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tv   Eyewitness News at 530  CBS  April 20, 2015 5:30am-6:01am EDT

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>> finding plenty of slick spots on the roads, this morning, and we are just getting really round one of this plenty for for your afternoon commute don't you wore. >> i let's economic in with katie right now see what we can expect throughout the day. katie, food morning? case were you worried would you see a wash out after day. >> we were concerned. >> morning wash out, for sure, we will catch a braining by midday, then the colds front has to come through. what you are finding in terms of the mess of green and yellow that's over my shoulder here, that is actually coming courtesy of the warmfront, what that will do is send surge of warmth our way that's why it is called a warmfront, and it also means that we will end up with i
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think probably midday break for some sunshine. yes, very damp day. storm scan3 certainly showing why. you have got some very steady and heavy rain rolling on through right now. there is at least what looks like a nice little break on the back edge of this, even though it is just, that break between fronts we end one clouds breaking for sunshine. first rounds in terms of the daylight hours and you will likely end up with at least little window of opportunity for outdoor plans. look at these winds though. factor in east wind, you will notice, that it will make it feel little chillier to you certainly with soaking rain coming down that's never helped either. 40 degrees the current up at knowledge pocono, mid 50's atlantic city. as the day progresses keep in mind again second round of storms that rolls in. but those probably don't start to get here until say 56:00 p.m. at the absolute earliest, so what that means basically again p.m. time frame during the daylight hours, isn't terrible.
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we should easily hit about 75 degrees. but, for now, it is all about the rain. and you can always track that rain any time you want with our cbs philly weather app. follow live radar. get the updated forecast around the clock. download that app for free right now on both itunes and google play. justin, we send it over to you. >> good morning, katie, that's right. you will need that app this morning, in the thick of the rain right now, it is slowing things down on the roads and get there is back in 1983 on this date dealing with 1.9 inches of snow for philly. but it doesn't take snow to slow things down and cause problems. check did out. accident southbound on the boulevard approaching 76 taking out the center and the right lanes. so we are getting by on the left lane there. accident right in the middle there. dealing with the police and fire crews on the scene right now. we take you to 95, around cottman, both directions, looking okay, but the heavy rain continues to fall so speeds are going to be reduced due to the poor visible, make sure the wipe remembers working good, as well. and you have your windshield clear. boulevard, another accident,
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northbound inner drive. car hit pole approaching woodward street. still in the green there. that means traffic is flowing around that scene. in delaware, route 100 between kirk road and rockland road, that's closed due to downed tree until the that the route 52, also couple of electric car fighter to talk about. in glennside, mount carmel avenue at kezwick avenue, also newtown, another outside electrical fire, goshen road near tyson road. mass transit reporting no delays, that's a look at your ride back to you. >> it will soon be tebow time in philadelphia, sources tell "eyewitness news" that tim tebow is about to sign a contract that will make him a philadelphia eagle. "eyewitness news" reporter jan carabeo is hearing from eagles nation over in pennsauken, hey, january? >> even though it is a significant and windy morning still found two very passionate cam what happens it comes to tim tebow coming not philadelphia eagles. some say he's actually what
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this team needs others aren't so sure, that's about thing it nicely. over with a we know so far "eyewitness news" sources have confirmed that tim tebow will sign a one year contract, with the philadelphia eagles, this afternoon, and now most recently he was a college football analyst. he hasn't played football since 2013. and that was in pre-season with the new england patriots, last played his last regular season game with the new york jets the year before, that many thought he was out of football and behind a desk talking about it in a suit. so this is shocking news for a loft philadelphia eagles fans. take a listen. >> i don't know what they are thinking. i don't like the move at all. >> essex actually what we need. in philly. i'm broncos fan. i'm now an eagles fan. >> he was so passionate about it he decided to show us his tebow skims, so very passionate camps out here, couldn't be more different.
