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tv   Eyewitness News at 11  CBS  May 5, 2015 2:07am-2:38am EDT

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now at 11:00, a bullet rid dead car an family under fire. tonight new information about a shooting that left a young philadelphia girl seriously injured and police trying to figure out why. good evening i'm jessica dean. >> i'm chris may. tonight investigators are looking for the person who pulled out a gun and started shooting. it was the end result of either impatience or anger.
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>> natasha brown is digging deeper into this story and has new information night. >> reporter: shattered glass from a random bullet that's still lodged in seven-year-old girl' head. >> seven-year-old is hodding her head screaming. she has blood on her hasn't. >> reporter: this was the scene saturday night at 53rd and haverford. unsuspectsuspecting driver briefly stops his car to unload something. his sisters sitting in the back seat. police believe the stop at a normally couldn't jeffed area may have triggered the gunfire from an impatient driver. >> we think a car that may have been stuck in traffic and may have been frustrated with the male slowing down because of the congestion over there pulls by him and fires on the car. >> reporter: bullet peered the back passenger side window of the car narrowly missing the the two other children. police have been scowering the neighborhood looking for surveillance video that may lead them to the shooter. right now they only have a vague description of a black car scene speeding off. >> people out there may know who did this and may know who has this dark colored car in that
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area. we believe there were two or three people in that car. >> reporter: the girl is expected to be okay. she was rushed to children's hospital her young mind not fully grasping the severity of what happened. the doctors contemplate the removing the small caliber bullet from her skull. >> she was walking around the hospital. seems to be in good spirits. probably doesn't realize what happened here. >> reporter: right now police do believe there may have been several other people in the car with the shooter at the time. they are urging anyone with information to please come forward. this suspect will ultimately be facing aggravated aggravated assault and attempted murder charges. nashua brown, cbs3 "eyewitness news". >> natasha, thank you. there's breaking news right now this video into our newsroom of some huge flames in southeastern new york from a forest fire that is burning right now. it all began yesterday and is steadily moved east in olster county. one community has been vac
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weighed there and a thousand acres have burn so far. knots not clear how this fire got started. several small fires burning in the south jersey pinelands may have been intentionally set. "eyewitness news" over pemberton township, burlington county earlier today. there were five fires there that scorched about 80 acres in all. the focus of the fire fighting effort was near route 70. there were no homes or structures that were threatened. exclusively on "eyewitness news" tonight the broad street run quickly turned into a race to save lives. two runners who collapsed with heart problems during the 10-mile race are alive thanks to quick hissing law enforcement officers. first runner scene in fbi video obtained by "eyewitness news" is 2 miles in the race. the second runner is broad back to life after he falls unconscious after crossing the finish line. >> gentleman stan as close you are to me right now clapped in front of me and the medics were just to my right and they sprang into action, and they
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revised the individual. >> the first responders performed cpr and used defibrillator to save the runners lives. officials are optimistic both runners are now on their way to a full recovery. a lot of tears in chester county tonight. three lives were lost in a fast-moving house fire. first responders rushed to 374 hill road in west cowan township this afternoon. to night "eyewitness news" reporter diana rocco traveled to the scene and spoke with some devastated neighbors. >> reporter: charred structure all that replace of this home on hill road in township. >> crews wept to work immediately upon, you know fighting the fire we found we had thee victims inside. at that point we continued to extinguish the blaze r. >> reporter: thee women grieving a deceased grandmother are killed when the fire destroys the elderly woman's house. two men and children were able to escape much this neighbor says family member told her the fire started on the front porch just afternoon.
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>> she says that her two aunts and her cousin were killed in the fire because they couldn't get out through the hole that the uncle and the children got out of in the back of the house. and she shed the uncle tried to rip open an opening for them but they refused to jump. >> seeing all that smoke. once you smell smoke like that's correct you know, you come out. once you see all that coming up over that. >> art lives across the street. he was home when the fire started. >> you got a mobile home and stuff did you ever see one of them things go up like that. they go up. i've seen them go up before. you know, them things, boo gown. >> the 84-year-old grandmother who lived here died last night. family members gathered at her home monday to mourn her when disaster struck. the wind caused the flames to spread to the woods before it was extinguish. >> when you've actually see how quick they go, it's a scary thing, because like i said i i thought it was going to come up the driveway to my house report roar the cause of the fire has not yet been determine.
