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tv   Eyewitness News at 530  CBS  March 12, 2015 5:30am-6:01am EDT

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avoid gunfire. >> we saw, the fire from the gun, atop of the street so we were all just looking down and once we got down we saw a cop was shot right next to us. >> i saw at least one cop, within cop told me off the record there was two cops shot but i saw one cop on the ground. >> again all this happening just hours after the resignation of the cities embattled police chief thomas jackson after a justice department report, found a pattern and practice of discrimination against african americans, by ferguson police. now last night we also heard from st. louis county police chief john bellmawr who says climate in ferguson following shooting of michael brown last summer has created a dangerous work environment for his officers. he says shots were fired across the street from the police department and based on their trajectory since his officers were targeted. >> in other word these police officers were standing there and they were shot just because they were police officers. we're conducting an
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investigation right now and i'll have more on that later on today report report as for jackson he stepped down amid controversy surrounding his handling of the brown's shooting and weeks of protest that followed. he was widely criticized for an aggressive police response to protesters and failing to release important information. so, of course, we will keep you up to date as we learn more but that is very latest live from the cbs-3 satellite center nicole brewer, cbs-3 "eyewitness news". nicole, thank you. lets check with kate and justin for traffic and weather together good morning everyone. it ace i nice start to the thursday morning. not too cold outside this morning. the light jacket may be all you need when you leave the the house maybe a fleece sending the kid out to the bus stop. we have temps in the 30's in a few area. may want to grab the hat and gloves. bet are warm than too chilly standing outside. lets start off a thursday morning in the as mild as it was yesterday but it the is dry through the daylight hearst on friday and then rain comes in friday night. it will be around to start off
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your weekend. we will enter into a cooler pattern through next week. that will start next wednesday and it looks like a chilly finish to march unfortunately. sixty's may in the make a return appearance for quite sometime. hopefully you enjoyed them yesterday. i necessity i did. the moisture is lifting to the north and east as we head toward the end of the week and weekend. temperatures right new pretty comfortable. forty-six in the city. thirty-six in reading. thirty-seven in millville. a few chilly spots this morning. definitely want to stay warm. eyewitness weather daze planner 42 at 9:00a m, breezy in the afternoon wind gusting over 20 miles an hour in spots. forty-seven at noon 567891 by 3:00 p.m. 10 degrees cooler then yesterday but we have wall will to wall sunshine on this thursday. lets check on the road with justin drabick good morning. >> reporter: good morning, everyone. i'm looking forward to the sunshine. we have a couple hours until sunrise. roads right new looking good. a at least in weather to affect them this morning but still tracking a few crash these morning. this is a live look the at
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i-95 north bound at 420. remember you cannot get off at exit ten for 291 eastbound because that is closed. the alternate is exit 13 island avenue. we will take to you new jersey, this is 42 freeway coming in the city, volume picking up a little bit southbound. we're moving good as well. area speed look to be in good shape at this hour. 55 miles an her coming in the city around south philadelphia. a little bit slower now and then the turnpike near 295 and new jersey speed coming in still at 53 miles an hour. water main break continues to close cannon avenue between west main street and west second street this could be cleared hopefully by around 6:00 o'clock this morning. something to look forward to hopefully in the next half an hour or so. there is that reek will crash in willingboro, causing a four vehicles and that is still taking out the right turning lane on route 130. that is checking your ride new back to ukee. >> j.d., thank you. updating breaking news in lansdale montgomery count that
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i justin just mentioned. you aring live at crews mix fag large water main brain break at main street and cannon avenue. cannon avenue will be closed between second street and main street during the repairs. it the has been one week since philadelphia police officer robert wilson was kill in the line of duty. members of the west philadelphia community where he lived will hold a candle light vigil tonight in his honor. our justin finch is live outside game stop in north philadelphia where officer wilson was shot, just continue, good morning. >> reporter: erika, good morning. we know that game stop has given to the wilson family, the amount has in the been disclosed at this time. this is just the latest tribute one of of several we have seen for officer wilson and his family a after he lost his life protecting this store one week ago. >> we appreciate the sacrifice. >> reporter: balloon released a symbolic show of thanks from neighbors at 54th and locust street neighborhood where slain officer robert wilson
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the third lived with his family. >> this means... unaudible. >> reporter: last thursday afternoon wilson stopped at this game stop to pick up a gift for his ten year-old son and quickly fund himself in the middle of the armed robbery attempt fearlessly he fired back in uniform against two suspects with semiautomatic guns. the the two men are in police custody facing murder charges and more. wilson davis life defending the store staff, and customers, and new fraternal order of police say game stop is quietly showing wilson's family their gratitude. >> they wanted to do something for the the officer for his family they wanted to do it very quietly under the radar and in cameras, no fanfare. >> reporter: fop president says money of course, will in the bring wilson back to his two sons or to his family but it will help wilson's move forward and there are several ways to give. >> they are doing collection boxes along the east coast at
