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tv   Eyewitness News at 430am  CBS  May 13, 2015 4:30am-5:01am EDT

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ooler by comparison temperature of 70 degrees and just a low climb from here. back to the lower 80's by week end but a few more cloud and potential for some showers if not a thunderstorm looking ahead to the weekend as well. vittoria, now back over to you. thanks very much, katie. good morning everyone. we are taking a live look at chopper three over the scene of the breaking news story the amtrak derail many. i will step out of the way to get a better look. i was driving into work this morning and i listened to mayor nutter during his press conference over kyw news radio saying that one of the cars of the amtrak train was perpendicular. it just goes to show you the the amount of the severe. as you know amount of the severity we have been telling you that this will definitely be out there for a good portion of this morning and afternoon and as a traffic reporter i know first hand even when we have one fatality in the crash on any major highways or even in the
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neighborhoods, investigations take awhile. due to over 238 passengers on board this amtrak train this will be quite sometime. lets continue to talk about how this will a affect your morning commute. traveling in and around port richmond we have a few closure points for you. prank forward avenue between tours dole and castor, wheatsheaf between frankford and air mink a. castor and wheatsheaf. sedgley avenue closed between castor and frankford and they just keep on coming in the traffic system. in and around that area of port richmond keep in mind would i say really it is just going to be a place to avoid and continue to avoid this morning all morning long. one of the alternates i can tell you, would i say aramingo would be your best bet, one of the most well known to go to and from in and around that port richmond area and it will be a good idea to at least stick to aramingo, and really you will just have to. in regard to, mass transit
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looking at amtrak right now it is suspended between philadelphia and new york. this will be all day to day. however they are on modified schedule between d.c. and philadelphia and between harrisburg and philadelphia and new york and boston. also new jersey transit is cross honoring amtrak tics between new york and trenton chestnut hill west line suspended and trenton line suspended. you will want to plan accordingly this morning and with that said folks will be busing. new jersey turnpike will be extra busy today and trenton transit will be that busy today, ukee and erika. >> we will continue to follow very latest on this amtrak tragedy. >> stay here with "eyewitness news" throughout the morning we will have the latest information on this derailment victims and as vittoria was just telling you commute how your commute to work will be affect this morning. we will be right back.
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good morning, we will continue to follow latest on the amtrak tragedy, here in
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philadelphia. >> five people are dead and dozens injured have after their train derailed, in port richmond. this accident has closed the nation's busiest rail corridor between new york and washington d.c. as federal investigators sift through mangled wreckage to determine what went wrong. that is a big question this morning, so far there is no word on a cause. right now i want to take a look at the the route that amtrak train began in washington d.c. and on its way to new york city last night when about 9:30 p.m. that train passed through port richmond section of philadelphia, it was turning a corner when it came off tracks and train cars violently scattered across the area there. >> that is what the investigation will be centered. we got a picture in we'd like to show thaw was taken on the track, a rescue worker just sent it to us on "eyewitness news", a close look at the twisted metal and utter devastation. fire fighters have been out there all night and in the we hours of the morning just a fantastic job by men and
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women, no doubt bit. we have live team three coverage. lets get to "eyewitness news" reporter nicole brewer at the scene, nicole. >> reporter: at this point local, state and federal authorities are still on the scene investigating this train wreck, we are told that cadaver dogs are searching for potential, victims but if you take a look behind me you can see there is a police perimeter set up to keep us hundreds of yard from that train wreck, site and as you mentioned five people have been confirmed dead, and it is an incident mayor nutter has described as a absolute disastrous mess. in all 243 people, on board that amtrak train number 188 coming from washington d.c. and heading to new york city when it went off the track at the frankford junction, a part of the track with a large curve to it. the a as you can imagine just a chaotic scene here, 65 people taken to area hospitals, six in critical condition and five confirmed dead and emergency crews of
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course responding immediately, tons of emergency vehicles on the scene and what seems like a parade of ambulance from his here at the the scene to local hospitals folks being treated for everything from concussions severe lacerations broken bones and even shock really an all hand on deck kind of operation, again as local state and federal authorities converged on this scene. at one point we are told there were 200 police officers here at this site which is roughly frankford avenue and sedgley avenue. now this is as passengers did everything they could to get off that train. "eyewitness news" spoke to two passengers a the mother and son who did in fact make it off safely and they described what it was like aboard the train and mayhem that followed. >> we were just on the train and then it started to shake and we were in the front seat and this huge red suitcase just came flying at me our train was on its side.
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it hit my chest. and there is many, many injured people on the train and they are very, very upset. my son went back and got everybody off our one car he helped them out it was a small opening in the door and we were able to get out. >> i helped my mom get off that was my first priority, and luckily like i'm still here and still walking. i got really lucky and so i figure would i do my best to help because i saw, everything i can see the blood on peoples faces, they cannot move and their knees were out and so i just tried to do my best to help people get out of that car because it was smoking. >> reporter: tough to come by here on the ground but we have things unearthed as a result of the train derailment.