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the chester county fire marshal is investigating. as this family now mourn the loss of four members in less than 24 hours. in west caln township, chester county die nan rocco cbs3 "eyewitness news". >> new york city police officer died today two days after he was shot in the head inside his unmarked squad car. 25-year-old brian moore was in a coma after under going surgery on saturday. moore and his patrol partner were a item to go to stop a man suspected of carrying a gun in queens much police say that suspect demetress blackwell fired twice at the officers striking moore in the head and face. blackwell is being held without bail. a pair of not guilty pleas today in the george washington bridge scandal that rock the office of new jersey governor chris christie. former christie port authority appointee bill baroni and former christie deputy chief of staff bridget kell until were federal court. they were charged as former port
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authority employee david wildstein pleaded guilty in that case. wildstein reportedly told prosecutors that he conspired with baroni and kelly to jam traffic in fort lee. all to punish the borough's mayor who did not support governor christie's re-elect. today baroni denied those claims claims. >> i would never risk my career, my job my reputation for something like this. >> kelly professed her innocence on friday at a press conference. governor christie has denied any knowledge of that plan. happening now nighttime lane closures started to night on the vine street expressway as part of a four-year project to replace seven did he lap poe dated bridge. tonight through wednesday night/westbound lanes will be closed between 10:00 p.m. and 5:00 a.m. on thursday and friday it's the eastbound lanes that will be affected. the $64.8 million project is being paid for entirely with federal funds.
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well tonight local kids got the chance to play basketball against maybe a bit of an unexpected opponent. >> ballgame in philadelphia brought the community together for a positive message and each opponent walk away a winner. "eyewitness news" reporter david spunt takes us there. >> reporter: with school open out and summer just a few weeks away sack spent most the night at his second home. tonight he played in opponent he'll never forget. >> seem like cool people. they don't seem like threatening and trying to -- they seem regular human beings. >> here here to help. everybody that has issues we don't mind listen to go. >> philadelphia police officer tyrone bacon joined zach and dozens of other kids at the right rec center on the banks of the schuylkill. for a few games of hoops. they talked a little basketball but more importantly they talked about life. >> not all about grabbing somebody frisking them, and violating them it's not about
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that. >> reporter: for sag tread well basketball is live. playing game with physical police officers meant so much to him. >> zach nay never ab police officer. he wants to be a teacher. but a game like this helps him realize why police officers are important. >> they seem okay like they got good personalities. they like to commune 98. >> it helped officer bacon understand his new friend before summer hits and the two meet again. >> it's all about not locking people up. it's about helping a person. everybody is here to help a person. >> david spunt, cbs3 "eyewitness news". >> people are talking about the name of the newest british royal. the daughter of prince will william and cared middleton. >> she is charlotte elizabeth diana. charlotte is the feminine form of the name charles which is his dad.
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the middle name honors the queen and the latest princess diana william's mother. diana's brother charles spencer also has a daughter and her name is charlotte diana. >> well it is the night that some of the biggest celebrities in the world dressed up in some of the their most outrageous fancy outfits. coming up here on "eyewitness news", we'll have highlights from it to tonight's star-studded met gala. all an interesting look and there was one of your favorites. >> i love to see all those dresses in what they do there in new york. one of the biggest stars in new york city would be the late show's david letterman. he was not in the met gallery tonight. >> not his thing. >> frame from time to time dave likes to shine his attention on philadelphia. >> i began my show business career in philadelphia. as the philly phanatic. that was my first job. (laughter). >> i did not know that. >> as the countdown to david letterman's final show continues, see the special moment when philadelphia was center stage on the late show. that's next.
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>> kathy. >> coming up we're tracking a thunderstorm threat. a cold front moving in to a warm air mass. we'll show was happens with plus looking a towed mother pots day. >> and caught on video this is no ordinary refrigerator raid. you won't believe what this college student is accused of of doing that has her in big trouble tonight. >> and mccoy maclin, they were all hot sellers at one point. but what do you do when you shell out big money for a injuries see only to see that player go somewhere else? we'll tell you how local store is helping you protect your neck purchase. ♪
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>> one of two gunmen killed in an tack outside a prophet mohammed cartoon contest in texas has been investigated by the fbi since 2006. officials say elton simpson was zen dense to do probation as a subject of a terror investigation in 2010. simpson and his roommate nadir are accused of of shooting unarmed guard in garland texas
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last night. an officer with the guard returned fire killing the men. prior to that shooting police say security was tight. a just of south carolina student faces charges to night after besmears say she was caught on camera trying to poison her roommate. according to a police report this video shows 22-year-old haley king opening the refrigerator spitting into some of the containers of food and then spraying windex into other others. king's roommates told police they got suspicious after getting sick and installed surveillance cameras around that house. investigators say the incident stemmed from on-going dispute between king and her roommates. >> wow. two political outsiders have now officially join the republican presidential field. the former tech executive carli fee or reno announced her candidacy today. she started out as secretary at hewlett packard and a sended to become the company's ce oval. also joining the race doctor ben carson the retired neurosurgeon
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has been a big critic of the president's affordable care act. well tonight is one of biggest nights the year when it comes to fashion. >> that's right. we're talking about the 2015 met ball in new york. the red carpet was packed with a list stars strutting their fashionable selves. this year' theme was china through the looking glass. sarah jessica parker wearing a head peace as she did last year as well. kerry washington going with pink number. kim kardashian with a revealing dress there but not quite as revealing as perhaps beyonce'. lots of great fashion there tonight. >> politicians were always favorite star get of this guy david letterman so were celebrities. tonight you got to take a look back at the moment moments his 33 years in television. >> that's right. we took a look back in our own archives for a few moments when dave turned his attention to physical. and we learned not only about what he says was his first job in show business but also what he's hoping to do next.
