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tv   Eyewitness News at 11  CBS  May 13, 2015 2:07am-2:38am EDT

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africa? >> yeah. >> dave: how long ago was it? >> we just got back a few days ago, probably four, five days ago. we went to kenya and tanzania in southern africa. then we stopped for a day in liberia, pause because four people from our health access program were there the whole time through the ebola epidemic. they never left, and by the grace of god, they were never infected. but they worked on the front line. i'm really proud of them. ( applause ) so i wanted to help them-- we looked at our programs in the first two countries and then we talked about what's going to happen now in liberia and how they need to build a health care system so they can manage this and they'll never have an epidemic again. and then we went to morocco for a meeting of the clinton global initiative for africa and the middle east. the whole trip was fascinating. put i love going there and i love seeing people make
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something out of nothing. i met a woman in tanzania who came to a vaccine clinic that we helped to stock. and you have to refrigerate vaccines. and it was way out in the country. the woman still had to walk 12 miles with her six-month-old baby just to get there. but it was the first time she'd ever been able to do that. and then i met some farmers in tanzania, including one woman with seven children who was farming one acre of land, and she almost tripled her yield joining this program we started with 85,000 farmers. and she added soybeans, and her income went up more than 300% because we lowered the price of the seed and fertilizer. and all of a sudden, all her kids can go to school, and she thinks she's really rich, you know. ( applause ) there are literally millions and
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millions of people like that, that for very little money per farmer could feed their countries, export food, deal with this growing global population. so it was really rewarding. i loved it. >> dave: and this must be very satisfying, and this is money from the clinton global initiative, the clinton foundation? >> my foundation does these programs. the clinton global initiative is basically a network that we try to build and we rarely participate in the projects there. somebody comes and gets us and says, "you can do thissing, nobody else can," we do. but basically that's a network e that have pledged over a decade $100 billion that has already helped 430 million people in 180 countries. and it's all voluntary. for example, in america we've got some public and private pension funds that have committed $14 billion to retrofit buildings and make them
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under energy efficient. they've already spent six million of it and created 50,000 jobs. no taxpayer money no, nothing just finding opportunity finding the investors to do it. it's going good. ( applause ) >> dave: because i have a card here, and i'll read some things, and please comment. clinton foundation, 9.9 million people are receiving hiv-aids treatment. remarkable. >> that's more than half the people in the world who get it. the reason is, we were able to pioneer more than 10 years ago now a big reduction in the price by getting the whole business model of the aids drugs changed. they were a low-volume, high-profit margin uncertain payment business. we made massive volume, low profit margin but certain payment.
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and because of that, 70 countries have asked to us negotiate contracts that they buy aids medicine from. we don't touch the money. the money goes from the donors to these poor countries and they buy the drugs at that price. but it's had a dramatic-- a dramatic effect. and it's also lowered everybody else's prices. >> dave: back home in the united states, 15 million children have access to healthier food choices in their schools in the fight against childhood obesity. 15 million kids. >> the first lady, michelle obama is running this "let's move" program. she asked us to run-- our foundation and our alliance for a healthier generation that i did with the american heart association after i had our surgery. ( laughter ) and we do the school programs. the first thing we did was reach an agreement with the soft drink companies to reduce total calories in drink goes going to school by 90%. ( applause ) and then we worked on getting the-- then we worked on getting the meal more nutritious before
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the new federal guidelines came in. then we worked on exercise programs before, during, and after schools. so we're trying to do our part there. and i think it's making a real difference. ( applause ). >> dave: yeah. i mean-- it's still unbelievable to me that we have kid in this country who are not getting enough food and then kids had this country who are obese. i mean, how do you reconcile that? >> actually, they're quite close. you know, they're basically on the knife edge of poverty one way or the other. there are people hoare food insecure, who don't get enough food stamps or whatever. and then there are people whose parents have barely enough to pay their bills and they work all theo they don't have time to prepare the food. so they buy food that is high in bulk high in caloric content low in nutritional value and they become obese. and they're very close to the people who are hungry.
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and we've got to deal with both problems. >> dave: and then there is the other part of it, maybe the biggest part of all the corporations producing food like that because they know it's what people will end up buying. >> yeah, but-- and we're working with them. there are a lot of them that really want to change if we can make it possible to do what we did with aids medicine and the the soft drinks for them to make money if a lot of way. they'll take a lot of the sugar out of the food. they'll stop a lot of processed carbs. we have to keep working at it. we're making progress but we have a ways to go. >> dave: let me ask you another question areue put it in a percentage-- what's the chance of you moving back to 1600 pennsylvania? ( cheers and applause ). >> well-- first of all hillary has to win the nomination. if she wins the nomination, then she has to win the election.
