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tv   Eyewitness News at 11  CBS  April 22, 2015 2:07am-2:38am EDT

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♪ it's busy night of news and we begin with breaking news at 11:00 o'clock tonight. four people have been hurt in including three children when they were hit by a truck. this happened in woodbury heights, gloucester county just a short time ago. chopper three is over the scene. we know the three children were taken to cooper university hospital. the fourth victim was taken to inspira medical center.
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tonight all of their conditions are not known. and more breaking news now. chopper thee over north 21st and will he veer street in the ogontz section of philadelphia. that is where two police officers on routine patrol were hit by a cheverly chevrolet impala that ran a stop sign. that car and driver stayed on scene. they were taken to the hospital but are expected to be treated and release. >> investigators are looking for two people who live in this home on point pleasant pike in plumstead county that was heavily damaged by fire. a lot of smoke billowing from that home. it took firefighters two hours to bring the flames under control. there's no word yet on how that fire may have started. also at 11:00 living on the edge. land is eroding in a local neighborhood leaving two homes teetering on the bring. this is happening on east front street in florence township, burlington county. tonight todd quinones talk to a family now faced with the possibility of losing their home
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home. >> reporter: the view from chopper three is startling. enormous chunk of land gone. tumbled down towards the delaware river leaving behind a lived edge about 10 yards away from two houses. >> the rain was just -- the water was just pouring through there and it was just a steady stream of water down to the river. >> reporter: chris and lynn o'dell have watched landslide develop overtime and watch as their backyard slowly disappeared wolf years ago the property line extended straight across. but after months of erosion this wide opened up and it is threatening two homes much this picture shows what their backyard used to look like. compare that with what it look hook now. o'dells and neighbors say the erosion really began to pick up steam over the past few months. growing bigger by the week. >> we're at the mercy of whoever and waiting. >> efforts to get help from local officials went nowhere. they were told it was their problem. but that all changed monday. most recent round of storms washed away more soil reviewing
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for the very first time a public storm drain in the middle of the hole. township officials took notice. >> they opened up the storm sewer in the front and found that the spot where it was capped a number of year ago had broken loose and this storm water had been running that was the pipe into here for we don't know how long. >> reporter: township official will be heading out here morning to figure out what can be done. in the meantime the o'dells plan on staying here at their home but they're not sure for how long. in florence, new jersey, todd quinones cbs3 "eyewitness news". a schoolbus with children on board crashed into the side of this house today. chopper three over lenape court in mt. laurel which is right near the springville school. we're told 12 children were on board that bus at the time of the crash but none of them was hurt. the bus driver did suffer some minor injuries and had to be taken to the hospital. the guy had a huge gash on his head and the children said that
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he was kind of like leaning over a bit before he crash. >> investigators believe that driver may have had some kind of medical emergency hype the wheel. first on three parents are on alert after a disturbing show and tell at a philadelphia school. police say a student broader heroin and showed it to his elementary school classmates in west ken sipping ton. matt rivers is live at the special victims unit with the latest on this. matt? >> reporter: jessica we're told by authorities that the student involved in this case is in first grade and so now the big question that remains tonight for investigators here at the special victims unit is just how that first grader was able to get his hands on that heroin in the first place. it was during lunch time around 11am that a first grader pulled the items from his backpack. he showed them off to his classmates 14 little baggies filled with what officials now suspect was heroin. >> my son goes there. niece first grade and what if he would have gotten his hands on it. something worse would have
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happen. >> reporter: nothing bad did happen however thanks to two other students. they alerted the lunch time aid and the police officer in the room to what was going on. >> they were just coming out getting into the police car. >> reporter: morales watched as officers with the special victims unit took the students with the drug out of the school and into protective custody. she has a student at the school herself. and says the days events surprised her. >> they're pretty good with stuff like that. look i said, this is the first time i really actually see something like this. report roar the school's principal sent home this letter with first grade parents telling them what happened. it also read in part "this letter is a reminder to please check your child's schoolbag every day and remove anything that does not belong at a school". >> we do not know where the substance came from but we'll let philadelphia police conduct an investigation to see where it leads. >> reporter: and so that's where we stand right now with investigators still trying to determine where those drugs came