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>> i began my show business career in philadelphia as the philly phanatic. that was my first job. (laughter). >> dave always the jokester but his show through the years that willie flare from will smith to tina fey to pennsville new jersey's bruce willis. >> i don't think anyone has been here for often than that. 61 times. >> dave even did a philly show. >> from new york where everyone in the audience is from philadelphia the late show with david letterman. >> here it is. beautiful skyline. bring it in, boys. show the folks. >> what would a philly show be without rocky. >> stop the music. >> oh, my god. what are you doing here? >> representing the great city of philadelphia. i want to congratulate you on this america's 10,000 lane rocky parody.
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>> the show also featured a visit from your philadelphia phyllis lease. >> from the home office in manayunk pennsylvania, curt shilling's pre-game rituals. number 10 -- >> sit naked for an hour in entire tup of philadelphia cream cheese. >> for then mayor ed rendell a huge fan the 1999 phillies show was just part of why he loved letterman. >> he really broke the mold. he was the first comedian to do humor out of the box. but david letterman was more cutting, more sarcastic and more fun and he did some things that are so wacky it's believable. >> reporter: rendell one of many politicians who played along with dave. >> i didn't know this was going to be this long. >> philly favorite survive castaway appeared on the late show couple of times. >> dave just was asking me a bunch of questions about, you know, the island, you know, was that any hanky panky going on
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out there. i'm like no, dave. >> wis had he fellow cass aways doing the top 10 isn't if you prepare rat by carefully cleaning, seasoning and cooking it it's pretty bad. >> thank you jervis. >> doing the top 10, dave's top 10. he changed the late night talk show game. >> mack in the '90's former "eyewitness news" anchor larry kane interviewed letterman and asked about the end of the line. >> maybe in the year 2000 sand i would have said to myself and certainly the american viewing public will probably be happy to hear it it's time to go away. >> and back then, what did he say he'd do after retirement? >> would you write? would you lecture? would you teach at school or what? rodeo clown. >> thank you. >> i love how he goes lecture? >> rodeo clown would probably be a better gig. but those shows when he would go on the road, philly, he went to chicago, went to la, dave was
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new york but those crowds on the road were so electric when ever he'd there be they were always great shows. great show and you've got a few more shows to see before it's all over. of course guests paying their last visits to the late show before the final show which is scheduled for may 20th and tonight president obama is stopping by the he had sullivan theater. >> also on for final time will ferrell. big show. you don't want to mitts action coming up tonight after "eyewitness news" at 11:35 right here on cbs3. >> a nice history with dave. >> a lot of fun to see that come together. that story come together. you didn't know how much philly history was there. >> let me tell you he started as a weatherman. >> that's right. >> not bad. back in the day. >> we know what's next for you kathy. >> that's right. i was going to tell you after the weather cast. we're talking about warm conditions but we'll see a few thunderstorms rolling through. busting this summertime like heat. take a look outside where it is very comfortable night.
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moonlit skies with temperatures still in the 60s some 70s in center city philadelphia. here's a look at the numbers right now in phila after a high of 85 today. feeling much more like july. allentown still 72. 66 in the poconos. millville 67 degrees. now, as we look ahead we have clear skies tonight but some clouds rolling in tomorrow and this is a line associate width a cold front. by the it moves eastward we are going to be seeing a few showers and thunderstorms. it's not going to happen till the afternoon between two and 8:00 p.m. scattered showers and up that storms. some downpours with gusty winds and lighten sag possibility with these isolate cells all because the cold front moving on 32 it will go into a dry but warm atmosphere temperatures will rise into the 80s ahead of it. behind the front drier cooler weather and that will move in by the time wednesday rolls around. we'll have increasing sunshine, temperatures in the 70s. high pressure to the north. keeps it on the cooler side and the humidity will be low.
