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tv   Eyewitness News at 11  CBS  October 30, 2014 11:00pm-11:36pm EDT

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>> breaking news at 11:00. captured after 48 days of hiding in the poconos, the suspected killer after state troop is her now in police custody. and this is video just into "eyewitness news" of eric frein, arriving at the state police barracks at blooming grove. police brought him there just a short time ago. good evening, i'm chris may. >> i'm jessica dean. about a thousand law enforcement operation ers had been searching for eric frein since frein allegedly ambushed two pennsylvania state troopers at the blooming grove barracks september 12. survival list captured at the birch wood airport in tankers ville. "eyewitness news" reporter todd quinones, live at the municipal building with new information on frein's capture tonight. todd? >> reporter: jessica, golf for for tom corbett, pennsylvania state police, expected to hold a press conference here in a matter every minute to release some of the details. one thing clear tonight, the manhunt for eric frein is over. sources tell us when he was
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captured, he was armed but he gave up without a fight. when eric frein was captured and put into a state police car the handicuffs, slain trooper brian dixon, were placed on him. us marshals captured him today in abandoned airplane hangar in the poconos, did not release details of the arrest, but law enforcement told cbs news 391 year old was caring a handgun, a n sniper rival at the time. i accused of ambushing two pennsylvania state troopers outside the blooming grove barracks september 12th. that touched off massive near seven week long manhunt that concentrate dollars near frein's parents home. after several reported site action, searches, news every his capture thursday night brought relief, especially for those whose lives were changed when police tried to hunt frein down. >> now, not everyone will be so scared he's on the looks and all of that. >> was that something you thought in. >> yes, the whole time. i mean, i hunt up here, half of this was closed because of it. now it is open again. >> i'm glad, you know, the
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troopers justice, he needed to be caught. i mean, he is a mad man. >> in the meantime, the second trooper shot back in september, alex douglas, continues to slowly recover tonight. reporting live tonight, in hauley, pennsylvania, todd quinones, cbs-3, "eyewitness news". >> thanks so much. let's look at the time line of events now. corporal brian decks on was shot and killed and trooper alex douglas wounded during a ambush at the blooming grove barracks september 12th. police identified frein as suspect, he was added to the f.b.i. most wanted list on september 18th. now, six days later police found a camp sign with cigarettes and soiled deep that's may have been left behind by frein. people reported many frein siting, the last one tuesday. along route 398 in barrett township, then today, frein was captured, in poconos township. following frein's capture tonight, off initials barrett township reinstated tomorrow's
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halloween trick-or-treating but the halloween parade remains canceled. you can keep it right here on "eyewitness news" for continuing coverage of the capture of eric frein, you can get the latest in the mornings on "eyewitness news" this morning, or any time on our website at >> with potential strike on the line, contract negotiations will resume between septa and its largest union tomorrow at noon. management and the transportation workers union held talks today at the wyndham hotel in old city. they could not reach a deal. reportedly hung up over pension benefits, proposed work stoppage would affect septa bus, subway, and trolley service. the union, though, does promise to give riders 24 hours notice before they strike. >> well, prepare for a cold morning. you will want to grab a jacket, maybe even some gloves. as you head out the door tomorrow, meteorologist kathy orr out on the cbs-3 skydeck now with how low those temperatures will drop. >> chris, they are falling very fast, stepping out on the skydeck, we have a clear sky. i already can feel the chilean though there is no winds out
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here. you can take a look at storm scan3, where skies have cleared throughout most of the region, temperatures right now have fallen pretty quickly, in philadelphia, 49, 45 in wilmington, 38 in allentown, and already, 34 in the poconos. when you combine cold temperatures, clear skies, and light winds, we talk about temperatures that are going to plunge come tomorrow morning where you see that deep purple, those are lows in the 30's, the lighter blue, you can see, in the 40's. forty-one will be the temperature to wake to up in philadelphia tomorrow morning. for your halloween in allentown, waking up to 36, poconos, 33, 39 degrees in trenton tomorrow morning. coming up we will talk about an update to that trick-or-treat forecast, a storm is brewing, that is going to bring blustery back to our weekend, and temperatures will fall to freezing in the seven day forecast before we rebound. ill all of that coming up with the seven day late another broadcast. >> kate, see you then, thanks. fiery scene from the nation's heartland today, twin engine
