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tv   Eyewitness News at 430am  CBS  October 28, 2014 4:30am-5:01am EDT

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. good morning, here are story we're following today. the school board gets ready to discuss the hazing scandal that canceled the football season at central bucks west high school. a charter school suddenly shuts down at philadelphia. parents very angry. and the children are caught in the middle. and septa's union workers say no strike for now but if workers walk when could it happen, and how son would we snow. >> those store is and much more coming up. looks like mild temperatures on the board for today. >> today is the day we're enjoying, right, katie? >> you stole the words right out of my mouth. you know, we've had recent stretches of days, where we've had lots of opportunities, day after day, just beautiful,
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very minor changes in the pattern. this is a serious pattern change coming up here. gee from extremely milder than average, to extremely cooler than average. headed into the upcoming weekends, so it is a relatively slow progression it, won't and huge well fell swoop. we shave off from the thermometer, but lab very significant difference from what you see today to a specially saturday. so, we are absolutely talking temperatures here, coming un, but also two separate disturbance that is will be responsible for the cool down, all of the details on how it affect the forecast coming up in the next few, back to you. >> thank you, hazing scandal surrounding the football team at central berks west high school, will be on the agenda at the district board meeting later today. >> jan carabeo outside the high school in doylestown right now with new information about the investigation. jan? >> reporter: ukee, erika, we are expected to hear more from the school district tonight. and this comes as police continue to investigate they're working with the district attorney's offers
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here in bucks county to gather all of the facts. we are also expecting today the district attorney's office to issue a release asking that any students or athletes here at cb wets who may have felt victimize today come forward and speak with police, now there is all comes after hazing allegations here at central bucks west came to light last thursday and the jv and varsity games cancel. in a letter to parents, superintendant david white sell says that alleged hazing happened in pre-season, the most personally invasive activities, he said, required a rookie to grab another player's private parts while fully clothed. meantime, central bucks regional police are also looking into the allegations cents, again, now working with the district attorney's office to gather the facts and they tell us they've yet to interview players here at cb west. >> that's our goal, to determine if there is in fact a problem. if there is, and it is after criminal nature, then we will deal with it criminally. it will take some time to
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gather our information together. >> now the school board president, paul faulkner, released this statement ahead of tonight's board meeting. agreeing with the superintendent's actions, he writes in part: all involved at the district appreciate the gravity of the situation and firmly bleach the action taken regarding the team and the coaching staff were more than justified based on the violations of the code of conduct, and discipline. tonight's meeting starts here at the high school, at 7:30 this evening, reporting live in doylestown, jan carabeo, cbs-3, "eyewitness news". >> jan, thank you. right now 4:33, we want our traffic and weather together. and man, enjoy it right, katy? >> right. absolutely. yesterday was pretty phenominal, to, ended up hitting high of 67 degrees, average high on october 27th was 63 degrees, it still is 63 degrees today. but today's the day that we're more than 10 degrees above average here, so we over achieved yesterday. we will do even more that far here today. storm scan3, showing as we make our little sweep around
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the tri-state area, just little bit of ground clutter. still have high pressure generally on our side. we did just have warmfront lift through, however, so that's where some of the clouds are coming from, but that said, it will be a dry day, with more sun than anything, just beautiful out there. 51 degrees currently at the airport, mount pocono not showing up, we'll get a check on that observation for you, but i can tell this much, no where near as chilly as yesterday was. pair of five's in wildwood. we go all the way down to the deep south, where it is even milder, pair of six areas country in birmingham, and we're into the 60s as well from the atl out to charleston. so, with that warmth, surging our way out of the south it, will allow the temperatures to spike easily to low and mid 70s, philadelphia, you can expect the high to hit 75, down the shore, hey, make it a beach day if you are lucky you have no have the day off. meanwhile in the poconos you can expect the sun, as well, and we flirt with 70 degrees. this is good stuff. last chance you have got. so enjoy it while you can. jess, good morning. >> good morning, i know i
