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tv   CBS Evening News With Scott Pelley  CBS  November 28, 2014 6:30pm-7:01pm EST

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>> adam: the celebration continues in columbia, missouri. the tigers s.e.c. east champs for the second straight year. they don't know who they'll play yet but they'll be watching tv this weekend on their way to atlanta for the s.e.c. championship game. welcoming you back to "the dodge post game show." let's look at the scoreboard from around the country. lots of shake-ups going on here. ucla. all they needed was a win to take the pac-12 south. stanford up 31-10 with under five minutes left. that means the pac-12 south would go to the winner here and it looks like it will be arizona. still time left. up bew 14. 8 1/2 to go in the territorial
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cup with arizona state. in a game that was three points shy of the highest scoring game in f.b.s. history, marshall goes down for the first time this year. western kentucky takes it in overtime. 67-66. bo pelini was very close to dropping a third straight game. instead, the cornhuskers rally and win over iowa 37-34 in overtime on. that will just about do it if tonight. thank you for watching "the dodge post game show." here is a look at what you will see tonight on cbs. over on cbs sports network. it's colorado state and air force right now. later tonight, it's college basketball. tomorrow on cbs on. join us for the big egg bowl match-up. number four mississippi state and number 19 ole miss. coverage gets under way at 2:30 eastern. there is a lot more football under way on sunday with an nfl double header on cbs. >> adam: it all starts at noon eastern with "the nfl today."
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for all of us have a great evening and we'll see you tomorrow.
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captioning sponsored by cbs this is the "cbs evening news" with scott pelley. >> quijano: good evening. scott is off tonight. i'm elaine quijano. ray rice has not played a town this season, but he can claim a big win over the nfl and commissioner roger goodell. today, an arbitrator overturned rice's indefinite suspension for knocking out his then-fiance, calling the nfl's actions arbitrary. rice is now cleared to play if he can find a team willing to sign him. bob orr is following the story. >> what are you going to tell them? >> reporter: ray rice was suspended by the nfl and cut by the baltimore ravens for an incident that happened in an atlantic city hotel in february. this surveillance tape surfaced showing rice dragging his
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then-fiance janay palmer unconscious from an elevator. in a hearing, rice admitted to nfl commissioner roger goodell he had hit palmer during an argument. goodell suspended rice for two games and fined him more than $500,000. but in september, a second, more-graphic videotape emerged. this videoed in the elevator clearly showed rice hitting palmer, sending her to the floor. commissioner goodell, who claimed not to have seen that tape before, then upped rice's punishment to an indefinite suspension. the next day, goodell defended his decision in an interview with norah o'donnell. >> what we saw on the first videotape was troubling to us in and of itself. but what we saw yesterday was extremely clear, is extremely graphic, and it was sickening. and that's why we took the action we took yesterday. >> reporter: do you wish you had seen this videotape before it was released by t.m.z.? >> absolutely. >> reporter: why? >> that's why we asked for it on several occasions. because when we make a decision, we want to have all the
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information that's available. and, obviously, that was-- when we met with ray rice and his representatives, it was ambiguous about what actually happened. that videotape did not leave anything ambiguous. >> reporter: the nfl players association argued that rice never misled the league about what it happened yet was punished twice for the same offense. the arbitrator, retired judge barbara jones, agreed, writing, "i am not persuaded that rice lied to or misled the nfl. i find that the indefinite suspension was an abuse of discretion and must be vacated. late today, rice responded with a statement saying, "i made an inexcusable mistake and accept full responsibility for my actions." now, the players association called the ruling a victory for a disciplinary process that is both fair and transparent. the nfl said it respected the decision, eline, and noted rice now is eligible to sign a new
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contract and play gleeg bob orr in washington. thank you. now to black friday's. many stores opened while thanksgiving dinner was still in the oven. 140 million americans said they may shop during the four-day holiday weekend. sales this month and next are expected to hit nearly $617 billion, more than 4% higher than last year. don dahler checked out the action at the malls. ( cheers ) >> reporter: for some shoppers, the chaos of black friday's has become a near obsession. >> it's going great. i got a lot of great deals. >> my friends and i usually stay up all night during the week before thanksgiving and plan it out, scope it out, map out the stores that we need to go to. >> reporter: the demand for tvs was so intense, fights broke out at several stores around the country. for one hour beginning at 6:00 p.m. on thursday, target stores nationwide reported selling 1800 tvs per minute. electronics giant best buy slashed prices to compete.
