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tv   Eyewitness News at 6  CBS  November 20, 2014 6:00am-7:01am EST

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>> there has been a shooting at the library. >> reporter: video recorded by a student showed moments after a gunman opened fire at florida state university main library, students inside huddled together as an officer talk over a loud speaker. >> if anybody has been shot, call 911 on your cell phone. >> reporter: shooting happened around midnight inside the library which is opened 24 hours. three people were injured and then taken to the hospital. >> the the fsu police challenge the gun man outside the library, they gave him command, he did not ape fired a shot at the officers. >> reporter: gunman was shot and killed with finals approaching, university officials say library was packed with hundreds of students when the shooting happened, a photo from the shoot inside library shows bags abandoned and lap tops left behind. other photos show an officer checking bags as the building was cleared and students, leaving with their hand up. the tallahassee police department is now leading the
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investigation. >> we have forensic technicians on the scene, we have homicide investigators on the scene and they will comb through the evidence, interview witnesses. >> reporter: gunman has not been identified and not known if he was a student. don champion for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". back home and developing right now baggage handlers at philly international airport pulled out picket signs and walk off the job. wages are not their only complaint. "eyewitness news" reporter jane carabao joins us at the a airport to bring us up to date, jan. >> reporter: that is right, this strike was supposed to begin at 7:00 o'clock this morning but it actually started hours earlier. these workers stepped off the job here at philadelphia international the airport right around 5:00 o'clo this morning. more than hundred baggage hand letters pledged to go on strike here and they say they were going to step off the job at 7:00 o'clock. a spokesperson says it is unclear how long this will last but that has passengers worried especially around the
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who will days. >> bags will be arriving shortly. >> reporter: they are 125 men and with men who make sure your check bags get scanned and handed to tsa. you also see them loading bags on and off carousals and conveyor belts. they are bag handlers employed by prime flight which contracts with individual airlines but come thurursday morning many say they will walk off the job and on to the picket line. >> we want better wages. everybody just want to be treated equally. >> reporter: employees tell "eyewitness news" that they currently earned $9 an hour instead of the $10.88 they have been promised. >> people think we're in the baggage handlers. i'm a female lifting 70, eight on 90 pounds you understand. for them to treat us, the way we are treated we don't even have a break room. >> reporter: they voted to unionized several months ago. while not all say they are walking off the job, passengers are just left hoping this does not mean delays for them. now that is going to be a
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problem, what will we do. >> i'm not operating the airport so i cannot comment on what they should be paid but it would be nice if they are compassionate over the holidays. >> reporter: local union officials are organizing this strike and picket this morning. joining us live for an interview is one of the baggage workers here at the airport. he is alfred williams. and it is very loud. you are very passionate. what are you hoping to accomplice. >> we are hoping to accomplish that we get better wages and benefits. right now we barely make any money. we don't have any benefits. and we do a a lot of work. we handle the bags on a regular basis a a lot of these bags are overweight and heavy. they don't supply with us any sort of medical or any kind of support, back brace. just recently we just got a first aid kit in the airport for the workers. we should have had that,
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because of the work that we do. >> reporter: talk about more of that heavy load of the work, where do you you work in the airport and how much do you handle. >> i work out of a west and we handle between 50600 bags a day, half of those bags are overweight, between 50 to 90 pounds, and it takes its toll on somebody. lifting those bags on a constant basis takes a toll on your back. all we want is benefits and more money. u.s. airways personnel and american personnel who do the the same job they get paid same money and about get benefits, so why can't we. >> reporter: how long can they stay off a job to make this happen. >> thinks only a one day strike right new so we hope it don't go any further then this. >> reporter: alfred williams thanks so much for joining us. airport spokesperson said airlines do have contingency plans in place. reporting live at philadelphia international airport, jan carabao for cbs-3 "eyewitness
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news". right now lets get traffic and weather together. katie, good morning. >> the chillies still out there. things are still chilly in our area but we are starting to see things ease up a bit in the way of wind for one thing, but the worst of that cold in terms of temperature. all is quiet on skies cam three. we can expect to see more sunshine here today. it would appear in the last three hours that you had a little bit of snow across the lehigh valley and then out towards berks county but none on the that fell to the ground. overcast skies. sometimes what you see doesn't verify on the ground but with that said these temperatures are still cold and still requires heavier jacket and heavier winter coat but it is better than it was yesterday. the temperatures are also a little bit milder then they were yesterday but our kay time high of 43, that is still ten or so degrees below seasonal average. it is a small victory. better than it was yesterday but we still got aways to go if we are talking seasonal, vittoria. >> good morning, everyone.