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tried to get out with the short sleeves today but had the sweater in case. 4:34, we go outside and check out 202 at 322, everything actually moving along great, the southbound and northbound direction, toward king of prussia we can see overnight construction there over in the right hand lane. not setting anybody back too far this morning. over on the ben franklin bridge, moving great. all lanes completely open, from the jersey side, so from the toll plaza headed westbound into the city, moving along great so far. but the rest of the majors really clear. good morning so far. ninety-five southbound from woodhaven into the vine st. expressway, 13 minute trip. the schuylkill expressway headed eastbound so far from the blue route into the vine only about a 14 minute trip. now the burlington bristol bridge for overnight construction closed until 5:00 a.m. to take talcony palmyra to get around for now. road collapse out in montgomery county, de haven street over closed, your alternate to get around that mess for clean up there, just take gulph road. septa, new jersey transit, dart, all running on time with no delays. currently no delays at the
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philadelphia international airport. ukee? >> new this morning, a investigation is underway to determine what caused a fire at this duplex in northeast philly overnight. "eyewitness news" along the 100 block of nadin "a" street in bustleton, fire quickly placed under control. unclear right now how many people lived inside the property, but fortunately no one was hurt. two months into the new year, a northeast philadelphia charter school is closing its doors leaving hundreds cents of students in limbo. officials at the walter d palmer high school in frankford tell "eyewitness news", they just don't have the money to stay open. parents gathered at the school last night demanding answers cents after receiving a voice mail telling them not to send their kids to class any more. but the meeting with school officials quickly got heated. >> (arguments heard). >> i accept it, i accept responsibility, they have my deepest apology, not being
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able to -- >> officials tried getting more help from the school district, request to go raise its cap of 675 students, but they failed to win that bat until court. the school will remain open through the rest of the week to help students with the transition. it is not what morning commuters want to hear. septa strike could happen in a few days. and transit union leaders say riders should be ready. the transit workers union could make its decision by friday. now, if there is a strike, more cars on the roads could lead to more traffic backups. bus, subway, trolley operators could walk off the job next week if there is no deal over the employee pension. negotiations at the bargaining table are continuing for now. >> at the end of the week, after negotiating with septa for the rest of the week, i'll evaluate where we are. >> i just hope who ever do decide to do there is i hope they just think about others. >> now, septa believes its offers have been more than generous, but the transit agency will continue talks with union leaders.
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philadelphia mayor mike nutter's plan to sell pgw is not happening. city council president darryl charge sent the mayor a letter t says counsel will not endorse the proposed 1.8 boulevard sale to uil holdings utility company bales in the connecticut. mayor planned to used a portion of the proceeds to bolster the city workers pension fund. but utility workers union of america local 686 supports council's decision. the cdc has new guidelines for healthcare workers returning from ebola stricken countries in west africa. this follows the release of nurse casey hickox from north jersey hospital. she left in an s.u.v. for maine following three days in mandatory quarantine. last friday detained at newark airport after returning from west calf where she treated ebola patients. new jersey governor chris christie is still defending the mandatory quarantine to people ex position today
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ebola. >> she hadn't had any symptoms for 24 hours, and tested negative for ebola. there is cents no reason to keep her. the reason she is put in the hospital in the first place was because she was running a high fever. >> the new cdc guideline define high risk someone with known exposure to the virus, for example, family member who cared for somebody with ebola, or someone with a needle stick from an infected patient. if that person has no symptoms, the cdc recommends daily monitoring by health official for 21 days, and restrictions banning travel by airplane, ship or long distance bus or train. do you have any questions about ebola or any other health concerns in general? we have doctors on call for you. three's on your side hosting phone bank with members of the pennsylvania medical society. they'll be right here at the cbs-3 broadcast center t runs tonight from 5:00 until 6:30. >> porn email scandal leads to the retirement of pennsylvania supreme court justice. the state judicial conduct
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board says justice seamus mccaffrey has also agreed not to seek senior judge status or run for the bench again. the decision follows the disclosure that mccaffrey center received 234 emails with sexually explicit content or pornography. >> there is much more to cover here on "eyewitness news", what bizarre discovery caused that is cents a to scrub a rocket launch minutes before take off. >> and an over time thrill nerve prime time football between nfc eastern division rivals. eagle nation waking up with a smile this morning. be right back.
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>> voter elected john torrey, moderate conservative, cable company chief. ford withdrew from the race because he's battling cancer. his brother doug ran instead. scandels mark rob ford's term including illegal drug use and public drunkenness.
