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tv   Eyewitness News at 6  CBS  April 18, 2015 6:00am-7:01am EDT

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april 18th, good morning to you. thanks so much for joining us. i'm nicole brewer. it is about 6:00. we send it over to carol because she has some good news for us. >> oh, it is good news. we have waited for. >> this it is 60 degrees, in center city, right now. that would be a totally acceptable day for us. why don't we add 20 degrees to that? and that will be the afternoon high. we've got warm, gorgeous day coming up, and it is already brightening up. looks beautiful out there this morning, we take a look at atlantic city, just the rose colored sunrise, just beautiful start. and to go all the way out to reading, and you have got beautiful start there, too. just perfect in all locations and it will warm up really quickly. we have storm scan3 showing nothing. few clouds, you can see them moving south of dover now that's it. and we're not going to be finding much in the way of anything today except sunshine, great temperatures. 57 degrees out at the airport 51 trenton, 55 wilmington, allentown, little cooler at 46. even fairly mild in the poconos, at 40 degrees.
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but, our warm up is going to be rapid. it will be just unbelievable. spectacular weather at 9:00 a.m. when it is 65 degrees. by noon, when it is 75, fabulous weather and we will be completely speechless by 3:00 p.m. at 80 degrees, just wonderful looking day, so all of the weather systems go for gorgeous weather temperatures will be as high as they've been since last september. but, next week, we do start out casino of soggy. still there is weekend looks spectacular, nicole, i'm detail today tomorrow, and the rest of the week coming up. >> looking forward to that carol, thank you. >> new this morning, there is a fire in northeast philadelphia. and it is at apartment building it, sent two people to the hospital. this all happened at green terrace amounts on the 2200 block of tray month avenue just before midnight. the victims were taken to area torresdale. work to go get an update on their condition. firefighter also checked out at the scene for minor injury. right now, there is no word on that cause.
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police say feud between two women went to violence culminate nag hit-and-run that severed a victim's leg. >> alexandria at the hospital where the woman is recovering this morning. alexandria? >> nicole there is woman did undergo surgery, but while that was happening she suffered another blow, this time to her home. a tail of love that turned to lost in more ways than one. >> she ran her over. she ran her over. >> yesterday afternoon police say an argument between 24 year old beatrice spencer and the woman driving this white suv led to the driver intentionally using her vehicle to pin spencer against her front porch. it happened on the 4400 block of north 17th street. a violent act that claimed the victim's leg. >> she could have hit kids. i mean, this is horrible. i wouldn't wish this on nobody's enemy. >> perhaps weiss choice of words as friends family, add this was the cull minute aches
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after long standing feud between the women over a man. the story doesn't end here. while on route to the hospital a pot left on the stove started a fire at spencer's home severely damaging that, along with the neighbor's property. >> this is a catastrophy over a fight. >> a fight and then a fire, now even longer road to recovery. >> police say the suspect did flea, but also, that it was someone known to the family. reporting live from einstein medical center, alexandria huff, "eyewitness news". >> thank you. meanwhile, a mother and her boyfriend are facing charges in the death of her two year olson. these are the suspect, 30 year old shannon matthews and her boyfriend, 31 year old daniel grafton. in february, authorities were called to a doctor's office in norwood for unresponsive toddler. mason hunt was later pronounced dead at the hospital. police say the child was abused by matthews and grafton. delaware county children and youth services were actively
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supervising mason and his brother at the time of mason's death. >> a construction worker dice after falling 80 feet at an university city construction site. investigators say that man fell around friday morning along the 2900 block of chestnut street. the 42 year old was taken to presbyterian hospital where doctors pronounced him dead. there is no word on what cause that man to fall. >> well, take a look at these incredible flames here. >> this was the scene in fresno california, where a gas line explosion caused massive fire and sent 11 people to the hospital. now, three of those injuries are said to be critical. authorities had to close down a busy highway near that scene. the cause of the blast is still under investigation. a county equipment operator was working with a jail inmate crew at the time. >> well, civil rights groups are calling for federal investigation into the shooting death of walter scott. you may recall the incident that was captured on cell phone video.
