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tv   Eyewitness News at 6  CBS  March 19, 2015 6:00pm-6:31pm EDT

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dean, chris may is off tonight. lets go right to meteorologist kathy orr with what we can expect from this winter storm, kathy. >> good news if you do in the like snow it will in the last that licensing because of the temperatures. as we climb in the 30's and over next couple days in the 40's and 50's anything that falls will be melting. so there is something to look forward to. if you do like snow, well here's one more round. rain on storm scan three but as it encounters colder air in the philadelphia area it will be snow by the time the it arrives tomorrow morning. winter weather advisory posted the with the exception of the three southern counties in new jersey and central and southern delaware. we're talking about accumulating snow on the grass surfaces to start but as we go to the north and west temperatures will be colder and we are going to stay mainly snow. between 7:00 and 9:00 a.m. it moves in and then snowing throughout the day, heavy wet snow, rain to the south and moves out in the evening and then turning cooler for friday night. as far as will travel is concern poconos mainly snow,
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good for the the extension of spring skiing, as far as north and westerly high rally, slushy and slick where we expect 4 inches of snow and city and suburbs wet and slushy, southern delaware south jersey mainly wet with snow and changing over to rain. friday's impact will be significant from washington, through philadelphia, new york, and even boston with millions of people impact by this snow. light to moderate across the real estate and very slow go right through the evening period. coming up we will talk about how much snow you should expect. it will be dependent upon elevation and also the temperatures. we should be critical. we will talk about that coming up. you can track the latest and, and it is available for freon itunes and google play. developing now murder charges are filed in the shooting death of the man gunned down while walking his dog. the "eyewitness news" reporter todd quinones is live at
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police headquarters tonight with more on some young suspects todd? >> reporter: natasha, right now there is a policeman hunt for shooter in this case, he is just 15 and freshman at a city high school. police say tafind hamilton pulled the trigger shooting james stoleman one time in the chest. >> he should be considered armed and dangerous. >> reporter: married man and father of young daughter was gunned down last thursday night walking his dog near his overbrook home. investigators say hamilton with 15 year-old brandon smith and a 14 years old first targeted one man to rob and then spotted poleman walking his dog. >> they stated his dog looked weak or sort. >> reporter: he walked his dog with his daughter but last thursday was just before 9:00 and the 51 year-old neighbors say told his daughter to stay home because it was too late. >> thank god his daughter wasn't with him.
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that was one of the main things that, you know, lot of people really were thinking about. >> reporter: minutes later police say stoleman was confronted and there was a brief struggle. >> at one point did he plead for his life please don't shoot me. please don't shoot me. they shot him one time. >> reporter: hamilton and smith police had prayers force robbery. police say smith and the 14 year-old who faces lesser charges were staying at this home near 65th and girard that was searched wednesday night. several guns were taken from the home. surveillance camera in overbrook recorded video of the suspects running the night of the murder. nineteenth district officers spotted some suspects wednesday and brought them in for questioning. and, according to police hamilton lives on the 2100 block of north wannamaker streets. that is just a couple blocks away from where the victim lived. as for the 14 year-old also arrested police tell me he will not be charged as an adult, they say that he is cooperating, and that he will face robbery and other related
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charges. reporting live tonight from police headquarters in center city, todd quinones for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". todd, thank you. philadelphia's top prosecutor say faith aal shooting of the motorist by police was in the a crime. the advertise trick attorney is explaining his decision not to file charges in the case that sparked protest in the city. "eyewitness news" reporter walt hunter is live in center city with the details tonight walt. >> reporter: in a press conference a short distance from here earlier today the d.a. says from the time the police officers stopped the car because headlights weren't operating properly right through the deadly violence that followed a few minutes later the two philadelphia police officers involve in the fatal shooting of brandon tait-brown acted properly. >> this was not the case of an unarmed man shot while running away. >> reporter: district attorney seth williams reruled this grain i hard to see surveillance video, along with other evidence, proves police officers acted legally when
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they shot and killed 26 year-old brandon tait brown during an early morning car stop and confrontation. the d.a. decide ago this tait brown was, in fact, fighting to reenter his car, where this fully loaded stolen illegal weapon was stuffed next to the front seat. >> the facts show a tragedy a terrible tragedy but not a crime. >> like any mother, i choked, and i cried. >> reporter: tait brown's mother described her reaction when she was briefed by the district attorney prior to his announcement. while not openly critical of the decision she and her attorney say that too many questions still must be answered. >> i'm appalled. i cannot wait to leave philadelphia a. as much as i love philadelphia. >> reporter: both office are involved had previously been cleared by a departmental investigation and they have now return to normal duties.
