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tv   Eyewitness News at 530  CBS  October 28, 2014 5:30am-6:01am EDT

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so far. we know all lanes are open, that's really good thing, so from the jersey side headed westbound into the city where the taillights are headed. looking like good shot so far. we have a lot of overnight work, construction patches to talk about. i'll tell you all about where they are in the next couple of minutes. good morning. >> in the news, hazing allegation haves cost one bucks county football team their season. >> the bucks county school district will address the scandal at board meeting later on tonight. "eyewitness news" reporter jan carabeo joins us now at central bucks west high school with new information for law enforcement, jan, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, we are expect to go hear more about this at tonight's school board meeting. >> this comes as police continue to investigate. they're working with the district attorney's offers here in bucks county, all working to gather the information, in this case, and also, happening today, we expect that the d.a.'s office will publicly ask that any student or athletes who may have felt victimized by this alleged haze to go come forward and speak with police. now, this all comes after
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allegations of hazing happening here at central bucks west high school, came to light last thursday, and the jv and varsity football seasons canceled, cosmeses cents the, superintendent of schools has laid out much of an internal investigation, in a letter to parents, superintendent, david white sell, says the alleged hazing happened in pre-season. the most personally invasive activity, he sales, required a rookie to grab another players private parts, while fully clothed. meantime, central bucks regional police are also investigating the allegations, and they again are now working with the district attorney's offers to gather the facts, and they tell us they've yet to interview players here at cb west. >> that's our goal. to determine if there is, in fact, a problem. if there is, and it is of criminal nature, then we will deal with it criminally. it will take some time to get all of our information together. >> the school board president paul fact nerve released this statement, agreeing with the superintendent's actions. he writes in part, all involved at the district
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appreciate the gravity of the situation, and firmly believe that the action taken regarding the team and the coaching staff were more than justified based on the violations of the code of conduct and discipline. tonight's meeting starts at 7:30 here at the high school and again happening today, the d.a.'s office is expected to publicly ask that any victims, who felt victimized by these alleged allegations cents of hazing here at the high school come forward and speak with police. reporting live in doylestown, jan carabeo, cbs-3, "eyewitness news". thank you, coming up on 5:33, we want traffic and weather together. >> good morning, well, yesterday was so beautiful. we had a chance to warm up easily to the upper 60s, in fact, we did very well. we over achieved in a sense here. we start things off just by taking you back in time to show you where we ended up yesterday. 67 degrees, not shabby, normal high is 63, so yes, we eaked out extra 4 degrees. you want to over achieve, look at today's forecast, and storm scan3 shows why. the clouds that you're finding are a warmfront related, and
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because of the clouds, you know, you have got a little bit more after blanket that's over top of us right now, helping to keep things little bit milder than they were yesterday this same time. so 56 currently in atlantic city, 57 in wildwood, we are mid 40's allentown, upper 40's, reading, lancaster, the list goes on. still cool enough to dress in layers. but look at the surge that takes place on the thermometer, this afternoon, hey, lucky enough, why not head to the shore, beautiful day down that way, up in the poconos, upper 60s, plenty of sunshine, great excuse for nice long walk or maybe eat lunch alfresco, not the worse idea either. then i say that now is the time tone joy this, because eventually the temperatures start to take a very much of a tumble, one cold front coming through tomorrow, then another disturbance that's really going to reinforce, as we lock ahead to the weekend. so by the point that we hit the first couple of days in november, temperatures will be generally anywhere from ten to
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15 plus degrees below average. so, today's the day, beautiful weather for one more afternoon, and then the temperatures do begin their slow nose dive. jess, over to you. >> that's so sad when you say it like that. i'll take the dog for a walk. >> not trying to depress you. >> i'll take the dog for a walk, go to the beach, and eat outside, i'm doing all it. we go outside and show you good news on the ben franklin bridge. this is actually from the jersey side where the toll plaza is, so, taillights are headed westbound, into the city. you can see all lanes open and everything moving along great so far. otherwise, on 202, at 29, the southbound lanes, northbound lanes, all moving along great, as well. starting to back in little bit of volume. nothing really setting anybody back too much so far. now, road collapse, de haven street completely closed at overlook lane. out in montgomery county. your alternate just take gulph road to get around that for clean up. northeast extension, some overnight work in both direction frost quakertown, up into lansdale. and out in new jersey, some
