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tv   Eyewitness News at 530  CBS  October 29, 2014 5:30am-6:01am EDT

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two years ago today super storm san i slams in the jersey cher destroying neighborhoods and changing lives forever. we are taking a look at recovery progress being made in the hardest hit area, and how people are marking this somber anniversary. >> both spinning in circles with in one on board, find out how runaway boat was finally stopped. but first lets get traffic and weather together, good morning, ladies. >> good morning, everybody. this will end up being one of those days that we will see transition here. while not as warm as yesterday it will end up being somewhat milder then average but we will see some wet weather move through as well courtesy of the cold front. we will talk about that cold front what it means for temperatures torey and when is there going to be any rain out there. >> hopefully not for quite sometime. hopefully it stays away until
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after rush her but good news is rush hour is moving swell out there we have a disabled vehicle on the vine street expressway making your eastbound approaching eighth street. we will talk about that and bridge opening, coming up as well, erika. today marks once again two years since sandy roared a shore up ending lives in our region. governor chris christie plans to visit several areas hardest hit by that storm. >> in tuckerton ocean county was within of the coastal communities that suffered the most devastation. our diana rocco traveled there to see how far they have come. >> reporter: two years ago sandy was making her approach, evacuation plans was in effect but no one knew devastation they would be coming home too. >> it was a war zone. it was something that i never want to see again. looking at peoples properties gone. >> reporter: tuckerton beach took one of the biggest hits, on any given streets homes are still left abandoned while others are in the process for rebuilding. >> water was at this level.
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there was floating docks all over. i lost my floating dock. you can see just tremendous damage. >> reporter: it took mayor george evans 17 months to move home. >> the roof had buckled. if you walk in just a first floor rancher, living room area dropped 7 inches. >> reporter: he had to demolish and start over. the his new home is mortgage, much bigger and now on pilings. >> many people just left them to the banks. some people had insurance, other people didn't. >> reporter: eric hanson's maritime marina is up in running with half the business and whole new problem. >> this one, that one, that one. >> reporter: he has been left with 30 abandoned boats. >> what do you do with these boats. >> i take them to the dump. i do what i have to do and he take tcem, get rid of the fuel and oil. >> reporter: how much does that cost. >> probably $700 a boat. >> reporter: this was tuckerton police department, while building still stand it has been condemned due to
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water damage and needs to be torn down. it is located in what was one of the hardest hit areas of tuckerton beach. police have been working out of the different location since the the night before the storm. >> that is a picture of what was the the house. >> reporter: pictures show just how far they have come and there is still a long road ahead. in tuckerton beach i'm diana rocco for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". also this morning an investigation is underway to figure out how this happened, a rocket on the way to the international space station explodes just seconds after launching in eastern virginia. unmanned rocket crashed and burn at the launch complex in virginia. it was carrying a cargo ship pack with hardware supplies and space walk tools for six crew members aboard the international space station. >> what we do from this is we learn what happened. we can diagnosis this problem. figure on the what the problem was and fix the problem. >> the rocket failure now leaves space x as the only american company that can
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supply supplies to the international space station. 5:33. here's traffic and weather together, katie. >> today will be a transition day for our area as we see the next cold front moving in and what it will do is trigger nothing more than just a late day shower. some could see a shower sooner then others for example the western most edge of berks county getting clipped by a hint of wet weather here. thinks just beginning of the frontal boundary that knocks our temperature back. we will look at the temperatures difference this whole week overall is basically going to be about the difference in the temperatures from day to day. we are warm they are morning by comparison to yesterday. we're anything where ten to 15 degrees milder in a lot of spots because we had such a warm day yesterday and that heat got trapped in. meanwhile currently this is where we stand and how it reflects on the thermometer, low to mid 60's this morning. we're going to have a hard time getting out of the 40's, by the time we're all said and
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done here toward the the upcoming weekend. so i mean talk about needing the layers. sweaters, sweat shirts, t-shirts along the way, everything that you can think of it is like we have two or three different seasons with time. today is relatively milder then average but cooler then yesterday where we had 76 degrees, today we shave ten full degrees off, that is mid 60's here but we will stay within this range of low to mid 60's before the entire day just watching for that late day shower. quick convicting checking your head lines cooler and calm couple days coming up and through halloween which is good news for trick or treaters and festivities, but the weekend brings major changes and we will talk about the potential for what could be our next coastal storm system later in the show, vittoria. >> good morning everyone. traveling on any of our majors, the vine, schuylkill, i-95 moving fairly well. did i mention 676 in the top
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of when we came back from break and lets give you an update. traveling on 676 the vine street expressway in the eastbound direction we are dealing with a disable vehicle but you will notice that we will have a tow truck on the scene, as well as a police officer. you will notice in the blocking any lanes, the median, you will find something to look at on the vine but not causing too much problem. we will keep you updated on that. taking a look at 476 this shot here not too far from the area have macdade and you don't have any delays. speed sensors high in the 50's. same story on 202, 422, pennsylvania turnpike and so on and so forth. we are on stand by for burlington bristol bridge and we will let you know when it gets put back down, erika and ukee. your time is 5:36. a big time retailer is testing row about the for their customer service. >> and how facebook plans to spend billions of dollars, money watch's jill wag more joins us up in new york at the
