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tv   Eyewitness News at 11  CBS  March 27, 2015 12:00am-12:36am EDT

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5 foot 10 ulis to throw it down. >> marv: this will be their 5th trip to the elite-8 for kentucky. john calipari will empty the bench. second most wins in kentucky school history. they will go on to play notre dame on saturday here in cleveland with the winner of that game to advance to the final 4. >> chris: wow! >> marv: sam malone will come on and e.j. floreal getting set to check in. >> len: kentucky on a roll. >> marv: willis comes on. the sophomore out of kentucky. dakari johnson just fouled out. for the wildcats. 12 points and 6 rebounds. he played well off the bench.
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this is tarik phillip at the lean. >> chris: there they go. i was waiting for. it you know how it is len. we work so hard in practice. they don't get any of the accolades. they are working hard. sam malone better let one go from halfcourt for me. >> len: national tv. you have a style. >> marv: a senior and academic all-sec. takes a turn right here. the crowd wants someone to take a shot. willis. malone. >> chris: if they make it watch howard stein in the bench.
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>> marv: the final seconds of a blow out right from the start. kentucky 78 and west virginia 39. that's the biggest loss in the history of the ncaa. i would think among them. so a look at saturday night's game. it will be seen on tbs at 8:49. it will be kentucky going up against notre dame. final score. kentucky 78 and west virginia 39. for chris webber len elmore lewis johnson, marv albert good
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>> the question remains: who will stop the kentucky wildcats? it wasn't going to be west virginia. kentucky vances to the elite-8 with a 78-39 win over the mourps.
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-- mountaineers. welcome back. i am greg gumbel in new york. updating the scoring action on tbs between xavier and arizona. it's a 4 point game coming up on 9.5 minutes to play in regulation. xavier now stretching it. the winner will move on to meet the wisconsin badgers on saturday on tbs. in the midwest region, we are all set for the final. kentucky will meet the fighting irish of notre dame. kentucky won over west virginia. and notre dame knocked off wichita state 81-70. our sweet-16 coverage continues tomorrow. louisville will face nc state on tbs. later utah plays top seeded duke. and michigan state battles oklahoma. tonight after your late news. dave has kevin bacon and the top 10. it's the late late show only on
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♪ an explosion a fire and a collapse. smoke fills the sky and drama fills the streets after a blast in new york city. this story is still developing at this late hour. i'm chris may. i'm jessica dean much those who lived through it say it was terrifying. natural gas turned a big apartment building into a fire ball and then a collapse. >> all we know at least a dozen people have been injured in this three critically take a look now at the scene tonight. dozens of firefighters still pouring water on the smoldering rubble. matt company czar of cbs two in new york is in manhattan's east village
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. >> reporter: the fiery scene startled the neighborhood and led to the collapse of two buildings. 3:17 p.m. a large explosion happens be 19 a sushi restaurant in a five-story building on second avenue near east seventh street. at the time officials say workers in the basement were installing new plumbing. >> initial impact appears to have been caused by plumbing and gas. >> reporter: firefighters got to the scene within minutes and rushed into the inferno for rescues. they say 14 people were hurt in the blast. four critically. >> the majority of those injured were -- are injured right at the moment of the explosion. yes. >> reporter: flames stretched into the sky and jumped to three neighboring buildings. with time running out, first responders were able to get everyone to safety and then it happened. 3:59 p.m., glass, bricks and debris poured on to the street as the building collapsed. stepping people running for
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cover. smoke filled the street. only an hour before the explosion couldn't he had had been at the building for a meter inspection. couldn't he had's president says it had failed inspection. >> we were evaluating the meter installation for new service that was going to be installed to the building. there was also a second existing service there. the new installation did not pass our inspection at that time so it meant it wasn't ready for gas to be introduced. >> reporter: fire to the explosion con ed says there were no reports of gas odors in the neighborhood. they did an spec of the gas main mains yesterday and everything turned out okay on the block. but residents and witnesses we spoke to this afternoon say they smelled gas. reporting from the lower east side. matt cozar cbs3 "eyewitness news". >> police on the scene of a shooting in west philadelphia. they say that two suspects tried to rob a couple of men as they walked home in the 5400 blog of media street. one of the victims then pulled
