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tv   Eyewitness News at 6  CBS  October 29, 2014 6:00am-7:01am EDT

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a scare in the air, a rocket explodes in a huge fireball moments after taking off, from a launch site in eastern virginia. >> nasa engineers are trying to figure out what went wrong. susan mcginnes is on the ground in wallops island with the latest on the investigation, susan, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, ukee and erika, it is close tore daze break a and that means investigators will be back here this morning, combing through data, analyzing the debris that they find hear trying to figure out what happened here last night, officials from nasa and orbital sciences said they have no hint of any trouble until the actual explosion. >> we have lift off. >> reporter: second after blasting off from the launch pad on wallops island virginia the unmanned 14 story anteras rocket bound for international space station burst into flames. the flight was over in just 15
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seconds. spectacular fireball and exploding debris rained down on the launch pad, in one was killed or injured in the catastrophic launch but more than 5,000 pounds of cargo and supplies heading to the international space station are gone. >> we do want to express our disappointment that we were not able to fulfill our obligation to the international space station program and deliver this load of cargo. >> reporter: investigators will begin combing through debris at dawn. residents of the wallops island on the virginia coast are told to contact nasa if they come cross any debris from the crash and they are warned it may be hazardous. engineers say rocket self-destruct system was triggered at some point. >> something went wrong during first stage pur flight. whether that was engines, which were built in russia, or some other support system is not yet known. >> reporter: nasa has use private companies to supply the space station since it the retired the space shuttle fleet in 2011. despite yesterday's failed mission officials say iss had
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adequate supplies to last until next spring. now this catastrophe is seen as a major setback for nasa's commercial space flight program but not seen to derail it. orbital company which made this rocket has a near 2 billion-dollar contract with nasa for this resupply about eight different resupplies for the international space station, ukee and erika, last night was to be the fourth. >> susan, what about that cargo that was speaksed to go to the space station, howie sentence was it. >> reporter: it was not all that essential. space station had enough supplies on there to last it throughout the spring, russia by coincidence is launching a rock tote day that will reach the space station tomorrow with supplies but this car get load was very expensive, held dozens of mini satellites, lots of food including crab cakes that the two americans and others on board will probably miss and experiments that different students came up with. lots of disappointment, big
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financial loss but not critical to the space station. >> susan mcginnes reporting live from eastern virginia, thanks susan. rocket explosion does hit close to home for some new jersey high school students. an experiment as susan mentioned built by students of ocean city high school was on that rocket when it blew blew up. they wanted to test how gravity effectse coal i. one of the students tweet that had was most tragic scary things i have ever witnessed. hopefully everyone is okay and we are praying for everybody else involved. pennsylvania state police are investigating a possible sighting of accused killer eric frein. monroe county residents say he may have seen frein yesterday afternoon near route 39 near owe in barrett township. trina lewded police for more than a month and a half now, he is a accused of killing a pennsylvania state trooper byron dickson and seriously wounding trooper alex douglass. we will hear more from the man reported the possible sighting when nicole brewer
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joins us at 6:30. lets get traffic and weather together, katie. >> today will be a transition day for us. we are off to a very mild start. i got a tweet from our gold star twiers, adam and he says that he was able to break out shorts to take the dog for a walk this morning. you may think you want to dot same here but do keep in mind we will not see too much movement on the thermometer as the day goes on. lets take you outside to storm scan three. you can see even under the lettering of storm scan 3a little bit of wet weather firing up. that is next cold front that will roll through relatively weak but it does pack a punch of cool air. current readings on our live neighborhood network locations here generally in the low to mid 60's right now. that is quite comfortable for late october standards but not going to last very long. even though today is in longer near as yesterday, technically milder than average, 66 is the spec high in the city and we will see some sun but dodging that shower mainly later on
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today, vittoria. >> thanks very much, katie. hopefully that shower waits until the rush has moved through which i think it might. but, anyway lets go outside and see how you are doing for rush hour right now. approaching that 6:30 mark, 6:05 approaching 6:05 mark we will see high volume build on the majors. what you are looking the at right now 76 eastbound out of the area of the 202. we are seeing a few more vehicles. this will continue to grow just like delay on i-95 southbound out of the northeast. we are seeing slow down approaching girard down through vine street expressway. this volume has to do with the construction zone giving you a squeeze to get through. that is an area we are seeing a build up n regards to the rest of the few of the majors 476, 202, 422 and pennsylvania turnpike and extension nothing major just yet. we are dealing with an accident still closing dilworthtown road at brinton lake road, best alternate to
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take route 926, excuse me yep, 926 in delays for mass transit. parents are speaking out in support of the suspended coaches at central bucks west in the wake of the hazing scandal. both parents and players packed a school board meeting last night in doylestown and that is where we will find "eyewitness news" reporter jane carabao this morning, jan, good morning. >> erika, good morning it was a heated discussion at that school board meeting last night at c.b. west high school. some suspended coaches spoke out for first time deeven ifing themselves and head coach and players parents spoke out as well backing them all up. facing cameras for the first time since allegations of hazing has hit his football team head coach brian hens el had one message for his supporters. >> i love my players, parents and i love my coaches. i'm grateful for them. >> reporter: hens el and rest of the jv and varsity coaching staff seven been suspendedded.