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our majors are still looking fine, it is even 6:05 and we don't have too much to talk b even southbound i-95, southbound i-95 with the headlights in the shot here, as you will notice moving through construction zone not too far from girard avenue you still have i have good amount of space in between the vehicle. this is a bit surprising to me because usually around this time we are seeing a heavy build up but so far, so good. with that said take i-95 with a grain of salt because if you are watching by the time you get there, you will find traffic. in doubt about. that schuylkill expressway westbound still looking nice around city avenue, speed sensors are still high up in the 50's no matter how you cut tonight pennsylvania, new jersey and delaware and in delays for mass transit. the let's head back to the desk. all right. thanks vittoria. new this morning a crash in germantown injured a philadelphia police officer and two others. it happened at haines street and chew avenue. police say an suv hit a car and then that car hit a police
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cruiser. all three we're told were in those cars and are in stable condition. police say they will be okay. judge has set bail at half million-dollar for tractor trailer driver charged in this deadly crash. berks county prosecutors steven bernier was driving a truck for a recycling company yesterday morning. investigators say he hit a line of stopped cars on route 222 near route 73 intersection in maiden creek township. the crash killed two people and injured nine others. >> it is clear that he dozed off and it is clear that he was driving too fast causing horrific property damage and loss of life. >> charges against bernier include you two counts have of homicide by vehicle. the company issued a statement saying it is we are praying for all those involved in the terrible accident. we cannot sufficiently express our deepest condolences to all impacted by this tragic event. happening today, president
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obama will hit the air waves to outline his new immigration plan. he is expect to detail plans that could spare as many as 5 million people from deportation. this will be a test of the president's ability to inact federal policy without congressional support. the president's address is tonight at 8:00, you can watch it live on the new cbs news on line channel called cbs n. to find it head to cbs 6:08. scandal surrounding bill cosby scandal grows by the day. we will have the latest fall back when we come back. latest investigation in the a disappearance of madeline mccann. police identified a man they want to question. a family fight to go keep everybody safe on the road but officials are calling new crash test results just released this morning among the worst, they have ever seen. we're live with the troubling results. that monster snowstorm that buried the city in buffalo is on track to set a record and it is still snowing
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well, lake effect snow has just pummeled parts of the western insuring over the last few days and some areas, did get buried up to 6 feet have of snow and it is not even over yet. >> allison harmlen is in one of them, braving elements, she's live in patavia new york, allison, good morning to you. >> reporter: good morning, ukee and erika. we are about 40 miles due east of buffalo, some of the hardest hit areas are south of us. some areas have seen,
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65 inches of snow in three short days and if you can believe this, we will see another 3 feet by the end of today. in western new york, it is deja vu all over again, as heavy snow continued to pound the region overnight. the paralyzing lake effect system dumped 6 feet of snow in the area yesterday, trapping many people inside of their homes and cars. >> these ladies were incredible. >> reporter: bethenny went in to labor and was stranded while trying to get to the hospital. desperate for help her husband jared rushed to a buffalo fire lieutenant who recruited stranded labor nurse denise perry to deliver the baby right in the firehouse. >> she helped me get in the right position and two pushes and out she came. >> reporter: 140 miles of the new york state throughway leading to buffalo remains closed in both directions. governor andrew cuomo declared a state of emergency as crews helped motorist stranded in the storm. >> reporter: national guard troops were deployed to help
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but some drivers remain angry. >> troopers did their job, dot, and they need to i am have prove on their plan of attack for snowstorms. >> reporter: during a brief break in the storm wednesday many residents in lancaster east of buffalo stock up on supplies. >> essentials, milk, juice and beer. >> reporter: dug out some snowdrift taller than their homes. this second phase of the storm system is expect to drop as much as three more feet in some places. and, in spite of all this the buffalo bills are still set to host a game. they will host newew york jets on sunday, but the team has actually asked for volunteers to help dig out some 220,000 tons of snow from the field, they are offering $10 an hours and free ticket to the game. ukee and erika. those buffalo bills fans they are loyal, i'm sure they will there been. >> all hand on deck good we will check back with you.
