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tv   Eyewitness News at 6  CBS  April 16, 2015 6:00am-7:01am EDT

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has died overnight, pronounced dead at 1:30. now the search intensifies for the driver whom police say hit and willed ten and injured his mother. a heart breaking development overnight for 19 year-old josephine riveria police sources say her son david has died more than two days after the the pair was hit the by a car crossing this street in kensington. family spokesperson addressed reporters yesterday pleading for public's help in tracking dunn driver of the car that fled the scene. >> any piece of evidence in matter how small makes a difference to us. >> reporter: josephine was critically injured trying to save her son desperate thely trying to pull the two year old out of the way before he was hit. >> just so tragic and so hard to see a two-year old injured in such a way. >> reporter: new police are searching for a white four door acura or infinity that has front end damage. witness helped with this sketch of the man possibly in the carbon monoxide night but as remains, two men this is second deadly hit and run
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in one week. police are still waiting for driver of the this dark colored suv to turn herself in responsible for accident that killed a four year-old in southwest philadelphia. authorities say her attorney is in day with police but neighbors in both community want the process to move faster. >> just face the consequences of what she did it was wrong. >> reporter: no word yet when that woman will turn herself into police. there is still a a $10,000 rewar in the kensington hit and run case that leads to the driver, however that reward could increase new that the two-year old has died. reporting live outside philadelphia police headquarters jan carabao for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". police are on the scene of the fatal accident in bucks county. it happened on route 413 and lower mountain road in buckingham township. only one car was involve and it appears the car hit a pole and trees as well. route 413 in that area is closed, during the the police
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up investigation. lets get our traffic and weather right now you with katie. >> we have a nice day unfolding, this week overall has been benign in terms of what it has had up its sleeve. we will see wet weather return tomorrow. today another good cues to be outside. look at this shot. take a second. in the looking at a tv and is that in the one of the prettiest sunrisees we have seen just yet. gorgeous vibrant colors out there. it is so pretty. it will bed well for the rest of the day. every where else if you have april east facing window head there and check out that sunrise. this is the time of the user every day gets longer and longer. tonight sun goes down by 7:40. by may 1st almost 8:00. and 8:22 as we are's rounding out the month of may. that does mean that on a daily basis you are gaining more than two and a half minutes of daylight. it doesn't seem like it is adding up but it will be that way by the time we hit the
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height of the summer months. storm scan three is also empty. we have cloud cover at the moment and we are expect to go see sun and cloud, for the day easily helping us maryland rate up in the 60's late they're afternoon. again to some nice pleasant day, lighter wind then yesterday. if you have outdoor plans they are a good. by tomorrow though you will need to have the umbrella at the ready as wet weather is set to move in. today is a day to enjoy vittoria. >> good morning, everyone. traveling out and about you will not be enjoying all of it for sure because rush hour is now upon us as we get outside and take a look at the vine street expressway. net that is sunrise in the back there, that was a bought full shot. note that is pink sunrise in the back right here but you will net is that you will have brake lights flashing red, traveling in the westbound direction of the vine sleet expressway approaching schuylkill. it is not major but it is starting to build traffic
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eastbound on the vine straight shot down to i-95 down to 76. that is good news traveling on i-95 this is bad news commuting out of the northeast down to the vine street expressway will be a squeeze. the right now still moving in pockets. it is not the entire stretch but you know that right now 6:04 it will continue to bill. brace yourself for that type of traffic. we have an accident still a affecting your situation traveling in delaware, i-95 northbound between newark tolls and route 896 all lanes block as they continue to investigate. pulaski highway is your alternate, erika. man is found dead inside this burning koran southwest philadelphia a. now philadelphia police are trying to determine his identity a and also figure out exactly how this happened. "eyewitness news" reporter justin finch joins us outside southwest detective with the details, justin, good morning. >> reporter: erika, good morning. when this car was found yesterday it was completely on
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fire. the once those flames were brought under control a body was found inside, body of the man. who he is, how he got there and how he died this morning is all part of the death investigation. the just behind the runway of philadelphia international the a airport alongside the 4700 block of fort mifflin road a honda accord was found on fire lead are slim. >> we're unsure as to what happened. there is no witnesses no video camera. this is a public roadway but not really travel. >> reporter: time 3:30 tuesday afternoon when philadelphia fire arrived on the scene this fire so intense, foam was used to stop the burning and later revealed a single victim. they extinguish the fire in the front driver seat of the car there is a male body is charred, all the way down to the bone. >> almost kind of, you know, taken back i said what is going on. >> reporter: joseph keener works a mile from where the car was found. >> i was shocked to find that
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someone was found dead in the burning car, it is carry. >> reporter: despite fire damage tag was still visible, that is help investigators say car has been traced to a south philadelphia address. investigation yielding one more clue. >> fire marshall has found a gas cannot trunk of the car. believes that is accelerant used for this particular fire. >> reporter: as you heard there, slim clues in this case, so far this case also now being called suspicious and this morning work is underway to determine the cause of death for that male victim. we are live in southwest detectives justin finch for "eyewitness news". in preparation for the pope's visit and democratic national convention in the coming months local authorities test their readiness this case of a potential threat. philadelphia police, u.s. park rangers and paramedics took over independent visitors center for a test drill. during the drill they moved in targeting a gunman on the lose laws in the building.
