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tv   Eyewitness News at 6  CBS  May 6, 2015 6:00am-7:01am EDT

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victim. "eyewitness news" reporter jan carabao joins us at police headquarters with the very latest information jan. >> reporter: erika and ukee, a man in his 20's has died overnight as a result of this overnight shooting, in fair hill. now philadelphia police say that the area where this happened is largely residential area with some businesses. so they are hoping witnesses and surveillance video inside that area can help determine if two men, now in the hospital, are also actually responsible for that deadly shooting. thirty-two spent shell casing is and counting. homicide detective and the crime scene unit busy collecting evidence of the deadly shooting in fair hill overnight that has left two men in the hospital and one man dead. >> he was shot multiple times in the head, chest and torso. he was collapsed on the sidewalk next to the parked car. police pick him up, transported him to temple hospital where he was pronounced dead at 12:48 a.m. >> reporter: police on routine patrol heard gunfire just after 12:30 this morning.
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when officers arrived in the 3100 block of north sixth street they found all three victims, the 29 survivors a 22-year old and 23 year-old man, are in stable condition this morning. they are both being held as suspects at this point. >> we just don't know if the two shooting victims that are still alive, age 22 and 23, were involved in the homicide of the john doe. >> reporter: in the meantime police have recovered three guns on the the scene, two ditched under a van and one in the recycling bin. up investigators have the spotted businesses in the area with surveillance camera they hope captured the shoot-out until they can find out for sure police are left sifting through evidence. the the scene stretches from clear field through allegheny. >> we know several shots were fired. we have found 32 shell casings and we don't believe we are done counting shell casings. we believe we will find more. >> reporter: remember, three guns were found on the scene and that is why police say at
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this point they are treating the two men in the hospital this morning as suspects, at this point. in the meantime, they have not released the names in this case. they have not released a motive either but they do say just based on the sheer number of shots fired it is likely that the victim here was target had. we are reporting live outside philadelphia police headquarters jan carabao for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". philadelphia police hopes public can help find a man who abduct and sexually assaulted a woman. it happened early friday morning on on east york street. police say the woman was walking when man point aid gun investigators say he forced her into a van and kept her captive for over an hour. the attack has been having the neighbors very worried. >> i get scared because i'm always by myself. i don't know i don't worry about nothing i feel like i know have been. >> reporter: here's a sketch of the suspect. police describe him as likely hispanic, 21 to five. fifty-seven, 510 inches tall with a light complexion. if you have any information please contact the the philadelphia police
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department. just about 60:00 36789 lets get traffic ape weather together. the here's katie. >> good morning ukee. we are tracking a sluggish frontal passage. we are keeping cloud around. it feels muggy outside but not terribly uncomfortable. it is sort of the fine line i think but you will fine a little hint of fog depending on your location. southern most counties in the area that is possible for you. you can see there is wet weather to track but this isn't going to roll through our area as it the looks like it is going to. radar can be deceiving this line of rain, it is basically going to send a couple couple pockets of rain our way. that is what we will to have deal with throughout the day. toy want to touch on the tropics. right new is there disorganized area have showers and thunderstorms that may gather tropical characteristics in the next couple days and as earl a as tomorrow and become a disturbance but not expected to affect our area. what it might do is indirectly send a few more cloud heading our way over the weekend but
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it is something we want to highlight for you. we are at 66 degrees here in philadelphia low to mid 60's around the the rest of the region cooler by comparison with the rain falling up near poconos but that is essentially what you'll fine here today. pockets of rain along the the way, it should be innly early half of the day that we will see the worst of any wet weather but it is scattered and we will warm up to the mid 70es a cooler by comparison to yesterday but also, technically, a few degrees above average. not horrible, not ideal but not horrible, vittoria. >> we're going witt. really nice. the the rush hour is warming up take a look notice i-95 over to the side of me here in one of the panels, i-95 southbound is a wash. if you are traveling out of the north east down through vine street expressway we will feel that sluggish, lazy river if you will. this will happen in pockets so you'll be slow around cottman as a result of the construction zone that has
