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tv   Eyewitness News at 6  CBS  May 7, 2015 6:00am-7:01am EDT

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happening frightening site a fierce tornado swirling right in front of your eyes. >> and, at least 46 tornadoes were reported in nebraska and kansas, look at this video here. more dangerous weather katie tells us could be on the way too. cbs the news correspondent adrian a diaz joins us live with the very latest, good morning,. >> reporter: good morning ukee and erika. until sun comes out officials won't know the extent of the damage but we do know at least 35 homes have been destroyed damage thousands of people without power and 12 people have been taken to the hospital. this tornado was one of does thens tore through central part of the century wednesday from kansas to nebraska, to oklahoma, and homes and buildings were leveled. south of oklahoma city rescue crews searched through piles for anyone missing. and this mobile home park took a direct hit. police say at least zero people were hurt.
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five critically. >> one to 2 miles south of seminole from there east you need to go to your safe spot right now. if you live in the mobile home you have to get out. >> reporter: for the first time in oklahoma city history national weather service declared a flash flood emergency as unprecedented rainfall turn road into rivers. this hotel south of oklahoma city tried to prepare they boarded up their windows but stood little chance against tornadoes that came through. people here in other parts of the country are not out of the woods just yet. >> on thursday afternoon and evening we will be watching, kansas oak, west of 35, in the texas panhandle chance for more tornadoeshail damaging win gusts. >> reporter: forecasters say another storm system could bring more bad weather through those states through mothers day weekend. the american red cross is working to help any displaced residents here in oklahoma, as well as in kansas and nebraska. live from oklahoma city, ukee and erika back to you.
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>> adrian a before you go, we understand when were you driving, one of the storms struck, can you you tell us what that was like. >> reporter: last night the storm, that the the tornado that hit right here struck around 9:00 p.m. that is when we were approaching the the the city. we were 20 or 30 minutes out. there was an emergency alert on the radio saying to take cover there was a tornado warning for this area. when with you are out in exposed you have to be careful. so we pulled over, and tried to, you know, just let sometime pass for that tornadic activity to move and we were watching radar on our cell phones. it was dark. it is hard to see if anything was coming your way. a little concerning last night. >> frightening to say the least. >> thanks very much, we will check back with you. that area as she said could be stuck for a while now. >> here's kate which more on that and our forecast. >> good morning. yesterday, specifically 50 different tornado report came
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from the storm prediction center. is he rear weather can run gamut of wind, hail and everything in between. here's one little snapshot view of the couple states we had heard about from adrian a where tornadoes struck and reports that came in the last two to 18 hours. we will zoom it out and throw rest of the reports on. we have hail, snow almost but that is hail report add cross portions of colorado, kansas, oklahoma, down in texas it was a very big hail event as well. in fact, there were i believe 80 different reports that came in but flooding rain just been a really rough week for this part of the country. for us, very tranquil by comparison we did have a front trying to cross through sluggish in nature but high pressure is back here to stay. i do expect that we will see more and more sunlight and because we are still in the middle of an above average pattern with our warm air mass in place we should easily get
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you backup to 80 degrees plus in some spots today. this is a nice day overall and we will continue to heat up from here even heading in the upcoming weekend we are talking mid 80's and that will continue into next week. prolonged pattern of something for everybody in the you had whether it is severe weather or for us very nice weather and luckily we will keep that nice weather for a few more days. >> we have pick the right straw. >> good morning everyone. the right now traveling on our majors will depend which straw you pick because traveling on i-95 we are seeing rush hour happen and on part of the the schuylkill. i-95 in delaware county not so much. more so around center city making your way from the northeast down through vine street expressway. this is i-95 by 452. it is one of my favorite shots because it gives you a a good idea of the roadway. in either treks on delaware county thaw are good to go. hopefully it stays that way for as long as possible. we will go to 422, right
