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tv   Eyewitness News at 11  CBS  October 28, 2014 11:00pm-11:36pm EDT

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>> from the cbs broadcast center in philadelphia, this is cbs3 "eyewitness news." >> i love my players. i love my parents and i love my coaches. >> new at 11 o'clock, a suspended high school football coach speaks out about the hazing scandal that brought the season to an early end. >> first developing right now, a nasa rocket explodes in the air after liftoff and a south jersey science class sees it all firsthand. good evening, i'm jessica dean. >> and i'm chris may. tonight a full investigation is under way into this catastrophic failure in the sky. a rocket on its way to the international space station exploded on launch and the dreams of some local students burned up with it. for 14 seconds the unmanned rocket ascended into the skies above wallops island virginia and then it all went wrong. hours after its catastrophic failure we kind with the franklin institute's chief
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astronomer derek pits. >> reporter: what's your reaction. >> there's always a chance that a connection can fail or a fuel line could fail. >> the 14 story rocket was loaded with 5,000 pounds of supplies for the international space station. while not critical to its mission the loss is still significant. >> it's a significant loss in that it's always a cost its a major cost. this is tens of millions if not hundreds of millions of dollars, you know, that is destroyed in this explosion. >> for many others it was simply disappointing. a group of students from ocean city high school who had a science experiment on board the rocket saw it crash if near the launch pad. tonight one of those students christina redmond tweeted that was the most tragic and scary thing i ever witnessed. everyone from oc is okay and we're praying for everyone else involved. indeed that's the silver lining no one was injured. late tuesday nasa said there's plenty of time for a future mission to resupply the space station. >> we will fly again as soon as we can safely with confidence and as soon as we can start delivering cargo to
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the space station again. >> derek pits sees the crash not as a setback but as an opportunity to learn. >> what we do from this is we learn what happened, we can diagnose this problem, figure out what the problem was and fix the problem. >> it is going to take time, though, to determine the cause of the explosion. nasa says tonight the debris is scattered over a wide area around the launch pad. they're asking anyone who comes across any debris to stay away from it and contact the authorities. also developing right now two children are safe in new castle delaware after an amber alert was issued for them earlier tonight. one-year-old gia and two-year-old gabriano lloyd were located this evening. investigators say that the two were taken by their mother near annapolis maryland after she had an argument with her boyfriend. the mother, tea maria valenzuela was with the children when they were found. we just talked with police in maryland a short time ago and they told us at this point there are no charges pending. >> new developments in the
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hazing allegations at central bucks west high school. coaches of the football team spoke out about the scandal for the first time tonight. "eyewitness news" reporter todd quinones was at tonight's school board meeting, he's live in doylestown. todd. >> reporter: and, jessica, tonight we learned the alleged hazing incidents involved players being told to fondle other player's genitals over their clothes and also tonight the coaching staff is fighting back. they are defending themselves. >> thank you very much. i love my players, i love the parents and i love my coaches. >> reporter: suspended head football coach brian hensel is at the center of a firestorm. he spoke since the hazing allegation surfaced forcing cancellation of the season. >> his reputation was great. now it's tannished by a rush to judgment by an administration that wants to cover their butts. >> reporter: tuesday night the central bucks
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superintendent laid out the alleged hazing of rookies the most serious involved a game called slap it lick it grab it and fondle it. >> surrounded by other players and told to slap a player lick the player's face and grab and fondle a player's private area. again, all this occurred with players fully clothed. >> reporter: the coach and fellow coaches called this one time incident that no one on the staff knew about until october 15th. it happened during a post scrimmage picnic this summer that was organized by parents. the alleged hazing of under class men took place in the locker room after most of the coaches including hensel say they had left. >> none of the conduct alleged was severe. it was foolish and none of it occurred on our watch. >> reporter: but school board members disagree. >> something went wrong that day and there has to be consequences for that. >> reporter: the bucks county district attorney is investigating the alleged hazing but as of right now, no
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charges have been filed. reporting live tonight in doylestown, bucks county, todd quinones, cbs3 "eyewitness newsily." >> all right, todd, thank you. tonight the department homeland security is increasing security at federal buildings across the country including in our area. officials tell cbs news there's no new intelligence or specific threat. this is a precautionary step in response to last week's terror attack in canada and continuing calls from terror groups like isis to attack the u.s. no word on how long the increased security will be in effect. >> well, now the latest on a new possible sighting of the suspected trooper killer eric frein in monroe county. pennsylvania state police focused their efforts today on an area near route 390 in barrett township. that is where a resident reportedly spotted frein this afternoon. it is a possible lead on what is now day 46 of the manhunt. new at 11:00, we hear from the man who reportd that possible
