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tv   Eyewitness News at 5  CBS  April 23, 2015 5:00am-5:31am EDT

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tiehl. we are following breaking news off-duty philadelphia police officer exchanges gunfire with the suspect who tried to rob him. suspect remains at large this morning. "eyewitness news" reporter jan carabao joins us from police headquarters to bring everybody up to date, jan. >> reporter: ukee and erika this latest incident comes a little more than a month have after an overbrook father who was walking his dog was shot and killed during an attempted robbery but this time, the the the target turnout to be as you mentioned an off-duty police officer who still had his gun. signs of gunfire in overbrook overnight after police say a man intent on robbing someone got more than he bargained for. >> it would appear that the assailant took him for a rick tim, i think he was pretty much surprised when he found out he would rob a police officer and it still has a weapon on them. >> reporter: the philadelphia police officer had just come home around 11:30 wednesday night and then went out to
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walk his dog in the 5800 block of malvern avenue when a gunman approached from behind, seeing a weapon in the us peck's hand the off-duty officer fired eight times. suspect ducked behind a car and then ran off. >> at this point in time we don't know if the a sale an was hit or not. we have alerts out to the hospital. we will continue our investigation in the scene. >> reporter: police called in a k-9 unit and conduct a search nearby looking for weapon and suspect. they have expanded the search area and reminding folks to always be vigilant no matter the time or place. >> keep aware of your surroundings have have all time regardless of where you are and where you go for your own personal safety. anyone part of the cities not worse than the other. this is the reality of the world we live in and this is the challenge that we as police officers face every day. >> reporter: this off-duty police officer was not injured. he is a five-year veteran of the fill police department. he also spent two years in upper darby. anyone with information is asked to call police.
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we are reporting live outside fill police headquarters, jan carabao for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". new this morning a wilmington fire fighter and another person is hurt after a fire ripped true this house overnight. fire chief shared these pictures with us. fire started in the basement of the home on east lawn have avenue and spread upstairs. we are toll the fire fighters suffered minor injuries and one person inside the house was check for minor smoke inhalation erika? >> ukee, fierce storms tore through the region leaving a path of damage behind. they moved in fast and furious. you can see up routeing trees and caused a lot of folks to just break down, they had down power lines too. on west olive street in westville, new jersey. we are told this giant tree toppled on to that roof forcing the home owner to evacuate until the home is deem safe. >> the wind were picking up. i was on the porch. i have been worried about the the tree for a while. it had a hole in the center of it. it was in bad shape. the tree just stopped but it
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was scary. >> i imagine. tumbling trees were seen all around the garden state. in glassboro that tree toppled over into power lines blocking the home owner in the driveway. in pennsauken another street closed due to a tree leaning on power lines. we're told as you can see right there the tree was liftedded up from the routes bringing up part of the sidewalk witt. the those wind were so strong. how are we looking today. >> it will be windy but we are not talking about those kind of gusts by this point erika. we will have a chill in the air. we have more of a dose of march more than anything. generally speaking our temperatures will be 10 degrees below seasonal average in terms of the daytime high today and tomorrow but we are seeing an empty storm scan three at this point. we will start off there. storm scan remains empty at this point. you can see a hint have of, yep, on snow flakes. far inland. we do not have to worry about that here locally but air mass is cold enough it the is being fun held in to support lake enhanced snowfall. lets the go through a couple