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out a gun opened fire and shot three people in all. one of the suspects returned fire and shot one of the robbery victims. again, three people shot here in all. all of them have been taken to the hospital. police say that all three are expected to survive. a stormy night across the delaware valley with heavy winds, rain and lightning. the downpours out there making for a very soggy night. windshield wipers working overtime. for those who had to walk umbrellas were a must. now the storm is moving out. but even bigger changes are still ahead. meteorologist kathy orr has the first forecast. kathy. >> that cold front moving through, jess, and we still have some pockets of precipitation and heavy downpours you can see the line of showers and some imbedded thunderstorms. a lot of thunderstorms have passed but we do have a downpour moving through over center city, northeast philadelphia and many locations where you see that bright yellow that is where we're seeing heavy rain. the orange even heavier so in
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ken zig ton along 95, 676 through south philadelphia through feltonville along route 1 and even scott jersey side palmyra through cherry hill you will see this at least for the next 15, 20 minutes and then it will be moving out. so now through about 3am showers, some downpours. creating some pore drainage as well. between 3:00 a.m. and 9:00 a.m. some spotty showers and after 9:00 o'clock this morning we'll be seeing the clouds lingering and it will be much cooler. how much cooler? right now we're on the borderline along i-95 the colder air about to move inform wilmington at 50. philadelphia 50. 40s to the north and west in some 30s that will be invading overnight. so come tomorrow morning, i should say later this morning we'll be waking up to the 30s and 40s across the rebound. we will be across the region rather. we will be month slow to rebound bite afternoon. we'll talk more about that and some wintry weather for the weekend. that's coming up with the seven day. jess. >> kathy, see in you a bit. tonight the cleanup is underway after eight tornadoes swept through oklahoma and
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arkansas. power transformers lit up like firecrackers wednesday. the strongest of the tornadoes produced winds up to 135 miles an hour and nearly leveled a mobile home park near tulsa. one person was killed. the oklahoma governor declared a state of emergency in 25 counties including the ones surround the city of moore oklahoma. that's where an ef5 tornadoes did he say sim mated the town two years ago. new details continue to emerge about the pilot who deliberately crashed germanwings flight 9525 in to mountainside in the french alps. andreas lube bits lock the captain out of the cockpit after the captain left to apparently use the restroom. lubitz sent that plane into a deadly dive. on the tape the captain can be heard pounding on the cockpit door trying to get back inside. passengers can reportedly be heard screaming. investigators don't think the crash is linked to terrorism or
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politics. they say that lubitz was not on a terror watch list. all of this of course has spark debate about how to prevent side side al file lots from taking to the skies. "eyewitness news" reporter david spunt knew details counseled this tragedy for those who knew the victims. >> it's scary as all heck. >> reporter: delaware county resident carol glued herself to the germanwings crash story when she first heard the news. soon after she found out one of her high school friends was on the plane. lamon who works at us air what is as a customer service rep went to high school with yvonne selke. then known as i didn't couldn't karlo. >> she was a very studious person. i mean, highly intelligent and very kind to everybody. >> reporter: two women once walked these halls together here at springfield high school. they both graduated in 1975. selke and her daughter emily a 2013 drexel grad both died in the crash. ely spent time in philadelphia and pittsburgh.
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>> the loss is great. not just for her family but for the community she supported. she has been instrumental in a lot of places within this north side community. >> reporter: as recovery crews work to locate the bodies and clean up the crash investigators have their eye on the co-pilot andreas lubitz. the 28-year-old german national lock the captain out of the cockpit and intentionally crashed the plane according to investigators. >> if he wanted to commit suicide why didn't he just commit suicide. why take all the innocent lives. >> reporter: in europe only one pilot has to be in the cockpit at a time. in the united states two. aviation attorney arthur wolk specializes in plain crashes. >> there has to be someone else there to make sure that no one does something untoward and better yet that the airplane itself doesn't do something that a single pilot can't control. >> reporter: carol is one of many voices calling for an international policy change. and says she'll miss her old friend and classmate at october's 40th class reunion.
