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tv   Eyewitness News at 5  CBS  May 4, 2015 5:00am-5:31am EDT

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jump off herrer? >> that's what police in allentown trying to figure out right now, what appears to be attempted murder suicide. it happened yesterday afternoon, along the hamilton street bridge above the lehigh river. jan carabeo joins us live in allentown. >> ukee, erika, couple of fast acting allentown police officers were able to save this one year old child's life after police say his mother through him off a bridge they found him some 700 feet downstream, able to track him down, revive him using cpr. that little boy in serious condition this morning, but expected to survive. take a look at this video. this all happened on the hamilton street bridge over the lehigh river yesterday afternoon. police say witnesses saw a 19 year old mother pushing her son in a stroller, when she stopped in the middle of the bridge, and tossed the one year old over. the child dropped more than 50 feet into 4 feet of water filled with rocks. police say the mother then
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jumped off the bridge herself. officers were alerted and arrived on scene in a minute. they first spotted the 19 year old climbing out of the river and collapsing on to the bank. police then found the child hundreds of yards downstream where officers were able to revive him. >> it took us about four minutes hope dating where this baby might be. he was eventually found about 700 yards, down river. >> both mother and son were taken to the hospital in serious condition. but, again both expected to survive, at this point no charges have been filed but this investigation is ongoing. and police are looking into this case as attempted murder suicide. we'll stay on top of t for now live in allentown, jan carabeo, "eyewitness news". >> we will get back to you. well, police are investigating a fatal shooting in north philadelphia investigators tell us a man was shot near the intersection of fountain and east atlantic streets. he was taken to the hospital
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where he died. no details on the suspect at this time. developing right now police have shot and killed two gunmen in a dallas suburb after they opened fire on a security guard. it happened outside after conference center in garland during contest for cartoons depicting the muslim profit muhammad. the security guard was treated and released from the hospital. the contest was hosted by the american freedom defense initiative. now, that's the same group responsible for anti-islamic ads on septa buses in philadelphia. there were a military or policemen everywhere running. urging us quickly to get back inside as fast as we could. >> many muslims consider drawings of the profit muhammad to be blast famous. it is unclear, however, if the shoot something related to the event. our justin finch will have much more coming up at 5:30. right now coming up on 5:03, traffic and weather together. this is beautiful morning i imagine out there on the skydeck?
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>> very, very, yes, very much so very comfortable out here this morning not terribly breezy yet. that will will change with time. what you can't see because it is a set shot here on the skydeck, there is a significantly lit moon out here right now. and it is actually helping to light up the night sky as well as down to the sidewalk. so i took a picture of. that will i will be post that to twit near matter of seconds here. but, let's give up that forecast, give awe sense of what the day has in store. did you like yesterday? how could you not? it was so nice. and today offering up basically more of the same. the big difference, i would say here, is that we are going to see temperatures climb ever so slightly higher, few extra degrees on to the thermometer for you. but storm scan stays empty. then eventually we also start to see bit of breeze kicking in too. here's where we are standing in terms of temperature generally 50's most of the board, comfortable granted but it is still jacket weather at its finest, at 49 degrees currently in allentown, little cooler up toward of course those higher l investigations in the poconos, for example. not to mention down near the shore point.
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that is pertains to the region as a whole nice little dose of early to mid to even late june here, depending on your location, 84 degrees with sunshine expectation in philadelphia, be careful with open flame, when that wind kicks in but overall this is a beautiful day. justin? >> that's right, katie. pretty cool how it is casino of chilly, 40's, 50's, then once the sun comes up, that sun will go to work and sunrise coming in at 5:58. prep guide rebounds to the mid zero's, to the roads again moonlit skies, so no threat of any rain this morning that's great news. for the driving conditions, we will be battling sun glare later on, 76 bees montgomery, looking into the city really quiet. little more volume out bound. certainly no significant delays to talk b the ben franklin bridge into the city again, few travel lettering coming into new jersey, all quietment again road conditions are good on all bridges. we do have car fire, lawncrest, may if fair street. fire under control. keep that in mine.