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storm reports tree was down in glassboro. philly international, won at all with their peak wind gusts at 71 miles an hour. so those storms, meant business. they got fridaysty when they rumbled through. meanwhile storminess is gone. wind is still noticeable but at least we are going to start things off on a quiet note for you here. with that said we will expect to see temperatures get to the mid 50's. 10 degrees below average even despite some sun. some might see a quick sprinkle later today. vittoria, over to you. good morning everyone. we are not seeing much of anything on the majors, they are fantastic. lets get outside and give you a better look. if you are traveling at i-95, it looks great south and northbound, no delays, even through the construction zones. things narrow around cottman have avenue and girard but for the most part, oh man it is great out there. around center city, out toward
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trenton, really nice. same for the schuylkill expressway n delays in either direction. this shot around montgomery drive, it is fantastic. it is not only in center city but in western suburbs. speaking of the suburbs aggressive driving enforcement will be ongoing by police along route 309 in these following townships. if you are traveling throughout hatfield, montgomery, lower gwynedd township be mindful that police are cracking down on aggressive driving. keep that in mine, ukee. >> vittoria, thank you. two homes are are teetering on the edge of the gaping sink hole in florence. homeowners have evacuated dealing with the harsh reality they will to have find a new place to live. lynn and chris odell said the erosion started two years ago behind their house which sits along the delaware river. that erosion got much worse this week. rain exposed a pipe gushing water down the face of the embankment. "eyewitness news" reporter justin finch will have a live report from the scene in about 30 minutes. happening today the trial is set to start for the self
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proclaimed philly ten. they are charged with disorderly conduct after a mala in a town hall meeting in lawncrest last month. they were protesting district attorney's seth williams decision not to file charges against two police officers who fatal willly shot brandon tait brown last december. now, also happening today michael brown's family will file a civil lawsuit against the city of ferguson. brown's shooting death in august by officer darren wilson led to some type of a violent protest in the st. louis suburb. they were renewed when a grand jury decided to not charge wilson. a major endorsement for one of philadelphia's candidate for mayor black clergy will announce its support for state senator anthony hardy williams, one of the several democrats running in the may 19th primary. williams is expected to be the at the formal will announcement this morning. well, how much times have you thought to your early is,
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i just wish i had some extra money. well today toy day might be your lucky day. >> i love that cash register news we have there. >> three on your side consumer reporter jim donovan is here to help you claim your cash. something we all could use more of, right jim. >> reporter: that is right. it the is hard to believe but in our area, get this 8 billion, that is billion with a b dollars in cash and property is sitting waiting for rightful own tore show up and claim it. today three on your side will do our best to help you get it back into your hand. a new car a caribbean cruise, designer clothes what would you buy if you came into some unexpect cash? well, you could be owed money and not even know bit. >> this is one of the oldest consumer protection laws in the country but one that is least men about. >> reporter: in pennsylvania alone $2.3 billion is held in cash and unclaim property. it could be a utility deposit that you never got back, a check that got lost in the
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mail or jewels, collectibles and memorabilia of every shape and size. when the the the the owner cannot be found it end up here with your state treasury. >> we literally receive new property every month at the the boro and at least once a year april 15th companies are required to report unclaim property. folks search one time and they think don't have to search again. >> reporter: in pennsylvania it is estimated one in ten people are owed some sort of unclaim property. web sites make it easy to search for is what yours. >> searching your name or name of the spouse, even a church girl scout troop anything like that. >> reporter: we found $435 for susan g komen race for the cure. >> i'm thrilled to accept that dollar amount to help us with our mission. those dollars will have a great opportunity to help even more women. >> reporter: the mazzone i health center was thrilled to learn $1,242 was owed to them.
