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tv   Eyewitness News at 5  CBS  November 13, 2014 5:00am-5:31am EST

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i'm erika von tiehl. it has been a while since we have seen snow but that could change tonight. >> flakes north and west of us, right katie. >> that is exactly right. i don't want anybody to panic, even though we are using that s word it does not mean anybody needs to break out a shovel. you might need to flick your windshield wipers because system we are tracking here which we have been talking about all week is very weak ape yet to even develop. we have a couple moving pieces, and, storm scan three is totally quiet. clouds building her off shore here and out to the southwest. that wide zoom we showed you at top of the show, it is just two piece that he is just need to come together to form this little disturbance. we have moisture well off to the south and lake effect snow providing the cold needed for any snow flakes to fall up across the great lakes region. those two pieces will merge and then later this have afternoon here we go we will start to see perhaps a wintry
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mix. obviously it is removed from philadelphia, far removed from the lehigh valley for that matter but here's the thing we just got that blast of cold air settling in as of last night so we need that cold air to settle if we are going to see accumulating snow. i just don't think we have where where all for that to happen. rain showers, absolutely. they will be wet i whimpy, bulk of moisture stays out to sea but regardless there is a chance, certainly i have been proven wrong before, we will see some snow that might leave at worse up to a coating, far west of philadelphia and only be on grass surfaces or your windshield when you wake up tomorrow. here's where we stan absolutely colder then yesterday in the 30's in many locations. in philadelphia a we are at 41. we are only expecting daytime highs to get in the upper 40's in philly. down the shore maybe milder at best low 50's there but clouds will build in, and we will track some chilly rain showers towards night fall as well, vittoria, back over to
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you. >> thanks, katie, good morning everyone. traveling on our majors is good news except if you are traveling in bucks county because we are dealing with an accident traveling on route one. southbound route one in bucks county right at 413 we are dealing with an accident still compromising the left-hand lane. traffic is getting by and at this time we are not dealing with too much traffic which is good news because we are not seeing too heavy of a delay. southbound route one traveling at 413, only right lane gets bias a result of this accident scene, police are on the scene, hopefully they will get this cleaned out of the way soon. traveling northbound no gaper delay to speak of. it is 5:02. we are not seeing rush develop until 6:00 o'clock or 6:15. right now 95 is free and clear on the vine street expressway and around center city in delaware county south philadelphia speed sensors in tter how you cut it and not just on i-95 but all of our majors.
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traveling in new jersey we are at 55 miles an hour no problems, but the river line is having some communication problems so expect 30 minute delays there. lets head back to the desk. ukee. >> vittoria, thank you. breaking news out of out west philadelphia this morning where flames forced several people from their homes. >> "eyewitness news" reporter jan carabao joins us from the scene with the latest on that story, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, fortunately there were no injuries a as a result of the fire but two homes destroyed and third has damage because of the flames. we are coming live from florence avenue where fire fighters are still on the scene, that ladder stretched out to the top of the row homes there you can see they are badly damage, of course, fire investigation is underway since this fire is under control. fire broke out just after 2:00 in the 5500 block of florence avenue in king sessing. when fire crew is a arrived they found an unoccupied row home on fire. crews got the flames under
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control in 30 minutes but fire had already spread to a neighboring home. two in fact. at this point we know that the red cross is on the way and five people are displaced this morning including three adults and two teenagers but again no injuries, the cause of this fire is under investigation. fire crews remaining on the scene just to keep an eye out on hot spots. as soon as we get more information we will bring it straight on air and on line at cbs reporting live, jan carabao for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". more breaking news in west philadelphia a woman is found naked and dead in the home near 53rd and market street. homicide detectives are on the scene right now. we are told that the six two-year old woman had some bruises on her body. another woman in the hospital was also taken there with minor injuries. we have a crew heading to that scene and we will bring you updates as soon as we learn more information. developing right now an off-duty septa bus driver is fighting for his life
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following a deadly double shooting in south philadelphia. it happened just before 8:00 last night on the 600 block of winton street. eyewitnesses say the bus driver often visits the neighborhood to check on his mom, another man, a 35 year-old man, died of a gunshot wound to the head. at this point no word on a suspect or the intended target. police say driver of this car, tried to run down an officer during a traffic stop in north philadelphia last night. the wild scene unfolded near 21st and oxford, investigators say the driver dragged an officer several feet but was in the seriously hurt. the officer fired one shot at the car which briefly got away but was recovered on north lambert street near norris. police arrested the suspect when he sought treatment at jefferson hospital for a gunshot wound to his arm. new this morning septa a officials tell "eyewitness news" a minor train derailment