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american 100 officers participated using fake bullets. >> we certainly never hope to have an emergency here at the visitor center but it is always a possibility. >> pope's visit is expect to bring more than a million people to the parkway in september. home land security was also in town yesterday in preparation for this summer's event. new jersey governor chris christie just can't shake comments on the bridge scandal even as he talks with voters in new hampshire. man confronted him in the manchester diner where christie was meeting voters for a possible white house run. >> he told me you were coming here i wanted to come down personally and make sure that the bridges were going to stay opened. >> i her you were a wise guy. which direction is the bridge i'm going in to. >> christie's aid were accused of closing lanes on the george washington bridge in 2013 at a political retribution. christie has in the been
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accused of any wrongdoing. senator ted cruz presidential campaign is on the fast track federal campaign finance report shows the texas republican has raised more than four million-dollar in his first nine days. cruz has raked in machine friday some of his state's biggest g.o.p. donors. democratic presidential hopeful hillary clinton says america's economy is on the rebound but still not fully up and running as of of yet. she told small business owners in iowa that the country need to do more to help small businesses, start up, and thrive. a scare in the nation's capitol when a gyro copper land on the lawn of the capitol building, coming up we are live in washington tc we have more on the pilot we're told he took off from pennsylvania. that is coming up but first the deadly dog flu, in the midwest it is spreading and it is in the just dogs that are in danger. >> call this the oprah version of the garage sale how you you can buy if you have her favorite things from her very own home coming up.
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is there an out break animal lovers need to necessity b k-9 flu has sickened 1,000 dogs in the midwest. don champion has more on where it came from and how pet owners can protect themselves and their pets. >> reporter: that cause of fever and sluggishness are the first symptoms of the dangerous strain of dog flu in parts of the midwest it had has pet owners taking precaution. >> we try not the to let them see other animals they don't know. >> reporter: more than a thousand cases of h3n2 have been reported in illinois, business conn inn is ohio and indiana. new flu strain is usually
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found in asia and has never been seen in the u.s. it is highly contagious and can be passed on to cats. in the hard hit chicago area, the the staff at this animal hospital now suit up and protect during examination. >> this is truly an out break. >> reporter: doctor natalie marks is co-owner of the bloom animal hospital in the cities north sued. >> our dog population is what they call naive. they have never seen anything like this before. their immune system is not ready to fight it. >> reporter: dogs that get the the flu are isolated some treated with antibiotics but six have died. while there is in specific vaccine for this strain some vets think regular seasonal flu vaccine can protect against it. they are urging pet owners to avoid dog parks and other places dogs congregate until the out break dies down. don champion for "eyewitness news".
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right now 6:13. lets get traffic and weather together. the just a great day to take. >> it is looking good. on storm scan three the cloud cover can though you off. we are fining cloud right now but much like what we saw yesterday it will be a mix of sun and cloud cover and we will even up with comfortable temperatures here. the less wind then what yesterday produced as well. we are seeing signs of life again, back through the virginia and carolinas and off the map here in to tennessee and kentucky once again. the moisture that is out of our hair for last few days will be working its way in wye tomorrow. i will walk you through here starting things off overnight that is when first rain drops may come in. we're not talking about a wash out but you with this frontal passage scattered showers, steady rain and by 5:00 a.m. we will have wet weather on the map here and this will continue for us, eight nine, 10:00 a.m. continues with scattered round of showers.