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cbs news correspondent danielle nottingham has the details. >> civil rights groups want federal investigators to take a good look at this video showing the last moments of walter scott's life. scott died after officer michael playing err shot him in the back as he ran away after a traffic stop. slager was fired from the force, and is charged with murder. but, civil rights groups say they want washington to look into what happened. the national action network and others, have drafted a letter to the justice department. they say the scott case should prompt investigations into other police shootings. >> before they went from speculation to the findings. now, the outlook goes from an absolute truth, a look at the truth, going backward, you see the t-shirt we're wearing today. do you believe us now? >> the group's say they don't have fate in local law enforcement. >> no police officer in charleston county ever been
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convicted of killing a black man. >> and they say police body cameras could help expose the problem at excessive force but won't solve it. daniel nottingham for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". >> well, the parent after little boy killed in the boston marathon bombing now say they don't want the man responsible to be put to death. tsarnaev dzhokhar set off the bomb that took the life of eight year old martin richard during the 2013 race. but the little boy's parent write in the boston globe, pursuing the death penalty for tsarnaev could lead to years of appeals and force him to relive that painful day. the justice department says the families' opinion will be a factor in how it proceed. well, a temporary plan to increase security around the white house is now in effect. as cbs news correspondent craig boswell reports it, comes a mid major gap that allowed florida man to land his gyro copter on the captor lawn. >> visitors and washington resident will notice changes
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to the fence around the white house in the coming weeks. speak will be added to the top of the fence as earl ace next month, national park service, and secret service describe them as anti-climb measures. part of number of changes still under review, after an is her sees of perimeter breaches including fence jumper who made it deep into the white house last september. >> vets interesting california. >> for visitors, i don't think quite the look. very nice in terms of safety, i think is a good idea. >> permanent security renovation also still being debated, could be approved later this year, three different government commission haves to sign off on any charges to how the white house complex looks. >> no matter what this, needs to be some sort of anti-climb feature on the top of the fence. >> several agencies also taking fresh look at security gaps that allowed florida man to fly a gyrocopter through restricted air space, and land on the capitol lawn wednesday. the fact that it may may not have been detected, is troubling, and the warning system, chain of events that
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happened afterward i think is going to invoke a lot of questions. >> new radar balloon system called jay lens could one day help detect smaller airborne threats to the region, but is not yet operational. craig boswell cbs-3 "eyewitness news". and still ahead help for people who suffer from migraines. and how those debilitating headaches could be linked to your neck. that's coming up in the health watch. also ahead trip to the zoo turns terrifying, when a guerrilla charges toward the window of an exhibit. more on one family's scary experience. >> also, ahead a highway, all the buzz in washington state. we'll have more on the crash that sent thousands of honey bees spilling out on to the road. >> i'm care a die boys coming up next in honor of earth day i have some ways to recycle and trade in your old ga
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>> back now on "eyewitness news", with scary video of a guerrilla at nebraska zoo. little girl was beating her chest with some gore i'll can interpret as sign of aggression. you see what just happened. that guerrilla charged at the family. now, thankfully, super shark faces, thankfully the safety glass cracked but held. zoo officials say they aren't sure if the girl was the
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intended target, or not. wow. well seattle interstate is back open this morning but 24 hours ago, it was a much different story after a truck overturns, spilling thousands of bees onto a highway. make that millions of bees. bee keepers tried to wrangle the bees with their bear hands, while news crews tried to avoid getting stunning. ben tracey report. >> the bee keepers are on scene now. >> interstate five, near seattle, look like scene out of science fiction movie. bee keepers tried to wrangle millions of bees with their bear hands. they combed them with smoke but when the bees started to escape most had to be killed with spray foam. >> i think we're going to make this quick. >> a washington state trooper tried to brief reporters. >> yes, i hear you. >> including jeff dubois, from our cbs affiliate in seattle. did he not appear to be enjoying this assignment. >> they're flying all over the place. it is unnerving, to tell you