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sighting. >> down in the pine tree line down there we seen a figure pop up and down, so basically kind of thought it was suspicious. >> now frein is accused of opening fire outside of the blooming grove state police barracks on september 12, killing trooper bryon dixon and seriously wounding trooper alex douglas. philadelphia police searched for a weapon in the schuylkill river today in east falls as part of their investigation into dion jordan. jordan is suspected of killing as many as six people including 50-year-old dallas long who was gunned down on october 17th. long's body was dumped at 82nd and lyons in southwest philadelphia. >> you can say okay they brought the person but it doesn't bring him back. >> this individual has been on a crime spree of his own involving from bank robbery, murder, kidnapping. you name it it seems like it's something he's been involved in. >> indeed police allege that jordan held up five banks in chestnut hill and bucks county. they believe he wore
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specifically designed mask to alter his appearance. >> a chilling fight skeletal remains unearthed in a south jersey backyard. forensic archaeologists are investigating. those remains turned up on bank avenue in riverton. a contractor found the bones while digging to install a new pool. this pool was being built in the yard of a historic home not far from the delaware river. >> kind of weird how it got exposed. maybe it was meant to be. >> i think the remains wanted to be found because it was basically a half of an inch buried into the wall that wasn't going to be excavated an rock kind of fell out and some dirt fell out and that's what exposed the skull. >> authorities do not suspect foul play. they say these bones are very old. new tonight a public forum on ebola in allentown lehigh county. a crowd turned out to learn more about the virus. experts from the lehigh valley health network and saint luke's university network were there to answer questions. the father of a
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connecticut third grader has filed a federal lawsuit saying his daughter has been unfairly banned from school over fears she may have been exposed to ebola in africa. and new video tonight, dallas nurse amber vinson arrived home in texas. she was released from emory university hospital in atlanta. meantime nurse kaci hickox is now at her home in maine after being held for three days at a new jersey hospital. on wednesday, president obama will meet with volunteer health workers who have been or will soon be traveling to west africa. the president spoke about ebola earlier before leaving washington to campaign for democrats. >> this disease can be contained. it will be defeated. progress is possible, but we're going to have to stay vigilant and we've got to make sure that we're working together. >> u.s. army soldier who's built ebola treatment centers in liberia will remain isolate in there italy until the 21-day quarantine period is
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over. >> tomorrow marks two years since super storm sandy roared ashore up ending so many lives in our region. tuckerton was one of the coastal cities hit hard. >> reporter: two years ago sandy was making her approach and evacuation plans were in effect but no one knew the devastation they would be coming home to. >> it was a war zone. it was something that i never want to see again looking at people's properties gone. >> reporter: tuckerton beach took one of the biggest hits. on any given street homes are still left abandoned while others are in the process of rebuilding. >> water was here. i lost my floating dock. you can see tremendous damage. >> reporter: the took mayor george evans 17 months to move home. >> the roof had buckled. the -- if you walked into the -- it was a first floor rancher.
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the living room area dropped 7-inched to to demolish his ranch and starter over. his new home is mortgaged much bigger and now on pilings. >> many people have walked away. some people had insurance, others didn't. >> reporter: eric hanson's maritime marina is up and running with only half the business and a whole new problem. >> this one, that one. >> reporter: he's been left with 30 abandoned boats. so, what do you do with all these boats? >> pay to get rid of them. i take them to the dump. i do what i have to do and i take them, get rid of the fuel, get rid of the oil. >> reporter: how much does that cost? >> oh, probably about $700 a boat. >> reporter: this was the tuckerton police department. while the building still stands it's been condemned due to water damage and needs to be torn down. it's located in what was one of the hardest hit areas of tuckerton beach. police have been working out of a different location since the night before the storm. >> that is a picture of what was a house. >> reporter: the picture showed just how far they've
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come but there is still a long road ahead. in tuckerton beach, i'm diana rocco, cbs3 "eyewitness news." >> and as we look back on sandy, we're also track something rain in our future. kathy. >> that's right. we have some clouds moving our way and a cold front with showers, but look what's over the northern great lakes. first time we've seen this, some snow showers. we'll talk about who has the best chance of seeing a few of those coming up this weekend with the seven-day. >> a erasing memories with the zip simple push of a button. research that's surprising doctors. how they say they can change what you remember and why. >> some trouble for at&t. we'll tell you why the government says it tricked some customers. >> you may think you heard it all when it comes to red wine. now the new research that may have you grabbing a glass
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>> a tense situation in hawaii. a sea of lava flowing closer to homes. the lava is 200 yards away and a shed has gone up in flames. many have evacuated and an elementary school will be closed tomorrow. the 2000-degree lava has been on the move for months.