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>> fair, objective review, whenever these things happen and i think that happened in this case. >> reporter: while the d.a. says his investigation is closed the family is considering a civil lawsuit. live from sit the eye hall, i'm walt hunter cbs-3 "eyewitness news". >> thank you walt. it took about 13 hours but a tractor trail their flipped on to its side on the base of the ben franklin bridge noise longer there. the truck carrying a large load of kiwis lost control and spilled its load. crash block a couple lanes and traffic causing huge delays. port authority officials say removing the the truck and its load was a huge under taking. >> the problem that we had was the truck was loaded with kiwi fruit and the kiwi fruit was in boxes without lid on it. so it made the clean up very very difficult. all of the fruit had to be unloaded by hand. >> to right the truck officials had to close the bridge and that is why they
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say they had to wait until the end of the rush hour to move the truck. now, in north philadelphia a truck gets caught up in utility wires bringing down a pole. chopper three over the scene this morning at north third and west oxford the pole came crashing down on to a pickup truck. fortunately no one was injured. march madness is in full swing, round of 64 started to day as quest for national championship kick off for tournament teams. ville know of, wildcats fans are hoping that their team will out last other 63. sports director beasley reese joins us live where fans are getting themselves in the frenzy beasley. >> well, right now the connolly center is a sunny quiet, respite for the students as they grab a bite to eat but they say in 30 or 40 minutes this place will be packed, they will be celebrating as villanova tips off against lafayette and these, there is a group called
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the campus activity team that will help them get ready for the big dance. >> go nova. >> reporter: villanova set to take on lafayette cats hope for a dream night in drama. >> really excited to hopefully blow them out play good defense, hit our shot get ready for nc state or lsu. >> reporter: had fey yet does have have an advantage, they are the second best three-point shooting team in the country but students have an answer for that. >> we play very good perimeter defense. that is their one stretch is perimeter scoring. we will do well against them. >> reporter: even the the president of the united states has villanova in the finals, the students are hoping to be part of the magical run like the ones they heard about that happened so long ago. >> everyone here is talk about like 1985, our big year, 30 year anniversary and we want to bring it home again. 3 >> reporter: now the djs are setting up, there will be free
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food trivia questions at half time, rot of fun as campus activity team, get it, c-a-t for cat will help them enjoy the big dance. aim beasley reese new back to the studio. meanwhile in pittsburgh the teams are ready to hit the hardwood. lafayette arrived at consul energy center gearing up. villanova there, out of the locker room getting ready to take the court. coming up in sports leslie van arsdal will be live with more. >> exciting night. >> than the is it. >> stay with us, still to come tonight on "eyewitness news" it has been closed for more than three decade but with the the new push to reopen franklin square station we will go underground to see how time has treated the subway stop. the battle of the badges, why the philadelphia fire and police departments are squaring off pound for pound and it all starts today, kathy? in weather we are talking about the last hours of winter, no the rain for us but snow, we will show you when it moves in and out and how much to expect where you live
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welcome back. new at 6:00 revamping the forgotten ben franklin square station at foot of the ben franklin bridge won't be cheap. >> but delaware river port authority is moving forward.
