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tv   Eyewitness News at 6  CBS  March 4, 2015 6:00pm-6:31pm EST

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the snow and just how much we're expect to get, kathy. >> right now we have steady rain on the skies deck, and soon that will be changing over to snow from the north to the south. so get ready for a tough morning across the entire region. now storm scan three we are looking at rain heavier at times you can see pockets of yellow heavier rain from the west and also seeing some cold air working its way in through central and western pa and then some snow beginning to mix in state college and already in pitberg but we have a long way to go, with this winter's storm. visibility reduced to half mile in reading lancaster zero, another owe in wildwood, .3 of a mile in wilmington and in dover. we will continue to see poor visibility until that colder air moves in. winter storm warning in effect. advisory for lehigh valley and poconos where we anticipate lower accumulations of snow. it shows rain this evening. by midnight lehigh valley and poconos will be seeing snow. i-95 corridor will be seeing
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snow by about 2:00 a.m. and we will take longer, to the the south and east. i'm joined by kate bilo who will talk more about the timing of this, and what to expect as far as accumulations and kate, it all depend on location location, location. >> yep, just like in real estate kathy lets start outlooking at locations of when that change over will happen. poconos between 9:00 and 11:00 when we can see change over to snow. lehigh valley change between 11:00 p.m. and 1:00 p.m. the in the city we will see change over from 1:00 a.m. and 3:00 p.m. down a across southern new jersey and delaware between 3:00 a.m. and 5:00 a.m. far coastal points it may take longer and that is one of the concerns we have with this system. how long that takes and how much sleet mix these to the the snow. that could limit accumulations. how quickly does that snow push to the south w that said take a look at our latest snow map. this shows what we are thinking here. lower amounts across lehigh
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valley. what you will get here that is first batch come through overnight and then pushes to the south and snow does not stick around too long. in the city mainly snow for a while. four to 6 inches city and suburbs it looks like bull's eye with this storm across southern new jersey and into delaware. new castle, kent counties toward the the shore, some spots looking at six to 8 inches. general four to 8 inches with higher amounts south of philadelphia we will have more with the seven day forecast and we will check with justin drabick as well coming up in a few minutes. for now jessica, back over to you. road crews are preparing for another round of winter wet the they are season. "eyewitness news" reporter matt rivers is live at the penndot yard in norristown with more on their preparations matt. >> i don't think there is one employee here at penndot that wouldn't tell you he or she is ready for winter to move out but with that said is there work that still need to be done both during this storm and after winter moves out.
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thursday's upcoming snowfall meant it was all about the prep work wednesday trucks dropping off salt at the barn in norristown so they can be pick up and spread overnight. >> we will begin salting operation as snow begins to fall and then after an inch, maybe less, it will start put plows down and moving snow off. >> reporter: they he could not pretreat road wednesday, too much rain meant any brine would be washed off. we will get through this storm fine just like all of the others, real headache might be what it leaves behind. >> after the last deep freeze, it is not as bad as last year which was worse i have ever seen. >> reporter: it will be blooming, trees will if they have in the already like here, and that is where we meet taylor gormly after a pothole, wreck both of her front tires, limbs and all. >> it is so bad. so deep. just horrible. >> reporter: it is something penndot is well aware of and their crews are working on patches already. they don't expect this year to
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replicate last years numbers but still they will pop up. >> we will see fair share of potholes break out over next few weeks because of the precipitation and some extreme temperature fluctuations. >> in an interesting note for you, last year penndot set its own record by spreading 172,000 tons of salt across area streets and highways, over that one season. this year they have spread 150 or so good for second all time and we are not done just yet. we are live, matt rivers, cbs-3 "eyewitness news" good that is a lot of salt, matt thanks very much. from the commonwealth and garden state ny dot is taking this storm threat seriously. they want drivers to stay home if they can tomorrow. >> we will focus on state highways to keep it clear and safe for morning commute. we do want to warn drivers that the bulk of this snow is coming in the late night and into the morning. the the commute tomorrow could be tough.