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you might dodge them but there will be wet weather to deal with and we might even, we will look at them as though they have lingering showers in the tail end of the day by the time we hit late evening hours skies should clear out for us. with that said come tomorrow be ready for showers but not a terrible day overall. we have cloud and still mild and then saturday, that is nicer of the next three days 75 and sunshine. sun will yield to cloud on sunday and then by monday a soggy mess with period of rain vittoria. >> thank you. >> good morning everyone. right now we're not seeing rush hour traffic cause too much of a problem it is just building. the with the growth give it 15 to 20 minutes we will be in a full blown rush. ben franklin bridge is in the awful traveling down toward eighth and vine and reverse all bridges are in moving well. we are starting to build a little bit of traffic on the ben franklin bridge heading in to philadelphia, it is not
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awful just yet. same thing goes, heading eastbound, approaching vine, you may hit a snag there westbound approaching city avenue and conshohocken. i-95 is a different story traveling from the northeast down to the vine because construction zones really narrow things. so that is one area that is our slow spot in regard to the rush. elsewhere not in pennsylvania but in delaware, on the northbound side of i-95 between newark tolls and 896 all lanes block as a result of the fatal accident. pulaski highway eastbound is your best bet. here's is what happening this morning another child dies after a hit and run in philadelphia vehicle struck two-year old david alycia in kensington monday evening. also philadelphia's medical examine are is trying to determine what killed a man found in the burning car. someone found that koran fire near airport yesterday afternoon. new this morning investigators in bucks county are trying to pinpoint what caused a fatal accident, one person died on route 413 in buckingham township.
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we will be right back.
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phillies begin a four game series with the nationals in washington. every player wore number 42 68 years after break the the color barrier. phils and mets tied in the third inning. williams facing him being and help hit a solo home run. mets never gave up the lead
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and sweep the phillies. the last night's score six-one. brett brown speaks about the the season after it end with a looks to the heat, with 262nd left, samson got the loose ball and slams it for the lead. they each had a wide open three-pointer with nine seconds to play. miami would get two more. sixers lost it, 105-101. flyers gm ron hextall says he will take his time about the future of head coach craig beruby. for second time in three years fly guys missed the post season. some players weren't too happy with chief but hextall is no rush to decide on beruby's faith the faith. >> i will be methodical and make the the right decision. i will not make a quick decision to appease people or to follow a along what is supposed to be done. >> hexy says he will pennsylvania make changes to the roster but not trading any of his top players in the minors or draft picks. do you have a little cash
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sitting around. >> if so own a piece of philadelphia history. harry kalas 2008 world series ring is being sold at auction today at citizens bank park. kalas's family decided to sell the ring. we are told proceed will be donated to the philadelphia chapter of the als association. however, as you might imagine this ring is not cheap. it is expect to sell for between 50 and $75,000. >> beautiful ring for a great man. >> wow, diamond too. up next high tech tools could use to diagnosis skin problems. >> ♪ brewing brian is one of the hottest stars and nominate for event tinier of the year at acm award. we will look at what makes him stan out that is coming up in this morning.
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6:23. just another beautiful day ahead, katie. >> it is looking g we have a nice sunrise right now, hint of cloud cover could go with the morning just like yesterday brought but if you recall how nice yesterday was you'll love today more. don't to have deal with the breeze, as this wider zoom on storm scan you have wet weather off in the distance here to the south, west and that will move in for us tomorrow. to take still looking good. look at this beautiful picture. forty-one to kick it off to make sure you have sweat shirts walking out the door but we will flirt with 70 to daze and tomorrow as well and that is also the take our next round of scattered showers moving through but saturday i'm telling you these weekend have been hooking us up and this one noise different. saturday is awesome with sun and high of 75, vittoria.
