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tv   Eyewitness News at 6  CBS  October 28, 2014 6:00am-7:01am EDT

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they say is a haneous dog fighting operation. >> these treadmills and we find specifically in fighting locations as lot of steroids. these dogs are trained like body builders. they're, you know, they're kept lean, they've -- they're kept in good shape, just like a boxer. >> good morning, still gathering information, and live report from the scene coming up in about ten minutes. >> first though, want to focus on there is the hazing scandal surrounding the football team at central bucks west high school. that's going to be on the minds of many at tonight's scheduled school board meeting. "eyewitness news" reporter jan carabeo joins us now, at the high school, with the latest on what could become a criminal investigation. jan? >> erika, we are expecting to learn more at tonight's school board meeting, the school district had said it wouldn't speak more about the alleged hazing here at cb west until tonight. meantime, police continue to investigate, and they're now working with the district attorney's office. >> amid allegations cents of
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hazing, the jv and varsity football season at cb are done. coaching staff suspended. not only a disappointment for this school, but for the entire community, even parents at rival cb seals. >> the parents were disappointed, everyone disappointed. so it is a shame what happened. >> now, a mission to find out exactly what happened in a scandal that's grabbed national headlines. >> we just want to make sure we're thorough, and we do it properly. it will take some time to get all of our information together. >> central bucks regional police working with the district attorney's offers in gathering the fact. investigators tell us they have yet tonight view players on the cb west football team. but today the d.a.'s office is expected to ask players who feel victimize philadelphia come forward. the superintendent of schools says the alleged hazing happened in pre-season. the most personally invasive activity, he says, required a rookie to grab another players private parts while fully clothed. >> that's our goal, to determine if there is, in fact, a problem. if there is, and it is of a criminal nature, then we will deal with it criminally. >> meantime the president of
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the school board is supporting the superintendent's response to the allegations writing in part all involved at the district appreciate the gravity of the situation, and firmly believe that the action taken regarding the team and the coaching staff, were more than justified, based on the violations of the code of conduct and discipline. now, this school board meeting happens here at the high school at 7:30 this evening. reporting live in doylestown, jan carabeo, cbs-3, "eyewitness news". jan, thank you. time to prepare for potential septa strike. transit leaders union warns riders decision to strike could come by the end of the week. butts, subway, trolley operators in philadelphia, could walk off the job next week. leaving riders to find other ways to get around. union reps will continue talks with septa officials today, to try to reach a compromise over employee pensions. >> at the end of the week, after negotiating with septa for the rest of the week, i'll val ate where we are.
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>> i just hope who ever do decide to do there is i hope they just like think about others. >> septa believes its offers have been more than generous. but the transit agency will continue negotiations with union leaders later on today. right now, 03:00, want to head outside to katie on the skydeck. may need a jacket now, but -- >> that's why the key is to dress in players. -- layer t may be classic early fall kind after kay honestly where you start off on the chilly side, then you warm up nicely to the point that could you get away with short sleeves this afternoon. not for right now. while it isn't quite as chilly as yesterday was this same time, it is still cool enough that you will want to have that layer ready to go. so storm scan3 empty. don't wore bit little speckles of green you see on the radar sites, all just representing ground clutter at those radar sites. really just couple of clouds. so hint of moisture in the atmosphere. but enough it feels muggy. actually very comfortable start to the morning, as long as you're prepared for the proper accessories in the way
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of a coat or scarf or something like that or sweatshirt. as we take you forward in the forecast, though, expect to go see these temperatures, warm up really nicely. currently into the low 50's at the airport, mid upper 40's, generally through the northern half of the delaware valley, but his will change with time. so, walk out the door, with the layers, and then you'll be able to shed them with time. make sure send the kids off to school, remind them, don't forget the jacket, it is in your locker, bring it home with you, because later on today it will be one of those experiences where it feels so pleasant outside. 75 degrees full sunshine, couple of clouds, no big deal, great excuse to get outside as probably one of your lasts chances this year. jess? >> thanks, katie. i was one of those kids, left my jacket at school all the time, got me in trouble. thanks, katie. good morning, everybody, just little bit after 6:00. we will go outside and check out the schuylkill expressway, no excuse me, the vine st. expressway. over on the right-hand side, that's actually headed tort the schuylkill expressway. that's what i was going to say, headed westbound, moving along great, or toward