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overnight work, that's going to be there until about 6:00 a.m. route 130, just after route 70. otherwise, new jersey transit, septa, dart, no delays, and currently no delays at the philadelphia international airport, ukee, back to you. >> 5:35, in business news this morning, what wal-mart is doing to satisfy some social media outrage. >> and who has got the best car information and entertainment systems? money watch's jill wagner joins us now from the new york stock exchange with those stories and more, jill, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, ukee and erika. info entertainment systems in cars look cool, but giving drivers a loft headaches, scored to go consumer reports annual auto liability survey. overall the top reliable brands in order are lexus, toyota, and mazda, buick is the only american brand that made the the top ten. well, here on wall street, investors are watching as more companies including facebook report their earnings today. yesterday, we heard from twitter earnings disappointed
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investors, there is some concern that the social media site isn't attracting enough new users. well, the dow gained 12 points, and the nasdaq rose just two points. general motors moving some of its operations cents back to the motor city. ceo mary bar is expected to announce gm will move production of critical part in its chevy volt from mexico to michigan. gm won't hire any new workers to make that part. and wal-mart is apologizing after a listing for plus-size halloween costumes, quoted them as, quote, fat girl costumes, on its website. that issue was first reported by some wal-mart customers on monday. it sparked outrage of social media. wal-mart has removed that label and called it unacceptable. ukee, erika. >> oh, no kidding, no doubt. jill, thanks so much. well, philadelphia mayor mike nutter's plan to sell pgw is a no-go. city council president darryl
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clark set a letter to the mayor saying councils little not endorse the proposed $1.86 billion sale to uil holdings, utility company bales in the connecticut. mayor nutter planned to use a portion of the proceeds to bolster the city workers pension fund. but utility workers union of america local 686 supports the council's decision. amazon has unveiled another streaming service. the fire tv stick plus right into your tv set, provides users access to movies, tv shows, music, and more. the on line retailer says that tiny device offers the same experience as the $99 amazon fire tv, but, in a smaller package. the fire tv stick is available for pre-order today on amazon's website. and dunkin' donuts plans to roll out new hybrid menu item, do not call it a cronut. says it will launch its christ and the donut nationally for limited time on november 3rd t comes more than a year after the bakery in new york city
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introduced its popular and now trademark cronut. don't call it a cronut. >> no kidding. >> former president bill clinton took to pennsylvania to campaign for governor corbett's challenger democrat wolf. >> hundreds turned out for the rally in pittsburgh. former president told the crowd that a strong democratic turn out is key to a wolf victory next tuesday. recent cbs news new york times pole has wolf leading corbett by 13 points. a potential 2016 presidential contender comes to philadelphia. "eyewitness news" at the national constitution center where former florida governor, jeb bush, previwed a new gallery named for his father. the 41st president, george h.w. bush. later this year, a copy of the declaration every independence, the constitution, and the bill of rights, will be on display there. supreme court justice, samuel lito, and tom corbett, also took part in last night's festivities. on your health watch this
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morning, new research on trading a child's cough with an ingredient you might find in your kitchen. there is some evidence supporting the use of over the counter medications, so researchers at penn state tested nectar, they gave children four and un the natural sweetner and placebo's, parents reported that both treatments worked better than nothing at all. >> a national study on emergency room finds that most overdoses cents are from prescription drugs known as open at. commonly used to treat mental illness and circulatory and respiratory diseases. it shows that those prescriptions were responsible for almost 68% of overdoses. heroin accounted for 16%. the findings are published in jama internal medicine. and, harvard researchers say there is cents a big difference in the way that women and men react to heart disease. they found men respond quicker when heart symptoms like pain and tightness kick in. according to the find action,
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though, women are likely to go into denial, and wait longer to get medical help. at that point researchers say that they're more likely to be atmore advanced stage with fewer options for treatment. and coming up on "eyewitness news" this morning, more, surprising new stud bye hearart disease. why researchers say women may be putting themselves more at risk than men without even realizing it. >> and have you seen this woman? police say she was caught red handed stealing halloween decorations cents in philadelphia. the full story, ahead, on "eyewitness news", we'll be right back.