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been wreaking havoc on us and i don't think it is going away for anytime soon. but if you are travel out of the northeast out to the vine that is one pocket that you will just be even slower. also around girard avenue. but they will continue to grow, as we move heading toward the time of the about 7:00 and 8:00 o'clock. it will only get bigger than. that ben franklin bridge no delays in either direction. all of the bridges are still looking great. schuykill expressway we are seeing pocket at city avenue. watch out for accident in east falls no delays for mass transit, erika. new this morning a house collapse in point breeze. the front of the vacant house on the 1400 block of buy va street tumbled down there were no, injuries but neighboring homes were evacuated as a precaution. philadelphia mayor michael nutter plans to announce a program to inspect hundreds of vacant buildings around the city. a girl shot during a drive by shooting in west philadelphia, will undergo surgery today to remove a
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bullet still lodged in her skull. a gunman opened fire on eight year-old aniyah curry and her family as they double park at 53rd and haverford saturday night. police think that the the family's car blocking traffic so he fired in the rear window. the family is meeting for whoever is responsible and to turn himself in. >> she didn't deserve it. >> she was an innocent child. >> i don't want anybody to think it is minor. this is a serious incident. she is still in pain right now. she could have died. >> aniyah's three and four year-old sister were also in that back seat, they were not hurt. well, isis still says that it was behind the cartoon contest shooting in texas but counter terrorism experts are not buying it. group claimed it was its first attack on american soil. the fbi is looking into it. police say nadir sophie and elton simpson arrived at a conference center in gar land texas that was, having i have
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contest for art depicting the prophet mohammad. police say sophie and simpson wounded a security guard before they shot and killed both men. sophie's mother is now speaking out. >> when your child does these kind of circumstances, you just... it just leaves you empty. we're told suspects drove a thousand miles from phoenix to garland. that building has been reopened. time right now is 6:07. it took police 56 years to track him down and this morning, a florida man is behind bars after he escaped from prison back in 1959. >> let's bring in "eyewitness news" reporter nicole brewer with the story. that is a long time. >> it the is a long time to be looking over your shoulder, isn't it to live your life that way. well, frank freshwater did that managing to evade authorities and justice for decade, that is until this week when the truth caught up with him. a fugitive task force agent approached him at his home in
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rural, florida and then presented him with a photo asking if he knew the pennsylvania man pictured. well, he said he hadn't seen him for a long time but admitted that he was their guy and that was him, 56 years ago. well, by then authorities have gotten him to sign papers to allow him to get fingerprints. they match that of the fugitive they have been searching for years to find. they explain how he avoided capture for most of his life. >> he had assumed another identity and was living under it. i'm in the so sure how long he lived under that name but long enough that he actually had benefits from it. >> fresh water went before a judge, yesterday and being held until authorities from ohio, can come pick him up but you will remember the movie shawshank redemption? that is the the prison frank freshwater escaped from but unlike the movie the fugitive he won't be enjoying life from his fishing boat, but he will be behind bars. >> i bet we will hear about this in a a movie or book form in the near future.
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>> pretty crazy storyes specially the shawshank redemption. >> fifty plus years on the run. >> thanks, nicole. still ahead this morning trouble on the tracks when a septa bus end up in a bad spot in philadelphia, now the driver has some major explaining to do. also some video that will send chills down your spine, find out what happened after that giant tree, came crashing down on a group of children, playing in the park. i have been here 28 years and i have never, ever seen nothing like that come through. >> we will tell but the on line pizza order for pepperoni pie and a side of help, from the police, you got it, the urgent plea for help that shocked pizza workers and may have saved a customers life when we come back. >> ♪ >> waking up to our glummy day so far, a few showers to talk about but we will still be in
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the 70's for a high. you cannot really complain. >> the regions will be covered with more 70's heat, i'm digging it. >> back to the 80's tomorrow. >> really a lot to like about this seven day. >> katie has. that vittoria has your traffic. good morning family, glad you are with us back in a bit.
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this is the "name your price" tool. it gives you options based on your budget -- it's a piece of cake. i was told there would be cake. get a free quote at a septa bus london railroad tracks. that route 29 bus tried to maneuver around a train on to dickinson street on monday night and that is when it got stuck on the track and at columbus boulevard. and the train was not moving, and, did not hit the bus. two passengers and the driver were injured and in word on the extent, of the injuries. you never want to drive over train tracks. never a good eye tea.