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central bucks police and county district attorney's office are looking into allegations of hazing by senior members of the team. >> his reputation was great. now it is tarnished again by a rush to judgment by an administration that wanted to cover their butts. >> reporter: on tuesday night in front of the packed house school board detailed findings of it internal investigation. they say most serious of the hazing included a game called slap it, lick it, grab it. >> unaudible. again all this occurred with the players fully clothed. >> district says this happened at a post picnic organize by parents in the summer. last night hensel defended himself and coaches saying this is one time incident they didn't learn about until october 15th. the alleged hazing took place in the locker room after motion coaches, including himself left. >> none of the conduct was
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severe and it was foolish. in occurred than our watch. >> and again, police say that the district attorney's office is investigating, no arrests and and, police, reporting from doylestown, jane carabao, cbs-3 "eyewitness news". on big moves are coming to the neshaminy school district next year, fifth graders will move from the elementary level to middle school. some parents opposed that change that will now allow the district to hire more counselors and add language programs back in the middle school. construction planned related to that class shift will be decided later on in the school year. well, happening today new gazebo will be dedicated to honor as you um pennsylvania pasquale. he was murdered two years ago by a teen meet to go trade bike parts. her body was found stuffed into a recycling bin near his home. the ceremony at the park in
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clayton starts at 6:00 tonight. tolls day wilmington is expanding its smoking ban, mayor dennis williams will sign an order banning lighting up in parks, playground, public plaza and transit area similar ban failed to pass city council earlier this month. and, and library. >> and museum. >> and, new jersey residents, and devastation, and, and, more than two years ago today. "eyewitness news" in tuckerton ocean county, some homes there are still in the process of rebuilding, others though just remained abandoned. our diana rocco spoke with the shore town's mayor who says it took him 17 months to get back home. >> the roof had buckled, as you walked in, it was just a first floor rancher, living room area had dropped 7 inches. >> a new monmouth university
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survey finds only one-third of sandy survivors said they were satisfied with the state's recovery effort, one in five reports that the process of taking a toll on their mental health. ten have after 6:00 in the morning still ahead on "eyewitness news" disturbing discovery couple digging hole for a swimming pool finds human remains in their backyard. find out what officials are saying about it this morning. plus it effects millions have of americans, it is often not taken seriously until now, head in the healthwatch new evidence that chronic fatigue is real and what might cause patients to feel the way they do. >> ♪ >> taylor swift stops by the late show with david letterman to talk about her new album, her move to new york and why she has been inviting fans into her own home
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in macarthur's world, he opposes new laws to ensure women receive equal pay for equal work. and macarthur opposes a woman's right to choose backed by a group that would outlaw abortion even for rape and incest. for us in the real world, aimee belgard. aimee will fight for equal pay and protect a woman's right to choose. aimee belgard's on our side.
