what a beautiful day, in allentown bethlehem area i want to show you beautiful picture sent from havertown, kevin says what a day, 70 degrees. autumn is supposed to be like this and it is but take a look the at this beautiful photo that he took, nothing but brilliant sunshine this afternoon. kevin, thank you for this beautiful picture. you can see beautiful fall foliage as well. there is still time for you to join the the eyewitness weather watcher network. we would love to have you join our team. just go to cbs watchers and fill out the form, it is fast and it is easy and a lot of fun for us as well. take a look down the the shore if you are a weather watcher down there i'm sure you will be enjoying much more warm days for the next couple of days we're talking about plenty of sunshine and temperatures in the 70's, just a beautiful evening to be
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outdoors. temperatures are going to be swinging over the next seven days. yesterday we had a nice mild day. today at 67, the next two days really warming up, and then plunging unfortunately as we head towards halloween. it looks like it might be more of a trick than a treat. right now in philadelphia 63. fifty-five in millville. already down to 55 in wildwood. we have clear skies. storm scan three shows us a few clouds rolling through the region. high sirus clouds associated with a warm front. during the day tomorrow, high pressure builds off the coast. we have a clock wise flow. that means all of the warmth moves up the coastal plains and then temperatures sore in the mid 70's. and stays warm even for wednesday, but this front brings us a few showers and breezy conditions, and then it knocks those temperatures down some 10 degrees, by thursday. it is only around 60 degrees but sunshine and after that, just gets progressively cooler. huge have trough, builds to the east by the holiday and we're talking about a cool halloween and a cold saturday, with gusty winds and the
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poconos we could even see our first snow flake. overnight look for a few clouds, low temperature 52. during the day tomorrow high temperatures in the mid 70's. just a terrific day to be outside. no question bit. on the exclusive eyewitness weather seven day forecast it gets progressively cooler, thursday, friday and then we can end temperatures struggling to make to it 50 on sat day it will be blustery, daylight savings time end, remember fall back turn that clock back one hour before you go to sleep saturday night. what do you say vittoria, how is it looking on the roads any sun glare or is it too late for that you know what we did have sun glare earl their added to the rush hour but i think right now as that sunnies setting just a bit we're now just dealing with rush hour traffic and usual delays and volume problems. taking a look at roosevelt boulevard southbound commuting be your headlights north bound side we are seeing delays from 76 out through to broad street. brake lights ahead of you. you'll find brake lights on 95. your average speed sensor at 18 both north and southbound delays out of the north east
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and around the vine. thirty on the schuylkill. twenty-five traveling on 476, and you do want to be mindful of 38, traveling the shuttle bus due to police activity so move around that if you can but stay with us on cbs-3 "eyewitness news" at 6:00. we will be right back.
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lose turn over battle you usually lose the game. proven throughout nfl history. turnovers have different values, sometimes an interception is as good ace punt. a red zone interception is the bain of all coach's and quarterbacks. one of nick's picks was in the forbidden zone. he had nine through seven games after becoming talk of the league with only two all
6:25 pm
last year. chip kelly was asked about the change. >> we have thrown nine interceptions but there is not a consistent, it is because we're throwing this route and we're off in typing because it is this. it is sometimes it is rush, sometimes it is not running proper route and sometimes it is quarterback. if it is one thing it would be easily fixable but it is not one thing. >> there were positives, jeremy maclin is replacing numbers lost in the desean jackson exile, 187 yards and # touchdowns yesterday, career best. he is a front runner for come back player of the year after missing all of last season with a knee injury. >> it is what i expected, you know, that is why i was asked am i surprised? not at all. i was so disappointed for jeremy a year ago when he got hurt because i thought in terms of what we do, what a outstanding player he could be in this system. we are starting to continue to see that. >> the sixers asset hording continues. they traded arnet moldry for
6:26 pm
travis outlaw and another 20,192nd round draft pick. sixers open up wednesday night, against pacers, home opener is saturday, against the heat. the the sixers spent their off daze helping kids at chop celebrate halloween. mark sanchez was super mario, gj kenny was lou we go i, chris polk was incredible hulk. they signed autographs for kids and good time was had by all. we will be right back.
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thanks for watching "eyewitness news" at 6:00 we are back at ten with our sister station wpsg the cw philly and back here at 11:00. "cbs evening news" is next, tonight ckc and new ebola quarantine rules, plus a little less pain at the pump. we will look at is what behind
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the falling price of gasoline. the here's scott >> pelley: tonight the c.d.c. calls for an ebola quarantine, but only for those at high risk and those who volunteer. new jersey releases a nurse quarantined against her will. reports from dr. jon lapook and chip reid. marysville, washington, remembers two high school students killed by a classmate and prays for three still fighting for their lives. carter evans speaks with a friend of the shooter. >> reporter: could you have seen this coming? >> no. no. it was so out of the blue. >> pelley: drivers are going a lot further before their wallets hit empty. >> i was surprised to see it under $3. >> pelley: done dahler at falling prices at the pump. and michelle miller with young cadets turning their lives around. after months of separation, former drop-outs are about to get