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>> spca found alleged dog fighting ring, 22nd and mifflin streets. acting on tip, authorities also found dog fighting equipment, and paraphernalia. the school board meeting in central bucks school district tonight, hazing allegations are on the agenda, school suspended two football coaches, and canceled the rest of the season. after those allegations came to light last week. and the nurse put in isolation, after she returned from treating ebola patients in west africa, is back home in the state of maine main. she hired a lawyer to get her out of the quarantine in new jersey. the cdc is issuing new guidelines forehand link returning healthcare workers. all right, coming up on
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5:43, let's get traffic and weather together. how are we looking on storm scan3, katy? >> not bad at all, at least here at home. did see warmfront lift on through the area, we continue to watch that pull away, any of the wet weather that's associated with it is well off to the north. so we do not have to worry about any of that here today. meanwhile, when we zoom it out. really make out despite the fact kind of weak system when it comes to precipitation, really make out the structure of the storm. so here's your center of circulation, drawn back, sort of like the classic comma shape, almost looks like a nine the way i draw it, but there is your cold front, then there is the warmfront lifting off to the north, so we're sitting right here in philly, new york and dc in the warm sector of the storm, which means that we see nice surge on the thermometer taking place, as the day progresses. now, obviously off to chilly start, don't get me wrong here, but eventually later on it starts to really heat up out there for standards, 51 at the airport, cup many of chose locations cents little cooler like in allentown, pair of four's right now, upper four's, also, out in
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lancaster, for example. this ask going to be again cool morning for you out there. off to the south, though, where wind flow comes from today, the warmth is being funneled in, so eventually going to see those temperatures spike into the mid 70s, behind that cold front, though, that i just showed you, ya, it starts to cool down very substancially. so that's why i keep sagen joy today. because this is basically the lasts chance you get to enjoy day in the 70s. probably got you scratching your head like what season are we in all over the place with the temperature readings, sun and clouds for you today heading up to 75 degrees, drop it to 58 tonight, couple of clouds. even still mild tomorrow, just seeing more clouds, very likely shower here and there. thursday, brightens up, but cools down, halloween quiet, just couple of clouds for the trick-or-treaters, and then as we are getting set to fall back here, for daylight saving time this weekend, much, much cooler. guys, we do have very exciting announcement for you. we launching brand new tool that allows you, our viewers, to help us, forecast the
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weather. it is called the weather watchers network. >> and the eyewitness weather center, we're always tracking, whether it is rain, snow, highs, or lows. we have the latest technology, to bring accuracy to our forecast, and now, we're expanding our tools to share the conditions from your backyard, to a backyard more than 100 miles away. the eyewitness weather watcher network. eyes on the ground reports from all across the region, from the shore line, to the mountains, and every town inbetween. >> our weather watch remembers reporting some gloomy conditions. >> hyper local observations cents in real time from your neighborhood, whether you're in warminster or williamstown, medford or montgomeryville, we have a water watcher nearby keeping us informed and making our forecast even better. of course if you love watching the weather we want you to join our team. you can join us by heading to our website, and signing up right now, at that's the way to do it. and we do actually have a couple of observations cents
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that we can show you right now, they just came in over the last hour or so. from couple of our weather watchers, we'll show you a few, 45 degrees, the report from john del in newark, delaware, and he's saying 45 degrees currently there. meanwhile, we go up toward portions of pennsylvania, 50 degrees, from budd bender here in collegeville. he also said this morning's beautiful starlit skies stunning at 5:30 a.m. good morning, trap, pa, meanwhile also got cup nel new jersey, ron russell sent in typical cool crisp fall morning, temperature that he sent in was 49 degrees here in riverside. one more to show you, that's the 42 degrees thermometer riding from mark, brand new watchers, but he didn't sends us a pick tour yet, so mark, you're on stand by here. we need to get your picture in here, if you do sign up please add yours in, we would love to see it. great new program, we want you to be a part of it, we hope you'll sign up. jess, over to you. >> awesome, love it, good
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morning, everybody, we go outside, show you something else i love. everything moving great on the schuylkill expressway so far at montgomery, so, westbound toward the king of prussia area, more that far volume really starting to pack in on the eastbound lanes, which is something we come to expect at this time of the morning. and over on 422, at trooper road, westbound lanes, moving along great, trooper road actually right back here, and that heads eastbound toward the king of prussia area. we do have an accident, on route 100, just southbound, at route 422, pushed over into the shoulder. some overnight work, out in new jersey, turnpike southbound, exit six up into exit five, that's construction that's going to be therefore quite some time this morning. everything in delaware looking great so far. ninety-five looking good in both directions, same for 495, around currently no problems on the delaware memorial bridge. septa new jersey transit and dart running on time with no reported delays and don't forget when on the road you can get updated information about traffic backups with the new your drive app. you can download the app for iphone and android devices by going to cbs philly.