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area speeds to our south and to delaware, new castle county looking good route 195, 495 around philadelphia. maybe headed over the bridge into new jersey looking good on 295 and the turnpike, running pretty much at the speed limit this hour n wilmington to two construction at 95, the right lane block. that will go until 7:00 this morning. mass transit report nothing delays. that's a look at your ride. >> thank you. happening today two people accused in the new jersey bridge scandal head to court. governor chris christie former deputy chief of staff kelly and port executive director, bill barone i, are accused of plotting politically motivated scheme to close lanes on the george washington bridge two years ago. both maintain their innocence. on friday, former port authority official david wildstein pleaded guilty, governor christie has not been implicated. >> closing arguments are scheduled today in the trial of a manna cured of murdering a marine in camden. darryl crohn shot timothy
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loper outside restaurant in 2013. according to police loper was trying to break up a fight when he was killed. and, autopsy will be performed today on a man whose body was found along the delaware river in camden. a child playing in that area of 28th street and adams avenue spotted the body in the water yesterday. body appears hispanic male in his 40's, working right now to identify him and figure out exactly how he died. philadelphia police have located two stolen cargo trucks involved in a federal investigation. the u-haul and penske trucks both recovered saturday morning. police had concerns the trucks might be part of larger terror plot. they said it was urgent they be tracked down. police add that this man is one of three suspect still at large this morning. the department of homeland security is involved in this investigation. well baltimore's mayor lift the mandatory city-wide curfew, the governor withdrawing national guard troops. both agree the unrest seems to have subsided now that six
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officers have been charged in the death of freddie gray. now the latest from baltimore. >> there are far fewer police on baltimore streets overnight, after the city's mayor lift add mandatory cup few. >> we will get through. >> this we will do it at one baltimore. >> earlier in the day national guard troops in the area to enforce the curfew began pulling out. as tensions over the death of freddie gray subside. >> we are going to continue to keep officers deployed in areas where there is the potential for concern where we have had previous incidents of violence. >> in the last week, authorities say, nearly 500 people were arrested, and more than 100 officers injured during riots and protests, about 200 businesses were looted, resulting in millions of dollars in losses. >> small mop and pop stores need your help. we encourage everyone to come back to the sit. >> i even as the mood continues to be normal, what counts as normal in baltimore
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is the real problem. >> we had former policing where people suspected of minor offenses subjected to overwhelmingly major uses of force often lethal. and so that's what we have to focus on here. >> dray died after suffering severe spinal cord injury in police custody april 12th. the 06 officers involved in his arrest face criminal charges, expect in the court at the end of the month n washington, "eyewitness news" on the "cw philly". as baltimore recovers, a message of hate is raising tension here if philadelphia. >> anti-police graffiti found spray painted on city garage. the message officers have for the vandals. >> also, we have seen her face but we still don't know her name. we'll take a look at the most popular picks for the new princess, and what's next for her and the growing royal family. >> and it is only the first week of may, but it feels more like june, doesn't it? katie lets us know how long we will enjoy the summer like temperatures when we do traffic and weather together.
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you tell us what you want to pay and we help find options to fit your budget. nah, nah, insurance, nah, nah, nah, discount. my name's flo, you want to go out with me? no. uh-huh-huh! >> queens village looking for the gun used to shoot 25 year old officer brian moore. police say 35 year old deem eat tree us black opened fire on officer moore and his partner who approached them from their unmark car. blackwell was arraigned yesterday. dozens of officers parked the courtroom. >> if you attack one of us, you attack all of us. he was gunned down, who prides himself on being called hell razor. well, as this judge just put
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him behind bars, he can raise hell in the island. >> blackwell being held without bail on long list of charges, including attempted murder and assault. in philadelphia, the search is on for vandals who spray paint in the anti-police graffiti. cops lives don't matter, was found on garage door over the weekends at bank street and elbow lane in old city. >> there is no room for anywhere in the city for anything like that. whether it is black lives police lives white lives every life matter. >> if you have any information about the graffiti you are urged to contact the police. coming up on 5:13, let's get our traffic and weather together on the 3's. katie? >> this is good stuff, yes. looking ahead to pretty quiet weather pattern overall even though, around the rest of the united state things starting to turn kind of volatile. in terms of stormy weather and systems that are developing, we are actually sort of in atmospheric roadblock, and the roadblock
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that we're stuck in is one that you kind of want to be stuck in. it means nice weather overall for our area. we start things off by taking you out to storm scan3, at the moment, no storms to speak of locally. frontal boundery, next one in line, will affect us hereby tomorrow, you can already see it ushering in showers thunderstorms across portions of the great lakes. that get hereby tomorrow. meantime, weaver essentially got heat pump going here, because you have area of high pressure anchored off the coast of north carolina, clockwise flow, shoving warmth right into our area, so that's where the warmth will come from out of this. meanwhile, well off to the west actually got some more stormy weather, brewing here today, looks like there will be new round of severe weather, firing up, potentially across the southern branch of the plane state, front range of the rockies. that's really where any activity in terms of stormy weather is going to be confined for the next couple of days. jet stream lifting far north for us, and keeping us in that warmth for couple of days here. the entire week in fact is above average.