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6:13. lets get traffic and weather together on the three's. >> ukee, we have been, just dealt a glancing blow by comparison to our neighbors here where again they are still dealing with these persistent bands of snow pounding down from the lake effect machine. we have had a break in the action there and it was in the snowing in the live shot there but more is on the way. that is from the another frontal boundary that will knock us right back in the 30's by tomorrow. while will today isn't quite as harsh we will see a breeze kick nothing as day progresses but we will keep sunshine and warming up to 43 degrees. relatively speaking it is milder then yesterday. tonight is another cold one and reenforcement of that next cold front coming in. there we stan in the 30's with feeling like the 20's tomorrow and with that sunshine. coming up on the weekend though we are seeing a nice warm up here. by monday, even, we are flirting with record high temperatures there, guys but that all comes with the trade off. there is always a trade off and this comes it comes in the form of rain sunday night and
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showers on monday, vittoria. >> good morning, everyone. we are finally starting to see that rush. not like we are happy to see it but i knew it had to be out there at some point and it does happen around 6:00 o'clock, 6:15 and that is what we are seeing. ninety-five is first spot to see traffic. that is what we're seeing here. southbound i-95 we are seeing speed sensors drop down and also find a little bit of that lingering traffic around girard avenue. schuylkill expressway 476, pennsylvania turnpike all and all still not awful but however, traveling on 422 westbound we are still dealing with the close another at pine land road. your
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>> no, no, we don't answer that. >> okay, i just wanted to ask if you wanted to respond at all about whether any of that was true. >> there is no response. >> cosby's lawyer has denied the accusations, no formal charges have been filed, against cosby. we have some new information now in the 2007 disappearance of madeline mccann. british police want to question robert rud again, the man portuguese police named as a suspect in that case more than seven years ago. a source tells cnn police want to question his wife, and several other people. he has already maintain his innocence and has never been charge. we are following breaking news from the campus of florida state university in tallahassee. university police has shot and killed a gunman on the school's campus. after that shooter wounded
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three students inside the school's library. classes are cans told day. a philadelphia police officer and two civilians were injured in this car crash in germantown. it happened at haines and chew around 1:00 this morning. dozens of baggage handlers are demonstrating at philly international airport. they want a wage increase, and a spokesperson for the airport tells us that the work stoppage will not impact operations.
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eric lindros and john leclair will be in the house tonight when flyers play minute so the wild at the well in south philadelphia. they are being induct in the flyers hall of fame. captain claude giroux was on the ice at madison square garden even though he is nurse ago this injured foot. claude could not help flyers offense though as rangers shut out orange and black, your final was two to nothing new york. fly guys have lost three straight. speaking of losing streaks, yeah, sixers are zero and 11 on the season. nice anticipation for tony wroten and he scores two of his team high 21. boston got 23 from brandon bass and beat the home team 101-90. together we continue to build but we have to fix the cracks in that foundation. sixers home again in phoenix tomorrow night. eagles action on cbs-3 this sunday eagles/titans at 1:00. before the game chick in at 11:30 and nfl today at noon, all right here on cbs-3. 6:20 right now.
