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tv   Eyewitness News at 11  CBS  November 4, 2014 11:00pm-11:36pm EST

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most polls had tom wolf ahead at about 12% but as you mentioned as we're getting closer look at some of the election numbers it looks like his margin of victory here was right about that, 12% mark. during his victory speech here tonight, tom wolf talked about fully funding pennsylvania schools and the conversatiohe had this evening with governor tom corbett. >> i am so grateful and so grateful to the voters of pennsylvania for giving me this chance to serve as governor of pennsylvania. >> also got to make sure that we fund our education system fairly. (applause). >> we got to make sure we raise the money tt we used to fund our education system that we raise it fairly that we're not burdening say property taxpaye taxpayers. >> we need to invest strategically in the things that pennsylvania that will make pennsylvania's economy grow. we want to be a magnet for entrepreneurs. we want to be dynamo of economic development and to do that, to do that we have got to strategically invest in
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pennsylvania. >> reporter: so tonight governor elect tom wolf making history as he's now the first candidate in modern history to ever beat a pennsylvania governor who was seeking re-election. that's the story reporting live tonight in york, pennsylvania, todd quinones cbs-3 "eyewitness news". >> todd, thank you very much. tough night for the 46th governor of the commonwealth. natasha brown at corbett headquarters in pittsburgh. natasha? >> reporter: certainly a tough night here for all of governor corbett supporters. we can physical i was short time ago he did enter the room flanked by friends and family members just a short time ago he says he called tom wolf earlier tonight and thanked him for this heart fought fight he described this as a are in energetic campaign but he says that wolf prevailed and he wishes him the best over the next four years. so while corbett is conceding defeat tonight he says he's very proud of all he's accomplished as governor. here's some of what he had to say. >> i'm particularly proud of
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everything and every office we have done because we did it for the right reason. we did it for the people of the commonwealth of pennsylvania. (applause). >> i'm overwhelmed by all the support of friends from by childhood to my college days to my days in the district attorney's office. u.s. attorney's office, private practice in the military. it has been a wonderful trip but it's just the end of one journey. it's the beginning of another journey. >> reporter: well the governor getting a bit emotional at times during his speech especially when he touted all of what he believed were his accomplish manies for the commonwealth of pennsylvania and for this state. the governor did talk about being a one-time governor and not being, you know, upset about that in any way. just again touting everything that he's been able to do for this state. he's going out proud although he is making unwanted history here tonight being the first pennsylvania governor to not
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within re-election in more than 40 years in modern history. that is the very latest here at the omni william penn in pittsburgh with the corbett campaign natasha brown cbs-3 "eyewitness news". >> extraordinary night tonight. natasha, thank you. stay with "eyewitness news" for election coverage. we'll have more for you just a few minutes latest numbers will continue to scroll at the bottom of your screen. you can also follow us on twitter and facebook for updates and of course the latest is on our website there are breaking new details right now in the frightening abduction avenue woman off a philadelphia street. this is brand new video of a person of interest inside a gas station convenience store in aberdeen, maryland. that woman was abducted off that philadelphia street on sunday night and now a break in the case. carlesha gators atm card was used at a bank in aberdeen maryland an couple hours away from where she used to live in california maryland. we have team coverage from two states to night. we begin with walt hunter live
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at north detectives with the latest on the case here. walt? >> reporter: jessica, with that new video and with the new clues carlesha's mother told me tonight that it's helping her to hold on to hope that somehow her daughter will be found and safely returned. and her kidnapper will be caught. this video the second released by police shows a new camera view as the the kidnapper approaches 22 year old carlesha gaither dragging her for almost a full city block as she struggles screaming even kicking out a window in the car as she's taken away. leaving behind a pile of shattered glass. >> you took something so important to me, you took my pride and my joy and you a bea beast. you a beast and for what. >> tuesday night her mom directed her words at her daughter's kidnapper who stalked and abducted the nursing assistant as she was returning from her godson's birthday party sunday night. this new video plus surveillance
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pictures of an unidentified man using gator's bank card at a bank in aberdeen, maryland, provide a small ray of hope for police and her family. >> it shows a male using an atm card her atm card. >> i'm happy. i'm happy that he shows his face because now he going to put hisselout there and that's good. i'm happy but i'm devastated. >> reporter: gathering strength from each other and from a huge outpouring of public support that includes a $47,000 reward offer, family members know from watching carlesha's terrible struggle on the video that she fought to get free and they're hoping her strength will help her to return saily. >> she's a fighter. i ain't giving up and she ain't giving up. she coming home. she coming home. >> reporter: with detectives deployed here to north division from all over the city, this rapidly becoming one of the largest man hunts in recent philadelphia history. sadly, however, no sign of carlesha and her kidnapper remains on the loose.
