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tv   Eyewitness News at 11  CBS  April 29, 2015 2:07am-2:38am EDT

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>> developing right now at 11:00, curfew broken. police deployed smoke grenades against protesters lingering in the baltimore streets tonight. the calm in that city is holding sica dean. >> i'm chris may. tensions have been running high in baltimore since the death of freddie gray. they erupt erupted in violence last night and now civic leaders are hoping to keep the peace. general curfew for baltimore went into effect at
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10:00 o'clock tonight but hundreds of protesters have refusing to home. right now thee thousand national guards men and police officers are there on patrol. "eyewitness news" reporter david spunt is live in baltimore tonight to show us what's happening right now. david? >> reporter: jessica chris this is the scene behind me. you can see there is a heavy police presence intact cal gear. making sure people pay attention to the curfew it kicked in until 10:00 o'clock and goes until 5:00 o'clock in the morning. officers fired smoke grenades into the crowd 20 minutes after the mandatory 10:00 p.m. curfew kicked in. those who call this area home begged people to leave. >> because i don't want them to use lethal force. i know they now have the right to do that. >> reporter: a far cry from 24 hours earlier when buildings went up in flames cars were destroyed and police officers were rushed to the hospital. the crowd spent all day and most of the night at the corner of pennsylvania and north.
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we spotted philadelphia bishop terrence priest who drove down for a front row seat. >> after so many times of knocking usually what comes next people kick in the door and this is what we have. >> reporter: he met with demonstrators and preached a positive non violent message to as many people as possible. >> violence is never the proper channel. communication is vital. respect on both sides have title. >> reporter: police and national guard troops out in full force all day into night. one man was hauled off in handcuffs. neighbors in other volunteers spent hours cleaning out the remains avenue cvs pharmacy store burned during monday's violence the threat of more violence led major league baseball to make unprecedented decision. announced no fans will be a a loud inside camden yards when the orioles and white sox play on wednesday. >> justice needs to be brought. the police officers that brought that young man's spine. >> image like this make him sick. >> this is a disgrace.
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tearing up young communities. >> overnight occur fee is neck until 5:00 o'clock in the morning. if people don't follow it police say they will be ready. >> i think it's going to go real south real fast. >> reporter: police stopped use those smoke bombs about 30 minutes ago but we're told that they could use them at any time if they find people that are on the street that are not supposed to be. we have some video of folks walking the streets a little while ago refuse to go listen to those officers for the most part today it has been peaceful but when that occur fee kicked in at 10:00 o'clock tonight that's when we started to see people not listening to those police officers. we're live in baltimore tonight david spunt cbs3 "eyewitness news". david, thank you very much. and be safe down there. we have new pictures tonight of the new jersey state police who are on the ground in baltimore. maryland's governor larry hogan tweeted these photos earlier tonight. they showed the governor greeting the straight troopers who arrived in baltimore this evening. governor chris christie sent 100 of them plus 50 enlisted and civilian personnel to help out.
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they left mer sorry sorry county earlier today and stay in baltimore for 72 hours. >> they're really going down to help that community recover from what has occurred. and to assure that both life and property are protected. >> governor christie reached out to maryland governor last night offering his support. well tonight a cbs news exclusive with that mother who dragged her son from the riots last night and read him the riot act in the process. >> this video of graham has gone viral. sean about to settle for her son causing chaos and as soon as she pulled him out of the crowd she served up a dose of discipline. some tonight are calling her mother of the year. and she talked only with cbs news. >> i could see the objects being thrown at the police and i was like in awe my god this is happening right here with me. and law low and behold i turned around and i looked in this crowd and my son is actually coming across the street with
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this hoodie on and a mask. at that point i just lost it. that's my only son. and at the end of the day i don't want him to be a freddie gray. >> you can hear more from toy ya graham tomorrow morning when she appears on exclusively on cbs this morning. tune in starting at 7am right here on cbs3. a double shooting in wilmington sends two women to the hospital. chopper three over the scene on west sixth street. no word on the entities of the victims or their conditions tonight. police are trying to figure out now what led up to that shooting. chopper three was also over christiana hospital where a group of people gathered following shooting. well new at 11:00 o'clock tonight, some sad news we've learned a young boy has been hit by a car in frankford and is in critical condition at children's hospital tonight. this happened in the 1700 block of brill street just after 8:00 o'clock this evening. philadelphia police tell "eyewitness news" that theiver of that car did remain at the scene and the accident is