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>> good morning everyone. i cannot say the same about traffic. i wish you were traveling high are speed on over majors but that is in the the case at 6:24. we are in rush hour. southbound i-95 this the shot is around cottman. you are delayed from academy down through the vine. still moving in pockets, somewhat but a lot of that volleys starting to string along together. with some of that sunshine, rather you will have sun glare and also on the southbound side of the roosevelt boulevard a approaching schuylkill you will have a delay. speed sensors are not awful but things are building. nineteen on i-95. schuylkill expressway dropping. city avenue. the usual stuff. ukee. new research suggest snoring could affect your in memory. >> researchers studied 2500 people between the age of 55 and 90. those with breathing problems, like snoring, and sleep apnea they were diagnosed with mild cognitive impairment about ten years earlier then people who did not have sleep-related
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breathing problems. the experts say that they say nearing may actually speed up a mental decline that is already happening. >> you may be accelerating cognitive decline. we don't think it its specific for alzheimer's but an insult to the brain that might be accelerating the degeneration. >> we have a few signs here of sleep apnea, loud and frequent snoring, choking or gasping during sleep and also feeling tired during the day time. those all possible signs. sleep problems effect nearly 53 percent of men and 26 percent of women. rhode island happies testing google glass technology to diagnosis skin conditions. while examining patientness emergency room doctors wore glasses which have a computer cam why and microphone. they then conferenced in a dermatologist by video. patients say they prefer the video conference over a telephone call, with a specialist. >> how about that, multiple
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uses. >> for sure. some of oprah's favorite things are going up for grab. >> she's clearing out her chicago condominium and putting some items up on the auction block. you can preview them all on line today. it is a wide variety of goodies from handbags, exercise equipment to antique furniture and plenty of paintings. >> she really truly made sure that she bought the best example of of different styles periods and different artist. >> live auction is saturday ape 25th at 10:00a m. bid on line or on phone. all proceed after the auction house fees go to oprah's south african leadership academy. >> way to go oprah. one blessed bidder is new owner of the pope's ipad. an auction house in uruguay says the i pad was sold for just over $30,000. ipad is engraved with his holiness francisco and vatican internet service march 2013
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in spanish and italian. ipaddles came with a certificate signed by pope francis's personal secretary authenticating it. >> indeed, it is legitimate. >> wonder what the pope google. >> i don't know. >> coming up in our next half an hour this morning we are following breaking news in one of this weeks hit and runs jan. a mother and child are both critically injured curing a kensington hit and run. knew two-year old has died. i'm jan carabao. coming up that family's plea for help to bring that driver to justice. a security scare when a postal worker land a gyro copper outside the nation's capitol. we are live in washington tc with more on the pilot that took off from pennsylvania. and vittoria and katie return with traffic and weather together. we will do it on the three's. we're back in two minutes. so glad you are with us. look at that shot sun coming up on the horizon. good morning
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we are following breaking news in the tragic development in the the hit and run in kensington. a little boy critically injured in that crash has died overnight. "eyewitness news" reporter jan carabao joins us from police headquarters with these developments jan.
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>> reporter: erika, police sources tell "eyewitness news" that the two-year old boy chris thecally injured on monday died overnight right around 1:30 this morning. in the meantime police are still looking for driver responsible in his hit and run and police say that southwest philadelphia driver responsible for deadly hit and run there still has not turned herself into police. police have a live look today. take a look at the video both of these accidents happened on monday evening. the kensington crash now becomes the second deadly hit and run this week. that accident happened in the 2700 block of masher street. nineteen year-old mother josephine riveria and perfect son david were crossing the the treat when they were hit by this white four door acura a or infinity. we are told the mother desperate thely tried to pull her child out of the way before he was hit. both were critically injured. she was released earlier in the week and is recovering but now has to deal with the death of her son. family spokesperson addressed reporters yesterday and pleaded for information about the car and its driver. >> it is just so tragic and
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hard to see a two-year old injured in such a way. any bit of information makes a difference to us. >> reporter: again, the driver of the southwest philadelphia deadly hit and run still has not turned herself into police but authorities have been in contact with her, attorney, no word when she could turn herself into police. it does seem police are much more closer then in this kensington hit and run. there is a, $10,000 reward leading to the arrest and conviction of this driver but that rewar could soon increase now that the two-year old has died. we will follow this story. but we are live outside philadelphia police department jan carabao for eye. >> the witness: necessary news. investigators are trying to determine the identity of the man who was found dead inside a burning car in southwest philadelphia fire fighters made the gruesome discovery yesterday afternoon near hog island and fort mifflin road near the philadelphia international the airport. honda two door is bear liz recognizable but the the tag the tag is still visible.
