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tv   Eyewitness News at 530  CBS  March 20, 2015 5:30am-6:01am EDT

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>> teenage murder suspect has turned himself in. we spoke exclusively with their family. one last punch in the gut from old-man-winter. storm scan3 shows snow moving this morning judges hours before the arrival of spring. you can tell one of our writers not too happy about the punch in the gut. >> strong word. >> we just had what almost 70 years earlier this week. >> i know calling this march
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madness weather katie. >> that's exactly what it is the madness of march is not just basketball related because this is one of those months that we've been talking about this all month. i probably sound like broken record on this point particular point. the fact that you can have so many extremes, this month because you're trying to pull out a winter, and get into a milder season. so, mother nature, just has a minds of her own when it comes this this. you get a lot of edges teams ups, downs, temperature wise storm system wise, haven't seen heck of a lot of severe weather errupting just yet but you certainly have comings out there right now and right now what we've got just enough cold air right along i95 through baltimore, and headed our way, it is starting to turn over to snow. so, this is going to be a storm that essentially split our region into thirds, i would say. now you go through the northern 23rd of our area, you have winter weather advisory until 8:00 p.m. because those are the locations you will see snow. but notice, nothing more than coating through southern new jersey and delaware, so it is
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mainly rain for you but at least through the i95 corridor and all point north and west, it starts with snow, pretty much all snow all day in that darker shaded blue zone there through the lehigh valley and even western chester and upper bucks counties. but in philly, it eventually has a chance to turn to ever at least a chilly rain. but coy see as you saw in the map, maybe one 3 inches out of this before it is all said and done. so we've got our handful. that means that as we go throughout the day you're likely to see some poor and reduced visibility, likely to end up just getting slowed down by all of this, and even though it is not necessarily in philly going to end up being a major shoveling event it is enough that it causes a big old headache for you. known wants that. let alone on a friday, but for the first day of spring, come on jess. >> i know, really messing with us this weekend but we have something to look forward to tomorrow. it will be beautiful out. good morning everybody happy friday. you can be happy even though the snow is coming little after 5:30, on the vine street expressway right now, you can
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see everything moving great. headlight headed westbound into the schuylkill, eastbound no problems toward 95. out on the roosevelt boulevard, everything moving great there, as well, southbound, northbound no problems. and a check out to the new jersey majors, route 55 no problems, no problems if you are headed northbound, into the city from route 42 and the a.c. expressway doing just fine if you are headed east or westbound, but we do have an accident on the pa turnpike northeast extension southbound just past quakertown. that's blocking out the left-hand lane. great thing about mass transit is that it is all on time so far for the morning. septa new jersey transit patco speed line, no delays there, currently no delays at the philadelphia international airport. we definitely want to check back with us later erika back to you. >> back to breaking news, second suspect in the murder after overbrook man has turned himself in to police. "eyewitness news" reporter jan carabeo spoke exclusively to one of the suspects' relatives outside of police headquarters, she joins us now, good morning. >> reporter: erika, good morning, i was able to speak to the suspect tyfine
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hamilton's family earlier this morning. his aunt was here with his mother. they tell me that the 15 year old murder suspect turned himself into police overnight. they were obviously distraut about the entire situation and wanted to issue apology to the victim's familiment take a look at the video. this is the person we're talking about this morning police say hamilton was the triggerman, in last week's deadly shooting in overbrook investigators say, he along with 15 year old brandon smith, and 14 year old were all playing basketball before they decided to rob someone. their victim police say, 51 year old james stole-man, out walking his dog molly on woodcrest avenue. after he was shot once in the chest, police say the teens made off with nothing. now, investigators say the 14 year old is cooperating and being charged with robbery as a juvenile. smith, 15, being charged as an adult, with murder and robbery, and again hamilton's family tells thus morning he turned himself in overnight they say he was off his medication at the time and needs help, and they had this to say to stoleman's family.
