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tv   Eyewitness News at 6  CBS  March 17, 2015 6:00pm-6:31pm EDT

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to cross border in to syria and join isis. turkish authorities denied him entry and return him to egypt. pugh was later deported back to the u.s. and arrested in asbury park, new jersey. the his last known u.s. address is in bridgeton cumberland county. pugh is scheduled to be arraigned tomorrow. we do know he was fired last december while working as an aircraft mechanic in the middle east. the the company that employed him, gryphon or lanes who says in the third quarter of 2014 mr. pugh was considered for a future project but did not meet qualifications. company decline to hire pugh. personnel are cooperating with the authorities. we will continue to follow this story on the air and on line at cbs and developing right now nude unconscious women exploited. authorities say a fraternity at penn state university posted their pictures, on secret facebook pages.
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that fraternity is now suspended. good evening to you i'm jessica dean. i'm chris may. investigators are releasing new details about these scandalous allegations tonight. our david spunt is live with the very latest, cave i had? >> reporter: penn state spokesmen released a statement and used the words appalling and offensive just a few word he used. this is search warrant and authorities say it is just the start of the investigation, warrant has over a dozen photographs but police believe there are many more out there. the the warrant has over a dozen photographs but police believe that there are many more out there. >> imaging are disturbing i will tell thaw. >> reporter: state college police say members of the dell capaa row posted pictures of nude women, showed pictures of hazing and drug transactions. the page operated as a secret page but former fraternity member raised the red flag and went to police. >> i will say one report of sexual assault or sexual harassment or exploit cakes which much of this falls under is too many.
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>> reporter: according to the search warrant there were two facebook pages, one called coverp business transactions and another .2.0. authority believe there are dozens of pictures out there and they are working with the former fraternity brother to find more. >> we want to provided any type of victim services that anyone may require as a result of being victimize, at that fraternity. >> reporter: according to a school officials, the national fraternity, office suspended the group for a year. the the school is also conducting an investigation. the the school suspended the fraternity immediately. i reached out to the executive director of the national fraternity, i'm waiting to hear back, cord to go the warrant, 144 people had access to this facebook page somewhere alumni and some were current students. live from the news center david spun t for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". two temple football players are free on bail, as the the university and police look into claims that they were involved in an off campus assault. university officials have identified junior offensive lineman die on dawkins and red
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shirt sophomore linebacker haason reddick as the players now under investigation. they are facing charges of assault, criminal conspiracy and reckless endangerment for at alleged attack of a student at an off campus event back in january. now temple university released this statement. it read quote the university has and will continue to fully cooperate with the philadelphia police department, in its investigation, and will take appropriate actions outlined in the student conduct code. the 29 students have been suspended from football team activities, pending further investigation. the philadelphia fire marshall has ruled the cause of the house fire that killed lieutenant joyce craig as undetermined. lieutenant craig died while battling that fire in west oak lane, in december investigators say the fire began in the basement that could not determine a point of origin. craig was first female philadelphia female fire fighter, to die in the line of duty. well, you may have loved, today's weather where some
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places reaches 70 degrees but it is all downhill from here. cold temperatures, perhaps even some snow flakes are on the way. lets get a first look at the forecast with meteorologist kathy orr outside on a very windy cbs-3 sky deck today, kathy. >> it is beautiful out here in the 50's but it will not stay that way. we have had temperatures in the 70's, earlier and we are going down. we will talk about wind chills in the teens come tomorrow morning. take a look at these numbers a across the region, very impressive in, dover 71. atlantic city 07 degrees. wilmington 69. philadelphia officially 68. and in trenton the high is 63 degrees. now things will change rapidly, at noon time we had a temperature of 67, 3:00 o'clock 64. as we continue to fall by midnight expecting a temperature of 37. that is a 30-degree drop in just a 12 hour time period. wind still gusting to 40 miles an hour in wilmington, three in philadelphia, and 41-mile april hour gust right now in
