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tv   CBS Morning News  CBS  May 8, 2015 4:00am-4:31am EDT

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month away but the carolina coast is formed off the carolina coast. tom brady says it's not taken away from the patriots super bowl title and smoking cabin. a delta jet is forced to make an emergency land after the cabin filled with smoke mittd flight. captioning funded by cbs this is the "cbs morning news" for friday may 8th 2015. the southeast is getting an irl taste of hurricane season. it's a month before the season officially begins. a storm watch is in effect among most of the carolinas.
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anna is already creating surf and beach. sustained winds are near 45 miles an hour and are expected to strengthen. 2 to 4 inches of rain are expected over the weekend. thunderstorms spawned a new outbreak of tornados thursday. massive funnel clouds darkened the skies north of dallas. only light damage and no injuries. residents are cleaning up in the oklahoma city area hit hard by tornadoes early this week. storms destroyed dozens of homes and left one person dead. meteorologist eric fisher of cbs station wbz shows us the potential problems. >> thursday was anotherive day of severe weather and we're going to be looking at the same situation as we head into friday. watch what happens as we head toward the afternoon and evening. same locations around red river
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valley, oklahoma city and spreading up toward wichita, expect more severe storms. storm prediction center has put out a moderate risk. includes much of western oklahoma south of wichita and kansas and there's more to come. a potent upper level system is heading for the midwest. expect severe weather in the plains and believe it or not a mother's day weekend snow comes across the rockies from higher elevation elevations. patriots quarterback tom brady says the deflategate controversy hasn't detracted from his super bowl win. he made his first public comments about the report implicating him. >> life is so much about ups and downs and certainly i accept my role and responsibility as a public figure. i think a lot of it you take the
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good with the bad and dealing with different adversities in life, you see what they want to do. >> the league is waiting to see if they'll discipline him. new england patriots tom brady received a hero's thursday biechk the four-time super bowl champ did not interviewer jim grey much when asked about the report of deflategate. >> our owner commented on it yesterday. it's only been 30 hours so i haven't had time to digest it slowly, but when i do i'll be sure to let you know how i feel about it. >> but his agent had a lot to say. he called it a significant and disappointing result. >> it does not contain a significant amount of tom's testimony which provides much
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context to the conclusions that were reached by the wells team investigator. he told investigators he had no knowledge that brady had plans to deflate balls. >> i don't think he ordered the code red, you know how i like it. >> when asked if tainted his super bowl victory, brady said absolutely not. >> the nfl is awaiting his potential punishment. danielle nottingham cbs news. this morning passengers are describing scary moments inside a delta plane as it filled with smoke midair. >> it was like very surreal because that's how i woke up. i woke up to you know the smoke and the alarm. at first i thought it was just condensation and noticed it was smoke. >> the flight made an emergency
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landing and no one was hurt. delta is trying to find out what happened. kris van cleave shows us the frightening video from inside the plane. >> reporter: this is video onboard delta flight 2028 as smoke filled the cabin of the jet. they say more than an hour after taking off they reported smoke in the cockpit and a problem with one of the two engines. cbs "60 minutes" katherine davis was on board and she shot this video. >> it was pretty quickly. the cabin was filling up with smoke pretty quickly. so, yeah it was a little nerve-racking. they told all of us to put our heads down in our laps because the air would be fresher. >> reporter: another of the 89 passengers tweeted this picture
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calling the experience the scariest flight ever. the pilots landed safely in the charleston, south carolina and delta crews are inspecting that engine. the md 80 family of aircraft is an aging work force of the delta fleet. this morning the justice department is preparing to open a civil rights investigation into baltimore's police department. federal officials tell cbs news attorney general loretta lynch could make the announcement as early as today. baltimore's mayor questions it. six officers are charged in the death of freddie gray who died in police custody. a federal court ruled the controversial nsa program as illegal thursday. edward lawrence is in washington. good morning, edward. >> allison, a three-judge panel ruled unanimously and blasted it
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in a 97-page report. the judges called it an unprecedent contraction of the privacy of americans. the feature of the nsa's spy birmingham now hangs in the balance. on thursday a federal 'peels court ruled the practice illegal. hours later senate majority leader mitch mcconnell took the floor to defending it calling it vital to security. >> not only have the tools kept us safe, there's not been a single incident not one, of abuse of it. >> the scope of the program was not known until edward snowden leaked documents two years ago. since 9/11 the agency has see correct lid collected and storrsed u.s. private programs under the patrioting at but that, the court ruled, was never authorized by the statute.
