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tv   Eyewitness News at 11  CBS  November 3, 2014 1:35am-2:06am EST

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reignited. >> i think amanda is very -- she's typical of a lot of women about 20 years in to their marriage. not that they are u they are not always perfectly happy either. their lives have ended up in a certain place. and sometimes there is this mysteriousness of how did i get here? i just live my life day-to-day and it felt like the right thing all along, so where am i? >> it's a miracle that you are alive, dawson, is there anyone that you want to call? >> amanda. >> for due son i think he just is constantly hearing that ticking clock of life. and i think he looks back and sees some mistakes that he's made and he harbors some about what -- some missed
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opportunities, this connection that he had with her. >> he had a rough go in life. and he's just wounded and the -- what sustains him is this wonderful memory of the best time of his life. >> you don't know how to flirt, do you, dawson? >> i guess i blew it the other day. >> you did. >> what are you going to do about it? >> our goal throughout your store line was to really make sure that this audience is rooting for this love. so later on, you can root for michelle and james to get back together. >> bad things happen when you hang around bad people. >> he was trying to protect me. >> this is the half time you are going to see me, what would you nay. >> pleassay? >> please don't do this. >> dawson. dawson! >> nick has a way of really showing us authentic, female experience. >> this is dangerous. you have gotten better looking. you couldn't have gotten bald or for the or something, jesus.
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>> james you have about the benefit of working with nicholas sparks before. so almost in educating our audience, what is it like? what does having a novel add when you are doing a movie and remaking a movie from a book? >> obviously the i didn' scriptr guide and this is the move that i we are make. but to have a book to back you up is always, you know, for actors who want to look at what was behind his writing and where these characters came from, it's just more resources for an actor. >> it's beautiful. >> nicholas' books are so loved. and, i mean, and to be put in this situation where these characters are people's favorite characters in their favorite book, it's something that we didn't take lightly the fact this is a really popular story and these are very popular characters and people love them for a reason. we wanted to make sure that that came across. >> i blame you for thinking that you knew what was best for me, when it was you that was best for me. >> why would you say this is like the ultimate love store any. >> it really deals with all of the different emotions that you attribute to love. you know, really. it's from the very first butterflies to the journey in which love takes you which is oftentimes through heart break and loss and passion and you experience them all in two hours. so it really is like this roller coaster of emotion and i just -- i just -- i think it's really
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powerful and beautiful and sort of opens our hearts in a way that, you know, we don't oftentimes get to. ♪ ♪ >> i lost you once. i can't lose you again. ♪ ♪ stay tuned. diego luna and zoe saldana lend their voice to his the animated comedy "the book of life." hilary swank and emmy rossum star in the drama "you're not you." directed by hill i can't remember h. macy, rudderless features billy crudup and selena gomez we'll also look at the 2014 sundance film festival special award for breakthrough talent "dear white people." >> this is zoe saldana. welcome to "made in hollywood." ♪ made in hol ready? yup, let's do this. hey, i'm melissa joan hart. and i'm anthony anderson. and guess what? the holiday season starts right now. yeah so head to walmart now for unbeatable prices on food, decorations and the top gifts of the season. all at unbeatable prices. you can also go to
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♪ ♪ a young man embarks on an adventure where he is forced to face his greatest fears before choosing between the expectations of his family and the longings of his heart. in "the book of life." >> hi, this is zoe saldana, welcome to "made in hollywood" and here is a clip of our movie "the book of life." >> i may not be the town hero, but i swear with all my hearty will never stop loving you. ♪ ♪ >> did you think it was going to be that easy? >> oh, i kind of did.
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>> i appreciate third degree movie because it's latino, it's mexican, but the women are powerful. and we men don't -- are not submissive and i love that idea. >> women are women. you know. >> yeah. you are a very progressive person but there is a lot in our culture, a lot of macho thinking. >> this film is for kids. we are talking about a new generation and how a new generation can reflect and what connects you with that past. >> we always knew jorge, his wife designs the mexican characters and she designs them strong. >> did you mention i studied fence something. >> you are a feisty one. >> we always talked from the beginning and guillermo is called hitchcock in order to be universal you have to be specific. and so from the beginning, we said, yes, i think mexico is very modern and it has influences from all over the world. >> you don't point at me. >> you two are acting like fools. >> wait, me too?