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the poconos. we are looking at a mainly clear sky right now the northern lights are aurora may be visible even this far south, come late tonight, we will talk about that coming up. and then all eyes are on this, a developing storm that will bring rain and snow, a wintry mess by the the time spring begins on friday. details coming up with the seven day when i join you inside. kathy, thank you. we have new information tonight, on the murder of a man shot while walking his talk. it happened thursday night on wood crest avenue in overbrook. the 51 year-old james spillman was gunned down on his knightley walk with his dog molly. through video and investigation philadelphia police say they have uncovered the motive for his death. >> in fact, an attempted robbery, we believe it is by three black males wearing hood is all with backpacks. >> reporter: according to authorities, this was a random attack. police say just moments before they gunned down spillman the the trio of suspects had been
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stalking another person walking their dog, in the neighborhood. four women are arrested in a local prostitution sting operation, this is a look at three of the suspects. police began with a tip about the rose spa on county line road in huntington valley. that tip led to the discovery of ads for spat in the web site that advertisements prostitution. police went under cover and now four women are facing charges. a trenton father is charged with child endangerment in the death of his nine month-old daughter. this is the suspect 21 year-old jevon thomas. authorities say his daughter died because he failed to feed or care for her, while i smoked marijuana thomas is behind bars tonight. sexual harassment investigation involving the fire chief in atlantic city is heating up. today city officials released video appearing to show that chief dropping his pants in front of the female security guard. "eyewitness news" new jersey reporter cleve bryan is live for news atlantic city which new information tonight
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cleve. >> reporter: we now have that video so you can be the judge was it accidental or on purpose. fire chief dennis brooks, dropping his pants in the lobby here in the public safety building, he has had a long career here in atlantic city and some wonder could it come to a bizarre ending. >> he undid his pants, pulled them down and told her he was having a bad day. >> reporter: surveillance video confirms claims by an atlantic city employee that dennis brooks dropped his drawers in front of her. on march 5th brooks went in the public safety building and after the female security guard asked him to remove metal brooks appears to unbuckle his pants and drop them halfway down his thigh. >> obviously she was baffled she had interactions with the chief in the past and they were always pleasant. >> reporter: attorney sebastian represent ares the security guard and sent a letter to the city telling that brooks actions amount to sexual half race. >> this was not accidental or not as if the the chief removed his belt and his pant fell down. the it is clear it was premeditated that he grabbed
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the side of his pant and pulled them down. >> reporter: brooks has been part of the fire department for 36 years. ac officials as they investigate brooks is on paid administrative leave. he is considering a lawsuit but wait todd see how city respond. >> the the ball is in the city of atlantic city's court. we want to see if they take the appropriate action and if they investigate this and if they bring charges against chief brooks. >> reporter: city hall says they cannot talk about a pending investigation. we have reached out to chief brooks and his attorney and could not get comments. live from atlantic city, cleve bryan, cbs-3 "eyewitness news". police are investigating a string of crimes in the ogontz section of philadelphia. authorities say that four gunpoint robberies took place between february 16th and march 13th. the the suspects, suspect in all of these robberies is describe as a black male between 20 and 25 years of age, allegedly stolen $800 in cash. if you have any information about the the crime or the the suspect you are asked to call
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police. although nova nation turnout in full force this morning. >> ♪ "eyewitness news" on campus as villanova wildcats boarded buses bound for ncaa tournament in pittsburgh. it was a sea of white and blue every where you looked this morning, cheerleaders, fans supporters enemas cot, will the cat all giving a big send off to coach jay wright and his team. villanova a enters thursday game as the number one seed in the eastern bracket. well, much quieter send off in easton pa for the the team villanova will be opening up against in this years first round, lafayette college mens basketball team boarded their buses bound for pitberg. the 16th seed leopards have a mighty mountain to climb. sixteen seed has never beaten a number one seed in the history of the ncaa tournament.
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still ahead on "eyewitness news" an "eyewitness news" exclusive. >> we need your help. >> "eyewitness news" is combing through records at city a hall trying to figure out who owns this ring. good samaritan found it in the parking lot and want to return to it its rightful owner ahead of what she believes will be his 60th wedding anniversary. we will have that story coming up. we are looking at colder temperatures moving our way and thousands of miles away we are looking at a storm brewing in the southwest that will bring us the threat of snow and some rain, for friday, as spring begins, we will take a look what to expect coming up with the seven day forecast hi beasley. we will talk more villanova in sports and introduce you to the man who wants to get the the penn quakers back to the big dance, plus another take another injury latest on the phillies pitching situation that is coming up.
