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tv   Eyewitness News at 11  CBS  November 10, 2014 11:00pm-11:36pm EST

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"eyewitness news". >> now at 11:00, thankful to be alive. >> they were the heroes. i'm just really thankful that they were there. and they decided to act. >> a philadelphia police officer pulled from this burning car. the moment he was caught inside the inferno and his message to the man who rescued him. >> developing now, the first winter storm of the season burying cities under a foot of snow. >> arctic outbreak is moving our way. i'll show you what it means for us. >> and new information a corvette submerged in the delaware and an pap apparent act of revenge by an angry hub. >> good evening, i'm chris may. i'm jessica dean. >> it was a bizarre scene. crews pulling a corvette out of the water. >> and according to investigators it's all the result of a domestic dispute. that car was submerged on the pennsylvania side of the delaware river near the tacony-palmyra bridge. "eyewitness news" reporter diana rocco tells us why.
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>> reporter: 1990 red corvette is pulled from the delaware river and loaded on to awaiting flatbed. police say the latest casualty in a difficult divorce case. >> corvette is registered to the wife. so i guess he was angry with his wife and took her car, drove it to the delaware river. >> police say a 50 year old husband angry with his estranged wife dumped the car just below the tacony-palmyra bridge monday. and took off as witnesses watched the car submerge. the police marine unit and first responders were called in. after about 30 minutes divers found the car in 30 feet of frigid water. >> there was no visibility whatsoever. the divers just had to go by feel. they found the vehicle. they went inside the vehicle which is extremely dangerous because you can get trapped with all the debris. they were able to feel that there was no one inside. >> reporter: police say the wife has a restraining order against her husband. off camera she tells "eyewitness news" he's been driving the corvette and threatened to dump the car in the river if she
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didn't meet his demands. she says the stunt was pay back for not allowing him to drive the van the two own. police say it was a stunt that put police officers in danger. >> some of the charges he's facing is reckless endanger many for putting the police officers and divers in harm's way. >> reporter: divers did not find anyone inside the corvette when they pull it from the water. northeast detectives have issued a warrant for that man. he's now facing several misdemeanor charges and he's been ordered to turn himself in. outside northeast detectives, diana rocco cbs-3 "eyewitness news". >> "eyewitness news" goes one-on-one now with philadelphia police offerees rescued from this burning squad car by two good samaritan. officer mark kimsey was welcomed back to the 17th district in south philadelphia. he was in his police cruiser saturday night on his way to a call for help when he collided with pic pick up at 27th and tasker much his cruiser burst no flames. the officer was trapped inside.
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17 year old joe chambers and dante johnson were both there. they rushed to help. >> i remember just kind of like i guess waking up and seeing the air bag deployed and the veer was on fire. i was trying to get out but my legs weren't doing anything. >> i owe him a steak dinner. want to take him out when i get better, take them out. >> as well he should. the officer suffered a leg injury and a concussion but he is expected to make a full recovery. >> urgent warning tonight about the danger of carbon monoxide. two cases today show us exactly why we need to be mindful this time of year. "eyewitness news" reporter todd quinones is live in south philadelphia where hope arrived just in time. todd? >> reporter: jessica, doctor who just happened to have the day off might saved his friend's lives. carbon monoxide levels here were so high one roommate could hardly talk. >> just out of it. lethargic. um and could barely move. when i came in he was laying under the blanket.
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>> reporter: dr. perry cane received a text message from his friend who lives in the house on the 1200 block of south eighth street. the friend and two roommates were complaining of dizziness and being short of breath and achy. they thought they had the flu. >> probably would have died, yes. >> reporter: when he arrived and realized they didn't have the flu he called 911 suspecting they were exposed to near fatal levels of co. >> evacuateevacuated the dwelli. >> pgw crews were examining the heater as a possible source of the leak. >> thankful. glad to be feeling normal again. >> monday morning joseph langford collapsed in his home after calling 911 much his wife and his daughter were unconscious when emergency personnel arrived. >> all i remember was opening the main door and then i passed out and and that i came to again and i was able to open the screen door. >> reporter: fire officials believe a faulty heater may have caused carbon monoxide to fill his sicklerville, new jersey,
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home. they found levels at about five times normal exposure limits and no co detectors. >> if they did not have the medical emergency or were not able to call 911 when they did it could have been fatal. >> reporter: fortunately no one involved in both of these incidents was seriously injured. in the meantime emergency personnel are urging everyone to make sure they have a working co detector inside their homes. reporting live tonight in south philadelphia, todd quinones cbs-3 "eyewitness news". >> just in the nick of time, todd. thanks so much. several carbon monoxide poiso poisoning warning science to watch out especially this time of year. those in danger could suffer dull headaches, weakness, dizziness, nausea or confusion. if you experience these call for help immediately. we also have post add link to other warning signs and resources on our website >> developing now, the first big blast of winter weather. here it comes.
