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tv   Eyewitness News at 430am  CBS  May 15, 2015 4:30am-5:01am EDT

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>> we want to know his account what he recalls reading -- leading into that tragic event. >> the search for answers into the deadly amtrak tragedy shifts to the engineer as we learn more about the eight victims. it is friday may 15th, good morning i'm ukee washington. >> i'm erika von tiehl. more on the top stories in just a movement first we check in with katie just another beautiful pleasant day. >> looks that way, guys, we will see things start to transition, our latest warmfront is beginning to lift in. so we'll start to see temperatures climbing because weekend. but for now, you have completely clear sky out there generally speaking, all in the clear anyway as far as your travel is concerned here as we overlook center city from our
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campbell's field camera, ben franklin bridge, all lit up, no problems seeing any of the light out there. we do still have obviously hour and change or so until sun comes up. we should have pretty pleasant one. looks on storm scan3 cloudy start it the day pretty high clouds, though we will see sun filter through this as the day goes on, probably also see break in the cloud cover around really will end up being a nice one for you. temperatures meanwhile yes still off to bit of cool start. we've lost the wind, and definitely in the midst of some quiet weather for now. high pressure hangs on for one final day. 49 degrees the temperature in reading, again low mid 50's from i95 on south and east. around the region we go with the sunlight, certainly warmer air starting to get funneled in, see the temperatures climb up bit more readily. sun and clouds today in philly hitting 75 degrees, and generally similar theme for you both at the shore and up in the poconos today looks pretty good, vittoria, good morning. >> good morning, everyone, we
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do have update in regard to the mass transit checklist. we had earlier suspension for the atlantic city rail line. service restored, service will be restored, as 4:33 this morning, so about minute away, and the first training to leave will be at 5:37. if you are traveling at atlantic city or 30th street takes rather. so that's definitely good news for us, definitely update, in regard to a few of our suspended services, from tuesday night. amtrak is still suspended however indefinately from philadelphia to new york today. we are getting word that this may be ongoing until about tuesday, so you will want to plan accordingly west trenton line providing additional trains trenton line for regional rail still suspended. keep in mind the market frankford line will be making all stops and new jersey transit is still cross honoring tickets, so you still have some options. now again, in and around the incident scene at frankford junction, we still have the between frankford avenue and aramingo. how much, traffic has been let by in and around this scene on frankford on castor
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avenue, but police have been directing traffic. so again i would anticipate those suspensions, as well, for amtrak, then also, traffic delays in and around that area at least until i would say sunday, if not monday and tuesday, in regard to your rush hour, it is to has not gun just yet and we look pretty good. >> we are following breaking news this morning nepal's government says they've locate the the west and of missing us military help copter. >> so far they say at least three bodies have been recovered, wreckage found on the slopes of the mountain east of kathmandu file video after uh1 huey helicopter. six marines, two nepal service members were on board when it disappeared tuesday. they were helping with disaster relief effort following last month's deadly earthquake. it is unclear right now what led to the crash though radio transmissions suggest the huey helicopter was having a fuel problem. >> also, breaking overnight blues legend bb king has passed on. his attorney says king died
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peacefully in his sleep at his home in las vegas last night suffered from diabetes, become known as bb king with bb standing for blues boy. his rain as king of the blues lasted more than 60 years influence ago generation of rock and blues musicians. among king's many honors induction into the rock-and-roll hall of fame, grammy presidential metal of freedom. bb king was in failing health in the last year or so, he was 89. new this morning, one person's taken to the hospital after a fire rips through their home in westville, new jersey. >> the fire broke out shortly before 1:00 a.m. in the 300 block of summit avenue. firefighters quickly placed the fire under control. no word on the victim's condition at this time. >> well, investigators are trying to determine why the amtrak train that derailed in philadelphia accelerated at the last minute, overnight the last train car was removed
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from the scene of the crash in port richmond. they are now at a rail yard in delaware. the national transportation safety board says northeast corridor train 188 sped up from 70 miles per hour to just over 100 miles an hour in the final minute before it left the tracks. amtrak says rail service between philadelphia and new york remains suspended at least through monday. eight people are confirmed dead. they're all identified and all passengers are accounted for. six remain in critical condition at temple university hospital. >> and we're learning about a safety warning issued by the engineer who was at the controls of the train when it crashed. >> the national transportation safety board will interview that engineer in the next few days. "eyewitness news" reporter jan carabeo joins us now in port richmond, with the latest for us, good morning. >> reporter: erika, ukee good morning, first development here on the scene as you mentioned, all of the train cars have now been removed. and the tracks have actually been turned over from the