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i'm aimee belgard and i approve this message. investigators are trying to discovery mains. they turned up on bank have avenue in riverton. a contractor found the bones digging to install a new pool under construction in the yard of his historic home not far from the delaware river. >> kind of weird how it got exposed maybe it was meant to be. >> i think remains wanted to be found because it was, ways bahoa chris half inch buried in the wall that was not going to be excavated and rock fell out and dirt fell out and that exposed the skull. >> the bones, we are told, they are very, very old so authorities do not suspect
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foul play. at 6:13. here's traffic and weather together, katie. >> as we look at what will happen here today, we are basically in the mode of transition with our latest frontal boundary moving in. very mild start to the morning. it will end up being a milder then average day, but we have some wet weather to track here. i want to do that very quickly. it is courtesy of a new frontal boundary that is moisture starved but it packs a punch of will cool air witt. when this moved through, you will see a shower i would say late morning in the early afternoon, western suburbs, but it is mainly late day toward evening, that philly and rest of us have a shot at that. we have some spots that might not have a you drop of rain. if you don't want to take your umbrella you can getaway without it. no worries. skies clear. we will drop quickly as a result of the thermometer back down to the 40's for early morning le tomorrow and sunshine we will flirt with 60, friday, halloween of course looks good, a few more
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clouds building in as day goes on, but it does stay dry and weekend, totally different story, new system setting up for at least some showers and bottom line is it will be cold, raw, windy, we might be dealing with steady rain, if not wet snow flakes. we will keep you posted, vittoria. >> so much to look forward to for the weekend. >> raw, cold. >> good morning, everyone. i-95 southbound if you are watching us right now and leaving the house shortly just brace yourself for serious volume out of the northeast. specifically speaking this shot here approaching allegheny but delay on the southbound sigh of i-95 stems all the way back to close to the betsy ross bridge and as you continue dunn through vine street expressway. it is looking like rush hour out there. traveling on 476 no major delays, not only around mid county but schuylkill, i-95 and a still 422, pennsylvania turnpike 202 and rest of the suburbs moving well. we have close another of
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dilworth town road at chester county at brinton lake road because of of an accident. take route 926 to get around that, erika. a major trail project over the schuylkill river is getting underway. officials broke ground on the manayunk bridge trail yesterday bike and pedestrian trail will connect cynwyd heritage trail with the trail network. manayunk bridge has been unused since septa ended rail service on tonight 1986. lets get up to date on the headlines on cbs-3, company orbit all sciences said they hepp to know very soon what caused yesterday's cargo rocket explosion in virginia. rocket was carrying supplies from the international space station. a resident told state police he spotted eric frein in barrett township, yesterday. frein has been on the run since allegedly shooting a state trooper last month. parents and supporters of the central bucks west football team say will school board rushed to judgment in suspending coaches after hazing allegations.
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superintendent and board say it was necessary. sports coming up. we will be right back.
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sixers open up regular season tonight in inn yan, we are looking forward to seeing new big fellow nerlens noel, rookie of the year michael carter williams is still out recovering from shoulder surgery. he should be back soon though. we will talk to sixers ceo scott o'neill right here in our studio. should be an interesting
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conversation, together we will build. to the flyers and deeven ifing stanley cup champion los angeles kings at the well last night, former flyers captain mike richards tied the game at two in the third period but fly guys would win this in overtime. brayden schenn who was traded to the flyers in the richards deal get the game winner. flares win three-two and play lightening tomorrow night in tampa. baseball now kansas city royals come up big when facinge limb nation. royals just hammered the giants, ten to nothing, to force winner take all game seven of the world series. kansas city scored seven runs in the second inning and cruised the rest of the way. the tonight starting pitchers will be tim hudson for giants and jeremy guthrie for the royals, first pitch 8:00 p.m. everything on the line. i like when it comes down to a game seven. berks county native taylor swift chats up david letterman on the late show. >> from move where did you move. >> i moved from nashville to new york you are originally from pennsylvania.
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>> yeah. >> how licensing did you live in nashville. >> swift talk about 1989 which pays homage to her birth year, dave joked he had ties older than that. singer spoke about how important her fans are. she invited dozens of them for a listening party at her homes all across the country. >> it was like -- >> how does one qualify to come sit in your living room. >> eighty-nine people in each house i have. screening process was a like a girl taking a selfie and i could see she has my poster or writes me a cute comment on instagram. >> now later in the show taylor took to the stage for a performance on welcome to new york. new album hit was released earlier this week and it is expect to sell a million just in the first week. i just adore her. great example for young girls. >> eighty-nine people in her home. >> that is cool. >> what a party indeed.