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alexandria hoff goes underground for a closer look at this mysterious ghost station. >> reporter: trains went by its stop otherwise frozen in time. specifically, 1979. >> last time i was in this station was 1975. >> reporter: retro pay phone stood out as "eyewitness news" got inside what is known as the ghost station, opened in 1936 the franklin square stop closed shortly after due to under use. reopened briefly in the who's and 50's. station was renovated for bicentennial in 1976, note orange walls. it was then finally shut down three years later and remain largely untouched ever since. >> this station has been called into service a number of times when circumstances in the region demanded it. >> reporter: aboveground jonathan, thinks that the added stop would help this section of the olde city continue to grow. >> we have the benefit of going to school so we get to use this every day but some
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people, they just zoom right past here. >> it would bring more people over here to olde city especially franklin square. >> reporter: getting to the base of the ben franklin comes with the price. new study renovation costs were estimated at eight and a half million-dollar plus another 8 million to install elevators. >> we want to be prudent with our dollars &ut our customers come first and make their commute to and from work most pleasurable experience as possible. >> reporter: decision is still months away and would require committee recommendation and vote opposition hopes that there are better things to do with 26 million then bring back a ghost n olde city alexandria h. off for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". college basketball players weren't only ones battling for a trophy to day. >> philadelphia police and fire personnel kick off their annual battle of the badges, weight loss competition. the the department that loses the most weight after 13 weeks, takes home a trophy and a victory banner. weight watchers also donates
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$10,000 in the name of the winning department to the hero thrill show. >> benefit to this it is a jump start for our guys. some of our members who may have been a little bit out of shape, this is a jump start to get them to lose weight and begin road to the healthy lifestyle with diet exercise. >> in 28 years of competition the combined total weight loss for both departments is 184,000-pound. well, we have an eye on the storm tonight someone tell mother nature it is almost spring. >> hey mother nature, listen up. >> meteorologist kathy orr joins with us what we can expect with this last winter storm technically right. >> it is, we are in the waning hours, time is ticking, winter wants one more storm so it will get it and then we will switch over to spring by 6:45 tomorrow evening. ironically, that is when the snow and the rain will be moving out. the better days ahead as spring officially begins. take a look at these temperatures across our
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viewing area. eyewitness weather watchers hard at work taking measurements. tom is reporting a temperature of 43 degrees. and we will go to south jersey where it is 46. kathy, yes, even in wynonna we are expecting a slushy couple inches of snow. temperatures mild there in the mid 40's. in delaware especially northern delaware and wilmington newark we're expecting one to two slushy inches for you. lisa is reporting 44 degrees right now. sun fading behind the clouds. it feels like 41 with the wind but not much win there. take a look at the the beautiful photos we have received today. just gorgeous skies. tom sent this in a short while ago and you can see colors in gilbertsville. not the same scenario tomorrow. take a look outside sky cam three looking at mostly cloudy skies in center sit the eye philadelphia with temperatures in the 40's right now. storm scan three the rain is closer. storm system is moving off shore. it will be redeveloping, and bringing us a good deal of
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moisture tomorrow. temperature wise we are still on the mild side holding in the 40's 30's though in allentown and poconos and watch what happened by tomorrow morning. temperatures are in the 30's by 9:00 a.m. snow is moving into the suburbs. little bit of the mix along i-95 corridor and rain to the south with mild temperatures in the 40's. philadelphia on the borderline in the 30's but it is a wet slushy snow and it will be taking over the region. storm system will be moving off shore though by the evening hours and then at day looking at pleasant conditions, so a lot of the snow melting. the as far as accumulations to the the north and west of the city three to 4 inches a good bet and in allentown you are right around the four and poconos four to six. along i the five corridor trenton philadelphia and wilmington including our suburbs in the pennsylvania and new jersey side and the delaware side in north delaware one to 3 inches mainly on the grass surface toes start but anything untreated that snow will stick. in less than an inch as you head through south jersey and