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around 23, interesting here that eastbound delay has in the really begun to take shape just yet, out to 202 and usual rush hour spots. we are light. i would say generally speaking we are light on the majors. fifty-five your average on the schuylkill. same thing on the blue route. same thing traveling on i-95 in delaware county but note that is yellow around girard. that is southbound side of i-95 where it does start to get slower around this time and will get slower. we have an overturned vehicle in mayfair closing charles and unruh your best alternate is frankford air magee avenue. new this morning an investigation is underway into a crash that injured a philadelphia police officer and three others. investigators say that officer was responding to a call when a car t boned a police suv at 58th street and wood land avenue. we are told that officer may have suffered head injuries. three people in the other car suffer bumps and bruises. the search continues for an escaped prisoner, police
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tell us a 16 year-old wanted for three armed robberies this year managed to flee while in handcuffs. eye witt the necessary news reporter jan carabao is live outside southwest detectives with the very latest, good morning. >> reporter: good morning. philadelphia police are on the look out for this morning as you mention fod that are 16 year-old suspect who was being brought here to southwest detectives last night by a private contractor when he got away just blocks from the station. police are calling him resource full, wednesday year-old hasheem singletary slipped away by a prepared contractor. he is facing charges for armed robbery and home invasion. crimes police say were committed here earlier this year. now he is handcuffed and on the run. >> we're asking for public's help. people know where he is at. obviously he is back in his hometown. there are individuals that he hangs out with of like age and his family members that necessity where he is. >> reporter: it is not the first time he has avoided capture, just before philadelphia police could
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arrest him in february officials say the teenager first fled to tennessee and then to florida where he was pick up, in jacksonville in the stolen car. singletary was brought backhand cuffed in the back of this unmark white car. police are investigating how he got away. singletary last seen near 56th street and osage avenue. >> the car was slowing at stop sign and male was able to get out of the back seat. he runs through an empty lot toward the alley way. we're suggest anybody who knows where he is or anybody thinks they will hide this kid, we will find out you are harboring this fugitive you will ab rested and charged are. >> reporter: until his capture neighbors remain on edge. >> it is like who does that in the street and that age age 16. and to have these kind of charges against him. it is not safe for our children. we have elderly people in our neighborhood, on our block. we have small children that cannot come out and play when it is springtime and weather
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breaking because we have rift raft around here. it just in the safe. >> "eyewitness news" has reached out to this private contractor located in tennessee, called prisoner transportation services. at this point, no comment. we are reporting live outside southwest detectives, jan carabao for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". if one of the candidates for philadelphia's mayor gets reelect, commissioner charles ramsey could be out of a job and that does not the sit well with current mayor michael nutter. war of word when we come back. also ahead long waited report on key flight gate find tom brady possibly cheated his way to the super bowl. now brady is on the defense. and, fish with a find cancerous tumors are found in the pennsylvania river but do they pose a health threat? talk more about it on the other side be right back.
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nah, nah, insurance, nah, nah, nah, discount. my name's flo, you want to go out with me? no. uh-huh-huh! patriots used deplated football in the afc title game. what does it say about their star quarterback? "eyewitness news" reporter nicole brewer joins us now with more object that. >> good morning. folks have been talking with deflate gate since before the super bowl and now that the official report is out and a available it find that the super bowl champion patriots deliberately deflated balls used in that afc championship game and their store quarterback was aware of it. the investigation which was ordered by nfl says it is more probable than not that the teams locker room attendant and equipment assistant released air from those footballs after being examined by the referee. now that report also
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uncovered, text messages between the the two employees in which they sometimes talk about brady's unhappiness with the inflation level other messages included talk of cash, free shoes, graphed, and brady was confronted with the allegations and insisted he is in cheater. >> i don't believe so. i feel like i have you always played within the the rules. i didn't, you know, you know, i didn't not want anyone rubbing them, you know, putting any air in, taking any air out. i had in knowledge of anything. i have in knowledge of any wrongdoing. >> now patriots owner robert kraft has said the team will accept fine goes of that report but in a statement he added quote to say that we are disappointed in its findings which do not include any inn controvertible hard evidence of deflation of fat ball in the afc championship game would be a gross under