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>> there, here and there. >> up next, new research that could have you pointing a glass of wine instead of going to the gym. >> tell me more. >> um-hmm. >> a former baseball star shot inside his home what police say jose canseco was the one who accidentally pulled the trigger, details coming up.
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what's the truth on taxes? says it's tom corbett who's being dishonest. they say tom wolf has a plan to reduce income taxes for the middle class
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and cut local property taxes. and tom corbett? it's corbett who slashed education by a billion dollars... ...and now almost 80% of school districts plan to raise property taxes. and it's corbett who's increasing gas taxes by 28 cents a gallon. tom corbett. desperate and dishonest. just past 6:23, here's traffic and weather together,. >> good morning, everybody. this is a transition day for us. we will remain relatively mild as warm as yesterday but we are seeing thermometer dropping off here, storm scan three shows at approach of our next round of showers and i think bark is worse than the bite, and stray relatively stray, and still hit 66 degrees. and, solid hit. we will flirt with 60 but don't quite get there but we
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are quiet and relatively pleasant day despite that chill that is starting to set in, torey. >> thanks very much, katie. good morning. just as i had imagined around 6:30 we definitely see that flow of volume really take shape, during this rush hour, and that is what we are seeing on the schuylkill expressway, 76, all these headlights westbound commute approaching city avenue and it is not only seeing delays there but we are seeing delays on i-95 out of the northeast down to the vine so rush hour is starting to creep up. we are seeing a slight drop on 422 eastbound making your way around trooper, nothing major yet but that will grow. still watch out for closure in chester county dilworth town road at brinton lake your best alternate 926, ukee. this morning's healthwatch researchers at stanford university make a discovery that culled lead to new ways to treat chronic fatigue. >> they found people who suffer from chronic fatigue syndrome may have a specific, brain abnormality. study using three different
6:26 am
mri techniques to compare brains of healthy people to those with chronic fatigue. researchers found chronic fatigue patients had less white matter in their brains. >> new guidelines to help prevent strokes to tell you about, american heart association and american stroke association recommend a diet high in fruit whole grains and nuts. doctors say those fruits can lower risk of first time stroke. they recommend healthy lifestyle changes like quitting smoking and cutting back on salt. this is good news for wine enthusiast looking to get in shape, a new study says drinking a glass of wine can equal an hour of exercise. you heard right. researchers claim that the natural compound in red wine can enhance training and performance. and the the lead researcher even says in some cases red wine can mimic the effects of exercise but is there always a but, it only works with one glass, a bottle of week does not equate to four or six gym
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sessions. >> good point good but still. >> in the evening, go to the gym or have a glass of wine. >> everything in moderation, check with your doctor, don't get crazy on this now. >> exactly. >> halloween is just two days away but some children are getting an early start on the festivities. >> "eyewitness news" at yorkship square in camden for celebration organized by camden county police department. kids you can see right there they turned out for their halloween treats and their halloween finest and costume contest and face painting too. look at her go, she's not slowing down. >> i'm telling you. >> yes. >> also got to play some fun and games, with patrol officers in their neighborhood and help with some candy. >> that is great, what a great day. >> i think i saw a kit cat in there. we want to see your halloween spirit tweet us photo of your pets children and home and use the hash tag cbs-3 halloween and see it right here on "eyewitness
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news". >> yes. >> that time of the year. >> she was getting in to it. >> she was working it, um-hmm. >> right now your time is 6:28 and today we are marking two year anniversary of hurricane sandy, coming up in the next half an her of "eyewitness news" we will look at where these stand down the shore, nicole. new developments in the search for a accused cop killer eric frein, coming up on "eyewitness news" we will tell you where the 31 year-old suspect may have been spotted. also, things started to go wrong 102nd in the launch and then rocket bound for international space station, exploded. now search is on for what cause that had blast. vittoria and katie return with your traffic and weather together on t the three's high have of 75 yesterday we have see more of to it day katie a has answer. we will be right