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>> we are always happy to receive more funding because most services are free to the users. >> reporter: so what are you waiting for time to claim your cash. >> check your list, money could be there waiting for you. >> reporter: i have made it very easy to check just visits cbs with my facebook and twitter feed. i have posted fur there. just click on the state that you lived in, type in your name, tell your friend, family dot same. fur name is often misspelled try a few versions of the spelling because you may get a hit. the don't forget to church for your church, volunteer groups, you name it. do you know these people? they are owed money. lena abe bramson of elkins park. the susan... . again, check, we will go through the names throughout the the rest of the show. in just a few minutes i will tell you which one of you
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isodomon i. >> i'm telling you for years. >> really. >> i'm checking it this morning. give us a hunt. >> well, it is one of the two of you. >> is it me, jim? >> reporter: i will be back. cbs you are with us all morning. >> i will go search for more names. >> go, go, go. get your search on. >> 5:10. still ahead on "eyewitness news" a community divided we will let you know about a controversial facility some people are trying to keep out of their neighborhood. also startling video from a vicious subway station brawl and that is not even most dangerous part about this fight. and dig out that heavy coat from the closet, it is a chilly morning just 43 degrees and it will not warm up much. she has your forecast when we do tra
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updating our breaking news an off cutie philadelphia police officer is confronted by an armed rob would beer in west philadelphia a he pulled out his own gun and fire eight shots as that suspect ran away. it is in the the clear if the suspect was hit. ten suspects accused of disrupting a police town hall last month in lawncrest are in court today. they were demonstrating over decision in the the to charge philadelphia police officers in the the december shooting death of a man during a traffic stop. the family of michael brown says they will file a civil lawsuit today against the the city of ferguson, missouri. unarmed black teen was shot in august by a white police officer sparking widespread demonstrations. 5:13. here's traffic and weather together katie. >> ukee, this is a day of transition as a cold front retreats. we are left with the windy
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conditions and chill in the air. when we say chill we are talking about temperatures still above 50 degrees but this is a dose of march for you. we are going back to that last month, when we really had a hard time even eking out average temperatures but that would be, typical average weather that we're looking a head to today and tomorrow. in the meantime yep that snow is verifying on the ground across central and western pennsylvania. how about it. here at home don't worry bit. we could see a spotty shower out of this but it would be a rain shower if we saw it at all. the for the the most part moisture content is basically being zapped out of the atmosphere. do you see blue contours showing up overnight into tomorrow. we will see a handfull of freeze watches and warnings for the the lehigh valley taking effect here. then we will ease up on friday throughout the day and then chill settles back in. so two straight nights of freeze watches and warnings go into effect. for both tonight and tomorrow night. meanwhile phillies are back in town again here today this
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afternoon, windy cooler game for them with the the sun and a breeze, and temperatures at best in the mid 50's, not just for first pitch but rest have the the day as well. we will keep it to quiet weather throughout the the weekend and saturday night maybe some showers moving in our area, vittoria. good morning everyone. while traveling out and about it is really so fantastic. i don't have too much to mention. we have construction to talk about but really all majors and bridges look line the bend been quiet. looking at ben franklin bridge no delays in either direction looking great heading in to new jersey and philadelphia and that is the the same case on again all of our bridges and new moving to a very quiet shot of 476 around ridge heading to and from schuylkill and toll place to and from i-95, it is all good. we have a accident situation traveling in north philadelphia, 21st and somerset if you can, void this area. erika. vittoria, thank you. here's an easy question? are you looking for easy money.
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today is your chance to cash in. >> three on your side jim donovan is in our news room with more names of people who are owed cash, jim. >> reporter: that is right good morning. it is claim your cash day here the at three on your side. are you owed money these people are owed money. look at the the list: check toe if you may be opened money. i have posted links on cbs, also on my facebook and twitter feed. also this person isodomon i ding ding, ding mr. ukee washington. >> how much. >> i believe at least $300. >> what. >> i think it is some kind of a tax refund or over payment a. now erika, don't feel left out who is robert von tiehl do you know robert von tiehl. >> that is my dad. >> he is owed money, $2.23
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from morgan stanley. >> you know what. >> i'll let him know. >> reporter: i was looking out the for you. we have more names coming up. be hure to check the list at cbs or facebook and twitter feed. you can check every state. if you live down south check those states, we will have more names coming up as claim your cash, continues. >> are you sure it is me you are not pulling my leg. >> there is not a lot of ukee washington. >> is there a ukee washington down in florida but this one is right. >> who knew. >> i didn't. >> we know who is buying coffee all week. >> w
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. plans to turn a historic building in the the the rehab center are upset ising many neighbors. the the treatment facility would be near haddonfield high school. "eyewitness news" reporter nicole brewer joins us now picking up this story for us good morning. >> reporter: good morning,er
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contact plans are all but final but that didn't stop hundreds of folks from showing up to the haddonfield auditorium to ask questions and voice their disapproval. this is first time residents heard directly from the developer recovery centers of america which plans to build on the site of the bank croft will school not far as you said from tatum elementary and haddonfield, memorial high school. >> drug and alcohol facility belongs x number of feet away from the school. you don't have drugs near your school. >> our patients will be very similar to folks that live here. they will be like you i and rest of the group. they will be middle class upper middle class, they are in the compelled to treatment by the criminal justice center. this is not a court mandated program good two side for sure. drug and alcohol rehabilitation center plans to use the site once bank croft moves to mount laurel in 2017. from here the develop are will smith an official rezoning petition, that is expect in the coming weeks.