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have of course, the morning the big question is why did this happen, 243 people on board, six people in critical condition, five confirmed dead. and we will continue to monitor this situation and follow along with this investigation as details unfold here at the scene. live from port richmond nicole brewer cbs-3 "eyewitness news". please get back to us when we can. we apologize for that break up there. doctors and nurses have been working throughout the night treating dozens of patient that is nicole mention that had flooded the emergency room. >> our coverage continues with "eyewitness news" reporter justin finch who joins us from hahnemann hospital where they are treating train derailment passengers good morning. >> erika and ukee, good morning, a true all hand on deck response from staff ape first responders at hospitals across our area we do know many called in extra personnel when word of this derailment came down late last night. we know at least 140 people
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have been treated or hospitalized, of that number we know at least five people have passed a away of their injuries. we know six people are in critical condition that is six people at least lets take you to video from here at hahnemann a short time ago where we did see emergency transports arriving from that scene to this area here. hahnemann is now telling us they are treating at least 25 people einstein medical center people treating at least ten patients, aria frankford caring for 26 patients aria torresdale caring for 30 patients and temple university telling us that they are now caring for 54 people. their injuries said to range from minor to very serious. of course, these numbers fluctuated and changed throughout the night and expect to do so throughout the morning as well. now this train as we have mentioned with amtrak 188 traveling from d.c. to new york city this crash happened around 9:30 last night with 243 people on board, five of those people are staff.
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we now know half of those people suffered some kind of injury. we did speak to doctors who stepped into help and here's what one had to say, take a listen. >> from what we can tell in the stories that the passengers are telling us and what we have seen the location is most important. the first two to three cars had most serious injuries and the the people that we saw major trauma were in the first and second car. >> reporter: as you heard worst of the injuries in the front cars involved in this collision. we do know there are several so calls walking wounded they should be okay, bumps bruises, lacerations but six are critical, five are dead and very high numbers of injuries. we are live at hahnemann justin finch for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". >> we will continue to follow the the the latest. >> keep it here with "eyewitness news" throughout the morning we have the latest information on the derailment, victims and how this will affect your commute this morning, we are checking in
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with vittoria with alternate routes coming up.
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good morning, once again amtrak's entire northeast corridor will be impact today as recovery and investigation takes place after derailment last night. >> now here in philadelphia, commuters at the 30th street station are making alternate travel plans and that is where "eyewitness news" reporter jan carabao joins us now pretty quiet but that will be a different situation later good morning.
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>> reporter: erika and ukee, good morning. red cross has now told me, that they have set up a resource center at 30th street station and they have found injured passengers have been discharged from the hospital and they started showing up here looking for a way home. these people are not from philadelphia so they come here and red cross is helping them find alternate transportation, a lot of them have been hopping on buses to their final destination. look at the the big board here. we might see whole lot of on time but won't see amtrak services between philadelphia and new york, amtrak says that service has been suspended as a result of this deadly train derailment. however, new jersey transit will honor amtrak tickets between trenton and new york city, also today a whole lieutenant of modified schedules, that will be provided between philly and washington and philly and harrisburg and new york and boston and this transportation disruption will likely last for some time. mayor nutter says there is in circumstance in which there would be any amtrak services this week through philadelphia, he has seen those mangled tracks and down
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wires personally. emphasize the damage investigation in the crash is just beginning as transportation officials make thei morning. whole lot of people are trying to make their way to new york city overnight. they had a long wait here at 30th street station and people will to have make alternate plans through the week. we caught up with one group bound for new york city just a few moments ago. take a listen. >> i necessity train derailed at 9:30. our train was supposed to take off ten past ten. a assume we were the next train to go. >> reporter: does it make you thing, so close to when you were supposed to be on the track. >> yeah, sure, it gives you the chills. >> reporter: they are just thankful that they are safe this morning and they are saying thoughts and prayers to the rick tim families. back here at 30th street station, the red cross is now set up a resource center here as those injured passengers released from the hospital this morning make their way here to try to find another way home.