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30th street station, eastbound lanes toward 95, looking great there, as well. over on 95 at girard, starting to see heavy southbound delay, headed toward center city, northbound lanes looking great there as well. over in pottstown, an accident, taking out the right hands shoulder, route 100 southbound just at route 422. schuylkill expressway still moving along great so far if you are headed eastbound from the blue route into the vine st. expressway. only about 14 minute shot there. thirteen minutes ton two headed northbound from route 30 into the schuylkill expressway. everything out in jersey still looking good so far. up in new jersey turnpike southbound at exit six, up to exit five, ongoing construction until about 6:00 a.m. ukee being back to you. >> now, new this morning, an investigation is underway to determine what sparked a fire, this duplex, in northeast philly overnight. "eyewitness news" along the 100 block of nanin "a" street, fireplace dollars under control. it is unclear how many people lived inside that property, but fortunately, no one was hurt. well, pennsylvania police
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have deployed a $180,000 blimp in a box to help in the manhunt for accused cop killer eric frein. the ohio department of transportation donate in the large balloon equipped with cameras. balloon similar to the ones used to track weather systems, it is un tethered, unmanned and silent. frein is accused of killing one pennsylvania state trooper and seriously injuring another on september the 12th. he's been on the run now for six weeks. erika? >> outrage among parents in philadelphia this morning. after a local charter school suddenly shuts its doors. a meeting was cents held last night to discuss the closure of the walter d palmer high school in frankford. "eyewitness news" reporter diana rocco was there for some heated exchanges, between parents, and school officials. >> reporter: was cents cents what was supposed to be informational meeting of parents of water palmer high school quickly got heated.
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hundreds showed up for answers, after getting a voice mail sunday, the high school was closed. >> high school student should not report to school on monday october 27th. >> reporter: within minutes, organizer lost control, many left not knowing where their kids will end up. >> we take the uniforms, that's outrageous, buy a -- five pair every pants, five shirts, two sweaters, shoes, come on, are you going to reimburse me? >> michael maddux's son is a freshman, showed to up school and turned away. >> i want to know what about my son's he hadding? >> it is not right. these kids work hard. >> walter palmer charter only allowed 675 kids by the district grades k through eight. but they have 1300 on their roles through 12th grade. in two locations, court ordered palmer to drop 600 student friends enrollment, two weeks ago, 300 elementary schoolers were un enrolled by lottery from their northern
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liberties school. >> it is not about the kids. it is was numbers and it is was monday. >> i the school's founder says the enrollment cap was not legal and he ignored t he's now been ordered to pay the district more than a million dollars. >> i accept it. i accept responsibility. they have my deepest apology. >> student were cleaning out their lockers, and wondering what comes next? >> we haven't even decided yet completely what we'll do. >> reporter: school will remain open for the remaining grades, but district now trying to revoke palmer charter for grades kindergarten through eighth siting poor test scores and shaky finances. in frankford, diana rocco, cbs-3, "eyewitness news". happening today, a new high-end fashion retailer offering designer duds at discounted prices opens in center city philadelphia. mayor michael nutter's going to be on hand for a ribbon cutting ceremony at century 21 later this morning, also known as c21. i'm told that's what the hip people call it. >> oh, okay. >> the department store has taken over the former
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strawbridges' building at eighth and market. it is their first location outside the new york city metro area. and it is such a huge chain up there. >> yes. >> it is a big deal that they decided to come to philadelphia. >> welcome. glad to have you. >> always glad to have more shopping. >> c21. live update breaking news, suspect the dog fighting ring bus in the south fill when we come back. >> also, the ' ebola quarantine,, once again, cdc changing its guidelines for travelers coming from ebola affected countries. >> and chilling new details about the student who opened fire on his classmates inside a washington state high school and how he lured his targets. we'll be back. i can't get this place it's such a peaceful place. it's so full of life. a place where the artisic beat of the big city, but the flavor of a traditional mexican town.
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♪ imagine being on the green in the middle of the sea. some things can't be explained, you have to experience them. vallarta-nayarit, live it to believe it.
