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tv   Eyewitness News at 11  CBS  November 19, 2014 11:00pm-11:36pm EST

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philadelphia this is cbs-3 "eyewitness news". >> the driver completely upside down, head totally in water, completely uncouldn't. >> inside this car, six people trapped underwater including a five year old boy. what happened next has a local man being called a hero tonight and new at 11:00 that man is talking to "eyewitness news" about his brave axes. good evening, i'm jessica dean. >> i'm chris may. "eyewitness news" reporter todd quinones is live at christiana hospital in delaware where the victims are being treated. todd? >> reporter: well, chris, that's right. all the victims right now are being treated for hypothermia. the five year old boy is in the worst condition but they're all alive thanks to some good samaritans. >> jump in this water it's going to be really. >> reporter: that was his only thought as he jumped into the freezing waters of retention pond. six people including a five year old boy desperately needed help. edgar and two other good samaritans wasted little time.
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>> i her the child screaming in the back seat. the two gentlemen that with me made sure to get everyone out of the back of the vehicle. >> reporter: 24 year old from media delaware county went to help the unconscious driver who still had his seat belt on. >> there's the driver completely upside down, head totally in water, completely unconscious. >> reporter: he took a moment to collect himself. >> up to my chin in water. went under. popped the seat belt so the man fell and this is how i knew he was completely out because when he fell there was no movement. at that moment i just grabbed him by the back of his pants where his belt loops are i just pulled and yanked hmm out of the vehicle. >> reporter: season guilty vehicle accident happened right near the christiana mall wednesday afternoon. police say the driver accelera accelerated to make a light on mall road, lost control and hit a curve which fluffed the sup over and it slid into the retention pond in about two pete of water. the rescue he talked to one of the passengers. >> did we get everyone out of the vehicle and he look at me and he counted on his finger and looked around and said yes.
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so with that, i just gave him a hug. >> edgars naval training kick in during the rescuee guess hat he was wearing which belonged to his late cousin helped, too, he says. >> he died if car accident himself. i knew he was there the whole entire time. >> reporter: that driver regained consciousness after he was pulled from the vehicle. he and the four other adult passengers in that vehicle right now are listed in serious condition here tonight. the five year old boy is in critical condition with injuries to his head. reporting live tonight from christiana hospital todd within phones cbs-3 "eyewitness news". >> todd thank you very much. what would you do if your car was in the water? what if no one was there to rescue you? i talked with some experts we put together plan that could sea your life. go to and search for the story underwater escape. >> now to new information tonight the driver of a tractor trailer involved in this deadly crash in berks county was arraigned just a short time ago.
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"eyewitness news" reporter matt rivers is live at the scene of the tragic accident with the latest. matt? >> reporter: jessica, it was shortly after 8:30 this evening that steven, was formally arraigned on charges here in berk county including two counts of vehicular homicide for whatever along this busy forty seven of route 222. the crash started up the road little ways from where we are now. the tractor trailer hit several cars at that intersection and then continued down the road finally ending up here at this dunkin' donuts. you can see the aftermath of the crash still remain at the spot where 23 year old jeremy augustine and 32 year old jane, lost their lives. a twisted pile of metal nine injuries, and two dead. early morning accident authorities say happened because 5084 old steven, fell asleep behind the wheel. >> it is clear that he dosed off and it is clear he was driving
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too fast causing horrific property damage and loss of life. >> reporter: he was driving a truck for queuing blear's recycling and had been working since 1:30am. he drifted off while speeding down route 222. a stretch of road notorious for traffic accidents. by the time he woke up he hit several cars. he tried hitting the brakes but it was too late. his rig plowing three cars into the sign just outside of a dunkin' donuts. northern berks police officer rob wood, jr., happened to be at the drive through. >> louder impacts and thuds that you can feel. i pulled around the building realizing something worse had happen. >> reporter: it was a drive through security cam that captured the crash on video. those who saw it say it was painful to watch. >> difficult. that video was telling. it was graphic. >> he's facing multiple charges including two counts of homicide by vehicle. but it's not his first time in legal trouble.
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we rang a buzzer at his apartment earlier tonight, his address pub leck record because he is a registered sex offender on parole at the time of the crash. and we did receive a statement from the recycling company he works for. they said "we are praying for all of those involved in today's terrible accident. we cannot sufficiently express our deepest condolences to all who have been impacted by that this tragic event. they were going to cooperate in any investigation and this video came in late to us. late to "eyewitness news" evening. that is video of steven berne near outside of his arraignment. he again was arraigned at 8:30 earlier this evening on those formal charges including two counts of vehicular homicide. back here live at the scene we also were told by officials that he was arraigned as quickly as he was because the security camera from this dunkin' donuts behind mow clearly showed that berne near was at fault in this accident. live in berks county night matt rivers cbs-3 "eyewitness news".