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>> not a good thing. >> driver remains hospitalized with severe burns after his truck carrying gasoline crashed and caught fire on the new jersey turnpike. accident happened yesterday afternoon on the southbound ramp to the garden state parkway in woodbridge. police say driver sustained burn to 90 percent of his body. there is no word on the cause of the crash. a two-year old suffered a fracture skull. another boy was treated for cuts on his head and shoulder. people at the park say they heard a cracking sound right before that tree fell. inspectors are trying to figure out what brought that tree down. the just hard to watch. >> wasn't at the base or root, it looked like it was in the middle. >> frightening. >> very much so. >> it is 6:13. let's check with katie. today is not such a great the day.
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>> exactly. but we still have some clear skies depend ing on your location and beautiful view from sky cam three and beautiful rooftop of the moon. it helped light up the night sky where skies were clear enough for it. that moon set will take place at 7:52 at least in philadelphia and it is about 94.5 percent full right now. that makes it a wayneing moon. a as we go outside we have a clear sky for you out there that is where you'll be able to see that moon in the first place but we have wet weather to track as well and that is our sluggish frontal boundary off to the south. that will keep temperatures more level here. mid 70's. high pressure regains control. it looks like it wants to anchor itself for a few days. tomorrow, friday even in the weekend, speaks spite a disturbance or subtropical system nearby with a few minister cloud. we will still keep 80's and we will still keep sunshine. looking forward in the forecast today is coolest day in the park. every other day well above average here. low to mid 80's here, right into the upcoming mothers day
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weekend. and we will keep you at 84 degrees by monday. that is by the the way likely to be our next day, featuring some showers, as we finally will see a larger system that will finally roll through the roadblock. that high pressure setting up. it is a good roadblock for us. >> yes. >> nice weather. >> loving 80's but it feels like spring is now over. >> almost. >> here we go. >> yes, and then we have summer. >> yes. >> good morning. >> good morning, everyone. at least we can just keep that sunshine in the forefront because outside, doesn't look too great. i'm just being honest with you. this isn't bad. if you look up ahead at the the top center sort of the right side of the screen we have an accident situation unfortunately on the northbound side of the roosevelt boulevard. right at the the exit ramp to wissohickon. they are in the process of wrapping things up, but again you can see that activity right here. in regard to the rush hour it is not awful but as you approach the skew you kill using southbound side of the boulevard, that is definite the liz an area we are seeing,
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delays, continuing to form. elsewhere, on the the schuylkill expressway, if you are heading eastbound, right around the the area of girard avenue, we are dealing with a disable vehicle it is compromising the left-hand lane. you will notice if you had are trying to make your way in center city philadelphia with this lane close auras rush hour continues to build. it will only get slower and slower. we will continue to keep you updated on that. no major delays for mass transit, ukee. >> vittoria, thank you. a developing story right now, triple shooting in fair hill leaves one man dead and police found three guns on sixth street between clear field and allegheny. they say they will question two men who were wounded in that shooting. police say a man resembling this sketch abduct and sexually assaulted a woman last friday in fishtown. they say that woman was forced in to a vaananen york street and then held against her will, for an hour. and authorities say, that they were investigating one suspect in sunday's attack on a texas art show. isis has claimed responsibility but u.s. officials say there is no
6:17 am
evidence of their involvement. the the investigation continues. >> we will be right there's over two hundred thousand students in philadelphia. jim kenney and tony williams are fighting over public schools versus charters. i think they're both's making sure they all get a good education. teachers should have their contracts respected.
6:18 am
they also should be held accountable. and it's wrong philadelphia gets less school funding than other parts of pennsylvania. i'll work with harrisburg to change that. but if they refuse i'll take them to federal court. as mayor i'll do what's right for them.