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the truth. >> it was far worse for his cameraman, damian glitch, who was stunning 20 times. >> i feel light-headed and i'm numb. >> i had stings to my face to my arms. they crawled up my jacket and my lower back, my stomach. >> as many as 20 million bees were lost, and they won't survive without their hive. they were en route to a farm to pollen ate blue berry crops. >> there is no other insect on that's right can do what they do. >> christian england, one of the bee wranglers. >> this is a setback for the farmers, too because they have to get these bees on their crops, they have certain window of time that pollination happens. >> bee pollination is responsible for one third of all the food we eat. there were 5 million active behaves in the u.s. in the 194's. now, there are half that. due in large part to what's known as colon i collapse disorder. so this accident is a big lost. the driver of the semi was not injured, but like everyone involved he likely felt the
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trade in program. that will give customers gift cards for the ate their items are worth. greener gadget month org, run by consumers electronic association, great resource to learn about ways to choose environmentally friendly products for your home. use the energy calculate tear determine how much power your household gadgets are consuming. in san francisco, kara tsuboi, cbs-3 "eyewitness news". and our eyewitness weather watchers are up bright and early this morning and they're set as i hope you are, for a gorgeous day. so we can't start it early enough. we have temperatures every single one every them in the 50's, at this point. let's start with this lovely 54 degrees temperature. this is where lynn, naught cherry hill, had to say beautiful morning the birds are chirping, in a glorious day. really it will be absolutely spectacular out there today. phil and we use him every saturday sunday morning
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53 degrees, he says he's out in nottingham. he says this morning it will be a great day to be out with the dogs. and it is. take your pet outside. they've been suffering through this cold winter along with the rest of us, and we've been waiting for spring to finally warm up. it is warming up in a major way today. 52-degree temperature, this is where phil in philadelphia says: go walk, go bike, go to the zoo go barbeque, go play, just be outside. couldn't be better advice. there is still some snow around. let me show you that. oh we change the camera view, to jack frost big boulder. we were on the ski slope there was some snow, but now looking at just a sunrise out there. but not too far away. there is a little snow, i'll show you that, already on the ground, it will be melting though because it will be 75 degrees today. in the poconos and not just 75 degrees. it will also be winnie, in fact, there is a red flag warning, that goes this afternoon between 3:00 and 8:00 p.m. and areas to the north shaded in the red and just to be very careful with anything
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that is flammable out there because with the dry conditions you're more likely to be able to start a fire. now, we head to the other side. we find down in the margate area, looks absolutely beautiful. beaches are calm. it will be cooler there today, and tomorrow, but still, highly acceptable weather. with temperatures getting to the upper 60s along the shore areas today. beautiful start to the day every place. 578 at this airport in philadelphia, 55 wilmington, dover, reading 50 degrees, we move on the other side of the state, 54 through atlantic city. that's out at the airport there, little inland, and 51 in trenton. forty in the poconos at this point. storm scan3 not showing any problems at all. we saw few clouds. you may find just couple of high clouds out there right now, but they will be leaving as well. we're left with a terrific looking day. we could be getting 80 degrees in a number of spots today. and one or two spot might even hit 81 degrees. if we hit that magic 80 degrees number, that's the warmest we've been since
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september of last year. so we've been waiting for this. it is here. our normal high temperature 65 degrees. tomorrow, will be right about that. so it will seem a lot cooler just because of 08 degrees today. but still we are right on dark it tomorrow. monday, we are still on target temperature wise. we do have to bring in the april showers because of the may flares or whatever the reason; anyway, period every rain, and we start seeing that early in the morning, on monday, and then you might finds it later on. when will we find it? here's our handy computer model with a clock. and you will be able to see the clouds in the white and the rain in the green, and if the rain is heavy enough it shows up as yellow, and sometimes red. notice, we don't even have any cloud out, there as we go through the day today tomorrow looks gorgeous, at noon still full sunshine. monday though, early in the morning, we start to cloud up. and overnight, we start to see it rain moving in. this is a look at 4:00 in the morning monday. then, we get some of that heavier rain to the south some that far heavy rain in pockets, coming through, first thing in the morning at