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this the scene in minneapolis. where it looks more like january than notify. parts of minnesota could see as much as 14-inches of snow. big storm system is moving through the upper midwest and cold air from the system is headed our way. kathy, what do you see? >> right now, we're seeing some very cold temperatures. even in our area with clear skies, temperatures are falling fast. but nothing like we're seeing out through the midwest and west where, of course, it is still snowing. right now we are in the 40s and the 30s. but in minneapolis, dakotas we're talking about some single digit temperatures and come tomorrow morning even colder out there. this the core of the arctic outbreak. tomorrow morning rapid city, shy yen only 1 degree. and that cold air is moving east. it is a piece of the polar vortex arctic air moving southward and as this progresses eastward we'll feel the impact of the chill and see temperatures at least 10 to 15 degrees below normal. so coming up we'll talk about temperatures getting even warmer before they plunge up to
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20 degrees and then a chance of rain, maybe even mixing with wet snow. we'll talk more about that with the seven day forecast. jess. >> kathy, thanks. let's go now to some breaking news right now out of holmesburg. we're getting reports of a stabbing at a prison there. chopper three live over the philadelphia industrial correct al center. we're told medics have been called to the scene. no word on a victim or a condition of anyone who might have been hurt. again, reports of a stabbing inside that prison. we will keep updated as more information becomes available. >> well new at 11:00 o'clock, a nouse hawaii has been consumed and burned by mole 10 lava. that lava has been a slow unstoppable march for months n now. this hospital was the first to be destroyed. the people who lived there did evacuate long ago with their belongings. the next closest home is about a half mile away. the volcano has been active since 1983.
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>> new developments tonight in the sexual assault allegations leveled at seven football players at sayreville high school. we know now they will not be charged as adults. back in objection, sayreville war memorial high school cancel its football season when the allegations came to light. in addition to the charges the team's head coach and four assistants were suspended indefinitely. there's new information now in the death of joan rivers. health investigators in new york say that the manhattan clinic where rivers suffered a deadly complication during a routine procedure made several errors. they say the clinic failed to identify deteriorating vital signs and provide a timely intervention. they also found conflicting information about how much of the sedation drug propofol was administered to rivers and they say the clinic failed to get rivers consent for each procedure that was performed. >> also new tonight the new york doctor diagnosed with ebola is now free of the virus. craig spencer will be released
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from bellevue hospital tomorrow. the 3384 old tested positive for ebola on objection 23rd. that was sick days after he returned from west africa. spencer was hospitalized when he noticed a high temperature during daily self monitoring. on the eve of veterans day the va announces a sweeping reorganization. the administration is opening to make it easier for vets to gain access to health care and other benefits. the restructuring is being spearheaded by robert mcdonald. the new secretary of the va whose now been on the job three months. the va will hire achieve customer service officer and says it had stream line how it delivers benefits cutting our bureaucracy. the reorganization is being called my va. it comes following revelations of long wait times for care and scheduling cover ups at many va hospitals. and veterans tonight are talking about that new plan to overhaul the va. >> our natasha brown got reaction from some of them who say they're just tired of getting the run around.
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>> my staff and i are here today to listen to your questions, concerns -- open forum for veterans to voice their concerns to a panel of veterans affairs officials who can transform questions into action. this town hall meeting at the philadelphia va regional office comes on the heels of a major reorganization plan designed to make it easier for veterans to navigate an often convoluted system. >> we have moved very deliberately in the last three plus years to engage transformation win va. >> one by one, veterans some choosing to conceal their entities but wearing their service as a badge of honor took to the mike many with mounting frustration on what they describe as lengthy claims processing procedures. army veteran frank thorn left the military in 2005. plagued with injuries. a decade later, he says he's still waiting on a resolution to claims he's filed. >> i have the actual paper work
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proving that i have these different things going on. but i don't get nothing in return like i said just a stone wall or stone wall approach. >> reporter: concerns like this are spearheading efforts by the va to make web sites and processes through the department a lot more customer service driven. it's welcomed news to bob fro low who work with veterans services in new jersey and says he's seen too many senior citizens waiting on benefits they never live to see. >> it takes forever. it's ridiculous, and the typical claimant for attendance a senior citizen. is lot of them are very ill. by the time the claim is settled they're in the hospital or pass away. >> the va calls the restructuring that will take place over the next year or so the largest in the department's history. with 22 million veterans depending on it. at the philadelphia regional va office in northeast philadelphia, natasha brown cbs-3 "eyewitness news". >> the united states marine corps celebrates its two hun 39th birthday today and they
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had a party in south philadelphia. this military gathering has been held outside of cookie's tavern for 40 years now. today world war ii veteran may ron finger who survive the battle of um woe jima bumped into louie la joy ya a fellow member of the 28th regimen. both men serve in the fifth division this was the first time they met. >> when you came here today, did you think you'd see another marine. >> never. i thought they were all dead but me. (laughter). >> thank god this beautiful man here. >> both veterans are 91 and took pictures today and traded stories from world war ii. well, we want to honor your veterans and all veterans from across the area. share their become chess and their stories with us. facebook or tweet them using the hash tag cbs-3 and you may just see them right here on "eyewitness news". >> a touchin touching tribute to veterans at lincoln financial
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field. we'll take you there coming up. >> also on the way tonight why so many women are losing their hair these days. and the easy steps that can help prevent it. kathy? >> temperatures taking a plunge, a big drop. 20 degrees in some spots between tomorrow and thursday. we'll take a look at how long this biting cold will last even though it's only november. >> but first, new information tonight about delvin warns. we'll tell you when he's coming back to town to face charges in the kidnapping that captivated the country. we're back in just 60 says.