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just can't seem to escape... another sneeze attack... you may be muddling through allergies. don't get caught off guard. try zyrtec® dissolve tabs. powerful allergy relief, now in a tablet that starts dissolving instantly. zyrtec® dissolve tabs. muddle no more™. well phils and braves will play rubber game of the three game series in atlanta phillies will set second base man chase you the thely for second straight game. he is hitting .103 and he need a break. the return of chad billingsly to a major league mound did not go well. billingsly allowed two long balls and six runs in five innings of work in his first
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appearance in the major leagues in two years. phillies could not generate any offense whatsoever. they lose in this one final score was nine to nothing. manny pacquiao is now the subject of the lawsuit. we told you yesterday pacquiao was in hot water for not informing authorities about a shoulder injury, before his saturday night championship fight against floyd mayweather. now two fight fans are seeking class action damages. they alleged that they were defrauded. pacquiao under goes surgery this week. mayweather is being sued, facing defamation suit brought by his ex-girlfriend. jozy harris claims mayweather lied in the recent interview about harris being on drugs during a 2010 domestic violence incident. mayweather served two months on those domestic violence charges. harris is asking for 20 million-dollar in damages. playground in philadelphia's york town neighborhood is getting an upgrade. officials and community members broke ground on the renovation project. among them city council
6:21 am
president darryl clark. his office contributed over $200,000 to fund that renovation. denby play ground will get re-surfaced, a spray ground and brand new play equipment. that is so important for kid in the the area to go there and see the the playground. >> i will get over there and get in a little fun. looks good. word is one of the music's greatest entertainers is planning a rally for peace and it is a concert in baltimore. also a call for change and students at rutgers university are demanding that the mascot that has been in praise since 1955 be replaced. the the reasons why coming up.
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i have to say for the next five days, if this is worse we're being dealt it is not terrible. we will get above average warmth, a few degrees above average. live neighborhood network starting off on a dreary note with the cloud building in, and we have a front that is sluggish in its movement. it will lead to some additional pockets of showers especially for first half of the day. high pressure returns and by tomorrow we are right back in the lower 80's and that is a theme that continues to round out the rest of the week. vittoria. well, theme right now is rush hour. traveling on the schuylkill expressway, in the eastbound direction heading in to downtown philadelphia, it is a full horse. making your way from the roosevelt boulevard would i say down through to center city that is volume you are stuck in. this is coming out of the boulevard making your way beyond montgomery but approaching girard avenue we have a disabled vehicle blocking left lane not helping anyone. the westbound we have pocket at city avenue. i-95 out of the northeast and vine. be mindful of the accident in
6:25 am
trevose they have been intermittently blocking this intersection but they are working to clear this out soon ukee. well music superstar prince will be in baltimore on mothers day for a peace concert. >> the the announcement comes days after violent protest over the death of freddie gray. the attendees are encouraged to wear gray as a tribute to victims of violence. ticket go on sale later on today. brittany experience is extending her las vegas show by three more months after she felon stage tearing several ligaments, a according to spears piece of me show launched in 2013 at planet hollywood in vegas and was expected to wrap up at the end of this year. sight seeing bus in new york city honors late show band leader paul schaefer. >> schaefer was induct in the ride of fame yesterday his face was placed on front of the gray line tour bus. he was given his own personal
6:26 am
ized seat. whenever he is on there, he is taken care of. >> paul is the man. >> this has got to be right up there, today, getting into induct into this ride of fame where they permanently put your face on a chair so people can sit on you all day long. but look at what that is. >> lean back on you back of the chair. bus went on the first ride around the block with fans, that is so neat. paul schaefer and david letterman are signing off later this month. catch their final shows right here on cbs-3 after "eyewitness news" at 11:00. >> paul can jam with the best of them on that show and in studios, he was a great musician. >> coming up next on "eyewitness news" this morning, concerns about layoffs in atlantic city and whether they are a safety risk for the shore town. the justin? >> reporter: ukee, armed and dangerous and on the loose i'm just tip finch with the latest on a search for sexual
6:27 am
predator in fishtown, nicole. justin rutgers students want to revamp the scarlet knight but mascot make over has some seeing red, we are live with that story up next. also variety tore why and katie return with your traffic and weather together on the three's. we are back in just two minutes, good morning.