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all of their stores, all of their locations and each ceo themselves. is there seven or will will make a sizable donation. >> as you can see game stop story mains closed until further notice a the this time. there are many other ways to give locally as well. we will have that for you on our web site at cbs there is another vigil planned this evening for 7:00 p.m. at 61st and baltimore, in the conditions creek section of the west philadelphia where wilson is from we are live from north philadelphia, justin finch for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". a viewing is scheduled this evening for a teenager who died in a what philadelphia police called an accidental shooting. the james becker was shot inside a home on susquehanna avenue in kensington last thursday. seventeen year-old ivan overhalter was playing with the gun he told police he found on the street. it went off hitting becker in the stomach. the victim's father talked to "eyewitness news" about his son. >> he wasn't selfish, he loved
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his friend, family. >> i remember saying good night, love you and that is something we did every night when we went to bed would i go into his room and said good tonight buddy and love you. >> the funeral is scheduled for tomorrow morning. 5:37 right now. in business news this morning what caused yesterday's outage for apple. >> what is next for famous retailer ll bean? money watch's jill wagner joins us up in new york at the insuring stock exchange, hi jill, good morning. >> reporter: good morning. investors are hoping for a rebound a after two down days, the the dow jones lost another 27-point on wednesday the nasdaq fell nine. ll bean plans to triple its stores in the next few years, retailer based in maine is best men for its catalogues and on line business, but new says it wants to give customers more ways to shop, especially outside of the northeast. ll bean got a really big boost during this years brutal
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winter, selling out of the popular bean boots. services were restored to apple itunes and istores after a 12 hour outage. users regained access wednesday afternoon. apple says an internal technical error caused the outage. revenue from those on line stores comes to 50 million-dollar a day. a new way to mix cocktails, federal regulators have given the green lied to pouterd alcohol it is called talc ohol and meant to be mixed into drinks. several states moved to want product but company that makers the product does hope to begin selling it, this summer. >> what will they think of next jill, thank you. 5:39. a 60 minutes investigation gets results for victims of the super storm sandy. fema agrees to open up every flood insurance claim file after the storm. sixty minutes investigation uncovered evidence of fraud in the insurance program that was
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supposed to help, victims of the sandy rebuild. now, more than 140,000 flood claims from the storm license reviewed in case homeowners deserve more money ukee. septa ace considering an appeal after a judge order the the transit agency to run anti islamic ads. a federal judge sided with the american freedom defense initiative. he says it has a first amendment right to place ads like this on septa buses. septa refused saying they disparage muslims but judge says buses are public forums and restrictions violate the the first amendment. >> these ads are false hateful but the the first amendment protects false, hateful speech along with good speech. >> is there too much political correctness with what is going on in the middle east. my client, she speaks, you know truth to power and that is the whole point of these messages. >> and in a statement septa's expects women jerry williams says whale we respect the court's decision we are disappointed. still ahead this morning a
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basketball fan fan learns a tough lesson about being glued tour cell phone. see what happens to her while she's in the stand. preparing for the the pope, steps being taken to mack sure that the pope's visit to philadelphia is safe. get those dancing shoes ready we will introduce you to the special dancers redty strut their stuff this weekend at philadelphia st. patrick's day paradade. do not want to miss this story coming up. we are keeping an eye on the road. yd will let you know about areas to avoid when you go out the door when we do traffic and weather together on the
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updating our breaking news two police officers shout in ferguson missouri. the crowd gathered avenues that the police chief was latest city lead tore resign. one was shot in the face, another in the shoulder. also breaking news a water main break in lansdale montgomery county that could impact your morning drive. it happened around midnight on cannon avenue. no customers are impacted right new but crews will be out there most of the morning, justin has detours coming up. police are searching for gunman whose bullets went flying in the windows of the southwest philadelphia home, it second shooting in elmwood a avenue in a week. target were two men sitting outside. in one was injured. coming up a at 5:43. lets check with kate and our
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great weather watchers this morning. hi kate. >> weather watchers are the best. they are send nothing great reports. they are already up and checking on the weather. that is why we love them so much. we are seeing nice temperatures. ed connor is in chesterfield, new jersey at the 40. he says a comfortable walk, dryer and much less snow. the snow didn't stand too much chance in the 60's yesterday. i talk my kid to ride bikes in the driveway and they managed to find a pile of snow to ride books in and slide all around the driveway. pitfalls this time of the year. bash were lane at 39 degrees with the mainly clear skies. heading down in delaware where we are seeing 42 degrees checking with john dowell in, glass co, delaware. again nice warm temperatures from david dutch in clementon new jersey at 46 degrees. the let's hit that one more weather watch inner here john jenkins in perkasie at 40 degrees with the clear skies rye now. john's comments is another peaceful, comfortable morning. it has been a very nice week. the you can see we're not tracking any precipitation for