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statement. we should mention in other players or staff members including coach belichick were involved, according to this report, which is expectes of course begins the team, tom brady. we discussed earlier that he did not disclose his e-mail or text messages so some people raising an eyebrows. >> all those super bowl trophies and a lot of reasons for fans not to like new england patriots. >> not so popular to do with. >> what will they do about the the super bowl win. >> when i first heard that put an asterisk, take a way but that is just me. >> there is no hard evidence. >> all circumstantial. >> yes, interesting to go see. >> very interesting to go see. >> punishment has to come out of it. thanks nick. former eagle and new member of the buffalo bills shady mccoy is criticizing coach chip kelly in the new addition of espn the magazine. shady says do you see how fast he got rid of the all of the good players especially all of the good black players. he god rid of them the fastest. that is the the truth. it is hard to explain with
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him. there is a reason he got rid of all of the black players the good ones, like that. buffalo is on the eagles schedule this season.bills come to lincoln financial field december 13th in a game you can see right here on cbs-3 and many former eagles playerses specially ones that work at our sister station 94 wip have commented on. that we will have those comments, throughout the morning. >> people just saying sour grapes. >> a lot of folks are saying that right now. >> we will see. >> 6:13. lets check our forecast good morning. >> i want to highlight is what going on on in the rest of the country. we have a atmospheric roadblock set up. we get in on the greener side because of it but it looks like a tropical disturbance here, that is looking more organized this hour then it did this same time yesterday but it is expect to stay off to the south it does mess with our weekend a little bit. just a little bit. meanwhile we have strong to severe weather yet again expect to erupt today tomorrow, and even into the
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upcoming weekend. across the the same area. it is almost as if this pattern will not budge. it bode well for us, it need to stay in the warmth, we will stay in the sunset here today and tomorrow and temperatures right back in the 80's today and beyond for the most par. we are talking mid 80's all weekend but with that disturbance to the south more cloud, moisture get funneled in. i cannot rule out a brief shower on saturday. i don't want to completely rule it out. by sunday we will have fog to contend with on mothers day vittoria. >> good morning, everyone. the it is rush hour. notice sun behind me. when sunnies up here's the rush. ninety-five southbound making your way out of the allegheny down through the vine, it is only worse than this from cottman down through the vine. moving in pockets of traffic as you usually do. if you are traveling i-95 in delaware county we are still looking well. roosevelt boulevard in the doing great southbound delays approaching the the schuylkill reason being on 76 at city
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avenue, we are experiencing that pocket of traffic. we are seeing delays on the eastbound side of 76 around the curve and then again approaching vine street expressway. tacony section of the northeast, unruh avenue is closed as a result of the overturn vehicle between charles and tackawanna. magee is your best alternate. best thing you can do i'm lynne abraham. when i became philadelphia's da, child victims had to face a judge ...a jury...the public... and testify eye to eye with their attackers. it wasn't right. so i got a constitutional amendment passed allowing children to testify remotely. i'm running for mayor for the same reason -- our children should come first. jim kenney and tony williams are fighting over public schools versus charters. i disagree. we have to improve education for all of our children.
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we have breaking news from philadelphia's tacony neighborhood. a car flips over and damage self
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this was all caught on video as well, it happened around 2:35, we will show thaw video now this car came speeding westbound rather, on unruh, the force of the crash forced the car to flip over and crash into even more cars. we are told in total, four vehicles were damage here, on this block, two people inside of this car. burgundy honda a accord here, late model. air bags have deployed, inn identify but get this, two people inside tried to make a run for it. one of them being the driver. he was caught by a neighbor and brought to police here. the other person, passenger did manage to get away. as we go out live this
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morning, we are surveying here still what is going on here. neighbors a buzz about what happened here this morning. the also trying to figure out now what they will do about their cars. one neighbor told me force of this car struck her car push her koran to the curve here. so, a lot of frayed nerves and damage here, on this block this morning. we are live from tacony i'm justin finch for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". erika and ukee. >> that video is incredible. >> all right there. >> can you imagine walking out to see that damage tour car. >> not at all. >> still ahead this morning cancerous fish found in the pennsylvania river. >> also police make an arrest in the murder of a college student who may have met her killer on craigs list. up next what police say the suspect did after trying to hide, the body. be right back.