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>> you can do it both by security and constitutional rights. >> reporter: with it set to expire in three weeks, lawmakers are exploring new legislation that would essentially do away with the nsa program. one measure known as the freedom act would allow them to keep bulk phone records but allow them for terror investigations. while the obama administration has defended the legality of the program for that purpose, they say he's encouraged bibi partisan legislation that would implement reforms. the appeals court allowed the nsa to continue collecting phone recording noting that the law under it ends in june. prime minister cameron is expected victory. his conservative party surnled to a big league in the election.
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the results are better than pre-election poll. he left leaning suffered losses. the death of this man was announced in online video. he's believed to have been close to osama bin laden. he's said to be behind the massacre at "charlie hebdo" that killed 12 people. fbi director james comey said the information surfaced on sunday just before it surfaced. >> reporter: just before the attack on sunday elton simpson tweeted texas attack. that same day at about 4:00 p.m. the fbi said it sent a bulletin of simpson and the license place to police in garland, texas,
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where the contest for drawings were being held. the fbi did not know simpson and his accomplish na dir soofi, were en route from phoenix armed with ak-47s. at around 7:00 p.m. they opened fire on police before being killed by a traffic officer. simpson apparently received guidance online. in an off-camera session with reporters, fbi director james comey described it. he said the terror group reaches out through social media sites by twitter, identifies followers and sends them to encrypted sites that are difficult to hit. with messages go kill people. sometimes supplying them with hit lists. they say they had no information at all that simpson and soofi
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were headed its way. the fbi had reopened an investigation in march but he was not being watched around the clock. jeff pegues, cbs news washington. and coming up on the "morning news." toxic flooring troefrmts lumber liquidators has a big announcement about one of its products two months after a report. that's on "cbs moneywatch." this is the "cbs morning news." i take these out... put in dr. scholl's active series insoles. they help reduce wear and tear on my legs, becuase they have triple zone protection.
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you can switch it right on again. you're back! freeze it, only from discover. get it at ♪ nexium 24hr. it's the purple pill. the #1 prescribed acid blocking brand. available without a prescription for frequent heartburn. get complete protection. nexium level protectiontm. in denton texas, a natural gas well exploded and burned last night in an apparent lightning strike in severe weather sparked the blast. there were no evacuations or injuries. the senate overwhelmingly passed a bill to give congress a chance to pass any nuclear deal with iran. the vote was 98-1. senators could possibly reject a deal. the house is expected to vote on
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the measure next week. on to "cbs moneywatch," lumber liquidateors pulls its controversy flooring. >> today's jobs report for april is expected to bounce back from march. experts predict that u.s. employers added more than 215,000 positions last month. that follows the very small increase in march. the unemployment rate is expected to drop to 5.4%. asian financial markets were mostly higher ahead of the jobs report. tokyo's nikkei gained half a percent. hong kong's hang seng rose more than 1%. here on wall street they'll analyze john data. the dow gained 82 points thursday the s&p 500 was up 7 points, and the nasdaq added nearly 36 points. lumber liquidators is taking
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all of its lumber out of the country. it says its product complies with investigation but the justice department is seeking criminal charges. >> whole food is opening a new low cost grocery store chain. the stores will be aimed at millennials. the chain has not been yet named and will start next year. it will also feature fresh foods and will be modern with innovative technology. and your college major may determine your future earnings. the top paying average income is $136,000 for year for petroleum engineering majors. in second place, pharmaceutical sciences majors earned $113,000 and the lowest was $39,000 for majors in early childhood education. i'm not sure we chose right, alison. >> yeah.
