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tv   CBS This Morning  CBS  May 15, 2015 7:00am-9:01am EDT

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good morning. it is friday may 15 2015. welcome to "cbs this morning." a deadly discovery overnight. crews find the wreckage of a marine helicopter. new details about sudden acceleration before the amtrak disaster. plus ominous rants from the engineer about safety. david letterman. >> we begin with a look at today's eye opener. your world in 90 seconds. >> three bodies found high on the mountain east of kathmandu.
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>> nepal locates the remains of a missing u.s. helicopter. >> military team is on the ground inspecting the crash site. the king of blues, bb king died at his home in las vegas. >> my mother had a left hook that was worse than mike tyson. >> the victim of amtrak 188. >> the first funeral is being held today. flood watches in southern california. a virtual river. possible heavy tornadoes from nebraska down to the southern plains states. the nfl announced roger goodell will hear the appeal. >> they are fighting to protect the legacy of tom brady. at the white house a california man was flying a small drone. >> suspect being charged with violating a federal order.
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united airlines flight made an emergency landing after reports of smoke in the cockpit. tennessee fishermen jumped into action to rescue a man who was drowning. to be an innovator with longevity. >> david letterman is the gold standard. >> have a great final week. this is to you, mr. letterman. >> on "cbs this morning." >> wait a minute. nope nope nope. no. >> george is this something leftover from the bachelor days? >> this morning's eye opener is presented by toyota. let's go places. welcome to "cbs this morning." officials in nepal say there are
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no chances of any survivors in the crash of the united states marine helicopter. search crews found the wreckage and several bodies overnight about 50 miles northeast of nepal's capital. >> the helicopter carried six u.s. marines and two nep leze soldiers. they were delivering aid to the country. >> reporter: good morning. u.s. military is now confirming that that indeed is the wreckage of that missing helicopter. they have sent in a specialops parachute team to investigate further. after three days of searching with u.s. aircraft supported by hundreds of troops on the ground wreckage of the helicopter was located about half way between kathmandu and mt. everest. the wreckage was found high up
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in the mountains at 11,200 feet altitude. the helicopter was last seen near the hard hit region which nepal's prime minister visited thursday. the six u.s. marines and two nepalese soldiers were delivering rice when they lost contact. earlier this month we watched a huey being offloaded at kathmandu's airport. they had been used to reach remote regions. a u.s. military official said an indian helicopter picked up radio chatter that it suggested a possible fuel problem. the u.s. military says a complete investigation will be conducted. >> thank you. the first funeral will be held this morning for a victim of tuesday's amtrak crash.
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20-year-old justin zemser was one of eight passengers who were killed. he was an only child. investigators say the train's engineer has agreed to be interviewed with his attorney present. kris van cleave has more information. >> reporter: amtrak 188 rapidly accelerated 65 seconds before the crash. the national transportation safety board says it was doing twice the posted speed limit for that area of track and now we know a front facing dash cam rushows seconds before the crash the emergency brake was applied. >> reporter: new surveillance video captures the flash and fire of the impact at over 100 ur. amtrak 188 came barrelling into the curve according to national transportation board.
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>> the train speed went above 70 miles per hour. 16 seconds before the end of the recording the train speed was going through 100 miles per hour. >> reporter: bruce phillips has filed a lawsuit claiming he was violently hurled about the rail car. amtrak's president and ceo took us to the crash site. >> is amtrak safe? >> absolutely amtrak has been safe. it has been 28 years to have a derailment like this. >> reporter: brandon bostian was at the controls. amtrak engineer since 2010 he submitted his blood for drug and alcohol screening. bostian was often critical of railroad industry for failing to implement safe guards. one posting read at any point over the previous 80 years the railroad could have implemented
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some form of technology. cadaver dogs located an eighth victim. in 2008 congress mandated a safety system known as positive train control being installed across amtrak by the end of 2015. only a fraction of the lines have it. on thursday he said he is committed to meeting the requirement along the northeast corridor amtrak's busiest stretch but needs support from congress. >> this is not a republican or democratic railroad this is a railroad anybody uses like any infrastructure in this nation. >> reporter: the engine that powered amtrak 188 was only in service a little over a year and had no reported history of unintended acceleration. this morning crews are still working and cleared much of the wreckage from the tracks and are efforting repairs to the line.