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thursday we get back into the 80s. and by friday high pressure sinks to the south and gives us more avenue summer like pattern again. once we get into the 80s they'll stick around for awhile. the only problem with the heat is the pollen on those warm and breezy days. we get high pollen counts. so oak, birch and maple will be high tomorrow and the high category little bit lower wednesday when we cool down in the wake of the rain and high again thursday. remember that allergy medication. we're going to need it over the next several days. overnight mainly clear moonlit. the low 64. temperatures bounce back into the 80s. we climb 21 degrees over the course of the day. with some scattered showers and some isolated thunderstorms. as you plan your day sunshine for the morning commute lunch outside a good bet. after school temperatures in the 80s with a few isolated showers. the same in the evening. for tee ball, soccer you may get under one of those cells. on the seven day forecast, looking ahead to warmer temperatures. thursday 49 day back in the 80s. saturday 85.
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sunday morning with the race for the cure at the art museum it will be warm and sunny. the afternoon for mom, looks great, 85 degrees. the neck chance for showers will be monday with a high of 84 degrees. if i were a golfer, beasley reece, i would play tomorrow morning. >> you don't need that much encourage many, right? >> you're ready to go. >> i'll at least practice. >> playoff picture -- >> y not our guys but we do have the playoff picture in basketball and hockey. we'll talk about that plus the fightin' phils playing their eighth straight road game and looking for a second straight win much that's ahead i
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the phillies road trip continues in at than, georgia. aaron harang facing his former club for the fir since his move to philadelphia. here we go. phillies bats were working errly. top of the first jeff francoeur is going to double to left field field. that will score ben revere and gave the phillies the early advantage. same inning, bases loaded and
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now carlos row is slaps a single to right field. that will bring two more runs home and felt lease jumped out to a three to nothing lead. nice night for harang as usual he gave up one run on five hits, six innings of work, phillies win five-to two. nba playoffs game one between the cavaliers and the bulls. cleveland playing without the injured kevin love and the suspended jr smith. we'll pg up the act in the fourth. cavaliers down four. lebron james giving it up in the paint and. they let led by two. cavaliers down double digits at one point. too much from the bulls tonight. derek rose finding castle there. chicago take game one 99-92. to the nh rangers and capitals game three. and it was the only goal of the game. jay beagle followed his own miss stuck at home.
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performance bite defense of washington. they win it one to nothing and take a two-one series advantage. indians versus the blue jays in a highlight real blooper. the ball boy snags a base hit that was actually in play. he thought it was foul,. >> oh! >> he didn't know what to do so he handed the ball to a fan and sat down. >> they rallied from there to win the game. maybe it was good luck. we'll be right back.
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after the roller coaster that's been the eagles off season some fans may ab little reluctant to go out and buy that bradford or tebow jersey. >> you never know when they might head out of town a local sporting good chain has solution. schuylkill valley sports is offering insurance on a new eagle jersey. if you buy one and that player gets tradeed traded within 18 months bring in the receipt. you get to keep the jersey you get to buy a new one at half price.
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and the insurance is not expensive. that is a deal. >> good news. >> very smart business on their part. >> okay. eagles fans, now you kno
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>> "eyewitness news" returns in the morning at 4:30 with ukee, erika and katie. we thank you for watching
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"eyewitness news" at 11:00. for bees, kathy and all of us here i'm chris may. >> i'm jessica dean. the late show with david letterman is next with president barack obama and will ferrell. have a good night. we'll see you tomorrow. >> female announcer: the following is a paid program for murad, celebrating 25 years of health and skincare breakthroughs, starring joan lunden. find out why millions of women hollywood stars, and over 30,000 skincare specialists are turning to dr. howard murad to restore radiant, glowing skin and how you can finally look as young as you feel. >> male announcer: when you look in the mirror, what do you see? [ discordant chord plays ] >> when i look in the mirror, i look tired. >> i woke up the other day, i looked in the mirror, and i swear it was my mom looking at me. >> i look angry with my forehead and my lines. >> i don't want to look 50. i want to look younger. i feel younger. >> male announcer: so, why don't you look as young as you feel? [ discordant chord plays ] >> female announcer: the problem is hormonal aging -- a fact of


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