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stock exchange, hi jill. >> good morning. >> good morning, do you begins trading today above the 17,000 mark for the first time since early october. strong earnings reports released sent stocks up yesterday, dow jones rose 187 points, nasdaq finished 78 points higher. orbital stocks fell 15 percent in after hours trading, that is the company behind the anteras rocket that exploded tuesday. nasa is paying orbital and space x billions of dollars to keep the space station stocked. orbitallies unclear on how long it will take to make repairs. thinks an incredible number, facebook says 1.35 billion people actively use the social media network every month. now ad revenue jumped 64 percent last quarter from mobile ads, still the stock fell a bit and came after ceo mark zuckerberg says he plans
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to spend billions of dollars to buy new companies and hire engineers. low es home improvement stores are testing row about the to improve customer service. they are called osh robots they have screens and wheels that let customers loop the product and reabout on the lead them to them. lowes is testing them at a store in san jose. i mean no comment the future is just here, technology is taking over. >> this is bizarre, i need a hammer, a hammer, yelling at the machine. >> all right. >> thank you, nicole. in other news and happening today there will be fewer places to light up. mayor dennis williams is signing an executive order
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expanding the smoking ban to parks, playgrounds and transit area city council voted six to five against a similar ban that covers government offices, classrooms, libraries and museums. also today a new georgia seen owe will be dedicated at gloucester county park honoring this murdered new jersey girl a tribute to 12 year-old autumn pasquale who was killed when she went to trade bike parts. ceremony at the park in clayton starts at 6:00 o'clock tonight. 5:39. the government's response to the ebola virus is on president obama's agenda today. this afternoon he is meeting with his public health and national security teams. the president will meet with volunteer health workers who have been to or planned to travel to west have africa. meantime amber vinson the nurse who flew to cleveland after being infect by her dying patient, she's new back home in texas. she left emery university hospital in atlanta after doctors say that she's free of that virus. the the president spoke about ebola before leaving washington to campaign for democrats. >> this disease can be contained. it will be defeated.
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progress is possible. but we're going to have to stay vigilant and we have to make sure that we're working together. >> meanwhile delaware governor jack minister kill will brief reporters on his states response to the east bowl a out break this afternoon. there are no reports of ebola cases in the first state. security is tightening at federal buildings but officials say there is no new intelligence or specific threat. it is a precautionary step following last weeks terror attack in canada and continuing calls from terror groups like isis to attack the u.s. there is in word on how long increased security will be in effect. getting closer to closer, officials in hawaii are keeping a close eye on lava threatening small town of pa hoa, slow moving flow destroyed one shack thus far and continues to threat been 60 other structures in its path.
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residents were warned evacuations could be ordered sometime today. stream started flowing from the kilauea volcano on the 27th of june. before you walk out the door we are update to go day's top stories. plus a pennsylvania man takes his suv for an unexpect dip in the pool, hear from the home owner who saved that driver. it is not too late to score last minute deal on holiday travel, three is on your side we will let you know where to look to find a bargain on your next light be rig
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team supporters called the board's actions a rush to judgment. let's head over to katie and check out storm scan three, good morning. >> storm scan right now starting to light up with activity, primarily through central and northeastern mess pennsylvania as beginning of the latest cold front get draped back here, down along
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appalachian plains. by the time this moves our way we are just looking at a late day shower for most of you, despite the fact that it is really very well define, circulation. we have storm core and then cold front draped back in that classic shape. this is first of two separate systems that will knock back our temperatures and reenforce the chill looking ahead to the weekend. as we have been discussing all morning long this is marking anniversary, second anniversary of sanding making land fall. we will touch on that as well. our temperatures are nice and mild for standards here mid 60's along the jersey shoreline. sixty-six in dover where list goes on. look at what is taking place as i just showed you draped across eastern third of the country. we have cooler air starting to really take effect here. back behind that cold front, all the way in the 40's back to st. louis and those were spots in the 60's about this same time yesterday. lets touch on sandy, two years
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ago today, that storm made land fall originate ago cross caribbean, moving basically right along the east coast line. then we thought well in advance before we realized what would take place here that the storm would drift out to sea, no harm, no foul. however a large dome of high pressure set up. in the northern hemisphere you see a clockwise rotation around high pressure. then on top of that another frontal bound dry started to move in and that almost pulled the storm in. those two things combined led to this historic storm track and that is why we ended up seeing land fall take place as it did. finally that storm did pull away but left behind so much damage as we have been talking about all morning. lets get back to today, however. in tropical activity really to speak of. we have an okay day despite the fact with the shower later this afternoon, it is still mild. we gave it a solid b and that is fair.