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now, tim tebow does come with a lot of media attention, a lot of people are fearful it might take away from the team and distract them during a time when they are supposed to be rebuilding and agree groups. nonetheless, according to sources, tim tebow in town right now expected to sign a one year contract with the eagles later on this afternoon. we will be here to cover it all four. for now liver in pennsauken, jan carabeo. >> as you have seen even in the rain, eagles nation is all a buzz, twitter erupted when fans on both sides as soon as word got out last night. now, rachael tweeted: i'm excited to see tebow come to philly. here's to the 2015 season eagles nation and even some smooches and hugs this morning. also, another says: i think at tim tebow has been given bad rap. i think he is very good quarterback, and chip kelly knows that. and also one more, well, patrick says: still in disbelief that hashtag tebow
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is back, got to start the week off with a good joke right? hashtag eagles. let us know what you think about tebow joining the eagles using hashtag cbs-3. a lot more to talk about this morning, erika. >> thank you right now 5:36. authorities are being looking for the suspect who opened fire at delaware state university injuring three people. shots rang out on the dover campus saturday night during a annual cook out. the victim's names have not been released. police say they were not dsu students. told students to stay inside while they swept the area. and non-students asked to leave the campus. now, there was another shooting near the dsu campus, sunday morning in the area of the university courtyard apartments. no one was injured in that incident. no arrest haves been made in either case. in the nick every time -- in the nick of time, daring rescue caught on camera in new jersey. two police officers pulled a woman right there from that burning carp, she is
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unconscious, dash cam video shows them in the megan morris county, smoke big rolling from the cars, then you see the flames just erupt moments after they pull that woman from the vehicle. we're told that she is okay, and recovering this morning however, she is charged with dwi. our time now 5:37. in business news this morning which retail her a weakened like the holiday season? >> also, what changed coming to family favorite food. we check in with money watch's jill wagner, up at the new york stock exchange for us. hey. >> reporter: good morning, investors looking for rebound after a big sell off on friday. fears of the economy in grief also in china rattles global markets, including here in the u.s. dow dropped 279 points on friday, the nasdaq fell 76. the massive merger between comcast and time warner cable could be hitting the roadblock. the companies will reportedly sit down with the department of justice this week, to
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address concerns. bloomberg rot over the weekend says the government will likely block the deal because the merged company would be too big that ultimately would hurt consumers by cutting down competition. kraft is changing the recipe on its iconic mac and cheese according to the chicago tribune the company will remove artificial preservatives and dyes that produce the yellow and orange color, replacing them with spices like paprica and tumeric. new recipe begins shipping next year. looks leak "black friday" target new lilly pulitzer collection sold out within minutes. at one point it even crashed the target website. target actually had to break the news to on line shoppers this collection is limited it includes dresses bathing suits and cover ups, at a fraction of the cost of her luxury line. ukee erika? >> love when they have these guest designers, but burns up when everyone buys it up and
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post it is on ebay, or sells it on line, as opposed to enjoying the garment. if you're going to buy it, enjoy it. >> kind of defeats the purpose. i agree with you. >> i know ukee has very strong opinion on there is specially whether it comes to lilly pulitzer. >> right. ya. we better move on, ya. >> jill, thank you. still ahead this morning updating today's top stories including a new security scare at the white house. >> also, a tragedy at sea. desperate surf -- search for survivors, worse ever shipwrecks involving my grant workers. also this. >> ♪ ♪ >> miranda lamberts one of the big winners we ' live in texas at the other stars who took home trophies, just really touching moment for taylor swift.
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>> big night for luke brian, he took home the coveted acm entertainer of the year award the academy of country music's top honor. >> brian also hosed the show alongside blake shelton for run down of the top winners let's take you live now to cbs news correspondent suzanne marquez, in arlington texas for us, young lady, good morning to you. >> good morning ukee and
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erika. they say everything is big nerve texas. i know luke even used it during the show last night. but i have to agree. this is the huge he is stadium i've seen in my life. it broke a world record, guiness announcing last night that they actually did in fact, surpass anybody else, having more than 70,000 people packed inside the stadium, for awards show. rebareba mcintire who took the stage said it was unlike anything she has ever experienced and that basically nobody wanted to sit down the entire night, it was huge night, huge win. >> luke brian spoiled miranda lambert's magical run at the acm. winning the coveted entertainer of the yee award. >> to win was a very special night. it was a ten times ten. >> lambert has never won the top award. but she has plenty of trophies. she won four times sunday,
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including, albumn of the year for platinum. female vocalist of the year, and song of the year. lambert says, albumn of the year was specially tough win. >> i own all of those records and they are awe all great. so it is those kind of categories where you feel real honored to be there. >> for the third year in a row, jason al dean is the male vocalist of the year. >> i'm really stunned. i don't know what else to say. >> to celebrate 50th anniversary academy moved its show to the stadium where the dallas cowboys play. there were plenty of emotional tributes. to merle haggard, to the victims of the oklahoma city bombing and to us troops. >> academy handed out seven milestone awards, the recipient included george straight, reba mcintire, and taylor swift. i'm so happy so happen that i i learned to write songs in a town like nashville. >> organizers called sunday's event the most attended awards
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show of all time. taylor swift was introduced by her mom, andre, a taylor just recently announced with breast cancer sweet moment on stage and one of the the most fun moments was when she shared a story of taylor at 17 dating a young man they disapproved of. went to her room real mad and angry at them, but emerged from the room an hour later and she had written the song love story. her first massive world-wide hit. so just a really nice moment on the stage at the acm's of course she was given the milestone award along with the other six recipients. >> indeed. exciting night yes. >> heart broken 17 year old can turn it around. >> how about that? >> way to go. >> thanks so much. see you later this morning. talk to you soon. >> thank you. >> for more on the aym awards head over to the website complete coverage for you all of the winners performance cents and those surprises from the show.
