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tv   Eyewitness News at 5  CBS  May 13, 2015 5:00pm-6:01pm EDT

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there 50 miles an hour. on board that train last night more than 200 passengers who never saw the disaster coming. good afternoon everyone i'm jessica dean. and i'm chris may live at the crash site here in port richmond where we are awaiting philadelphia mayor michael nutter, and officials with the national transportation safety board who have been on the ground here in philadelphia, since this morning kicking off their investigation. they are expect to hold a news conference and update us on exactly where they stan. we last heard from them a couple hours ago late this afternoon, that is when mayor nutter confirmed that indeed there was a seventh fatality involved in last night's crash. the nt. b late are assaying they have confirmed that this train was traveling, twice the the speed of the speed limit here, just before this crash occurred last night. new lets backtrack and show you this train's urine a approaching its fate here in port richmond. we know amtrak train 188 left washington d.c. bound for new york. it did make its scheduled stop at 30th street station in
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philadelphia, and then continued its journey north from center city over kensington avenue. the train then left the track as it neared a curb at frankford junction in port richmond. again, final numbers that we know as of right now seven people killed in the crash more than 200 injured. the rescue crews remain on the scene tonight as do federal investigators. they are still trying to locate passengers who may be unaccounted for. federal investigators are analyzing data from the train's black box at amtrak's operation center in delaware. we do know the accident is impacting corridors commuters rather along the northeast corridor. mayor nutter and those ntsb officials a appear to be ready to begin their news conference, we will take it live just as soon as it happens. we do know though again that amtrak suspended rail service between philadelphia and new york indefinitely as this investigation continues. but they have brought in pieces of replacement track trying to get the trains
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running once again. here you see the the mayor and ntsb officials and other federal officials who are part of this investigation. they will brief us, on their progress as of right now. mayor nutter a of course dealing with another crisis in a long string of crisis that he a has dealt with as philadelphia's chief executive, over these past eight years. his term, of course, coming to an end a little bit later this year. but we last heard from them a couple hours ago when they brought us latest numbers again, seven people dead, 200 injured in this crash. the the ntsb wants answers about why this happened because they don't want this scene to repeat or any other train lines around this country. amtrak trains, of course, life blood of cities around the north east as people use them each and every day to get back forth between new york, philadelphia washington, and boston. so answers being sought here tonight, and ntsb investigators have been on the ground since this morning. the it may be sometime before
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they have final answers but we do believe they are making significant progress in their investigation. it will be helped by that black box which was again recovered this morning much like a black box on board an airplane it gathers data the on the train itself, how fast it was going and any mechanical issues that may have come up that could have caused a problem with this train last night. that black box has been recovered and it has now been sent to delaware where it is being analyzed by officials there. our walt hunter, joins us now he is live near the site of the press conference that is just about to begin. walt what are you hearing there report report well, chris, breaking developments. cbs-3 has learned that the philadelphia district attorney is monitoring developments and findings in this investigation to determine if, in his words a criminal investigation may be opened at some point in the future. d.a. says he is carefully watching developments, including the ntsb finding
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that this train was traveling at over a hundred miles an hour, more than twice regular speed limit. we are awaiting the mayor ntsb arriving here moment trily. that will development, speed of the train so far still unexplained by the ntsb. here's some of what the mayor had to say a little earlier. and, as we await the mayor to hear what he may be saying at this point the ntsb has been here on the scene since the time of the accident. they indicated early this have afternoon, actually late this morning they have recovered the black box from the train. this is much different then recovering from it a crashed airplane. it was reasonably accessible and, at that point, they got the black box they analyzed it and late this afternoon indicated the speed of the train was twice the regular limit. here's some of what the mayor had to say earlier. >> but to see it in the
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daytime is almost inn describable and it is painful and it is amazing it is incredible that so many people walked a away from that scene last night. >> reporter: mayor michael nutter expressed his relief that beyond seven confirmed dead and more than 200 injured there weren't more victims as ntsb reveals that the train was traveling more than 100 miles an hour on a stretch of track with a 50-mile an hour speed limit. the train's engineer given a blood test which is routine according to sources and then interest rude by philadelphia detectives a according to the mayor. >> the engineer was injured received medical care and was then interview by the the philadelphia police department and made whatever statement he may have made. >> reporter: city officials now a most of the passengers estimated to be about 20 according to otherses that were originallyr have now been located. the marry vealing he got a phone call from the president offering a assistance.