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temperatures only continue their decline right through halloween. weekend right now some question marks as to the track of the developing storm system at minimum, it is cold, raw, windy, we are looking at showers saturday. it could be a steady rain. some spots north and west of philadelphia could see snow showers, torey. >> just raw, snow showers not giving me that warm fuzzy feeling as it should not. >> in. >> it will definitely prepare to us make sure we check our vehicles for fluids and all those sorts of things, antifreeze, we will need that but as we look now at traveling on i-95 and lets talk about rush hour delays. we are starting to see a few more vehicles, making your way down to the vine street expressway. we are in the seeing a full blown rush, still very early for that but we are seeing a touch of the slow down through construction zone preaching girard. moving to 422, eastbound side stacks up, so far so good this morning. traveling in pennsylvania, new jersey, delaware speed sensors
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in the 50's and in delays for mass transit. now back to the desk. denver broncos fan vanished during half time has been found and safe. five three-year old paul kidder man was at the game with his stepson when he disappeared with his son. family spent weekend looking for him but he wases this where to be found. kidder man turn up 112 miles away from the broncos stadium in colorado. it is still unclear how he got there. former baseball star jose canseco is recovering after accidentally shooting himself in the left hand, reportly taking off a finger in the process. police say it happened yesterday afternoon while canseco was cleaning his hand gun at his las vegas home. canseco is best men for his time with the athletic in the 80's and 90es a. he later admitted to use performance enhancing drugs through most of his career. a pennsylvania man makes a splash landing after crashing
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his car in the backyard pool in long island. police say 79 year-old joseph did did not owe hit the the gas instead of the break. this happened while parking at a doctor's office behind that home with the pool. when the suv did not stop and smashed in the deepen the home owner sprang into action. >> i just jumped in get him out. he could not role the window down. we smash the the window. we pulled him out. >> the driver was taken the two hospital for evaluation and is expect to be okay. home owner says that pool was brand new and new needs major repairs. take a look at this sight on the sacramento river in california. a salmon fisherman was thrown over board leaving his 13-foot boat spinning in circles. sheriff's boat rammed it to get to it stop but didn't help but it kept spinning and
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spinning. firer man was in the hurt, passing boat pick him up. >> that is something like from the perfect or movie. >> or just one of those crazy comedies. >> my goodness. >> glad he is okay. we want to see your halloween costumes and decorations, we will shhow you best once we have seen so far. also just walking across a tightrope without a safety in the, wait until you hear how he is taking his latest death defying stunt to the next level. we will see what he is doing coming up.
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before thanksgiving we cannot forget about halloween on friday, right. we have been asking townsend us your halloween pictures using this hash tag at cbs-3 halloween and these are best shots we have so far. lets start off with little jeb send us this, little pumpkin. thank you for that within. love. that yes, sir contact send us that one. next, peanut butter and jelly. thanks for mike miller for send ago this 1n love these pictures. this is my favorite of the bunch, do you know who that is, mario cart, hash tag mario, very creative, and you can tell, got a couple more for you. look at how cute, from ann anderson, this is alexander dennis born 9:14 ready for his first halloween. those are candy corns, what a great first picture isn't that great. we have one more for you, getting in to the halloween spirit with the phillies, mrs. p sent out her pumpkin with the phillies emblem carved in there. thank you for sending in these
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great pictures. we want to he zoo your halloween spirit, tweet us your halloween pictures using hash tag cbs-3 hall wean. you might see them right here on "eyewitness news". katie, now they have to bundle will up with their costume. >> it will stay dry. that is one thing that people are asking, we have a possibility of storm this weekend that will hold off until at least at the day. trick or treat on friday looks fine. partly sunny day, clouds building in by night fall and with that said sweat shirt under costume, not the worst idea but does stay dry. not totally dry, we are tracking a new system, cold front bringing in a shower mainly later today, torey. good morning, everyone we have really good news lets get outside and get rid of 202, right around 29, in delays in either direction really as you will notice speed sensors all over the map are high up in the 50's, 422, pennsylvania
5:55 am
turnpike, 20 two we have an accident situation chester county t this accident is closing, excuse me dilworth town road at brinton lake road. your best alternate is 9:26 with more, go
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over the years we have watched nick wallenda do amazing things around the world and area dare devil tightrope walker has a new challenge, he will walk a wire between two chicago sky scrapers sunday night wearing a brian fold, the 35 year-old wallenda walked high above atlantic city while like that walk he will not bewaring a harness or have a safety net for sunday's walk in chicago. >> nick, that is sick, come on. >> wow. >> we will be right back.
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a scare in the air, a rocket explodes in a huge fireball moments after taking off, from a launch site in eastern virginia. >> nasa engineers are trying to figure out what went wrong. susan mcginnes is on the ground in wallops island with the latest on the investigation, susan, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, ukee and erika, it is close tore daze break a and that means investigators will be back here this morning, combing through data, analyzing the debris that they find hear trying to figure out what happened here last night, officials from nasa and orbital sciences said they have no hint of any trouble until the actual explosion. >> we have lift off. >> reporter: second after blasting off from the launch pad on wallops island virginia the unmanned 14 story anteras rocket bound for international space station burst into flames. the flight was over