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right now no surprise, been tracking this rain and seems like since last week. >> we did see it coming for awhile. now it is finally here. just as prom ills dollars brinking in some very soggy conditions as well as windy conditions too. we check in with the eyewitness weather watchers, couple of good comments in, i want to highlight john jenkins up in perkasie it is raining at ooh degrees, he says, it is time to pay up basically after the great weekend we had. no kidding hearing really good comment coming in to us from eileen, 48 degrees with the rain falling in gilbertsville said the umbrella isn't enough. because of the wind it doesn't help very much. so raincoat an umbrella probably the best idea. great advice. so thanks for that one eileen, one more, take you farther south in toward northern portions of cape may county. some rain for him as well, the running theming here, but 56 degrees. so tad milder there. and we are seeing nice southerly component to the wind flow with this, too as the win comes out of the south and west, it will help shove basically mild air into our
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region, and we will catch a break along the way here, for little bit of midday sun. but for now as well as second round of rain that comes through later today we ends one decent rainfall amounts, future rain and the up until 4:00 a.m. tomorrow by the time this is all starting to clear out could easily be left with nearing 2 inches of rain up toward say mount pocono for example where 1.94 is at least the projected model output when it comes to how much rain. look ahead to tomorrow. we end one more sun than anything, little hit on the this err mom at the certainly, should get you upper 60s wednesday cold front two comes along, not particularly strong front, but knocks the temperatures back, for three days straight, we struggle to even break out of the upper 50's, so it will be below average for couple of days, too, justin? >> good morning, katie. looks like another pattern change by the end of the week. we take you to new jersey with the cbs-3 mobile weather lab woodstown, heavy rain continues to fall in new jersey again normally in the
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lab, little awkward to talk about it i'm sure, that's mike type err at the wheel. we log many miles with the weather lab but he is tuck in the rain again, just have the patients in morning, we take you back into the city, this is the boulevard southbound, approaching 76, look at this accident. taking out center and right lane. we have ambulance, and fire, and police crews on the scene so the left lane getting by, but very slow, approaching 76 heading southbound on the boulevard. northbound, we go, the inner drive. accident still car hit a pole. that is approaching woodward street. this morning. here's your area speeds, and there you go, heading into 76 again down about 30 miles per hour or less due to that accident. everywhere else, looking okay. volume starting to pick up little bit northeast philly on 95 down to 45 miles per hour, also dealing with heavy rain. so that will slow down the speeds. delaware route 100 we do have downed treat, closing rockland road between kirk road and rockland, route 100 that's closed. the alternate route 52.
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and also, we are dealing with an outside electrical fire, newtown, goshen road near tyson road. also, don't forget whether on the road you can get updated information about traffic backups with the new cbs philly traffic app. download the app now on itunes or in google playment back to you. >> all right, thank you. eagles are in the headlines again this time tim tebow expected to sign with the birds, tebow has been out of action for about two years now, but we're told he's ready to play. tebow is expected to compete for a quarterback job in camp. >> also, in the news this morning, funeral services take place today for two year old david, who was killed in a hit-and-run last week in kensington. police have located the car involved. however, they have not made any arrests. a man is un arrest after climb ago fence outside the white house with a suspicious package, package not dangerous, lawmakers considering increased security around the executive mansion to deter any fence jumpers.