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this thursday. precipitation is way down in the gulf of mexico and will impact us. the it will be lifting up the eastern seaboard as we head through the end of tomorrow and into saturday. timing it out today looks fine 3:00 p.m. high pressure in control. we have plenty of sunshine. the beautiful afternoon. friday at 11:00 a.m. still dry but watch what happened, cloud increase cloud thicken by three or 4:00 by friday and rain creeps in here. it doesn't get here until 11:00 at night may come in earlier. i would assume out and about on friday night anytime after night fall rain could start steady overnight into saturday morning and then by noonan saturday tapering off to a few showers but showers will linger through rest of afternoon and evening as well. it will be a wet start. expect a half inch to an inch of rain or saturday, ponding on the road as well but better news for sunday for st. patrick's parade. i'll have have the seven day in a few minutes. now let's check with justin in
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rain this morning nothing but sunshine later this morning and so we will have to bring sunglasses with you, looking at schuylkill expressway at sit avenue both directions moving good this hour. i'm sure that will change shortly after we head into prime time rush hour. boulevard starting to pick up with volume, we are flowing freely at this hour. tacony pal my use bridge is opened, we may have a few delays around that region as well. water main break continues, they are on this fixing this but cannon avenue is closed between west main street and west second street, and lansdale this hour. four vehicle crash in willingboro still taking out the right turning lane closed a at beverly rancocas road and springfield township burlington county there is another vehicle crash in the pole. burlington jack sonville road at gilbert road. alternate is route 639. we have a pothole causing some problems in montgomery county county line road eastbound between stump road and kenas road n reports of mass transit
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or delays, we will send it back to you guys. when you are on the road you can get updated information about traffic backups with the new cbs philly traffic app down load that on itunes or google play. 5:46. september's papal visit and world meeting of families is now considered a national security event. that means that secret service, home land security and fbi will be dereplied to philadelphia a. the designation was revealed at the world meeting event last night. community members came together to support the committee drafted for every aspect of the september meeting. security is a top priority because of the crowds. >> we started off were 450,000 expectation and we're expecting well over a million people for saturday evening right now. >> that evening will include 90 minutes with pope francis on stage, as many as 2 million people are expected for the papal mass on the parkway the next day, that will be september 27th, a sun take. for more on the papal visit and world meeting of
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families we have a special page on our web site check it out at cbs excitement is building for sunday's philadelphia st. patrick's day parade. >> thousands will pack parkway to see celebration of all things irish kate bilo introduces to us special young dancers who will perform in this years parade. >> this is one of grace mccann's favorite things. >> she loves being with the the other girls and dancing is a great activity for her report report gris has down syndrome this chase at celtic flame school is giving her and other special need kid a chance to learning irish dancing. chrissy z eo is the school's owner. her daughter also has down syndrome. >> watching them grow is the best part. my daughter started at 18 months. she was walking the. >> reporter: christine nichols daughter ela started at 19 months old. >> it is good physical therapy for them, really good for following directions and that was within of the main things
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we all wanted to does as parents was get our children involved in the structured environment. >> reporter: chrissy asked three of her older students to pair with them as buddies and mentors. what is the best part about it. >> just the smile on their face i think. >> very heart warming. >> reporter: older girls from celtic flame perform every year in the parade but for the first time this year dancers from her most special class will be also be in the parade riding on than a float. >> will do you that in the parade. >> yes. >> reporter: are you going to wave. >> yes. >> reporter: blow kisses. >> yes. and hugs. >> reporter: you love hugs. >> yeah. >> reporter: hugs and maybe a little dancing than that float. >> that is great. >> that is fantastic. >> that was the best hour of half i spent. got so many hugs and kisses. they were so happy and excited to be part of the parade. can't wait to see them ride by. they will be on the same bet both from the northeast. make sure we wave to them when
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wee them riding down. >> you have a big part. >> i will be interviewing people that come through, we have everything from dignitaries from ireland to our local leaders, to dancers and people just out enjoyinged parade. i'm excited to be bringing it to you live and live on the cw philly at 1:00 o'clock good about that time. >> kate, thanks. >> nice, nice. >> as kate mentioned don't miss the st. patrick's take parade watch it live on sunday on our sister station the cw fully or you can watch on your lap top or your tablet at cbs or if you prefer to wave, you can catch it on st. patrick's day next tuesday watch it right here on cbs-3 at 9:00 a.m. if you are taking the daze off at work, kickback, have a gra great time. you have to see this guy getting obstacles that scared some golf's way. >> but first here's what is coming up tonight on cb is three.