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in sports another milestone for alex rodriguez. at yankee stadium rodriguez hit his 661st home run, putting him past willie mays. the yankees said they will not pay him a bonus for surpassed hayes because of his. he suffered nondisplaced fractures in his hand and wrist during the opener. down three games to nothing, lightning ripped the game three games to two. when we return, security upgrade. we'll show you upgrades to the white house security fence to keep out intruders.
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here's a look at today's forecast in some cities around the country. here's another look at this morning's top story. subtropical storm anna is threatening the southeast coast nearly a month after the hurricane season. storms are in effect for the carolinas. maximum winds are nearly 45 miles an hour. and new england patriots tom brady says he needs time to digest the report. it hasn't detracted from his super bowl title. the white house is getting better security around his mags. a man armed with a knife and climbed over the fence and ran inside the white house before he was stopped. the secret service is adding a second layer of steel spikes at the top of the fence
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intruders out. a government investigation found that the company evidenced bacteria at its oklahoma factory plant in march of 2013 but the plant continued to ship ice cream from that plant. blue bell products are linked to three wisteria deaths in kansas. surveillance cameras captured video of a massive fight outside the bar last weekend. residents say it happens all the time and they're afraid. the bar owner says he can't be held responsible for what happens off his property. and a zoo in japan is apologizing for the name it gave to a newborn monkey. the animal was named charlotte named after the newborn princess. the zoo got a lot of complaints saying it was departmentful but it was named by a public poll. coming up after your local news on "cbs this morning," more on deflategate.
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america's war in vietnam ended 40 years ago last week. for some the war brought no closure. barry petersen brought in two of them determined to fill in the missing pieces. >> reporter: at her home in loveland, colorado toby schneider is getting ready for her first trip to vietnam and a journey back in time. the vietnam war when she was a six-pound orphaned baby sent to america. these few pieces of paper are all she knows. >> i have a real love for life, and i don't know if that has anything to do with it but i'm a survivor. >> some 3,000 came to america. many with no stories. some were simply abandoned on a
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market or a bus. but stacy meredith of suburban denver, knows a few more facts as she prepares for her trip to vietnam. her father was an american soldier and her 19-year-old mother raised stacy until age 2. >> how do you miss someone that you certainly couldn't remember? >> i miss the idea of having her in my life the fact that she kept me for a couple of years before she gave me up to me tells me she loves me very much and she tried. >> reporter: vietnam will give in hochman city, toby finds her orphanage. perhaps only a child who never met her parents or even her homeland can understand how important this moment is. >> i can't put words to it. i can't believe it.
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>> this is where you came from. >> my life started here because of people who cared so much and they had hope for us. >> there's a lot of feelings going on. >> reporter: after years of searching and with help from a vietnamese network, stacy was overcome by her birthday but there is sad news. her mother died of cancer. >> please tell them that i'm sorry, i'm too late to meet her. >> reporter: at journey's end, stacy visits her mother's grave and can tell her what that scared orphan girl always wanted to say, mom, i love you. barry petersen cbs news kanto vietnam. and coming up after your local news on "cbs this morning," more on tom brady's reaction to the deflate gate investigation and we'll hear
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from his agent don yald yi. plus texting and driving achlt look at the enforcement of safe driving laws. and breakthrough with in vitro fertilization. we'll show you a new technique that gives hope to women wanting to get pregnant. that's the "cbs morning news" for this friday. i'm alison harmelin. have a great day. -- captions by vitac --
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today ask friday may eighth, good morning, i'm ukee washington. >> i'm erika von tiehl. >> frightening home invasion. >> two men armed with guns, pistol whipped a victim. jan carabeo joins us now at new britton township police department with the latest information. jan? >> police are tracking the suspect, they stole a steal phone, so may be able to use the ping from the suspect to help narrow it down. meantime, take a look at the video. one of the victims is recovering this morning, as you mentioned after he was pistol whipped during this whole home invasion and robbery, happened here at old farm house on limekiln pike in


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