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com/your drive. >> jess, thanks so much. a minnesota man is killed in a fiery crash after leading police on short chase. authorities tried to pull over dominick after his family called police for a welfare check. officers say the 27 year old kept going, and even crashed into a squad car. the chase ended when he slammed into a railroad bridge. police are investigating the deadly crash to determine if alcohol or drugs played a factor. well, residents in a small town hawaii's big islands are on high alert as lava from the volcano creeps and creeps closer and closer to homes. evacuation advisory is in place for 4,000 residents in the area, the lava flow began in june, but has gained speed over the past week. so far the lava has burned through fields, cemeteries, but no injuries have been reported. caught on camera, philadelphia police are searching for a woman who
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stole halloween decorations. it happened thursday outside a home in the 1100 block of fitzgerald street in south philly. she snatched several items, and then ran away. if you have any information, please, contact the police. and nasa will troy again tonight to launch unmanned rocket off the virginia coast. a sailboat got too close to the launch site last night, forcing controllers to scrub the launch. the rocket will carry supplies and research per minutes to the crew on the international space station. erika? >> coming up on "eyewitness news", an amazing discocovery, tens of thousands of years in the making. where paleontologists uncovered this fossil of creature that roamed the earth during the dawn of man. we'll tell you what it is coming up.
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judge ♪ left hands free by lj, inch i rockers at the tower theater november 14th. >> they're promoting new albumn this is all yours. >> i like that. >> you can dance to it. you snow that's all that matter. >> 5:52. rare fossil is unearth in southern idaho. experts think it may only be the beginning. >> this is so neat. pail yen toll jigs frost ohio -- i had hoe university found the tusk every monmouth at the american falls reservoir. what's so incredible, so well preserved, despite being 70,000 years old. they also know that there are more bones there, that they've not yet discovered, so they plan to go back next year to dig up the rest. >> boy, that's amazing. >> 70,000 years old. >> that's a great find. >> how about it? all right, coming up on 5:53.
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let's get traffic and weather together. katie, good morning. >> it is quiet out there, good morning, everybody, had couple of clouds rolling on through here, but no huge deal. you know, a the love times we see warmfronts move through as we are today. and a lot of times they would bring us precipitation. not this time around. any precipitation well removed off to the north at this point, and we are looking at straight up just sunshine here with a couple of clouds along the way. now, it is off to bit of cool start. we take a look at just couple of choice locations in the live neighborhood network, warrington, up northeast philly airport, blue bell, new castle, talking right around 40, give or take couple of degrees, certainly 45, is cool enough that you want to have a nice heavy coat ready to go when you walk out the door. but you will be able to get rid of the extra layer later today. layers are key. you don't want to necessarily dress in a sweater for the teenier day, but you want the extra layer readiment expect to just have beautiful day unfold, still, relatively mild tomorrow, but there will be more clouds and shower, and we cool down and brighten up by thursday. jess?
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>> thanks, katie. good morning, coming up on 6:00 a.m. we are going to go outside, show you the schuylkill expressway, which is looking good so far. this is just at montgomery. so the left hand lanes, actually the left, the westbound lanes, excuse me, headed towards the king every prussia area, but eastbound toward center city, moving along great there, as well. and out on the 30 bypass, that's eastbound traffic, so this is at 340, headed eastbound, moving along nicely there, you can see, the headlights coming in moving along great. and over on 422, an accident pushed over into the shoulder, so you can watch for some small residual delays, there you squeeze on by to the left-hand side at route 100, southbound, at route 422, stay there, cbs-3 "eyewitness news" will be right
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there will be nor political dynasty in toronto for now. >> vote verse chosen john torre, moderate conservative, as the city's new mayor. doug ford ran in his brother's place, as rob ford battled cancer. rob ford areas term included
5:57 am
scandels over his alleged drug use, and pawn drunkenness, however, toronto vote ores still elected him to sit council. coming up in the next hour of "eyewitness news", we are following some breaking news, a dog fighting ring, busted, in south philly. we have a crew on the scene, and we'll bring you the very latest information coming up in a live report. >> and, in the health watch, an unexpected dowown side to running that could wipe that smile off your face. we'll tell you all about it on the other side. getting close to 6:00. good morning, family, back in a kim of
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we begin with breaking news, spca officials on the scene of alleged dog fighting operation, in south philly. more than a dozen pitbulls, including some puppies, were just take friend a home on the 2200 block of mifflin street. authorities also removed evidence like treadmills, and steroids, all signs of what
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they say is a haneous dog fighting operation. >> these treadmills and we find specifically in fighting locations as lot of steroids. these dogs are trained like body builders. they're, you know, they're kept lean, they've -- they're kept in good shape, just like a boxer. >> good morning, still gathering information, and live report from the scene coming up in about ten minutes. >> first though, want to focus on there is the hazing scandal surrounding the football team at central bucks west high school. that's going to be on the minds of many at tonight's scheduled school board meeting. "eyewitness news" reporter jan carabeo joins us now, at the high school, with the latest on what could become a criminal investigation. jan? >> erika, we are expecting to learn more at tonight's school board meeting, the school district had said it wouldn't speak more about the alleged hazing here at cb west until tonight. meantime, police continue to investigate, and they're now working with the district attorney's