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live at north division, i'm walt hunter cbs-3 "eyewitness news". >>'m diana rocco in aberdeen, maryland fbi has now joined this investigation and for the first time investigators are getting a good look at a man believed to know the whereabts of carlesha gator. tonight they are hoping someone may recognize him. this is the best look yet at a man believed to know the whereabouts of carlesha gaither. video taken from an aberdeen maryland gas station close to where police believe surveillance photos show the same man using carlesha's atm card tuesday morning. the card was used at his pnc bank at 60:00 1:00 a.m. tuesday afternoon investigators showed up looking for clues. more than a day after the 22 year old was taken whilealking home. >> maryland state police and fbi for sure our officers are still conducting an investigation. >> reporter: the man in the pictures is wearing dark colored clothing and fits the same description as the man scene
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kidnapping carlesha from a germantown street sunday. >> we just want carlesha returned to us safely. we love her. we all love her. >> reporter: she lived in maryland with her grandmother until she was 19 when she moved back to philadelphia to be with her family. her grandmother says she had met some questionable men while living in california, maryland. about two hours south of aberdeen. one of those men stat stood out to her. >> he did come to my house. he wanted to take carlesha out on his own and i disapproved of that. >> reporter: fbe has carlesha's grandmother to review the photos. they are also searching traffic cams along the i-95 corridor from philadelphia to maryland. police are still not sure if carlesha knew her abductor. it is something they are now looking into. in aberdeen, maryland, diana rocco cbs-3 "eyewitness news". >> and you can get the latest on this case plus another look at the video and photos of the suspect and victim. all you have to do is go to the website ♪
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we return now to campaign 2014. other big races in the area tonight. we go to new jersey and the senate race there. the junior senator cory booker getting another term this one a full term after replacing the late frank lautenberg with 55% of the vote defeating republican jeff bell. >> in new jersey's third congressional district this the seat vacant indicated by congressman jon runyan tom mc arthur former mayor of randolph township who moved to ocean county specifically to run for the seat. 59% for mack arthur he easily beats amy bell guard the haddonfield lawyer with 39% of the vote tonight. "eyewitness news" reporter cleve bryan is with tom mc arthur at his headquarters in toms river. cleve? >> reporter: chris, things winding down at the ocean county republican headquarters here in toms river. it was a very exciting night for pom tom mc arthur he heads down to washington, d.c very hope foul make a difference. he said that gridlock is not
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something that scares him off. it's one of the reasons actually why he ran for congress. now this is a seat when jon runyan announced he was not going to be running for re-election that democrats hoped they might be able to pick up. amy bell guard at burlington county freeholder ran a campaign that was very close some points in the polls but tom mack arthur cruised to victory tonight. a little while ago we saw him up on the stage introduced by fellow republican lieutenant governor kim guadano. >> next congressman tom mack arthur. thank you so much. >> i'm excited. i'm humbled. i'm probably a little overwhelmed. i'm just very grateful to the voters in this district for putting their faith in me. >> we stood for what we believed in in this race, and it was truly a hard fight, and despite the out come we're going to continue to push for the issues that will strengthen america.
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>> reporter: mack arthur hopes to bring his insurance background to create jobs as a congressman and also to help out with the budget down in washington. we're live in toms river, cleve bryan, cbs-3 "eyewitness news". >> all right, cleve, thanks so much. going back to pennsylvania now to the eighth district this is bucks county and portions of montgomery county. we had kevin straws and mike fitzpatrick. the incumbent mike fitzpatrick at 63% of the krout. kevin straws at 37% of the vote. matt rivers is live at the fitzpatrick headquarters in doylestown tonight. matt? >> reporter: jessica, right now just moments ago rather representative fates.trick dee victory here in pennsylvania's eighth congressional district. political experts expected this race would be much closer as it is. representative fitzpatrick currently holding on to 63% or so of the votes so far. we've heard from both candidates already tonight. let's begin with representative fitzpatrick.
