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tv   Eyewitness News at 11  CBS  April 27, 2015 1:35am-2:06am EDT

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♪ theme music ♪ ♪ >> from the cbs broadcast center in philadelphia this is cbs3 "eyewitness news".
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right now on "eyewitness news" four children rescued from their home. police say their mother lock them in the basement as a form of punishment. good evening everyone, i'm natasha brown. thanks for joining. >> those children are safe tonight. their mother is expected to be charged. police forced their way inside the home on the 1900 block of east atlantic street in kensington after one of the children called 911. "eyewitness news" reporter matt rivers is arrive at special victims tonight with the latest on this investigation. matt? natasha this investigation still very much on going at this point. police have not yet release the the the identity of mother involved in this case. but as you mentioned she will be facing charges soon. the single mother was angry and locked her four children in the basement as a punishment. that's what police say happened around 11:00 p.m. saturday at this home on east atlantic street in the city kensington neighbor.
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>> i was like uh-uh not her. you can think that about a lot parents but not her. you know what i mean? like, it doesn't make any sense. >> reporter: children two boys ages 13 and nine and their two sisters ages 12 and 10 sat there until 1:30 sunday afternoon with no food, water or a bathroom. that's when one of them used a cell phone that could only dial 11 and called for help. police arrived but couldn't get in the house at first so they called in the fire department for help. >> the firemen put a ladder up against the house. they climbed up the ladder went through the window open the door and let the kids out of the basement. >> reporter: children stumbled out shaken and hungry but otherwise uninjured. they were taken to the hospital as a precaution and later placed in protective custody at the special victims union. afro diet tease sanchez is friends of the victims and watch as she was taken out of the home home. >> i was devastated because like i'm really close to her and it
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was like nothing -- i just started crying. >> reporter: the suspect has not yet been formally charged but that is expected to happen soon. she will be facing multiple charges including four counts of endangering the welfare of a child. we're arrive outside of the special victims unit. matt rivers cbs3 "eyewitness news". >> matt, thank you. the death toll meantime in the earthquake that rock nepal has just surpassed 3200 people. rescuers working night and day. they have found survivors buried beneath the rubble. after shacks are hampering rescue efforts and landsides cut off remote villages. an american military plain left today from dover air force base headed for nepal. the pentagon says 70 people are on board including a disaster response team and an urban search and rescue team. cbs news correspondent has more. >> reporter: after shocks have thousands on edge nepal following the devastating earthquake. many people are sleeping in open
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spaces. too afraid to go back inside. the biggest earthquake to hit nepal in 80 years toppled hundreds of buildings and katmandu. rescue teams are still searching for survivors. numerous people have been found alive and there's still hope of finding others. hospitals are overrun with the injured. at least 6,000 people were hurt across the nation. the quake triggered a massive avalanche on mt. everest that killed at least three americans. including 33-year-old google executive dan fred den burg. >> hearing in jackson heights new york the nepally community held a candlelight vigil sunday night to pray for earthquake victims. ♪ >> reporter: earlier they appealed for money and other donations to help those in desperate need. this man was one of the organizers. >> there's no water supreme there's no electricity. there's no food.
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>> reporter: help from around the world is headed for nepal. the united nations says 14 international medical and rescue teams will be on the ground soon. they'll be searching for survivors and trying to help thousands who are left with nothing. ke inform na daniels for cbs3 "eyewitness news". >> four students from allentown muhlenberg college are studying in nepal this semester and the school has confirmed they are safe. and released a statement reading in part "we you were members of the muhlenberg community to remember in their thoughts and prayers the many who perished were injured or suffered other losses in this disaster. and suggest that we support relief efforts when they are announced ". >> philadelphia is home to more than a thousand refugees who spent two decades living in nepal. today some of them opened a new community garden in northeast philadelphia. they say the garden helps them take their mind off the situation in nepal and focus on building a new arrive in philadelphia.