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we have some breaking news into "eyewitness news", we are looking live at a scene of the four alarm fire at an apartment building in northeast philadelphia, 9181 academy road is at dress here, a very, very smokey scene, we are told that a man has been taken to the hospital after inhaling smoke there. the fire reportedly started in the basement of a building and
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has new spread to upper floors, it is a four alarm fire in the northeast. fire fighters are on the the scene trying to get it under control. we will keep you up to date here and on line at cbs many people would rank their wedding ring among those most prized possessions so when a wedding ban turn up in a parking lot, one local woman did her bet to get it back where it belongs. she turn to us at "eyewitness news" for help and our matt rivers has the exclusive. >> reporter: gold shining caught her eye a ring lying on the pavement in front of the target along route one south of woodhaven road. so dianne deets pick it up. >> i looked and i didn't notice it had an inscription. >> reporter: closer inspection showed it d2 sets of initials and a specific date in 1955. dianne deets thought one thing. >> it looks like my father's wedding band.
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>> reporter: he still had his so that meant someone out there had lost their just a few months of what would be his 60th wedding anniversary worse still, dianne found the ring on valentines day. >> sixty years to have something on your finger and to lose it, i would be upset about that. >> reporter: he did what a good person would she tried to find the man to whom it belong. >> i went on facebook i went on i called target and reported to it them i went on craigs list. >> reporter: she got no where. >> nothing. >> everybody just said how bad they felt. >> reporter: she called "eyewitness news". >> i watch channel three. let's give it the a shot. worst you kahn say is no. >> reporter: on the the off chance this couple got their marriage license in philadelphia, we thought we would check city record to figure out who they are. with you officials say without at least one last name it is nearly impossible to figure out who this couple is. so that leaves us with you at home. if you know anything about the rightful own other this have ringlet us know, on facebook on twitter.
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math the math rivers, cbs-3 "eyewitness news". lets get that back to its rightful owner. pennsylvania governor tom wolf visits philadelphia reaffirming his support for the state's flourishing natural gas industry. governor wolf a addressed the association of energy engineering at the pennsylvania convention center today. some chapters say they support the governor's proposal to create a gas extraction tax the the proceed which will fund schools and environmental programs. well, in weather this evening we are going to be seeing temperatures that are falling across the delaware valley. our eyewitness weather watchers are showing temperatures that are in the 40's and the the 50's at this time going down into the the 20's overnight tonight and wait until you see what we will wake up to tomorrow morning, the the first, let's enjoy the st. patrick's day evening. kyle is reporting a temperature of 51 degrees and sunshine. wind at just 7 miles an hour in hatboro. the temperature in cherry hill
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is 59 but lynn reporting in serious wind. lets take a look at what she's saying. what a tease i need more spring please just a few days away. it is a few days away but we have a storm to talk about and on storm scan three we are seeing that, if i can get it there it is, clear skies right now bye a a storm that is brewing in the southwestern part of the country and this will be impacting our weather bringing in rain and snow as spring begins. take a look outside where we still have a very pleasant day in the poconos, with clear skies, but that next storm we will than seeing more snow as spring begins on friday. but lets talk a little bit about the near future. tonight we have a chance of seeing the northern lights or the aurora lights, but we have had geomagnetic storm on the surface of the sun. the as soon as night falls is there a chance we could see beautiful light in the sky especially as you head to the north toward poconos.