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if she wins the election the chances are 100% i'll move back. ( laughter ) if-- wait, wait-- if i'm asked. you know-- >> dave: you may not not be invited back. >> my experience haas since i left the white house when a president of either party asks you say yes. it would be a good thing for america if she wins. i hope she disncht what an amazing life this will-- has been and will continue to be for both of you. >> we have been so fortunate. it's funny how your perspective changes. i think having a grandchild made a big difference but we just sort of try to wake up every day in a good humor and be greatful and go out there eye urged her to just go out there and have a good time, tell the american people what she wanted to do, explain what the challenges are from her point of view and what we should do and just be grateful. we've had a wonderful life. and i'm grateful.
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>> dave: well, we're very happy that you're here. ( applause ) and very impressed by what you've been able to do since you left the white house. i think at one point we discussed that maybe it's easier for a man or a woman to be more effective out of office, actually than when they're in office. >> you're about to find out. >> dave: by god i take that as a challenge. you're exactly right. >> we'll do it together. thank you. >> dave: president bill clinton, ladies and gentlemen. ( cheers and applause ) we'll be right back with adam sandler, everybody. ♪ ♪ ♪ ( applause )
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♪ ♪ ♪ ( applause ) >> dave: okay. how about this? our next guest very funny man very talented, we couldn't be happier to have him here, and especially tonight. do me a favor welcome our good friend, adam sandler. adam, come on out. how are you?
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>> thank you! wow. thank you, thank you! yeah! >> dave: you look great, by the way. >> you too dave. >> dave: have you lost weight or something? >> yeah, yeah, i had bad cholesterol so i figured i'd take-- i was taking pills-- the doctor told me to take pills is and then i was taking them and then i said maybe i should lose a few pounds. >> dave: good, you're looking after yourself that's gate because of your family. >> exactly. trying to live a little longer now. how is president clinton looking like that? he's looking pretty good expncht smart. >> second president i met today. i met president clinton earlier in the dressing room and also at the port authority i met a guy who told me he was harry truman. ( laughter ) ( applause ) thank you. and i gotta say dave, out of the two harry truman hugs
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longer. >> dave: well, that really-- i mean, harry truman. congratulations. >> he was a good man. he was funny. >> dave: and how are the kids? they're older now. i keep-- tell me what are the ages? >> my sadie just turned 9 and my other kid sonny is 6. and they're happy and everything's good. i just actually, there was a birthday party-- another so my wife's grandmother-- this is kind-- i don't know if it's a great story. ( laughter ) but my wife's grandmother-- it's okay. it ends up okay. but my wife's grandmother is 99. so-- >> dave: 99! >> 99. ( applause ) she's a good lady. so we had a nice birthday party for her this past weekend. and so anyway, she's 99, and she's sleeping at our house and in the middle of the night i hear this terrifying scream.
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aarrggh! and i woke up, oh, something happened. i woke up and grandma fell. she was all right. she didn't get badly hurt. she hurt her knee but she was okay. she was frantic "who are you?" "it's adam, it's addam." she was evidence in, got her back to bed and everything was good. and the next night i'm laying in bed and i hear the same scream and i was like oh, boy. that whole day during her birthday i told her it was my birthday too. i said, "why is everybody celebrating? it's mine, too." and she said, "it is?" and at the end of the night i tell her it's not my birthday. so anyway, i go downstairs after the scream. and she didn't fall this time. i said, "grandma, what happened?" she'd shooez like, "i had a bad dream." and i was like "okay, all right." and she goes "who are you?" and i said, "it's adam, it's adam." and she said, "happy birthday." i swear to god, it was so funny. ( applause ) >> dave: that's pretty good.