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stay with "eyewitness news" for continuing coverage aftermath in nepal on television and any time online. >> it has certainly been a cooler than normal stretch for late april but finally some warmer temperatures are waiting for us as we start another work week. meteorologist kate bilo in your justin and tracking changes ahead for us. kate. >> changing for the better natasha which is good news. pretty nice weather on the way this week. we do have one colder cooler than normal day and that day is tomorrow. let's take look at storm scan3. not showing a lot of anything. clouds drifting through here this evening and on the overnight hours. storm scan3 a few showers starting to rotate into eastern can in a today. cool pocket of air with stationary upper level storm system sending showers southward an few of them could impact us tomorrow afternoon. they will be few and far between though. temperatures have started to rise. slowly, slowly through the weekend after a cold friday just 56 degrees. saturday got to 58. and then today 64 we hit a
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little bit of a dip here as we head into our monday but then temperatures start to rise and actually going up average by tuesday and wednesday and that will be a welcomed change for us after this cool pattern that tarred last thursday. 52 degrees right now in philadelphia. not too bad. 48 degrees in reading and 47 in allentown. mount pock know you're sitting at 42 and chilly in atlantic city. at 43 degrees a lot of that nounsed by our chilly ocean 49-degree ocean water there right now. 46 in doylestown. it's 50 in palma rye rah and willow grove. let's take you through monday across the region it's a few degrees below average but not a bad day. that being said partly in the city. 62 degrees with a stray afternoon shower. down the shore partly sunny and cool. a shower. most stay inn land. in the poconos mostly cloudy with a couple of showers, degree 55 degrees. >> we'll talk about that one last cool day and just how far below normal we'll be for tomorrow. then the warmth returns by
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midweek bite end of the week tracking another chance for showers and we'll have a glimpse into next weekend as welcoming up with the seven day. natasha back over to you. >> stay one step ahead of the forecast always with the cbs philly weather app it's free and available now on i tunes and google play. well we now know the identities of two people killed in a nasty crash in gloucester county today. police say jazz minute gonzales and another girl were killed when their car collided with another and slammed into a guardrail on i-295 in greenwich township. both victims were 22 years old. three others were hurt but are expected to be okay. the accident is stelle under investigation. extra police officers meantime are deployed all throughout ball more tonight after protests turned violent. 34 people were arrested following saturday's rallies. some stores were looted and at least one car was set on fire. demonstrators are demanding the city file charges against the police officers involved in the
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death of freddie gray. gray died last week of a spinal cord injury while in police custody. the department has acknowledged he should have received medical attention sooner and gray's family is now asking for an end to the violence. gray's family and friends and supporters began saying goodbye today at a wake. the 25-year-old will be laid to rest tomorrow. his family has started an online fund to help cover the burial costs. a very solemn dedication today for the overbrook man who was murdered while out walking his dog. the african episcopal church of saint thomas plant and blessed a new tree on its grounds in james stole man's name. at today's ceremony his family and friends joined community members and church officials to remember his arrive and to try to make sense of his death. >> do know that many young people lack a caring adult in their lives. these are not excuses, simply explanations. it does not make it right.
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it just make it real. he was shot and killed last month. three teenagers have been charged in his death. police say 15-year-old hamilton pleased the trigger another he beg for his arrive. new details are emerging in the vermont suv crash that seriously injured former nbi director louis freeh last august august. official say he likely would have died if emergency crews hadn't work so quickly to stop the bleeding on his severed leg artery. he issue the independent report following the jerry sandusky scandal at penn state university university. and traffic comes to a standstill on a very busy california highway after a truck erupts into flames. why it took firefighters so long to douse those flames. plus a dream comes true for a young man and his family. the obstacles overcame to earn the boy scouts highest honor. >> kate. >> and we wept from the 50s back to the 60s today. we have got 70s in our future. i'll have your seven day
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forecast coming up. >> the royal baby watch continues and the public is weighing in on the names william and kate should choose for their second child. also coming up in sports tonight at citizens bank park, the phanatic celebrated a birthday. do the phils make the party sweeter with within? lesley van arsdall has the details. stay with