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from. one more interesting note, the police officer that was first contacted about the drugs on school -- in the school property was on campus in the first place to participate in the school's dare program. we're live outside of the special vick items union matt rivers cbs3 "eyewitness news". >> all right matt, thank you. as if we didn't get enough yesterday, we're now tracking more rain and the possibility of thunder showers tomorrow. meteorologist kathy orr is keeping her eye on when and where these might pop up. kathy. >> this is something we don't see that often around here jess. right now we're looking at dry conditions with a few showers that was central and western pennsylvania we have this broad area of low pressure in the upper levels of the atmosphere pulling down that cold air cold enough for snow showers in the great lakes. we have waves of showers that will be moving through tomorrow and we have a cold front messing through as well. bringing some big changes. now tomorrow morning will be waking up to temperatures in the 40s and some 50's. 43 in philadelphia at 7am. some 50's down the shore and some sunshine but as the day wears on and the heating of the
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day, we'll have what we call showers. windy conditions some thunder showers upon even small hail. we'll talk about when the heaviest rain will be moving in in your neighbor. it will be feeling more like march and a weekend update a sneak peek if you have plans to be outdoors. all of that later in the broadcast. >> kathy thanks. well it is like christmas in april for eagles fans tonight. the team's 2015 schedule is out and some of the birds biggest games of the season can be seen right here on cbs3. sports director beasley cease here and you like this schedule from the moment it came out. >> i really did. as soon as i started looking i realize it's a great opportunity and nfl is giving a great deal of leeway to the eagles. it's the light test travel schedule i've seen. in 2014 the birds traveled 17,530 miles to play their games games. in 2015 they'll only travel
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6,820 miles dallas being the longest trip. and if they are in the race three of the last four games are at home. this is a good looking lineup. the birds have several games on cbs. all at home. the miami dolphins on november the 15th. buffalo bills on december the 13th. washington redskins december december 26th. super bowl will be on cbs on february 7th and hopefully the birds will be there. and here's a run down of the thursday night football games on cbs. all division rivals. september the 17th we'll start out with broncos versus chiefs. then it goes to redskins versus giants. ravens versus steelers. colts versus texans. falcons versus saints. seahawks versus 49ers. dolphins versus patriots. so being division rivals we should have great -- these are rival games much we should have great contests. >> the super bowl you think this is a play off team for sure. >> listen let's be honest dallas is better.
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>> right. >> even without demarco murray who they have put back will run well. giants are better with the return of o'dell beckham. and victor cruz. even the redskins are going to little bit bet. it will be tough. >> it will be a fun year. beasley, thank you very much. the ink is barely try on tim tebow's one year deal with the birds but already his jersey is a hot seller. tebow will wear number 11 on his midnight green. going dobb a few weeks before they arrive in stores but again they'll be ordered like hot cakes online. of course, tim still has to make the final roster we'll see what happens. all the eagles news you can possibly want. you can find on our website it's new tonight a dangerous prank targets cvc headquarters in west chester. west goshen police tell "eyewitness news" they responded to a report of a person inside the building with a gun holding hostages. but officers determined that
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call to be a hoax after they search the building. this type of prank in many cases is known as swatting. in a statement qvs says the safety and security our team members is our highest priority at qvc this incident happen pierce to be a hoax and we can confirm our team members are safe. >> happening now crews are still at work in wayne trying to restore power following an underground explosion and fire. peco isn't sure exactly what happened last night but crews are working now dig up part of wayne avenue and get to a portion of damaged cable that is buried. no one was injured in that fire. now to a cbs3 cbs3 i-team exclusive. a city worker is rush to the hospital after getting shocked while picking up the trash. metal can came in contact with an electrified light pole on apple tree street in center city. that worker suffered non-life threatening injuries. peco shut off power to the pole. >> i think that it's very dangerous. i know that a lot of kids even
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mine climb up on that pole. so it's a little scary to hear that. >> that work is out of the hospital tonight. a woman chases down a robbery suspect who ran off with her bag in west philadelphia and the whole thing was caught on tape. watch as the woman jumps into the passenger window the get away car and it then speeds off with her clinging to the side. all that happened last friday at 52nd and cedar. police are still trying to identify a suspect. elsewhere thieves smash a truck no a restaurant but it's not the food they were after it was an atm. see where that wild scene played out. >> then new at 11:00 the new efforts to make testing for genetic signs of cancer more affordable for women. kathy? >> a big chill is coming. we're going back in time feeling much more like march. we'll talk about how cool it's going get with that seven day forecast. and cliff lee's condo goes up for sale.