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>> have my deepest condolances and this is never meant to happen. and i can't imagine how you guys feel. we apologize for everything. >> now both smith and hamilton were freshmen at overbrook high school. they both have priors for robbery. in the meantime, police say these teens they targeted another dog walker before stoleman but decided to go after the 51 year old because his dog looked quote weak and soft. much more on this story throughout the morning. for now liver outside philadelphia police headquarters, jan carabeo cbs-3, "eyewitness news". >> jan, thank you. also breaking overnight philadelphia police come face-to-face with a suspect caring a shotgun. this happened just blocks away from where officer robert wilson was murdered earlier this month. investigators tell "eyewitness news", confrontation happened around 1:00 a.m. at 22nd and allegheny, when a woman flagged down officers. police told the man to drop the shotgun and when he didn't, they fired a shot at
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him. they missed and that suspect we're toll took off and tried to hide in a nearby bar. eventually police caught up with him and placed him in custody. >> and the fire marshall is investigating a fatal fire that officials have deemed suspicious. this fire started in the first floor after home in the 2200 block of south warn okay street around 11:00 last night. the victim is a man. he was found in one of the second flour bedrooms. the cause of the fire has not yet been determined. >> 5:36 right now. in business news, this morning, some nutrition information you may not want. >> just closure ears. also the latest from the sea saw stock market. money watch's jill wagner joins us at the new york stock exchange with those stories and more. >> good morning it has been another up and down week here on wall street. we'll see if stocks can finish strong. yesterday apple shares fell slightly on the company's first day as elite member of the dow 30. so on a whole dow fell 117 points the nasdaq gained about ten.
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honda's adding about 105,000 vehicles to its t a/k/a to airbag recall, including pilot s i.v.'s, civics, accord. the cars and suv's are part of growing us recall, that can explode with too much force. amazon is one step closer to delivering packages by drone. us government has given amazon the okay to test drones outdoors only in daylight hours though. now the drones can fly to altitude to up 400 feet. operators must have private pilots license. >> and do you really want to know how many camrys are in that begin us? many of the top alcohol brands, like guiness, johnny walker and smirnoff, are putting nutritional info on their labels, that includes calories carbs fat content. the parent company says customers want more information about what they're consuming. or maybe nicole, erika ignorance is bliss. >> really is. >> when it comes to that yes.
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>> something particularly bad that i know is bad i just don't want to know. >> exactly. >> thanks, jill. all right, it is 5:38 right now. president obama is telling the iranian people that the us and tehran making progress in negotiating a nuclear deal. >> our negotiations have made progress, but gapes remain there are people in both of our countries and beyond who oppose diplomatic resolution. my message to you the people of iran, is that together we have to speak up for the future we seek. >> the draft calls for iran to cut machines that could use to make at tomorrow i can bomb by 40%. now in return, the iranians would get relief from economic sanctions, and a partial lift of un embargo on convention at arms. israeli prim minister benjamin netanyahu, establishment of a palestinian state. this follows diplomatic backlash from statements he made prior to winning this week ease elections n interview, netanyahu says it was just political rhetoric.
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>> i haven't changed my political i i never retracted my speech since the university six years ago calling for demilitarize state, and i don't want a one state solution. i want a sustainable peaceful two state solution, but for that circumstances have to change. >> in a phonecall to netanyahu, president obama reaffirmed his commitment to a two state solution. >> 5:39 right now. still ahead we're updating this morning's breaking news including some exclusive information about a teenage murder suspect who just surrendered to police. >> plus a police officer is being criticized for this dramatic rescue. it is what he did next that could tarnish his heroic image. >> and mo'ne davis' magical ride continues. we have the word on a special new project for this young pitching prodigy. and winter isn't ready to say good-bye just yet. before spring arrives we're going to seymour snow. katie is updating this morning's snowfall forecast whether we do traffic and weather together on the 3's. we'll be back.
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>> that confrontation plays just blocks from where officer robert wilson was shot and killed. >> wildcats beat the lafayette leopards on first full day of march madness. one seeded wildcats play nc state tomorrow. full slate of games starting again today at noon, let's watch. >> well, a boston transit officer caught on camera saving a man's life, but it is what happens next, that is causing some controversy. police proudly released video that far detective, pulling the man back from the edge, and pulling him to safety. but, new video shows what happens after that. a struggle between two men and the officer punching him in the face several times. that will man has since filed a lawsuit. the police department says the use of force was justified in this case. the manna parentally had been drinking. >> a father alive and well after nearly drawing. twenty-two month guard del was
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playing in his back grader with his brothers, he fell in a icy cream and swept away. they found him 09 minutes later face down in the 34 degrees water. he arrived at the hospital without a pulled. as he was slowly warmed up, his heart rate returned, we're told he's on the road to recovery this morning. just incredible. 5:43, checking in with katie, and we have something to talk about. >> spring arriving in just a few hours but layer treat. looking at the only total solar ' slips of the year, happening right now. you can't see it here in philly though, getting great view in europe, northern africa, part every asia, and as if that's not special enough, the sun is being covered by a super moon. gorgeous shot right there. yes, you are not going to see anything all that clear over hit here today. nothing but just big old mess with slushy snow.