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two pennsylvania state trooper race month. "eyewitness news" reporter nicole brewer joins us from the sat center as manhunt enters its fourth seventh day, nicole. >> that is right, it has been a month and a half since police started searching for frein and just yesterday a resident reported a possible sighting in barrett township, a community just outside
6:32 am
candances where frein once lived. >> from the air to the ground the manhunt continues to widen with officials focusing on four townships throughout monroe county. latest possible citing is barrett township tuesday afternoon, right around route 390. >> i figure pop up and down. basically, thought that was suspicious. hoping to help the the 150 troopers, sent into search 133 square miles a tall has ago cord go to karen shields of mountain home who says frein has plenty of places to hide away. >> we have 1400 possible summer homes, hunting cabins, and that he could be, scoping out and, staying in capable of remaining on the run, very
6:33 am
little supplies. authorities found hide out but reported sighting suggest he keeps on moving. when will his luck run out. mike dennis says, as leaves fall frein will have fewer options. i think the fact that there is going to be losing cover from above, is the main thing that he would be concerned with. people are very skilled were being in the outdoors. but the longer it goes on the harder it is getting for him. >> and for this community. >> we are living in fear right now. local and state authorities have their work cut out but they are getting help from agencies all across the country, including the the ohio, department of transportation, it sent a balloon equipped, to see a person, up to 3 miles away. we are live from the satellite center, nicole brewer,
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"eyewitness news". >> in other news, a full scale investigation is underway this morning after this, unmanned rocket loaded with supplies, on the international space station explodes just seconds after take off. nasa rocket launched last night from the wallo ps flight facility in eastern virginia. nasa is investigating but experts do in the know exactly what went wrong. >> what we do from this is we learn what happened, we can diagnosis this problem, figure out what the problem was and fix the problem. >> well, this rocket failure now leaves space x as lone commercial supplier to ship cargo to the international space station. >> lets get traffic and weather together, katie. >> this is marking a somber anniversary here today in the land fall of sandy, two years to the day, was when that storm made its land fall. we will start off by taking you back in time here and we will talk more about how we have been coping, since october 2012 but here's the
6:35 am
storm's track and when it did strike land fall it happened at exactly, at 7:30 p.m. on october 29th, in brigantine, new jersey. when the storm made it land fall and again, we have in the had a heck of a lot of tropical activity going on, this season. we are certainly still monitoring that possibility, we have basically a full month left of the hurricane season here, but for now no major worries in terms of tropics but we are tracking a cool down. the you can see beginning of the next frontal boundary in the upper left-hand corner of your screen, a couple of showers moving through central pennsylvania and some survives as it heads our way. for ther north and west, sooner we will see a shower. it is mainly in towards the afternoon. temperatures are still technically milder than average. we are shooting for 66 degrees. it isn't as warm as yesterday was, we have shaved a solid 10 degrees off but it is still a couple degrees a have above normal. we will take what we can get, but it does only get cooler, and cooler, from here,
6:36 am
vittoria, over to you. >> katie, rush hour just keeps getting warmer and warmer, doesn't it. traveling on i-95 and schuylkill i would say your two worst roads. lets get outside and take a look we are taking a lot a the vine street expressway. in major problems, but getting to the vine using southbound side of i-95 will definitely be a long hall out of the north east. but again, once you get here vine street expressway looks great. let's switch things up and move you to traveling around 476 and area of route one. if you are commute nothing the northbound direction you will find a touch of traffic building around the area have of route one. that is your northbound side. southbound side on the opposite. we are starting to feel some of this volume building. we're also seeing delays or at least numbers dropping on 422 eastbound that usual commute between the area of oaks and trooper, starting to get hairy, 202 not awful. traveling on 476, around the mid county tolls and schuylkill nothing major and no major delays for mass transit. it is only just rush hour
6:37 am
problems on the schuylkill, i-95 is your biggest hurdle to jump over right now, erika. >> thanks, variety tore y hard to believe but two years passed since super storm sandy slammed in the jersey shore leaving a trail of destruction, some of which remains today. our diana rocco traveled to tuckerton ocean county to see how far that community, and see how far it comes to getting back to normal. two years ago sandy was making approach and evacuation plans were in effect but no one knew devastation they would be coming home too. >> it was a war zone. it is something i never want to see again looking at peoples properties gone. >> reporter: talk are ton beach took one of the biggest hits on any given street homes are still left abandoned while others are in the process of rebuilding. >> water business at this level, debris all over floating docks all over i lost my floating dock. you can see tremendous damage. >> reporter: it took mayor george evans 17 months to move home. >> the roof had buckled,