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it's from mount kilauea. the federal government suing at&t for tricking millions of its smartphone customers. the federal trade commission claims customers were sold an unlimited data plan but heavy data users experienced dramatically slower speeds while surfing the web. this process is known as lot ling. at&t says it warned customers in 2011 it would throttle its heaviest data users but the ftc says unlimited means unlimited. >> costco will buck the trend when it comes to early black friday shopping. the store says it will not be open on thanksgiving this year because their employees deserve the holiday off with family. the warehouse retail chain won't start those black friday sales until black friday. a big decision by the neshaminy school board. fifth grader in the district will move from the elementary level to middle school starting next year. that allows the district to
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add language programs, back into middle schools and also hire more counselors. still, there were some parents opposed to that move tonight. a construction plan that is relaterd to the move of the fifth graders will be decided at a later date. colleges are ranked in many categories but this may be the most prestigious. the university of pennsylvania tops the list of colleges that have produced billionaires according to wealth x. 25 current billionaires received their bachelor's degrees at penn followed by harvard which produced 22 and yale with 20. the real estate mogul donald trump and tori birch are among the penn billionaires. a new study in the journal of physiology says that drinking a glass of wine can equate to an hour's worth of exercise. researchers claim that resveratrol which is a natural compound in red wine could actually enhance training and performance and the lead researcher went a step further saying that in some cases red
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wine can mimic the effects of exercise. the only downside they say it only works with one glass that many means that drinking a whole bottle each week doesn't equate to four or six gym sessions. >> upset by a bad memory? erase it. that could soon abreality. scientists say getting rid of those bad memories could be as easy as pushing a button. it's simple in the movie men in black. memories evaporate instantly. >> ladies and gentlemen if you will look right here. >> that's hollywood but now scientists have made groundbreaking in roads that they say maker racing bad memories more of a possibility than ever before. >> i think that would be awesome. >> that would be great. >> animals walking around in this particular place. >> at the university of california davis dr. brian wilson has proven in it studies with mice. >> we deliver the laser stimulation. >> using pulses of laser light he was eighth to get rid of select bad memories. >> we were able to turn off a specific memory in mice.
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>> this is a really big deal. >> neuroscientist dr. paula coxen says it could have many on the applications from easing traumatic memories of child abuse to healing the effects of posttraumatic stress disorder. >> it might be possible to take out some of the aspects of the memory that are the most unpleasant by having the person be able to recall the memory but not experience the emotion and the fear associated with it. >> this research could ultimately lead to innovative treatments for cognitive disorders like alzheimer's disease to help those people recover memories they've lost. new tonight, halloween for kids in camden. >> that's right. "eyewitness news" at yorkship square for a celebration organized by the camden county police force. now, the kids turned out in their halloween finest. they had a costume contest, enjoyed some face painterring and they got to play games with the officers who patrol their neighborhoods. >> and we love seeing all these costumes. we'd love to see what you're up to for this halloween. tweet us your photos of
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yourself, your kids, your pet, maybe your home's halloween decorations. use the hashtag cbs3 halloween. you could see those photos right here on "eyewitness news." >> one last mild night across the delaware valley. that's what our cbs3 eyewitness weather watchers are saying. this is a new program we launched here last night on cbs3 and you can see the temperatures, some in the 50's, some in the 60's. let's start off in levittown where josh says it is 63 degrees, beautiful and unseasonable fall night and temperatures continue to tumble, though, we move towards reading. temperatures only in the 50's. 59 degrees. dave says the winds are light there as well. 57 degrees as we go down to the first state in newark, delaware, john says 57 degrees with a relative humidity of 88 percent. if you would like to be a cbs3 eyewitness weather watcher, you can sign up very easily. go to to sign up and find out more about the program.
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outside we're looking at temperatures still in the 60's in philadelphia. this is a view from our skycam3 in center city. on storm scan3 we had some clouds moving through but they're high clouds and we'll see these thicken during the day tomorrow. the rain will not be that far behind but it will take until the afternoon. right now in philadelphia, 66, the poconos 62, 65 in millville and 68 in dover. tomorrow the temperatures will warm before this front moves on through. that means temperatures well into the 60's with a little bit of a breeze but some rain showers especially toward the dinner hour. after this moves through, still a little bit breezy for your thursday but temperatures much cooler, just touching 60 degrees and for halloween it gets just a tad cooler as a chilly air mass settles in with temperatures in the 50's. watching this area of low pressure over the great lakes to see if it could enhance some rain showers even some wet snow showers to our higher elevations by saturday night. we're keeping an eye on that. for tonight, mainly clear through the philadelphia area for the most part with some clouds for the lehigh valley.