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but did he win a city council seat instead. and, an unmanned supply capsule heading to the international space station will attempt launch again tonight. orbital sciences corporation counting down for nasa launch facility in virginia last night, just 12 minutes to lift off. someone found a sailboat in the restricted danger zone. the launch is now rescheduled for 6:22 this evening, and supposed to be visible from the philadelphia area. beneath to watch. hopefully clear night to see that launch, katy? >> i think generally just couple of clouds here and, there did have warmfront, few clouds out there, we've got sim. we're good. very quiet week for precipitation purposes, but man it has been busy week for the thermometer. getting a work out, man. well, sky-rocketing today. then it will just start taking a nose dive, basically like crashing after having too much sugar, right? a loft kids will be doing, that avenue feeling, on a
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halloween night. let's take a look outside. absolutely beautiful this morning, again, couple of clouds here and there, but still generally clear sky, beautiful shot for you right here, of atlantic city, still lit up in pink with the resorts here in honor and support of breast cancer awareness month starting to wrap up here now that we are approaching the month of november. we take off the month of november, here at home, we start with chilly forecast, so here is your warmfront lifting off to the north, little precipitation with it, but primarily well off to our north. we don't have to worry about it, offer to the west make out the definition of the warm version us cold front, neither particularly strong, this system does have some pretty significant school air behind it, but, in terms of moisture, just didn't have much to grab from. so, we only end up as a result with a shower by tomorrow out of the cold front, today, though, is the warm day, it will get into the mid 70s easily, might have you scratching your head, what the heck season are we in we're
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all over the place, even tomorrow upper 60s expected, watch for the shower primarily around midday, then the sun returns for thursday by this point closer to seasonable, the drop on the they are tomorrow at the will continue. so, sun and clouds in the forecast, 75 degrees, enjoy t58 degrees tonight under just couple of clouds, as well, and we do keep at least little sun in the forecast for tomorrow. that will allow us to warm up once again to the upper 60s, but again, that shower chance does roll through, through the middle part of the day if you didn't want to take umbrella i can see you getting away without it easily here. by thursday sun is back, sticks around for friday, happy halloween, looks good for the forecast there. saturday though new disturbance moves in, will bring in raw, chilly winds, daytime highs tell the story, but also couple of cool showers, too. >> and the sixers open the regular season tomorrow night on the road in indianna. but still making roster moves
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the latest to the nicks, for ought law, the sixers waived outlaw, the sixers cut poultry. looking forward to seat sixers in action. we continue to build. how about football? big nfc, dallas cents in washington bat it will out into over time. dallas quarterback tony romo miss bad a quarter of action after he was drilled by keenan robinson on third quarter sack. he came back, washington hit field goal, held the cowboys scoreless. washington wins 20 to 17, cowboy lost helps the eagles keep pace in the division. dallas goes down. >> hey, if the eagles can't win, at least the cowboys lose. >> something new on the menu at dunkin' donuts. >> first what's coming up tonight o on cbs-3.
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judge central berks school lord will address hazing at the meeting tonight. canceled the football season and suspends the coaches. looking for more potential victims. >> walter d palmer charter school tell "eyewitness news" they do not have the money to stay open. but they say the school will stay open the rest of the week, to help children make the transition to new schools. and, septa transit union leader says a decision to strike could commas soon as friday. one issue pensions, and officials say those negotiations also continue through the week. strike would impact buses, subways, trolleys, but, not regional rails. 4:49 in the morning, let's get a check on business news. >> mine watch's jill wagner joins us from the new york stock exchange, surprising findings about the pay gap between men and women. what have you learned?
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>> yes, well, the united states actually ranks 65th of about 140 countries when it comes to the gender pay gap. that's according to new report by the world economic forum. smut err interesting findings, italy and israel, over the most equal opportunities for women, one of the course countries actually leads the quality ranking, rang higher than the united states. study also finds it will take 81 years for women to make as much money as men do for doing the same job. so, hopefully we will still not be working at that point, so hopefully it will comma little bit sooner than that. >> wow. hey, jill, dunkin' donuts out with new dessert hybrid. what's on the menu? >> yes, dunkin' donuts will start selling a crew saint donut, but they say, don't call it a cronut. now there is new dunkin donut hybrid will be available for limited time starting monday.