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>> authorities on the scene of alleged dog fighting ring in south philly. we want to get you right out to tim jimenez from sister station "kyw news radio" for more details. tim, good morning, what have you learned? >> reporter: good morning, ukee, around 11:00 last night someone neighbors here on the 2200 block of mifflin street called in for suspicious activity at a home here. police and the spca arrived. officials hearsay they found 13 pitbulls, eight of them puppies, in what george bengle with the spc in deplorable conditions. you had according to bengle dogs chained to radiators in every room, short heavy rains, their tails would wag into the wall, and saw the blood spattered on the walls, bengles said some scarred, one miss ago eye, and also taken away interest this home, makeshift treadmills, built to train these dogs. and who lives here, the spca knows, but says they're not here right now, they're at work. the investigation will continue, and some vets will be looking at the dogs. >> once again the owners of that home, they're not at the house right now?
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>> that's correct. ukee, they're not here at the moment, the police and spca know who this person is who ever is in this home, but they are wait to go get more information from them. >> tim jimenez, kyw nude radio, thank up, we'll get back to you. >> the cdc is changing its protocol in the fight against ebola. it announced new guidelines for healthcare workers returning home from west africa. this all comes after the release of a nurse who was in isolation in new jersey hospital over the weekend. tests showed casey hickox did not contract the deadly virus even though she was treating people sick with that virus overseas. meanwhile, new jersey governor, chris christie; defending the decision to keep her quarantined. >> if she was continuing to be ill, she have to stay. she hadn't had any symptoms for 24 hours, and she tested negative for ebola. there is cents no reason to keep her. the reason she is put in the hospital if the first place was because she was running a
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high fever. >> reporter: the new cdc guidelines define high risk as someone who is known exposure to the virus, for example, a family member, who cared for somebody with ebola, or someone with a needle stick from infected patient. if that person has cents no symptoms, the cdc recommends daily monitoring by a health official for 21 days, and also, restrictions banning travel by airplane, ship, or long distance bus or train. all right, right now just past 6:13. we want traffic and weather together on the 3's. good morning. >> good morning, everybody, our storm scan3 wide zoom shows the storm system, the first of two separate disturbances, that's going to start our temperature trend on this downhill nose dive basically. so we have warmfront for now. today's going to be awesome day. just couple of clouds, bright sunshine, nice and warm, here's the cold front that eventually crosses cents tomorrow, to start these temperatures on that downward spiral. so, it is almost like what season are we in again? i mean, these temperatures are all over the place. today mid 70s, tomorrow still
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into the upper 60s, despite this cold front crossing through, but there will be a shower around, couple of clouds, so watch for. that will then thursday, brightens up, that's where we start to see the drop off. about 8 degrees just get shaved right off that daytime high. friday, halloween, also looking pretty quiet at this point. the weekend's different story. so sun, clouds, nice, your high hits 75, enjoy it while you can. just few clouds tonight, we keep it pretty comfy for you, we drop down to 58 degrees. tomorrow watching just for the spotty shower. i don't think you need an umbrella it is such a spotty variety of showers that it is not a huge deal. thursday, though, everybody's dry, friday, everybody's dry, and then disturbance comes along, to make for very raw, windy, chilly saturday, we struggle to even hit 50, and we could even see some wet snowflakes mix in through our north most suburbs, that he how cold the air mass will be. >> looking forward to later this afternoon, good morning, everybody, we go outside, check out the cameras here at 95 at girard. we're going to start to see some typical morning volume, headed southbound, toward the
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center city area. the northbound lanes moving along just great. over on the blue route, at mid-county, southbound, where you can typically see most of the volume still moving along, over pottstown, accident at route 100 southbound, at route 422, pushed over into the shoulder, so you can expect to squeeze on by, over to the left-hand side. northeast extension still overnight work out there, should be cleaning up the next couple of minutes or so. up into lansdale, septa new jersey transit, running on time with no delays, currently over to you. >> shooting in washington state, police say the shooter, sent self we gun to ex-girlfriend not long before the attack. apparently he texted them, inviting them to sit with him at lunch. killed two student before taking his own life. one girl, who says she received the text, but did not go to lunch, is speaking out.
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>> i honestly think he didn't want to go by himself. he wanted all his friends to go down with him. >> three student remain hospitalized, police are still trying to determine a motive. updating breaking news, a tip leads the spca to a home near 22nd and mifflin to apparent dog fighting ring. authorities are still in the process of removing more than dozen pitbulls, plus equipment and dog fighting paraphernalia. >> board meeting tonight will address hazing allegations against the central bucks west football team. two coaches are suspended and the teams remaining games have been called off. the county d.a. says there could be more possible victims. septa union leaders could decide before friday, to call a strike on the buses, subways, trolleys, one issue is pension. septa's reginald rales would not be affected. we'll be right back.