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now, we talk about that cold front coming through that does knock temperatures back, but just wait. so for now mostly sunny feeling like june, feeling really like the beginning of summer. it is 84 degrees at the height of the day. breeze starts to kick in though out of the southwest with time. so just be real careful with open flame. partly cloudy, mild tonight good sleeping weather 62 degrees, under just few clouds. and then tomorrow late in the day we do start to see the showers, thunderstorms errupting. right now no expectation for severe weather. we'll keep an eye on, that wednesday the cool et cetera day of the pack still 4 degrees above average. don't you love it? justin, over to you. >> good stuff. yes, looking at the jet stream, looks like the ridge just holding in place for long time. that's why you see those temperaturesment looks like katie wants to do traffic why not? >> sorry, all clear. >> should i switch up little bit? look at 95, cottman right now, southbound, just little bit of volume showing up. looking pretty good all across the delaware valley as far as volume goes. to 76 the blue route right at
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ridge, going south here with the headlight. you can see the skies starting to lighten up, sunrise coming in at 5:58 this morning. route 202 southbound right around 252, valley forge road, dealing with a accident, it is on the shoulder, getting by. also down in wilmington, 202 at 95. do have construction zone going. this is taking out the right lane, 202 and 95, that goes until 7:00 this morning. area speeds across the city are looking good running at the speed limit. route one looks good. plim it road closed between 476, butler pike, due to sinkhole repairs ongoing until august 31 of this year. ukee, we send it back to you. >> thanks so much. race for the white house getting little more crowded today. we'll let you know about the two new candidates getting ready to launch their campaign. >> also, violents erupts overseas police clash with protesters. see what sparked these dangerous clashes coming
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there's over two hundred thousand students in philadelphia. jim kenney and tony williams are fighting over public schools versus charters. i think they're both's making sure they all get a good education. teachers should have their contracts respected. they also should be held accountable. and it's wrong philadelphia gets less school funding than
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other parts of pennsylvania. i'll work with harrisburg to change that. but if they refuse i'll take them to federal court. as mayor i'll do what's right for them.
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the royal family has a new principal sense, but prince william and kate have not told us her name yet. kate gave birth to the second child over the weekends, duke and duchess of cambridge will reveal their daughter's name once the queen is personally informed today. susan motorcycle begin which is more details from london. >> it all happened so quickly kate gave built saturday after less than three hours of labor. she and prince william left the hospital with their daughter just nine hours after she was born. but the duke and duchess of cambridge are taking their time revealing the name of britain's new princess. one newspaper dubbed her sleeping cutie.ondon have big money riding on the name. >> they keep saying charlotte and alice. i love both of those names. >> the princess will be a little sister to 21 month old future king, prince george. >> prince william and kate and their two children will soon leave their home here at kensington palace, and head to
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their country estate about two hours drives from london. they are expected to stay out of the public eye for several weeks. the new royal family of four will live in a secluded ten bedroom mansion on queen elizabeth estate in eastern glands. will and kate's kensington neighbors say they'll miss having them in london. >> you would see william driving his range rover. we will miss them. but of course they will be coming down here off and on. >> celebrations will continue this afternoon when the queen's soldiers fire royal gun salutes in hop or of the new princess. susan macinnis, cbs news, london. >> baby girl is knocked out. >> sleeping through it all the excitement. >> exactly. >> so cute. >> sports power cup ill calls it quits after few years together. hear why they say the relationship just could mom work out. >> how is this for role reversal? weightless leaves her own tip for a customer. see the message she left on the receipt. and how the diner responded.
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it's a money maker. i mean, i just feel like our children are paying the price for these high stakes tests and their teachers are stressed out about it. so, teachers aren't benefiting. they're not getting information from these tests that are helpful for teaching. kids aren't benefiting because they don't even know what they got right or wrong. they just know that they feel really bad about it. parents aren't benefitting because i don't get any more information about my child. so the only people that could possibly be benefitting from this are corporations who are making the tests and selling the tests.
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>> up know what today is? >> may the fourth. as in may the fourth be with you. it is star wars day. >> and the latest star wars movie doesn't come out until later this year. but we found some new characters for the hit franchise. >> is that princess von tiehl? >> oh, that would be my best leya look. >> my dreams of little girl are coming true. i always wanted to dress up like princess. hey, want to check out queen fehlinger? >> oh, my, the queen. >> natalie port man character.