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k-fell what do you got. >> we have pleasant weather for next couple of days, ukee. good morning everyone. we are stating off with some clouds. you see off in the distance that sliver of orange that shows off on the horizon at kutztown area middle school. we will see more sunshine as a whole. she should make a easy run for 80 degrees as we expect more sun then anything. tomorrow beautiful day and looking ahead to saturday a few more clouds move in here. starts to actually feel like summertime humidity too with the storm off to the south and may even bring in a brief shower for some vittoria. >> good morning everyone. rush hour is here. seventy-six westbound jammed at city avenue. if you are making your way from the roosevelt boulevard out toward gladwynn you'll feel this this morning. note that eastbound we are seeing delays around conshohocken and making your way toward vine street expressway and downtown. i-95 slow southbound from the cottman avenue. i would say even pressing back
6:24 am
towards academy and then down to the vine. moving in pockets but generally speaking you will be slow. dad vail regatta kelly drive closed strawberry mansion to fountain green at 11:00 a.m. until 6:00. schuylkill and 33 are two good alternates. a college student was killed after responding to a craigs list ad. it happened in hazelwood missouri. nineteen year-old taylor clark was found dead several hundred feet from his car which he posted recently for sale on craigs list. michael gordon responded to that ad and they in met in the parking lot. >> short time after they met in the parking lot taylor was shot, one time by mr. gordon. >> police say that gordon then moved clark's body to a nearby wooded area to cover it up. gordon then went back to work after the killing. he has been now charged with first degree murder. mayor of the baltimore is seeking federal investigation
6:25 am
of the police department thereafter the the death of mr. freddie gray. mayor want to know if officers engaged in excessive force and improper arrests. federal authorities were already looking at a string of police brutality claims, before the 25 year-old was fatally injured while in custody. baltimore officials have added new ethics training since gray's death and officers will get body cameras by the end of the year. well, fish caught in the mid of pennsylvania susquehanna river has tested positive for cancer. >> this small mouth bass with the the giant tumor on its lip was caught last year. state's fish and boat commission sought to have the the susquehanna river declared impaired but the tenth of environmental protection does not agree. either way people who fish in that area said they would never eat anything caught in the river are. >> i always thought it was unsafe. if you catch a fish and see a spot that is already on the bed, it is just right there is enough for me. i wouldn't dare eat it.
6:26 am
>> experts say cancerous growths and tumors are fish are extremely rare, but they do occur. it makes you you wonder what is in that water and you see a growth like that on the fish. >> that gentlemen is right that is enough for me in, doubt about it good chicken for dinner. up next we're following breaking news, an out of control car slams in other park cars, flips and someone runs from the scene. we're live with the latest. also developing right now a manhunt is underway for a violent prisoner who is just a teenager who escaped authorities while inhandcuffs. police have a warning for anybody who may try to help him hide. anyone who is not smart enough to at least ask him to stay, is probably not smart enough to run this city. >> a war of word, after a candidate hoping to replace mayor michael nutter threatens to fire commissioner ramsey if elect. vittoria and katie return with traffic and weather together on the three's.
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good morning family, thanks for joining us. updating break news from northeast philadelphia, driver hits a car and flips over in mayfair damaging three other vehicles. >> eyewitness news reporter justin finch joins with us video from the scene. this video is incredible, good morning. >> reporter: you are right
6:30 am
captivating video here. just behind us is aftermath of the video. clean up underway and process of getting this car off of unruh and safely on a tractor and out of here. lets go right now to the video of this crash as it happened. this was about 3:30 or so by neighbors. speeding honda accord comes down 4100 block, flips over, strikes four cars in the process, inside of that honda actually two people a driver and passenger. neighbors hearsay those two tried to make a run for it. the passenger jumps out ape pulls out the driver, both try to runaway down a nearby alley. the driver is unable to. he is caught by police and transported to the hospital. neighbors whose cars were damage well, they feel like they are in the tight spot this morning. >> like i'm watching a movie. you don't normally see this. this is just crazy. >> reporter: now car speeds up
6:31 am