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ntsb. back over to amtrak, this morning, so new development here also, investigators are piecing this together each and every day, woe get new information to try to figure outact accurately how this happened, and why. take a lock at the video as you mentioned this crash claimed eight lives, last victim pulled from the rubble yesterday. now all 243 people who were on board at the time of the crash have been accounted for. dozens though, still remain at the hospital. here at the crash site the national transportation safety board now says the train was accelerating as you mentioned in the final minute before derailment. investigators say the train sped up from 70 miles per hour until it reached more than 100-mile per hour at that sharp curve. ment max of course should have been 50. investigators say it is unclear if the speed was increase manually by the engineer, at this point though, they have not found any problems with the track, signals or the locomotive. meantime we are learning more about the engineer, brandon boston, his attorney says he has no recommendation of the crash, and that he had not
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been using his cell phone drinking or using drugs. a friend has also come to his defense. >> i don't think there is any foul play here or anything like that. he was never one to do drugs. there has got to be something else going on that nobody knows about yet. >> and coming up in our next half hour, we will look at social media posts by an user who appears to be this engineer. they were often critical of the railroad industry and safety standards particularly when it comes to human error and speed. so that's coming up in the next half hour. meantime ntsb officials hope to speak with this engineer in the next coming days. reporting live in port richmond, jan carabeo "eyewitness news". >> now, the damaged rail cars, they are now at the amtrak mechanical services department in bear, delaware. all of the rail cars were x-rayed and then wrapped in plastic before they were removed from the crash site. investigators will be testing the brake system and also analyzing that damage.
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>> meanwhile, a funeral will be held today for one of the victims killed in that derailment. services will be hell on long island for naval academy midshipman justin zemser. the 20 year old among the eight souls lost tuesday night. >> also, confirmed dead, bob guildersleeve of maryland, his body recovered yesterday morning. dental records help new york realtor lawyer, a as well as 40 year old guess ellie from italy who was in the u.s. on business. ukee? >> amtrak employee has filed the first lawsuit in connection with the deadly derailment. bruce fill epps of southwest philadelphia still recovering at temple hospital. he was aboard train 188 tuesday night on his way to work in new york. the lawsuit says philip suffered serious permanent injuries in the crash. he is suing for some in excess of $150,000. we invite to you stay with "eyewitness news" as we continue to look for answers in the amtrak tragedy when we're not on television, you can always get the very latest on line at
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>> and an investigation is underway into what caused a amtrak train to catch fire in milwaukee, about 100 people on board when it happened thursday. officials say the fire began in the locomotive engine. passengers and crew members got out through the back of the train, firefighters were concerned because the train was caring 5,000 gallons every fuel. no one was jammed. >> south jersey fifth grade is her suspended all because after toy he brought to school. we'll show you what got the district so upset. >> also ahead the race to rent. homeowners throughout the area are seeing an opportunity to make money off the pope's visit. we have details if you are thinking of renting your home out whether we come right
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new this morning family escapes a house fire in voorhees, new jersey, six fire companies showed up to fight that fire on hidden acre drive around 11:00. firefighters say they had some difficulty reaching the flames.
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>> had little difficulty with s water pressure from the hydrants coming up the hill, but for the most part everything went as smooth as could be. >> no one was injured in the fire. the cause is under investigate. >> it is sentencing day for christina, convicted every kidnapping and molesting a five year old girl in 2013. she claims to be the girl's mother when she abduct the her from a west philadelphia elementary school. the child was found wearing only a t-shirt the next morning, in a upper darby playground. prosecute remembers seeking a life sentence. >> eleven year old suspended for mistakenly brink ago toy to his new jersey school. aaron moody's mom got the car friday after in your of bullet fell out of the fifth grader's pocketment the stirofoam bullet with a tooth pick stuck in, what educators call a weapon. according to the school's policy a weapon anything readily capable. lethal use or inflicting serious bodily injury.