6:19 am
9:00 monday. by noon, still looking at some rain showers in the area. a lull through the afternoon and early evening, fills out but moves out as well. so the timing on all of this, very likely to change, but you get the idea that the way things are heading now looks like early monday we start with some of the heavier rainfall, we see some showers later in the day. not today and not tomorrow, though. it is dry this weekend. zero eight in philly today. sixty-eight at the shore. the poconos 75 degrees. it will be breezier in the poconos. our wind, through the philadelphia area, out of the northwest, p five to 10 miles per hour. this is beautiful day i would really hope you can get outside, enjoy this. fifty-two tonight mostly clear, mild night tonight. then tomorrow, 64 degrees, monday, 65 but clouds, it is some showers tuesday 68 degrees, as we clear out during the day. wednesday, 64, with sun and by the end of the week right about 60 degrees. so cooler end to the week than this day nicole? >> all right carol thank
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you. >> on the cbs-3 health watch migraines can be debilitating for many people, especially those who suffer from what are known as neck migraines. health reporter stephanie stahl more on what's helping some people battle those headaches. >> hoping the treatment she is about to have will finally stop her migraine headaches. >> they can last anywhere from five, six hours to days. >> she has tried avoiding the usual migraine triggers, caffeine, red wine, chocolate nothing helped. donna falls into a group whose migraines are triggered by nerves in the neck. >> essentially the joints start rubbing against each other. that will irritates the nerve that goes from the back of your neck to the back of your head, and can offset and trigger a migraine. >> procedure she is having should tell if those nerves are the problem. >> actually block the nerve that go to the joint in the neck, which maybe the trigger to her migraine headache. >> doctors inject long acting anesthetic around the facet joint in the neck, numbering the nerves. >> it is the first time i went
6:21 am
three solid days without a headache. >> since she is getting relief, doctors now plan to use radio frequency on the nerve which could provide at least a year of migraine relief. doctors say, if looking up at a tv or computer screen causes neck pain, and tightness which then triggers a headache, that's probably a good indication that the migraine is caused by a nerve problem. i'm stephanie stahl, cbs-3 "eyewitness news". all right, it is 6:21 right now. still ahead on "eyewitness news", final preparations are underway for country music party of the year. the academy of country music awards we'll hear more about what you can expect, a look at one of the nominees for entertainer of the year. we'll be right back.
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>> count are you music biggest night is shaping up to be even bigger this year. and you can see it all here, on cbs-3. the 50th anniversary academy of country music awards are tomorrow night. >> ♪ ♪ >> proves everything is big nerve texas at&t stadium the home of the dallas cowboys. brad pacely, lady antebellum, miranda lambert all performing just to name a few.
6:25 am
blake health on and luke bryant are the host. >> well, when you are hosting a awards show, in a venue this big, i think one of the things you got to do differently speak louder, so that everybody can -- everybody can hear and outside of that, just, you know -- >> it requires more walking walking which isn't going to hurt me. let's just be honest. >> music superstar jason al dean. here is a closer look, at jason's work. >> jason al dean, spill spinning, and demonstrating he is one of those artist who is can go, you know, four, five singles deep into an albumn.
6:26 am
>> brought a lot of new sounds into the music and people are responding. jason aldean is a guy who can pick songs write song, get to the heart of the country music fan. >> ♪ ♪ >> i know a lot of times those are the songs that allow to you take a couple of dif rather pants maybe you normally wouldn't have take glenn end said he doesn't want to make elevator music. he doesn't want people to have no reaction. he either want you to love his music or hate his music. >> if it doesn't hit a nerve with people, then it is elevator music judges background music that nobody pays attention to. >> he has proved he can sell out stadiums. i think he will be doing it for awhile to come. this muse sick amazing. >> ♪ ♪
6:27 am
>> see the awards here tomorrow night at 8:00. and hey stay tuned for "eyewitness news" at 11:30 after the awards, we'll have chris may jessica dean, kathy orr and beasley reese here at the desk. >> still ahead doctor oz, under fire. they are called to have him fired from one every his jobs. who is behind it and why they are doing it. plus this: coming up, inner city school that has 100% graduation rate and some $6 million in scholarship money, going to the class of 2015. you're seeing right now we'll tell you how coming up. caring for you... ... and your eyes... ... just got a little easier. right now, buy one pair of eyeglasses or prescription sunglasses and get another one free. this is genuine eye care right in your neighborhood. this is pearle vision.