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>> was the part of the mexican culture that you discovered that you didn't know about that probably surprised you the most? >> the whole inspiration behind the day of the dead, you know, just learning more about that. i was a surface dweller when it came to the knowledge of the day of the dead. and doing this movie i got a chance to really kind of understand, embrace the culture to a point where, you kno w, i
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believe that we need something like that here in america. >> i am lucky enough to have heard about the day of the dead upon my first visit to mexico to make guillermo's movie in 1991, and i have been enchanted by the idea and wondering why all cultures don't have something similar to this. >> it's the same. >> he got it from from me. >> i i would do anything to be with maria. >> are you certain? >> with all my heart. >> done! ♪ ♪ >> huh? is where am i? >> in the story, i think the reason it connects is what -- in what country does not a young person have the whole town against him to win the love of someone. and this generation and traditions that you kind of break to become yourself. these are story that his happen everywhere. >> please help me reunite with the love of my life. >> thank you. >> we have epic fiesta every day. >> all you can eat cur churros. >> talking about the celebration of the dead. who would you like to see when you cross to the other side? >> first is my mom. >> your mom. >> yeah that, for sure. >> definitely. >> yeah. but then, i don't know. >> my dad. and jimmy hendrix.
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>> uh-huh. [ laughter ] >> by then, deciding to live a long life. >> a long life. >> it would be my parents, my family. and of course i have a couple of dead people out there that i would love to see. >> today was a good day. >> i would love to see my grandmother and my father's mother. i never met her. so it would be cool to get a chance to see her and meet her and that's the first person i want to see. >> i know exactly what to play. it has to be romantic and classy. ♪ you, you got what i need >> seriously? [ laughter ] ♪ ♪ coming up, hilary swank and emmy rossum star in the drama, yo"you're not you." directed by william had had p macy, rudderless features billy crudup and selena gomez we'll
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also look at the winner of the 2014 sundance film festival special for breakthrough talent "dear white people." >> i am selena gomez and you are watching "made in watching "madn hollywood." ♪ theme music ♪ theme music >> promotional consideration crest gaand the other, a crestwhitening toothpaste.. here's what they thought. i can't tell if the paste whitened. well the whitestrips worked. yeah. the paste didn't do that. crest whitestrips work below the enamel surface, to whiten 25x better than a leading whitening toothpaste. crest whitestrips. the way to whiten. er hair? put pantene to the test. when hair loses protein it splits. pantene helps stop split ends before they start. so your hair passes the needle test. get hair so healthy you shine with pantene. ♪ theme music
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♪ ♪ the lives of two women intertwine when a brash college student takes on a job as the primary caregiver of a classical pianist recently diagnosed with als. in yo "you're not you." >> it says here your most recent place of employment was red lobster. >> i was kind of bad at that one. >> have you ever cared for someone suffering from a major degenerative illness? >> not really. >> okay, well, it was --
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>> what did you mean by not really? >> i found this film so heartbreaking that i would find myself in these positions where i am like leaning over because i am so in to the movie then i realize i i need to sit back up again because going so in to it and relationship with your characters. >> i think we both have always felt from the very beginning it's a love story it's an unromantic love store by two people who help each other be seen, fully realized. >> she doesn't make me feel like a patients. >> i know it's important to you, but i want to get back to the way things were. >> the ability that emmy's character gives my character, kate, the ability to be messi and imperfect and to stick up for herself because my character says about my hurricanes he didn't ask for this type of life or this he should go on and have his life and she looks at her goesgoes, neither did you. >> this is a life he built. i am the one who got sick, not him. >> that's it. honey, unless this is laceed
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with tequila we are out of here. >> she em powers this woman who is a partying and directionals and gives hermening. >> what are you doing here? >> i am doing something positive. >> you can see how many commitment really went in to the making of this film when you watch the movie. was there a lot of research and preparation that dowd beforehand? >> absolutely. i think that when you are playing a character who has als and people are afflicted with this horrible disease and living it day in and day out it's a huge responsibility to portray it as honestly as possible. so sitting with als patients, they were so generous, with not only their time, but being very candid about how this affected them. and giving very private details because they said this is my story. and it's so important that i tell you everything that, that i share everything so that you understand as profoundly as possible what it feels like. ♪ ♪ >> i don't know what i would do without you.