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plane crashed into a building just seconds after take off from the airport in wichita, kansas. four people are confirmed dead, including pilots, 53 year old mark goldstein. five people were seriously injured, four remain missing tonight. the beach craft king air 200, much like this one, lost power in an engine, and it was attempt to go return to the airport when it crashed. emergency crews returned to the scene. >> the airplane down at the airport. >> we have huge plume of smoke, large two-story commercial building, heavy smoke and fire showing. >> that plane hit a build that is used for flight pilot training by flight safety international. >> they provide incredible and sometimes unbelievable aerial shot. but they are serious concerns about drones in the city of philadelphia, after police catch a person flying one outside a packed eagles game. tonight, matt rivers, has more on the calls to lay down the law on these flying machines.
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>> light and fast, drones have never been more advanced, and some say the law needs to keep up. >> we just want to begin to address in a common sense way. >> councilman jim kenny introduced new legislation as the drone debate landed at city hall. >> by adding new chapter 102300 titled unmanned systems. >> police asked for bill after a man flew a drone at the linc at the eagles giants game. ordinance would make it a crime to fly over large crowds, or follow people. there is concern over privacy, some drones carry cameras, and they can be weaponnized like this one, firing paint balls. >> there is a terrorism prevention aspect to this. you just want to make sure people understand there is some price to pay for the misuse of technology. >> federal avenue audition minute station, fly below 400 people, large event are off limit. plus, you can only fly a drone for recreational use, just as a hobby. commercial use is currently
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banned by federal law. so let's say you wanted to take off. go up about 400 feet, take pictures of the philly skyline, then sell them. for now, you can't do that. but when you follow the rules, the results can be astounding. this is video taken by this, his soaring, skyline, gleaming down the parkway. >> everyone pretty amazed when they see it up close and personal. >> showed "eyewitness news" his 1,500-dollar drone, in fairmount park, he flies it all over, controlling it with a app on his phone, producing videos like this one of the navy yard and this one of the schuylkill expressway near boathouse row, lot of still photos, too, on his website philly by air. com. >> such a unique vantage point, birds eye view, that's one of the things i felt so compelling about. >> compelling pictures that he hopes will help him build a business. for now his hobby helps us see philly in a whole new way. matt rivers, cbs-3,
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"eyewitness news". well new at 11:00 tonight, social media and a surveillance camera, come together and help take a suspect off the streets. our natasha brown shows us the tools that led to a quick capture following an attack at 48th and windsor. >> a camera this tiny can ultimately lead to a big break in a crime. southwest detective were able to use a homeowner's surveillance video to nab a robbery suspect. the images of him fleeing the 4800 block of windsor street where he robbed 24 year old woman tuesday morning, crystal clear. >> he walks up behind her, grabs her by her hair, says give me everything you got. she has $6 on her, she gives it to him, runs off. >> news of the robbery spread quickly through on line community bulletin in the university city neighborhood. >> rest debt in the area began looking at their video surveillance equipment that they have at the remember des -- residences. a resident found video after male who runs past her home. >> police are sent the video,
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the suspect captured, a day later. >> all do you have expose is this little tiny pin hole. >> owners of philly spy shop in the northeast say more and more city residents are buying surveillance cameras for their homes. >> i would say that's about over 60% is neighbor problems. robberies, home invasions, just trying to protect your property. >> protecting their property, and becoming the eyes and ears of police. >> well, they end up catching him n this case, yes, i am glad someone has a camera. >> some of the smaller home surveillance cameras can run you 50 to eight a dollars. police say that really is a small price to pay for safety, and a piece of minds. in center city philadelphia, natasha brown, cbs-3, "eyewitness news". pennsylvania state senator leanna washington plans to resign from office tomorrow after a judge sentenced her to five years of probation. the first three month of probation will be spent on house arrest. today washington pleaded guilty to a conflict of interest charge in norristown.