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under investigation. a united airlines plane bound for newark makes an emergency landing landing at philadelphia international airport after an engine catches fire. and passengers say it made for a terrifying few minutes. "eyewitness news" reporter diana rocco has more on this scare in the sky. >> initial reaction to the bank and the drop was oh, god. >> reporter: scary moms for passengers on united express night 4882. this is passenger cell phone video shot moments after the plane coming from raleigh, north carolina made an emergency landing at philadelphia international airport tuesday. >> i had my headphones on and the music playing and i still herd allowed pop. the plane shifted. you know, that side went down. just for a brief second. you could feel that side drag. >> it dropped. when there was a bank it dropped quickly. >> reporter: right engine failed mid air on the way to newark. "eyewitness news" pulled the plane safety records and found
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this airplane made two previous emergency landing both in 2013. brian giordano final defendant nation is scotland shot this video of passengers evacuating the plane moments after landing and emergency crews showering the engine with foam. >> there's some adrenaline involved with it certainly when you're up that high and they say brace. >> he says the airplane was calm and from the moment pilots announced they were landing until the wheels touched the ground. >> a lot of clapping and the pilot got on and said everybody get out! >> stop clapping and get out. >> the plane was towed off the runway somebody passengers opted to board buses to newark airport airport. emergency landing backed up planes coming in and out of philly international for part of the afternoon. >> just there was a plane on the runway and we were detain. we were up there about 40 minutes. >> reporter: one spoke with passenger who decided he was done for airplanes for while and opted to take cab much all of the remaining passengers were taken by shuttle bus or collecting flight to newark to
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continue on their way. at philadelphia international airport i'm diana rocco cbs3 "eyewitness news". >> penndot at this hour is working to resurface south park avenue in lower providence following a deadly crash there. chopper three overhead as that work couldn't to do tonight. two trucks collided yesterday spilling barrels of cosmetic makeup powder there. throughout this day crews used dishwasher detergent pressure washers and powerful vacuum to clean up the mess but the road remains slick. an aqua truck driver was killed in that crash. penndot hopes to have that road reopened by a morning. >> grand jury investigating the death of erika crippen indicted her husband and mother tonight. kyle crosby is charged with first degree murder and jo crosby of sicklerville charged with hindering apprehension. those charges followed the discovery of erica crippen's body in maryland last month. she had gone missing new new year's
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eve. kyle crosby is being held on $1.2 million bail. his mother is free on $12,500 bail. nepal's prime minister says as many as 10,000 people may have died in saturday's earthquake. a drone over the capitol city of kathmandu giving us a new look at the definite staying caused by the magnitude 7.8 quake. we also have new video of the moment the quake struck. you can see the shaking and the people scrambling for safety in this surveillance video. mack us will survival stores continue to emerge. days after the earthquake rescuers pulled this woman from the rubble. and international rescue and medical teams are making their way into nepal. aid has been slow in arriving and in some cases it's even been turned away because kathmandu's airport too small to cope with so much traffic. the head of fema is taking action to resolve flood insurance claims from super storm sandy. the flood program has to be
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revamped. he says the program is focusing too much attention on making sure that claims are not overpaid instead of paying the full amount of legitimate claims claims. >> now to a live-changing moment moment. watch as this teenager finds out that she's won a preves stitches college scholarship. >> there she is. what a moment for shamya woods elliot attends the stem academy in the chester upland school district she's won the gates millennium scholarship tonight she'll use that scholarship to attend sketchier university. she was chosen because of her out standing a chief manies in and out of the classroom. we're told she is the fourth student from the chester upland district to win that scholarship since 2013. so congratulations to is a myra big things i think are ahead for that young woman. no doubt about it. >> good luck to her. new tonight the crime caught on camera that will leave you
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shaking your head. >> it's a crime that left members of this bucks county church stunned. who would steal money meant for the poor? i'm todd quinones and next see the man police are after and the interesting reason why people here want him caught. it's the warm before the storm. a developing coastal storm or nor'easter that will impact our weather as we head toward the weekend. we'll have details coming up in that seven day forecast. >> then it's bradley cooper like you've never seen him before. we'll tell was new honor the actor can now add to his growing list of accolades. >> and have you ever noticed the same item always on sale? jim donovan has a three on your side consumer alert tonight. beg time retailers are using deceptive practices to get you to buy. we'll go undercover to check it out when "eyewitness news" contin
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>> crime that will leave you shake your head a man caught on camera stealing money that was going to be given to the poor.