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♪ ♪ after his life is torn apart by the death of his son a grieving fast thegrieving fathet his life back together by formation band and performing his son's music. in "rudderless." >> here is a scene from our movie "rudderless." >> dan, meet me at the bell? >> i have class. >> a tragedy of this magnitude shard breaking. ♪ i am trying to get home ♪ >> he was always very sweet to me. >> he definitely lost touch with himself. with the world. and he was in retreat mode. >> i think the death of a child is pretty -- you can't quite ever recover. it does change your life. >> the music had the capacity to
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allow him to experience some of those emotions in a way that wasn't so distracting and uncomfortable. >> i saved this for you. the music was always you guys' thing. ♪ the more that i know that i want to go home ♪ >> it's wonderful to be directed by my husband, but also by a skilled actor. because they know exactly what you are going through, they know exactly what you need, and they speak the same language. >> the biggest benefit i got from it is that it shook me up in a way that i have just fall then love with this business all over again. seeing it from this perspective, from the beginning to end. i just -- it charged me up in such a glorious way. >> my son wrote all of these songs. >> your boy wrote all that music, what were you thinking? >> you don't need those songs, you dawned need me, keep going. >> i think there needs to be more creative outlet in general. there needs to be an out legal lett for them and there needs to
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be people especially young women that it's okay to feel things. >> it brings up an issue that playingplages our society this s didn't violence, music and per forming and playing together in a musical way, in a creative way allows us to deal with trauma, it allows us to work through emotions that we are feeling that we can't actually say. and it's important to nurture that. >> i completely agree with an tonight there should be more music and creativeness so they can feel okay to go through life and not have to runway from everything. >> he hates the name. >> i don't hate the name. >> don't blame me, liked the old man in the street. ♪ ♪ ♪ "dear white people" follows the exploits of four african american students attempting to
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navigate campus life and racial politics at a predominantly white ivy league school. >> i am identity ty parris and i am tessa and you are watching hirayama. and here say scene from "dear white people." >> dear white people, the minimum requirement of black friends needed to not seem racist has just been two. sorry, but your weidman, tyrone, does not count. >> it started back there 2006, i was a kid in college and at a mostly white college and having conversations with my black friends and wondering why our black experience was sort of absence from the culture. >> dear white people, please stop touching my hair. does this look like a petting into to you? >> by hook or by crook we are going to get movie made. that's when i made the concept trailer. the twitter account was used to sort of help, you know, tighten some of the jokes and that's really when we start today get a response from people and get a
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sense of, yeah, there will be an audience for this, and people will show up when it comes out. >> it's like speak lee and oprah had some sort of piss affidavit bake. >> i i actually saw the tedser trailer that he made with his tax return money and i fell in love from the teaser trailer. >> i was going to stalk him, i was like i really wanted to mike the movie so much. >> i don't see what the point is in blaming white folks for everything. >> i really don't see the issue you. never ran in to any lynch mobs. >> we could electric someone like you as school president. >> i play sam white is and she gives the movie the name with the radio show she has on campus and she operates in the move and i on campus as a voice that wants to shake things up. >> how do i feel about it. dear white people it's blacker than thou propaganda. >> it began to be much more of a story about identity. so that conflict between who we are and how people see us, and that's really kind of transformed to the version of "dear white people" that made to the screen. >> your hair is so cute s it weaved? >> weaved? it's weave. noun. present tense. >> stay fined, there is more coming up on "made in
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hollywood." ♪
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