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if you thought most holiday sales kicked off next week for thanksgiving you are missing the party. why home stores are launching their promotion this is week. troubling results from a new round of minivan crash tests, nicole. that is right, ukee, many minivans have a reputation for being safe. well, a new round of crash ratings suggest that may in the always be the case, coming up we will show you which models held up while others caved in
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let's get traffic and weather to go. how are we looking today, katie. >> it is a victory for us in the way of milder air, still sunny and still very quiet here across the delaware valley. we do however have another cold front moving through today and even though it comes through drew it will live up to its name this morning wind
6:24 am
chills are worse the last two days. this is a little bit have the glass half full situation, still obviously very cold but better than yesterday. it feels more like the 20's for many of us. we are expecting high to hit 43. still with sunshine tomorrow. we will drop on thermometer again, vittoria. good morning everybody. unfortunately traveling on i-95 north bound we have a situation, north bound right at the cottman avenue off ramp here. we are dealing with the disable truck blocking left-hand lane and causing delays. the southbound i-95 we are building that volume out of the north east making your way down towards vine street expressway. we are seeing speed sensors dropping down to 18 miles an hour. thirty-four is you average on the schuylkill, 55 on 476, in delays for mass transit, ukee. new this morning a series of minivan crash tests conduct by insurance institute for highway safety revealed some troubling results. >> "eyewitness news" reporter nicole brewer joins us with those fine goes, nicole, good
6:25 am
morning. >> reporter: good morning, ukee and erika. plenty of parents rely on those vehicle tolls tote their precious car get so are minivans as safe as you think. it may impact your next purchase. >> when judy chose her dodge caravan the well-being of her nine in old niece came in to play. >> they are a consideration when we looked everything up they had a safe rating. >> reporter: she was pretty surprised when several types of mini rans including grand caravan and it twin chrysler town and country performed poorly in crash tests by the insurance institute for highway safety. it says wide vehicles are built on a narrow platform causing them to under perform on small overlap front crashes. that is when front corner collides with another car or object. the chrysler actually caved in, pinning the test dummy: the worst performer nissan quest. >> we didn't expect to find vehicles that collapsed quite so completely as the quest.
6:26 am
>> reporter: quest seen here on the bottom ustained much more damage than overall top peck for safety honda odyssey. 2015 toyota siena earned high marks, results that could affect bolthouse's next purchase. >> would i want to buy something on the more safe side. >> reporter: while minivans perform poorly in this particular crash test institute says in general they do offer good protection in other types of crashes. so if you are in the market for a mini van the institutes recommend two things: first, look for a vehicle with the best overall crash test rating. beingry look for a front crash protection system. we should mention that the institute plans to test within other minivan, kiasedonna in the coming weeks. we are live outside the cbs-3 studios, nicole brewer cbs-3 "eyewitness news". >> thank you, nicole. coming up next on "eyewitness news" we have an update on our breaking news a
6:27 am
deadly shoot together florida state university campus, jan? >> reporter: passion running high here at philadelphia international airport this morning as dozens of baggage hand letters step out of the job. i'm yan carabao and hear their request and how long they plan to stay on strike. we will see you shortly. meet hero who dove into frigid waters to save six people trapped inn to a car that plunge in the pot. vittoria and katie return with traffic ape weather together on the three's. we will talk about improvement. er with back in two
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classes are canceled for the day at florida state university, after an overnight shooting left three students wounded. it happened at campus library where hundreds of students were studying for finals. police say they fatally shot the us expected gunman after he fired on them. that man's identity has in the been released, three students were rushed to the hospital and photo from the student from inside that library shows bags abandoned and lap tops just left behind. more photos show an officer checking bags as building was cleared ape students leaving with their hands up. police just updated us on the situation in the last few minutes and they said there are in more threats on campus.