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it happened at the nativity of our lord church on street road in warminster. "eyewitness news" reporter todd quinones was with parishioners tonight. ♪ >> reporter: tangles up with their hope and belief there isnt. seeing this surveillance video of a thief breaking in to take money from donation boxes for the poor was tough for the faithful. >> for us as catholic the church is the place where the blessed sacrament is reposed like it's sacred to us. you know somebody would go in there and do that and upping, and it's just disheartening. >> during a special mass nativity of our lord church in warminster tuesday night parishioners stepped in front of the shrine of saint to pay homage. they inadvertently stepped in the same footprints where the thief walked hours earlier as he stole the money. >> you need money why don't you ask for it? instead of stealing from church that is a lot of people who will give if you ask.
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>> reporter: it's believed the thief an older white male was dark colored hair and a possible goatee broke in monday night through a side door just after 11:30. >> window is about this big. they smashed that out. i hope the person is caught for two reasons. one, that he doesn't do it again some place and two that if he does have problems, maybe he'll get help. >> reporter: the father believes the thief probably made off with less than $100 as church officials here cleared out those poor boxes just a couple of days ago. in the meantime warminster police are asking anyone who might recognize this guy to call them immediately. reporting in warminster, bucks county, todd quinones cbs3 "eyewitness news". well new at 11:00 o'clock tonight, a slain philadelphia police officer is being remembered. >> a free self-defense class was held in memory of ronald wilson. self-defense experts taught
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tactics anyone can use to defend themselves in a dangerous officer. donation will go to officer wilson's family he was killed in the line of duty back in march while protecting patrons in attempted a robbery at a north philadelphia game stop store. >> have you ever noticed certain stores constantly running sales. it's great to save money one consumer group says big time retailers are using deceptive practices to get you to buy. in fact as three on your side consumer reporter jim donovan found out it's like having a sale that never ends from blenders to bedding. >> they're on sale again today. >> reporter: lawnmowers. >> 369.99. >> reporter: to luggage. >> 50% off. >> reporter: everywhere you look these days it seems a store is holding a sale. at justice the girls clothing store 40% off signs are often the norm. but it's also got them in hot water. a federal lawsuit claims the discounts never end. possibly violating consumer protect laws.
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and when we went shopping with our undercover cameras we found never ending sales happening elsewhere, too. at sears this kitchen aid mixer looks to be a deal. >> originally 419.95 now thee 35.99. >> it was on sale every time we check. 25 out of 25 days. >> this crafts man lawnmower was only offered at full price one day. it was on sale 24 out of 25 days days. and this five piece luggage set was on sale 21 of 25 days at sears. >> it's really kind of a permanent sale at sears. >> kevins the executive editor of delaware valley consumers checkbook says, this sort of pricing is intentional and deceptive. >> they're miss heeding the cuts customers into thinking that's a special price forme today. i better jump on this. i better not compare prices. >> it's not just sears. >> sears, kohl's and to certain extent macy's just almost always are always have their stuff on sale. >> for nine months checkbook
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tracked online prices once a week and found that regular prices were rarely charged. >> i think they are using deceptive advertising practice. >> macy's we found levi's 401 jeans were full price one day out of 25. the rest of the time they were on sale. or part of a buy one get one promotion. and this mixer was on sale 80% of the days we check. >> $150 off. >> macy's toll us they strive to comply with all laws and regulations. and prices may vary within the course of a week. we found that especially at kohl's. where vera wang bed spreads were on sale for 25 days straight. queen seize retail price was 169.99 and the sale prices bounced around deed pending on the day. one day it was 76.49. the next 118.99 it dropped down again to 101.99. so the moral of the story. >> never assume a sale price is a good price. it doesn't matter if it says 75% off.
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don't assume that that sale is a good sale unless you've done shopping around. >> reporter: we reach out to sears and kohl's for comment we never heard back. by the way earlier this year, justice settled a class action lawsuit in ohio. it gave ohio shoppers who felt wrong add $12 rebate or ironically a 40% off coupon. (laughter). >> i'm telling you i know the merchandise in these stores. >> you went 26onsecutive days. >> did they recognize you. >> after awhile. how many more disgrace guys could we have. the customers were asking to take selfie. you need shop around to know what you're buying and never buy a mixer unless they're on sale because they're always on sale in every store. >> the stores have got to treat the customers honestly. >> thank you, jim. >> that would be like if the weather was just always nice. >> always nice. >> you can never complain about having a bad day because it's always nice. >> we wouldn't complain. >> it would be a boring world and i'd be out a job. we don't want that.