and down this area we are told all the time but never has aftermath been anything like this. the the carries actually still on its side, neighbors here, showing their cars, four damaged here trying to figure out how to move them. there is a honda over here that neighbors say moved about 3 feet south due to the impact. a very, very strong wreck that caused major damage this morning. we are live, justin finch for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". we will get back to you thank you. developing right now search for an escaped teenage prisoner. police say 16 user old had she will singletary has licensing criminal record committing three armed robberies this year. teenage suspect was handcuffed when he bolted from custody yesterday in west philadelphia investigators say if they find anyone harboring this fugitive they will be arrested. new this morning an accident in southwest philadelphia has injured a police officer and three other people. investigators say the officer was responding to a call around 2:00 this morning when
6:32 am
another car t boned that car at 58th and wood land. we're told the officer may have head injuries. three people in the other car suffered minor injuries. authorities will survey damage left behind after several tornadoes came across the the midwest yesterday. severe weather carrying heavy wind flooding and tornadoes tore through parts of the oklahoma, nebraska, and kansas. the the storms caused widespread damage and power outages. >> it just came right over the tail, we got down to the basement and flung the the basement doors opened and through tree debris and stuff in the basement. i am just glad we were able to stop and find a safe place. >> forecasters say stormy conditions could continue through sunday. >> i just check with one of my former news director who lives in oklahoma city, he said it was all around him. a couple of family members had to take shelter where they lived. they live 20 miles away. he just sent me that. >> definitely note. that atmospheric roadblock is still set up. we will see a fresh round of
6:33 am
is he rear weather through the same area today tomorrow and probably into the the weekend. so this has been a very volatile week for this part of the country. now as we go out to storm scan three in the central plains thinks one cross section of view where some of the worst tornadic activity took place in the last 24 hours. all in total according to the storm prediction center 50 tornado report came in, that is just tornadoes. but we will throw other reports of hail, win flooding. they are extremely numerous. again it looks like it will be this kind of an out break for a few more days, in that area for us it means quiet weather because of the roadblock. we're in the roadblock too. we will end up with pleasant weather in our forecast for a couple of days. fifty-nine is at the the a airport 567892 in ac. we have light wind. it was a real comfortable night for sleeping. i hope you had a chance to crack those windows opened. later today we should make a run toward 80 degrees if not higher.
6:34 am
mid 70's the spectation both at the shore and at the poconos. and we can expect that sunshine to last us throughout the day and tomorrow for that matter variety for use. >> thanks very much, katie. good morning everyone. some of that sunshine may impact your rush hour commute causing sun glare. as of right now we are building that rush hour traffic. the it the is not full blown but it is getting there as we look at ben franklin bridge if you are traveling into new jersey, that is never really never a problem at this time. but the right lane is being compromised as a result of construction. so just note that. if you are making your way down toward eighth and vine which is usually a problem you will notice that you had are slow as you make your way down toward the down side of the bridge. about the mid span toward the down side is where you will have some volume continuing to build. however, we will take you else where to 476 right around route one, it does not look bad at all. blue route in general looks nice out there. speed sensors are dropping elsewhere like 20 on the schuylkill expressway, same old there around the conshohocken curve and city avenue and the vine.
6:35 am
nineteen is your average an oven 95. there is no delays for mass transit, erika. philadelphia's mayor michael nutter is rushing to the the deet fence of police commissioner charles ramsey. >> the support comes one day after one of the mayoral candidates said if elect he would replace the commissioner. "eyewitness news" reporter nicole brewer joins us now live to explain it all. >> exactly. anthony hardy williams gets elect the democratic mayoral candidate says he will look to dismiss charles ramsey. the reason? the the department's stop and frisk policy. the cities current mayor michael nutter is challenging his opponents statements and smarts during a memorial service for fallen police officers and fire fighters. nutter veered off topic to praise mr. ramsey for his service. he said hiring the commissioner was one of the smartest things he has done in office. and he didn't mix word about those who may disagree. >> who is not smart at least ask him to stay is probably not smart enough to run the city of philadelphia.
