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tv   Eyewitness News at 11  CBS  March 20, 2015 12:00am-12:36am EDT

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jim: i know it's a new era for kids playing basketball as we take a look at the coaching that continues to go from the hampton side. boy, i'm hard pressed to believe that any team in history has had this much talent. verne: i agree. jim: that doesn't necessarily mean it's going equate to an undefeated season. they're solid 10 deep. verne: jervon pressley back on the court. 9:35 to go. jim: that's going to go the other way. verne: offensive foul. well in tend of the last team to go undefeated, i recognize
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the plaid coat. semifinal they defeated alabama. regional final over marquette. indiana defeated ucla in the national semifinal and completed the run by ousting michigan 86-68. 9:10 to go. brian darden guarded by ulis. pressley couldn't quite handle the pass to him. verne: time-out called by buck joyner head coach hampton e sh -yeah. .
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of my ex-girlfriend janine who was nuts. ( loud laughing ) she was crazy. announcer: 25 hand-mixed real ice cream shakes, all half-price after 8:00 p.m. -( clicks ) -( beeps ) verne: 67-34 8:35 remaining. verne: darden. at last. jim: yeah i was going to say, finally the rim gets a little
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friendly down that end. verne: here's harrison. jim: towns continues to work just to get the position. verne: andrew harrison. jim: verne if they mix it up on their nights when they're playing pretty well their interior they're playing well offensively down low. if they're shooting 35% 40% not necessarily the threes but mid range jumpers if they're shooting 35% they'll win. [whistle] verne: held ball. possession arrow. wouldn't you know? kentucky. jim: so you think they're prime to win. they're up 32 points. the effort's still there.
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look at the three guys coming total for kentucky to converge on the basketball. jim: eight to go. -- verne: eight to go. oh my goodness. willie cauley-stein from a foot away. jim: a little glimpse of how he's improved his game. used to be known just as a shot blocker. oh dear watch out. jim: that's chievous again. verne: just doesn't know how to play any other way. wow. verne: i sure admire him. quinton chievous. willie cauley-stein. ashley judd.
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ernie: ernie johnson in new york on tnt. the razor backs have had to fight against theriers. and harris, big bucket. gives them the lead 55-53. meantime on trutv. a bucket for michael hopkins. they lead 50-35 over eastern washington. back to louisville.
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verne? verne: thank you, ernie. that's what we can refer to as a baby bracket. arkansas-wofford. north carolina held off harvard and won to advance. chievous. jim: ernie just spoke about georgetown. they've had a funny year. sometimes they come out and put it to the opposition. and other times they miss a few shots from the outside and had some struggles but looks like they're starting to play better late in the season. verne: arkansas just won. 69-39 7:40 remaining. chievous has 15. trapped. [whistle]
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jim: here comes the show. look at how tight they get. it's just upstairs. very infrequently they have to dribble much to get their dunks. they just look for one another and that's a domination. 40-18 in the paint. verne: darden backs away. andrew harrison out to guard. here's his brother aaron harrison crossover and guess who's there? and the foul is going to be called underneath on dakari johnson. well, jim pick the team you feel is the best kentucky team. the 1954 bunch declared ineligible. pitino led them to a national time -- title. jim: i'm going with this team.