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>> tough enough getting older but them to lose and with this horrific situation. i mean i can't even fathom. >> reporter: david spunt cbs3 "eyewitness news". stay with "eyewitness news" for the latest in the germanwings crash investigation. we'll have updates here on the air and also online at police have released surveillance video of a teenager being shot outside a kensington corner store. now you see the gunman ride up on that bike right there. fire the shots then fall off the bicycle before making his escape. this happened around 11:00 o'clock this morning along the 2,000 block of east cambria street. that teenager who was shot is now fighting for his life in the hospital and police are searching for that shooter. philadelphia police releasingreleasing a sketch of the suspect wanted in attempted sexual assault and home invasion in point breeze. take a look. this suspect is described as a thin, tall man in his 20s or 30s with reddish brown hair. he was wearing a dark colored hoodie blue jeans and red
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gloves. that attack happened in the 1700 block of south chadwick street this morning and police say the victim was an elderly woman. she did not suffer serious injuries. we're following developments in a possible abduction in fairmount park in broad daylight daylight. i eyewitnesses saw a woman being force flood a car on sedgley drive this afternoon. "eyewitness news" reporter diana rocco has the latest now from police. >> reporter: police continue their investigation after a report a woman was abducted in fairmount park thursday afternoon forced into the trunk of a car. the crime tape was up on the 3200 block of sedgley drive just before 3:00 o'clock thursday. police say they got a call from a witness who saw a woman being forced into the trunk of a car by a man with a white t-shirt and a white hat. that car is described as a dark blue pontiac grand prix with a partial plate jt. last seen heading westbound on girard avenue toward kelly drive. police are now working to figure
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out what happened. they are looking for surveillance video in the area to try to get a better look at that driver and that car. outside police headquarters, i'm diana rocco cbs3 "eyewitness news". police now say they believe foul play was involve in the disappearance avenue drexel hill woman. amanda was 25 when she vanished from her neighborhood last june. she has two daughters ages three and five. police say that amanda who has a history of drug abuse and prostitution left home with only her handbag and cell phone and they fear she may have been roaming the streets of kensington. her mother and sister say they want her back home. >> i need to bring her home. i need to at least have an answer for her children and for her family. >> i think she's in a very bad place. i think she's scared. but we just want her to know that we love her very much and we're just concerned for her safety want her to come home. we want our amanda back. >> upper darby police
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superintendent michael chitwood says his biggest fan amanda who has several distinctive tattoos and who likes to diss geese her appearance with wigs may have been abducted. now update to a story we first brought you last month. pennsylvania gas and electric has agreed to pay $2.3 million in refunds to consumers. that is on top of $4.5 million the company has already paid. this will settle a case brought by the attorney general's bureau of consume mr. protection and the office of consumer advocate. pg and e was accused of of deceptively marking variable electric rates to consumers many of them spike during the winter of 2014. new tonight philadelphia school reform economic approved a $2.89 billion lump sum budget for the fiscal year 2016. that budget release on $264 million in new city and state money that's not guaranteed and without that money the district could face an
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$85 million deficit. there is a $6.9 million surplus in the current budget. today the new jersey assembly pass add bill allowing students to skip the partnership for assessment of readyiness for college and careers test known as parcc. 45,000 students have already refused to take that test. parents have complained about how the test is administered. the amount of class it's utilizing what the results are being used for. that bill now goes to the senate senate. later today, a private funeral service will be held for the eagles legend chuck bednarik bednarik. family and friends and sports fans paid their respects at his viewing in bethlehem on thursday. concrete charlie wore number 60 and won 2nfl titles with the eagles. the pro football hall of famer passed away at the age of 89 on saturday. well federal drug agents are under fire accused of hosting sex parties. wait until you hear where they allegedly got the money. also ahead tonight a bucks county mother is accused of the
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unthinkable. we'll tell you why authorities say she faked having cancer. >> and tonight septa is caught in the middle of a free speech battle. ads you'll soon be seeing on buses and what's being done to stop them in the future. >> kathy. >> after the rain temperatures plunge. we'll take look at wintry weather coming up for the weekend and that includes the chance of wet snow. and hold on tight we're going to take ride on what's now said to be the world's tallest and fastest roller coaster. ♪
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we're learning more tonight about another prostitution scandal involving you have s government law enforcement agents. new report says agents with drug enforcement agency attended sex parties in columbia with prostitutes from 2005 to 2008. and what's more those parties were financed by drug cartels. 7dea agents admitted attending the parties. they were given suspensions ranging from two to 10 days. new information in the penn state fraternity scandal. police say some of the women
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pictured nude on kapa delta r roh's secret facebook page have come forward. some members of the fraternal are in the cooperating with the criminal investigation. they were suspended for a year and/ored to reorganize by its national office. authorities in bucks county say that a woman faked having cancer after they began investigating her for child abuse. police say 26-year-old ashley reikert went as far as shaving her own head to support her claim of cancer. authorities began investigating investigating her last july after her then 11 month old dauger was taken to chop with broken bones burns and bruises. reichert is now charged with aggravated assault child endangerment and other crimes. >> you will soon be seeing anti muslim ads on the side of some septa buses. and septa has decided not to appeal a court ruling but it has decided to take other decisive action. "eyewitness news" reporter todd quinones has more from septa headquarters.