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tomorrow morning still partly sunny, no issues right through the noon hour and then later in the afternoon you'll see these spotty showers moving through the region, possibly the line of showers during the dinner hour could slow down the evening commute and then this moves off shore during the evening leaving us way clear sky wednesday night and even thursday morning. so, for the weekend we'll fast forward to the major changes. the jet stream dips well into parts of the midatlantic. daytime highs saturday and sunday in the 40's. combine that with a 30 miles an hour wind. it will be blustery. some rain showers expected on saturday. so, overnight we're looking for a mainly clear sky, still mild, the temperature around 60. during the day on wednesday, some afternoon showers could see more numerous showers toward evening. the high temperature 68 degrees. and if you're getting ready for halloween, it is going to be cool. in the wake that of front tomorrow, temperatures will only be in the 50's for friday. and on the exclusive eyewitness weather seven-day forecast, look at this. little bit of a trick on friday with that cooler air
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but saturday and sunday feeling more like winter, the coldest air this season as daylight saving time ends. monday and tuesday temperatures trying to bounce back. be sure to wake up with "eyewitness news" in the morning. katie will have any changes in the forecast. she'll begin here with the team at 4:30 and then switch over to our sister station, the cw, beginning at 7:00. >> brrr. >> yeah. >> bundle up. >> yeah, get the coats ready. all right, kathy, thanks. >> leslie is here now with some good news for the eagles perhaps. >> that's right. eagles center jason kelsey could be back sooner than expected. we'll hear from him coming up next. and a big matchup with the center pits the flyers against the defending
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>> ♪ more than three years since the flyers traded mike richards and jeff carter. tonight the pair returned to philadelphia having won two stanley cups in that very short time frame. late in the first game tied up at one, flyers working it around the boards. jake voracek finding chris right there to score. nice team goal. that makes it two to one. that lead will hold up until the third quarter. former flyers are going to impact the game. mike richards does it. and puts the rebounds into the net and that's going to tie the game up at two. and yes we are headed into overtime. now a crazy finish on this one. check out brayden schenn stealing the puck taking in it by himself. the puck goes into the net along with goaltender jonathan quick. it's waved off initially, the refs review it. replay shows it is good goal
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and, yes, that's an overtime game winner. the flyers win three to two. that is their third straight win. >> i wasn't sure. i was just trying to -- i couldn't even see the puck so you know i had just a good an idea as he did if it was in or not. pushed quick in a little bit to give it more insurance i think like i said the fresh ice really helped. >> did you see how happy he is there. eagles back to the practice field for the first time since zip's loss in arizona. jason kelsey took reps with the first team. that is a big positive step for the birds center who appears to be ahead of schedule in his recovery from sports hernia surgery. >> i don't feel too much problems with the scars anymore. i think those pretty much healed for the most part. i'm just anticipating that i'm really not used to playing with or not used to feeling in general. it was a little bit of not uneasy but you don't know with pushing through a lot of this. >> the sixers regular season will start tomorrow on the
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road against the pacers. the rebuilding process continuing under gm sam hinkie and head coach brett brown. all eyes this year on young stars michael carter-williams and nerlens noel. bernard hopkins work out for media. philly native preparing for his november 8th title fight against sergei kovalev. he's 49 years old and in great shape. his opponent just 31. we'll
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ryan costello went into politics. in 2001, doctor manan trivedi joined the marines. trivedi served as a battlefield surgeon in iraq. costello served himself by voting to raise his own pay. and while trivedi cared for patients in pennsylvania, costello gave millions in government contracts to his campaign contributors -even as he cut funding for child abuse prevention. in congress, only trivedi will do what's right for you. i'm manan trivedi, and i approve this message.
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>> the peco building is showing support for the lights for the cure campaign. landmarks all across the area are displaying pink lights during october as a reminder to women to schedule a mammogram. this is one south broad the old pnb building. for the 13th year cbs3 and the cw philly, have teamed up with susan g. komen philadelphia for lights for the cure.
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new tonight cooking for a great cause. >> "eyewitness news" at the free library of philadelphia where drexel hospitality students make and jar cranberry sauce all to help raise money for project home. the recipe was actually provided by project home cofounder sister mary scullion. it's called sister mary simply delicious cranberry sauce as it should be. the treat will be sold during the holiday season and the proceeds will be used to provide job training for formerly homeless individuals. we'll
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>> thank for watching tonight. for lesley, kathy and you will all of us here, i'm chris >> thank for watching tonight. for lesley, kathy and you will
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