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tv   Eyewitness News at 430am  CBS  March 27, 2015 4:30am-5:01am EDT

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. >> breaking news overnight, a woman walking home from the gym is raped and robbed in her port richmond neighborhood. police say the suspects are justine agers, we're live with the latest. >> also, we're off to soggy start this friday morning. if you are just waking up check this out. this is what is waiting for you outside. good morning, it is friday, march 27th at least it is friday. >> that's true. >> i'm erika von tiehl. >> i'm nicole brewer. right to katie with the forecast r we going to dry out at all? >> today eventually i guarantee it. >> great. >> still stuck with the lingering moisture, came courtesy of low pressure redeveloped on the front that rolled through last night. that's why this thing is so prolonged. start things off with a look at "skycam 3", the tell tail sheen on the board walk in
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ocean city, tells it is will be a little slippery walking out the door. be ready for that. even if it stops raining, you had rain last night to the north and west counties, so at this point you're just left with the spray coming off of other vehicles, that kind of thing. but we still have got some pretty decent activity on this radar. this is your snapshot. man, it's a mess out there. again, area every low pressure since redeveloped on the tail end of the front. so this isn't the front necessarily, but it is still plenty of moisture that we have to get rid of before we can say okay, we're finally drying out. that will will take us to midday, little sooner for philly little later for the coast, something all sort of moving in or moving away from northwest to southeast. so specially through the early morning, that's when you are still going to be running into the pocket of heavier downpours, on some of the major highways, be ready for that. slick, slow travel as a result, call it steady showers, but again there will be pockets of embedded heavier rain that come along with that, current winds speeds,
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noticeable too here, still out of the north wells chilly wind flow, in other words as high as 14 to almost 20 miles per hour in any given location, and temperatures right now at least milder to start things off but we aren't really going to climb all that much. because we have cold front. you can see where it hasn't crossed, still in the 60s at this hour, raleigh charleston, down it the caroline's. front hasn't crossed there it eventually will, everybody maine down to florida basically will start to see much cooler air settling in. as it pertains to the rest of our area for the day here expect the wet weather to last us through the morning by noon maybe still some showers in philly, but generally speaking midday is the point where we see it all winding down. so, i go give or take an hour or two i give you that. generally this will be a first half of the day event in terms of the wet weather. later on today things do get chance to dry out. we will still be left with a lot of clouds, highs now cool near the upper, lower 50's, i should say. vittoria? >> good morning if you are
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travel on the roads right now it is slick, it is damp, it is wet, so the best thing i can tell you just reduce your speeds, make sure to take it extra easy practicing extra caution out there. it is little dangerous, i wouldn't say a little built a lot dangerous. traveling 95 in particular, in the northeast right at cottman, where you will notice the southbound ramp here 295 is being blocked as a result of construction, you can maneuver through that very easily by staying on the roosevelt boulevard, then hopping on jump on harbison avenue, turns into aramingo, jump on 95 there. the ben franklin bridge, looking great all of the bridges looking great. not dealing with rush hour volume or delays, the only thing we do have to worry about is the slick spots. but the ben again and the rest of the bridges moving well. we do however have some weekends track work, for the manayunk-norristown regional rail line between norristown and conshohocken, shuttle bussing between saturday and sunday. check the schedules and stay updated on that. >> more on breaking news, a woman raped and robbed in philadelphia's port richmond neighborhood. >> we want to get right out to
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"eyewitness news" reporter jan carabeo outside the special victims aoun et cetera, two teen suspect under arrest, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, that's right, police say both of these suspect, they believe responsible for this rape and robbery are here right now being processed, they say the victim has positively identified both of these suspects they go on to say that these suspect were found with the victim's stolen property on them, as well, as you mentioned to make matters worse both of these suspects are teenagers. this is where it all happened around 11:00 last night the 3900 block of richmond street in port richmond. police responded after someone reported screams in the area. now, when they arrived, police found the victim, investigators say, that woman was just walking home from the gym when she was approached by two men was raped at gunpoint, and robbed. that victim gave a description to police, they searched the area found one suspect just couple of blocks away on richmond street. police found the
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second suspect half mile away on east butler street. it was most certainly a frightening night for this victim. police say the suspect also left her with a threat before leaving the scene take a listen. >> the males who committed this crime stated to her point of gun that if she called the police or told anyone, including her family, that they would find her and kill her and also kill her family. so you can imagine she was very, very frightened, even when she was reporting this information to the philadelphia police officer responding. >> reporter: a very brave young woman indeed. again, both of the suspect under arrest. here at fdu this morning again, police say there is victim has positively identified both of the suspect and police go onto add that her stolen property was found on both of these teenagers, we will continue to follow this story. but for now live outside of the special victims unit.