6:38 am
the -- if you walk in, it was a first floor rancher living room area dropped 7 inches. >> he had to demolish and start over. his new home is mortgaged, much bigger a and now on pilings. >> many people walk away from the home. they left them to the banks. some people had insurance, other people didn't report rorrer eric hanson's maritime marina is up and running with half ibis and a whole new problem. >> this one, that one, this one. >> reporter: he has been left with 30 abandoned boats. >> what do you do with all these boats. >> pay to get rid of them. i take them to the dump. i to what i have to do and i take them, get rid of the fuel, oil. >> reporter: how much does that cost. >> probably about $700 a boat. >> reporter: this was tuckerton police department, while building still stand it has been condemned due to water damage and needs to be torn down. it is located in what was the hardest hit areas of tuckerton beach. police have been working out of the different location since the the night before the the storm.
6:39 am
>> that is a picture of what was a house. >> reporter: pictures show how far they have come but there is still a long road ahead. in tuckerton beach i'm diana rocco for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". >> today, president obama will update american people on the fight of ebola. this will follow a meeting with public health and national security teams. the president will also meet with volunteer health workers who have been and planned to travel to west africa. meanwhile amber vinson nurse who flew to cleveland after being infect by her dying patient is new home in texas. she left emery university hospital in atlanta have after doctors said that she was virus free. former major league baseball star jose canseco is recovering after accidentally shooting himself in the left hand reportedly taking off a finger. police say it happened yesterday afternoon while canseco was cleaning his handgun at his las vegas home. conn sake owe is best men for his team with the oakland athletic in the 80's and early
6:40 am
90's. he later admitted to using performance enhancing drugs through most of his career. >> denver broncos fan who vanished during half time of thursday's game has been found and is safe. five three-year old paul kidderman was there with his stepson when he disappeared during half time. his family spent the weekend looking for him but he was no where to be found. kidderman eventually turned up 112 miles away from the broncos stadium in colorado, it is unclear this morning how he got there. still ahead the situation in hawaii is intensifying with every passing hour, right now 2,000-degree river of mold even lava is creeping closer and closer to neighborhood. so why are officials letting some people, stay to watch. need some help, in aisle three, new employees at a popular haardware store chain, are robots, and that is next.
6:41 am
and scott o'neill is here this morning, the the season ahead and viewing party, and you are invited to attend tonight, it is all next, get down.
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a small hawaii town may be forced to evacuate as a lava flow makes its way toward the town of pa hoa. >> officials closed two major road as laugh flow makes its way towards the ocean. experts say lava is burning near 2,000 degrees and just destroying, anything in its path, including one home already. at least 50 others structures are at risk. >> impact is going to be severe and the drive on the back road, it is bumper to bumper traffic, just because all of this is happening. once she crosses the roads i know it will be may him. >> officials are letting some hawaii residents stay too watch the lava a flow as long as their conditions are safe. the lava started flowing from the kilauea volcano on june 27th. right new we are just past 6:43. we have weather watchers we want to check on. >> we do, keep them coming, guys if you are signed up and been with the crew we'd love to hear from you. we have a lot of news team that we can put in your
6:45 am
observation for weather hit. we have a couple we want to point out here. we will start off from alex, she has yet to put her photo up. you are on notice we'd love to see i. 60 degrees right now in nottingham, pa says fran. meanwhile we take awe cross the delaware river, mark we called out yesterday, he put up a picture. thanks, buddy. sixty in chats worth, new jersey. lets get up north. 49 degrees currently the temperature assent from saylorsburg pennsylvania from keith barros, came in two hours ago, 49 out that way with just a few clouds, things have cleared out nicely across our region here. lets take a very quick look here at our pollen report. levels remain low for the next couple of days, spiking, ever so slightly as we look ahead to friday and on halloween things are expect to stay dry, we do want to give you a sense of what the rest of the week has in store. with that said your seven day forecast, today is our transition day, it will get cooler and cooler from here.
