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tv   Eyewitness News at 530  CBS  May 13, 2015 5:30am-6:01am EDT

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many nicole. >> erika, five people confirmed dead, six critically wounded and this morning the search for potential survivors, continues, we are live, from the crash scene coming up. your buddy ron once said he could install your ceiling fan. he couldn't. and that one time ron said another chili dog was a good idea. yeah, it wasn't. so when ron said you'd never afford a john deere tractor, you knew better. now ron does too. introducing the e series. legendary john deere quality. unexpected low price. see your john deere dealer for great green tag savings on the e series family of tractors.
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all of a sudden it started to shake and we were in the front seat and this huge red suitcase just came flying at me. >> up credible stories of survival this morning amtrak train derails in the port richmond neighborhood killing five people dozens are injured, six critically. we have been covering this story all night long since it happened around 9:30 and of course, all morning too. five people again confirmed dead, more than 100 of those 243 passengers and crew on board were taken to area hospitals. there will be no amtrak services between new york and
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philadelphia this morning. federal investigators are expect on that scene within the next few hours so far the big get is we don't know what caused this crash. we are expecting an update from the city later this morning. >> so many questions to be answered. we have live team coverage with reporters covering every angle at the crash and aftermath. we will check with justin finch at hand map hospital and jan carabao is monitoring impact on morning commute and 30th street station. "eyewitness news" reporter nicole brewer is at the scene with the very latest, nicole. >> reporter: ukee, we're standing at intersection of frankford avenue and sedgley avenue in the port richmond section of philadelphia, and you can see still a lot of police activity surrounding the area. not a whole lot of images we can manage from this vantage point on the ground but we can show you this utility pole unearthed and wires strewn about presumably a as a result of the deadly derailment. there is no word if all 243
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passengers have have been accounted for but we can tell thaw there are cadaver dogs here on the scene and it appears a crane is also on site waiting to cut a steel ibeam to allowe in mergecy responders to continue the search for potential victims but just a horrific scene out here in port richmond a few hundred yard from where we're standing. seven cars including an engine were involved in the wreck. just a mangled mess here. amtrak train number 188 was coming from washington d.c., headed to new york city when it jumped tracks at frankford junction sending 65 people to local hospitals. six of those people in critical condition and once again, five people being confirmed dead this morning. as you can imagine it was truly an all hand on deck kind of scene late last night as local state and federal authorities came together. at one point we are told by mayor michael nutter that 200 police officers were here on the scene emergency vehicles
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flooding the area transporting injured passengers being treated from everything from concussion toss severe laceration toss broken bones and even shock. passengers on the ground were of course doing whatever they could to get off that train safely. we spoke to an eyewitness scott lawman lives in the port richmond section. >> railroads runs along next to that warehouse and it is a curve, and it looks like the engine just going straight right off the curve, right down the hill, and the engine was all the way over in the train yard, and it missed, that parked tanker by like 50 yards and while i was standing up there for about an hour an amtrak guy came by and he was telling me, yeah, it turns out that those tankers are full, it would have set off an explosion like in other. so, out of the whole tragedy that is one good thing is that it missed it.
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>> reporter: these details lending a little perspective her this morning but still a disaster scene here in port richmond, once again, five people confirm dead, six critically injured at this point. again potential victims here on site as cadaver dogs search and also emergency responders survey the a area as well. but just devastating scene out here in port richmond, we will continue to machine for latest updates as they become available now back to you in the studio. >> thanks very much. eyewitness account was incredible unbelievable. derailment has been keeping emergency rooms very busy at area hospitals. >> doctors and nurses have been treating dozens of injured passengers. "eyewitness news" reporter justin finch joins us at hahnemann hospital and they are treating all kind of injuries this morning just continue. >> reporter: ukee and erika good morning. several dozen patients and hospitals across our area, at least 40 people have been treated or hospitalized as a result of this tea rail.