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good morning, everyone, check out the cbs-3 skydeck. flyers back home tonight hosting la kings and the orange and black promise to make it a real treat for all fans. kids can trick-or-treat on the con course, and there will be costume contests during the intermission. let's go flyers! that looks good. that time of year. hey, only day away from the start of the sers season, your philadelphia 76ers, begin play tomorrow night, in indianna. they made a deal yesterday to
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send poultry to the nicks for outlaw, and future second round draft pick. sixers fours home game saturday night, against the miami heat. a divisional game of interest to eagles fans last night in prime time, that is dallas quarterback tony romo, washington defense, swarms all over him. he took a back in that -- knee in the back rather that was repaired not too long ago. romo missed comings because of that. he came back washington, dallas, went to over time. washington kick field goal, held the boys off the board, washington wins it 20 to 17. the cowboys still lead the nfc east, at six and two now, the eagles are five and two, as women. so not far behind. things are getting tight. october is breast cancer awareness month. >> and communities all across the area are turning pink. the washington township gloucester county high school minute men and their cheerleaders turned out last night for pink pep rally, looking smashing there. even the grownups getting in on the action.
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accepting their outfits in all shades of pink, you can see the girls there doing a special dance routine. looking fan at that time i can. >> we'll be right back.
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>> today is the day, get out, enjoy while you can. eventually see the temperatures going on relatively slow but significant nose dive with time here, storm scan3, quiet, you just got some clouds out there, however, we are starting offer on little bit after cool note. it is almost like a classic early fall day, where you want to have the extra light jacket or fleece or sweatshirt, as you walk out the door, but you will be able to get rid of it later on, we climb to 75 degrees easily here, in philadelphia, and just a stray shower tomorrow, otherwise, it is still mild, watching for some clouds, thursday, though, the temperatures begin their nose dive, high of 60, but it will be bright and sunny. jess? >> thanks, katie. good morning, everybody, we go outside right now, check out a lot of our majors, starting to
6:25 am
really stack up. the volume just little bit. ninety-five, at cottman, southbound lanes, you can see, a lot of flow going, also losing out the right-hand lane, southbound toward center city, starting to see some problems, northbound lanes, still moving great along northeast philadelphia. out in new jersey, really starting to pack in that volume. on the northbound lanes, pretty much depford, this point, headed northbound to 295 or possibly the surrounding area bridges, southbound lanes as they should usually typically in the mornings, looking really good headed toward a.c. expressway, route 07 at ears ville, accident out in medford, pushed over to the right-hand side. over to you. >> thank you, relatives of northern colorado man who went missing during a denver broncos game are desperately searching for signs of life. fifty-three year old paul kidderman disappeared during half time thursday night's game. he and his stepson, jared, had gone to meet friends. jared left to use the rest room, when he returned, kidderman with a no where to be found. >> he was like okay, it will
6:26 am
be all right, we'll just stick together, because you got your phone. so there is cents no way woe have taken off like that. >> relatives have filed a missing person's report. kidderman had no cell phone, credit cards, very little cash. jared reached out to local hospitals, and detox centers, as well. denver police say that foul play is not suspected. well, three's on your side with news of baby wipe recall. some packages macon tape a bacteria resistant to common antibiotics. new tech disposable says the recalls wipes affected brands cutest, diapers. com, f emt ex, kidgets, member's mark, simply right, tender touch, well combination. you can return the wipes for full refund. apple pay will not work at cvs and rite aid. the pharmacy change disable the mobile payment system without explaining why. forbes magazine reports it could be because cvs and rite aid are a part of a group of
6:27 am
retailers working on their own rival payment system called current c. wal-mart is apologizing this morning, for something posted under the halloween section of their website. >> take a look here, website listed some of its plus size women's costumes as quote fat girl costumes. they include add clown, and witch. wal-mart later apologized, and removed that category, on line. >> your time now 6:27. and coming up in our next half hour of "eyewitness news", we are following breaking news, dog fighting ring busted, in south philly. jan? >> reporter: well, new developments in the police investigation, into possible hazing, here at cbs west high. i'm jan carabeo in doylestown, coming up find out how close police are into figuring out who did what and when. >> it is septa stops running, streets become busier, parking lots become more full, and your commute, becomes that much more painful. coming up: the impact after potential strike. and, jessica and katie return, they've got traffic
6:28 am
and weather together on the 3's. looking liver at center city, get ready for a warm up. we're back in just two
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spca officials, dog fighting operation in south philly. five pitbulls, eight puppies have just been removed from home on the 2200 block of mifflin street. authorities also removed our
6:31 am
treadmills, evidence of the dog fighting. the dogs are now being taken for medical evaluation. also this morning, law enforcement now investigating a hazing scandal, that has side lined football players and coaches at central bucks west high school. >> school leaders are expected to address the allegations at a board meeting later tonight. "eyewitness news" reporter jan carabeo at the scene right now over at the hail school -- high school with the latest. good morning. >> reporter: good morning, we are expecting to learn more during this school board meeting tonight. this as police continue to investigate. they are now working with the district attorney's office here in bucks county, and also happening today we are expecting the d.a.'s office to publicly ask that any possible victims of this alleged hazing come forward and speak with police. now there is all comes after allegations cents of hazing here at central bucks west first came to light last thursday, and jv and varsity football season cancel.