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>> the 69 year old democrat admitted using state sin at staffers and other resource toss plan campaign fundraisers. >> i've always been known to stand up for what i believe in, and what is right. however, this resolution with the attorney general's office is a fast decision for my constituents, my family. >> washington has spent more than 20 years in the legislature. she gets to keep her pension, but ordered to pay back $200,000 to taxpayers. >> and, taxpayers picking up the tab for what some call a sweet deal for some law enforcement officers. >> the i-team is asking some uncomfortable questions. >> it is a controversial subject, right? >> most deaf. >> i this time it is about law enforcement officers retiring, collecting their pension, then getting another badge to get a paycheck, too. >> just because something isn't illegal doesn't mean it is not a waste of monday. >> i your tax money pace for
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it all. it is an i-team exclusive up next. >> get ready trick-or-treaters to really layer up. we're talking about the halloween chill moving in and will get even colder for the weekends. i'll have your seven day. >> also, the quarantine nurse in maine takes to a bike. defying orders to stay inside. we'll tell you what public health officials are now considering. >> and fragile, handle with care, right? well, it doesn't look like it. the expensive item inside, we will be back in 60 seconds with those stories and more.
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>> tonight lava continues to creep in hawaii, making its way into a rural town. already, it has burned down a garden shed. and now it is inning toward the downtown area. the lava is moving at about ten to 15 yards per hour. it is at this has been errupting continuously since
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1983. >> the nurse who was quarantined in new jersey over ebola is now defying a quarantine in her home state of maine main. casey hickox left her home again today taking a bike ride with her boyfriend. officials there have threatened to go to court to have her confined against her will. maine's governor says he will de whatever it takes to protect his citizens. she said she has no symptoms, and that a quarantine violate her right. >> i'm not willing to stand here and let my civil rights be violated when it is not -- i still believe that i'm fighting for something much more than myself. >> hickox, 21-day quarantine, that's the incubation period for ebola, would ends on november 10th. she returned to the u.s. last week from west africa, as a volunteer with doctors without borders. caught on camera, ups worker in new york takes out his aggression on a box labeled, well, fragile. watch as he kicks and rolls that all the way back to the truck, this happened after the driver was told by a business that they could not except the
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package cod. now, inside this package, right here, a $12,000 nitrogen calibration system. ups says it is now investigating. >> more now on breaking news, let's go back to our todd quinones, he's in blooming grove with the latest on the eric frein arrest tonight. todd? >> chris, a press conference here with governor tom corbett as well aspen penn state police and other authority began just a couple of moments ago. we have some sounds from that press conference, why don't we list never to a little bit about what they have to say. >> i can't tell you how much on behalf after greatful state, we want to thank all the partners who have been involved in this mission, to capture this individual and how much you have given your heart and your soul in the name of justice. i want to commends the great work of the commissioner of the state police, frank noon and. >> the reason this was so important is because eric frein was dedicated to killing law enforcement members.