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do you have stuff to clean this mess of a breakroom? i have paper towels, sprays, wipes, sponges. and these floors? disinfectant cleaner, mops and "wet floor" signs. how long does it take to reheat cod? we also have air fresheners. make on-budget happen. make cleaning up happen. staples. make more happen.
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surveillance video shows a car slamming in the pizza shop and hitting a woman walking by. here is video at a roar colorado, driver of the kara apparently hit the gas instead of the brakes hitting the woman before smashing through the front window of the pizza shop. amazingly, the woman walks away from the crash and she is expected to be okay. hopped right up off the hood right there. how about it. >> wow. >> it is not unusual to see an alligator in florida but how about one that looks like it just stepped off a set of the jurassic park. check this picture from the pine golf club in engelwood. two members grabbed a snapshot of the alligator taking a stroll across the greens. not everyone was so impressed
5:53 am
but it sparked a debate over whether it was photo shopped. the golf club posted on their facebook page, nope, we just grow them big in these parts. >> time to skip that hole and move to the next one. >> betty white feeding the gators. >> playing through. >> my goodness. >> yes. >> wow. >> lets check with katie right now. if it weren't for huge alligators can you go golfing. >> did you see the tail on that thing. >> my gosh. we were talking about this on kyw news radio, greens are nice and slow because everything is so wet soggy. if you hit the golf course, roll up pant legs and have those golf shoes on you need traction in the muddy ground. it will get more muddy as this storm as we same down heads in friday night into saturday. good news we have good two days of trying weather before we get rain back in. today is dry across the the board. tomorrow dry until
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9:00 o'clock or so in the evening. things improve and nice mile start with temperatures in the 40's in many locations right now. lets check on the roads with justin, good morning. >> good morning. weather should impact the the road too much today except for sun glare coming in an hour and a half. i9 five headlights southbound moving good northbound. no problems just yet this morning. ben franklin bridge starting to pick up a bit the with the volume coming in toward the city but we are moving good in fog or wet conditions to talk about. tacony palmyra bridge is open right now, the the the alternate will be betsy ross bridge, that is your ride. more news when we come back.
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most of the times fans are watching the ball attending a sporting event. >> not always, one fan learn the hard way. lance steve than son of the
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hard nets tossed a pass a little high and hit a fan right in the face. it looks lick she was distracted by a cell phone. >> ouch. >> you have to watch the game. >> fortunately, she was not seriously hurt. >> i have had that happen before and glasses cut your forehead. >> oh, poor thing. >> matter of fact coach upset for turn over. >> way to be concerned about your viewer therere my goodness. >> poor lady. >> guys tries to block it. >> that is too bad. >> we will be right back good morning, see
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we're following breaking news two police officers shot after a night of protest right in front of the police
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station. it happened after the police chief quit. "eyewitness news" reporter nicole brewer has been monitoring developments overnight in the the satellite center nicole. >> reporter: ukee and erika demonstration surround ago this departure quickly turn violent when shots were fired shortly after midnight. the in the cross hairs a 41 year-old st. louis county police office are struck in the shoulder a and three two-year old officer from webster grove missouri were shot in the face. both were taken the two hospital in serious condition. you could hear gunfire scatter the crowd a as this amateur video up load todd you stream. >> gunfire and now cops have guns drawn. >> reporter: witnesses say demonstration outside the ferguson police department was winding down when it happen. >> we were actually, surrounded by police. the a as we were packing our cameras up we hear what we thought were fire works. >> all of a


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