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>> he was tremendously supportive and encouraging of our efforts here on the ground and for that i want to say thank to you president barack obama for all of his leadership and support. >> reporter: again cbs-3 has confirmed that the philadelphia district attorney's office is now monitoring all fine initial this investigation the d.a. seth williams telling me within the hour that he is lying into those finings to determine if it will be appropriate to open up a at some point in the future a criminal investigation into this deadly crash that killed seven and left more than 200 hurt. the black box which provided the information, to the ntsb that the train, in fact, was traveling over a hundred miles an hour more than twice the speed limit was quickly recovered from the train and was analyzed at an amtrak facility in bear, delaware. in addition to the raw speed, it also indicates other pieces of information such as breaking, such as even the number of times that the
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whistle was blown on the train not that would be relevant in this case and at a press conference this morning the ntsb revealed that the train had a camera of its own mounted on the he can inn. it is entirely possible this deadly incident may have been captured on video. we are awaiting the press conference here by nt. b. they are expected to provide more details, we will bring that you to live momentarily. live from frankford walt hunter, for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". walt, quick question, the mayor did confirm that the engineer had met with investigators. he was asked if the engineer had answered questions what was his answer to that question. >> reporter: the mayor told us chris, that the engineer did make a statement to detectives after sources say he underwent a blood test which, of course is routine in all cases. we don't know what the engineer said in that statement, how long it was how detailed it was.
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mayor only indicating conclusively definitively that he did say something to philadelphia detectives at the east detective division. he has now left that building and is, somewhere else at this hour. >> reporter: no doubt man at center of this investigation right now walt hunter, thanks very much. we are standing by for that press conference from the ntsb. we expect mayor nutter to be there as well. congressman bob brady has also just arrived on the scene here in port richmond. we are also hearing much more from passengers on board that train and residents who live in this neighborhood just a couple hundred yard away from where this derailment happened last night. "eyewitness news" reporter a matt rivers has that part of the coverage tonight. >> reporter: crash shattered the silence the easy conversation on a warm spring night. >> joking about the old days and all of a sudden we hear a boom sound like somebody firing a shotgun in your ear. >> reporter: jean doyle was talking with his neighbors across the street from the crash scene. they watched as smoke rosa above the tree line, some
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hoping it was just an electrical explosion. gene saw otherwise. >> i knew something was wrong like he thought it was a transformer. i said nah i think a train went off tracks. >> reporter: his prediction was right as train cars littered the area surrounding the tracks, passengers were helpless inside as they went off the rails. former congressman patrick murphy, who used to represent the area where this crash happened, was inside of the cafe car when everybody shook and he was thrown from his seat. >> yeah there, was a a lot of blood. everybody was banged up. guy next to me, i was just trying to be helpful and once i got him up i check my body parts, made sure i was okay. >> reporter: matt rivers reporting for us tonight. lets go now to the ntsb press conference just getting underway.
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>> we again arriving between four and 5:00 this is morning and majority of the go team was in place in philadelphia by 9:30 this morning. upon arrival here on the scene we coordinated with the local officials, the the first responders, and then we conduct a pretty thorough walk through of the accident site to be able to get an idea what we're dealing with. sort of the lay of the land. the at noon we held an organizational meeting where we established our investigative protocols and parties to the investigations. the the investigator in charge is mike flannigan. mike has over 40 years of railroad experience and he has more than 15 years of accident investigation experience with the ntsb. he is leading a multi disciplinary team of accident investigators that will be looking into the track...
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>> no audio. >> okay. we have a quick technical problem with that news conference we will get back to it as quickly as we can. that is ntsb talking about their investigation which has been going on since this morning since they arrived here at the crash scene in port richmond, again significant development at this day is the recovery of the black box which will till investigators what was happening with this train at the moment of the derailment. we know that box is in delaware where it is being analyzed by amtrak officials. ntsb will check a host of the factors that could have contributed, including the condition of the track the train itself, engineer who was in charge and the train was speeding, well in competentes have of twice of the speed limit of this curve that it failed to negotiate last night when it left tracks in port richmond but a lot of questions, remain to be answered.