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>> from they are looking at the quote unquote weapon, looked like it was an imitation after shank. it is a toy with a tooth pick on it. >> aaron plays with in your of guns we understand at home, said he put a tooth pick in the end of the stirofoam so it sticks in the dirt when he shoots t he is now five day suspension in school. "eyewitness news" reached out to the atlantic city board of education several times for comment, our calls thus far have gone unanswered. >> 4:43, some home owners in our area are hoping to cash in on the pope's visit this september. "eyewitness news" at a rental seminar last night. website like air b and b are showing listings asking anywhere from 50 to $50,000. the week of the papal visit. we spoke with the gerber family, they are hoping to rent their hidden house home for $15,000. >> something fun like a vacation, or like use that as like a little extra pocket cash. >> it did surprise me what
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some people were asking. but there seems to be a middle range that's not too exorbitant. >> homeowners are encouraged to talk to their accountant, attorney and insurance carrier, before renting their home out. hey, chance to make a lot of money. >> let's check in with katie and just nice friday, flight. >> looks very pleasant. we start off with some sunshine for you warming things in the mid 70s. storm scan shows what's waiting for us off in the distance here, our next warmfront, eventually, going to be lifting through. you can already see starting to build with a couple of clouds across the area, now still expecting more sun to filter through that cloud cover. and in general today should be another pretty nice day maybe not quite as much blue sky as what we did experience yesterday. you can also see little back edge to this batch of cloud cover, that's probably going to roll on in, and lead to break-in our cloud cover at some point today. a lot of activity starting to bubble up way off to the west, however, there is new storm
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system just in its very beginning stages, getting it act together, way off to the west. so as that eventually start to erupt across the plane, we have another very stormy weekend, unfolding for the plane state. and that will be the next system that eventually affect us. so look being ahead to somewhat more of an active weekend, today featuring sun and clouds, nice one high pressure hangs on for one final>q dale, warmfront lift in probably triggering showers as early as overnight especially into tomorrow, we will be dodging some showers perhaps even thunderstorm out there. and it turns a lot steamier mid 80s we keep the mid 80s going on sunday, as well, as the front essentially gets stuckment can't decide whether it want to be warm or cold front basically but then will get out of here. that next system moves right in, in it wake, looking ahead to early next week. so today is a day to enjoy bottom line here. we are going to stay totally dry, throughout the better part of the day, when we say late talking overnight. most of you most of you are probably in bed by the time the showers start to dot the region, should be scatteredment tomorrow
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sunday, neither day is a wash out. we've got to allow for some showers if not thunderstorm monday and tuesday similar scenario, but cooler, behind system number one again have few showers or storms to dodge, both monday and tuesday and wednesday finally clear everything out. >> not quite mayweather and manny, but one time presidential hopeful, mitt romney, set to battle holyfield in salt lake city. the pair held a a weighing in last night funny proceeds from the match up will go toward charity that, oh, look at that, that helps provide medical care for people in developing countries. and just seeing the two of them lined up, cracks me up. >> i wonder if they'll take a play nibble at holy food's ear. play one just for fun. just for fun. >> roger good eel will hear the appeal he's suspension, suspended for the first four games of the season.
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the players association filed the appeal just before yesterday's deadline. now, brady is suspended for thinks role in the so-called deflate gate scandal. the players association wants a neutral arbitrator to hear the appeal. >> well the phillies host the arizona diamond backs tonight in south philly. beat the pirate yesterday afternoon for their second win in a row. >> we are talking about practice man. what are woe talking about? practice? we are talking about practice, man. we are talking about practice. >> not a game. i'll never forget t i was rid there. this no sixers legend allen iverson will be showcase ago show time documentary about his career. watch the answer on cbs this morning right after "eyewitness news" it begins at 7:00 right here on cbs-3. we'll be right back.