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>> we have breaking news police recovered the suv wanted in a violent hit-and-run. this is a live look at the scene, the fernrock section of the city, we are live with the breaking details coming up next. also ahead, a memorial will be held today for the young victim after hit-and-run this week, in southwest philadelphia. and, caught on video, shopping turns ugly, as a fight breaks out in a center city store. today is saturday, april 18th, good morning to you thanks so much for joining us, i'm nicole brewer. it is just about 6:30, 6:30 on the dot actually. we send it over to carol for more on the beautiful forecast.
6:31 am
carol, i'm loving what do you have say all morning long. >> absolutely fabulous. i'm texting right now with katie fehlinger. and yes katie fehlinger you're up this morning watching i'm glad. notice on who shift the 80 degrees temperature came, yes. looking at some great weather today. it is warm, and it is on the weaken, which is great. so, why am i showing this? just reminder, get outside let's make the most of today. what you see on these ski slopes, jack frost big boulder, will be melting a lot and fast today. temperatures of 75 degrees, expected there but i just wanted to gave you a little dose of winter one last time. ben franklin bridge, blue skies, beautiful looking day today, anywhere you go, i have a picture from the palmyra cove nature park, and you can see, little bit after haze, as we look at the city of philadelphia. but boy are these temperatures mild. 54 degrees, wasn't so long ago that i was calling your attention to the ice in the delaware river that's gone. storm scan3 clouds are gone, too. looking at just great weather conditions all day long, no rain expected the entire weekend. 57 degrees, right now in
6:32 am
philadelphia. it is a mild start. fifty-one in trenton 55 degrees in wilmington, we'll use the mile temperatures this morning as the spring board to the rest of the day. sixty-five by 9:00 a.m. it is spectacular weather. 75 degrees, by noon, if it stopped there that would be unbelievable, but we could be finding 80 degrees, no word for it because i think you will have used up most of them as go through the day just enjoying everything. so all systems go for gorgeous weather temperatures as high as they've been since last september. next week, though, does start soggy, i'll show that you on our seven day forecast, and time it up for you coming up, nick snow. >> carol, thank you. we do have some break being news, brand new developments in hit-and-run so violent it actually severed woman's leg. police have now recovered the vehicle involved. "eyewitness news" reporter alexandria huff live at einstein hospital with the brand new information. alexandria, what can you tell us? >> reporter: well, nicole, we know had has been devastating couple of hours for this local woman who has lost both her leg and her home.
6:33 am
but happening right now we do know that police are recovering this white dodge ram it, has heavy damage to its side including it side mirror. police say that that vehicle was used to intentionally strike 24 year old beatrice spencer yesterday. now, this all gannon the 4400 block of north 17th street. where she and another woman were arguing. family members say it was a long standing feud over a man. now, witnesses say that the suspect used her car to pin spencer against her front porch, but it doesn't end there. while en route to the hospital, a pot left on the stove caused a fire at spencer's home, damaging it and the property next-door. >> she could have had kids. i mean this is horrible. i wouldn't wish this on nobody's enemy. >> the suspect not yet in custody. reporting live from einstein medical center, alexandria
6:34 am
huff, "eyewitness news". >> we appreciate the update. happening today memorial service will be held at 11:00 for four year old lateef soil won struck and killed, south philadelphia. the crime captured on camera. still waiting for the arrest of the driver who hit wilson. but a lawyer claiming to represent her has reportedly been in contact with authorities. meanwhile, neighbors are remembering another young victim after hit-and-run there is one in philadelphia's kensington neighborhood. "eyewitness news", on mascher street, where the community came together for two year old david, hit by car while walking with his mother, josephine monday night. she tried to save her son and was injured in the process. she took part in that vigil along with other family members, her scars, still visible, from monday. >> well, "eyewitness news" was the first to show you the car police say was used in that hit-and-run crash the car's owner turned it over to police
6:35 am
friday morning. now, they say the owners who are from williamsport loaned their white infinity to a 19 year old who was suspected of being behind the wheel. and they did not notice the damage front end when he returned it. so far no charges have been filed. >> well, police in philadelphia are looking for a missing teenager. take a look at this, 15 year old brianna rogers last seen at her home on the 400 block of tight on street. she never showed up to class friday morning, at dobbins high school on lehigh avenue. police say rogers is 5-foot seven, 160 pounds, and she was last seen wearing long black head square. police contact police if you have any information. >> meanwhile, off initials camden country also asking for the public's help identifying a man who tried to rob a voorhees bank. take a good look at these surveillance pictures here. this happened friday afternoon, at the folten bank, hatted on field berlin road. now the suspect gave the tell area demand note, but didn't get away with any cash or show a weapon. he is described as while male,
6:36 am
5-foot eight 170 pounds. if you recognize him please call police. well, check this video out, fight inside a rittenhouse clothing store is caught on cell phone camera. the scene at sara, 1700 block of walnut st. police say the brawl errupted shortly before 3:30 friday afternoon and so far no arrest haves been reported. >> espn report here grew up in mt. holly, burlington county; making headlines, but for all of the wrong reasons. brit mccray suspended for week after video emerged of her bee rared ago lot attendant in arlington virginia earlier this on the mo. surveillance foot and capped toured her yelling insulted, she was upset because her car was being towed.