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lets get your traffic and weather together. here's katie. >> it is looking g once again we will start off with cloud on the horizon and shrouding over delaware valley but regardless a lot of times some of the prettier sunrisees and we have that going for us. as we go across the region we will find green on the map. not indicative of anything hitting the ground as rain but very often radar can pick up on ground clutter. it is just radar has nothing to show except debris. we have cloud cover here, but no wet wet ter day. 51 degrees at the the airport. we are in with more northeasterly component to the wind flow but still expecting a milder air mild air just sort of to take grip and we will end up with nice afternoon temperatures and we are in the lower 40's in a lot of spots. this is a day that requires that you dress in layers. have a fleece or sweat shirt walking out the door. we will get rid of it later today as temperatures flirt
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with 70 and we are at best up to 60 degrees both at the shore and mountains today. regardless though, nice weather, in this forecast, yet again, that changes tomorrow with a new front coming in. today is the day of the next two thaw want to get outside if that is your plan. >> right now getting outside to jump on the roads it is in the great because it is rush hour. katie is delivering good news and i have bad news right now. the lets get outside and give you an idea what is a ahead and that is rush hour traffic on i-95. southbound would be all those taillights being hit making your commute out of the northeast and then down through to the vine street expressway. we will have breaks in that traffic but for the most part it is a string along of the the delay out of the north east. give yourself sometime. ninety-five northbound is not awful throughout delaware county or center city and northeast. that ace wright spot on i-95. traveling 42 freeway we are seeing a north bound slow down approaching creek road so be mine full of that.
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fifty-five northbound as well. traveling in delaware, we have an accident closing i-95 northbound between newark tolls and route 896 pulaski highway eastbound is your best alternate. elaborate, stunt landed a florida mailman in jail this morning. he flew a by row cooperator in the the restrict air space and land on the ground of the u.s. capitol pcb s news correspondent edward lawrence joins us live with the very latest, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, ukee ander contact douglass hughes will be charged later today formally in court for flying in restrict air space. he faces year in prison and $10,000 fine. police surrounded and arrested douglass mark hughes after he landed his gyro copper on the lawn of the u.s. capitol yesterday. sixty-one year-old mailman is expect to make his first a appearance in court today. >> questions that will shake up this town is how was he able to get in the most
6:36 am
restrict air space in the you had without being seen. >> reporter: witnesses saw hughes take off from the gettysburg airport in pennsylvania. >> crazy. >> reporter: hughes was able to fly past the white house and washington monument were landing on capitol hill. even if authorities spotted hughes they may not have taken him down before he landed. >> i don't think use of force would have been warranted, anything to take that out of the sky may have the created more problems then it would have solved. >> reporter: hughes had been planning his flight here to the u.s. capitol for more than two years. many are asking why law enforcement didn't stop him before he took off. secret service has interviewed hughes about his plans in 203. hughes talked about it with friend and he even made this rid yes for tampa bay times. >> i will violate the in fly zone non-violently and for nobody to get hurt and i will london the capitol mall report report hughes was delivering 535 letters to congress, urging them to take up
6:37 am
campaign finance reform. members of the congress has not yet received those letters. a all of the letters though had the proper postage. reporting live from washington edward lawrence, new back to you, ukee and erika. >> very bizarre. >> thanks, edward, appreciate it. 6:37. hopes are high as we enter spring real estate season after a number of last year and a half housing market is poised to show some real improvement. >> cbs news business analyst jill schlesinger joins us to show us where an unlikely boost could come from. hi jill how are you doing good morning. >> good morning. >> what is going for the the housing market this spring. >> we've got a great combination, underlying strength in the labor market we have got still affordable mortgage rates, and remember fha reduced borrowing requirements and costs on many of their loans. that is together all that is supposed to bring in more first time home buyers in the market. but here's something new,
6:38 am
boomer rang buyers yeah they were thrown out into the financial dog house when they were losing their homes in the recession, well, they are coming back. >> tell us more about these boomer rang buyers, who exactly are they. >> i love it. it is from 2007 through 2014, reality track says that 7.3 million american lost their homes to information closures and short sales. remember these events can remain on your credit report for up to seven years. so now, this year is the the first wave of these buyers returning to the housing market. think about this there could be up to a half million boomer rang buyers in the housing market this year alone. presuming there are no other major credit issues lingering many of these folks should qualify for a mortgage but even if just half of the potential buyers purchase a home it really could put a nice spring in the housing
6:39 am
market recovery, and if you are ready to go out there this weekend, get this down. are you red i ten home buying mistakes to avoid, i have got them on jill on >> it is all there. >> i have my pen ready, i'm ready, jill. >> thanks for the insights, as always. talk to you later. well, free coffee, can i say it again. >> one more time. >> free coffee. >> it just sound nice. >> find out where you can get to it day when we come back. >> also ahead listen to this a man set his rental koran fire but reason why he said he did this at huge, huge fire right the there? it is more stunning then the video that explanation is coming up. speaking of video check out left corner of your screen a massive wave knocks a woman off that rock and into the the ocean, amazingly she lives to tell you all bit. we will do it the on the other side.