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>> matt, thank you very much. another bitterly cold night around the delaware valley and around the country as well and there's no place harder hit than buffalo, new york. seven people have died. much of that area is under an astounding sick feet of snow. two to 3 feet could fall as soon as tomorrow. the buffalo bills stadium is snowed inform it's so bad the team is asking for volunteer toes help did he go out for sunday's tim. so what's behind all of this? meteorologist kathy orr is out on the sky deck with more. kathy? that snow will not end until the wind eases up and that's not going to happen for the least the next 24 to 36 hours. here in the delaware valley we're just talking about the bitter cold and that cold will ease temporarily before a major warmup gets under way. take look at storm scan3. we just have few clouds moving our way tonight. we do have a southerly wind and that is inching temperatures up around the region. philadelphia 35. that's a new high for the day. millville 37. but guess what? those southerly
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winds are still creating cold wind chills. it's still breezy. philadelphia feeling like 27. wilmington 24. it feels like seven in the poconos. so come tomorrow morning, we are going to be feeling the chill. the poconos, the wind chill less than 15. 15 to 20 in the lehigh valley and the philadelphia area 20 to 25. so improving wind chills but still cold. as you head down the shore and delaware beaches wind chills between 25 and 30. coming up we will have a brief break for, fresh the cold before another cold blast moves in late week. we will enjoy warm but windy and wet weather in the seven today forecast. more on that coming up later in the broadcast when i join you inside. at least a little hope. >> all right. kathy, thanks. new tonight, some worker getting ready to walk off the job at philadelphia international airport and travelers could feel the effects tomorrow. the work stoppage gets underway at 7am as many as 125 bag handlers employed by prime flight which contracts with the airlines could walk off the job and that includes those loading
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bags on and off conveyor belts and carousels along with sky caps and wheelchair attendees. many bag handlers make about $9 an hour now instead of the 10.88 they say they were promised. >> we bust our butts, you know, doing what we do. people think year baggage handlers. i'm a female and i'm lifting 70, 80, 90 bags, you understand, for them to treat us the way we getting treated we don't have break room. >> workers voted to unionize self ms. ago. we talked to several lines at philadelphia international airport who say they have plans in place to help passengers. also new tonight the revel deal is off. canadian farm is abandonin abans plan to buy the former revel casino hotel in atlantic city. chopper three over the former revel which now sits completely dark. brook field asset management planned to buy the property for $110 million and reopen it as casino. sources tonight say the deal fell apart over a disagreement
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with bondholders controlling debt related to revel's power plant. the $2.2 billion casino opened in april 2012 but it never turned a profit. it closed in september after a second trip to bankruptcy court. the atlantic city mayor toll "eyewitness news" tonight the city will continue to at tract new investors. >> both nbc and netflix say they will not be airing new projects from bill cosby. the networks are distancing themselves from the legendary comedian as he faces allegations of sexual assault that date decades. three women have now come forward accusing bill cosby of rape. the latest is one-time super model janice dickinson she claims she was attack after a dinner date with cosby in 1982. >> the next morning i woke up and i wasn't wearing my pajamas and i remember before i passed out that i had been sexually assaulted by this man. >> cosbys attorney says her story accusing bill cosby of rape is a lie. he points to a 2002 interview in which she told a reporter she
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didn't want to go to bed with cosby and he blew her off. cbs news reached out to dickinson for an interview but decline after she ad asked to be paid. form mr. publicist joan, claims she was assaulted twice in 1969 she was 19. >> the neck thing i remember is being on the couch with him teaing my underwear off. >> actress barbara bowman accu accuses cosby of raping her in 1985. >> i was serve add glass of wine and the next thing i knew i was hovering over the toilet bowl oh and my knees in a white t shirt that was not mine. >> cosby is in no legal jeopardy sin the allegations fall outside the statute of limitations. he did face a civil lawsuit in 2005 but it was settled after a dozen additional women reportedly agreed to testify against him. the plaintiff in that case initially went to montgomery county prosecutor bruce castor. claiming she was assaulted in cosby's cheltenham home.