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we are reporting live at 30th street station jan carabao for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". thousands of people affected by this, lets chick with vittoria for latest on the traffic situation vittoria. >> that phrase there hit me too, thousands having to make alternate routes and it just depicts the type of severity we will be dealing with on quite sometime not only throughout the the course of the day but throughout this rush hour. in and around that area of the incident scene in port richmond here are closure points. frankford avenue, wheatsheaf lane sepv iv a street, sedgley avenue. traveling around port richmond keep in mind these closure points and tried to avoid this area at all cost. if you have to travel in and around this area, aramingo avenue would be my suggestion. it is at least do some sort of maneuvering. also in regards to suspensions, again as jan had mentioned earlier as well as all of us amtrak has been suspended between philadelphia and new york. running modified schedule
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between d.c. and philadelphia in addition to d.c. and philadelphia harrisburg and philadelphia, new york and boston and very fortunately new jersey transit the is cross honoring amtrak tickets between new york and trenton. we have a few other suspensions as well. the chestnut hill west line, trent than line for septa and new jersey transit a ac rail line has been suspended between 30th street and pennsauken. lots of maneuvering this morning. if you are planning to make plans to travel to new york, and jumping in the car expect higher volume then usual on the new jersey turnpike and do keep in mind if you are taking trenton transit you have to give yourself sometime there because it will be extremely busy, ukee and erika. >> we will continue to follow the latest on the amtrak tragedy. >> stay with us, we will have very latest on the derailment, vittoria just got you through commute and we will check on the victims involve in the hospital. we will update you coming up after this break. but first here's what is coming up tonight on cbs-3.
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lets get our forecast with katie. >> thankfully it does appear that the weather will not hinder any of the rescue efforts out at the crash site, and really for any other plans you may have going on here today. one thing you will notice is the the win. that is something that will be a running theme throughout the day as we continue to track passage now of a cold front. already, just a little hint of the light of day off in the distance here. we are still about an hour away from sunrise and that is noticeable here, and storm scan three does show me, the worst of any thick cloud cover. but we are beginning to, essentially empty out the atmosphere. but behind this cold front
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comes that northwest breeze. these are just a few choice win gusts popping up in our observations sites not everyone reporting. that has led to dry brush and fine fuel. temperatures on a slow crime much more seasonal through the,. >> katie, thank you. >> coming up after a short break, we will talk more on the derailment coverage and more traffic and weather together.
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there's over two hundred thousand students in philadelphia. jim kenney and tony williams are fighting over public schools versus charters. i think they're both's making sure they all get a good education. teachers should have their contracts respected. they also should be held accountable. and it's wrong philadelphia gets less school funding than other parts of pennsylvania. i'll work with harrisburg to change that. but if they refuse i'll take them to federal court. as mayor i'll do what's right for them. updating our coverage of the deadly train derailment in
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port richmond there are five people dead and more than a hundred injured several in critical condition we're told. those numbers are changing all the time, we will keep you updated as soon as we learn more if those numbers change. >> amtrak services suspend ed between new york and philadelphia and this accident impacting traffic too. so many people, thousands will be affect by this derailment this morning as they tried to get to work. lets check with vittoria with an update, vittoria. >> thanks very much, good morning everyone. unfortunately do to the severity of the incident and fatalities investigations will be on going for a great portion of today. if you are traveling in and around that area here are closure points we will deal with specifically around port richmond and we will talk about the amtrak suspensions as well as a few other suspensions ongoing for today. frankford avenue closed wheatsheaf lane closed, sepv iv a street closed and sedgley avenue all closed. due to the five fatalities and investigation and amount of
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emergency personnel on the scene i would anticipate these closures to be ongoing. it is not the entire day. amtrak has been suspended between philadelphia, new york, as erika had mentioned. but however they are running a modified schedule between d.c. and philadelphia, and and cross honoring amtrak ticket between new york and trenton few other suspensions trenton line, and new jersey transit ac rail line as well. >> vittoria, thank you. >> coming up next on "eyewitness news" we are continuing to follow the latest on this amtrak train derailment. >> chopper three is live over the scene of the dead liz amtrak train derailment, we have live team coverage of the scene at hospital and 30th street station for impact, on the morning commute this happened about 9:30 last night, we have been on it ever since. we're
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five people are killed and dozens more are hurt when an amtrak train runs off the track in port richmond. devastating scene even shocked some of the first people, got there. >> it is an absolute disastrous mess, never seen anything like this in my life. >> a live look now at that mangled wreckage this morning from the investigation to the victims, to the impact on travel, we have live team coverage for you of the amtrak tragedy. >> it is wednesday may 13th, good morning i'm ukee washington. i'm erika von tiehl. federal investigators are on that scene trying to figure out exactly what caused this train to derail. >> that train carrying 238 passengers and five crew members was on its way to new york city when it crashed in
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port richmond. five people were killed, 65 others were hurt. as you can imagine the accident has shut rail service, shut down rail service to new york and philadelphia we have live team three coverage for you with reporters covering every angle of the crash and aftermath this morning. we will start off with nicole brewer at that scene in port richmond nicole. >> reporter: erika, at this point it has been difficult to get images of that train wreck here on the ground, because as you can tell, they have several hundreds yard away from where the train actually crash, but if you take a a look you can see utility pole ripped from the ground, just unearthed and wires are now hanging in the balance presumably as a result of this deadly derailment, killing five people. we have chopper 3hd flying overhead as we speak it shows horrific scene out here in port richmond just a few hundred yard from where we're standing at the the intersection of


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