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we do know of six people in critical condition, five people passed a away and you might recall there were some 243 people including five amtrak staff who were aboard amtrak 188 with rails late last night. many were first check out at the the scene before being taken to area hospitals. we have video of the transport to hahnemann where many patients were brought. thirty patients we have learn have been brought here, ten have been since released, seven admitted and we know many are still being treated at this time, some are considered trauma patients and injuries we are told range from fractures and bones to burns and contusions. aria frankford telling thaws 26 people have have been admitted, injuries minor many lacerations, torresdale over there, they have 30 patients, they are caring for and temple has 54 people were injuries that are minor to very serious. press presbyterian caring a
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for one patient in a trauma room, this wreck happened we're told on a turn on the track a at frankford junction, seven cars here were involved, many of them were thrown off the track, lots of tumbling, throwing of lust age and people around in the cars resulting in a range have of injuries lets take a listen. >> from what we can tell and stories of what we have seen, the location is the most important. the first two to three cars had the most serious injuries and the people that we saw major trauma were in the first and second car.r: so, as you can hear the worst of the injuries happening in the first cars that were involved in this derailment, an all hand on deck operation hospitals across our area to respond to this tragedy here. we do know extra personnel were called in just to handle this sheer number of casualties involved in this derail many. we are live from center city,
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justin finch for cbs-3 "eyewitness news" good we will check back shortly. >> train travel up and down northeast corridor will be impact. >> many heading to 30th street station will have to make alternate travel plans. lets head out to jan car bye owe at 30th street station with the very latest on that, jan. >> erika and ukee, good morning. red cross is helping with those travel plans. what they found is people injured on that train when it derailed, they show up here at 30th street station after being released from the hospital. i just expect to a woman wheeled in here on a wheelchair with a bandaged arm as well saying she's happy to be alive this morning too shaken up to go on camera with us. they are taken around the corn tore an area off limit to reporters to get food, drink comfort. i have seen another person in the wheelchair someone with a bandaged leg and arm and they are all just shock and as a
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result of the deadly train derailment, amtrak suspended northeast corridor service between philly and new york, new jersey transit however will honor ticket between trenton and new york city. there is a modified service between philly and washington and philly and harrisburg. vittoria will handle that in her traffic report. but they will last for some time. mayor michael nutter says there is no circumstances in which there would be any amtrak service this week through philadelphia, he has seen mangled tracks and down wires. the investigation in the crash is just beginning, as transportation officials make their way to the scene. so people will to have figure out how to get around this area. people had a very long night overnight here at 30th street station when their train got delayed, many hopped on a bus to points north, earlier this morning, take a listen. >> i necessity train derailed at like 9:30, our train was supposed to get off at ten
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past ten. assume we were next regional train to go. >> reporter: does it make you think, so close to when you were supposed to be on the track. >> yeah, sure it gives me the chills. >> reporter: everyone whether they were on that train or on a train scheduled to go through that same area in the next couple minutes everyone shaken up this morning. everyone who i spoke to heading on that bus up to new york city just thankful they are safe and sending thoughts and prayers out to the victim family this morning. reporting live at 30th street station, jane carabao for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". 80523-9101 is number to check to see if there is anyone on that train and more information about travel plans. >> lots of people waking up for first time and they are curious about a loved one on that train so great number to call. >> plenty of delays will be happening today. >> our vittoria woodill is here with more on the travel plans and solutions vittoria. >> i was just thinking to myself as i was hearing you speak in regards to trying to
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figure out alternate routes and how people man enough this morning. i'm thinking how this will not only impact commute nothing regards to mass transit but on the majors during rush hour. route one heading out toward trenton, pennsylvania turnpike, moving through bucks county and make your way out to new jersey if you plan to take on new jersey transit to new york, because they are cross honoring ticket. this could affect your morning rush severely. right now majors are very quiet but lets talk about mass transit and how that derailment is impacting it thus far. as we have been mentioning this morning amtrak suspended service indefinite thely between philadelphia and a new york. they are running modified schedule between philadelphia d.c. harrisburg and philadelphia and new york and boston. as i mentioned before new jersey transit is cross honoring, between new york and trenton. with that said expect higher volume then usual at those platforms points. if you are traveling chestnut hill west line it was earlier suspended and now it has been restored but still want to expect service delays because
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it was just put back in place. trenton line still suspended for new jersey transit ac rail line has been suspended but be mindful of that as well. in and around the accident scene we are dealing with the active investigative scene at this point here there are many closures in and around the the port richmond area that including frankford avenue closed between torresdale and castor. wheatsheaf lane between frankford and aramingo. sepviva closed between castor and wheatsheaf and castor closed between castor and frankford. if you have to commute in and around that area, would suggest aramingo throughout port richmond will be your best bet this morning, to commute, and as ukee mentioned earlier there is an incident hot line and number is right here if you have concerns or friend and family members that were traveling amtrak this morning. ukee. vittoria, thank you. former congressman patrick murphy of bucks county was one of the passengers on that train. >> he posted a number of pictures on board that train in the immediate aftermath of the derailment.
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here are those pictures. you can see train car tilted to the side the passengers on board trying to make their way out. another picture shows a fire fighter trying to help those victims. youe yellow helmet. many had to go through windows trying to get out. we caught up with murphy shortly after the crash. >> i just pulled myself up, and of the train push out the emergency wind owe and then people were come out and they just had to get out they were claustrophobic. i just put my hand down and helm them on it. >> he also tweeted pray for those injured. remember anyone taking information about friend or relatives on that train, pegs hot line is 800-523-9101 and
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when not near your tv get latest information on this train derailment on cbs >> he also said thank you so much to the first responders, there within minutes thank you, thank you thank you. at philly police, at philly fire department hash tag amtrak. eighty-eight. we will have more after this. phone phone.
