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tv   Eyewitness News at 11  CBS  March 28, 2015 3:07am-3:36am EDT

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all right. welcome back to "comics unleashed: hot chocolate." what's your favorite holiday, player? >> i got tired right now.
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>> everybody always talking about christmas and thanksgiving they can't wait. halloween is the number one holiday. [ cheers and applause ] >> halloween? halloween? >> i go to a halloween party, i start taking stuff from people. they say who are you? i say i'm the government. [ laughter ] i'll take everything. >> halloween is terrible in the south. >> i take the energy drink and took my nephews trick or treating. i didn't get no candy because i'm too impatient to wait for somebody to come to the door. i'm like trick or treat. let's go. trick or treat. come on. we'll go to the car, get some m&ms. >> halloween was torture in the south. they too soulful. you be getting like greens mashed potatoes instead of candy. houses too far apart, man. two miles apart. you go to one house, you're done trick or treating man.
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>> i used to -- that was the only day i dressed up as a husband. >> i heard you're into video games. >> i came up in the atari age. come on, the tar atari, man? [ cheers and applause ] one joystick and one red button. up and down. that's like the video game 8-track now. now you got 14 buttons on one controller on playstation. they all got a function. you got to go to school to learn playstation, man. the first thing i played, they were like, hey, man, how come you're not playing? "i don't know what i'm doing. there's too many buttons on here for me. buttons on the bottom and buttons on the top. i may not be a smart man but i know some difficult stuff when i see it."
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[ laughter ] >> gas prices man. >> gas so high man, i seen a pimp picking up his woman in a mini van. he said all my money's going in the tank. he went and bought a shuttle, tony. he had all his women in the shuttle. >> everybody is in a hearse. you know you can't go nowhere, you turn on the tv, what you see? nascar. 200 miles an hour, wasting gas. it's amazing. >> i'm going out of here, taking my foot off the gas, trying to save money. they going around in circles wasting gas. it's time for me to put the cadillac in the indy 500. fill me up, give me four tires.
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>> all these women say sugar, where the cadillac? i say ♪ it's hard out here for a ♪ >> tony, i heard you just quit smoking, man. >> i smoked for ten years. a pack a day. and i was in a gospel play. true story. and an evangelist walked up on me when i was sxhoek said the holy ghost wans you to stop smoking cigarettes. i've already discussed it. and walked off. the next day no craving. in three years, no packs, no gum. i never smoked again. that was amazing. ten days later the same lady came to me and said the holy ghost wants you to stop using profanity. i said show me a note. [ laughter ] i'm about to cuss you out right here. [ laughter ] >> i was in the soul circus.
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>> sound like an elephant. >> both their mothers used to jump through the hoop of fire. [ laughter ] >> okay. >> you know the people -- including me. they don't have real lions. they got rottweilers with afros. >> you play the lotto. >> i love to gamble. i play lotto all the time. i use tragedy as a bletsing. if somebody die, i be like what time they die? [ laughter ] >> man if i hit that lotto with all those numbers, i'd still hang out -- >> you might catch up with your child support. right?
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♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ with walmart's low prices you can trust every day, there's even more to celebrate this easter. walmart. [ cheers and applause ] welcome back to "comics unleashed: hot chocolate." now, tony could you see yourself working 9:00 to 5:00? >> mm-mm. mm-mm. no. getting up early in the morning unless the house is on fire. >> none of my friends work. one of my friends asked me tony, where can i find a girl with a job?
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i said at a job. >> life kind of change when you hit 30. that's like your first transition in life. >> 30? >> yeah. >> you're a puppy. >> you still can have sex at 3:00 in the morning. >> but when i'm by myself that's a problem. >> i don't know why, but i can't make love past a commercial. somebody stole my mojo. >> your mojo. >> yeah. >> you got to go ahead and do your thing. do your thing and then slip away and let you think she -- and then watch the game. >> that's because you're 80 years old. >> older women. >> that's good. because see, i'm an older woman and i kind of feel like young guys, y'all can't hang. because they be wanting to flip you around and drop it like it's
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hot. i'm like i'm going to drop it but i don't know how it's going to land. and a lot of times, ladies y'all know i'm telling the truth. we be in the bed making news and y'all think we making news because it's about you. no. we got a charley horse, baby. men want to have sex at 3:00 in the morning. i'm like booboo do you know what time it is? my medication done kicked in. i'm sleeping. you better hit this before midnight. it's like a prepaid cell phone. it done ran out of minutes baby. [ laughter ] >> ran out of minutes. you been talking about immigration. >> yeah, man. you know i'm so -- immigration is something else. what i say right now for all the illegal aliens they want to be citizens right now, all i say is you should let them be citizens but first let them join the
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military. that's what i say. let them join the military. send them over there. and they come back and they come back they're a citizen. because i was in the military for 11 years and i got out with the first war. because when i went over there, i said they're fighting for real. now, i don't mind practicing for war, but i can stay at home and get shot at. i joined the military to go to college. i can't behind no fan. i need a car, a club. a table. >> give them a round of applause. [ cheers and applause ] oh, wow. i had a great time. i want to thank you for joining us. and i want to thank you at home as well. i really appreciate it.