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we do have one of those days and then the weather will change very quickly around here as we're tracking a nor'easter. that's developing and it will impact our weather by the end of the week. take look outside where it sure is pretty. clear skies light winds comfortable conditions temperatures falling fast and in some spots. here's a look at our weather highlight. we have one warm day this week and then tracking a possible nor'easter then we're looking ahead to our first weekend of may. but will it really feel like it? that's the question. average high in philadelphia this time of year is 68. today 71. we'll ride high tomorrow then dip below average and then up again by the weekend. so there is a redeeming quality to this seven day coming up. right now in philadelphia, 61. 58 now in allentown. 50 in the poconos look at millville clear skies light winds, cool temperatures. right now we're sitting at 45 degrees. as we look ahead high pressure will sit over us tomorrow. so definitely the best day of the week. sunny, light winds lots of sunshine. a great day to be outside with high temperatures in the mid
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70s. as soon as that high slides off the coast to new england it allows this coastal up the east coast. right now, looks like it will bring some clouds, some showers a little bit of wind op thursday. highs in the 60s. passes by pretty close on friday friday. bringing that on shore flow. cool conditions, cloudy skies breezy conditions and temperatures only in the 50's. the good news is, this low is expected to pull farther away and we clear it out saturday and sun day. so overnight clear seasonably cool the low 48. during the day tomorrow, the high 75 degrees. hope you had the coons get out enjoy it as we go hour by hour, 8am55. the noon hour 69. 73 at 2:00 o'clock. dinnertime 71. and any evening activities looking good with an 8:00 o'clock temperature of 65. on the exclusive "eyewitness weather" seven day forecast 10 degrees cooler on thursday. friday we bottom out with a little bit of wind and rain and then things looking up for that first weekend in may. 68 saturday. 74 on sunday.
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look at monday and tuesday highs in the upper 70s. some spots making it to 80 degrees. >> hey. >> hey there. >> that's looking good. >> that's looking good and then it's right on time. we're getting into may now. >> that's right. >> kathy thanks. >> in a couple days we'll talking about the future of the philadelphia eagles. to night maybe a look at the future of the phillies. >> yeah. it wasn't the debut that he wanted but he's the new guy winner of a big award as the best in the farm system. sevi a good time for a winner. sevi gonzales didn't last long but his bap
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>> chevy gonzales won the paul owens award the best pitcher in the farm system. he didn't last long in this major league dee debut tonight. he got the fir batter out and it went downhill from there. after a matt carpenter triple matt holiday came to the mate and hit a double to left center.
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carpenter scores. matt adams hit a grounder up the middle just past chase utley for a single. holiday beat herrera's throw at the plate and rookie was in two to nothing hole. the cards scored two more times in the second. john jay singled and colton would know scored. gonzales gave up seven runs and two and two-thirds innings. major league debut not what he expected but he's got a great future. phillies lost 11-five. >> dominic brown the former all star had romaine in the minors with lehigh valley. he started the season on the dl with an achilleas problem. that's a batting problem. he's batting .139 as bad as the mares replacing him in the out feel. ryne sandberg says the 27-year-old isn't ready for big league pitching and needs more work. nfl draft just two days away away. a local football player is on track to be drafted his name is
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abraham campbell he's chestnut hill grad. four year starter at northwestern. now the safety is projected to go as high as the first round on thursday. >> i try to honestly try to stay away from it 'cause really going for through the process you have no idea what's going to happen. so i'm trying to stay as camp as possible and whatever happens just run with it once it does happen. >> reports say the eagles and quarterback sam bradford are negotiating a contract extension extension. so sam is the quarterback. or the birds have a deal in place in which a team is saying sign bradford long term at this number. we'll take him and some other assets in the deal. let you move up for a shot at marcus mariota. >> oh! >> people aren't stupid. they want a
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>> another great hahn for for jenn kin suns toes bradley cooper. of course nominated for other oscar for american sniper. he landed a coveted spot on time
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magazine's most influential list list. >> well now he's finding himself on yet another impressive list. cooper has been nominated for a tony award for his role in broadway's the elephant man. eighths roll that's close to his march. 40-year-old says he's wanted to may the live of the real life british man living with severeformity since he was 12 years old. >> he researched the part for 20 years and transforms on the stage with no help with makeup or prosthesis. he financed the hit play. you'll see if he takes that award home here on cbs3. >> the big show is sunday june june 7th at 8:00 p.m. isn't "eyewitness news" returns in the morning at 4:30 and ukee washington. erika von tiehl and meteorologist katie fehlinger. we thank you for watching "eyewitness news" at 11:00. for beasley kathy and everyone i'm chris may. the late show with david letterman is next. have a good night. we'll see you tomorrow.
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