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if you are just joining us here's what is happening a deadly train derailment, that claimed five lives and sent dozens of people to several areas hospitals those numbers could rise as crews reached some railcars that jump tracks near frankford avenue and wheatsheaf lane around 9:30 last night the derailment is impacting commuters. vittoria woodill has details from our traffic center. >> thanks, so much ukee. good morning everyone. so again services have been suspended between philadelphia, and new york, in regard to amtrak. i would anticipate this ongoing for quite sometime. due to the severity of the incident and also, of the investigation that has to, had
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happen with how serious this is, five fatality so far. you do want to plan out the week would i say as well n regards to amtrak news, besides just services between service and new york they are running modified schedules between d.c., philadelphia and traveling between harrisburg and philadelphia as well as insuring and boston. the good news is if we can find a bright spot in this tragedy that is new jersey transit is cross honoring amtrak tickets between new york and trenton for commuters. so that is a good point for you, in your commute this morning. with that said expect heavier than usual volume, going to and from any of those trenton pick up stations, new jersey transit station as long that way and also anticipate, some delays, traveling on chestnut hill west line in regard to septa, it was suspended and been restored but expect service delays. we are still experiencing suspension for trenton line and ac rail line as well, and traveling in and around that area of frankford junction
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you definitely want to anticipate closures because it is a very, are active scene. lets check a weather with katie. >> it does not appear as if weather will play any active role in hindering the rescue and clean up efforts out that way. eyewitness weather watchers reporting this morning a transition taking place here, not quite as warm as it was yesterday at this same time, we are currently checking in with mark checking in over last half an hour with generally clearing skies at 56 degrees and one more for you here 61 still mild for david. he sent this within the the last ten or 11 minutes or so. he does have a few more cloud. they continue to thin out as we track what is left now of our frontal boundary. transition is currently underway here but skies are basically starting to clear out and we are expecting more sun, then anything. so pleasant looking sunrise currently underway. with that said this is going to be one of those days you will notice breeze and it will be enough with the dry fools
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it prompted preemptively anyway a noon start for red flag warning out in the state of new jersey. southeastern pennsylvania, delaware don't worry about it but certainly notice breeze, it is in the confine only to new jersey. just an elevated fire wrist income these areas. the as day progresses we are talking about a daytime high of 7o far cooler by comparison but this is closer to where we should be. tomorrow looks fantastic. day for outdoor plans. seventy-three, sunshine and slow creep up on the thermometer new warm front comes this weekend with the scattered showers or thunderstorms, ukee and erika back to you. >> katie mentioned sunnies coming up. i saw picture on twitter jim melwart tweeted pictures of the sunrise hopefully helping crews out there. >> aftermath of last night's amtrak tragedy in port richmond looking at it right now crews are still trying to lift those cars off their sides, we will get an update on the situation when we come back. but first here's is what coming up tonight on cbs-3.
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i saw a commercial that said you can save $500 by switching to progressive. that was me, mom. [ laugh ] i thought you said "that was me, mom." [ laughter ] there has been a deadly train derailment, five people killed and dozens injured when amtrak train number 188 derail at frankford junction 9:30 last night. injured were rushed to aria frankford, jefferson and einstein hospital, and six are in critical condition. and they have forced amtrak to suspend service to new york and philadelphia anyone seeking information about friend relatives on that train can call a special hot line that number is 1.800.523.9101. 1.800.523.9101. vittoria has more on the commuter impact.
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lets get down our mass transit checklist, and just make sure we are hitting the point this morning. firstly, as ukee mentioned amtrak services suspended between philadelphia and new york. this is ongoing for quite sometime. would i would not be shocked if it was ongoing at least beyond today in regards to the investigation. they are running a modified schedule between d.c. and philadelphia, and harrisburg and philadelphia and new york and boston. there is a bright spot for commuters, that want to travel to and from new york today and new jersey transit will be cross honoring a amtrak tickets between new york and trenton w that said, expect heavier than usual volume on the platform, and folks are planning their alternate routes n regards to the chestnut hill west line it was suspended earlier it has new been restored but you want to anticipate service delays. the trenton line suspended as well as ac rail line has been suspended. we will have more on the breaking news story of the amtrak derailm
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coming up next on "eyewitness news" our team coverage of the amtrak tragedy continues. at least five people confirmed dead and dozens injured and thousands of commuters are impacted this morning. this is after that deadly train derailment in port richmond. we have reporters on the scene at the hospital and at 30th street station, to help keep you covered. we are back at the top of the hour.
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it is 6:00 o'clock in the morning and as sun begins to rise the the scope of this horrible scene is revealed, even more so. chopper three is over the amtrak tragedy at least five people are dead, dozens injured after an amtrak train traveling from washington d.c.
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to new york city, goes off the track in port richmond. >> it is an absolute disaster us mess. never seen anything like this in my life. >> mayor nutter on the scene last night now here's a closer look at that mangled mess of twisted metal all seven cars derailed. at this hour emergency crews and investigators are combing through that wreckage and as you can see, they are sending their own investigative team. amtrak set up a hot line for family and friend to check on passengers that number is 1.800.523.9101. >> as you can see this has been a active scene all night and all morning long. we have live team coverage with reporters covering every angle of the crash and aftermath. >> justin finch joins us at hahnemann hospital where injured were taken. our jan carabao is at 30th street station where impact on the morning in's commute will be felt by thousands


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