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good morning philadelphia police hope to find a man who abduct and sexually assaulted a a woman before he targets another victim. >> the attack happened on east york street in fishtown and "eyewitness news" reporter justin finch is at special victims unit up to dayton this investigation, justin? >> reporter: erika ukee, detectives have been working this case around the clock for about a week now looking for his family, considered armed and dangerous but he is still out there so threat is too. that is why they will work to catch him. a look here at surveillance video of the minivan detectives believe was driven by a man who looks like this. last friday about 5:30 a.m. a with manage 22, told philadelphia police she was walk ago loan on the 200 block of east york street in the fishtown section when she was stopped. chilling news for this family who lives a short walk away. >> i am scared. >> reporter: victim reports her attacker as this man as possibly his pan nick his
6:31 am
20's between five-seven, five-ten with the light complexion. >> you should president be walking by yourself. >> it just goes to show that things do happen. you just don't know about them. >> reporter: armed with the black semiautomatic handgun the victim says her attacker forced her inside this 90's model dodge or chrysler, blue or gray minivan and drove her against her will to an area where she was sexually assaulted. there she noticed key details about the vehicle. >> all of the seats in the rear have been removed, so that is unusual. so anyone who knows of anyone driving a van minivan with all of the rear seats removed, they should contact police. >> reporter: the attack was over victim says she was dropped off near allah mondain boston streets. the the victim says that she last saw her attacker wearing a gray sweat shirt and blue jeans. as you heard there he is carrying a gun and is considered armed and dangerous by police. if you have any tips you are urged to give a call to police. live from special victims and
6:32 am
i'm justin finch for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". a triple shooting in philadelphia's fair hill neighborhood. police say one man was shot and killed and two others injured on the 3100 block of north sixth street. police tell us that the men injured both in stable condition, are being held at suspects, because guns were found at the scene. investigators are hoping that surveillance camera at nearby businesses captured this shooting. for the the second time, the jury is dead lock in the etan patz murder case. pedro hernandez is accused of murdering the six year-old boy in 1979 in new york city. hernandez confessed on tape, three years ago. but his lawyer though maintains that his client is mentally ill and does not know if he committed the crime or not. patz picture was first to appear on the side of the milk carton f quick hernandez faces life in prison. coming up on 6:33.
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lets check with katie for our forecast. >> good morning, hi everyone. we are off to an okay start along the shore points. we have more sunlight then anything. we will take you through all that lets start off with that beautiful, view. we like to start off with good news if we can. in atlantic city, beautiful sunlight peeking through some cloud cover however, and as we go to storm scan three you will see that reflected on the satellite picture and certainly wet weather to track. i want to zoom it out. you can see why. weaver finding a frontal boundary. that main line is going to roll east but it is sending a few pockets down. the little fingers of in moisture rolling into central pennsylvania and another that is just outside harrisburg area the those will eventually roll through our area mainly first half of the day features your best shot here but it will come through in scattered nature much like yesterday. 67 degrees current temperature off to a nice mild start but we are not warming up as
6:34 am
easily here with more cloud cover and cold front. we are talking mid 70's, that is above average. we will take what we can get right. let's jump outside to mothers day sunday at the this point weekend and starting tomorrow, nice weather, returns for our area. so whatever your plans are make them outside. mothers day too, it is looking fantastic right now. >> i was thinking i think i will be sun bathing on sunday. >> perfect. >> just saying. >> good morning everyone. keep those happy thoughts in your head because we will get you outside and we have bad news on the the schuylkill expressway. seventy-six, we have rush hour and also residual traffic from the disable vehicle blocking the left-hand lane on the eastbound side of the schuylkill, that is heading in to downtown philadelphia blocking left lane approaching the the the area of girard avenue montgomery drive. it is more so around montgomery then girard. delays are so huge that really the entire stretch as well this shot is right out of the gate of the roosevelt boulevard. thinks behind the incident
6:35 am
scene, it is slow give yourself more time. the westbound schuylkill not an easy commute either. if you are heading in and out of the western suburbs, look at the that 13 miles an hour is your average and that usual pocket of the city avenue on the westbound side. it is usual there. it is affecting southbound side of the roosevelt boulevard, traveling on i-95 your average is 12, 55 on the blue route traveling pennsylvania turnpike it is not awful but if you are traveling northbound on the roosevelt boulevard, ramp to wissohickon we have an accident police are still on the scene. traveling in new york, do you get the usual delays building on 42 and 295. we have some breaking news about this deadly, plane crash in the french alps, do you remember that? investigators now say co pilot accused of intentionally crashing that plane practiced his plan on another flight earlier that day. prosecutors say that andre a lubitz brought the plane down in march after locking the pilot out of the cockpit killing all 150 on board.