6:37 am
>> she apologized on twitter saying she allowed her emotion toss get away from her in a stressful situation. >> well, there is potential trouble brewing for doctor oz, group of top doctors is demand that columbia university remove the celebrity tv doctor from his faculty position. the group of doctors calling for aspiring, site, what they call quota greening us lack of integrity and quack treatments. columbia issued statement saying it is committed to academic freedom and the freedom of expression of it faculty members. >> well, royal baby number two is expected to be born any day now. britain's prince william and his wife, kate, are keeping everybody guessing by saying they don't know if it is a boy or a girl. well, gamblers they're placing bets on the gender, the name and the due date. susan macinnis is on royal baby watch in london. >> a royal gambling frenzy is underway at betting shops across britain.
6:38 am
>> we're now taking 300, 400 a day, and i expect that to go up thousand as day. it is definitely building and building hard. >> definitely a girl, a blonde girl called elizabeth. >> book makers have it right prince william and kate will have a blonde haired girl, named alice. >> i doubt the biggest is alice, extraordinary. >> baby will be younger sibling to 21 month old prince george. their wake ers on the child's weight, eye color even who will carry the newborn out of the hospital. >> some of the biggest bets are being placed on when kate will give birth here at saint mary hospital in london. while the odds favor one day next weekend many like tuesday, april 21, queen elizabeth's 89th birthday. elizabeth's also top name in the running. along with victoria, charlotte, and alex andrea. some think the cup little choose diana, in honor of william's mother who died when he was 15. if kate has a boy the money is on james or arthur. some believe kate may have
6:39 am
revealed what she is hoping for when she wore bright pink at her most recent appearance. in london, susan macinnis, cbs-3, eye within news. all right, 6:39 right now. and pope francis may expands the itinerary of his us trip in september. in addition to philadelphia, washington, and new york, the vatican revealed the holy father is considering adding a stop in cuba. now, in december, it was revealed that the pope helped iron out a deal for re-establishing diplomatic relations between the us and cuba. saint john paul the second, visited cube in 1998 as did pope benedict back in 2012. both had asked that cuba be open to the world. and, of course, we have all of the information you will need on the pope's upcoming trip to philadelphia on our website just head to click on the papal visit tab. >> u.s. supreme court justice sonia sotomayor, received special honor at bryn mawr college. justin sotomayor accepted the 2015 catherine hepburn metal.