6:31 am
in a crime scene the first time that we get there that is only time we will get crime scene the way it was, and we were not release it until we are sure we have collect all of the information. this will be plenty lengthy and we expect to be here for several hours. >> so far police will only say that the shooter is a man. we will let you know as soon as we will learn more and shooting investigation. right now we are hearing from a good samaritan to help rescue six people including a five-year old boy from a partially submerge suv. it happened yesterday, in new castle will county, delaware. police say the driver lost control on the exit ramp from route one and landed in the retention pond near christiana mall. that is when graph eggers and two other good smart tans sprang into action. >> i'm in the so proud of myself per se as much as i am proud of everybody else. i'm proud of the fact that for once i was a part of something where everybody who was standing back watching got involved. >> the five-year old boy
6:32 am
remains in critical condition with a head injury. and five other adults were all hospitalized in serious condition. the future of the old revel casino in atlantic city is backup in the air now that the buyer is backing out. brookfield asset management agreed to buy cat seen owe for 110 million-dollar but canadian company deidentify todd pull out of the purchase. sources say that the deal fell apart because of of a disagreement over revel's power plant. revel was atlantic city's most expensive casino when it opened in 2012 but it closed two months ago after declaring bankruptcy. another developer who bid on the property has in the said if he is interested in buying it now. lets get our traffic and weather together with katie. >> good morning. hey, everybody. in times like these you have you to ask yourself are you glass half full kind of person or glass half empty. i'd say we like to take victory when one can get them and today is one of those instances. when you look at storm scan three over last few hours it a would appear as if we had light snow up through poconos
6:33 am
region and lehigh valley but in fact sometimes radar can play tricks on you. we didn't have anything other than overcast skies. a lot of times you see that moisture in the up are levels but it doesn't survive as presip to the ground. that is what happened there. but with that said it is a sign that we have a system moving through and it is just a weak cold front and it doesn't have a lot of moisture to it but it will, set us back. we have a modest southwest breeze. here's how it feels outside. this is nothing compared to yesterday. we have, and, in the 20's and a even lower teens up in the poconos. again it could be a lot more harsh here, and, in recent days. again, it is a little bit harsh today, and bone chilling, and 43 degrees our expect high but that is still technically over 10 degrees low the normal. vittoria, over to you. we are getting busier on i-95. rush her delays, to worry about, and southbound, but,
6:34 am
northbound we now have a truck accident, that will cause major problems. we will give you details. traveling on the northbound side of i-95 at cottman avenue we are seeing a lot of activity in the center of the street. that is penndot truck directing traffic across the street. this is cottman avenue off ramp from the north bound side of i-95. we have an accident involving one truck which is blocking the left-hand lane right at ramp and then we have another truck up ahead which is compromising the right hand lane. so in short 95 northbound, here is no good around this area. and give yourself more time. southbound side of 95 we are all seeing delays moving down towards center city, in major problems for mass transit. we will update you on this. ukee. developing right now, baggage handlers are carrying picket signs instead of suitcases at philly international airport. >> they are complaining about more than just their wages too. "eyewitness news" reporter jan carabao joins us outside airport with the late owns this, good morning. >> reporter: well, passions
6:35 am
are running high at philadelphia international airport this morning, as at times the chant behind me include we are fired up, and these baggage hand letters are indeed fired up. they have walk off the job around 5:00 o'clock this morning. that strike is scheduled for 7:00 but they decided to walk off the job a few hours before that. they are breaking to get some coffee so they are continued to be fired up here this morning. these are men and women responsible forgetting your bags scanned and tsa you will see them loading bags on and off conveyor belts and carousals. there are 125 of these employees here at phl and they are employed by prime flight which contracts with individual airlines. these bag hand letters tell "eyewitness news" that they are currently paid $9 an an hour instead of the $10.88 they were promised. they are looking for better wages and better health benefits. so they unionized, several months ago and right new local
6:36 am
32, bjsciu is organizing this work stoppage and this picket line as dozens of people as you can see has walk off a the job. >> we want to strike for better wages, because it is not fair. it is not fair. i got terminated from leading the delegation. i'm still here to support my co-workers. >> reporter: meantime an airport spokesperson says that they have been in contact with up to ten airlines who contract with prime flight and they say they all have contingency plans now in place. reporting live at philadelphia international airport, jan carabao for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". >> thank you. we are still a week from thanksgiving but who will will day shopping season is actually starting this week.