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>> ny dot, get word tout drivers to leave plenty of space between them and crews who were working to clear the snow. dell dot is also gearing up for this blast of winter mechanics were in newark hard at work preparing equipment and making sure it was road ready. dell dot is saying it is in good shape when it comes to salt supply. track latest on this winter storm with the cbs philly weather app. in addition to live radar you can get weather alerts through that when they are issued and send us your storm photos. app is free and available on itune and google play. the "eyewitness news" morning team will be on 30 minutes earlier to bring you latest on the forecast and traffic conditions. our news starts at 4:00 a.m. well this storm means that some schools may be delayed or closed, tune into find out the the status of the school, or check anytime at cbs bail is denied for a suspended chester county priest facing child
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pornography charges. father is facing allegations of sexual assault. groups helping abuse victims tell "eyewitness news" reporter walt hunter say that the judge made a right call. >> reporter: judge has ruled that father mark haines a suspended priest must remain, behind bars to await trial on charges that he lured under age girls into sex acts on the internet. >> he abused his position as a trusted priest. he was an absolute predator. >> we respectfully disagree with the judge's decision but obviously we'll have to live witt. >> reporter: since haines arrest last october, prosecutors say that three women have have now come forward, claiming that he physically assaulted them when they were teenagers in the early to mid 90's. >> after father haines heard her confession he told her that to be absolved of her sins she would have to perform the same sex acts on him.
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>> it is unfortunate for philadelphia that he would be thought to be capable of being released. >> reporter: marci hamilton, an attorney who has representing victims of priest abuse nationwide and has no role in this case, says that she believes a along with prosecutors, that hain estimate have have claimed more victims. >> we see a tip of the iceberg when three or four come for. i have no doubt that there are other women out there. >> reporter: state department on the court decision by snap survivor network of those abused by priest, reads in part archbishop charles chaput should personally visit each place that this priest worked begging victims, witnesses, whistle blowers to call law enforcement immediately. the archdiocese in a statement, says it had received not a single complaint about father haines prior to his arrest in october. the fbi asking anyone who believes they were victimize todd contact them immediately.
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the at the u.s. courthouse, walt hunter cbs-3 "eyewitness news". philadelphia city council held a hearing today bin creasing the cities minimum wage. workers pack city council chambers pushing for the city to raise that minimum wage to $15 an hour. many workers say they barely get by on the current $7.25. >> they ask me all the time daddy, can we go to chuck e cheese and i have to humble myself and say in, i cannot take you. not because i don't want to or that you don't deserve it, i just can't afford it. >> that is workers perspective. business owners say paying their workers $5 an hour would force them to cut back on employees and hours. philadelphia's mayor michael nutter delivers his budget address tomorrow and he will propose a left i property tax increase to help fund philadelphia schools. our sister station kyw news radio that is learned that the mayor will propose a 9 percent property tax increase.
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revenues would be used to provide the district with an additional hundred million-dollar in funding. city council would have to approve any tax hike. philadelphia's school district superintendent william hite announced his own plan for the cities public schools. hite praised governor wolf plan with the funding he hopes to focus on, neighborhood schools. two mothers who share in the same tragedy are trying to make a difference. >> still ahead at 6:00 their sons lives were taken away in an instant. our health reporter stephanie stahl will show us special important way those teens are being remembered. we have an eye on the storm, right now it is rain that is falling but it will change over to snow while we are sleeping tonight. meteorologist justin drabick is out with the cbs-3 mobile weather lab justin. good evening, everyone. we're on the schuylkill expressway right now we're dealing with rain and fog but eventually snow later tonight. rain could impact snowfall amounts, we will talk about that coming up in a few more
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minutes, leslie. justin everyone still talking about reported trade of the star running back lesean mccoy. we will have more on the the trade rumors and chip kelly is not done yet trent cole officially released to day. we will have much more in sports.