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will we go back to that news conference now? we will get back to that just as soon as we possibly can. we do want to tell you a little bit more about a couple of the people who we know perish in last night's crash not all of the next of kin have been notified so not all identities have been release. we do necessity jim gaines was an associated press staffer. he work as a video software specialist for news wire service. jim gaines was 48 years old. he leaves behind a wife and two children. we know 20 year-old justin zimser was a mid ship men he was kill last night, according to his mother, he was on his way home to queens new york. naval academy did release a statement tonight and says in part naval academy is deeply sad toned record that a mid ship man was name as one of the passengers that lost their life. he was on leave and in route to their home of record when the accident occurred. naval academy is supporting the mid ship man's family,
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friend, loved ones during their time of grief. now we will return you to the news conference with the nt. b as we continue right now. >> brake application was applied, the train was traveling at approximately 106 miles an hour. three seconds later when the the data to the recorders terminated the train speed was 102 miles an hour. i will indicate these are preliminary figures of speed subject to further validation but we're pretty close on that. that is our first look on that. it is a pretty complex you just don't press a button and it spits out a speed. we have to measure amiable speed and put that in the formula but we are confident that the train was traveling pretty close to those speeds within one or 2 miles per hour. the train had recorders. it had forward facing video
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cameras. it had an event data recorder. both of these recorders are being sent to our, laboratory for analysis in washington dc and we did get these initial speed that we just provided you with, from an initial down load of the event recorder. we have released a track back to amtrak and they will begin rebuilding it very soon. the locomotive, and all but two of the train passenger cars are currently being moved to a secure location where detailed examination and documentation can owe cure. throughout the next few days the investigators will on seen to thoroughly document the accident site and gather factual information. we will be doing a more detailed documentation of the
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railcar and the scene. we plan to interview the train crew and other percent until. we would like to interest right passengers of the the train. we will be conducting a site distance test. we will test the signal system the train controls and signals. we will testing the breaking system and detailed analysis instead of the cursory analysis that i mentioned earlier, off the recorders, we will be doing a very detailed down load and analysis of those recorders. our mission is to find out not only what happened but why it happened so that we can prevent it from happening again. that is what we're here for to learn from these things so we can keep them from happening again. i suspected that our investigators will be here in philadelphia on the scene for about a week.
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i want to emphasize that we're not here on scene to determine the cause of the accident while we're on the scene. we will not speculate. our purpose for being here, i like to describe it as that we are here to collect perishable evidence that is that information that will go away with the passage of time. that is really what we're here to do is to collect that information that will go away with the passage of time. we can go back and do analysis later but we have to capture that data very carefully now. i feel like for just arriving on the scene this morning i feel like the preliminary information we have is robust but we still have a a lot to get. i know you have the have a lot of questions. we have a lot of questions. and our commitment to you is as we are discovering factual fur we will be releasing it. i would be looking for a press conference about this time tomorrow to tell you what we
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have learned tomorrow and that is the way it works. our up investigators are out in the field doing their jobs during the day and they report back to me so i would report to you. i would encourage you to follow us on twitter handle it is at ntsb. as i wrap it up i would like to thank the first responders for all of their efforts, they have been out here, through the the night through the early morning and all day trying to secure this area. we want to thank them for their hard efforts. i will call for questions, i am going to call for questions. what i'd like to you do is raise your hand, i will call on you and once i call on you, please state your name and your outlet. >> yes sir. >> reporter: question from the reporter. >> have we talk to the
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engineer, the answer is no, and this person has gone through a dramatic event but we will give him an opportunity to heel for a day or so before we interview him but that is a a certain high priority for us to interview the train crew. right here. >> reporter: question from reporter you talked about 60 miles an hour on the speed. how long dit take him to get up to 106 had he been getting faster and faster? were there any bells warning him, in the cab that he was going too fast. >> the question is, at what point did the train reach 106 miles an hour, and our initial examination of the data a, we have not gone back that far because it is, a very detailed am cyst. reading those date a we wanted to find out the speed so we could report those to you. we will be coming up with a