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>> pretty strong message being delivered back to the united states congress and to washington. i think he in bucks county and eighth district loud and clear on what needs to happen here. so you've returned me for another two years for my final two years in the united states congress. even better you've returned me with the new united states senate we'll get some things done. >> yes! >> everyone i just ask you please don't get disengaged much this stuff is too important. there's too much apathy out there and there are too many people who are struggling. and if you don't stay involved, who will? so it's on you. the responsibility is on you. >> that's right. >> get ready. there's a slew of races next year and we need to start preparing for them. >> reporter: this race will like be an interesting one again two years from now. representative fitzpatrick has
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said this will be his last term serving in the us house of representatives meaning that the seat will be wide open come 2016. we're live in doylestown tonight, matt rivers cbs-3 "eyewitness news". >> never a dull moment in that eighth district there, matt. thank you very much. still to come here on eyewitness news at 11:00 o'clock our election coverage continues. we'll have results from other key races in the area. >> and "eyewitness news" exclusive. what this young man did that likely saved the lives of his classmates and has him being called a hero tonight. >> kathy? >> we have our eye on a storm that is bringing rain from maine all the way to mexico. so what does this mean for us? we'll take a look at that with the exclusive "eyewitness weather" seven day forecast coming up. >> don't go anywhere. "eyewitness news" continues in just 60 seconds. ♪
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♪ >> our com pain 2014 coverage continues tonight. nationally as expected the house
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of repute row tiffs will stay in republican control. >> control of the senate front and center tonight as well. it looks as if republicans have a very good shot at taking over control of that body. cbs news has called many races for the gop, kansas, colorado, montana, arkansas and south carolina among them many we're also keeping our eye on some local races tonight. let's go through some of them for you quickly here. in pennsylvania's first district another term in congress for bob brady. defeating meghan wrath 83 to 17% tonight in the second district of pennsylvania chaka fattah winning easily with 88% of the vote over are a pond james. in pa's fourth district, scott perry wins a second term defeating linda thompson the first female and first black mayor of harrisburg and final until pennsylvania's sixth congressional district tonight it is ryan costello the chester county commissioner beating manion tra vet tee to succeed jim gerlach who left that seat open.
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>> picking up in the pa district seven, pat meehan incumbent winning their 62 to her 38%. in the house district 13 this was the district that replace al ron schwartz who left to run for governor. brendan boil wins with 68% to dee adcock's 32% and house district 16 in pennsylvania incumbent joe pits with 57% to tom haughton's 43%. >> cross the river and go to new jers. donald norcross is the big winner there defeating former eagle and former cbs-3 sportscaster gary cobb 56 to 39% tonight that's the seat rob andrews resigned last year. in new jersey second congressional district tonight it is frank lobiondo 19 years in office he wins another term tonight. easily beating william hughes the son of former representative bill hughes there in new jersey. and in new jersey's fourth congressional district you see chris smith seeking and winng
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his 17th term in congress tonight easily beating ruben scolavino69 to their%. >> we head to delaware for that senate race. chris kuhns winning with vick% of the vote he last won in a special election tremas joe biden to kevin wade's 42%. also, in delaware, the house race there john carney winning 59% that's the incumbent to rose izzo's 37%. also in delaware we have an attorney general's race where the lieutenant governor matthew den 53% winning there to ted today till lowes 39%. also in delaware state treasurer's race ken with 44% to sean barneyss 44% there in delaware. >> our election night 2014 coverage continues online. you can see all of these results from all of the races across the area on our website. you can find it at cbsphilly.c student who tipped off officials to threats at radnor
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high school is talking tonight and only to "eyewitness news". senior zachary taylor says that when a senior old classmate shared her class notes with him, he suddenly found himself looking at page after page of threats to kill fellow students and a teacher. that 17 year old student was arrested yesterday and is now under going a mental val weighing. taylor tells "eyewitness news" that when he saw the notes he immediately took pictures and then took them to school administrators who called poli police. >> one of my friends actually said, like, don't worry about this, dude, this is nothing. i said, no. this is definitely something. if i hadn't done something or this had gone unseen, then a week down the line we could have a completely different story that is much more terrible. >> the 17 year old female student has been charged with making terroristic threats. new at 11:00 tonight we now have a better idea of how former fugitive eric frein was able to stay on the run for almost two months in the poconos. frein had a laptop computer.
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police say that frein was able to stay one step ahead of them by searching the internet. they say he admitted to acces accessing open wi-fi accounts while he was on the run. frein was captured last thursday at an ban donned resort in monroe county. >> minnesota vikings running back adrian peterson will not be going to jail. he reached a plea agreement with prosecutors in texas today. pleading no contest to dismiss demeanor charge of wreck less assault. he was indicted in september for using a wooden switch to discipline this four year old son. he was charged with a felony and had face faced up two years in prison. >> it is a cloudy and comfortable night across the delaware valley. our "eyewitness weather" watchers are showing range in temperature from 50 close to the shore to 57 degrees in delaware. right now we're looking at a 50-degree temperature with light winds in ocean view greg says it's a beautiful night in upper township. to the north and west we go. 57 degrees right now reporting
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from your in wilmington relative humidity still relatively low at 62%. and we'll pay a visit to eileen in gilbertsville where there's no wind. she's saying partly cloudy skies temperature 52 degrees. if want to be an "eyewitness weather" watcher, we would love to you join the team. you can do this very easily and be featured in our newscast. go to pretty night out there. no matter where you are. from the city to the shore. center city philadelphia this is the view from our skycam3 a top our studios. we have a partly cloudy sky and temperatures have cooled significantly from earlier today. take a look at some of these warm high temperatures. our life neighborhood network takes us to the suburbs of philadelphia. valley forge the high 72. mel malvern the same and berwyn 71 and hammonton, new jersey, 70 degrees. we'll saying goodbye to the 70's but not going to be all that much cooler during the day tomorrow. right now in philadelphia still 57. 60 in dover. 51 in lancaster. 56 in the poconos much that's
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pretty significant for early november and this late hour. you can see the cold that is coming. our cold front right here diving through little rock and dallas toward abilene to the north and west we're seeing the 40s to the south and east the 50s, the 60s and the 70s. so one more day of warmth. we'll watch a cold front approach during the day tomorrow. it will be seeing fairly dry conditions just some clouds asciated with the for now. temperatures still in the askings. then by thursday, an area of low pressure will ride along this front just like a train on a track bringing rain and also some wind. the cooler air moves in for friday and we'll be seeing some wet weather as well. storm scan3 shows that line of showers and behind the showers will be the cool air. this is what we expect. periods of rain on thursday. and some gusty winds. the commutes will be on the wet side. as we look ahead overnight the low temperature 50 with a mostly cloudy sky. tomorrow 67. one more dry day. and then the rain moves in. for thursday, look for morning rain and some afternoon rain.