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when is the last time, hey anchors, look on over here, common. when is the last time philadelphia received more than inch of snow on the first day of spring? was it back in 1996, b 1980, c, 1967, or d 1943 in i would like to collect your answers and then we will go through watch do you guys think? >> i go b 1808. >> i go with a 96. >> not fair. i was going to say b. >> so 2b's and an a? >> 2b's and an a. we try burst first. wrong one. let's try a. oh, all right. who is the winner? >> the winner is c 1967. on the first day of spring this that year, i know, so doesn't it make with the forecast we have out there today, i feel like this is like a joke to us pretty
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flowers, 6:45 p.m. p.m., when the first day every spring does begin tomorrow the first full day of the spring season, actually actually going to ends one much nicer weather by then. storm scan, action pack, a lot of the moisture yet to actually hit grounds, you can see how there is moisture working its way in right up i95, as it does so, it will eventually take over, the column of air will be moisture laden, and start to see some of this actually stick to the ground. right now a lot of this haven't verifying at ground level yet. it will be matter of time, and we end up with a mix at least along i95 adjacent counties of some slushy snow, one to 3 inches locally and then perhaps it turns over to rain later today. , not perhaps it, will turn over to rain. nice change every pace. looking at saturday, not as cold, 50 degrees, snow is on the grounds and it will start to melt away. quiet few days through
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tuesday, nice rebound, by thursday at least flirting with 60 degrees. it does get better, jess? >> it is getting better. i just like tomorrow. thanks katie good morning 5:46. and the roadways are currently dry, definitely good thing around 95, around girard avenue. everything looking okay, if you're headed northbound, starting to see volume southbound lanes as well. over on the ben franklin bridge, everything moving along great here, as well. into new jersey, all moving. pa turnpike, do have accident, northeast extension southbound right past quakertown. that's still blocking out the left-hand lane. disable vehicle on pa turnpike northeast extension southbound side, between lansdale and 276 that's also blocking out the left lane. but the good thing we have no problems for mass transit septa, new jersey transit, patco speed line, all running on time with no of the rod delays. but we do not want you to forget when you are on the road you can get updated information about traffic backups with the new cbs
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philly traffic app. download the app for -- you can download the app now on itunes, or google play. >> word it is over between bradley cooper and his model girl flood. >> the couple has reportedly split up after two years every dating. now never officially confirmed they were ate app just by showing up at several red carpet together, including academy awards last month. both have new films coming out. water house has role in surge and you can catch bringly cooper in a comedy with ms stone this may. >> disney channel is making movie about little league pitching sensation mo'ne davis. is anybody shocked about this? i mean she has made the rounds, hasn't she? network developing biographical film titled throw like mo. will tell the story how the 13 year old was the first girl to pitch a shut out in the little league world series. she made history doing that. mo'ne said to be very excited about the project and hopes it
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will encourage kids to believe that dreams do come true. she just gets better and better. >> agreed. >> so well adjusted, so talented. >> if your headed to the weaken movies, we want to tell but. >> this new chapter in the divergent series now this theatres. >> it is kevin afraid err from entertainment tonight word on highly anticipated insurgent move. >> i this week shailene woodley is back to lead the fight for freedom in a society on the brink of a war in the second installment of the divergent series insurgent. >> the rebels return, for fight for independent. they're back, joined by new faces, including oscar winner octavia spencer oscar nominee naomi watts. >> claims you're dangerous insurgent. if we were to combine forces
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we would be unstoppable. >> right away, i got there the first day coy see how unified everyone was how connected to what they were doing and just impressive. young group of hugely talented actors. >> speaks for itself, you know. so, of course, wanted to kind of really bring the a game, make it as complex and interesting as possible. >> we don't have the number. >> we will. >> it is big in every way including the action. >> the game thing, you get to basically sky dive without the fear of your parachute not opening. >> i wanted to do, i mean, as many as i possibly could for insurance stepped in. >> i won't fight you. >> of course you're not. usual a going to fight you. >> for entertainment tonight kevin frazier back to you in the studio. >> looks good. if you want to know what's hot in hollywood, watch
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entertainment tonight at 7:00 right here on cbs-3. we'll be right back. do you have stuff to clean this mess of a breakroom? i have paper towels, sprays, wipes, sponges. and these floors? disinfectant cleaner, mops and "wet floor" signs. how long does it take to reheat cod? we also have air fresheners. make on-budget happen. make cleaning up happen. staples. make more happen.