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but a year had passed since alleged encounter. castor told "eyewitness news" earlier this week he believes cosby did something wrong, but he did not have the evidence to prove it. >> i'm disappoint we had weren't able to go ahead but i'm absolutely convinced were made the right decision. >> late today the tv land network announced that it was pulling episodes of the cosby show from its lineup. tonight a man arrested for bringing a weapon noor the white house is facing serious charges. secret service found a hunting rifle and ammunition in the trunk of an iowa man's car. this diss coverer was made after 41rj, walk up to white house checkpoint and told agents someone in iowa told him to drive to the white house. he's now charged with possessing an unregistered firearm and other charges are pending. >> meanwhile president obama will unveil his controversial immigration plan tomorrow night. the president is expected to issue an executive order that could shield up to 5 million em grants who are in the us
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illegally from deportation. you can see the president's address tomorrow night at 8:00 live on the new cbs news online channel cbs n to find it go to cbs >> the race for philadelphia mayor is getting crowded now. two more democratic candidates officially through their hats in the rink today. we start with former philadelphia da lynne abraham. she announced her candidacy at the franklin institute. she wants to become the first woman to hold that office. a few hours later state senator anthony hardy williams announced his candidacy on independence mall. he of course ran for governor in 2010. terry guillen and ken, are also running for the democratic nomination. >> it was a surprising shipment, 90 pounds of pot shows up at one store's front door. the burning question, who sent it? that's next. plus -- >> some of the most vulnerable people and you bilk them for everything they're worth. how do you sleep at night. >> the i-team's charlotte
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huffman confronts a woman who's committed of stealing millions from the elderly. we talk to this woman who says she was a victim and being held against her will. an i-team exclusive is straight ahead. >> kathy? >> we are finally going to take a break from the cold but the big question is, how long does it last? that answer coming up with the seven day. >> and why a bad marriage can really mean a broken heart. don't go anywhere. we're back in just
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>> upper darby township business gets quite the surprise. city blew on 69th street received a special delivery of 90 pounds of high grade marijuana from california. 60 pounds were delivered on wednesday. the store received another 30 pounds the next day. this marijuana was packaged in special packaging so a dog could not detect it. police are now trying to track down the cente -- zen derr.
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>> older couples trapped in a bad marriage have a higher risk for heart disease than those in good marriages. that's according to michigan state researchers. they found those with spouse who's were critical and deman demanding did have more heart problems. marital quality has a bigger effect on women's heart health they say than on men's. prominent attorney and guardian pleads guilty to stealing millions from her elderly clients. now the woman in a separate case says she too was a victim. to night the i-team charlotte huffman talk at the senior citizen who says she had everything taken from her and is being forced to live in a nursing home. >> i don't belong here i want pi live back. >> reporter: this is helen hugo and this is the room where she says she's been held against her will for three years. to hear hugo's story the i-team had to go inside her nursing home undercover. it's where hugo says her
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visitors are turned away. >> what do you want people to know? >> i think they should be made aware that this kind of thing is going on. >> reporter: hugo says in 2011 she was forced out of this senior apartment building and into the home. her ira cashed out and her belongings taken. >> i still haven't found my jewelry. >> reporter: she claims her court appointed guardian is to blame. >> she steals. she lies. she's an evil person. >> reporter: she's talking about barbara lieberman. >> do i know you? >> my name is charlotte huffman i'm with cbs-3. >> she admitted to stealing millions from other seniors she was supposed to be helping. the charges, the guardian and prominent attorney ran a exam with the owner of a senior care company and two others the victims they're own clients. police say they forced seniors into nursing homes, stole more than 2.4 million from at left 10 of them and used the money to pay off six digit credit card
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bills and buy things like this bmw, and a luxury condo in florida. >> i've got the states charges here you forged a power of attorney transferred money into your own bank account. even he can cuted wills for the people so you could steal from them after they died. how do you sleep at night? lieberman hid from our cameras then she called security. >> what about helen hugo, did you steal from her. >> three years ago county doctors deemed hugo a mentally incapacitated person. but the i-team obtained the findings of a september psychiatric val weighing requested by hugo's relatives. it found no evidence of that. instead, the psychiatrist writes hugo is fully competent to decide where she would like to live and to make financial decisions. >> her niece barbara martin says she new year's ago that something wasn't right. >> she and her husband began filing complaints and writing letters to get hugo out of the nursing home and away from lieberman. >> the more we uncovered, the
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more we dug, the more fraud we discover. the more they tried to keep us quiet. >> reporter: in a letter to the martin's attorney, lieberman as her guardian banned them from visiting hugo saying she wants nothing further to do with the martins. hugo tells us the opposite. >> she tried to come. they turned her away. telling her that i didn't want to see her. which is a big lie because i'd love to see her. >> i am petrified helen is going to die before we get her out. she's missed three years of holidays now. >> reporter: hugo has only been allowed to see the martin tousle brought her 85th birthday earlier this year, but normally their holidays look more like this. blowing kisses from outside her window. >> very sad. >> it is. it really is. ooh want my life back. >> reporter: well hugo now has new guardian and a hearing has been scheduled for next month to discuss whether she should be declared competent.