6:32 am
they've laid out much of an internal investigation, in a letter to parents, superintendent says the alleged hazing happened in pre-season, and most personally invasive activity, he says, required a rookie to grab another player's private parts while fully clothed. meantime central bucks regional police are also looking into the allegations cents they're now working with the district attorney's office again, working to gather the facts, and they tell us they've yet tonight view players here at cb west. >> that's our goal. to determine if there is, in fact, a problem. if there is, and it is of a criminal nature, then we will deal with it criminally. it will take some time to get all of our information together. >> now, the school board president, paul faulkner, released this statement, ahead of tonight's board meeting, agreeing with the superintendent's actions, writing in part, all involved at the district appreciate the gravity of the situation, and firmly believe that the action taken regarding the team and the coaching staff were more than justified based on the violation he is of the code of conduct and discipline, tonight's meeting starts here
6:33 am
at the high school right around 7:30 this evening. reporting live in doylestown, jan carabeo, cbs-3, "eyewitness news". >> thank you, 6:33, our traffic and weather together on the 3's. >> ukee, nice day coming up out there. expect to go seymour sun than anything, temperatures spiking nicely, courtesy after warmfront, that has since lifted through the delaware valley. and it is leaving us in the warm sector of a storm system, so, we have a chance to see just beautiful day unfold. we take you out there first and for most, storm scan3, where you have couple of clouds granted. generally just very, very nice start to the day here. and the wind flow, this is key, really the reason that we're going to start to heat up as easily as we will. fifty-seven in atlantic city, far cry from where were you yesterday think this same time. southerly component of the wind flow helps to funnel in the warmer air from the south. so we easily get new the low and mid 70s this afternoon, with sunshine expected, basically around the board, and the mild weather, extends definitely up toward the poconos, too, so with that sunshine, it is just going to be beautiful day. and in time here, also going
6:34 am
to be in for what i think will be very, very nice sunrise. just real quick check on your headlines, we put the disco ball on there, since it seems as though the 70s are making a come back here for one day. major cool down comes our way this weekend, however, so enjoy it while you can. as for halloween, all of the trick-or-treaters, is the weather going to be attributing or treat? the answer coming up in my next hit in about ten minutes or so. jess? >> thanks, good morning, everybody. actually going to go outside right now, start off with 95 having some problems so far this morning. you can see, the right-hand lane, really starting to jam up. this is actually approaching the betsy ross bridge. soap, we have disable vehicle over in the left hands shoulder, right there, and that's headed southbound, so you can see everybody kind of crawling on by over into the right-hand side. really starting to stack up in both directions. and over on the schuylkill expressway things moving along nicely so far at montgomery, most of the volume really starting to pack in headed eastbound toward center city out in new jersey accident at route 70 at earstown road,
6:35 am
moved over to the right hand side, squeeze by to the left. out in pottstown, another accident, on stay street road near route 100, still the road collapse out there that's been out there for the predominant part of the morning, with police activity on the screen, de haven street closed at overlook lane. over to you. >> jess, thank you. transit union leaders say riders in philadelphia should be ready for septa strike that could happen in a few days. it could. the decision could commas soon as friday, but as "eyewitness news" reporter matt rivers explains, it is not just ride that's will be impacted if septa workers walk off the job. >> i can't promise anything beyond this week. at the end of the week, that's negotiating with septa for the rest of the week, ill. >> evaluate where we are. >> between septa and 4700 or so of its employees they all work in the city operating subways, trolleys, buses decision to walk out could commas soon as friday.