6:40 am
"eyewitness news" there at goodheart hall. the hepburn medal named after the four time academy award win here was also a bryn mawr graduate. the medal recognizes women on the basis of their commitment and contributions to hepburn's greatest passions, civic engagement, and the arts. justice sotomayor has served on the supreme court since 2009. well, now to inspiring story, out of camden, student at local high school are doing what one school official calls a miracle. all of the seniors will be attending college next year, and many of them are getting paid for it. "eyewitness news" reporter steve patterson, has that story. >> high school senior abram ham isn't talking about consecutive free throws. >> what i got close -- >> or phone numbers from girls at the mall ... >> he just gave up because i had like 25 -- he was like all right, i'm not competing with you no more. >> talking about the number of college acceptance packets, could you cut down small
6:41 am
forest and still need more paper for and haim. fifty-one colleges want them to learn their fight song and most of them will pay for it, all 109 seniors at camden leap academy university charter are graduating this year. all graduating going to college, many going to college, getting paid to learn. on this wall, the graduating class of 2015, a combined $6 million in scholarship money, right here, you can see where some of that money is coming from. some of the kids put some of the schools they were accepted to on their picture and some says cents there is barely any picture left. >> it is not normal for the people in this community because the expectation was -- >> leap founder gloria bonilla santiago overseen the charter growth for years. >> education today is the civil rights issue of the decade. >> she overseas 1300 minority children in arguably one of the most segregated and neglected places in the
6:42 am
country. she says all the kids here needed were higher expectations. >> what i said here in camden, many ate a different model. that's what i did. >> learn 200 days a year for more than 500 scholastic hours, many argue that in a crisis facing public he'd action in camden chart remembers pulling more money students, and resources from an already established system. student hearsay they need a new system and hungry to prove t steve patterson cbs-3 "eyewitness news". >> so wonderful to see that focus on education. it is 6:42 right now. as we've been saying pretty much all morning long, excitement is building for the acm awards, they air this weekend right here on cbs-3. and coming up next, we'll have a look at another one of the nominees, for entertainer of the year. singer luke bryant. also ahead summer like temperatures this weekend but it also comes with a increased fire risk. carol has the details coming up next.
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>> guys, what's so funny? >> normally on the opposite sides of each other. for some reason we're totally confused by the fact we switched. >> we will take change, that's it. >> freaking me out. you guys need to switch.
6:46 am
>> meanwhile, taking a ten dance at the national parks, turns out limb the -- limited demon grave being seize the treasuresment take a look at new push to broaden who attend. >> then it took 17 years 3,000 trees, to recreate the ship that helped win the american revolution. we'll take to you france, as the ship get ready to make its way to the state. >> and astrophysicist kneel tyson knows the ways of the universe, but how about the world of late night tv? we'll talk to him about his new show. >> all of that plus your eye opener, the dish, and music from the december, in our saturday session. that's just ahead on cbs this morning saturday. >> we'll switch seats by then, too. >> little musical chairs, all right, thanks for the preview. >> but our weather watchers have not switched position at all, report willing great weather, several 49 degrees temperatures. >> we start down in delaware,
6:47 am
our friend in newark, she says it is clear and nice outside the birds are cheering, and they realism you probably hear them out there right now. can't wait for more good weather like this. another 49 degrees temperature, what we are finding bill leighton. he wrote in last hour great day to walk with -- walk with his dog. i know it is absolutely great to walk with your dog as well. nice start to what's very nice weekend, especially the first half of this weekend if you like these warmer temperatures 49 degrees, and matthew staying out in conshohocken, absolutely beautiful morning. his words are great. let me show you picture there is just about says all of it take a look at atlantic sit look at the sunrise, just spectacular. >> not only sunrise here, halo worthy sunrise out there this morning, no clouds, just absolutely perfect look at that sun reflecting on the atlantic ocean we are also looking at the sun coming up through philadelphia, so you don't have to be just at the shore to see beautiful
6:48 am
sunrise. it is out your window, no matter where you are temperature of 44 degrees out in kutztown, and the sunrise there, as well, the blue skies delightful day today. wish we could somehow keep this going or make an app for it so we can pull it out whenever we need it. storm scan3 nothing going on, notice few clouds here, they've left, and we're left with just brilliant blue skies, and gorgeous day with full sunshine, temperatures will be warming up dramatically. already at fairly high level at 57 degrees. the normal high is 65. we will be way over that. we will be some 15 degrees warmer than the normal high today. fifty-one in trenton 55 degrees in wilmington, 40 in the poconos when the weather decides to get its act together around here, there is no place better. and today, it is act is together. it is very summer like. 08 degrees, if we hit the 80 he is, a and don't stop at 79f we hit 80 degrees, that's the warm that's we've seen since last september. it is normally, as you know, a