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time line, that is within of the things we will do. but we don't have those exact figures, at this point. the alarms in the cab in the locomotive and we will discover that information, we should, through the cockpit data, i'm sorry, from the event recorders, yes sir right here. >> reporter: chris o'connell from fox 29. are you confident that all of the fatalities have been accounted for now that most of the railcars have been removed. do you know if there are anymore fatalities. >> the the question is do i know if there is anymore fatalities and the information concerning fatalities i don't want to sound bureaucratic we are here to investigate the accident and that is our lane. the release of the information on the injuries and fatalities, that is the toe main of the philadelphia office of east mergecy management. so they would have that information and so that is the
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the answer to that question. >> reporter: question from reporter. >> the question is, the engineer applied, put the the train into emergency breaking a a few seconds moment before the the in the next three seconds, three or four seconds speed of the train had only decrease to 102. as we know it takes a long time and distance to decelerate a train. >> reporter: how long would it typically take to decelerate a train. >> how long would it take to get the speed down below the track speed of 50 miles an hour? well, he was already in the curve at that point. you are supposed to enter the curve at the 50 miles an hour. we will take a question right
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here. >> reporter: question from reporter. >> the question is, is the black box the the event data recorder, is that at amtrak? is that what your question is. >> reporter: yes. >> we took it to them, and that is the question, we took the event recorder to amtrak's facility because they have the equipment locally to down load it so we took it there for the preliminary look but now we're taking it to our own labs in washington dc. question right here. >> reporter: how many event recorders are there. >> there are one there is one event recorder and that is in the locomotive, in addition to the event recorder there is a forward facing cam use. >> reporter: was the trainee quip. with any sort of equipment that could have or slowed the train from going so far prior to the turn. >> was the trainee quipped with any type of device that could have or should have,
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slowed it down to keep it within its limits? amtrak throughout a good pit of the northeastern corridor has a advanced called enhanced civil speed enforcement and ases is installed throughout most of the northeast corridor, for amtrak, however it is not installed for this area where the accident occurred, where the the derailment occurred. that type of a system we call it a positive train control system that type of system is designed to enforce the civil speed to keep the train below its maximum speed. we have called for positive train control for many, many years. it is on our most wanted list. congress has mandated that it being installed by the end of this year. we are very keen on positive train control based on what we
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know right now we feel had such a system been installed in this section of the track this accident would not have occurred. >> reporter: question from reporter. >> is this trainee quip with the dead man's switch. some trains have it, some don't. often times in place of the dead man's switch they have an alerter. if is there no activity from the engineer within a certain period of time, a visual alerter will activate in the cab of the locomotive and then a engineer will make a throttle movement or something that will deactivate it. >> reporter: question from reporter. >> we want to know exactly what was in that car. >> let me call on you a and take a question right here. >> reporter: question from reporter. >> well, when was the last time the rail was inspected.
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before accident and post accident. rail geometry car went across the track yesterday and as farrah as our thorough examination of the track, got to understand there has been a lot of activity right now. the cars have been piled up out there. so our real thorough examination of the car and track will begin after those cars are thoroughly removed and i expect we will be out there documented that tomorrow. question right here. >> reporter: question from reporter. >> so, there is some rail tank cars that were very close to the point of derailment. were they empty? i'm told, i want to further verify this that they were not full a at the time of the accident. question right here. >> reporter: question from reporter.
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>> do we know how long the engineer had operated this route, and how long he had been an engineer and with amtrak? that is the the type of information, i don't consider that perishable evidence, that is data we can get two weeks from now. what we are trying to does get out there and measure everything that won't be here in two weeks. so to answer your question we don't know, i can't tell you right now because i don't know how long he had been there but that is information we will get. we want to interview him. we want to review his training record, his employment record, that is standard. question right here. >> reporter: question from reporter. >> the question is when did the the train start moving faster than the speed limit? we did not, we have not gone back far enough in the data toe when that occurred. i want to point out we aring a that the speed limit through the curve is 50 miles an hour. however right before the curve
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the the speed limit is 80. 8-mile an hour speed limit and then to enter the turn, enter the curve the engineer is supposed to slow the turn to 50. but we will put together a time line. we have good data from the event recorders and our priority was just to get an idea what the speed was at the derailment. question here. >> reporter: question from reporter. >> could the speed alone have have caused this crash and that is certainly analysis, that is what we want to find out is why this train derailed. question right here. >> reporter: question from reporter. >> are there any obvious mechanical or signal difficulties that we found and we have not again, we just basically got here. a lot of the emergency response has been going on until 2:00 o'clock.