6:46 am
watching for a late day shower, got away with the umbrella, and thursday, halloween looks fine and then, we are going to see dramatic drop on the thermometer with new area have low pressure developing. raw, windy chill think weekend and we might see wet snow flakes through those northern western suburbs. hey guys we still need people to join our team of weather watchers. you can sign up, head to cbs for all of the info you need to know. vittoria, over to you. >> good morning, everybody. we are transitioning from that morning calm, to now a full blown rush. as we take a look first at the schuylkill expressway where we're seeing that high volume build as you make your way in to downtown philadelphia. if you are traveling east bound on the schuylkill we will see delays start around girard avenue and continue down through the vine street expressway. if you are traveling on the vine trying to get to 76, take a look at these headlights build ago approaching area of the schuylkill. in the too far from the parkway continuing further west. heading eastbound no problems at all, if you are traveling
6:47 am
on i-95, trying to make your way down to the vine street expressway, and jumping from the eastbound side of the vine, delays from the northeast down to the vine street expressway, 28 on the schuylkill. we will see, some of that westbound delay approaching city avenue out through gladwynn and that will affect southbound side of the roosevelt boulevard as well. thirty-three is your average on 476, we are seeing delays, traveling on 422 eastbound as awe approach the area have of trooper and make your way down towards 202. 295 southbound right around i195 we have an accident situation there be mindful of that. as we are sticking in new jersey, stick around in new jersey, 42 and 55 we are seeing north bound delays. so give yourself more time. they will get bigger than that. erika and ukee. right now it is opening night for philadelphia 76ers. >> sixers nation waiting for team to take floor against pacers, on the road, home opener is at day night against the heat. we will talk about that any a bit. sixers ceo scott o'neill joins to us talk about the upcoming season.
6:48 am
good to see you young man. >> good to be here. >> is what the plan this year. we know what happened last year. >> the plan is the plan is the plan as they say. we are staying witt. it is different this year over last year these are our kids. the fun days is coming into place. we have michael carter williams, nerlens noel who was pick sixth overall last year. we have a young fun team. i think you'll enjoy it. >> you mentioned nerlens necessity he will what are you expecting this season. >> he is fully healthy, cleared, ready to go. he jumps, are long, athletic, very good defensively. offensively he is still coming into his game. brett run has been talking about this. is there bigger emphasis on defense which wins championships. >> talk about mcw, we have video this summer of him taking magic johnson, playing softball, i thought shoulder was fine. >> i think shoulder is fine. we are expecting him back on the court november 6th, 4 or 5 days of practice and we will get him back assuming everything goes well. he looks bigger. if you see clips of him up
6:49 am
here and here. he is about 11-pound on. ready to go. >> i was at the wells fargo center the other night saw this new court light show. >> first of all rich machine spider, knocks me down. >> i didn't want to bring that up but i crushed it. >> ukee, i'm just saying. >> but that light show that starts the game that was amazing, tell everybody bit. >> we are excited about opening night. we have opening night tonight in indiana. >> but home opener saturday night at 7:00. if you are coming to the game be there, please, 6:45 because you have to see it. it will revolutionize the the way you experience introduction, 3-d, turns it into imax. >> floor just drops, unbelievable. >> we have to get ready to roll but viewing party tonight. >> sugar house contact seen he tonight at 7:00 and at day night, you can have these, mcw, embiid, and nerlens.