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until next time, keep laughing. [ cheers and applause ] ♪ -- captions by vitac -- ♪ ♪
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scandal rocks a montgomery county high school. schools allegedly posting explicit pictures of other students online. tonight administrators, police and the da' office are now involved. this story developing at this late hour as word spreads among the north penn school community. good evening to you i'm chris may. >> i'm jessica dean. right now it is unclear how many students might be involved in this situation.
3:24 am
but this case is once again shining a spotlight on the potential dangers of online file sharing. north penn parents are outraged after word came down from the school district about allegations some students may have shared inappropriate pictures and videos online. >> especially not pictures. you just don't do that. >> reporter: katie joyce and other parents told "eyewitness news" they found out about the situation from the district late friday. >> i think kids should be really careful about what they put on the internet and myself as a parent i drill my kids all the time about what they can and cannot do students told "eyewitness news" the photographs were posted on drop box. the sight let's users share photos on a mobile phone or tablet. >> be careful what you put out there. because it's going to end up -- it may end up on when you fill out a job application. >> some district students took to social media to call for a stop to the alleged picture posting. and parents we spoke to agreed. >> if you put something on the internet it's there forever. same with texting. anything you do, you just have
3:25 am
to be so careful. >> it's unknown if fay charges will be filed. anyone who has information relating to the investigation is urged to contact police. a lingering mystery in somerset set county app% to be solved now. officials say that cooper health systems ceo john sheridan killed his wife joyce and they are took his own life. but as "eyewitness news" reporter diana rock companies tell us tonight those closest to the couple believe that is not what happened. >> reporter: six months after the ceo of cooper health system and his wife died their montgomery township home remains boarded. the cars still park in the driveway. the somerset prosecutor now says john sheridan stabbed his wife joyce to death and set the house on fire in the early morning of september 28th. and what has now been ruled a murder/suicide. the official autopsy reveals joyce was found with eight stab wounds to her head and one to her chest in the upstairs bedroom. she died before the fire start started. smoke inhalation and shark force injuries killed john.
3:26 am
firefighters found him in the burning house with five broken ribs and cuts to his neck and body. he was lying underneath a heavy dresser. two knives and a gasoline can with his fingerprints were found in the bedroom. all their possessions were intact including nearly $1,000 in cash. also the home had no signs of forced entry. investigators say witnesses told them in the days leading up his mental condition was deteriorating. john had become withdrawn very upset and overly worried with regard to work issues n a statement the sheridan four sons said the conclusions seeks to convict our father based on lit more than rank speculation. we will be filing a lawsuit challenging the conclusion announced by investigators. we will not allow our father to be convicted based on guess work resulting from an inadequate and incomplete investigation simply because he is not here to defend himself. investigators say they followed the evidence and in a statement cooper says our hearts are with the sheridan family at this difficult time.
3:27 am
although the findings about his death and the death of joyce are unfathomable to us we had consider to remember john as a compassionate leader of cooper who was committed to making positive change in camden. >> as they continue to search for answers neighbors have chosen not to talk about this out of respect for the sheridan children who are still grieving the loss of two parents. in montgomery township, somerset county diana rocco cbs3 "eyewitness news". winter is set to make return this weekend. we're approaching the end of march, right? but whipping winds will make it feel like february out there. meteorologist kate bilo in for kathy tonight. kay we're talking about the possibility of snow flurries? >> absolutely chris. we are going to see snow flurries across portions of the area tomorrow as very chilly air dives in from the north and west in fact temperatures will be about 15 degrees below normal on saturday. and even tonight it's cold out here but tomorrow night is going to be even colder unfortunately.