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>> indeed. >> and ukee, hold on, a run for his money there you go. break it out. oh oh,. >> look good with the golden locks. >> right. all cool. all good. and, here's the newest jedi master, yoked a drabick. yoda drabick, over having some fun. may the fourth be with you on this star wars day 2015. >> so many great characters. loved those growing up. terrific. >> kate you made quite a lovely -- >> oh, i don't know about. that will i kind of look butt ugly. >> stop, no,. >> sorry, just thank you for not making me jab a did a hut being pregnant and everything. >> never. >> oh, katie. no, we love you common. our executive producer steve has quite a sense of humor. >> oh, yes he does. and so do we. >> i was a little nervous about what was showing up. >> queen, thank you so much. >> not as amazing as our forecast for the next week. >> that pretty much will take
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the cake here. really looking ahead to beautiful weather here. so full sunshine for you out there today. expecting temperatures to easily rebounds to the mid 80s. we can expect eventually little breeze will also kick in with that, that does mean do you have watch out for the elevated fire riskment meanwhile, storm scan empty right now, we take a take a look at the uv index pretty hi, to up about a eight hour when you have the full sunshine, generally typical for early may, but keep in mind, it is going to be great excuse to be outside. so have the sun block ready to go. sun glare is also an issue for your morning drive. but make some plans to get outside whether it is lunchtime or you have got some after school activities planned, late evening activities also being looking good. whole day just generally nice with the breeze kicking in, something you will notice, one more, mid 80s both today tomorrow, but tomorrow, marks the arrival andur next cold front. and with that front we have
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to dodge shower or perhaps a thunderstorm with that rumbling. also knocks the temperatures back to the mid 70s on wednesday. justin, over to you. >> good morning, i can hear the phones ringing people calling out of work already sick to enjoy today's weather. channel blame them for. that will to the roads, looking pretty good as far as volume goes. this is 95, again looking okay, both directions, northbound and southbound at cottman. volume will increase. new jersey northbound, headlight looking okay, skies starting to brighten up. 5:58 sunrise this morning do have accident christianna delaware on 273 right at i-95. so just be aware that far also we do have an accident route 202 southbound, at the route 252, that's valley forge road. the accident is on the shoulder. so traffic is getting by there. also another accident, lancaster pike at center ville road. vehicle struck a deer this mornings, speeds new castle
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kerr wear, speed limit through wilmington and the delaware memorial bridge looks good. that's a look at your ride this morning, we send it back to you ukee. >> thanks so much. let's check the sports page and phillies break their five game losing streak, and continue their road trip tonight in atlanta yesterday in miami, ryan howard, this one, to the gap right centerfield, tie the marlins two runs apiece, nicely done, ryan's first triple since last april. the phils added another six inning runs to give starter gonzalez his first major league w. that's great. phils win this one final score was six to two. former phils outfielder ron is out after job, after getting fired as milwaukee bruins manager. worse record in baseball at seven and 18 right now played for two seasons you may remember with the fighting's in the mid eight's. >> associated press says warriors guard steve curry will be named nba most valuable player later today.
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curry is the second warriors player to win the award. the last was the big fellow, wilt claim err zero chamberlain, back in 1960. the 27 year old averaged more than 23 points a game and broke his own record for three pointers, this season. very, very good player. back to you. >> coming up in the next hour, the latest on the mother accused of tossing her babe my allentown river. also chaos outside a controversial event when two gunmen are killed. and, there is a local connection to this shooting. >> and this morning message of forgiveness. hear what the parent of murdered state troop remember saying now to the suspected killerment and justin and katie return. they've got your traffic and weather together on the 3's. look at that beautiful sunrise, just starting down the shore. going to be beautiful summer like day. we're back in just two minute.
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controversial event, police in texas kills two suspected shooters. now investigators are trying to determine who or what was behind that shooting. >> group sponsor cartoon contest at the scene has ties to legal battle against septa. "eyewitness news" reporter justin finch joins us now in our satellite center to tell you more about it, justin, good morning. >> the group is the american freedom defense initiative. you might recall they won ruling from a judge a while back to run the april ad campaign on septa buses they call themselves a free speech group but their texas event ends in the gunfire now questions about these two men who they are and why they did what they did. >> news cameras were rolling as the gunfire pops nearby.


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