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ukee? >> nicole, thanks very much. there is a new way to get around town on two wheels today. >> we will show you highly anticipated bike share program and show you how it works. >> right there a coyote on the prowl and it the is not first time wild animal has been spotted in the crowded city, jim. good morning ukee. have you been on cbs to claim your cash. 819 people are chicking the list right now but do you know these people... check to see if you are owed money anywhere in the you had visit cbs i have posted a lincoln my facebook and twitter feed, more names coming up a
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we have some breaking news right now in north philadelphia, one person is rush to the hospital after that car, crashes into a wall outside of a church. "eyewitness news" is live right now at that scene at north 21st, and somerset streets. again, in north philadelphia. that car ramming right into a wall outside of a church. we are working to find out how that person is doing and we will bring you update as soon as we get them. 5:23. lets get the the latest on the chilly temperatures. >> it the is cooling down. the that is big story for our area. in major storms in sight for a while, but we are still going to have a little bit of action to talk about here. right now things are tranquil at our live neighborhood network with clear skies and generally speaking quiet weather today but because of the chill as we head into tonight and tomorrow night freeze watches and warnings are set to take effect. you might want to cover up those spring flowers and in
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the let that hard gardening work go to waste. saturday we will ease up still with some sunshine, vittoria, over to you. if you are traveling out and about, hey, everybody, i didn't know what to do with that time good morning everybody. lets get right down to traffic, lets in the talk about much here which is good news whiz is why i'm in such a good mood and looking up my name on that cash list. jim's has my eyes glued to the computer. the the schuylkill and spring garden moving well. in delays in either direction. boulevard moving well. we are in the seeing rush hour. our majors are quiet. we do have an accident situation at 21st and somerset traveling in north philadelphia, be mindful of that. watch out for these out board platforms, ukee. thanks vittoria. in sports lets check sports page and phillies play marlins this afternoon. game time 1:05. last night marlins capitalized on phillies miss cues. up two-one they added on after
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chase you the thely dropped an inning ending force out. marlins cleared bases on the fly ball which was misplaced. phillies allowed five unearned runs. they lose this one final score was six-one. settlement in the nfl concussion lawsuit could cost the league a billion dollars. 6,000 retired players are expect to suffer dementia, with an average pay out of about $190,000. the the the pay outs could reach 5 million for players diagnosed in their 30's and 40's, with early on set dementia or death. cbs-3 sports director beasley reese and nfl player and former plaintiff in the lawsuit said it is a good deal. >> i'm happy with the settlement. i believe it is fair. in player want this money. if you get this money, you have serious cognitive issues, dementia als alzheimer's. >> 200 retirees or families have reject this settlement.
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they plan to sue the league ridley. 121 penn relays start today. penn relays carnival on the campus have the university of pennsylvania track and field athletes from across the country and around the world will take part. we welcome all of our visitors on the area olympians and world record holders will be on hand throughout the the the weekend. a great time for the athletes and spectators. i used to run it in high school. just such a great time. hopefully you can see the action. >> great time of the year in philadelphia, thank you. coming up next we are following breaking news after a would be robber picks the wrong target. also, two homes teetering on the edge after a ground in their backyard gives way, we're their life with what is next for those frustrated homeowners. this is not what it is supposed to feel like in the end of april come on 40's. katie will let you know when it starts to feel like spring again. but first keep listening for your name because our jim donovan could have some money waiting for you. >> that is right it three is on your side claim your cash
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day. 907 people are checking our web site to see if they are owed money. cbs click on claim your cash. do you know these people... check to see if you are owed money on cbs or send out notes tour folks on facebook and twitter, let them know, they can check the list anywhere in the country as cbs-3 "eyewit
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the search is on for a robbery suspect targeted an off-duty police officer. this happened the on the 5800 block of malvern a avenue in


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