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federal investigators want
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to know why the train that derailed this week in port richmond sped up before it jumped the tracks. cell phone video shows that car derailed. the last car removed overnight from the port richmond scene of tuesday's deadly train accident. ntsb officials say the train went from 70 to more than 100 miles an hour in the last full minute before the crash. eight people had been confirmed dead. the attorney for engineer brandon does boss tan will be investigated. >> remote mountains of nepal no official word on the eight people on board, six of them are us marines. >> music fans all over the worlds are mourning the death of blues legend bb king. the 15 time grammy winner died last night at his home in las vegas where he had been in hospice care. bb king was 89 years old. >> blues boy. >> our time 4:50. let's get a check on business news. >> joe -- jill wagner joins us from the stock exchange. talk about changes at dairy
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queen. what's happening? good morning. >> reporter: good morning, ukee erika. yes, dairy queen is removing soft drinks from its children's menus starting in september. so the fast-food chain is the latest to change its menus as americans are growing more health conscious. mcdonald's removed soda from happy meals last september. they are looking to add other healthier options to its menu. >> how about that? we hear one bick retail is her hiring now and they are ramming up recruiting effort. tell us about it? >> yes, h and m isn't just trying to sell clothing t want to sell itself as a good place it work. the fashion retailer has launched a national recruiting campaign of the united state hoping to hire thousand of workers mostly young people, for at least 61 new stores, that are set to open this year. h and m is touting perks, like sick time, paid vacations, and you get your birthday off. i love that idea. ukee erika? >> i've never heard that far before. just automatically getting your birthday off. >> how about that?
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>> sounds like fun. >> all right, thanks jill. talk to you later. coming up after a short break traffic and weather together we do it on the 3's
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. just past 4:53, let's get the latest on our traffic. good morning. >> good morning, everyone, so we've been updating mass transit checklist this morning, we have few note for you. so, in regard to suspensions we still dealing with amtrak being suspended between philadelphia and new york. how much, they are running modified schedules between philadelphia and harrisburg, philadelphia and dc, also, new york and boston. the trenton line is also still suspended, but good news, the atlantic city rail line has been put back into place the first train departing 30th street station at 5:37. the new jersey river line as well as new jersey bus service, new jersey transit is still cross-honoring so you definitely still have options.
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regard to rush hour, really nothing to talk about. our majors looks great. that's good news there hopefully wet letter look great for this friday morning. >> absolutely, i don't think the wet letter have any kind of me yacht role in any you know, traffic issues, certainly not this morning as we see the sun come up it, may produce little bit of sun glare. few more clouds out there today. and outside we go to the board walk plaza rehoboth, everything just completely calm collected south to southwest wind flow right now pretty modest, not terribly noticeable breeze. 54 degrees the current temperature there ever so slightly warmer in most locations, this morning than it was this same time yesterday. and we should evening out few additional degrees on the thermometer today. high pressure in place for one final afternoon. so we call it generally mostly sin, but there will be some clouds along the way too. couple of scattered showers start to build in as early as overnight. then, this weekend, turning steamy. courtesy of warmfront which looks like it kind of get stuck this weekend so both saturday and sunday, featuring some showers maybe even a thunderstorm. ukee back to you. >> thank you, here is a look at some of the stories sister
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station "kyw news radio" 1060 will be following for you. mayor hopeful jim kenny picks up key endorsement. president obama is coming to camden, new jersey on monday, and at the theatres, pitch perfect, two hits the movies. check in two three, four times a day, "kyw news radio" 1060 on your dial in coming up in the next hour of "eyewitness news" following several breaking stories including the death after legendary singer overnight. >> also, a friends defends the engineer of the amtrak crash. hear what brandon boston told his friend during a conversation from the emergency room. >> sharing the love. why some local police office remembers giving out hugs instead of ticket. we're back at the top of the hour. good morning.
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>> you are looking at video from overnight last of the train cause hauled away from the site of the amtrak tragedy. for the first time hearing from a friend of the engineer who spoke to him from the emergency room. also, following breaking news this morning. ♪ ♪ >> bb king blues singer dice overnight. we're taking a look back. >> one of the bells. today is friday, may 15th, good morning i'm ukee washington. >> i'm erika von tiehl. this morning still the big story. engineer at the controls of the amtrak train that derailed
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in philadelphia has agreed talk to investigators. >> around 1:00 this morning, a tractor tractor-trailer removed the last trail car. the cars from tuesday derailment are now adam track's mechanical services department, in bear, delaware where they're undergoing examination as part of the investigation. the national transportation safety board says the train sped up from 70 miles an hour, to 100 miles an hour, just before it left the tracks. also we're learning about a safety warning. the engineer, reportedly issued. amtrak continues to suspend service between philadelphia and new york at least through monday. but new jersey transit resumes service from 30th street station to cherry hill. we have team coverage of the latest on the amtrak tragedy. we start with "eyewitness news" reporter jan carabeo at the scene in port richmond where attention continues to focus on the engineer. jan?


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