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>> as the investigation continues into the abduction of a philadelphia woman we learned today the suspect in the case will be in a philadelphia federal courtroom wednesday. delvin barnes is being held on other charges in virginia but he will be brought here for an appearance. he was arrested in maryland last week after allegedly kidnapping carlesha freeland gaither off a
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philadelphia street. frefreeland gaither is back with familiar until north philadelphia. the coatesville area school district has completed its internal investigation sparked by news that kindergartner survived abuse that allegedly killed his little brother. investigators say 384 old scotty mcmillan was murdered by his mother and her boyfriend in a trailer in west calm township. scotty's brother ryan had been absent from school for two weeks. the district maintains staffers were not aware of any abuse. coatesville area school district superintendent dr. kathy tarnish released a statement "whenever a child is absent our staff tries to make contact with the parents to establish the reason for the absence, through phone calls, written communication and eventually a home visit to the residence we have on record. all of those procedures were followed. >> for one camden police officer this past halloween was anything but a normal day on the job. on otherwise routine shift
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sergeant watkins helped deliver a baby. he and two other officers responded to a call around 1:00 o'clock in the morning. it turn out to be a woman at a park who had gone into labor. watkins who's a trained emt directed the other officers as well as the mother and father and together they delivered a healthy baby girl. >> it was a little surreal. we're not used -- we're used to seeing various different things here in the city but not like an actual woman giving birth in the middle of the street. even myself and my 23 years ems experience and 17 years of police experience i've never experienced anything like that. >> i bet. the newborn was wrapped in blanket and rushed to cooper university hospital. toe his efforts sergeant watkins was name the department's officer of the week. >> it turns out stress may really be going to your head. on the cbs-3 health watch tonight, stress locks. younger women suffering from hear loss because of stress. health reporter stephanie stahl shows us how to hang on to our
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hair. >> reporter: she's only 25, but jenna has a relentless schedule that she says has taken a toll. >> i've noticed in the past probably sick months thinning of my hair around the face a little bit. so it's a little bit troublesome for me to say the least. >> she was so worried about her hair loss she went to a doctor who specializes in hair restoration. >> when i pick up your hair i was expecting to feel more weight in there. >> doctors say grogg number of younger women are complaining about thinning hair. >> i would say about 15 to 20% mostly females coming in who complain of hair loss are probably due to stress. >> i've never had that much hair come out in the shower in my brush. it was so out of the ordinary that i could tell something was wrong. >> dr. robert doran says she's suffering the consequence of a busy lifestyle. >> what we're talking about let's say is stress hair loss. stress causing hair loss. >> in a seeming the vicious cycle for her and other women the stress they experience can sometimes make things even wor
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worse. >> women coming in with lucious thick hair and nervous now they have less volume, or they see the thinning, and to watch it fall before their eyes is quite anxiety building. >> but there is hope. reducing stress is a vital first step along with improving your diet and getting more sleep. in addition, row gain has been effective and there are even fda approved laser treatments that can help stimulate dormant hair follicles. >> i think it will be as long as i get some extra help and i stop before it gets too bad. i would be panicking if i waited too long if i started seeing a real thick part or bald spots. i don't see that yet but i want to stop the thinning before it gets too bad. >> excessive heat from below dryers and flat irons can cause hair loss. vitamins b and d along with sing might help some. i'm stephanie stahl cbs-3 "eyewitness news". >> clear skies and light winds bring something chilly temperatures around the delaware valley.