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we have in the been able to get that very up close and personal view of the track. we will be down loading signals to look at those. we will do a brake test of the train and sight distance test. there is a lot of work that need to be done that will be done and we will be letting you know periodically how we're going again look for another press briefing tomorrow. if we -- that is it. i want to thank you for your time. we will see you tomorrow. >> you have been listening to robert from the ntsb wrapping up a briefing that brought us quite a bit of new information. ntsb this train that derailed in port richmond was traveling at 106 miles per hour, as it entered into a curve that has a a 50-mile an hour speed limit. the brakes on that train were applied and the train then slowed to 102 miles an hour but that is when the data
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recording cut off. train was traveling at twice the speed a allowed in that area. ntsb has released these tracks back to amtrak so they can be rebuilt and commuting can continue. the train cars themselves will be taken to another location for further inspection. finally, summer alt mentions there is technology that allows for automatic slowing of trains speed nothing certain area. that technology has been installed in many routes but not installed here in port richmond, congress is mandated that be done by the end of the year. he said with that technology that accident may not have happen. that is latees from port richmond we will take a break "eyewitness news" cont
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updating our breaking news on the deadly amtrak train derailment in port richmond. federal investigators found that train was speeding, ntsb officials say train was traveling more than a hundred miles an hour, before it ran off the rails last night the speed limit for trains surrounding that curve in that area 50 miles an hour. surveillance camera pick up amtrak train 188 passing by last night. you can see in the upper right hand corner of your screen, second later you will see flashes of light. that is likely the moment when that train derailed. good evening i'm yes, sir contact dean. >> i'm chris may once again live in port richmond where "eyewitness news" has been following this derailment and investigation that followed since it happened last night shortly before 9:30. we have been here throughout the day. we have been talking to investigators. we have been talking to civic leaders on the scene and we have been talking to people
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who survived this crash last night. i caught up with one man from new york who painted a perfect filing picture of had happened inside train 188. jeff cutler was on his way home to brooklyn on board amtrak train 188 he had taken a seat on the quiet car right behind the engine, and it was quiet, until port richmond. >> we were going around the curve at some speed. the car went into what seemed to flight for a split second, tipped over and hid with a thud. >> reporter: seated on the train's ride side jeff found himself buried under avalanche of luggage seats and debris. >> it was like being in a crowded plaza that you have been stuffed into and you have to put stuff around to get out. >> reporter: it took him several minutes but he ultimately pulled himself free and crawled out of the crumbled car with the help of first responders. he is bruised shaken, and feels lucky to have made it.
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how grateful are you to be alive. >> i am counting my blessing, i feel very sad for those who lost their life. randomness of this event crosses my mind, who knew. you think you are in the safees place in the world a train where things like this don't happen. >> reporter: indeed, he said he takes this amtrak route northeast corridor once or twice a year. he is still here in philadelphia overnight here tomorrow and return home to brooklyn tomorrow. jessica, he tells me he will go by train but go by nj transit. that is very latest from port richmond now jessica back to you in the studio. >> such a shock chris thank you. a lot of people till in the hospital today after sustaining injuries from last night's derailment. "eyewitness news" reporter stephanie stahl is live at temple university hospital with the latest on the patients there, stephanie, we know most critically injured went to that happen.
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>> reporter: yes, this was really ground zero for patients last night. right now we have 23 patients still hospitalized in temple. eight are in critical condition. thirty over the course of last night and today have been evaluated and released and those patients are describing chaos inside the cars. just moment ago the the hospital updated us on the injuries. >> rib fracture tell me that they rattled around in the train for a lot of rib fractures scapula fractures and long bone fractures of the leg and of the arm. i think we were fortunate there were not more deaths. i haven't seen the site yet. i know you have seen sites in pictures. i have seen glimpses past the tv screens but what little i have seen, suggest things could have been worse. >> i'm in the sure if i blackout. >> reporter: caleb was on his way from insuring to d.c. when the train derailed. >> we were tipping, chairs were all over the place. everything just sort of broke
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down inside of the train. >> reporter: twenty-eight year-old washington resident was transported to temple hospital to be evaluated for bump on his head. he was lucky to be discharge with no serious injuries. >> everybody i trained with was helping people. there is an exit in the back, somebody got the door open. people were getting out a variety of different ways. i know people were kicking down and out the windows. a lot of people trying to jump out of the back. we were just trying to maneuver our way, chairs out of the way and get out of the back exit and jump off of that. there is a lot of people helping a lot of people get off the train that way. >> reporter: temple, which started out with 54 patients right after that derailment last night said they are expect to go release another six patients later tonight. one of the doctors told me that of those eight critical patients they are all expected to survive. reporting live from temple university hospital, i'm
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stephanie stahl cbs-3 "eyewitness news". >> little bit of good news tonight, thanks very much. last night so many of the injured fanned out across the area the at hospitals all across philadelphia, including aria torresdale. "eyewitness news" reporter allah and hoff is there with more information on the patient's there alexandria. >> reporter: jessica, we have more good news for you earlier today we knew that six people were still hospitalized, five of those passengers in critical condition but we have just learned that there are only now two in critical condition. the conditions have been upgraded for these other people. so just like the staff on the ground and those first responders hospital staff is truly been working around the clock. philadelphia a e ms delegated the maze of who goes where as medical brass braced for the influx. >> in my 20 years of practice this is the first real event where it generated this number of patients. >> bunch of doctors volunteered. doctors came in, nurses just came in.