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i think depth wise, stacks up. verne: the point you made earlier is relevant. the game has changed so much. jim: uh-huh. you know going back years with some of those teams verne the way the game was played, i used to always refer to it as, you know you have to be fundamentally sound and athletic to play this game. you have to understand it, know it. now i think the athletic side of it has taken an age. you still have to have the fundamentals but athletically it's impressed me the last 15, 20 years how the kids have gotten bigger and stronger and faster. they've gotten away a little bit from the fundamentals and it's hard to bring them back to the fundamentals. that's half the challenge for john calipari. how do you get 10 high school all-americans to sacrifice for the team? and he's figured out how to do it. verne: four
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fouls on jervon pressley. [whistle] the foul is going to be called on quinton chievous number three. i beg your pardon. harrison. i saw chievous wind of wince but it was from the pain. and now he's going to limp to the free-throw. jim: i like some of the expressions of the hampton players sitting on the bench. verne: well, they have, i'm sure enjoyed the y enjoyed
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participating. jim: hampton will get a lot of mileage out of this, which is good. they deserve that. verne: student body of just over 4,000. look at chievous get up. jim: just don't know what the word "quit" means. verne: loose ball. it will be hampton ball. four fresh bodies coming on for kentucky. the second round continues tomorrow with the tip-off show. that's on trutv at 11 eastern. 16 games across cbs tbs, tnt and trutv tomorrow. you decide the games to watch. jim: georgia-michigan state team to me on paper usually
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does. he had to get the guys ready for the end of the season. they gave them a little run for their money 10 days ago whatever it was. verne: here at the other end. booker. towns back to booker. open three. trey lyles goes for it. can't control i. jim: that was a good example of their unselfish play. booker got it to the post and a better look to take his shot. verne: chievous, jumper. rattled it in. jim: the interesting part to me vernon, we've spoken about it guys at the ncaa level a college level are just not used to turning on the perimeter and
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having this many tall guys to come out and really attack you on the perimeter and then can retreat if you go by them. they have one guy who is about seven feet tall and they let the other two taller guys in the front line go after people. verne: ulis answered a three with a three. here's chievous. 73-47. chievous has 22. he's actually a graduate student. [whistle] out of chicago. jim, take a look at him. jim: he's limping a little bit right there. but look at the action. he's not really concerned who's in there looking to block a shot. he comes out limping after that one again this guy has really
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put a courageous effort in the last 10 games. verne: he began his collegiate career in knoxville playing what will be his final game at hampton. good! and look at chievous limping over to congratulate his teammates. jim: johnson with the drive there. and it's -- watch him try to attack the body also. a little bang to the floor. overall the effort -- these guys are just banged up from the manhattan game really, especially chievous. verne: johnson. rebound taken by willie cauley-stein. jim: but they had to beat manhattan and manhattan was a favorite team against them.
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they earned the right to come here tonight to play kentucky. verne: never trailed in that manhattan win. rebound, hampton. chievous again. very slow coming across the timeline. four minutes to go. jim: i'm sure chievous isitying i -- is thinking i can't wait to put some ice on my body. he's just been banged around. verne: 73-49. 3:52 remaining in the ballgame. it will be 35 in a row. five wins away from a perfect season.
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verne: 73-49. after the win against manhattan, here was ed joyner grabbing a nietzsche cell phone . . coach joyner: hey jesus first of all, they want to know how much of a mountain and what our odds are? hello? hello? i guess he'll get back to me so i'll get back to you. it's a heck of a mountain. so we know that. verne: well, there's more to this story. let's check in with allie. allie: e.j. coach's 9 year-old son, he's been watching the coverage. and yesterday morning he saw his dad on tv and he said, dad wow, you're famous. but i don't know if jesus will
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help you now. how about that for a line? verne: excellent and that's the other son andrew the 7-year-old by his brother's side. jim: and the beauty of that story, is dad told us that story and dad was laughing harder than we were. verne: he said he got 297 texts and he intenses to answer every one offer them. he's got a little bit on his mind. deron powers. three and a half to go. jim: i'm looking over at coach joyner too now, vernon. he's not sitting on the bench waiting for this to end. he continues to applaud his kid. the effort, cheering for them over there. verne: that ball tipped. it will be kentucky's. well chievous has had a wonderful final game. quinton chievous. jim: he sure has just really active.
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and we've spoken about him a lot. 7-13. 7-8 from the line. just 22 points. just a terrific effort getting banged around for the last couple of nights but never shying away. has 10 rebounds. verne: rolls around and drops early. three to go. verne: dominique hawkins getting ready to check in for kentucky. rebound. aaron harrison. off his foot.
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who's going to make the most shots? who has more points in the second half? if your bracket is already busted play the capital one ncaa tournament run game on and in the march madness live app. towns with a double-double. 21 points and 11 rebounds. [whistle] touched last by dakari johnson. -- number 44. chievous with the miss. dakari johnson with the loose ball rebound. [whistle] harrison is fouled. i think it's safe to advance kentucky to the next game.
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they have looked terrific after a sloppy start tonight. and they will meet cincinnati. a lot of the folks have left tomorrow and tnt west virginia buffalo and maryland, valparaiso. jim: cincinnati's a team that we've watched earlier tonight. they're a team that just doesn't go away. they obviously have a challenge here. but i have jokingly said to a few of my friends. i looked at the matchups real fast. i said watch out for cincinnati. when they meet up with kentucky just joking with them but that part has come true. so we'll see what happens. but everybody picks a team. you have to pick the team next if you're against kentucky, right? everybody who is against kentucky they say i hope cincinnati takes them down. and the kentucky fans are hoping they continue on this marvelous run.
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but it's fun to talk about. lawrence cooks on for hampton. derek willis on for kentucky. aaron harrison will take his spot on the bench. here's hook for hamptop. -- hampton. tipped out. andrew harrison number five. willis they want him to shoot. he looks to pass. looks in. loses control. offensive foul.