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we'll give you a sneak peek inside that multi million dollar pad when "eyewitness news"
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>> some wild video from newark new jersey tonight. thieves used a truck to ram through the door of a fried chicken restaurant. they ran right over an atm then through the damaged machine in the back of that pickup truck and took off. police are using this video and other pieces of surveillance footage to track them down. justice department opens an investigation into the death of freddie gray who died while in custody of baltimore police. about 1,000 people gathered tonight near the scene of gray's arrest and they marched to nearby police staying. gray died one week after he was handcuffed and put into a police van and while in that van he asked for medical care police say he died from a significant spinal injury. governor christie says the us should require cuba do return the convicted killer of a state trooper to new jersey before diplomatic relations are restored.
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christie potential 2016 gop president sal contender criticized cuba during an international business conference at the state department today. back in 1979, joanne chess march broke out of prison and fled to cuba where she was granted asylum. >> i have to problem with cuba being welcomed back into the family of civilized nations but you have to be civilized and harboring a cop killer is not civilized conduct. >> last week president obama proposed removing cuba from the list of countries identified as state sponsors of terror. vice-president biden says it's time to update the energy grid to help improve national security and he discussed that today in philadelphia. >> the system is extremely complicated as i've come to learn over the last five or six years. it involves complex networks and pipelines, transmission lines storage facilities above and below ground, and so very much more. and increasingly outdated.
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>> the vice-president toured peco headquarters in center city philadelphia today. he says that the administration's plan would also create jobs. on the hell watch genetic testing for breast and ovarian cancer is becoming more affordable. a company called color nom mix is offering testing for the brca brca1 and two test and row vare yann cancer gene mutations plus 17 others all of that for only $249. a woman with the brca1 mutation has up to 65% chance of developing breast cancer by age 70. >> what we've tried to is get access to this type of genetic information around breast and ovarian cancer risks and we wanteded to it in a response way. >> the test is done using saliva collected at home. not covered by insurance. be sure to join the women of "eyewitness news" for the komen philadelphia race for the cure. the annual run will take place on mother's day that's sunday,
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may tenth this year. the race for the cure is celebrateing 25 years this year and for more information, you can register at well, you can go to our website >> cliff lee is selling his rittenhouse condo. take look from the photos of the lists online. the home at 1706 rittenhouse went on the market yetter. the asking price $6.9 million. it has three bedrooms and three bedroom. concierge service indoor pool, two parking spaces not to mention a pretty great view of the skyline. so if you're in the market -- >> wow. >> if you have $6.9 million. >> we have the place for you. >> it's pretty nice much. >> that's amazing. >> that's the way to live. >> all right. >> nice night out there tonight. >> spend your time outdoors looking at a cool night but very pretty picture in the sky. if you're out late tonight or errly in the morning look up. the moon is just gorgeous. it is a crescent moon and we
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captured it with chopper three flying this evening it's only 14% full. >> beautiful. >> et cetera great looking. a waning or i should say a wacking crescent and you see that little dot that little dot is venus visible tonight as well. thanks, chopper three. right now, it is a cool night but very comfortable across the region. 56 in philadelphia. 51 in allentown. 54 in wildwood and the poconos 49 degrees. clear skies, light winds will cause those temperatures to fall pretty quickly overnight tonight tonight. by tomorrow morning we're waking up to sunshine, by the noon hour, during the daytime heating we see some showers popping up to the north and west of the poconos. but after lunch, we see the showers moving in from the west. imbeded thunderstorms around 3:00 o'clock in the city and then by 5:00 p.m., beginning to clear the shore. when we lose that daytime heating we lose the showers. cooler air moving in as well. here's the timing heaviest rain in lehigh valley between noon and one. between 1:00 and 2:00 in our north and western suburb age the
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i-95 corridor between two and three and then between three and 5:00 o'clock inn too tear your south jersey and then down toured delaware beaches. we are looking at about quarter of an inch of rain this is our latest computer model taking us through the evening and you can see those numbers fairly uniform with that line of precipitation moving on through. now in the wake of this, a cool pool of air going as far south as the mid atlantic. about 10 degrees cooler than normal for this time of year. average highs are in the mid 60s. friday still chilly and breezy with some winds putting a chill in the air and then we begin to moderate as we work our way toward the weekend. overnight a few clouds. otherwise seasonably cool the low temperature 48. now during the day tomorrow the clouds increase, the win picks up. we're talking about gust to 35 miles an hour. afternoon showers and thunder showers because of that cold air in the upper level of the atmosphere. the high temperature 60. as we man the day the morning commute looks good. lunch looks good. after school 61 with some