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>> reporter: septa is smack dab in the middle avenue freedom of speech issue religious leader boss rather not see. >> we condemn inflammatory messages that serve to divide, to stigmatize and to insight prejudice. >> reporter: this is the controversial ad it links muslims to hitler and reads islamic jew hate tread it's in the quran. septa would not -- called american freedom defense initiative or afdi has a first amendment right to run the bus ads. septa general counsel says there will be no appeal citing legal costs and the authority's new revised advertising policies. >> new policy is a complete prohibition against any kind of political or public issue ads. >> reporter: the ads will appear on 84 buses for four weeks. earlier this month we spoke to the lawyer representing afdi which paid septa $30,000 to run the ads. >> there's too much political correctness going on with
12:30 am
particularly what's going on in the middle east and my client, she speaks you know, truth to power and that's the whole point of these messages. >> reporter: at a special septa board meeting thursday members of the religious leaders council of greater philadelphia commended septa for its efforts to try and prevent the ads. in for the jewish community it's not very nice to see adolph hitler on the buses or to see propaganda reminiscent of what hitler used to dent tow great and dehumanize a relive jow. >> afdi now has more than a half dozen lawsuits filed against transit authorities across the country. reporting from septa headquarters in center city, todd quinones cbs3 "eyewitness news". advertising is about to go three dimensional in center city city. city council approved installation of two large 3d electronic displace range in height from 30 to 50 feet one of them placed at the north broad entrance to the convention center and the other across from
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reading terminal market. 70% of the content displayed will be ads. the rest of it will be devoted to public service announcements and other material. pope francis will visit with president obama at the white house during his upcoming visit to the united states. the president and the pope met one year ago at the vatican. now the white house says the two leaders will continue to conversation on september 23rd september 23rd. the following day the pope will address a joint session of congress. of course, the pope moves on to wrap up his trip to the united states here in philadelphia at the world meeting of families. we have all the coverage you need on cbs3 -- we are on a bit of roller coaster of sorts when it comes to this weather. warm now cold, dry damp -- >> little bit offing. >> when will it stop is the question. >> rain, snow. >> got it all. >> it seems like it's never going to. hopefully we'll put this to bed with the month of march. take a look at storm scan3 because you can see more showers
12:32 am
moving our way and some imbedded downpours as we look really close through philadelphia heading along the i-95 corridor that is where we're seeing some yellows and some oranges and this is some heavy rain in bensalem right along 13, 95, through bristol on the pennsylvania side levittown and also through bordentown this is all heading toward trenton. so if you live in this area some heavy downpours but it will be moving out within the next couple of hours. our "eyewitness weather" watchers are taking note of the temperatures and also the rainfall and you'll see some of those observations at the bottom of your screen. elsewhere our weather watchers are also keeping tabs on the changes that are going on across the delaware valley. you can see them on the map. some 50's still existing but also some cooler temperatures moving our way as well. right now margo says holding on to 53 degrees and the wind not so heavy at this point only about 5 miles an hour. light rain still at this late hour. we'll take it far to the north and west where we have some
12:33 am
observations right now 42 degrees as you head north keith says in sailors burg 42 degrees the wind out of the northwest that mean the cold front is through cool and breezy a lot of snow melted today mud and water on the roads. yuk. take look outside our center city studios. right now still seeing rain in center city and more to come during the overnight hours with this cold front. now, this is what we expect. during the early morning some spotty showers some downpours lingering through the next couple of hours and some gusty winds that will be ending right after day break but here's the front. it's pretty clear to see. look at this. 50s to the south. 40s and 30s to the north and west. lining it up right along the i-95 corridor where you see that heavy rain as well. in philadelphia 49. 44 in reading. 45 in lancaster. 30s to the west. some 50s and 60s to the south. only a matter of time till we really cool down. so we did peak with the warmth on thursday and now we are on our way down. 50s this afternoon. and some 40s on saturday. so huge trough builds in the
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east. temperatures some veep to 20 degrees below normal for saturday and for sunday. and saturday there might be enough moisture around to produce a few wet snow showers. nothing would accumulate but just to see the snow again at the end of march is kind of getting old. don't you agree? overnight some showers scattered downpours the low 43 in the city. 30s in the suburbs high tomorrow 51 with some showers especially in the morning. on the exclusive "eyewitness weather" seven day forecast saturday is chilly. sunday little bit better the high 47 with that strong march sun some places will make it to around 50. we bounce up to 58 monday. but it's windy. tuesday 56. wednesday is april 1st. i think finally we are in for some better weather. >> no joke. >> 57. >> no joke. >> 56 by thursday. >> okay. kathy. that looks better. thanks so much. >> okay. good friends getting together tonight. >> beasley. >> you know todd her mince guys who are still with the team guys not with the team still
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support each other. that is so great. shady mccoy was in town. trent cole. kelce is still here. and of course they were asked about chip's chang


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