3:28 am
let's take look at storm scan3 and not seeing much out there right now. there are some showers still trying to line up just off the coast. this system taking its time getting out of here. we've had a lot of fog low clouds and showers along the coast all day even though we clear out this afternoon in the city. notice how there are a few flurries off to the north and west. some of these flurries will rotate into our area later today and you can see way back to the west there over the country's mid section our of our neck cold that will come through later in the day monday. in the meantime temperatures are dropping overnight as skies clear. we're at 35 in allentown. 39 degrees in reading and 43 at the philadelphia international airport. notice how cold it is to the north and west. it's 22 in pittsburgh. it's 18 in cleveland right now. and just 29 in state college and that chilly air is moving in as it does so take look tomorrow at 2:00 o'clock couple of spotty flurries here and there. better chance for a snow shower later tomorrow evening down the shore. culling up i'll have the seven day forecast and let you know if there's a warmup in our future. for now back inside to you. >> okay, kate, thank you tonight
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the long running legal saga involving amanda knox is over. today italy's highest court overturn the murder conviction against her and her ex-boyfriend ex-boyfriend. they both did prison time for the murder of british student meredith church they are. knox awaited the verdict in her hometown of seattle and spoke about her roommate a short time ago. >> meredith was my friend. and -- she deserveed so much in this life. >> the ruling which struck down last year's guilty verdicts by a florence appeals court brings the eight year case to a close. more troubling details emerge about the pilot that french authorities say intentionally crashed a plane full of people into the french alps. that crash killed drexel university graduate emily selke and 149 others. and tonight we hear exclusively
3:30 am
from one of her close friends. she talk only with "eyewitness news" reporter david spunt. >> emily was such a positive person. she had this very go with the flow personality very easy going. um she was really easy to go get along with. >> reporter: julie is comeing to grips with the reality that her friend emily selke died in this plane crash in the french alps. >> that's me and emily. >> the two were roommates for summer in scotland and quickly became friends. >> it was crazy that -- how fast we became friends and how comfortable she just made me feel. i thought we had been friends for like years. >> emily her mother yvonne and 148 others died in the crash. what prompted 27-year-old co-pilot andreas lubitz to crash the passenger jet. the key question investigators from multiple countries are work working to answer. >> i don't feel angry. i'm really sad for the father,
3:31 am
the parents of that young pilot. i mean october imagine what they're going through right now. >> reporter: investigators searched lubitz's apartment and found a torn up doctor's note excusing him from work the same day authorities say he crashed the plane on purpose. investigators say he lock the pilot out of the cockpit before decenting into the mountains. investigators expected to take weeks to locate everyone on board. >> she had so much live in her mostly all my memories are great ones we shared together. >> reporter: there's already a rule in the united states that two people have to be in the cockpit at all times. that's not the case in europe. only one person has to be in a cockpit. several airlines including germanwings parent company lufthansa have already made a pledge to change that rule so there are two people in the cockpit. reporting from the sat center, david spunt, cbs3 "eyewitness news". the 100,000 commercial pilots in the us cannot do their
3:32 am
jobs without first being cleared by doctors. and that involves under going a physical exam and self reporting whether they've tried to commit suicide or have mental disorders including depression or anxiety. a formal psychiatric examination is not required, though, by the federal aviation administration. be sure to stay with "eyewitness news" for the latest on the plane crash in the french alps and the investigation into the co-pilot. you can get the details any time online at >> there's troubling new information about this week's gas explosion and building collapse in new york city. thursday's blast was caught on tape and two people are still missing in the east village of manhattan. well now police say that that explosion may have been caused by a worker improperly tapping a gas line. firefighter who helped victims get to safety says there was carnage all around him. >> collapses probably the number one killer of firemen. if you look at the history i
3:33 am
was scared but i did it any way. you just, you know, hope it ain't that time. >> that blast destroyed or damaged four apartment buildings and injured nearly two dozen people. well, chopper three over the schuylkill river on friday as emergency crews pulled a body from the water. this was near kelly drive and south ferry road in east falls. police say the body is that of a man but there's no word on his identity or the cause of his death. reportedly someone on the river bank discover the body and called police. well the mother of a suspect charged with assaulting a young woman in port richmond is apologizeing. investigators say that the woman was walking home from her gym when she was attacked by a 14 and 16-year-old on richmond street on wednesday night. "eyewitness news" spoke on friday with the mother of the 16-year-old suspect. >> no, i don't. i don't believe he was capable doing anything. >> to any girl. >> what are the parents doing you know and it's sad that it
3:34 am
comes down to this. >> prosecutors are expected to try those two suspects as adults adults. a septa bus is in the right place at the right time and the driver is being called a hero after finding a little girl who wandered from her home for a special treat. the child was found alone at torresdale and magee in philadelphia's tacony neighborhood. "eyewitness news" reporter walt hunter has this incredible story. >> reporter: with little annabelle ridgeway back safely at their side her parents had words of gratitude to septa bus driver harrell land jennifer who opened the doors of his route 56 bus and his heart to the wet shivering little girl. sheltering and caring for her after she was spotted by a passenger wandering in the darkness just before 3am. >> i can't thank him enough. i wish i can hug him right now. i really do. there's no words. there's no words. he saved my daughter's life. >> oman i was like, you got to
3:35 am
be kidding me? not this time of night. >> reporter: the driver says as he called for help annabelle explained to passengers she was on her way to a local store to buy what she called a slushy. >> all i want is a sludge she. that's all she said. >> alerted by the driver police officers quickly guided annabelle off the bus and back home. her parents saying she slipped out a back door walking several blocks even crossing busy torresdale avenue. >> i'm just so grateful to have her home and safe. >> annabelle's parents who are already installing new locks on the house promise that was the first and last time she will ever leave on her own. meanwhile, annabelle smiling and happy after taking a nap told her mom she would still like that icy treat from the wawa. that she just wasn't able to get her hands on over in it. >> mommy, take me to wawa and buy a slushy. >> i will take to you wawa and buy a slushy. listen promise me next time


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