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showers moving through. evening activities we should be in the clear. 58 degrees. some shore showers expected. the penn relays thursday through saturday. temperatures between 56 and 60 with sunshine but windy conditions for our runners thursday and friday. and as we look ahead on the exclusive "eyewitness weather" seven day forecast chilly and windy for thursday and friday. better saturday and sunday. likes like a great weekend. really comfortable. monday 61. tuesday 63. temperatures still below average average. so let's look i don't know the 10 day and you can see temperatures below average for this time of year. and that's the way it's going to be to shape up at least the next 10 to 15 days. >> well, spring is not just rush rushing in. >> no. >> taking its time. >> not at all. >> kathy thanks. >> we are rushing toward super bowl 50 the path really begins tonight. >> everybody pick a winner right now. a look at the complete eagles
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campaign what we'll be talking about in sports with commentary and an neck totes. where are advantages. how to interpret what the inform nfl is thinking about the birds. see if you agree with me coming up i
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everybody is chomping at a time bit a lot of planning and schedule link and looking at calendars and can we win this one and that one? >> that's right. figure how many games your team will win. nfl use analytics and sobel social media to figure out who do you want to watch in addition to your local team. nfl putting a lot of faith in chip kelly and the bird. five prime time games plus a thanksgiving day matchup. the birds kick things off on monday night football at the follow falcons then demarco murray faces his former team the cowboys at the linc. next up trip up the turnpike to take on the jets. then in october chip and the birds travel south on 95 to face the desman jackson and the redskins. then the saints come marching into the linc followed by monday
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night showdown against the giants. panthers on sunday night. bye week right in the middle of the season. then the birds may in their third straight prime time game when they travel to dallas. the dolphins come to the linc and you can city game on cbs3. bucks are next then four days later this is the toughest stretch of the season. they play on thanksgiving against the lions much lions are a good football team. nine days rest before they take on the defending super super bowl trait trots i don't foxboro. shady mccoy comes back to the linc with the bills. cardinals are next and the birds finish the regular season with 2nfc east games. redskin on saturday night december 26 andth on cbs3 and the season if you until system january 3rd at the giants. all right. good luck. phil he's back in action tonight after that terrible road trip. they played host to the marlins. here we go. no score in the second. freddie galvis at the bat pulled the dan harang pitch down the
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line over the wall to for two run homerun his second of the year. now in the fifth tied up. ryan howard couldn't handle it. marlins scored to take the lead then in the sixth big fella made up for his mistake. crushing this pitch over the fence in center for 22 run homerun his first of the season and it phillies won seven live three. >> we've been off to slow start but definitely battled in a lot of game. we've had opportunities to win a lot of games. so i mean, you know, not for a lack of battling. we've always -- we've had some opportunities to try to win and took advantage of it today. >> cole hamels take the mound tomorrow for the fightings. looking for his first win of the season. over five era and given up seven homeruns this season. >> we got a ryan howard homerun. maybe we can get a cole hamels win. >> good sign.
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>> absolute to a legend tonight down at citizens bank park. >> we'll sho
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>> new at 11:00 night the phillies saluted jackie robinson enduring legacy. the commemorated the skateth anniversary of the hall of famer breaking baseball's color barrier. the phils saluted african-american pioneers who opened doors for others including the members of the tuskegee airmen. they of course broke the military's color barrier during world war ii. we'll be right back. ♪
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>> "eyewitness news" returns in the morning at 4:30 with ukee washington and erika von tiehl and meteorologist katie fehlinger. we thank you for watching "eyewitness news" at 11:00. for beasley kathy and all of us here i'm chris may. >> omega's dean. we're always on at up next the late show with david letter man with guest paul rudd the immediate mop bird callers and chaka couldn't. have a good night. we'll see you tomorrow. >> announcer: the following is a paid advertisement for omega xl.
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