6:37 am
>> cbs news business analyst jill schlesinger tells us what we need to necessity to score the best deals. she's up in new york for us, good morning. >> reporter: good morning. >> now aren't we a week earl which this segment, jill. >> reporter: i had to get my red blazer out early, wal-mart accelerated the holiday season, world's largest retailer said it will offer deals on h.d.t.v, gaming systems and other consumer favorites starting tomorrow at 8:00 a.m. this promotion runs through thanksgiving day or until supplies last. specific items included in the sale will be posted on today, deals active tomorrow morning and that means you have to getting to go day, right. decision puts pressure on other big retailers and best buy to get in the game relevanty do these earlier deals mean cyber monies not such a big deal after all. >> reporter: i think so, it is diminishing in impact. according to a doby digital
6:38 am
research, than line prices will hit rock bottom on thanksgiving day. so when you sneak off have after your turkey high you go snag an average discount of 24 percent. now if you are one of the 45 percent of consume hours do plan to shop on the day of thanksgiving you you will be rewarded. the second best day to shop on line is the monday before thanksgiving, that means book market your favorite web sites this weekend, average item will be 20 percent off a during thanksgiving week. prices are going to increase but tuesday, after cyber monday. >> now jill i know you have a hot line to the north pole, what are the hottest gifts, this season. >> reporter: santa told me. well, we have mobile phones, of course, but specifically the iphone six and six plus. also, note that wearable devices like the fit bit, those are really big must have gifts this season. we are looking at 4k tv's from
6:39 am
sony and samsung, game conn oldses, ps4 and x box one and call of duty, top toys are lego, old school, nintendo ds and how about this an actual doll, a doll from the movie frozen because anything with frozen is going to sell like hot cakes. one last thing, the cfp please don't go craze think holiday season. stick tour shopping budget. just a little warning, okay. >> had had to get that in there. >> thanks, jill. >> appreciate it. don't go anywhere, your chance to win $100 is coming up next. also ahead in the healthwatch how being trapped in the bad marriage can truly be bad for your heart. and we told you earlier this week about bono's fall off a bike up in insuring but this morning we are learning just how serious his injuries are.
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well, did you check calendar, thanksgiving one week away. >> a hard to believe. >> just in time for turkey day we are giving one lucky viewer a hundred dollars. all you have to do is text today's secret word. >> words. >> turkey day. >> just text those two words to 84816 or enter on line at cbs to win. we are giving away a hundred dollars gift card twice a day every day but we are running out of days. we are doing this through november 26th right here on "eyewitness news", message and data rates do apply but don't worry, you have two more chances tomorrow but grab your phone right now and text turkey day, easy to do, gone will, gone you will.