6:36 am
>> put the monkey wren in how you live. >> strike would affect only septa employees in the city, regional rail, would still run. so, if you live in the suburbs, and take the train, or even drive to work, why care about this strike at all? >> well, remember game, her husband rides the subway every day. >> if she has to drive her husband to work, one more car on the road. that story repeated thousands of times would make your morning commute even more bumper to bumper than usual. >> tremendous risk and they don't take it lightly. >> labor law expert at temple university. he says unions know how much strikes inconvenience the public used only as a last resort. >> you could ends up all rating the public. >> many don't care about who to blame. septa or the union, although want, is an on time bus. >> i just who ever who decide to do there is i hope they think about others.
6:37 am
>> septa did respond to the union comments saying in their view their offer so far had been more than generous. >> do plan on engaging throughout this week. we're in center city. matt rivers, cbs-3, "eyewitness news". >> we will continue to follow this story and bring you the very latest developments, you can stay up to date on the negotiations by checking our website. just visit >> 6:37, today the federal reserve love begin two day policy meeting where it is expected that the central bank will conclude its bonds buying program which is also known as quantitate i have eases. >> cbs news brings analyst jill joins us to tell lust the program work and what risk lies ahead. she is up in new york this morning. good morning. >> good morning. >> program in place at various points over six years. did it work? >> well, when it was launched back in november, 2008, the policy had one main goal: to restore the functionality of markets. remember, those mark heads
6:38 am
locked up a mid the financial crisis. over time, the second goal was cents to boost the economy, by lowering interest rates. i think on both fronts, it has worked, without the feds stepping in, markets could have been even more strained, and according to a federal reserve study, qe, quantitate i have easing, we love to say, that lower interest rates on half percent t helped increase the economy, by three full percentage points. and it probably increased private payroll employment by 3 million jobs. >> that's of course great news. but also the plan did have its critics. what's the criticism there? >> well the big worry is that the plan actually artificially boosted stock prices. and the reason is very clear. because those interest rates were solo, investors were dis situated from investing in bonds, pour all of their money into the stock market. s&p 500 up 190% since the march 2009 lows. now, the program has also penalized savers. we talked about that so often.
6:39 am
those people, who had been staring at 0 percent rates on their savings, and checking, and cd accounts, for six years. but, perhaps, the biggest worry about the feds policy is that it will ultimately lead to inflation, week weaker us dollar, neither have materialized yet, but people are very concerned that that could happen in the future. >> hey, jill, now that the fed is wrapping up this policy before go what's next? >> well, the central banks got another big initiative in place. it is called zero interest rate policy, or zirp if you want to sounds cool. the economy and the job market continues to improve, the fed will raise short-term interest rates. that will will help those beleaguered savers, but could hurt borrowers, project today occur sometime in the middle of next year, could be sonifer things get bert. the last time fed actually increased rates was june of 2006. that's unbelievable. >> wow. >> for more on whether or not,
6:40 am
you can go to jill on money. com. wait. zirp. did i sounds cool? >> ukee, you always sounds cool. you could say hippo and sound cool. >> thanks, jill, talk to you a little later. our time now 6:40. harry potter hotel in london so popular, fans trying to make a reservation crashed the website. we'll show you what all of the fuss is about when we come back. >> also, we are continuing to monitor the situation in hawaii. check out that lava there. flames from the lava that is errupting on the volcano now just yards away from the nearest homes. >> and jogging or running, may be good for your heart, but, bad for your teeth. finds out how. coming up in the health watch. good morning.
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take a look at this. do you see all that? lava from the volcano cutting path of destruction, the lava flow is slow moving, and unstoppable. geologists cents say it is about 40-50 yards wide, as is it is creeps closer and closer to homes near the small town. residents in the projected flow path are under an evacuation, advisory right now, although many have already left. >> obviously very, because they lover where they live. but for them, like many other people, life is changing and they're just adapting to it. >> right now, officials making arrangements for residents to actually watch their homes from a safe distance. the lasse vacuation cents from the volcano came in 2011 when one home was destroyed.