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50-inch panasonic hd tvs are reducing from $549 to $199. but the discounts may not be enough to keep best buy in the black. last year, the fourth quarter sales grew an anemic .9%, while sales grew 22%. retail analyst chris christopher. >> e-commerce retail sales is clearly outpacing the brick and mortars. put another way, the clicks are outbreak the bricks and it's gaining shares every month the number is released or every quarter when e-commerce sales are released. >> reporter: according to the national retail federation, 56% of americans will use computers or smarts phones to shop this season, up 5% from last year. and means major retailers are going after those customers, too. both walmart and target saw record online sales thursday, and best buy's online traffic has increased so much, their web site crashed for an hour earlier today. americans will have an additional $40 billion to spend
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this year, not because of an increase in wages. those have remained flat over the past 30 years. elaine, that extra cash is from lower fuel prices. >> quijano: don dahler in jersey city, new jersey, tonight, thank you. black friday's shopping was disrupted today in dozens of cities. protests over the grand jury decision not to indict the police officer who shot and killed michael brown in ferguson, missouri moved from the streets to shopping malls. here's vladimir duthiers. >> reporter: about 200 chanting protesters demanding justice for michael brown marched past surprised shoppers in a st. louis mall today. >> no justice, no peace! >> reporter: beneficiary derick robinson. >> if justice is not done, we can't shop in peace. if justice is not done, we can't live in peace. so they were out here to disrupt black friday's. >> reporter: security had to briefly keep shoppers from entering the mall, but stores never had to close. the protests stretched from coast to coast.
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in new york, hundreds rallied in times square and demonstratedly at macy's flagship store. in chicago, dozens denounced police brutality. and in oakland, a hand full of activists disrupted commuter train traffic. one town hit hard by monday's violence of reopened to traffic today. 18 businesses were burned or looted in dellwood. the city is asking for government aid to rebuild. >> didn't even get a call from the city. >> reporter: ju is among those hoping for help. she lost her life savings when her antique store burned to the ground. >> it's heartbreaking. it's heartbreaking. so it's bittersweet because my dreams weren't taken away, just these things. >> reporter: what will you do now? >> i want to rebuild. >> reporter: people like jeniece andrews, who want to rebuild, may be getting some help, elaine. today, governor jay nixon announced more than $600,000 in zero-interest alones will be made available to businesses to help them get back on their
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feet. >> quijano: . there was a wild scene early this morning in austin, texas. a man went on a shooting spree. more than 100 rounds were fired at downtown billions, including the federal courthouse, and police headquarters. they also tried to set fire to the mexican consulate. remarkably, no one in the street was hurt. the gunman was shot and killed when officers confronted him. police did not have a motive for the shooting. while visiting turkey, pope francis calls on muslim leaders to conden violence by islamic extremists. and a furious effort to rescue two boys trapped in snow when the cbs evening news continues. . with aches, fever and chills- there's no such thing as a little flu. so why treat it like it's a little cold? there's something that works differently than over-the-counter remedies. prescription tamiflu attacks the flu virus at its source.