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fire engulfs a tanker truck on busy california freeway. snarling traffic. thick black smoke billowed from the wreck on to 710 freeway in los angeles. the truck was carrying thousands of gallons of gasoline. the highway was shut down in both directions as fire crews battled those flames. and rapper lil wayne's tour buses were hit by gunfire early this morning. while they drove down a freeway near atlanta. lil wayne was in town for a show
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op saturday night and on board the bus at the time. thank until no one was injured but witnesses say multiple gunshotgunshots came from two different vehicles. so far police have no suspects in the shooting. the united states coast guard is still searching mobile bay in alabama for five missing people. strong storms saturday afternoon caused winds in excess of 70 miles an hour. many boaters were caught off guard includeing a regatta sailing event. officials say 10 boats overturned. 40 people had to be rescued. airplanes and rescue boats have covered more than 1700 miles of the bay searching for more survivors. and police shoot a man inside a parking garage at minneapolis st. paul international airport it happened in the area where rental cars are stored. authorities say they confront the suspect and he then got into a car and started driving toward them. that's when one of the officers opened fire. now both the suspect and officers were hospitalized but are expected to survive their
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injuries. meantime security is being stepped up in los angeles and area airports because of new isis related threats. department of homeland security officials say the threats call for attacks on uniformed personnel but there is no specific plot at this time. increased security measures include random searches of passengers and carry on luggage coming into the united states. the evening yo pan union community gathers to remember 30 christians by their homeland killed by isis in libya. dozens stood together on 44th and chestnut street assign of solidarity for the victim killed because of their christian beliefs. it was organized by the evening yo pan associates associate of greater philadelphia. >> a young man dreamed his entire arrive of being an eagle scout after years of work he achieved that goal overcoming incredible odds. "eyewitness news" reporter steve
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patterson has that story. >> report roar only way christian is can communicate by being bold. >> christian does things in a big way. if he laughs he body laughs. >> expressions bold and joy in sadness in love sunday saw his very best triumph in that's what he wanted. that's despite his physical limitations he expressed the desire and his dream is coming true. >> his dream since six years old like his father and two brothers before him become eagle scout but the first thing you'll notice about christian is the one that often matters least. >> he has a full functioning brain inside a body that doesn't work at all. >> christian is wheelchair bound with the most severe form of cerebral palsy there is tough road for guy trying to earn the highest honor in scouting. >> some people tend to focus on the wheelchair not on the person person. that's the first thing to get passed.
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>> christian got passed it all attending every meeting going on every camping trip sacrificeing comfort for pure determine nation. sunday achieve his arrive's work. (applause). >> love from a pair of proud parents -- >> i can hug him to death i probably would. >> joy from the spirit of his successful son. >> i feel happy. >> triumph that needs no translation. >> in king of prussia, steve patterson, cbs3 "eyewitness news". >> "eyewitness news" at lincoln financial field as the eagles hosted their sixth annual huddle up for autism event this afternoon. the carnival style event races for money for family living with autism. players and cheerleaders on hasn't the event served to educate people about autism and raise awareness the center of autism research at children's hospital of philadelphia. as royal baby watch continues the british public is now weighing in on their picks for the name of will and kate's
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next bundle of joy. a new poll conducted by the sunday times and you gov found many britains think the baby should be name after princess diana if it's a girl. diana had 12% of the vote. princess diana, of course, was prince william's mother. allison and charlotte were popular picks with 9% each. if the next royal baby is a boy then james was the popular choice with 13% of the vote. followed by alexander with 8% and richard and louis both with seven. they also sound very royal. >> yeah. beautiful names on that list. >> beautiful. can't go wrong with any of them. >> i want the baby to get here. she was due last week. >> we'll be watching closely no worries on that. no worries with the weather. the getting warmer. every day this week the next three days will be pretty quiet and nice a few showers by thursday but all in all good news in the weather department. let's take look outside and you can see the ben franklin bridge all lit up here on skycam3. pretty nice evening out there. temperatures still hanging on to the low 50s in a few spots.