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he had at least one sniper rifle that we new of. we new he had a handgun. we new at the beginning that he had explosive charges with him. >> reporter: again, eric frein captured today in a abandoned airport hangar in pocono township, monroe county. we're being told he was armed at the time, but he gave up, he surrendered to us marshals without a fight. that's the very latest reporting live tonight in hauley pike county, todd quinones, cbs-3, "eyewitness news". >> todd, thank you very much. imagine retiring, checking a pension, and then working in the same office to collect a paycheck, too? sounds like pretty sweet deal. and it is for some law enforcement officers. and you're picking up the tab. tonight, our investigative reporter charlotte hoffman exposes the issue in this i-team exclusive. >> when mercer county sheriff jack ignored our interview
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request, we tracked him down. >> i have a cocktail party. thank you. >> then he invited us in, and one look at the fundraiser for the sheriff's re-election, and you would never guest he's retired. but he is. and he's still working. sheriff is a so-called double dipper. collecting a huge state funded pension as a retired law enforcement officer, on top of a six-figure salary. >> why should i work and pay you twice? >> six years ago, kimler, said he was going to retire, and technically he did, for 30 days. then he went right back to work at the sheriff's offers in another position, and later became sheriff. collect ago salary of $142,499 on top of a pension of $84,831. the grand total? more than $227,000 a year. >> these are calculated deals. >> we teamed up with new
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jersey watch dogs mark, and found in 16 of new jersey's 21 counties, the sheriffs are double dipping, including in camden, cape may, cumberland, gloucester, and salem count ills. on average, each sheriff collect $203,852 a year from pensions, and salaries. >> the interesting thing is a lot of these double dipping sheriffs then wind up appointing their under sheriffs, who also are double dippers, because they're also retired. it is sort of an inside deal. >> and it is an expensive deal. the state's pension system is $51 billion in debt. it is also completely legal. in january, lawmakers introduced a bill to stop double dipping, but it hasn't gone anywhere. >> i know that our legislature a lot of them are double dippers, too. >> but next week it is up to mercer county voters to decide whether it is right. >> it is my way of doing my part. >> david jones is running against sheriff kimler, and made double dipping a campaign issue ifee elected the former state trooper says he'll give
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up his $90,000 a year pension, and promises he won't appoint any double dipping under sheriffs. >> so it is a way for the voters to get their elected officials to take notice. and say to themselves, well, i can be next. i can be the next one voted out of office. >> you retired, then 30 days later go back to work earning salary. two paychecks on the backs of taxpayers, a lot of people say that's not right. >> i pay eight and a half of my salary into the pension system, just like do you with your 401k. >> if i elected i'll continue being the sheriff. i think i do a great job. i think my office does a great job. i don't see a problem with this. >> even though public employees made contributions into their pension, the state still funds the majority of it, kim letter, so far collected roughly $400,000 in pension payment. pipe the way, we did reach out to sheriffs in several other counties, and never heard back. >> all right. >> it is a pretty sweet deal. no doubt about it, charlotte, thank you very much. well, if you have a story that
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you want charlotte and the i-team to investigate, we want to hear from. just send e-mail to i-team at >> it is a cold night across the delaware valley, and our eyewitness weather watchers are saying guess what? it is getting a little frosty out here, as well. let's start in new jersey, where temperature is 43 degrees, and somerdale, and our fire marshall joey is saying 43 pretty brisk, with low dew point, and very crisp tonight. elsewhere, across the region, 43 degrees, little bit further to the south, and toward the north, 39 degrees, as bill says, we are looking at calm conditions. and with those calm conditions, temperatures are falling very fast. already freezing in gilbertsville, pennsylvania, 32 degrees, not much wind, and eileen is saying pretty bring being out here, clear starlit night, and also, some moonlit skies, as well. temperatures continue to tumble across the delaware valley. chuck is saying in perkasie, we are seeing some frost