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>> yes. >> makeshift sound effect, we will check with our eyewitness weather watcher network. generally temperatures from our most recent observations are upper 20's a, low to mid 30's. we will zero in on a couple of those. marty sent in 21 degrees. a few clouds he had has seen. we have startedded off with more overcast skies through east greenville area we will go west where helen davis sent in 30 degrees. love to see your profile picture so up load that for next round. we will take new to southeastern pa, sam wharton sent in 30 degrees and clear skies for him. i love his comment. this warm weather, has all of the neighbors clamoring for a pool party. very funny. iens is your sarcasm buddy. 3 degrees, from roshell and she had cute community. double three's, a heat wave. you have to take victories where you can get them. let me show you another big victory in the eyewitness weather seven day forecast. look at what happens. your eyes drawn to the fact that we are warming up
6:45 am
substantially. dry right through saturday, sunday by night fall some rain starts to move in and that is courtesy of the new storm system moving in but look what it will do warming up significantly, by monday, we are flirting with 70 degrees. it is just one day but we will take what we can get and trade off here that is we are going to deal with more clouds and showers. but again that is a dose of the late april. we will take it when we can, vittoria, over to you. we will take 68. good morning everyone. unfortunately you are not traveling anywhere near numbers that high on the roads. if you are traveling on i-95 we have major issues. let start first with the activity you see behind me, this is from the in bound side of 95. that penndot vehicle is behind a disable truck blocking left-hand lane on the north bound side of i-95 at cottman avenue exit. up ahead we have another truck involved in the crash. so there is only, about one and a half lanes squeezing by, it is that, north bound delay on i-95 is stepping back toward the area beyond the
6:46 am
betsy ross bridge. traveling in the south bun direction you have rush hour out of the northeast down through the vine street expressway. speaking of the vine traveling westbound on the vine approaching cue kill definitely seeing a delay there. fine volume on 76. once you get there also on the schuylkill heading down toward the vine street press way it does loosen up on on the eastbound side bye delays at mass transit things at the airport look just fine. updating breaking news, three students are being treated for gunshot wound after an early morning shooting in the library on the campus of florida state university. the gun man was shot and killed by university police. classes are canceled today. buffalo resident are dealing with huge drifts have of snow in some cases, 7 feet high. how about that. temperatures are expect to rise this weekend and that could mean more trouble for them. that within dangerous flooding too. more than a hundred baggage hand letters are walking a picket line at philly international airport. they want a wage increase. they tell cbs-3 that the walk out will not impact
6:47 am
operations. 6:46. nasa a scientists will be studying the sun as a large sun spot is rotating to face earth again. >> solar flare disrupt communication signals. nast scientist doctor alex young joins us live from the goddard flight center in green belt, maryland. so thank you for joining us. >> good morning. >> so what exactly is a sun spot and why is this one so unique. >> well, sun spots are these huge regions of really intense magnetic field on the sun. they are slightly cooler then the surrounding sun so they appear dark. this particular one is really of interest because it is the largest one we have seen in almost 24 years. it is more than ten times the size of earth. it is just massive. >> speaking of earth how will it affect us here on earth if at all. >> well, they can produce all sorts oftive rent types of activity, fortunately it doesn't affect us directly but
6:48 am
it is all electro magnetic so it effects our technology. these eruptions can impact our communications, our gps and sometimes even power systems here on earth. >> now how rare is it to have these sun spots facing earth again so soon. >> well, usually they often decay, go away, next time sun rotates around they are not there but this bonnies just so big that even though it is not as big as it was before it is still there and it is still pre duesing some activity. so we still keep an eye on it over the next week or so as it rotates, eventually back out of view. >> why don't we keep an eye on it why do we want to learn more from sun spots and this sun spot. >> well, because of the the impact it can have on our technology, our spacecraft it is critical that we watch these and eventually we hope to some day of the prediction ability that we have with weather but we have a long way
6:49 am
to go. we're fortunate because we have a massive fleet of spacecraft watching the sun and also looking at the interact of the sun with the earth and other planets, and the rest of the solar system. at the beginning of next year we are launching four spacecraft which will be an orbit around the earth, using the earth and magnetic field as a laboratory to study this process, and same process that happens on the sun spots, and something that actually happened through the entire universe. >> that is so interesting we appreciate you and your colleagues, thanks, doctor. >> thank you. >> all right, take care. on the healthwatch this morning, the state of delaware has had its first flu death of the season. >> state division of public health says victim was an eight three-year old woman from sussex county. he died on monday. health officials urge anyone six months and old tore get a flu vaccine. if you are looking to quit smoking there is no time like the the present.