6:44 am
but so scary for those homeowners. 63:00, we are checking in with kate. >> i our forecast actually very, very pleasant one. we continue to see a warmfront lifting north here. and it will allow us to brighten up nicely, and warm up nicely. so, any of the wet wet their was associated with the warmfront way off to the north, don't have to worry about it, nothing more than couple every cloud. pollen report, now, today's really the only day that's a little higher than the rest. ragweed continues to be the main issue, but, these levels are staying solo through the rest of the week. part that far is because of cooler air starting to common here. today's going to be mild day. you'll have little higher level of the ragweed settling in. but, 75 and sunny, common! enjoy it while you've got t fawn all right at this won't last very long. just this one day of gorgeous mild weather. and then temperatures start to take a little bit after nose dive here. 68 degrees on wednesday. there will be more clouds. there will be a shower. we jump ahead to the weekend, that will be time where we finally start to fall bok on the clock here. but, man, what a way to kick
6:45 am
offer the month of november. further north you are, might even see few wet snowflakes mix in, but for philly just chilly showers. meanwhile, we've got an exciting announce. that will we want to tell b launching brand new tool, that allows you our viewers to help us forecast the weather. it is called the weather watchers network. >> in the eyewitness weather sent we're always tracking whether it is rain, snow, highs, lows. we have the latest technology to bring accuracy to our forecast. and now, we're expanding our tools to share the conditions from your backyard to a backyard more than 100 miles away. the eyewitness weather watcher network. eyes on the gown reports from all across the region, from the shore line to the mountains, and every town inbetween. >> our weather watchers are reporting some gloomy conditions. >> hyper local observations in real time from your neighborhood. whether you're in warminster, or williamstown, medford or montgomeryville, we have a weather watcher nearby keeping us informed, and making our forecast even better.
6:46 am
>> and we are still looking for people to join the team of eyewitness weather watchers. head to our website to learn about it and sign up for the program. jess, over to you. >> thanks, katie. good morning, everybody, 6:46. we go outside and check out the vine st. expressway. everything actually seem to go move along real nice, so headed eastbound toward 95, most of the delay, if you see any brake lights, headed westbound toward the schuylkill expressway possibly 30th street station, the schuylkill expressway though at city avenue, this is typical morning jam, though, headed westbound toward the king every prussia area, complete stop and go boulevard to belmont pretty typical delay for this time of morning. out in medford, new jersey, route 70 westbound at earstown road, accident pushed over into the shoulder. so be prepared to squeeze on by over to the left-hand side. and another accident at state street. state street near route 100, that's also pushed over into the side, in pottstown. stay there. ukee, back over to you. >> thank you, jess. the vote count over in
6:47 am
toronto, rob ford is making way for a new mayor. >> four more years, you're going to see another example of the ford family never, ever, ever giving up. >> ford's tenure as mayor was marched by his drinking and crack cocaine use. when he began battling cancer, brother doug ran in his place. but doug lost to a moderate conservative. rob ford did win a city council seat. happening today, nasa will attempt once again to send a rocket into space. the launch was scrubbed yesterday, because after boat in the water. that is cents a says the rocket could not lift off from virginia because the boat was cents in the hazard zone. the new launch time is set for 6:22 tonight. well on the hit watch this morning, seasonal flu cases cans start as early as october and peak in december. >> but if you are look to go vaccinate yourself or your child, the cdc says you may
6:48 am
end count area delay. confirms the overall vaccine supply is behind 10 million doses cents for this time of year. manufacturers say they plan to have most doses cents available in october, but some shipments will continue into next month. now, in addition to the flu, children can often suffer from cover and colds this time of year. researchers at penn state say there is little evidence to support the use of over the counter medications cents to treat your child's cough. they gave 125 children under the age of four a nectar, natural sweetner, and placebo's, get there is parents reported both treatments worked better than using nothing at all. looking for an excuse to skip your morning run? well, running may be good for your heart, but new study suggesting it could play a role in damaging your teeth. researchers say that physically active people specially runners, they have a higher risk every dental errosion. they found harder somebody works out, the less saliva they have. it is known as runners mouth.
6:49 am
experts suggest chewing sugar free gum after work out to avoid it. that's interesting. if you have questions about any health concern, whether it is the flu, or ebola, or enterovirus d68, anything at all, we'll have doctors on call. three's on your side hosting phone bank with members of the pennsylvania medical society right here at the cbs broadcast center it, will run from five until 6:30. we hope to hear from you. dunkin donuts, planning to roll out new hybrid menu item. but they're saying do not call it a cronut. the chain says it will launch its croissant donut, nationally, for limited time on november 3rd. it comes more than a year after the dominick hansel bakery in new york city introduced its popular now trademark co-nut. i remember when those things came out, lines around the block. people buying them. >> did you ever get shun. >> no i like pastry, not enough to take a train to new york and wait in a line. >> right now 6:49. let's see what's coming up on cbs this morning.