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central delaware. storm timing it moves in between 7:00 and 9:00 a.m. as wet snow steady wet snow during the day and changing over to rain from south to northeast specially through south jersey and then between two and 7:00 p.m. we will see it the slowly changing over and ending during the evening. here's a few factors. we have a strong march sun angle a lack of arctic air in place, daytime arriving can help express this snow. it may in the seem as much. surface temperatures will be above freezing. on the treated road we will be in good shape. offer night low temperatures 30 during the day tomorrow. 38 degrees, once again, the snow changing over to rain especially south and east of philadelphia, now the seven day forecast saturday 50's, sunday monday, tuesday on the chilly side but look at next wednesday and thursday we will like spring then? that is your seven day forecast. we will be back with beasley
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well, march madness is here, seven games already in the books. we have updated the bracket for the most part but you still have two games on cbs-3 today. we can update these for you. we know notre dame went out over northeastern and we know butler won out over texas. right there. now, the big thing though is the local action, that is getting underway here in just a little bit. that is what everybody had has their eye on today. that is happening in the east. it thinks game right up here villanova verse lafayette, two teams with local ties. our beasley easies on campus right now and he has been with the wildcats fans, beasley how are they right now. >> i could barely hear you they are setting upright now for what would truly be a
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massive celebration at 6:50 when villanova takes on lafayette, this is connolly center and students are all over the the place, to walk into my shot. they would rather be with leslie van arsdal she's in pittsburgh withville know of arc hello there, leslie. >> hi there beasley villanova warming up as we speak. this is a very confident team. they have reason to be. a a very calm team as well. villanova enter the tournament with a school record 32 wins as a number one seed for second time in school history. as big east champions for the first time since 1995. they have gone to the big dance before and pressure doesn't seem to be a problem. >> we have been here before so we are used to it. i was than the as excited this year. i was just like all right back to work, we have a game against lafayette. it wasn't anything different but i just am more calm this season. >> this team will get down as
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one of the best ever but we get judged on how we do in the tournament. we're just starting. we're after all of the things we have done we are at beginning. >> reporter: nova has not advanced past sending round since 2009. this year they know what to do. >> don't get rattled if they get on the run. don't get our -- just dot things we have been to go that got thus far. >> reporter: for a 16th seed lafayette is highly skilled but they know they have their work cut out for them. >> we have to hope that they are off. it is a terrific team that we're playing. not many people have solve villanova this year. i think two. be in in the new year. we have to make shots. at the end of the day we have to get shots and hopefully some of those shots will drop. >> reporter: had had fey yet is a very talented team. coach jay wright thinks it will be a clothes one guys, now back over to sports director beasley reese with the the excitement on the villanova campus.
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all right, leslie my bracket is being destroyed as we speak. the lets look at a couple upset starting with my iowa state team that i thought would do so great. well, guess what, just seconds left in the game, monte morris makes a top shot, 14th seed knocks off iowa state 60-59. another big one that killed me. i had baylor how about georgia state and baylor. maybe the the best fin ish 32nd left, georgia state rj hunt are nails a three pointer. his dad blew his achilles out and now he is falling off the stool. georgia state wins. my attorney. the is dead. here's is what coming on tonight on cbs-3, purdue and cincinnati at 7:00, hampton and undefeated kentucky follow it up at 9:40. from the campus of the villanova i'm beasley reese great time tonight, there is more news after this.
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okay. last winter storm on the way. >> it would have to be the last one because spring begins tomorrow. >> yes. >> lets take a look at the map here, four to six in the poconos, three to four in the lehigh valley, one to three slushy accumulation, along the i-95 corridor and less than a inch have of snow toward the south and east. just think if you do in the like snow it will be in the 50's saturday. the it will melt. >> okay great. get it out of here. >> thanks for watching "eyewitness news" at 6:00. we are back at 10:00 o'clock on the cw fill a and back here on cbs-3 at 11:00. up next we will have a correspond event in tunisia explaining who is responsible for the deadly attack there. from new york here now is scott pelley.
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>> pelley: after the massacre at the museum, nine have been arrested isis claims responsibility and promises more attacks. also tonight, a boston jury hears about online bombmaking instructions found on dzhokhar instructions found on dzhokha tsarnaev's computer. and it sees the one bomb allegedly hurled at police. hundreds protest after a black student at u.v.a. is injured during an arrest. and marbury madness, a star is reborn in china. >> he's the hero of beijing. captioning sponsored by cbs this is the "cbs evening news" with scott pelley. >> pelley: today the islamic terrorist group known as isis


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