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>> yeah, it was nice. >> dave: that's very nice. how long have i known you? >> oh, man nches i can remember-- and i told you this before-- you came on the show and you were, like, 18 or something crazy. >> no, i was 22. >> dave: 22. >> 22 and it was the best. it was the biggest thing for me, my family. that's all we talked about. and i don't know. i was telling somebody earlier when i was on "saturday night live" and we did your show-- whenever-- like we thought we were the coolest guys ever because we were on the show, we were young and coke and farley and ?ieder and spade and norm macdonald and-- >> dave: that's a very formidable cast. those guys-- >> it was great we were all best friends. put i swear to god, every time we were-- we were in the same building asue every time we went to the other side where your show was we would not feel as-- we were like, "i think he's better than us. there's no about it." that's all i'm trying to tell you. we thought your show was great
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and you were always our hero and that's it. >> dave: we'll be right back with adam sandler. ♪ ♪ ♪ ( applause )
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captioning sponsored by worldwide pants and cbs captioned by media access group at wgbh ♪ ♪ ♪ ( applause ) >> dave: i remember-- i always
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remember you told me several years ago you told everybody that you were very lucky man. huet beautiful life and a lovely family but that your wife is under the impression that she's married to ben stiller. ( laughter ). >> yeah. i let her go with that one. >> dave: now listen, this is fantastic. i was told-- and i hope this is correct-- that you have a special presentation. >> of course. i've been trying to write this song for you for the last-- >> dave: a song. ( cheers and applause ). >> i'll go sing it for you. >> dave: all right. >> i hate-- i hate going over there. >> dave: paul? everyone. >> no, it's just me. i don't think the employs or the ladies heard it yet. but i love you. i hate leaving the couch but i gotta go do it. >> dave: adam sandler, ladies and gentlemen. >> thanks, guys. okay. all right. i swear to you i'm a little emotional. i'm going to try not to get too.
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♪ and no one makes my mother wetter than. >> dave: hey! hey! >> paul: wow that's-- >> dave: what! ♪ david letterman. okay mom i told him. i hope you're happy. sorry. >> dave: what's going on here! ♪ seems like yesterday when i was 14 and you looked like a freshman at ball state. ♪ now your hairpiece is full of gray and i'm ( bleep ) 48. ♪ i can't believe at night when we're watching stephen colbert you'll be tucked in bed under the sheets. ♪ pet with stupid tricks will have no place to go while paul shaffer and the band sell crack on the streets ( laughter ). >> paul: so sad. >> yeah, boys! >> paul: no truer-- no truer has ever been spoken.
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>> okay. ♪ there simply is no better man than our hero david letterman. ♪ i can't thank you enough for all you've done. ♪ and i'm sure i ain't the only one because you paved the way for every late night show. ♪ both jimmies should get on their knees and blow-- you kisses, you kisses. ♪ no more interviewing heidi klum or sherryl teagues. ♪ now you're just the oldest man at little league. ♪ when you say good-bye and take your final drive in your ferrari full of stolen office flies. ♪ and we watch you go with eyes full of tears. ♪ i hope the cops pull you over and drag you back here for 30 more years. ( cheers and applause ). ♪ cause you're the king of comedy.
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♪ our best friend on tv. ( cheers and applause ) ♪ and i'll miss you yeah buddy i'll miss you. ♪ the whole world's gonna miss you. ♪ david letterman ♪ ( cheers and applause ) >> dave: oh, my! that was beautiful! adam sandler, ladies and gentlemen. thank you. god bless you and your family, my friend. >> you too dave. >> dave: adam sandler everybody. look. there you go. good night folks.
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♪ [captioning funded by cbs television studios and cbs broadcasting inc.] reggie: ladies and gentlemen, all the way from oklahoma, oklahoma, give it up for the one, the only james corden! [cheers and applause] james: how are you? hey! thank you.
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[cheers and applause] i love it. thanks so much, guys. have a seat. thank you! welcome to have a seat. thanks so much, please. thanks for coming out. i appreciate you being here. you can have a seat. reggie i'm sorry -- [laughter] talk us through this. reggie: yeah, you know, i thought asymmetry was the name of the game today. james: isn't it a triumph ladies and gentlemen? [applause] i basically had the same hairstyle since i was 12 and it annoys me every night. but welcome everybody. thank you for being here. [cheers and applause] some news today -- i don't know if you saw this that a british study has concluded that hip-hop has a bigger influence on popular culture than any other music genre.
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and i was like of course, it does. i could have told you that because i am completely street and down with the kids y'all. do you know what i mean. honestly i'm so street that when i heard this news, i was like, stop, hammer time. a little underground reference that a lot of you don't get. of course hip-hop is influential! most hip-hop songs are just instructions for life over a cool beat. instructions like back that ass up, do you know what i mean? teach me how to dougie and of course ♪ hey -- audience: smoke ♪ james: i wish i could do that at any point just in my life just go into a shop and go ♪ hey ♪


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