6:50 am
>> thanks very much. >> sixers legend darryl dawkins, check late thunder and world b free never saw a shot he didn't like. party is free and opened to fans 21 and over. >> good luck, scott. >> thanks very much. >> all right. >> take care. >> right now 6:50. lets see is what coming up on cbs this morning. >> gayle king joins us from insuring with your preview. >> good morning ukeelee and erika, i thought were you chocolate thunder, why did you call somebody else that. >> that is his nickname. >> that is darryl dawkins, i cannot take his name. >> amusing myself. >> ahead, slow moving lava with a temperature of 2,000 degrees is nearing houses in hawaii. carter evans is on the big island where dozens are abandoning her homes. plus only on cb. this morning and i love when we can say that we will ride
6:51 am
through the sky to find out how departments are preparing for new terror concerns, drones carrying explosives. our interview with taylor swift her new pop album how she shakes off tabloids and what makes a good boyfriend that is a $54,000 question. news is back in the morning. we will see new ten minutes from now. >> back to you two. >> i'm stiffing laughing. >> chocolate thunder, thank you talk to you later. >> you can soup be seeing high tech hardware at west coast hardware store. check out this robot. lowes is rolling it not san jose. the company is testing them to point customers in the right direction when looking for a product. these big multiple languages and lead you right to what you are looking for. >> nuts. >> warning, warning. >> now it is 6:51. we are getting you ready for halloween. >> we have a world record pumpkin carver in our studios ready to give you some tips. >> monster mash. >> we will be right back.
6:52 am
6:53 am
6:54 am
so you are looking to have the coolest jack lantern on the block this halloween. >> when it comes to carving pumpkins this guy steve clark is the man. >> yes you can see why. he has even made it in the book have of world records. steve is joining us to share his inside secrets in case you are looking to carve your pumpkin before halloween.
6:55 am
>> hey man good to see you. >> this is fantastic. this craft, where did it start as a kid. >> when i was a kiddy came from a family of nine. i never got near pumpkin at all. i didn't start until i was 40 years old and i had my own kids. >> look at these two, that is unbelievable. >> how long did it take to you carve. >> they take three hours each to do that. >> three hours. >> amazing. >> so neat how you carved in. >> deeper you go, the lighter it is. what sticks out furthest for. >> this is unreal. traffic and weather together. >> good morning, everybody. but we are looking at, and overall decent day, considering the fact, the passage of the cold front. lets start it off quickly with a look outside, with the live neighborhood network. hint of the light of the day popping up, quiet start for you. we will jump april head to the halloween forecast which at
6:56 am
this point, if you have yet to carve your pumpkin. expect a partly sunny day, cool day at that but will stay dry but that is the key for trick or treaters. >> torey. >> good morning, everyone. we have a disable vehicle on the eastbound side of the schuylkill expressway, this dv is right at the area of the university, blocking left-hand lane, it will be a bit of the squeeze, considering we are slow in the eastbound side of 76, approaching montgomery drive and vine street expressway. that delay will continue to build. as we are seeing building of volume on the schuylkill expressway, where you are traveling 16, 13 on i-95 no delays for mass transit, ukee and erika. we usually talk about graduations at another time of the year. >> there is proud grads out there even this morning. yesterday was graduation and they asked the penn vet working dog center. three dogs completed the program. dogs specialty include first diabetes alert dog, narcotics detection dog, and urban search and rescue dog. all three dogs started out
6:57 am
together as enter's inaugural class of puppies. in september of 2012. >> congratulations. that is great. >> that is coming up this morning on cbs this morning taylor swift is talking about her new pop album, how she handles tabloids and whatat makes a good boyfriend. >> to continue follow your local news weather traffic and sports we are keeping it live and local on the cw philly station good morning family hope to see you shortly have a good day.
6:58 am
ryan costello went. in 2001, doctor manan trivedi joined the marines. trivedi served as a battlefield surgeon in iraq. costello served himself by voting to raise his own pay. and while trivedi cared for patients in pennsylvania, costello gave millions in government contracts to his campaign contributors -even as he cut funding for child abuse prevention. in congress, only trivedi will do what's right for you.
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i'm manan trivedi, and i approve this message.
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good morning. it is wednesday, october 29th, 2014. welcome to "cbs this morning." a rocket explodes seconds after takeoff, posing a major setback for nasa. a river of molten lava bears down on dozens of homes. we're in hawaii. and police fear drones could be used with terror. it's only on "cbs this morning." >> but we begin this morning with today's "eye opener," your world in 90 seconds. >> man! >> a major setback for nasa. >> an unmanned supply rocket headed to the