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already on some surfaces. so, be aware that far come tomorrow morning. if you love watching the weather and you love measuring different conditions, we want you to sign up to become an eyewitness weather watcher. just go to for more information. it was a gorgeous afternoon across the delaware vale, we captured this exclusive time lapse here in center city philadelphia. and watch the moon go across the sky, you can see, on the upper right-hand side of your screen, just a gorgeous night, with clear, crisp conditions. we are looking at that weather to continue right across the delaware vale, for the next couple of days before we get back to normal around here. skies are clear. temperatures are falling. and we will be waking to up some frost across the region, especially to the north and west of philadelphia, where we are already in the 30's. allentown, the poconos, perkasie, quakertown, to the west, 39 in state college, 45 with few clouds in pit burying. we will watch this area of low pressure over the great lakes, get little closer tomorrow,
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but it stays dry, for halloween, there will be no weather issues, just few clouds, and very little wind. by friday night, a few sure showers are possible, as we see this area of low pressure develop off the coast, by saturday, these two storms will be getting very close together, this providing the cold there is providing the moisture, and we'll see some rain and wind on saturday, as this storm really winds up, and bombs out over new england, there is even chance of snow through new england, for us, it willit, will just by sunday. saturday chill, showers, winds gusting to 25 showers out of here sunday, wind chills will only be in the 30's, and if that's not enough, watching freezing temperature line get closer to philadelphia, by monday morning, looking at temperatures in the freezing range, especially from philadelphia, north and west, that will greet us monday. overnight, 42, the high tomorrow, 57, as we look ahead to halloween, temperatures will gradually warm over the day, by afternoon temperatures
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only in the 50's, and by 7:00 p.m., for trick-or-treaters, 53 degrees. of course, daylight saving time ends, on sunday, so we want to remind to you turn the clocks back one hour before go to sleep saturday night. on the seven day forecast: >> you can track the weather any time, donlop the weather app, available for android, available for itunes and google play. >> just layer up. >> plow through any snow. >> always a plus. kathy, thanks. >> sports director is here, some great hockey action. >> the flyers took their three game winning streak to tam a i'll tell you how it turned out. the last minute was great. and lesean mccoy talks about facing the human wrecking machine, known as jj watts. my one-on-one with shady coming up in sports.
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well, flyers in tampa, riding a a three game winning streak and hoping to keep moment up going in the right direction. here we go. third period we will pick it up flyers down three-one. jay voracek in front of the net jams puck in front of the net and they trailed by one. final minute of the contest, it got really interesting, flyers back down by two, voracek with a nice pass over to michael raffle, and then now we have life. final second of the game, flyers in full attack mode but could not, get the equalizer, tampa won it four-three. shady mccoy, will have to get by the the best defensive lineman in football sunday when they face houston. jj watts is a disruptive force, texans move him around to every position on the line, making it very difficult to know where to offer help. in my weekly one on one with cbs-3 contributor shady mccoy
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he talk about how they must know where jj is on the field. >> i'm sure they are looking at him and look at him the same way. he makes plays. heck of a player. fast, athletic to be that big. he has all of the stuff. we circle him. we know where he is at the all times. he can be disruptive at times for sure. we have to have an eye for him and make sure we shut him down he is a star. you can see mere of my chat on sunday kick off at 11:30 right here on cb is s3. sixers back in action tomorrow night in milwaukee to face bucks. home opener saturday against the miami heat. i would like to thank all who voted on the audio road show app for friday football frenzy game of the week my crew and i will be at bishop eustace starting tomorrow at 5:00 they hose glassboro. your town your kids your kids on tv the original friday football frenzy. we will be
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well, october is almost over. >> but we are still seeing pink tonight. >> "eyewitness news" inside macy a's on market street in center city. buildings all across the area have been displaying pink lights during breast cancer awareness month as a reminder to schedule a mammogram. for the 13th year, in a row, cbs-3 and cw philly teamed up with susan g komen philadelphia for lights for the cure campaign. looking good. we will be right back.
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make sure you stay with "eyewitness news" for latest on the capture of eric frein, we have late word tonight prosecutors say they will seek the the death penalty against him. all of the latest developments overnight when "eyewitness news" returns at 44:30 in the morning and of course latest anytime on line at cbs well, thank you for watching "eyewitness news" at # 1:00 for beasley, kathy and everyone here on "eyewitness news" i'm chris may. i'm jessica dean.
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