6:50 am
>> nora o'donnell has cents your preview. good morning. >> reporter: hey, good morning to you, ukee, erika. the government changing its ebola guidelines for travelers from west after a we'll take closer look at the debate over whether to quarantine returning healthcare workers. plus, with the evening election one week away, we talk with massachusetts senator elizabeth warren. and political director john dickerson, about the major issues headed into the midterms. and then an end after era for the almond brothers. anthony mason takes us inside their final shows. some band members tell us how they decided it is cents time to call it quits. the news is back in the morning. see in you about tent meant. >> i was rocking to the almond in the 70s. >> i was rock to go them just this week. turn the radio on, they're right there. >> the 70s is rocking. take care. >> ♪ come on baby tell me what's the word ♪ the word is split. oscar winning actress jennifer laurence musician chris martin calling it quits. >> the two started dating in late june, we're toll. in the time since they've kept
6:51 am
their relationship mostly out of the spotlight, only being photographed together once. the split comes just days after chris was seen at sushi restaurant in los angeles with his estranged wife gwyneth paltrow. >> new mom shakira is getting into the toy business. she is teaming one fisher price to develop a new line of baby toys. the best part all the proceeds will benefit the barefoot foundation. which helps pay for education and nutrition for children in her native country of columbia a shakira herself has one year old son, and also pregnant right now. >> hotel in london casting a spell you might say on harry potter fans. it is now offering rooms that look like they're right out of hog warts, decorated with things like positions cents, called renz, one night stay cost little more than $300. and we're told that demands is so high, that hotel's website has crashed. meanwhile, author jk rawling is also having a special treat for halloween for her fans, we're told she is releasing a new harry potter story on her
6:52 am
website. this friday. >> huge. look out. we'll be right back.
6:53 am
6:54 am
>> authorities discovered about the bills and dog fighting equipment at 22nd and mifflin. >> hazing allegations against
6:55 am
central bucks west football team, meeting tonight. >> using high tell balloon in hunt for eric frein. balloon silent, unmanned, and equipment with cameras. frein is suspect in the deadly ambush at state police barracks last month. one last check on traffic and weather together. katy? >> we're starting to see the combination of what promises to be abut full sunrise out there right now. quickly just take you out to the live neighborhood network. so pretty. outside cape may courthouse here at middle township high school. 57 degrees, the current temperature, and we are sky-rocketing to the mid 70s, with sun today, enjoy it, we can only go down from here. jess? >> good to know, thanks, katie. we go outside right now check out the boulevard at broad street where there is disable vehicle, pulled over into the right-hand lane, you can see everybody kind of squeezing on pipe to the left-hand side. you can see a loft brakes lights headed southbound toward the schuylkill expressway, see most of the volume and back up, back to you. jess, thanks so much.
6:56 am
south philadelphia's navy yard has seen new life these past few years. >> gone are the days of gray painted battleships, giving way to new life, new businesses, that includes the brand new restaurant. you might say century has lit a fire with his latest easy are, features wood fired fare. in a interview with our pat ciarrocchi, chef explains, the name of his newest endeavor. >> it actually means spit, you know, so we roast everything on the wood fire. so fish, meat, vegtables, everything, you know, right off the wood: >> all right. lospiedo. features 130 tables inside, told it will soon have 100 outdoor tables, perfect, for a day like today. >> very nice! welcome, that looked great. >> oh, lucky pat. you know that came with lunch! >> next on cbs this morning, former new kid on the block
6:57 am
joey motorcycle entire talks about the new cbs comedy the mccarthy's. >> look at you! >> hey, joey! look at you. you all right? you going to be all r right? >> oh, i'm joey girl. >> to continue follow your local news weather traffic and weather together, keeping it live, keeping it local on your "cw philly" steaks. one more time? i knew t we'll be right back.
6:59 am
7:00 am
♪ good morning. it is tuesday, october 28th, 2014. welcome to "cbs this morning." the cdc revised the ebola protocols yet again after the quarantine backlash. isis captures from the front line. and after 45 years on stage a final farewell tonight, the allman brothers. >> but we begin this morning with a look at today's "eye opener," your world in 90 seconds. >> whatever they say, it should not unduly burden those health care workers. >> rage is on. >> the cdc recommending voluntary home