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jan carabeo cbs-3 "eyewitness news". >> thank if you, more breaking news now child wandering the streets found soaking wet in the middle of the night. a septa bus driver spotted her at the intersection of torresdale and magee avenues around 3:00 this morning. after about an hour and a half just few moments ago, we learned that child was trying to locate -- sorry we've learned the child was reunited when her mother. still no word on how the little girl wounds up on the street by herself in the middle of the night. justin finch will have a live report in our next half hour. we have some breaking news right now also nicole. two people are dead this morning after a robbery that went wrong last night in west philadelphia. police say two suspect trying to rob two menace they walked home on the 5400 block of media street. one of the victims pulled out a gun opened fire, and shot those two robbers. then we're told, one of the robbers returned fire and shot one of the robbery victims. all three were rushed to the hospital. the other robbery victim was not injured.
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>> pulled the trigger on scene, okay, shook up as you can imagine, and we're going to work the investigation for the night and determine what charges will be filed against each of these individuals. >> once again, two people are now dead. the third we're told is hospitalized and said to be right now in stable condition. >> to a developing story philadelphia police investigating a report after abduction in fairmount park. they say it happened on sedgley drive just before 3:00 yesterday afternoon. police say an eyewitness called about seeing a woman being forced into the trunk of a car. that car is described as a dark blue pontiac grand prix with a partial tag of jt. that car was last seen going westbound on girard toward kelly drive. if you know anything about this car or it whereabouts you are asked to contact police. the injury toll continues to grow this morning from an explosion that leveled an apartment building in manhattan. at least 19 people were injured, four critically. the massive fire could be seen
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for miles. it spread to other buildings nearby. at least one other structure was destroyed. now, late last night firefighters pouring water on the smoldering rubble, the explosion is believed to be caused by natural gas and plumbing work. witnesses say the flames that errupted could be seen for miles. >> i just heard this incredible like, sonic explosion, like you could feel it like re verb rating. >> i was up at school. and i walked past the tv. and i saw my building engulfed in flames. >> it was kind of shattering to feel like you really made it in a sit like new york then everything within literally five minutes is torn down. >> now, an hour before that explosion, utility company inspectors decided the work being done there was faulty. at the time of the explosion a plumber was doing work connected to a gas service upgrade. >> right now 4:38. investigators are trying to find out what motivated the co-pilot of germanwings flight to deliberately crash that plane. >> investigate verse been
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searching the apartment where andre as lubitz lived in the city of duesseldorf. also looking through the home of his parent bringing out bags, big box and a computer. prosecutors say the voice recorder reveals that lubitz lost the pilot out of the cockpit and sent the plane into its descent. the airbus a320 with 150 people or board crashed into the french alps tuesday morning, no one survived. two of the victims had local ties. one was yvonne selke then known as yvonne carlo, 1975 graduate of springfield high school. >> she was just always a very student just person. i mean, highly intelligent and very kind to everybody. >> also killed in the crash was her daughter, em lee. she graduated from drexel university in 2013. >> and you can stay with "eyewitness news" as we stay up-to-date on the germanwings crash investigation when you're not on television, go on line at
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>> well the late great hall of fame basketball coach dean smith shares one more lesson with his players. we'll explain. >> also ahead controversial wald coming to septa buses agency caught in the middle of a free speech battle. how they hope to stop them in the future. we'll be right back.