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amtrak ceo says they are hoping to have service restored by tuesday. >> thank you. the engineer during 2013 will not face criminal charges. that accident killed four passengers and injured nearly 70. he fell asleep at the controls and was found to suffer from sleep apneea. the thrill is gone this morning for millions of music fans. the great blues guitarist bb king died last night. he was 89. the man known as king of the blues was one of the most influential musicians. >> bb king was the last of the legendary blues men who came out of the mississippi delta, the son of sharecroppers. riley king was born on a cotton
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plantation. at 22 he hitchhiked to memphis where he picked up his nickname blues boy or bb. ♪ >> how would you describe the blues? >> it's good for me and when i'm feeling bad and when i'm feeling good. ♪ >> reporter: the 3:00 blues was his first big hit in 1952. after he said a brawl over a woman caused a fire that almost destroyed his first guitar. he toured black clubs endlessly. >> in 1956 you played 342 days? >> 342 one nighters. >> reporter: didn't play to a white audience until 1967 in san
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francisco. >> the kids knew the music. and he said ladies and gentlemen, bb king and everybody stood up. that was the beginning of bb king in rock and roll. >> reporter: two years later he scored his biggest hit. bb king influenced hendrix, opened for the stones and played with eric clapton and u 2. when we met in 2013 he was 88 and didn't walk easily but on stage his fingers still flew. >> rolling stone ranks you number 3 guitar player of all time. >> i don't believe that. >> you don't? >> no. but i'm not going to tell them that. >> he said he didn't know the
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meaning of the word retirement. he toured until he fell ill in april. it's simple he told me if i stop i don't get paid. >> he once said if he didn't die on the stage he wanted to die in his sleep and he did that. >> it was the tone he got out of the guitar the way he shook his left hand and squeezed the strings. it didn't sound like anybody else. >> influenced so many great musicians. this morning the nfl says that commissioner roger goodell will personally hear tom brady's appeal of the four-game suspension. the quarterback was benched after an investigation commissioned by the league found that he probably knew that team employees were deflating his football balls. >> reporter: good morning.
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brady will have to convince the league commissioner himself that he did nothing wrong. he is hoping that his appeal will put him back on the field for week one of the nfl season. >> i feel like i have always played within the rules. i would never do anything to break the rules. >> reporter: patriots' quarterback tom brady insisted that he knew nothing about the deflated footballs. and the nfl players association argues that given the nfl's history of inconsistency and arbitrary decisions in disciplinary matters it is only fair that a neutral arbitrator hear the appeal. that won't be the case. brady will make the argument to goodell and top level executives. brady is entitled to have his own attorney at the hearing as well as his agent and a union
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attorney. >> the appeal will be heard probably early june and then after that another week for the decision. >> reporter: ben bolland covers nfl and patriots for the "boston globe." >> it will take a lot of convincing to get the appeal bumped down by someone who already handed out the punishment. >> reporter: on thursday the patriots issued a 20,000 word rebuttal to the report challenging some of the investigation's findings. >> it poked many holes in the science. >> reporter: the patriots also attempted to explain the deflater reference in a text between patriots locker room attendant and equipment assistance. the patriots claim mcnaly is a larger man and this banter and the goal of losing weight meant he was the deflater. there was nothing complicated about it. >> make the patriots look even weaker today. it looks like they are trying to
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pull one over on the public and think the public isn't very intelligent. >> reporter: brady has hired lawyer jeffrey cefler to battle here. california seeing more rain than it can handle. wet weather is moving through san diego this morning. flood waters flowed down streets and sidewalks last night. people rushed to move their cars before they were submerged. there is flooding around los angeles. a video shows stars on the hollywood walk of fame all under water. rising water continueso threaten homes outside of houston. more wet weather expected in texas. >> good morning. very saturated ground means flooding concerns continue this weekend all through parts of texas. you can see the potential of 2 1/2 to 4 inches of rain causing flooding through the
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weekend and the day today as more storms are working the way with a cold front pushing the way to the east and warm air. that's also a concern for slight risk of severe storms from central texas through parts of oklahoma and parts of kansas. large hail damaging winds and isolated tornadoes. flash flood watch in effect southern california. rainfall of about a half of an inch of rain. it's a big concern going through the afternoon and even into saturday morning. >> jeb bush heads to iowa tomorrow hoping a week of scrutiny will end after this statement. >> here is the deal. if we are all supposed to answer hypothetical questions knowing what we know now what would you have done? i would have not engaged and gone into iraq. >> comments in arizona thursday marked his fifth attempt to explain position. he explained why he hesitated to
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provide a clear answer citing loyalty to his brother and respect to the families of fallen troops. many middle eastern allies showing ease with negotiations with iran. president obama pledged a commitment to gulf nations yesterday during a meeting at camp david. margaret brennan is at the state department. >> president obama's claim to have arab support for a nuclear deal with iran appears far from certain as gulf allies fear it may come at their expense. >> reporter: it was meant to be a summit with heads of state from six key arab allies. in a sign of frustration with u.s. policy only two showed up. the others sent deputies. one was scheduled to attend a london horse show. president obama set to reassure that the u.s. commitment to them is iron clad even if the u.s.