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overnight in north philadelphia will not affect your morning commute. police say an a oversized load caused a conrail freight train to get stuck under an overpass tea railing two cars. this happened just before 10:00 on fifth street between allegheny and clear field in the city's fair hill neighborhood don't expect a vote on selling will that utility. council members will talk today and tomorrow about what is in store for pgw. the two day hearing just comes a few weeks after city council pulled the plug on the plans to sell pgw. private company offered the city almost $2 billion. council did not even hold a hearing about that possible sale. neighbors pack a community meeting in south philadelphia to rally with a begins building a proposed casino in the air use. hundreds of neighbor spoke out about possible plans for a new casino a at packer a avenue and darren street, one of four proposed locations for the cities second casino but the south philadelphia location is close to the school which raises concern for many
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parents. >> in my hands i have over a hundred parents in our school that are opposed to this casino, absolutely being opened near our school. we just don't want this. >> just to be clear a final decision has not yet been made and that is expect on november 18th when pennsylvania gaming control board will hold a public meeting. new this morning president obama arrives in miramar the latest stop on his trip to asia. he is resting amid questions about whether its government will follow through on promised political economic and reforms. u.s. made too many overtures to the long isolated country too soon rewarding promises rather than results. our time 5:07. talk about a rough day on the job, two window washers hang out for dear life outside new world trade center. >> see more to pull those work tours safety. a frightening attack on sailors overseas, find out why they were targeted on shore even without their uniforms
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on. could we see our first snow of the season tonight? katie has her eye on the wintry weather on our way, feeling chilly out there, 41 degrees. we will check on your forecast
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to anything - everything. with hershey's spreads, the possibilities are delicious. a woman in her 60's is found dead inside her apartment founnaked and covered in bruises. nicole brewer joins us now on the scene at 53rd and market. nicole. >> police are right now investigating this as a homicide, certainly a suspicious death we're told that they were called out to this home here on 53rd street near market street in west philadelphia. by a woman, a 57 year-old woman who said her roommate,
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was dead inside that home and first floor bedroom. she also told police that there was some kind of a break in, robbery, a according to this woman that three men wearing a masks and hoods supposedly came into that home. right new there is no signs of forced entry but police are still working to confirm that story a and try to find some evidence that would confirm these details. right now that 57 year-old would mate is being treated as a key witness and being taken to hup with minor bruising. again the woman she lived with, a woman in her 60's was found dead inside her bedroom as she mentioned she was covered in bruises. so, a very questionable and very peculiar crime scene here on 53rd street. i'm actually joined by a neighbor who lives just a couple doors down from that victim. ma'am, i know you didn't want to share your name but you said you do know this woman. talk to us about the victim
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this woman in her 60's. >> she's a senior citizen. she would talk to you, say hello and everything. she has been living there for a while. he don't bother nobody. she don't bother nobody. >> reporter: you just can't believe something like this would happen. >> no, no, no, i don't. i really can't. i can't feel it. there is in words to explain this. it is just not right. just not right. this world is so crooked, so crazy. >> reporter: it is a terrible morning toe something like this happen in your own neighborhood. two people that you know. we understand there was a roommate involved a 57 year-old woman who reportedded that there was a break in, three men did you hear anything overnight to suggest that is the case. >> i didn't, i take medicine, i didn't, i didn't. what woke me up is i heard a lot of motors running and when i looked out window and seen
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all this i didn't know what it was but i seen all of this i said is it a house fire or something? you would never think that somebody would do that to her. >> reporter: thanks for speaking with us, i'm sorry for what is happening in our neighborhood this morning. just a scary scene on 53rd street again, police are on the scene, detective inside investigating the suspicious death. we are live from west philadelphia, nicole brewer, cbs-3 "eyewitness news". updating more breaking news, three adult and two teens are forced from their hems by a fire in king sessing. that fire started in an unoccupied home near 56th and florence and spread to two other homes. fortunately the adults and two, 17 year-olds were not injured. developing story this morning police are interviewing possible witnesses to a deadly double shooting in south philadelphia. dozens of shell casing on sixth and winton.