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>> new city and state money not guaranteed. without the money the district would face $85 million deficit. there is $6.9 million surplus in the current budget. >> and update for you now on the penn state fraternity scandal. police say that some of the women pictured nude on cap a delta secret facebook page we're told have come forward. authorities also say some members of the fraternity are
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now cooperating with the criminal investigation. cap a delta ro was suspended for a year and ordered to reorganize by it national office. nicole? >> erika anti-muslim ads will soon be on the sides of septa buses, ads link muslims to lit letter siting legal costs transit agency has decided not to appeal a court ruling which allows that group american freedom defense any tips, to run these ads. how much, septa has adopted a new advertising policy which it also expects to be challenged in court. >> you know, we're not going to post any ads taking a position on a public issue. we're still in the business of excepting commercial ads. >> the ads will will appear on 84 buses for four weeks. >> meanwhile city counsels ill has approved the installation of two large three-d electronic billboards in center city. catalyst outdoor advertising provided us with preview whatever they may look like ranging in height from 30 to
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50 feet. one will be at the north broaden trans to the convention center, the other across from reading terminal market. now, 70% of that content displayed on the ads will be ads with the rest devote today public service announcements and other term. >> all right, just past 4:43, we send it over to kate. >> i good morning hi, everyone happy friday to you first and for most. starting the morning off milder granted but still awaiting the full passage of our storm system, and there is one little extra, you know, nudge every moisture that came in, which we'll discuss but for now at least what you are finding very low-lying clouds, wet weather out there as we overlook palmyra from palmyra cove nature park, center city off in the distance, tough to make it out with all of the clouds, certainly all of the rain. you have got some very heavy moisture with this right now guys, so as this continues to make its trek east, it will be with us at least into the midday time frame. but as we zoom it out in fact, i want to zoom it out one more time for you here, what you will notice, do you
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see how this trough is digging in so some very cold air coming in courtesy of central canada, and way up in the depth of the arctic here. that will center temperatures on yet another nosedive. we look ahead to tomorrow specifically, ends up being the colds he is day of the forecast, at least for now, while yesterday was the wettest day to today is the wettest of the next several days. still left with lingering rain today. temperatures getting held back to the lower 50's at best here. but at least it is still in the 50's. now, by saturday, we will still have just a hint of moisture and a very weak disturbance. it is just enough, that you could see flurry. otherwise, expect to see some sunshine, but it is chilly. our highs at best into the low 40's and only rebounding to the upper 40's sunday, but i expect much brighter day. another cold front comes monday we should ease up mid and up ear's by that point. then as far as the rest of today is concerned primarily it is morning showers but again, some of you could still see the wet weather lingers into the afternoon, then it is done, variably cloudy and cold
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tonight, low dipping to 32, next couple every days, yes chill is in the air for sure this weekend. we will get you back to little bit more of seasonable territory here monday, tuesday, wentz, for that matter, by thursday, though, we may see some showers, it will be a mild day. nicole back to you. >> katie, thank you. well the sixers take on the los angeles clippers tonight at the well. the sixers beat the nuggets wednesday night they'll try to end the clippers five-game winning streak. now, sweet 16 action, kentucky wildcats, the overall number one seed in the ncaa tournament. last night, well, they showed us why. the cats jumped taught a 18 to two lead on the west virginia mountain ears. mountain ears decks err miles claims before the game his team would hand kentucky its first lost of the season. but no, kentucky crews to easy 78 to 39 win. they play notre dame in the next rounds tomorrow night. west region number one seed wisconsin trail the tar heels for most of their sweet 16 game last night but then the badgers tore off nine straight point to take the lead. sam decker had a career high
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23 for wisconsin. the badgers come from behind for a 79 to 73 win. wisconsin's coach is chester native, bo ryan, his badgers play arizona tomorrow night. >> well, there are more games tonight, ucla place at 7:15, then utah place duke at 9:45, all part of march madness right here on cbs-3. erika? >> such a neat story, nicole dinner on me, that's the last wish of unc basketball coach dean smith. all of coach smith's former players, that's about 180 in total, got this letter in the mail earlier this week. it included a check for $200. the message says: enjoy a dinner out compliment of coach dean smith. smith passed away last month at the age of 83. so still teaching those student. >> yes. >> even after his passing. >> great idea for him. wow, such a legacy, great. still ahead on "eyewitness news" this morning new data just released sheds startling
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light on college graduation rates. >> detaiails for in you our money watch report. first what's ahead tonight on cbs-3.