5:37 pm
>> reporter: one-third of at torresdale at frankford campuses of aria health. >> we opened up emergency operations center where we have key people who are in direct linkage with the fire department, and with in this case amtrak. >> reporter: as logistics and out on the back end doctors were told stories of the front line. >> one in the cafe car said he heard sound then all of a sudden next thing he remembered he was spitting out dirt. >> reporter: doctor ron danoff said he treated a conductor in route to his own shift. also a woman who was not able to get her usual business class seat. >> on this day he was on the fourth car. to me that saved her life. >> reporter: many were taken to the hospital by bus or police vehicle. once there staff members say patients were focused. >> biggest thing was getting in touch with their loved ones letting them know what was going on. >> reporter: again from five in critical condition this morning that number has been downgraded to two. reporting live from northeast philadelphia alexandria hoff for cbs-3 "eyewitness news".
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this derailment has far reaching ramifications for mass transit. all up and down northeast corridor and a locally i witness news reporter leslie van arsdal is live in trenton with more on that piece of the story, leslie. >> reporter: the commuters coming out here today knew it would take them a lot longer to get where they were going so they basically came out prepared for anything and they took it all in stride. with amtrak's northeast corridor services suspend if you had need to get to new york to philadelphia, the trenton transit center was your best bet. commuters said they had to find an alternate route in short notice but were very understanding. >> we were saying we have a friend outside of new york, cross the river. we just to have work out a route to get here. >> i have just got to the train station new but all amtrak, and cabs, take an amtrak into insuring today. you cannot do that. i'm taking new jersey transit. >> okay, do i drive to new jersey do i work from home,
5:39 pm
drove to jersey. >> reporter: most commuters still feel comfortable using amtrak as their main mode of transportation. >> i definitely got nervous i said a prayer before i got on the train but i still will use the the train and hope for the best. >> reporter: now the septa trenton line which affects 12,000 commuters are is expect to be down for a week. they are recommending you take west trenton line, they have added extra cars to accommodate extra passengers, in addition to that new jersey transit, will be honoring, amtrak tickets. that is very latest reporting live from trenton leslie van arsdal, for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". >> information to keep in mind, thanks very much. we are hearing reaction of fire fighters who reached the scene first and reported on the conditions there on their scanners. >> notify amtrak to shut down the entire northeast kardon we have a major event out here. we have people on the track a
5:40 pm
couple of cars over turned. >> deputy two is responding to frankford and wheatsheaf, we are classifying this as a mass casualty incident. >> chilling to hear that today. anyone seeking information about friend or relatives on that train can call a special hot line 800-523-9101. that is number at bottom of the screen. amtrak service has been suspended indefinitely as police mentioned between new york and philadelphia. new jersey governor chris christie said this amtrak route was one he took all the time, he spoke with reporters earlier today but wind makes him a little difficult to hear. >> i ride that trenton route often and have in the last 30 years. it is very concerning.