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natural light in the sky produced by those storms on the surface of the sun that disrupt geomagnetic field of the earth. the best seen away from the city lights, look to the north and low on the horizon tonight through about 2:00 a.m. when you look at the map of viewing you will see it obviously well to the north, even places like minneapolis, wisconsin, they saw it early this morning. but in our region in philadelphia and new jersey it is possible that we could be seeing the the aurora light. that is a real special occurrence and best viewing once again tonight. temperatures are going to be cooling down as you step outside tonight. allentown 43. freezing in the poconos with temperatures falling. thirty-nine in state college. thirty-nine in pittsburgh. that is moving our way. we have a front moving through. tomorrow will be blustery with temperatures in the 40's. wind chills in the 30's. the partly sunny thursday. our next storm system takes aim, moving in during the early morning hours after 4:00 a.m. some rain, wintry mix and some snow. best chance of seeing light
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accumulation will be to the north and west of philadelphia where we will be seeing wet snow in the lehigh valley and poconos. rain little bit of wet snow in the philadelphia area and mainly rain through south jersey and delaware. overnight tonight clear and cold, wind chills in the teens, tomorrow 42 degrees. it will be blustery and on the exclusive eyewitness weather seven day forecast here we go back to blustery for wednesday, and thursday and even friday. a wintry mess for the the first day of spring. temperatures rebound saturday and turning colder next week, another front moves through. >> chilly beginning to spring kathy. >> absolutely. good evening, everyone. we still have a lot going on. if you do have plans this evening to celebrate irish on st. patty's day pack your patient as long with that. if you are leaving working to home and come back out. here's is what happening traveling on the roosevelt boulevard we have northbound volume making your way through the schuylkill down toward broad street that is usual stuff. traveling on 76 we will have
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delays in and out of the western suburbs specifically around conshohocken and definitely around center city. here's an update from the lansdale doylestown line suspend dude to down wires between link belt and doylestown. the that is right around chalfont. note that if that is where you are headed. thirty-nine alarm apartment fire has gone up to four alarm apartment fire in the northeast academy rosed close add convent avenue. penny pack your best
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jim: it's a bad idea to assess children this way. it takes away the joy of learning in a classroom, which was one of the reasons we all became teachers - to see the bright look on their face when you finally got them. ros: it's those years where we had that teacher who gave us a little extra, who spent a little bit more time with us, who made us stay after school, who kept calling our parent. a standardized test is one of the weakest ways to assess student learning and student knowledge.
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jim: it's detrimental. standardized testing is sucking the air out of classrooms. villanova wildcats hit the pennsylvania turnpike this morning, they are in pits burning for round one of march madness, all eyes are on the number one seeded cats the who play another local team, on thursday night, only 66 miles separate villanova and lafayette. leopard got in the big dance
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by winning patriot league tournament. >> i think our guys will take from our bucknell game and lehigh game and especially lafayette game last year, great respect, for lafayette. they know that style of play very smart, intelligent players, tough and well coached, disciplined. >> penn introduced their new coach today steve donahue a local guy , delaware county native donahue was an assistant at penn from 1990 to 2,000. he spent a next decade at cornell and four year run at, boston college but this job is different are. >> i have been very fortunate in my career to meet a lot of people and intive rent situations. i have neff been more nervous and excited then i was today. >> get those brackets ready and get ready to washing basketball. here's thursday's schedule. notre dame and northeastern start at noon, butler verse
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texas at 2:30. cincinnati takes on purdue at 7:30. at 9:30 undefeated kentucky verse winner of tonight's game between hampton and manhattan. we will prepare you for march madness tomorrow night at 7:30 with our march to indianapolis. it is a sports special right here on cbs-3, i'll host a panel of experts and leslie van arsdal will be in pittsburgh with villanova. don't forget to fill out that bracket you can win a $5,000 gift card, to cbs bracket challenge. go to cbs sign up. phillies pitchers are dropping like flies. right-hander jerome williams was scratched from today's start, he tweaked his hamstring running sprints last sunday. yesterday cliff lee was placed on the 60 day disable list and that leaves cole hamels and david buchanan as only healthy starters. >> yikes. >> started outlooking bad and looking worse. >> that is last thing they
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need is for starters to go down but so it goes. >> thanks, very much. >> we will be ri
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irish eyes are smiling in south philadelphia, david cohen, just for st. patrick's day, patient advocate at the hospital. he not only played bagpipes but delivered shamrock shakes pretzels to patients, family and staff members at the hospital, where he later headed to philadelphia international airport to play for passengers there. irish spirit and philly pride, proudly on display on this st. patrick's day in a big way. thanks for watching "eyewitness news" at 6:00 we are back at ten on our sister station wpsg the cw fill a inn we we're back here on cbs-3 at 11:00. cbs evening news couples your way next. another fraternity in scandal.
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plus a nfl >> pelley: a penn state fraternity is suspended for allegedly using facebook to post pictures of nude women photographed without their knowledge. also tonight the congressman who spent a king's ransom decorating his office "downton abbey" style suddenly abrocates. a rising star quits the nfl. chris borland says it's not worth the health risk. and we'll get to the bottom of the glaet penguin mystery. captioning sponsored by cbs this is the "cbs evening news" with scott pelley. >> pelley: another college fraternity has been disciplined today for shocking behavior. kappa delta rho at penn state was suspended for a year for what it was allegedly doing on a private facebook page, including


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