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>> talking this morning about the spring snow today. we do have good news to report. how about free water ice? >> we take it. >> free water's ice. giving away the delicious delicacy today for the 23rd straight year, it is 600 stores across the country will give away enough water ice to treat the populations of, get there is vermont and wyoming combined. >> wow. >> yes, that's a loft water ice. so, be sure to get yours. you ma have i to wait in line, but it is free. >> oh, love the mango flavors. >> who doesn't like spring? katie, what's your favorite? >> i have to say i'm a sucker for the classic strawberry, probably my absolute favorite. i have some free slush for you today. not -- >> nobody wants that. >> no thank you.
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>> all right. let me show you what's going on out there. storm scan3, bringing in, you can already see it, the change-overtaking place i just checked in with the latest eyewitness weather watcher netter updates. no one reporting any precipitation yet. soap, even though it looks like it is taking over the radar, it hasn't done so yet. but this is what we are expecting through the typical morning rush, steady, slushy snow. the ex peg takes, when it starts to a riff here for the lehigh valley, poconos, specifically end up with three, four plus inches. philly and the suburbs i-95, gentleman jays end vicinity snowing mix with rain, one to 3 inches initially, if you saw coating i wouldn't be shocked in delaware, southern jersey, but primarily rain producer for you. jess, over to you. >> thank katie. good morning everybody happy friday. it is 5:53. we're starting things off out in pretty clear roadway out on the schuylkill expressway. right around city avenue. you can see the westbound lanes, moving just fine, eastbound, right up behind the sign right there doing just fine, as well. over on 95, around cottman
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avenue, starting to see little bit of volume through the work zone here. as it is still early but everything moving just fine. also lose out the rightht-hand lane due to ongoing construction into the sit. stay there cbs-3, "eyewitness news", will be right
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when heartburn comes creeping up on you... fight back with relief so smooth...'s fast. tums smoothies starts dissolving the instant it touches your tongue ...and neutralizes stomach acid at the source. ♪ tum, tum tum tum...♪ smoothies! only from tums. >> mississippi man reported missing was found dead hanging from a tree in his yard, 54 year old otis bird. they reported him missing earlier this month. police say he was found hanging with a bed sheet tide around his neck. his hands were not bound. federal and state authority have launched separate investigations. >> let's in the make it out to be something it is not. right now we have a young man that died. we're going to determine how he died. and if someone did that, that person will be brought to justice. >> the department of justice is also assisting in this investigation. >> 5:56 right now.
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coming up in the next hour of "eyewitness news", we have more on breaking news exclusive. the teen suspect wanted for killing a man just out walking his dog surrenders to police. only "eyewitness news" spoke with his family, when he turned himself in. plus, women are known for loving shoes right some even have dozens of pairs in their closets. but now, a new high-tech heal could change all of that. seee how it can actually change colors to match any outfit. >> hang on. >> we will be talking bore this coming up in the 6:00 hour. >> oh, we could go
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well the fst day of spring bridges in winter's last blast. we're tracking snow this morning on storm scan3. >> meteorologist, katie fehlinger, cents has her eyes on this storm. we know it is coming. when exactly do you think the snow will start. >> interesting. the radar looks like it is
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here doesn't look like it is hitting the grounds just yet. 6:00 a.m., another hour or so, and maybe even up until that point, few flakes begin to fly out there. but generally speaking, when we take you back out to storm scan3, what you will find is you see how the colors are just little darker off to the south and west, that's where the bulk of your moisture is found right now. again, it is really just the leading edge of the storm that's starting to mover in as we speak. so, you know, what's happening is of course this is running into some colder air that's why you're seeing the colors change from green to purple in the last few hours and that's why this will be a storm that essentially splits our region in thirds, more than anything, the further south you go, no winter weather advisories are posted. we have them basically everywhere else. until 8:00 p.m. tonight for some slushy wet snow. that will fall, at least initially, before it turns to rain in fill. further north and west you travel mainly snow event today. but on the roadways, wet snow, some of it may come down heavily at times now granted the road crews are fantastic already treated these roads in many spots.


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