6:36 am
>> the the name calling is not what i do. i'm not going to do it. i respect him. i respect the office too much. i think that all of us should respect the decision that is need to be made. >> ramsey says that, he is humled by mayor's support and went on to say job of marries one of the most important in the city, and whoever assumes that office out to be able to select whom ever they want. but as we mentioned earlier election season is certainly upon us. mayoral primary is scheduled for may 19th. >> right around the corn are. >> yes, you can always tell it is election time. >> commissioner charles ramsey just a stand up guy. i loved how he handled this situation. in my way of dealing with him he is very professional. >> thanks very much, nicole. right now 6:36. tomorrow the government will release data on the jobs market for april. >> this employment report could contain a pleasant surprise for workers. for more we are joined by business analyst from cbs news, jill schlesinger up in
6:37 am
new york. good morning jill. >> good morning. >> what is expect in tomorrow's report. >> reporter: well, we had a rotten report for march just 126,000 jobs created so in this report we are looking for a bounce back, probably 220,000 jobs. unemployment rates should go down to 5.4 percent. now by the the way despite that disappoint ing reading last month the economy is adding over 3.1 million jobs in the past year a alone. so we are doing a lot better in the labor market. >> all right. we hear this is a surprise that could becoming for workers what is that surprise. >> wow okay, we are hoping and not sure but the the economy is certainly poised to deliver something americans have been looking for for just about eight years how about a raise yeah. nice right. the recent data is showing that compensation increased in the first quarter by 2.6 percent from a year ago. 2.8 percent in the private sector really got peoples hopes now. this is the the best pace
6:38 am
since 2008. just remember during the last expansion private sector wages were about 3 percent annual increases so believe it or not we are getting close to getting back to normal. not there yet. >> so does this mean that workers can actually negotiate better pay packages. >> reporter: check this out according to a career survey. are, two thirds say they are willing to negotiate salary offers. if you are ready to ask, here is a bit of the tip. there is emerging evidence that using a range rather than a single number may really help you increase your total comp. set a good number, at bottom end equivalent to the one you would have used as a single dollar offer and make the higher number 20 percent. if you are out there looking around you want a 50 you this dollars salary you suggest a range 50 to 60,000 to your potential boss and psychologically the boss is very unlikely to go below that $50,000 range.
6:39 am
so good luck. our fingers are crossed for wage increasing for everyone. >> let the nationwide negotiating begin. thanks jill. shaquille o'neal is a big man, so when he falls, everyone holds their breath. up next, video of that kiehl going down and a going down heart. may give you perfect polish but you that gelman cure is so popular at nail salons but could be putting your health at risk. swann is on the road to recovery after being found nearly dead at a new jersey state park. i'm cleve bryan. coming up why animal experts are looking at these burn marks all over her head. >> still ahead celebrity selfie that is turning head, kevin bacon, he is just unrecognizable, i have seen this picture you would never in a million years guess it was philly's kevin bacon. >> i will know it is him.
6:40 am
i would have guessed maybe. >> philly's own. >> philly's own good one and the same. >> we will be right back.
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you've tried to forget your hepatitis c. but you shouldn't forget this. hep c is a serious disease. left untreated it can lead to liver damage and potentially liver cancer. but you haven't been forgotten. there's never been a better time to rethink your hep c because people like you may benefit from scientific advances that could help cure your hep c. visit or call a hep c educator to help prepare you for a conversation with your hep c specialist. be careful next time you get a gelman cure
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dermatologist say it could lead to skin cancer. polish itself is is not the problem but the rather way nails are tried using uv light. if you are salon that has the option use led drying lights instead. if you are getting your nails done frequently under that uv light it can also make your nails more brittle. so be careful. 6:43. traffic and weather together on the the three's. here's katie. >> lets check with our weather watchers this morning. we have a variety pack of temperatures reported. we have 40's, 50's, a couple 60's reported but we will start on the cool end here. 48 degrees from alex, he has full sunshine in mays landing right now and certainly cool start to the day but that will change quickly as we keep that sun around. 60 degrees within the last few minutes from greg, very up to date observation but he generally is finding cloud in marshall ton delaware, except for this one piece of to the the north. we are seeing cloud thin out from north to south and see that reflect on storm scan. john jenkins sent in that in
6:44 am
mixture of sun and cloud in perkasie at 55 degrees, and he referenced perfect sleeping weather we have had. it has been so comfortable and will stay that way into tonight as well. we have to touch on the the south, even though this storm system, may gather tropical characteristics, it could even become the first named storm of the season that hasn't technically begun yet ana would be the name. it will not be a direct impact to us but it will start to move north and start to basically fun until some more cloud and moisture to our area specifically by this weekend. we're heating backup in the mid 80's. but because of the weak steering flow we will even up with some clouds out there and possibly a shower on the saturday, in the enough to cancel your outdoor plans. then we will have some fog to contend with on sunday. of course sunday is in the only mothers day but race for the the the cure. we may have fog issues, but 73 degrees at the the start of the race inn incredibly mild
6:45 am
in comparison to what we could find for one thing or what we usually found in recent years. over next couple days, 80's are the theme. monday tuesday new front a new shot for storms. right now 95 is in full blown rush hour from academy to beyond this point at girard through to the vine street expressway. anyone making their commute into downtown you will feel rush hour this morning and sun glare. you can see that above my head here. north bound i-95 not awful at all, smidge slow as things narrow around construction zone of cottman and girard but for that most part it is southbound side that is the bummer. 422, we are seeing slow lazy river continuing to form out of the area of oaks down to 202. you can notice, it is not awful but it is building. speed sensors are pretty low and you are seeing usual rush hour delays, on all of the usual majors this morning. we will keep you updated ukee.