6:36 am
preliminary report just revealed this morning it shows that the pilot also left the cockpit on a previous flight while lubitz practiced the controlled dissent. the issue of revenge porn heads to a new jersey courtroom today and an nfl player is the the one facing charges. former jets linebacker jermaine cunningham is most high profile suspect to face revenge porn charges. police say he sent name pictures of the woman to some of her friend last year. kung had ham was hurt last season and did not the play for the jets. he is a free agent right now. two philadelphia heroes who died in the line of duty will be honored today. the names of the police sergeant robert wilson and fire fighter joyce craig will be added to the cities living flame memorable. wilson was killed trying to stop a robbery at a game stop store in march. craig died last december fighting a fire in west oak lane. today's ceremony begins at noon, in franklin square park. safety concerns are mount nothing atlantic city after major layoffs are announced
6:37 am
including cuts to the fire department. with casinos failing and city revenues falling budget cuts are inevitable but now a civil service commission has approved the city's plan to eliminate 200 jobs. eighty-five of those jobs are fire fighters. >> devastating >> i don't know what we will do let alone what the city resident will do. >> no, i think if you look at other cities comparatively in new jersey, 150, 180 is the right number for atlantic city. >> as many a as 40 parks and recreation workers could also lose their job. that department only a has 52 members. our time 6:37. the scarlet knight mascot at rutgers university has been around for 60 years. >> but now some students say that old mascot needs a new look. "eyewitness news" reporter nicole brewer joins with us more on that. >> not the first time these students are challenging tradition. we will talk about that in a second. but rutgers university
6:38 am
assembly a has voted to add diversity to the 60 year-old mascot the by creating a black hispanic, asian female or perhaps third gender scarlet knight. here's what the school's mascot looks like right now. it the is a light skinned male with blue eyes but that wouldn't change, okay. as i said some students want to add different version toss reflect the student body, of course, at this point it i just an idea. from here school administrators will need to approve the resolution and come up with the fund to create it. but so far on social media support has been pretty bleak. the lets read through some of the tweets we have been receiving. mike brady says why is rutgers trying to make a diverse mascot. one is enough. torey strong says rutgers diversifying our mascot is definition of trying too hard. just in the last hour mary stewart tweeted let the the students vote other than some group deciding for everyone. join the conversation by using the hash tag cbs-3. we want to show you a picture here while on the topic some
6:39 am
people brought up the point that of the six major college is here in philadelphia, two have white mascots, as well, including the lasalle explorers, and also the penn quakers. so should they follow suit? will this become a trend that is certainly the the question here this morning. some say it should since you cannot possibly include everyone. others have just recommended maybe purple and green and go from there. >> or panthers are something or any animal. >> but changing mascot is very controversial for alumni. >> students might vote. they want the students to vote. >> they just say let them vote. >> makes sense let them decide. >> thanks, nicole. it is national the bike to school day. various events are scheduled throughout the philadelphia area. >> the the day is tied to national bike month. now if you want to bike to work, that day is coming soon national bike to work day is next friday, may 15th, i love the idea of this. >> don't tell that to my man matt behind the camera right
6:40 am
there. >> every day. >> you cannot see him. matt ride to work, rain hail, sleet, snow, how far do you live. >> olde city. >> all right. >> that is a good 2-mile hump i want to say. >> i'm coming up expressway, hey in matt, he is right there. >> he would be freezing and his face red. >> impressed. >> travel from the u.s. to cuba, just got easier, not by bike though. >> no. >> we will have details when we come back. >> talk about a special delivery how one woman's on line pizza order saved her life. and new jersey governor chris christie has asked whether he would testify in the bridge scandal. his answer is on the other side. we will be right back.