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back on "eyewitness news" with a live look at ben franklin bridge on this rainy dreary wednesday night. snow is on the way, it is expect to make for a slow, messy morning commute. remember when it snows we love to see your picture send them through social media and use that hash tag cbs-3 snow. on the healthwatch tonight turning tragedy and loss into hopeful giving. that is what is behind an upcoming blood drive-in honor of two teenagers whose lives were cut short. >> health reporter stephanie stahl has more on how their birth dates are being remembered. >> reporter: love life, give life, the theme of the upcoming blood drive-in collindale, in memory of mark and mike. >> they were great kid, very proud of them, everybody loved them so we wanted to do something to celebrate that. >> reporter: mark mcneil michael will taylor were 15 year-old best friend, kind who finished each other sentences, teens loving and living life
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together every day until a december evening in 2011 walking home they were run over by a drunk driver fleeing police. guy who killed them is serving life sentence. >> i don't think they would have survived without each other. >> reporter: eileen's mike was kill instantly, mark was kept alive for 18 hours before he joined his best friend again on the final journey. >> for him to have michael to walk to and for michael to not walk through that tunnel by himself, they could walk together. >> reporter: they have special blankets and momentoes mark's first suit his hockey equipment. for eileen it is mike's favorite hat and his beloved legos. >> i put one in the boxes in his casket so he has legos to play with in heaven. >> reporter: moms deidentify todd remember and honor their sons on their birthdays with the blood drive twice a year. the misty a says blood transfusions gave her those last precious hours with her son. >> it is because of donors we got to sit and say good bye
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and tell him it was okay. michael was waiting. >> reporter: it is not the way they died moms want to remember, but the way they lived now giving life with the mark and mike's drive to give life. >> we always hope that at least one life is saved and be in has to go through pain we go through. >> reporter: blood drive for mark and mike is friday march 6th at collindale fire company we have more information at cbs click health. i am will's stephanie stahl, cbs-3 "eyewitness news". tonight, we have an eye on the storm rain will be changing to snow. >> meteorologist kathy orr is closely watching this storm, kathy, how sit looking right now. >> we are looking at rain. it will be a wet, sloppy snow as temperatures transition from the 30's a to the 20's and on top of that that light fluffy snow. storm scan three green on the screen you can see green heavy at times in the delaware valley. but look at this whole ridge of white through lower ohio valley and right into
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southwestern, pennsylvania all this cold air will be changing, our rain over to snow after midnight in philadelphia and points to the south and a east. eyewitness weather watchers are showing us temperatures comfortable in the 40's, 44 degrees in south jersey where we anticipate at least five or 6 inches of snow. david reporting 44 degrees in clementon where we are seeing period of rain. in delaware 42 degrees being reported by greg, in marshallton, delaware. he sent in a neat picture. you can see frozen creek right here in delaware. we are looking at more frozen weather overnight and interesting part about this storm is far are north you go lower the accumulation. take a look outside, the poconos usually seeing the higher amounts this time some of the lower amounts, jack frost big boulder, busy tonight. we have winter storm warnings in effect for a large a area of the u.s. when you stretch from new york down through texas
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2,000 miles of real estate being impact by this storm. that winter storm warning continues right through tomorrow afternoon. forty in the the city. thirty-nine in he had looking. to the north and west colder a air moving in already change ago this rain over to snow. we will see storm moving through. heavier precipitation lingering through south injuries inn and delaware and we will see higher accumulations. morning commute severely impacted with snow covered road slow cancellations and delays are likely. four to 6 inches of snow on i-95 corridor, six to eight through allaway, hammington, clayton. lower accumulations as you head toward lehigh valley. meteorologist justin drabick is live on 76 in philadelphia with the mobile weather lab to talk more about the wild card with the evolving storm, hi justin. >> reporter: good evening, kathy. that is right. pretty interesting storm set up. it is march. it is tough to get a good snowstorm in the month of march. here we are at 76 heading
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toward montgomery drive exit and typical rush hour, very slow but a pennsylvania part of that is rain we're dealing with and fog. that will slow things down. it will be like this tomorrow morning dealing with the the snow. we have rain on the road. that is a problem looking for good snowfall amounts because it may take time for snow to accumulate. lets talk about these storm wild cards. it is all about the timing of the change over, if the change over from rain to snow occurs earlier, we will get more snowfall. again as i mentioned we have a lot of rain or water, standing water on the road and it takes time for snow to accumulate on top of that. if we can get a layer of sleet down that helps snowfall and cools down the road, snow flakes able to bond on the sleet. that is key. also where is the front? it is stalled to the south. closer we are to the front heavier moisture you'll be dealing with. it is also march. sunnies strong. blacktop can absorb that son's energy. initially it will be that wet