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right now lieberman is not charged in connection with had you go but authorities say there are more victims and this is very much an on-going investigation. >> what about barbara lieberman what's next for her. >> as part of her blee deal she may be required to testify again the other alleged to have been involved in the scam. she also facing 10 years in prison and has forfeited 3 million for restitution. >> wow. >> unbelievable story. >> it really is. >> charlotte, thank you. >> sure. >> if you have a story that you'd like theism team to investigate just send an e-mail to i-team at the cold is going to ease bit it cross the delaware vall valley. our "eyewitness weather" watchers are seeing that happen as we speak. right now the temperature is 30 degrees in willow grove. down to 28 earlier and it is slowly inching upward with a southerly wind. 32 degrees in wilmington. lisa is saying it's a pretty night. brrr, it's outside. feels like 24 but we are better
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off than those in new york. of course referring to the 7 feet of snow in some spots in buffalo, new york with more on the way. to the north and west of philadelphia we go, it is 25 degrees. in coopers burg and don is saying, great to see the stars on very cool night. clouds to the west. if you would like to be our eyes and ears in the field, you can be featured in our newscast by becoming an "eyewitness weather" watcher. sign up now go to watchers. we have few clouds in center city philadelphia. this is the view from the camden side on the ben franklin bridge. in philadelphia we have a southerly wind about 10 miles an hour and that's boosting temperatures right now we are at our high for the day of 35 degrees. but with the breezy conditions we're still seeing some wind chills. in reading it is 29. in allentown 27. the poconos sitting at 20. to the north and west temperatures in the 20s. some 30s through the tennessee valley. and you can see minneapolis at 18. so this is better than it has been over the past several days. so we'll take it for now. i want to show you that polar
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air to the north slowly easing for thursday. you see those blues lifting to the north and west. we catch a break thursday. another piece of arctic air swings through friday and we get back into the whole whipped chills in the 20 kind of thing and then by friday, night into saturday, we see an improve many all of arctic airy treats. so saturday will start a warming trend that will stick around for a little while. here's the global perspective you can see over philadelphia that big dip in the jet stream and we'll see the improvements by the weekend. big time with mild air over the philadelphia area. the whole northeast and temperatures soar into the 50s and the 60s. overnight wind chills in the 20s but high temperatures around 30. during the day tomorrow 43. mostly sunny a bit of a wind not quite as cold. on the seven day forecast take look. 38 friday but saturday 41. sunday 56. some rain but some warmth on monday and staying in the 50s for tuesday and wednesday as we head towards thanksgiving. not too bad. we'll be back with beasley and
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>> the eagles looking to redeem themselves at lingering this sunday with the tennessee titans coming to town. the offense working on a few new things at the novacare complex. tennessee's defense is nearly bottom of the league but chip kelly and company in the taking anything for granted. >> very aggressive. they got an tabbing style scheme. i think they're a team that actually puts an extra guy in the bock. it's something you have to prepare for. they got a bunch of hard knowed physical guys and they play he can treatmently hard. >> we can't hang our heads on the last game win or lose. we got to go out there and take
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care of business. only one thing we do exceptionally well is make corrections, learn from them and move on. >> all right. eagles and titans at the linc catch the all right here on cbs-3. the kick off time at 1:00 o'clock. other news in the nfl. the philadelphia judge who will decide on a new settlement between former players and the league over long-term effects of concussion ruled today. the original agreement was tossed out testimony was heard today from both sides. a ruling is expected in the near future. all right. the flyers take a trip up north facing off against the rangers at madison square garden. a game time decision on the team captain claude giroux. he did play despite an injured foot. but the rangers who drew first blood about five minutes in. point blank shot by kevin klein. skip ahead to the second period rangers on the tack again. this time rick nash from far side of the net.
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flyers offense couldn't get anything going. the ranger take the win, two to nothing. how about the sixers hosting the celtics tonight. philadelphia off to app early lead but boston pulled ahead in the second quarter. sixers able to keep things interesting until the final minutes of play. but they just could not regain the lead. sixers lose for the 11th straight time zero victories this season, final score 101 to 90. and this it final opportunity to help me pick the friday frenzy game of the week the final one. download the audio road show app. here are your opportunities. the winner will be announced tomorrow night. >> we'll be right back. ♪
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>> thank uh-uh for watching "eyewitness news" at 11:00ly we're back in the morning at 4:30 with ukee washington and erika von tiehl. i'm chris may. >> i'm jessica dean. you can fine us at the late show with david
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