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jim: fans trying to get him wound up. he was looking to get on the scoreboard. verne: there are five more guys on this kentucky bench. what do you take to get them in the game? jim: that's a good question. verne: key. breon key a junior out of hampton. jim: play as little football also. like to see him in action with that score too. he missed twice. nice defensive job. wilson-fisher, number 31. jim: here's quee a nice pull-up jumper over johnson. -- here's key with a nice
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pull-up jumper over johnson. they've hung together. give them credit. look at their bench and guys on the floor -- verne: sure have. here's another kentucky basket. jim: touched on by coach joyner and that piece we did. the mountain was pretty big. they tried to go over it. verne: lawrence cooks draw as foul. here we go. we're shortly going to see a combination of sam malone, tod lanter, e.j. floreal brian long. jim: seems just about every substitution. they do it in a wave of four.
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verne: that's right. marvelous effort by quinton chievous. last game. sam malone with the head band. floreal, number 24. tod lanter who in his career has one start. calipari gave him the start on senior day, number 21. jim: the right thing to do. verne: willis. floreal. stripped. this is hayden number 13. jumper for three. too strong. willis. this crowd is urging willis to shoot.
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shoot. jim: they'll do the right thing most likely and just watch the clock disappear. verne: yes they will. jim: that was almost head-on-head just then. verne: 79-56. 35-0. for the wildcats. john calipari. jim: you have to really admire the hampton effort coming in. coach joyner and company gave it their best shot obviously overwhelmed by the depth and size and strength. john calipari gets ready for the next one. verne: the tournament continues live on tnt and trutv. it continues tomorrow at noon on cbs. for jim spanarkel and allie
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laforce, i'm verne lunquist saying so long from louisville. we'll send it back to the studio after these messages. good night, everybody. i'll tell you what a cinderella story is.. cheese curds. i love cheese curds. oh yea! underrated man! yea they are. nobody ever - look at this table. people look at this table, they go "ohh the wings... ohh look at the sauce, look at this burger". but the cheese cuurrrds man! yea. yea. that's where it is! they're the star. they're the star! if this was my starting 5, this would be point guard... ummhmm shooting guard... ummhmm power forward... celery. buffalo wild wings. 21 sauces and seasonings tons of taps and countless flat screens. nowhere is sports more alive.
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wake up fellas! we're finally here! in the annapolis. now we just gotta find the stadium. did you just say, "in the annapolis?" the final four. in the annapolis. indianapolis! indianapolis! uh oh uh oh?!? you do know we are in the maryland, right? indianapolis is in the indiana. two different states man. greg: welcome back, everyone to the "road to the final four." kentucky taking care of business in its opening round game beating hampton by a score of 79-56. up next for wildcats, the
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cincinnati bearcats. there probably was no better -- no more certain a winner than kentucky. kenny: without question. and even though they comfortably won they're going to go back and see what they need to do to tighten things up because as you advance, you to continue to raise your level and kentucky will do that. greg good day for the state of ohio. bad day for the state of texas. good day for the big east. charles: this is our fourth or fifth year. this is probably the best day as far as close games. we said there were three blow oiths and --outs and the rest of the games -- how many games ended like the last minute? greg: five one-point game. charles: it was a great day unless you're a fan of a losing team. the ncaa starts for kentucky.
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there are five less games possibly and each of these five games will be a real test. there was a scouting report on them. the margin of victory decreased but they are still the rabbit that everybody's chasing. greg: 35-0. after the game our allie laforce with coach calipari. allie: coach you're one step closer to perfection. what was your biggest takeaway tonight? coach calipari: the way we have to do this. we're not doing it right now. so my message to the guys, you can't do this on your terms. that's kind of what we did today. from the start of the game -- you know, again we're a young team. we're learning. and we've got to get better between now -- next game -- it's most of it is mental, changing the approach.
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allie: what will you focus on tomorrow in practice? coach calipari: knowing cincinnati plays better zone, we have to improve. bill: allie: thanks. greg: 19-3. we'll be back to wrap up a pretty good night of basketball right after this. ge
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greg: there's still one game in action out in portland.
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georgetown and eastern washington. you can see that game on trutv. 7:250 play in the second half. and the hoyas are leading washington by a score of 64-68. dave has matthew perry plus adam scott and the top 10 tonight only cbs. we'll see you later today for second round action. from all of us here in new york say good night. charles: good night everybody. kenny: see you tomorrow.


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