6:46 am
a driver is in the hospital after this crash caught on camera in tacony. it happened on the 41 hundred block of unruh avenue in mayfair at 2:30. police tell us the driver was getting a way and was caught by a neighbor. a search is underway for a pass evening shore ran as well. police are searching for 16 year-old prisoner hasheem singletary who was handcuffed when he escaped from a private car in west philadelphia yesterday. that private car was transporting him to face charges including armed robbery. more than 30 homes are damaged and a dozen people are injured in tornadoes that touched down near oklahoma city. twisters were reported in the states of texas kansas and nebraska. a case of animal cruelty is under investigation in this area this morning. white span is injured and still alive. discovery was made tuesday in new jersey, and "eyewitness news", new jersey reporter cleve bryan has more on that story. >> reporter: with barely the
6:47 am
strength to stand this swann is recovering from what appears to be a vicious attack. chemical burns are all over its head. >> you can see feathers missing, and our first impression is something was powered on him or thrown on him that burned this area. >> reporter: animal control pick up the swann at parvin state park in salem county. it looked like he would die. >> he was so dehydrated and not eating, so weak, it was just time before something ate him. >> reporter: local spca is gathering facts on the possible abuse case and state authorities may get involved. >> to hurt something in nature like that is just you got to wonder what is going on inside that person. >> reporter: they tell me they are seen out on the lake but animal control found this one in the wood unresponsive. now that the birdies getting the medical attention it need, question hoist would com to a beautiful place like this to hurt ana mal. >> you would hate to think that somebody did that to any animal. >> reporter: vicky schmidt is wild life rehabilitation expert who will nurse the
6:48 am
swann back to health. >> it may be a situation we may never find out who did it but it will alert enough people in the area and to know to keep an eye out. >> reporter: hopefully the swann will make a full recovery and return to parvin in the coming month. i'm cleve bryan cbs-3 "eyewitness news". >> just awful. >> who does that. >> i know. in other news, shaquille o'neal is up to his old tricks. he is not as smooth on his feet as he was in the nba. >> still just as enthusiastic. another adventure on the nba on tnt. that kiehl and the gang were talking when he got up to illustrate his point and got himself all tangled up. down he fell. he shoot even came off. that takes some effort to get shoe off. he was not hurt because he was experienced, little experienced on camera. >> i hear chuck laughing the hardest, the hardest charles barkley. >> you cannot fault a guy that goes for it. >> he is used to beating up folks in the lanes.