6:40 am
luke brian is shaking it on stage, he is one of the country stars nominated for entertainer of the year at ac m award this weekend on cbs. we have a closer look inside his career as you look live right the now, just a gorgeous sunrise in atlantic city. >> shake what your momma gave you, that is it.
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it is 6:43, katie. >> good morning, hey everyone. we will start off with a check of the eyewitness weather watcher network and we are finding cool air nice comfortable quiet start to the morning. cloud and sun now that it is popping up over the horizon. we are finding temperatures in the mid to upper 40's but we have pictures coming in. this is a absolutely gorgeous sunrisees. we have even had this week. we had a couple pictures one from wilmington colorful sunshine from greg mccoy from peter clemente also from his backyard the bright colors coming through tree line so pretty chesterfield, new jersey with ed. he has sunrise as well. he goes for a walk and jog every morning and out and about bringing us some pictures. then sunnies coming up for phil, he is in philadelphia. let me show you list of temperatures here. our temperatures are cool you
6:44 am
sill need to have april extra layer mid 40's or lower 50's ape couple 30's gilbertsville from eileen checking in with 37 degrees right now and further down we will go we will find these temperatures in the 40's. nice wide zoom shows that we have got a lot of activity elsewhere here in the you had. also a little pocket of rain and then are storms, yet again kentucky tennessee prime spot for worse of that. but we have low pressure, large area have low pressure and complex storm system currently develop leading to severe weather through oklahoma and texas today but this will be the storm that eventually slowly rolls east and it hits us come monday, and we are going to be dealing with soggy conditions as a result. in between pretty whimpy frontal bun try comes tomorrow but cloud and scattered showers throughout the the day. weekend looks phenomenal overall and monday have are rain gear. the trust me on that one. katie, thanks very much.
6:45 am
right new if you are watching us you may want to pack a snack because you are sitting inning about time traffic. let start first traveling on i-95, in the north bound direction, multiple vehicle accident approaching area of bridge street. this is where you are heading right now you'll fine this incident compromising at least partially of in the only left-hand lane but center lane as well but because you this is a construction zone we are squeeze to go get by, 95 northbound approaching the area of bridge and cottman throughout the construction zone we will notice big time volume. southbound i-95 delays from the northeast down to the vine expect usual on schuylkill expressway. we will continue to keep you updated. topping our headlines another young hit and run victim has died car struck two-year old david alycia in kensington monday evening he passed overnight, and and and, and yesterday afternoon,
6:46 am
and in the airport. a florida man is taking responsibility for steering a gyro copper on the west lawn of the you had capitol. doug hughes says he was delivering letters to congress about campaign finance corruption. thinks incredible here caught on camera a fiery scene after a man sets his rental koran fire and reason why, just incredible. police on long island say man noticed bed bugs in his car, so he poured rubbing alcohol in the the the car thinking it would kill them. however, he then lit a cigarette and the car as you can see went up in flames. driver suffer first and second degree burns. police say it is unlikely he will face any charges. well, hundreds gathered to celebrate grand opening of bass pro shop in atlantic city. stories huge covering 85,000 square feet. it has, major scenes and 10,000 gala quarter yum
6:47 am
featuring local fish. the storm's grand opening is a significant milestone and drawing non-casino business to the cash strapped towns. >> it is beginning of the diversification that we're talking about that we need somebody in atlantic city over 200 jobs opening up expect a million people customers coming in per year. >> many grand opening festivities are scheduled through the weekend with daily giveaways. well, new jersey governor chris christie was than hand for store's grand opening yet and met with boos from eagles fans and wound up appealing to the eagles ledge tone bail him out but that didn't go as planned. >> i'll tell you brian, where is brian get up here brian. i love brian westbrook. what are you talking about. >> hey eagles fans are here, let's give the governor a chance. say it with me. eagle. is eagles.