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last year, i'm sure you remember, the trademark cronut became a huge sensation. that prompted a number of similar products. i have yet to try a cronut. have you guys tried one yet? >> no, i have not. i have not. >> what are they calling it then, not calling it a cronut. >> don't call it a come back, cool j said. >> oh, thanks, jill. >> that's it, that's it. >> little milk, little coffee, cacall it good. thanks, jill. coming up after a short break. traffic and weather together. we do it on the
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>> 4:53, here is traffic and weather together. >> good morning to anyone waking up and headed on out in the next few minutes, out to the schuylkill expressway, currently no problems around 202, so headed eastbound toward the city looking great, westbound toward king of prussia looking great there, as well. and if we head on over to 95 at cottman, you can see the right hand lane, these are
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actually the southbound lanes here, right-hand lane taken out for construction, not setting anybody back too much so far this morning as it is still early, southbound toward the center city area moving great, there as well. rest of the majors pretty much the same story. 422 eastbound from oaks into 202, still pretty much clear shot, about seven minutes, and 202, headed northbound, from route 30 into the schuylkill, about 13 minute trip, there as well. another burlington bristol bridge closed for ongoing construction until 5:00 a.m. so you want to take talcony palmyra this morning for alternate. de haven street closed due to road collapse overlook lane, your alternate to get around that mess for clean up just take gulph road. now we send it over to katie over in the weather center, good morning, kate. >> i hey, good morning, everybody there is will be it, this will be the day that you want to make an excuse to get outside. go on for maybe little walk for your lunch break. eat alfresco, probably a loft people doing that out there today. take the dog for nice long walk, go for jog. whatever your thing, get outside and enjoy it while you can.
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because this is basically our last shot before the temperatures start to take a tumble. so storm scan3 quiet for now, current temperatures generally in the 40's, low 50's around the region as a whole, as evident by a few choice locations, here in our live neighborhood network. but, by the weekend, especially a pretty potent batch of cool air will start to dip our way and bring with it much, much cooler air with temperatures that can teesly fall anywhere from ten to 15 below the seasonable average. so we have basically everything going here, couple of different seasons represented in the seven day. today is awesome. tomorrow still mild. we will be dodging shower here and, there not a terrible day, more of just spotty shower for some of you, especially around midday. thursday brightens up, but cooler, friday looks quiet for the trick-or-treaters, just couple of clouds, then stuck on saturday with raw, chilly, winnie, showery day, with disturbance that's going to be gathering some strength and intensifying. so the first weekends of november looking awfully
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chilly, and again, today is the day to enjoy while you can. ukee, back to you. >> stories our sister station will be following for you today, one week ago until the most expensive race ever for pennsylvania governor, but how much is it costing? scammers are cashing in on ebola fears. finds out how you can avoid falling into their trap. new program in camden county increase the number of adults who can read. check in two, three, four times a day, "kyw news radio" 1060 on your a.m. dial. >> coming up in the next hour, check on top story, meeting tonight at cenentral bucks west, as the community reels from hazing scandal. that has cut the school's football season short. >> and incredible arc logical discovery. fossiles of ancient beast that may have walked the earth with early man. we'll tell you why scientists cents say this may only be the beginning. we're back at the top of the hour. good morning.
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breaking right now, spca officials on the site after alleged dog fighting ring. >> 2200 block of mifflin street. more than dozen pitbulls are there. more on the discovery coming up in just a moment. >> good morning, i'm ukee washington. >> i'm erika von tiehl. also cents this morning, happening today, meeting at central bucks west, the investigation continues into hazing allegations that have ended the school's football season. we're on location with the very latest. >> also, new developments in the fight against ebola, as the cdc again changes guidelines for healthcare workers, returning to the u.s., from ebola hot zones. also, the latest on tense contract negotiations between septa and workers demanding a contract. and they have authorized a strike. katie? >> erika, today is basically
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the culmination of what's been such a beautiful stretch of weather. but today is the warmest day of the pack. still with sunshine. tell you how long it is lasts and here is a hint it is not very long. jess? >> thank you, i know, beautiful day to look forward, to beautiful commute outside so far on the vine st. expressway. so westbound toward the schuylkill eastbound toward 95 looking great at eighth street. we check in with mass transit in the next couple of minutes. good morning. >> jess, thanks so much. good morning, everyone, in the news hazing scandal at central bucks west high school sure to be main topic of discussion at school board meeting scheduled for later tonight. >> "eyewitness news" reporter jan carabeo joins us now at the high school in doylestown, where the hazing allegations cents have cost the football team really their entire season. good morning. >> reporter: erika, ukee, good morning. we are expected to learn more about these hazing allegations during this evening's board meeting, the school district has said it wouldn't speak again about the topic until tonight. looking forward to. that will this comes as police continue to investigate. they're now working with the district attorney's