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visit or call a hep c educator to help prepare you for a conversation with your hep c specialist. tornadoes move so fast it is very difficult to photograph them. >> texas police chief captured this video of the tornado that touched down near western texas town. the the video shows a perfectly defined tornado there churning for several minutes. the twister touched down in opened country and there was no property damage reported, so, this is a good chance to get that video. >> so true. >> no question about that. >> quick thinking photographer captured this in roswell new mexico. it is a cold air fun that he will looks as threatening as tornado but much weaker and rarely reach the ground. temperatures rapidly cooled, bias much as 15 degrees,
6:44 am
tuesday when that funnel formed, over roswell. >> it almost looks like a painting. >> to see it live too wow. lets get our traffic and weather together right now. >> it is always so interesting to go see what mother narcan do. we will start off by talking about yet again more severe wet's cross the the southern plains states and that is an issue for a few more days because we have and atmosphere roadblock, that is my bad. i want to do that first. we are talking about a frontal boundary but there is a block in the atmosphere keeping this wet weather from moving east. so while we are still going to find unsettled weather today. we will talk about that. that is why. they keep seeing day after day after day of stormy weather. in the meantime we have got this round a little bit of the disorganize batch of showers and thunderstorms. but that has possibility to turn into a subtropical disturbance which will mess with the south east but by the weekend end up send nothing
6:45 am
some cloud cover to our area. that is something we are looking ahead to i want to very quickly check with our eyewitness weather watchers. they are reporting mild air at this hour. temperatures in the mid to upper 60's in spots. we will check with julia reporting 65 degrees and clouds in allentown. say good morning to everyone. even with the cloud she still considers this a beautiful day. i like that attitude. this is actually, in the a horrible day but we do have some wet weather out there at this hour. conner, out in chesterfield reporting some rain. that is essentially what you'll fine. these little pockets that come through. i want to jump here if we can get graphics to go and you can do it, there we go, eyewitness weather seven day forecast featuring mid 07's today with the cloud a few pockets of showers that rolled through especially from the first half of the day and then later on into tonight we will see skies clearing out. look at this, even as early as tomorrow we are right backup to 80 with high pressure regaining control thursday,
6:46 am
friday beautiful mid 80's on the weekend. a few more clouds but this is still some nice weather to look ahead to, vittoria. >> thanks very much, katie. good morning. traveling on i-95, it looks like 95, if you are competing from your neighborhood out of the north east down your through the vine street expressway and stuck in the thick of it. thinks i-95 south at allegheny. slow points being areas of construction. cottman avenue and girard. moving in pockets but generally speaking you do know the deal. it will feel like a drag the whole way. same thing traveling on the roosevelt boulevard note that is hazy sun in the background so when sun comes up, the rush comes in, we are seeing delays right now, southbound roosevelt boulevard delayed from broad street through to the schuylkill. once we get to the schuylkill you are slow there as well east and westbound usual places throughout your western suburbs and around downtown philadelphia, if you are traveling the roosevelt boulevard southbound, before grant avenue, at lott street we have an accident there and we are seeing delays in and around that area if you are traveling in new jersey expect
6:47 am
usual in the 42 and 295 and some delays on i-95, more so around commodore barry bridge heading out of delaware into delaware county. ukee. >> all right vittori happening in the news police want to question the survivors of the triple shooting in fair hill. one man was killed and two other men were wound add long north sixth street earlier today. now police found dozens of shell casings at the scene and they found three guns. also police are searching for a suspect resembling this sketch. they say that suspect forced a woman into a van in the fishtown, last friday and sexually a soughting her. there were in injuries in the collapse of this vacant home in buy veer street in point breeze but minoring home were evacuated as a precaution. philadelphia's mayor mike nutter will announce plans to inspect vacant homes in the city. diabetes may have an effect on the brain. that is according to a new study out of the university of pittsburgh. the mri of middle-aged patient
6:48 am
was type one diabetes shows one-third had signs of aging and neurological disorder in the brain. researchers also say that diabetics had lower scores when it came to processing information and verbal intelligence. ordering pizza on line comes in handy but never like this. a florida woman held captive used an app to call for help. cbs news correspondent don champion has that story. >> workers at this tampa area pizza hut get countless orders a dau but one that came through this computer monday was anything with you typical. >> we immediately called 911. >> reporter: manager candy hamilton printed the order and was quickly alarmed. >> it said please help, get nine 911. she played an order. it a said 911 hostage help. >> reporter: miles away, cheryl treadway used the pizza hot app. she put the plea for help in the comment section. investigators say her boyfriend ethan snickerson had
6:49 am
been using a large knife to hold treadway and three children hostage. she convinced snickerson to how her to order the pizza. >> i was scared for the person. >> reporter: sheriff's deputies then rush to tread way's home. >> she came towards us with two kids in the house which is a person on narcotics and we have a knife. we need to get them out of the house. >> reporter: after a brief standoff snicker son was arrested and he faces several charges including false imprisonment. don champion for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". quick thinking there on everyone's part. for the folks at pizza hut to pick up on that so quickly. >> lets check with cbs this morning. >> gayle king has your preview from new york, good morning. >> i can tell you, hello ukeelee and erika, we will talk to cia insider michael morel about future isis threats. forget about the pills a top expert says that you can just
6:50 am
breathe yourself to sleep. willie nelson we will talk to him in studio 57. music on his favorite songs getting high at the white house and group that he says should stay away from marijuana. the news is back in the morning, we will see new just about ten minutes. so ukeelee, it begs the question, what happened the last time you got high at the white house. >> excuse me excuse me. >> on a serious note i wanted to publicly thank you for my hall of fame video. that was so nice of to you do that. >> so proud of him. >> almost brought an anchor to tears, you cannot the do that. >> i was thrilled they asked me. >> trying to bring me to tears like that. >> i think it is interesting he still didn't answer the the question. >> he is a hall of famer now.