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snow in the morning which is tough to accumulate has to come down hard but later it should be a dryer snow and that comes easier. back here on the cbs-3 mobil weather lab rain schuylkill expressway right now, triple a in front have of us, he will be busy tomorrow. that is latest from the mobile weather lab new back to you in the studio with the rest of the forecast. >> we will be busy tomorrow too, the kathy and justice things very much. rain will turn over to snow. we will see temperatures in the 20's. that is when we will see that light fluffy snow right through the day tomorrow. heavy snow early for that early rush through noon time hour. then snow tapers off in the afternoon and then we will dig out. on the exclusive seven day forecast, friday is cold near record cold in the morning. then by the afternoon highs only in the 20's. saturday 38. daylight savings time begins on sunday, is there a sign of spring. the remember to spring ahead one hour before you go to bed saturday night. look at those temperatures. >> wow. >> best part about a march
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snow is it melt quickly. monday 46. tuesday 50. ditto for wednesday. >> i love a 50 in the the forecast. >> that is nice, because snow had that is been on the ground has been a while. >> it will melt over weekend. >> looking forward to that. >> yes. >> we're still seeing some problems a and jams on 422. right approaching trooper, in the right-hand lane, right there, for emergency pothole repair. penndot crews on the scene right there. probably about finished with that repair but you can see typical jam from the rush hour, this afternoon but heading westbound, on the 422. you can see some jams there. over on the schuylkill expressway, between spring garden and girard. these are eastbound lanes just up ahead past this camera there is a disable vehicle over into the left-hand lane. you can see traffic really slow go approaching that point westbound not doing too much better with you that is typical rush delay. now out in springfield
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township camp hill road pennsylvania avenue an accident in the shoulder and still problems out in olney. traffic lights malfunctioning on the roosevelt boulevard at front street. traffic from front is diverted on to the boulevard at this time. stay there we will be right back with more news on cbs-3.
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well, it was a shock for many eagles fans after multiple reports surfaced that the 2013 nfl rushing champ lesean mccoy would be sent to the bills for kiko alonzo. that deal want not be completed until tuesday. so we have almost a whole week
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to talk bit. that is all anyone wanted to discuss at 94 wip. after the initial shock fans seem to be okay with the move. it is clear chip kelly has a plan and putting his signature on the team. >> he has got power and now he is using power, whether it works remains to be seen. does that mean he will get marriott owe? chip is not telling anybody what is going on but there is no doubt he will make a splash in free agency. >> eagles continuing their make over this afternoon making the release of trent cole official, two time pre bowl player had 85 and a half sackness ten seasons with the birds. he is second in franchise history in sacks behind reggie white. phillies visiting yankees in spring training looking for their first win of the season. the phillies managed to get on the board first, cord phelps single to right center feel. darren ruf scores on that one. phillies take a one to nothing lead. to the seventh, aaronalseer with the single to right,
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david guerrero went two for four as the phillies beat the yankees, three-one. >> yeah. >> lighthts out. >> good start. >> nice and sunny down there. i bet you wish were you still hanging out in florida. >> a little bit. >> leslie. >> thanks very much. >> we will be right back.
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this just in, governor chris christie has declared a state of emergency ahead of the winter storm so keep that in mind. we will very latest on the i am penning snow tonight on "eyewitness news" at ten on the cw philly and we will be back here at cbs-3 at 11:00. stay tune, "cbs evening news" comes your way next tonight. living in fear of what is in your floors, plus homeowners says after a bomb shelter report on lumber liquidators. charlie rose in tonight for
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scott pelley as he reports the "cbs e >> rose: home owners living in fear of their floors. >> reporter: how do you make sure whether it's formaldehyde or you're imagining it? >> rose: also tonight the boston bombing trial. his lawyer admits dzhokar tsarnaev did it. now she will try to save his life. the supreme court hears challenge to obamacare. will millions lose their insurance? a stolen infant found after 17 years and the mother's amazing reaction. and 100 years of sinatra. the record shows he took the blows... ♪ and did it my way ♪ captioning sponsored by cbs this is the "cbs evening news" with scott pelley. >> rose: good evening. scott is off tonight. i'm charlie


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