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so i feel energized! i'm a believer. i'm a believer! check sunday's paper to save five dollars on select dr. scholl's products. i'm a believer. ooooo. >> quijano: overseas, pope francis flew to turkey today. he is only the fourth pope to visit the country, which is overwhelmingly muslim. he wasted no time delivering a message about islamic terrorist groups. allen pizzey is there. >> reporter: the pope was greeted by a military honor guard on the first day of a trip designed to strengthen ties with the muslim world while also condemning the violence of islamic militants. francis told turkey's top cleric that an extremist and fundamentalist group had subjected entire communities to barbaric violence simply because of their ethnic and religious identity. turkey has been a reluctant partner in the u.s.-led war against the islamic state, but an estimated 1.6 million refugees from syria have fled
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here. the pope said the world has a moral obligation to help the authorities cope. fanaticism and fundamentalism, he said, need to be countered by the solidarity of all believers. if for no other reason than the proximity of the self-proclaimed islamic state, security was tight. for his part, francis repeated that the use of military force against is is but stressed it should be accompanied by attempts at dialogue. he laid a wreath at the site of kemal ataturk. nearly half of the remaining 2% are orthodox catholics. his official welcome by the turkish president, pope francis stressed citizens of all religions-- muslims, christians and jews, must enjoy the same rights and respect. >> quijano: there is an over-supply of oil on the world markets and that keeps driving
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>> quijano: power is slowly returning to northern new england. crews have worked around the clock fixing lines brought down during the snowstorm on thanksgiving eve. 338,000 homes and businesses lost their lights. tonight, that's down to about 130,000, mostly in new hampshire and maine. rescuers worked frantically to save two boys buried in the snow in newburgh, new york, overnight. the boys, ages nine and 11, were trapped for several hours in five feet of heavy snow. they were building a fort when a plow operator unwittingly pushed the snow on top of them. they survived, thanks to an air pocket. both were treated for exposure and are expected to make a full recovery. today, the first family accepted
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delivery of the white house christmas tree. it is a 20-foot white fir from pennsylvania. first lady michelle obama, daughters malia and sawsh abrought their dogs bo and sonny to inspect the tree. it will stand in the blue room throughout the holiday season. some trees make us oooh, and aaah. but this one nearly tore a city apart. "on the road" with steve hartman is next to call unitedhealthcare and let us help find the right plan for you. choose a medicare advantage plan that can combine doctor, hospital and prescription drug coverage all in one plan... or a part d plan, that may help reduce the cost of your prescription drugs. don't wait. open enrollment ends december 7th. call unitedhealthcare now. our hearty all-natural turkey chili is back in season. slow-cooked with turkey raised without antibiotics,
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6:56 pm
looming 50 feet above downtown reading, pennsylvania, the tree seemed, to most observers, to be more suited for mulch than merriment. >> i think johnny bloom has a better tree than we do. >> everybody that took part in bringing this tree here should get fired. >> reporter: for what it's worth, this wasn't the city's first choice. crews were supposed to get a nice one from a farm but in wh they went to cut it down the ground was too wet to get a truck near, and instead of just waiting for a drier day, they drove here to a local ballpark, took this pine from behind home plate, and struck out big time. >> if it was a squirrel right now looking for a place to live in the winter, it won't even go into this tree. >> reporter: the tree is so ugly, the city decided to take itt down, just so people wouldn't have to look at it anymore. workers removed the lights and the pretzel of bethlehem-- or whatever that is. >> the pretzel is off. >> reporter: and made arrangements to bring in a new, spruced-up spruce, most were glad to see it coming down, but
6:57 pm
not everyone. >> it sends the wrong message to take down this tree. >> reporter: jeff waitman is on the reading city council. >> none of us in our city are perfect. if we took out everything that was imperfect in our city, it would be empty. >> reporter: the guy made a good point, but it was a point that failed to resonate with fellow city council member francis acosta. >> a christmas tree is a celebration. >> reporter: acosta told me system like the tree in the charlie brown story. it has become a laughingstock, and, therefore, must go. what was the moral of that story? >> well, the importance of christmas, of being together -- >> reporter: what did they do with the tree at the end? >> save it. , embrace it. >> reporter: uh-huh. >> but it's not about charlie brown or not charlie brown tree. it's about a beautiful christmas tree for the city. >> reporter: as crews continued dismantling the tree, even as the new one arrived, the councilmen kept debating on the sidewalk. >> i'm only trying to be helpful. >> reporter: and that's when a little christmas miracle happened. >> the mayor is calling.
6:58 pm
>> reporter: a pardon from the mayor, a stay of reexecution, if you will. >> we will keep this thing here. >> reporter: in the end, it was all the national publicity that allowed the city leaders to see the true meaning of christmas-- marketing. >> we'll have people here from jersey, new york taking pictures and spending their money in our beautiful city. >> reporter: oh, christmas tree. steve hartman, "on the road," in reading, pennsylvania. >> quijano: that's the cbs evening news for tonight. for scott pelley, i'm elaine quijano. thank you for joining us. good night. captioning sponsored by cbs captioned by media access group at wgbh
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breaking news right now ray rice's indefinite suspension from the nfl is overturn and he is now eligible to play football again. that decision handed down by an arbitrator who preidentified over rice's appeals hearing earlier this month. the the former baltimore ravens running back argued he was penalized twice for hitting his wife janet in the atlantic city casino elevator and the arbitrator agreed. it is unclear whether any team is willing to sign rice. nfl release aid statement saying in part we respect judge jones decision to reinstate ray rice from his indefinite suspension, for violating the league's personal conduct policy in an incident of domestic violence. based on judge jones decision, he will be eligible to play upon signing a new


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