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53 degrees will be the cool high for friday with breezy conditions. saturday and sunday playing in the 50s the same for monday. for the birds. and then tuesday veterans day staying cool with highs almost 10 degrees below normal. the high 52. >> brrr. >> far below norma for our taste. that's how it goes. >> kathy, thanks. >> we'll be right back with more election coverage and analysis
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♪ >> we've gone over a lot of the big races decided local toll night. also a lot of big races nationally. >> and tonight we're joined by special guest to talk about some of those big races david thornburgh the executive director of the university of pennsylvania fels institute of
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government. thanks so much for being with us. >> sure, my pleasure. >> let's jump right into the local races we have a new governor elect tom wolf. how he begin to get to work. not a huge surprise he won. how does he begin to get to work with a republican legislature that wasn't to a republican governor. >> i think this will come down to personality over part tan ship. i think politicians are acutely sensitive to the interactions that they have with each other. governors and legislators and i think very early on we'll see governor elect wolf try to set a tone where he can work with -- with a very republican house and senate. >> because he's not an lecked official there's no -- there's not that relationship there. >> good news/bad news. >> yeah. >> politics is about relationships. on the other hand, if you go way back, if you've been kind of working in the salt mines for decades, that could build up some negative relationships. could it go either way. >> let's talk about some of the
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races that have played out nationwide. the gop making a strong play for control of the senate tonight. where do you see that going? >> big, big night for republicans. it looks virtually certain now that they're going to control the senate. a lot of tight races. virginia race still up in the air. i think there's two things at work here. i think there's awareness about there among the lecked about president obama and his administration, and i think there's also some deeply seeded unhappiness with some of his policies republicans have capitalized. >> we've just found out from cbs news that in fact the republicans have taken control of the senate by winning key races to night. >> you heard it here first. >> georgia and arkansas. moving forward over the next two years, the end of the obama term. do you think that this can lead to some kind of break in the gridlock we've seen in d.c. might we see some type of agreement between the republicans and the president? >> it's hard to see that,
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because you just have, you know, a very republican obviously now house and senate. but there could be some towards the end of a term maybe a president reflect as little bit on his first six years and tries things a little differently. so i always remain hopeful. >> yes. well -- >> nice mace to be. be hopeful. why not? >> you have to. all right. david thornberg from u penn. fels institute of government. great to see you as always. >> before we let you go north carolina senate race that put them over the edge. >> we'll be right back. ♪
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>> in the wake of super storm sandy some work crews may have uncovered a 19th century ship wrec >> workers are building protective sea wall in brick township and while drilling they struck a steal beam. now that's not what they found. that's tom wolf right there.
11:31 pm
here's what they found. >> that's it. experts say these remnants could belong to a ship that wrecked during a storm in 1850. a key piece of evidence is the winless which was used on sailing vessels for some 300 years. >> that is an object, a device which is located on the bow of a boat and it's used to raise the anchor or to pull in heavy lin lines. the department of environmental protection will visit the site and determine whether or not to excavate. pretty cool stuff. we'll be right back. ♪
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>> thanks for watching "eyewitness news" at 11:00 o'clock. we're back in the morning with ukee and erika. for kathy, beasley and everyone here i'm chris may. >> i'm jessica dean. the late show with david letterman is next and later tonight at 1:00 a.m. cbs news coverage of tonight's election continues with cbs news anchor scott pelley.
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have a good night. scott pelley. have a good night. we'll see you tomorrow. plus paul shaffer and the cbs orchestra. i'm alan kalter. and now, the dulcet-toned town crier, david letterman. captioning sponsored by worldwide pants and cbs ( band playing "late show" theme )


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