6:48 am
thanks everybody. thanks to new jersey. thank you eagles fans. >> i didn't see the governor getting in on that chant now. >> he is a cowboys fans. >> governor christie has come under scrutiny by eagles fans when he sat with jerry jones during dallas victory over birds through the end of the season. he is a big cowboys fans. >> it is not that he is not an eagles fans but just that he is a cowboys fans. >> we got his running back though. fiftieth annual academy of country music a awards they're sunday and you can watch them right here on cbs-3. largest live award show ever staged. country music's hottest stars will be there here's a closer look at nominees for ac m entertainer of the the year luke brian. >> luke has had an amazing tour in 2014, playing big arenas and he was selling them
6:49 am
all out, there was country and rock and roll and a little bit of fun. >> one thing about luke that has set him apart and i think that got the attention of country fans particularly female country fans, the guy will dance. he can shake it. he is not afraid to shake it and that is unusual in country music. >> i see you, i just loved it from the day we wrote it and when we completed crash my party, i see you has always been my favorite song on thal bum. >> i can't pinpoint one song or one moment that accelerated luke brian. >> looking back it is truly an amazing year in that aspect. >> when we looked back and i played so many iconic places and fans poured in with all this urgency and tickets and all that it was an amazing sit
6:50 am
ways. >> luke brian also hosting the a award in case you didn't know with blake shelton hoist so funny, such a great the guy. >> great team. >> do not the miss it sunday at 8:00 right here on cb. three all this cowboys talk they will be doing it from the home of the cowboys too. >> here we go. right now 6:50. lets see is what coming up on cbs this morning. >> charlie rose joins with us a preview. >> good morning ukee ander contact i hope some day people can say man he can shake it. >> headache what your momma gave you. >> shake it like a polaroid picture. >> let me tell what you we have got, we are on capitol hill into an investigation into a man getting around police to land a gyro copper. plus a woman who hunts exotic animals find herself a target of the threat how a tweet by ricky gervais spark
6:51 am
the outrage. thinks world's largest billion air in the first network television interview howie list bet holmes hopes to revolutionize health care. that and more, news is back in the morning. we will see new ten minutes. >> have a a good show take care. >> philadelphia is a huge sports town but with the sixth are a inn flyers done now there is a new team to root for. >> you may not the know this but there is a professional frisby team in town. they are the philadelphia spinners and they compete in the major league for ultimate frisby starting this weekend. >> one person cannot dominate. we need seven people out there working together. there is no one way that person can truly dominate the sport . >> tomorrow morning on "eyewitness news" nicole brewer introduces you to the spinners and they will teach her to you who play ultimate frisby like the pros. >> that takes me back to college on a nice sunny day. >> love frisby. >> who knew it was a
6:52 am
professional sport. >> should be fun. we will be right back. >> but first here's is what coming up tonight on cbs-3.
6:53 am
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april 15th 1964 company opened up it first convenient store. >> in honor of the anniversary everyone gets a free cup of joe. >> nice way to celebrate there. >> wawa anticipates giving away one and a half million cups of coffee today. >> thank you, congratulations happy anniversary. lets get traffic and weather before 7:00 o'clock. >> today will be evening up being a nice day, so we will jump a head to the next round of weather related problems, and that is tomorrow, as early as late night, you can see a shower or sprinkle but tomorrow especially cloudy, the scattered showers, we are not talking wash out but that is our next round of wet weather will be rolling through. lets put some good news in here too. weekend looks phenomenal, saturday especially beautiful, 75, sunshine how can you beat that. >> we're on the opposite side of the coin, katie. what we are looking at is live look at 95 northbound right around cottman avenue as you
6:56 am
will notice a police officer pushing this vehicle involved in the multi vehicle crash out of the way. they might try to swing this vehicle around off in the center here big old jam up, fire engines on the scene, emergency teams will keep you updated, ukee. our time 6:56. tourist is recovering after being hit the by a giant wave in ireland and swept out, and all is caught on camera. >> you can see tourist standing on the left side of the screen a bit, when that wave hit, she shattered her left angle but she was in mostly unharmed. >> water cushioned my fall, when i fell the impact wasn't as great as it could have been but next to me was a boulder and i held on to it. >> by the way a paramedic who rescued her is being honored with the special award,. you don't think bit. >> mother nature.
6:57 am
>> next up on cbs this morning as charlie was talking about this the world's youngest self-made female billion air how they are changing the health care industry. >> now continuing to follow your local news weather traffic and sports keep it live and local on the cw philly station.
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good morning. it is april 16th 2015. welcome to "cbs this morning." how did a man fly undetected through secure airspace before landing on the capitol law. the military and police face serious questions this morning. george w. bush admits he'll be a problem for jeb's potential white house bid. and dirkserks bentley shows us why he may be the most complicated simple man. but we begin this morning with today's "eye opener." a florida man decided


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