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look at the numbers that are "eyewitness weather" watchers are reporting. first we'll start off down here in south jersey where the temperature is 39 degrees. bill says mt. laurel beautiful, light winds, moonlit skies but definitely on the chilly side. we'll go to the north in the west of philadelphia where it is 34 degrees gilbertsville. eileen is reporting a relative humidity of 84%. it's a clear starlit night perfect for an eagles win. that seems to be on the minds of many of our "eyewitness weather" watchers. and 36 degrees right now in perkasie. kevin is saying the pressure is steady. that means tomorrow we're going to see a pleasant day as well. if you would like to be an "eyewitness weather" watcher we would love you to chin our team. go to to find out more. >> outside in philadelphia we are looking at a brilliant night with temperatures falling through the 50s. into the 40s overnight. but it will stay clear that means sunshine for tomorrow. take a look at some of these high temperatures. live neighbor network shows us
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in valley forge, delran, inform, medford, and even in dover, temperatures in the 60s. this actually above normal and we'll good even warmer tomorrow. ahead of that polar plunge that is coming right now 48 in philadelphia. the same in allentown. 43 in the poconos. 38 in millville. but there's still some warmth to the west. just don't go too far west. right now the winds are calm in philadelphia. we have more of an easterly wind component and that will be with us during the day tomorrow as well. so we have those clear skies, light winds, a few clouds tomorrow but for the most part beautiful day as high pressure drifts toward the north and the east and warmth moves in from the south and west. so temperatures tomorrow in the upper 60s to around 70 in some spots ahead of this arctic front and then it moves closer still warmth squeezed up the eastern see bore. highs still in the 60s. but behind this is all of that cold air we've been talking about. the good news is, by the time it moves in we're not talking about temperatures in the 20s or the theirs. highs will be in the 40s. it will be the coldest air of
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the season but not as biting cold as we'll see in places like chicago tomorrow. so still a sunny day thursday but there are some indications that coastal moisture gets close enough we could see a rain or wet snow shower thursday night. that's still to be determine but of course we'll keep you updated overnight mainly clear the low 43. during the day tomorrow, 68 degrees. but then by the time thursday rolls around temperatures will be some 20 degrees cooler. the high thursday only 48. friday 45. saturday, sunday and monday staying chilly. that's a look at your "eyewitness weather" forecast. of course, we want to update you on all the winter weather information. want to remanned you the winter forecast will be coming your way wednesday night at 11:00 o'clock. we'll talk more about the polar vortex in our future. beasley is up next with sports when we come back.
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>> some more breaking news now. chopper three is hovering high above six flags great adventure in jackson township, new jersey. a fire broke out there in a barn that is part of the park's wild safari. it's unclear right now if any animal make inside this barn when the fire started. we do know crews have gotten the flames under control now but obviously there still on a very active scene. the cause of the fire is under investigation. ♪ >> the eagles moving easily away from carolina tonight. contributions from all three units. sanchez looking good. defense keeping cam newton off balance. darrin sproles with another specialty touchdown. right now in the fourth quarter the eagles are ahead 45-14.
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the defense with eight sacks and five turnovers. all right. the team saluted members of all five branches of the military tonight. they called it a salute to service. our heroes treated to the game and recognized for their sacrifices ahead of tomorrow's veterans day. thank you to all. >> next up for the eagles a trip to legendary lambeau field to face aaron rodgers and the packers. rogers burnt the bears last night with six touchdowns in the first half, green bay beat chicago 55-14. at the line of scrimmage as far as recognition, anticipation is -- he's off the jobs. the way he sees the game and the way he's able to react and communicate and adjust, he's at the highest level of his career. >> the sixers signed forward drew gordon and released malcolm thomas. they are the only winless team in the nba. 76ers back in action thursday against the mavericks. michael carter williams will
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make his season debut. high school football season coming to a close. but i stl need your help for this week's friday football frenzy game of the week. download the audio road show app to vote. here are your choices. i'll announce the winner thursday night at 11:00 right here on cbs-3. your town, your team, your kids on tv. the original friday football frenzy. we'll be right b
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♪ >> on the heels of the mid term elections philadelphia's african-american leaders launched the first of series of conversations on issues concerning the community. >> mayor nutter was one of guest speakers at tonight's kickoff at the philadelphia daily news building on market street. the launch event was titled we need to talk our pain, our
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challenges and our hopes. we'll be right back. ♪
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>> thanks for watching "eyewitness news" at 11:00 o'clock. we're back in the morning at 4:30 with ukee washington and erika von tiehl. for beasley, kathy and everyone here at "eyewitness news" i'm chris may. >> i'm jessica dean. remember we're always on at cbs the late show with david letterman is next. the guest is katie holmes. have a good night. we'll see you tomorrow. ♪
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