6:51 am
>> yes. >> it will be in my book, all right, how is that. gayle, thank you. planning your summer vacation, how about cuba. >> jet blue will begin weekly flights between new york's jfk airport and had jana july 3rd. you must book through cuba travel services. it makes jet blue the first had major announce direct services since the travel restrictions have been eased. if you don't like to fly to cuba you can go by boat. treasury department approved licenses for first ferry service to the island, in decades. this potentially opens up a path for hundreds of thousands of travelers between florida and havana each year. cuba is 90 miles south of key west. >> you forget how cuba really is. >> it is almost, a stone's throw. >> yes. >> we will be right back with another check of traffic and weather together. >> but first here's is what coming up on "eyewitness news" at the 11:00. >> i think she needs to be
6:52 am
shut down. >> i'm jim donovan. people say she's harassed by a medical practice. >> it is shock to go see what scale it is on. >> threatened with bills that they say they already paid. so three on your side went looking for the doctor at the the center of it all. are you just going to hide in there. >> double billing doctor, a special report tonight at
6:53 am
6:54 am
i used to be able to have students come in and we do a social studies project and it was connected to language arts and it was connected to math. we educated in such an interdisciplinary way that educated the whole child. the testing shouldn't be in the driver's seat. i should be in the driver's seat. i should be directing my students in a way that's helping them make connections not just for an assessment but for life.
6:55 am
new jersey governor chris christie has no problem going on the witness stand when the bridge scandal goes to trial. earlier this week former port authority officials bill baroni and governor's former deputy chief of staff bridget kelly pleaded not guilty to charge these played a role in politically motivated traffic jams that caused licensing delays in 2013 on the george washington bridge. christie spoke to reporters during a stop in mississippi. >> if they want to subpoena me, that is fine, i have fully cooperated from the investigation from the beginning and happy to tell anybody, everything that i know, which i have done with three separate investigations now that have come to the same conclusions that i said the day after this all happened. so, you know, i don't have any misgivings about that at all. >> last friday former christie alley david wildstein wearing glasses, pleaded guilty, christie has in the been implicated in this case. all right.
6:56 am
lets get a quick check of the traffic and weather together. >> i'll tell you what, it is looking okay. today will feast tour showers along the way hit and miss for the first half of the day but then it starts getting better and better from here. i want to jump you all the way to a special event happening on sunday, race for the cure, 25th annual, women of "eyewitness news" will be there, including woman. you are not a with man of "eyewitness news", we know that. he will be there too. it is good stuff. >> high pressure hooking us up. >> yes. >> and how are the the roads? >> i cannot say the same, descriptive word here is eke. the eastbound on 422 delayed down to 202. and then we will have a accident on the roosevelt boulevard southbound before grant avenue in the northeast. delays also if you are traveling on 95 and schuylkill. watch out for this incident in trevose as well. the busy morning. "eyewitness news" this morning continues right now on the cw philly. we are live with the latest headlines and traffic and weather together. >> there willthere mothers day is
6:57 am
sunday. if you don't want to get her the same old thing we have creative gifts for mom and still time to get them in time. meet this little five-year old boy taking internet by storm, check him out watch the tv, watch him, we will show you more moves as he i am person nights his idol bruce lee.
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this allergy season, will you be a sound sleeper, or a mouth breather. well, put on a breathe right strip and instantly open your nose up to 38% more than allergy medicines alone. so you can breathe and sleep. shut your mouth and sleep right. breathe right.
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it is wednesday, may 6th 2015. welcome to "cbs this morning." a prominent isis recruiter is linked to a shooter in the texas attack. cbs news learns new information about may have contributed to the death of silicon valley's david goldberg plus cheryl sandberg's tribute to her husband. and we talk about willie nelson and his two passions music and marijuana. but we begin this morning with today's "eye opener." >> there's no question isis is


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