6:49 am
lot keel around here, and it has been cold winter, and cold times early spring, but now we're warming upment tomorrow, we're back down to normal. temperatures in the middle 60s, high pressure is here, still nice day. monday another weather system coming bringing weather to us, by the time the ends of the day, here's how we know, that here is our computer model clock, check your area out i'll stop it at some key points, when needed. 5:00 today, we are still looking at clear skies. so, no reason to stop t then tomorrow afternoon beautiful. sunshine again. remember, it is cooler tomorrow. by monday, early during the overnight time periods, early monday we start to cloud up. bee start see this weather system starting to come in here, 4:00 in the morning we're continuing with some rain showers. >> heavier rain, heavier
6:50 am
downpours, through 10:00 monday morning this computer model says still dealing with some of the rain, and still got it around here at noon on monday. dries out little bit. we finish it out with a couple of showers that's early early on tuesday morning. the way things are moving at this point in time. subject to change. and then things look good again. but, if you're going to be out today, especially to the north, remember, today is the dry day but it is also a windy day. specially the farther north you go. wind gusts to 25 miles an hour in these areas shaded in red dry conditions, out there enhanced fire risk, red flag warning out between three p.m. and 8:00 p.m. today. so just notice that as the winds start to pick up later this afternoon. >> cooler at the shore the poconos, 75 degrees. a tea to be outside. i know you will have a lot of company out there today. winds out of the northwest five to 10 miles per hour, from the philly area to the
6:51 am
south. >> nice conditions coming up tonight and over the next couple of days cooler tomorrow at 6:00 four, monday the rain, 65 degrees, and then as we go through the rest of the week in the 60s but the end of the week looks to be a lot chillier with temperatures just as high as 06 degrees, do you love watching the weather you too can be featured in our newscast by becoming a weather watcher. sign up now nick snow. >> carol, thank you for that. the 50th annual academy country music awards are tomorrow night. see them right here on cbs-3. the largest live awards show ever staged. country music hottest stars of course will be there. closer look. >> ♪ ♪ >> he was playing bigar reason
6:52 am
as, selling them all out so little country, little rock and roll, and really fun. >> ♪ ♪ >> one thing about luke that has set him apart got the attention of country fans, particularly the female country fans, the guy will dance. i mean, he can shake it, and he's not afraid to shake t and he will shake t and that's kind of unusual in country music. >> ♪ ♪ >> i see you i loved it from the day we wrote it, when we completed crash my party i see you as always being like my favorite song on the all bumm. >> ♪ ♪ >> looking back, truely amazing year for me in that as expect. >> when i look back, saw so many iconic places and fans poured in with all of the
6:53 am
urgency, amazing amazing situation. >> tomorrow night at 8:00 and be sure to stay tuned for cxb3 "eyewitness news", after the acm awards, that's what they're called yes may jessica dean, kathy orr beasley reese will be here for you, again, 11:30 after the awards, we'll be right back.
6:54 am
6:55 am
6:56 am
>> a look at the vehicle police say was used to run down woman in front of her logan home friday afternoon. again, this is individual joe just in from the scene on the 6,000 block of america vine st. in fernrock. you can see the white suv investigators say was used to pin 24 year old beatrice spencer, to the front porch of her own home on the 2200 block of north 17th street. that attack so violent it claimed spencer's leg. driver not yet in custody but police say this person is known to the family, and they're investigating. >> looking good. >> really is. we've got great weather today. you probably, liked yesterday yesterday finished youth and in a beautiful way but look at the start of this saturday. the sun is out. temperatures reaching around the 80 degrees mark, this is a summer like feel, it just couldn't be better.
6:57 am
remember, it is going to be breezier to the north watch out for farm recall things, tomorrow cooler, still sunny 64 degrees, rain monday. >> perfect carol thank you. and that's cbs-3 "eyewitness news" for now we may be signing off on television but always on line at cbs this morning saturday is next. make it a great weekend enjoy the weather bye bye.
6:58 am
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good morning. it's 818th 2015 welcome to "cbs this morning saturday." isis in iraq goes after a u.s. consulate while one of their most wanted associates is reportedly killed. plus fierce storms affect millions of americans. details on the threats that continues today. taking millions of steps to reach home. one man's unbelievable journey to honor our nation's wounded soldiers. and they are america's crown jewels, but you'd be surprised who's seeing them inside a new push to broaden the visitors at national parks. but we begin this morning with a look at today's "eye opener," your world in 90 seconds.


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