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a 36 year-old man was killed but another man was visiting her mother is in critical condition. septa officials say services will be back to normal on the trenton regional rail lines, two trains were canceled last night after a conrail freight train got stuck in an overpass and derailed near fifth and allegheny. lets get our traffic and weather together, here's katie. good morning, everybody. this is a quiet day but by tonight things get more unsettled for our area as a little weak disturbance, comes on in. we will just see the core of the cold settling in for our area, make its arrival. cold has not had a chance to completely settle in but pro tuesdaying changes. just a view here of sky cam three. we have 41 degrees at philly international as well as here in our own station headquarters which you can see the bug there in the bottom right-hand corner of the screen. humidity levels have dropped off. you will not to have deal with fog. storm scan three is nice and clear at this point. sun glare will end up being
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the problem later this morning pertaining to the weather. well off to the northwest we have lake effect snow kicking up here but that does not look like it will be affecting us. some cold that comes with that lake effect snow grabs in on this moisture down here across the south, two pieces start to merge. we have a weak area of low pressure. we are looking at head line and starting to worry. do not worry too much here. what i will show you is how one model sees it. i gree with this one. we need cold air to settle if we're going to see any accumulating snow. could you see a few snow flakes mixing in with the rain showers to pick up later tonight or as early as this evening in philadelphia? possibly. it will not have a chance to accumulate or stick to anything because it will melt on contact. our ground is just too warm. there is possibility of outline chance far northern suburbs see a light coating or big story is just a chill settling in. sun returns by tomorrow,
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sticks around through sunday and then sunday night leads up to a rainy monday it looks like with our next storm system. hey guys if you know a kid who loves weather we want you to see them and you at cbs-3 kidcasters. they will show off forecasting skills at plymouth meeting mall between noon and three, on saturday and they might even see themselves on "eyewitness news". we will put everything we need to know on cb. caster. vittoria, over to you. >> i love when we do that. i look forward to that. they shock you how amazing they are. >> too good, too good. >> take our jobs,. >> and rightfully so. traveling out and about right now traffic is looking good, would i say, but if you are traveling on route one we are dealing with this issue here. if you are traveling southbound route one in bucks county a at 413 we have an accident compromising the
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left-hand lane, right lane gets by, this has been out here for over an hour now. it does seem that police is on the scene someone is pulling away. we could see this get moving. that looks like a tow truck attached to this tractor trailer here. we should see that i would say as a way very shortly. your rush hour delays are non-existent but watch out for delays for river line of up to 30 minutes. ukee. we want to give you some money. we have a hundred bucks and yes, it has your name on it. >> it just might for your chance to win. also talk about getting caught in the pinch, a truck is stuck on the walking path, you have to hear who the driver blames for his mistake.
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two window washers spent an hour dangling off of one world trade center in new york city. they became trapped, after one of the cables malfunctioned do you see how high up they are. they waited until fire fighters cut through, these thick windows, to pull them to safety. authorities were in communication with those workers during the rescue. >> the cables did not break, the the slack developed on the west side of the scaffolding, and causing it to go through that position. >> the wind was blowing as well so it must have been terrifying for those men. >> i wouldn't want to be them. >> thank goodness they are okay. >> here's a look from inside one world trade after workers were rescued. sky scrapers opened up at the site of the twin towers just last week. check this out a truck driver is blaming his gps forgetting him stuck not in traffic but a small walkway. 53-foot trailer was just a a little bit too big for that foot bridge in milwaukee.