6:49 am
>> he found himself on the studio floor before. >> i thought this sounded familiar. >> yes,. >> he crashed in the christmas tree and blame kenny smith. do you remember's peers to move. he shoves him right in the tree demonstrating some kind of basketball move. >> he likes physical contact trust me. >> wound up on the studio floor. >> lime timex he takes a licking and keeps on ticking. >> he is a good sport about the whole thing. >> 6:49. time to see is what coming up on cbs this morning. >> nora o'donnell is in new york with your preview. nora, good morning. >> good morning ukee and erika. tornadoes and massive flooding slammed the plains. we are live in oklahoma in one of the worst hit area. we will look at the deflate gate fall out likely punishments and how it could affect tom brady's legacy. and then the man who captured this incredible video described what it was like to be the center of the mount
6:50 am
everest avalanche the news is back in the morning, we will see you guys in about ten minutes. have a great day. >> to. >> amazing video. >> thanks very much. the word is, yale. >> actress lindsey lohan could ab rested when she returns to the u.s. from london. the the trouble star is due back in a california court today for a probation progress report. in her 2012 reckless driving convictions. tmz reports that lohan has only completed less than, 20 of the additional 125 community service hours she agreed to complete the by may 28th. lohan was given extra hours after judge challenge her log sheet in january. she has a blank space and want to cause trouble a new app will help you fill it with taylor swift lyrics. taketext works like emojis or smart phone text. it offers 300 lyrics from more than 60 songs and insert into text messages or
6:51 am
while communicate nothing apps on your smart phone. it the is similar to an app for drake fans. here's a picture we have been talking about, is this really kevin bacon. anchor shocked fans after posting that photo showing him looking dramatically different, standing outside his trailer. his face, neck a bit fuller and some say he has had too much bacon this new result could be the use of prosthetic make up. bacon is in the uk working on a project possibly a comedy and trying to get people talking i'm sure for role. >> that was some dude named kevin bacon. >> you would never recognize him. >> that is for sure. >> well, it is largest collegiate rowing competition in the country. >> it is happening here in philadelphia this weekend. "eyewitness news" reporter nicole brewer joins with us a look ahead at dad vail regatta. >> we will have fun ukee, let me tell you. wait until you see the video this weekend thousands of collegiate rowers will compete in the prestigious competition
6:52 am
what does it take to cruise down the schuylkill as part of the dad vail regatta let's just say my teammate and i went down to the river to find out. >> what am i supposed to do when i hear that. >> so as you can tell we were off to a great start yesterday. coming up tomorrow on "eyewitness news" you can see the entire experience as erika and i join the temple women's temple eight forng and as we found out it is not as easy as it looks. >> very easy, hanging out and not rowing. >> athletes are the highest oxygen uptake thaw can have are rowers. it is an interesting sport in that it is an explosive but aerobic sport. you need to be strong but also very fit. >> so naturally they send these two very fit people. >> wow. >> stretching it out getting ready. >> yes. >> for our fit day on the river. >> you can see our time on the
6:53 am
schuylkill tomorrow morning on "eyewitness news". also be down on the banks of the schuylkill live all morning talking to the rowers as they kick off dad vail. >> with temple, that is top of the top. they don't play. >> they are so talented. so nice. they are encouraging us. maybe do this. so polite. it was very thoughtful. >> i know you are sore right now. >> just a little bit.
6:54 am
6:55 am
6:56 am
one more check of traffic and weather of course. >> yes. >> what about me? >> well, we will start with the more better news. >> it almost goes without saying at this time of the morning, at least we have nice weather for you today and tomorrow featuring high uv up decks so make sure you've got your sun block ready to go. i know, okay mom so used to hearing me say that but i will beat that home for you here as long as we have full sun. dad vail regatta taking place here we just talk bit starting tomorrow and we have nice weather to kick it off. saturday looks good too, vittoria. >> we have closures today starting at 11:00. note that traveling kelly drive. traveling throughout rush hour this is 42 freeway headlights there, commuting in the northbound direction slow go approaching 295 but schuylkill, 95, you want to anticipate the usual. >> as per usual vittoria.
6:57 am
next up a maternity ward mystery, 18 mothers who suspect a hospital, sold their babies. >> now to continue follow your local news weather traffic and sports we are keeping it live and local on your cw philly station good morning family glad you are with us have a great day.
6:58 am
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good morning. it is thursday may 7, 2015. welcome to "cbs this morning." tornadoes tear through the southern plains. tom brady's father calls deflate gate deframe gate. a mother/daughter reunion leads to allegations that a st. louis hospital stole babies from young women. we have a funnel forming. >> there it is. tornado on the ground. >> twisters


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