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i send my condolences to the people that have have lost their lives. >> unaudible. >> let's go back out to chris may there at the scene in port richmond. chris, this feels so permanent to so many people even if they didn't know anybody on the train because so many people take this train at some point throughout the year. >> in doubt bit jessica the traveling between new york and philadelphia is made so much easier as a result of amtrak. it is such a popular line. i think that is why this accident is so jarring to so many people. we have just heard from the ntsb here on the scene in port richmond. they now believe this train last recorded speed was 102 miles an hour entering into a curve that had a speed limit of 50 miles an hour. that will be focus of this investigation. however they were in the willing to say speed alone could have caused this accident. they are leaving open the
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possibility there were other contributing factors as well. >> we invite to you stay with cbs-3 "eyewitness news" as we continue our coverage of the train derailment here in port richmond when we are not on the air we are on line 24 hours a day at cbs philly to the come. we invite you to stay tuned tonight as the "cbs evening news" with scott pelley will originate from here in port richmond. scott pelley is here with the news gathering resources of cbs news. they have tan an intense interest in this store that is captivated peoples imaginations around the country. stay tuned for scott pelley and cbs news at 6:30 right here after "eyewitness news" at 6:00. we will took it back to you in the meantime. thanks, chris, still to come, check in on the other day's news, remembering move 30 years later demonstrators marked somber anniversary in west philadelphia. we have a live report, kathy. in weather we're talking about a major cool down across the the delaware valley and need for rain, when will it
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move in we will look at the seven day forecast as "eyewitness news"
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5:45 pm
i'm lynne abraham. when i became philadelphia's da, child victims had to face a judge ...a jury...the public... and testify eye to eye with their attackers. it wasn't right. so i got a constitutional amendment passed allowing children to testify remotely.the same reason -- our children should come first. jim kenney and tony williams are fighting over public schools versus charters. i disagree. we have to improve education for all of our children. it is 30 years since the move bombings in 1985. philadelphia authorities bombed a house where members of the group move were held up. pat ciarrocchi, was anchoring for "eyewitness news" that day in 1985 and she joins us live
5:46 pm
from west philadelphia on this anniversary, pat. >> reporter: jessica, this neighborhood is very different are now. police attempted to evict move over a long period of time. it became more urgent when they believed that the move members had weapons. that is when this neighborhood change forever. became disheartened. >> reporter: owes age avenue in 1985, gunshots echoed here, six adults and five children died, and believing a rooftop bunker was fortified with weapons philadelphia police dropped a bomb. it ignited a bomb that consumed 61 homes. >> i heard when the the thing dropped. >> reporter: virginia tax was 52 then and ran toward her home on owes age, a street that she loved. >> the whole place was on fire. this was the best street in the city, just destroyed. >> reporter: move activist marched down pine to get to the backdrop against boarded up homes rebuilt so poorly that they are not safe.
5:47 pm
many residents took a cash settlement and moved the city says it is in legal limbo. with the same sore site out identify her door, mrs. cox says that he suffers. >> your hand are tied and you cannot go forward and you cannot get to come backwards. so you just have to try and live with it. >> reporter: living symbol of the move struggle ramona africa is carrying on the fight. >> we know people have issues about move, but get over it, deal with the real issues. the viciousness that injustice, the the brutality. >> reporter: add day in philadelphia's history remembered. and with the people who we spoke to today they say that this neighborhood has changed forever and the lessons to be learned here is that it never should have happened again. reporting live from osage avenue, pat ciarrocchi, cbs-3 "eyewitness news". >> all right a path path, thanks very much. we will come back with more information on the the
5:48 pm
amtrak derailment, of course, we're getting in new information from the ntsb. is there live look as investigators remain on the scene. we now know they are moving wreckage to a secure location, we will have the latest for you,
5:49 pm
5:50 pm
5:51 pm
well kathy amid all this news today a cool down. when you walk outside it was very clear we had dropped in temperatures. >> absolutely, we're talking about a 20-degree temperature drop between yesterday afternoon and this afternoon and it will stay very cool n fact in new york and new england they are talking about freeze watches and freeze get that cool but we have big changes coming. poconos, very pleasant this afternoon. the this is big boulder lake getting down to the 40's overnight tonight. philadelphia, will be close at around 50 degrees. look at the big change. yesterday we had a high temperature that was unbelievable summer-like. eighty-eight. this afternoon 72 degrees. that was just about it. philadelphia 71. allentown 66. poconos 50 degrees. down the shore with the land breeze temperatures in the 60's but still comfortable ocean water temperature cool
5:52 pm
at 50. current wind out of the northwest at 15 to 20 miles an hour sustain gusting to 30 miles an hour and those wind will slowly subside tonight. coming up we will talk more about being cool for now our next rain chance in the head lines, 80's return to the forecast. so chilly tomorrow morning 70's during the day on thursday and then, warming up a little bit by friday. still some sunshine. temperatures in the 70's and next chance of the few scattered showers will come saturday but not a widespread rainfall, as a matter of fact as we look at the rest of the week and weekend no rain thursday, nothing friday, and 40 percent chance saturday and sunday but right now it doesn't look like a lot of rain and we are over an inch below average for the month. overnight clear and cool low temperature of 50 in the the city. forty's in the suburbs. the high tomorrow have of 72. it will be sunny and seasonal. planning your day in the morning, need a light sweater put lining back in the rain coat only 54. lunch outside is pleasant.