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breaking, two men are dead after victim fights back during robbery attempt on media street in west philadelphia. another man is stable at a hospital. it happened last night about 10:30, on the 5400 block of media street. >> and, new york city mayor bill de blasio, says no one is missing after apparent gas explosion at a manhattan apartment building. however, at least one family says a 23 year old man has not been found. nineteen people were injured yesterday afternoon. just hours after inspectors
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said plumbing and gas works inside that building was faulty. all right, 4:51 right now time for check on business news. >> mine watch's jill wagner joins us from the new york took exchanges, hearing about some trouble statistics about college graduation rates. what's happening with these? >> good morning, erika nicole. more than half of middle -- of kids from middle class families who start college don't graduate with a bachelor's degree within eight years. the department of education says roughly one in three who dropped out say they did it because of financial reasons. you can really see a college just going through the roof. >> makes sense. also hearing that soda says are going flat you might say? >> i like that. well yes concern about artificial sweeteners, has americans putting the lid on diet soft drinks. full calories pepsi over took diet coke, as the number two soda brand in the united states last year, according to industry data, regular coke is
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still number one but on a whole, soda sales are really falling flat, as you say. nicole erika? >> yes, they are. well, thank you jill. appreciate t.. coming up after the break weather and traffic on the 3's, we'll be right
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right now 4:53 on your frid morning good morning vittoria. >> good morning, everyone, so happen that i it is friday. unfortunately, if you are heading out and about right now, we do have a little bit after damper on your commute. that's the weather. it is causing some slick spots on the majors, as well, throughout the neighborhood. so do you want to keep in mind if you are headed out later this morning to head to work, head to school. it will set you back a little bit, make things even slower. this is 476 around the mid-county toll plaza again headlights picking up some of the wet and dampness. be careful there. ninety-five taking you to cottman avenue f you are trying to get on southbound 95 from cottman do have closure point here as a result of construction, you can easily take aramingo avenue. your best bet. traveling the manayunk-norristown regional rail line, doing weekend track work, will be shuttle bussing saturday sunday, between norristown and conshohocken. katie, the weather ugh -- >> at least it will be winding down, as the day goes on vet tore y so we're stuck with it
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this morning. i guess we could say yesterday since we didn't have to deal with too much wet weather in the morning drive casino of our turn at this point. and boy are we dealing with some heavy stuff out there. specifically across some of the north and west suburbs outside of philadelphia, you have some pockets of very, very steady rain. >> this isn't your cold front necessarily. it is rather, a area of low pressure sort of developed on the tail end of t so we're awaiting its retreat for now the heaviest and steadiest rain is likely to fall in the next few hours there will be sort of pockets much like what we had yesterday that roll on through. not totally out of the woods until you hit the midday. even in philadelphia, probably up until about lunchtime before we can say okay we wipe our hands clean of. >> this even down the shore into the afternoon probably still going to have lingering moisture to work with. that said, temperatures have take answer hit, back to the low 50's, but chilliest day definitely comes tomorrow. that's a dose of early february for you there. at least it is brightening up by sunday, with high of 47. and then we will see rebound continue into early next week. nicole? >> katie, thank you. now a check of some of the
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stories our sister station "kyw news radio" 1060 is following. more from the philadelphia school district, on their new budget. and a local charity is asking for your old shoes, to help children in need. also, a popular area restaurant gets ready to open a second location. we'll tell you what's cooking check in two three, four times a day, "kyw news radio" 1060. >> coming up in the next hour of "eyewitness news" following several breaking stories including a woman who was viciously attack on her way home from the gym. >> plus, a little girl found wandering the streets alone. we're live after police just reunited her with her mother. >> local woman's mother accused of pulling offer cancer con police say she did this to cover up another crime. we'll break this down for you. we're back at the top o of the hour. good morning.
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>> raped and robbed, a woman viciously attack on her way home from the gym. live with new information about these young suspects. also breaking this morning, a frightening morning, after a four year old girl is found soaking wet wandering near a bus stop in the middle of the night. new details how she was reunited when her mother. good morning, today is friday, march 27th i'm erika von tiehl. >> i'm nicole brewer. we are also waking to up some early morning showers even seeing some downpours across the area. katie has her eye on the storm to let you know what that rain lets up. >> generally speaking see this all wrap up generally by midday. but the morning drive is what gets most affected this time around. it is kind of our turn. yesterday we didn't have to really deal with the wet weather, it was more about the fog really before the rain got
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started later in the morning. so now we're up on the dock tote end up with some soaking conditions, see all of the activity just behind me here. we take storm scan3 full screen. when you have it lit up like this with yellow, orange, you know you have pretty heavy rainfall intensity coming in, just northwest of the i95 corridor here, there are pockets say the northeast extension, the pa turnpike, where you are getting doused right now. this is actually an area of low pressure sort of redeveloped on the tail end of the frontal boundary, so not necessarily the front still trying to cross through rather, it is just the moisture that's left over since we had the energy to work with to create that additional area of low pressure now again some of those showers are coming down steadily and heavily as we speak. but we should start to see things ease up on the radar and also, when it comes to the wind. eventually, it is cloudy, cooler as the rest of the day goes on, but at least initially, you still need that umbrella for sure. 36 degrees the current temperature at least sorry how it feels right now because


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