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although we do have plenty of 40s out that right now. definitely need to bundle up if you're out and about late tonight or heading to work early tomorrow morning it will be chilly f you're sending the kids to the bus stop send them in a light jacket and long pants tomorrow. still going to be below average temperature wise. but not all that bad. we had nice day today. looks like a great evening out there. storm scan3 showing our next weather maker perhaps. now it's not going to be a big deal but notice the showers that are starting to rotate southward from the stubborn upper level storm system that center asked over the canadian maritime provinces. stuck under a cold pud dull of air dominating the weather pattern went start to see this rotation around the western edge of that really and some of these showers will be drifting our direction as we get into the day tomorrow. they are few and far between. most areas stay dry. but i'll show in you just a couple of minutes you'll have to watch for just a few of those pop up showers in the afternoon tomorrow. temperatures right now hanging on to the low 50s. 52 at the airport. 50 in wilmington and 50 in
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trenton look how chilly it is in atlantic city. 43 degrees. millville at 41. and reading at 48 degrees right now and even colder to the north. 40 in buffalo. 49 right now in albany actually a degree warmer than here in f. part of that from the urban heat island effect. we got a lot of sun today and that blacktop and concrete retains that warmth. it is going to be warping up through the week but tomorrow again still stuck in this cool pocket of area. highs in the low 60s. about 5 degrees below average we head to the average or slightly above by tuesday back to the upper 60s and high pressure starts to gain a foot hold across the area temperatures will continue to moderate through the middle of the work week. timing this out you'll wake up tomorrow to full sunshine by 11am the clouds do start to move in. and a couple of showers could head south as we go through the afternoon. as you can see it's not much. a couple little i call them polka dot showers here and there there. a few click of the windshield wipers if you get caught in one of them. not a huge deal.
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stray shower in the afternoon clear it out and we've got more sunshine as we head into the day on tuesday. but again still dealing with the influence of that cool air you can see with the position of the jet stream there's that cold pocket i was talking about that big puddle of cool air still hanging on through the day tomorrow but watch what happens as that high starts to build in tuesday, wednesday we get in the green here that's better pattern for us really. then another system comes in thursday forty nine day and brings a replenish burst of cool air. not cold. but cool. if you're an allergy allergy sufferer the past couple week have been tough on you. oak, birch and maple in the medium to medium high level. five days from now the average high in philadelphia is 70. 28 days until memorial day 37 days our average day is 80. five days until the start of summer. overnight partly cloudy, chilly 45 degrees. tomorrow par the sunny with stray shower in the afternoon. high 62. tuesday 69 degrees mostly sunny.
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wednesday the jewel of the forecast at 71 with sunshine. and then showers return to the area on thursday. friday looks a little bit cooler than normal but as of now next weekend looks amazeing. >> 60s and 70s so start planning ahead for outdoor activities. >> yes, thank you very much. >> sure. >> appreciate that. >> special day at citizens bank park. >> it was great day. we had the phanatic's birthday and big fellow ryan howard starting to get hot and starting to hit that ball out of the park. sports is next.
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>> nice day for a phillies game. >> you want to leave town on a high note. the phils are starting a 10 game road trip in st. louis. the chance for their them to take the second series victory again the birds. phanatic's birthday. big celebration for fan favorite favorite. first inning phils down two- two-sorry zero. ryan howard second home of the
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series. two the fifth the game tied. revere hits a line drive to the corner. galvis scores on the plane. revere with a triple and phillies regain the lead. in the ninth papelbon gave up a homer but got kelly johnson to fly out. phillies beat the braves five- five-four. >> now it's just trying to hit it and get good pitches to hit. not trying to do too much. so, you know, today felt good. yesterday felt good. felt good the day before that. just continue to try to do that. >> tonight in the sports zone we'll have more on the phillies home stand. eagles draft wip's glenn macnow joins me and we'll have preview of the big sight this saturday between floyd mayweather and manny pacquiao when joe stops by by. jam packed show. thank you very much lesley we're back in just
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♪ welcome back everyone. runners and walkers got together in philadelphia this morning. it was all for great cause. "eyewitness news" was there for the march of dimes march for babies 5k run and 4-mile walk. the event started and ended at the art museum. since 1970 the march for babies has raised $2.3 billion. that is great to help more moms have full term pregnancies and healthy babies. great job out there today and a great day for walk. >> it was beautiful out there today. warmer and sunny yes. great weather for that. >> and kate will be back with a last check on that work week forecast also the cbs3 sports
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kate, we're giddy this forecast. >> we are. >> it's going to be beautiful. finally some nice weather to talk about. sorry we're laughing. it gets a little -- we get giddy this time of night guys. beautiful tomorrow. not bad. a little cool but then tuesday is gorgeous. wednesday is gorgeous. watch for couple showers thursday. it looks like next weekend will be a stunner. so make some plans. >> thank you so much. thank you for joining us. we appreciate i we're always on now lesley cbs3 sports zone. lots to chat about. have >> woman: the following is a paid presentation for the nuwave


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