6:50 am
today is the the american cancer society's annual great american spoke smoke out. it urgees all smokers not to light up even if just for one day and make a long term plan to quit. american cancer society says there are about 42 million american smokers that slightly fewer than one in five adults. also older couples trapped in a bad marriage have a higher risk for heart disease then those in good marriages. michigan state researchers found those with spouse hose were critical and demanding had more heart trouble. marital quality has a big effect on women's heart health then on men's heart health. the the central park bicycle accident that put front man u2bono in the hospital was worse than we thought. >> new york presbyterian hospital where bono was treated tell the bbc that the singer needed two surgeries. one for a broken arm and another on his hand. he has a facial fracture and a broken shoulder blade.
6:51 am
they revealed bono's your on monday. he canceled a week long residency on the tonight show while he recovers. such a shame. lets see is what coming up on cbs this morning. >> charlie rose joins us from new york with your preview, good morning. >> good morning, ukee and a erika. ahead we are hearing from students trapped in the florida state university library during the the shooting. plus we will take you inside a fedex operation center what the company is doing differently to get all packages delivered in time for christmas. bob dylan's lost lyrics get new life we will sit down with the produce shore has gathered an all-star band to make the the new takes public. that and more of the news is back in the morning, see new about ten minutes. >> like to hear them. >> thanks, charlie appreciate it. there are lots of differentnt barbies out there, blonde, brew met, but barbie has different jobs over the years but you one thing they all have have in common a perfect figure until right now. coming up we will show you the the new normal barbie, which looks more like the average
6:52 am
women. but first here's is what coming up tonight on the cbs-3.
6:53 am
6:54 am
spread the word, coming up tomorrow morning katie and quarter will take their soccer skills, and kicking it up a notch. >> it is full contact soccer.
6:55 am
it is really like a mix of football, rugby and soccer all in one. it is just fun. >> oh, yeah. this would be fun. it is called bubble soccer, see how it is scoring with fans in our area, and yes, more of this, coming up tomorrow on cbs-3. >> did you take each other down. >> eventually we were rolling around on the ground with those things. >> look at those. >> yes. >> quite a reach. >> i will say that there was a very obvious victory which is the way how that all went down. one of us won, big time. >> okay, i am trying to look at both of you. >> i'm not giving it away. >> haha. >> live neighborhood network beautiful sunrise. just a really nice looking day for us here, definitely still chilly but 37 degrees outside cape may courthouse right now we are shooting for 43. that is cooler than average by 10 degrees but warmer then yesterday, vittoria, over to
6:56 am
you. well, rush hour sure is heating up traveling on i-95 we are still dealing with the northbound situation at cottman avenue blocking the left-hand lane. two truck crash here and it is causing major delays back in the city. speaking of rush hour delays watch out for schuylkill expressway, as well. mass transit looks good. ukee and quarter. over the years barbie has change with the times. >> despite her careers, some criticized barbie makers because they say barbie doesn't look like a real woman. well, here now is a normal barbie. the creator, says it has proportions of an average 19 years old and also comes with the clear sticker that include tattoos, cellulite, stretch marks, acne. they wanted to make a doll that would represent normal women experience and what they look like and doll looks normal. and stickers, i don't know where you intentionally put cellulite on. >> i don't know if i'm feeling that. >> i'm with you on that i'm still confused about it. >> i'm going back and forth
6:57 am
listening. >> yes. almost 7:00 o'clock and our breaking news of the shooting at florida state university continues on the cw philly. see the the video from inside that library. >> we are live at the the airport where baggage handlers walk off the job. if you have a flight switch over ape get the latest. also holidays are time for families to gather but what if you don't have any family. wait until you hear what one homeless man is asking for thanksgiving. >> keeping it live and local on the cw philly. we will see new a
6:58 am
6:59 am
7:00 am
good morning. it is thursday, november 20th, 2014. welcome the "cbs this morning." a gunman targets students overnight in a crowded florida state library. plus, new video of bill cosby with his wife at his side dodging questions about rape allegations. a massive wave of it. monitors online for the whole world to see. but we begin this morning with today's "eye opener," your world in 90 seconds. >> wait. are you serious? oh, my god. are you okay? >> a


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