5:53 pm
seventy-two after school. for any evening activities it is still nice with moon lit skies and temperatures right around 70 degrees. looking ahead on the exclusive eyewitness weather seven day forecast, 72 thursday. friday 75. back in the 80's for saturday and sunday with a chance of the stray shower each afternoon. then we will keep it mild, monday high of 77. tuesday, 78, wednesday, breeze which a high of 07 degrees and we will get closer to memorial day weekend, believe it or not, that is a week from this weekend. that is your seven day forecast, we will be right back with more news after this.
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(music) hey! let me help with that.
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oh, thank you! (music) introducing the one-and-only volkswagen golf sportwagen. the sportier utility vehicle. back on "eyewitness news" now we are continuing to follow latest developments in the amtrak tragedy in port richmond. the the ntsb says that train was going 106 miles an hour as it approached the curb there. the speed limit for the curve is 50 miles an hour. seven people were killed, more than 200 were injured. authorities say that they are still trying to locate passengers who are unaccounted for and the philadelphia district attorney says he is
5:57 pm
closely watching, this investigation. we also have an update this evening on yesterday's hit and run loving four philadelphia police officers. all of those officers have been released from the hospital, in of the injuries was serious. the suspect in this case rodolph kite junior remains in the hospital tonight. authorities say that he hit three officers and took off before hitting a fourth with his car. eyewitnesses say kite was on medication after a recent heart surgery and that may have caused him to hit the officers. levittown exterminator has been found guilty in the murder of the center city doctor. jason smith was charged with first degree murder, arson and other related counts in the 2013 gruesome death of 35 year-old melissa catnuti. smith confessed after an argument in the basement. he told police that he felt she was disrespecting him after he showed up at her home for a rodent problem. two alarm fire damages a apartment building in voorhees
5:58 pm
township, new jersey just before ten this morning. chopper three over esche license glenn apartments on echelon road. ten families have been displays budd there were no injuries. that will do it for "eyewitness news" at 5:00. now, at 6:00 our our live team coverage continues tragedy on the tracks. an amtrak train derails killing seven people, and tonight we now know that train was traveling double the speed limit. chris may is live at the scene. jessica, ntsb investigation here in port richmond is already turning up importances as those who were injured last night begin to heel. we will have have the full story from here at the crash site now on "eyewitness news" at 6:00. the scope of the destruction, almost too much for words. >> to see it in the daytime it is almost inn subscribable and
5:59 pm
painful. >> reporter: piles of twisted metal, passengers tossed about as amtrak train 188 jumped the tracks in port richmond. >> it is a huge red suitcase just came flying at me. it pushed me on to the side of the train. >> reporter: tonight investigators confirmed the train was speeding, going faster than 100 miles an hour. good evening, to you i'm yes sir contact dean. i'm chris may live at the crash site here in port richmond where the rebuilding, and the least coverry is already well underway, the ntsb investigation already yielding importance toss important questions tonight and we will get to that for new just a moment. but first let's go back a little less than 24 hours now and chart the track of this train to its destination faithful destination here in port richmond. we know amtrak train 188 began its journal any washington d.c. it had a stop at 30th street station in philadelphia and then headed northbound for its ultimate destination of new york city. that train traveled across the schuykill river, and then it
6:00 pm
was speeding, at 100 miles per hour as it neared the curve at frankford junction. speed limit at that curve is just 50 miles per hour. the train derailed, killing seven people, and injuring 200 others. "eyewitness news" has learn tonight that philadelphia's district attorney's office is monitoring all findings in this case, and the d.a. says he will examine those findings to determine whether a criminal investigation, should be opened. the train's black box has been recovered. a preliminary investigation is underway with a more detailed analysis taking place in the nation's capitol. our team of reporter covering every angle of this story for you tonight, we will begin with our inn investigate i have reporter walt hunter live here at the crash scene in port


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