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crews got the truck out after a few hours. police did site the 50 year-old driver for reckless driving and failing to obey road signs, ukee. turkish youth group is thought to be behind an attack on american sailors in the tourist area office tanbul. this was provided by turkish youth union. protesters put sacks on the solder's head and threw you red dye at them while calling them murderers. the sailors managed to get away, the u.s.s. ross is docked nearby. turkish police detained 12 people in connection with this incident. time right now 5:21. one of the sixers biggest stars i know you are psyched. >> oh, yeah good lets do this. michael carter williams admits he might be too anxious, but hear from the reigning rookie of the year when we come back. >> history in space, scientists land a spacecraft on a speeeeding comet. this led to a pretty funny trenton social media more on that coming up.
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here's your traffic and weather together. >> temperatures taking a hit for first time today and a pattern that sticks with us for a while. we will look at storm scan three quiet, clear so temperatures continue their decline this morning. how does that read on the thermometer, with that said, we're below freezing and a couple choice locations here. primarily further inland we have moderating influence over the opened ocean water in wildwood and still in the 40's as we are at philly international. just outside the city into those, more remet suburbs like quakertown for example, 36 is your current temperature. this is kind of day that will warrant a heavier coat. we will see rain showers kick nothing and it may mix with a little bit of wet snow
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primarily further north and west in the delaware valley, writ tore use. >> good morning, everyone. we are still dealing with an accident if you are traveling in bucks county. lets get outside and show you outbound on route one, right at 43, this accident is still blocking left-hand lane. it does seem that tow truck is on the scene to remove disable tractor trailer left over from that incident but right lane only gets by and bit of the squeeze. this has been out here for over a hour and a half. as they continue to get that cleared out, it is building residual traffic. you need to give yourself more time. we will let you know when that does clear. >> looking at 42 freeway, in major delays, we see a few northbound vehicles but we are not eag that huge rush hour just yet. speed sensors looking great but be mindful of 30 minute delays for river line as they are having communication problems, ukee. in sports, sixers go for their first win of the season when they take on the
5:26 am
mavericks in dallas, later tonight st. joes star jameer nelson is on the mavericks now. look who is expected to play for our side mid rookie of the year michael carter williams. mcw had shoulder surgery last may and missed first seven games of the year thus far. >> i'm real anxious to be out there. i have to relax a little bit. just to get my feel in a real live game situation. i'm excited. i can't wait to be out there. >> ease yourself in young fellow. mark sanchez makes his second start in enemy territory. sanchez and birds face aaron rodgers and green bay packers at lambeau field sunday. sanchez has thrown for five touchdowns since taking over for injured nick foles but mark knows birds have to take care of the football against the packers defense. >> they are an unselfish group, they don't care who makes the play and they have a lot of guys that can make a play. we need to be real sharp and
5:27 am
focused in training and in our meetings especially with the short week we have a lot of ground to make up. eagles darren sproles was named nfc special teams player of the week. he returned that carolina punt 65-yard to the house on monday night. i always love watching this. he also had a touchdown rushing. congratulations. later today major league baseball hand out mvp awards. millville's mike trout is favorite in the american league and dodge are pitcher clayton k are shaw could win it in the national league. he took home cy young award behind. corry, won for al in the first full major league season. erika, back over to you. coming up next on "eyewitness news" we are continuing to follow several breaking stories including a number of people forced out of their homes by a row home fire and murder investigation also in west philadelphia. hey talk about a bad break up why a man sent his ex-girl
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friend thesese baby chickens as an unusual parting gift. vittoria and katie return with traffic and weather together on the three's. katie is tracking possible snow tonight and we are giving away a hundred dollars this morning just keep watching for your chance to win. we will be right back.
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we are following breaking news a woman found name and bruised and detectives are on the scene searching for clues. >> let get more right out to nicole brewer at the scene where homicide detectives and investigation is going on right now. nicole, good morning. >> reporter: investigation is still underway this morning. police got the call around 3:00 to the unit blocf


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