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hundred feared dead, nearly 100 had been rescued including many children. officials say this could be the mediterranian's most deadly known my grant tragedy. almost a thousand people are believed to be on that ship. the european union is being pressed to do something about the growing number of accidents. police officer comes face-to-face beg that officer to shoot this all played out in ohio. and now that officer being praised for his restraint. take a look. >> captured on the officer's body camera. suspect michael will cox repeatedly charged at the officer, demanding to be shot. >> told me to go into opening fire on him. clearly he was yelling shoot me, shoot me.
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>> police chief says would have been justified in shooting the suspect. will cox behind bars charged with two murders. >> right now 5:50. and we are keeping our eye on today's storm for you. update traffic and weather together on the 3's. coming up next. >> first, a look at what's coming up tonight here on cbs-3, see you in a bit.
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i saw a commercial that said you can save $500 by switching to progressive. that was me, mom. [ laugh ] i thought you said "that was me, mom." [ laughter ] >> letter carrier who lands add gyrocopter now under house arrest, doug hughes landed the gyrocopter on the west lawn, through restricted air space. as he arrived at his home in florida, hue said people waived to him, and were not scared, as he came in for a lan g.
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>> i didn't see on the gown the reaction that i had expected. okay? the police who took me in custody were very professional. >> hughes also said he wished news coverage had focused on the message he wanted to get through he believes campaign finance laws are too weak. >> 5:53, let's get our traffic and weather together. here's kate. >> i good morning, ukee, off to very soggy start this week, starting things off in fact with a warmfront lifting through the area, what it will provide is very steady rain. little break by midday at least coming our way then we have to deal with fresh round of showers thunderstorms as we hit say the p.m., the typical p.m. rush here. but for now, i would say this is really what's going to slow you down the most here today. >> this rain is pounding down go through the morning roadway ponding poor drainage avenue, that sort of thing slow and/or slippery travel.
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bottom line, set the alarm early, will need time to get to your destination as the roads starts to get heavier and heavier with a volume. for now rat least the afternoon looking pretty decent overall. p.m. showers and storms come our way though as we said with the cold front. then by tomorrow all out of here. we ends with more sunshine, justin? >> good monday morning everyone, not what you want to deal with this morning on a monday heavy rain right on prime time morning drive. we do have an accident, damage is done, this is southbound on the boulevard approaching 76, looks like they are starting to clear it out. that's good news. this is taking out the center and right lanes. traffic getting by on the left lane. things are jam up pretty good approaching the schuylkill expressway. today ben franklin bridge, a lot of wet roads to deal with inbound volume is picking up. that's a look at your ride this morning. more news after this.
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>> wild fire threatened hundreds of homes. that if i started saturday evening, near corona, california. it originally forced the evacuation of 300 homes however, resident have since been allowed back in, but coming up on the dry season, could be very big story. >> very different. >> coming up in the next hour of "eyewitness news" rainy monday. katie has your forecast. >> also, the eagles are expected to sign tim tebow today. it has been more than two years since his last regular season game. we're live with reaction from eagles nation. >> and hundreds of people wrongfully convicted some even sent to death row because of flawed se technology. that story coming up after the break. we'll be right i need to promote my new business. and do it on budget. i can make that happen. business cards? business cards, brochures, banners... pens? pens, magnets, luggage tags, bumper stickers. how about foam fingers? like these? make on-budget happen. make self-promotion happen. staples. make more happen.
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>> rain slowing down your morning commute. the mobile weather lab streaming live pictures it collection out the conditions all across the area. >> rain right now but later this afternoon and maybe to the evening tracking the chance of some severe weather. heavy rain, and wind, and maybe even some hail. >> let's check right in with katie fehlinger with the latest on what we can expect. katie, what do you think? >> looks like our initial problem is definitely just rain. don't have to worry about any severe weather with. >> this certainly when dealing with potential for minor flooding ponding on roadways, you're going to get slowed down. so, you know there is morning driving no joke when it comes to the weather row late dollars impacts that come along with it, but mainly in toward the evening we have to worry ourselves with possibility of severe weather which we'll discuss. for now we get you out there to the board walk plaza here in rehoboth where it is so obvious how heavy the rain is falling. it is washing down across that boardwalk, really dreary, and wet, soggy start to the day. and it is obvious why when you look at storm


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