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signs a nuclear deal with iran. >> the united states will stand by our partners against external attack and will deepen and extend the cooperation that we have when it comes to the many challenges that exist in the region. >> reporter: the u.s. pledge to expedite arm sales, increase joint military exercises and integrate their missile defense systems. the president did not deliver what many of the countries wanted a written security pact pledging the u.s. military would come to their defense. on thursday the navy opened fire in the persian gulf. a similar incident happened two weeks ago. >> it is the type of harassment that has countries like saudi arabia concerned. saudi foreign minister spoke at camp david. >> for whatever reason they are
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doing it it has to stop. >> reporter: saudis also concern that sanctions are lifted as part of a nuclear deal iran could use that money to fund proxy wars in syria and in yemen. but the white house is saying iran is more likely to use that money to bolester its crumbling economy. a white house lockdown is lifted after a new drone scare. secret service agents detained a california man. authorities say he operated a small unmanned aircraft thursday. the drone hovered about 100 feet over lafayette park. president obama was away at camp david. the faa launched a new campaign the goal? reminding people drones are banned over the nation's capitol and especially near the white house and capitol hill. >> you are right. that's a bad idea. i against he didn't get that
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memo. duly noted. city council with a female majority gets schooled on how to work with women. >> they don't process things at the same way. >> what? ahead, the anger over what one council woman calls a this national weather report sponsored by mcdonald's.
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david letterman gets serious about saying good bye. >> enormous uprooting change in my life has petrified me. >> ahead, the one and only jane paulie has a preview of her sunday morning conversation. >> the news is back in a moment on "cbs this morning." >> this portion of "cbs this morning" sponsored by e-trade.
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outrage after a training session on how to deal with women on a city council. and a special assignment in england. >> reporter: this unlikely facility west of london just might hold the key to the future of the world's chocolate in its
7:26 am
hand and you are >> good morning, time for the fray forecast with fehlinger. >> good morning overall pretty pleasant finish to the work week for our area, finding few more clouds out there this morning, you will see some sun along the way as well. and it is just not as much blue sky visible through the cloud cover here, we start to see t on in. it will stay dry. that's well represented here too, as the buses roll right through on cue. in our eyewitness neighborhood network here, live neighborhood network rather. up in broad heads ville pleasant valley middle and high school, mixture every clouds and some sunshine. bit of cool start for us out there as well, so i would grab sweatshirt or fleece, should hit mid 70s with no problem tomorrow, the combination of the warmfront, brinking in showers and thunderstorms
7:27 am
vittoria? >> thank you so much katie. good morning everyone, right now traveling on i95 southbound full swing rush hour out of the northeast starting from woodhaven all the way down to 676. find breaks in that stretch of real estate, but you'll be hitting the brakes more so, we also have an incident over to the shoulder, on southbound 95 girard avenue. that's causing gaper delay ben franklin bridge slow down from new jersey down toward pa. take a look at the speed censors, give yourself more time. keep in mind that amtrak is still suspended between philadelphia and new york. ukee? >> thank you let's do it again at 7:55, up next on cbs this morning, one texas city makes history but not without controversy. we're on the "cw philly" on these chan he. good
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what are you going to do on his last night? >> i will try to take away from dave's -- take some of the spot light from dave. i'll do what i can. >> that's what comics do. i'm going to come out on the air. i'm going to do anything i can. i will be naked that night. what i would like to do is say something very nice about david letterman that comes from the heart and then we come on a little before he does and then tell people to turn the channel. >> that was conan o'brien on his show last night. i love how everybody wants to pay respects to dave. >> think about it four shows left tonight, monday tuesday, wednesday. welcome back. coming up in this half hour
7:31 am
david letterman makes a surprising admission about the ed sullivan theater, home to the late show. we have a preview of the sunday morning conversation. back lash in austin after a training session on how to work with women. city council members are furious about a recent seminar where they were told women ask too many questions. >> how do you feel about working with women? >> i love it as you know. love it. time to show you some of this morning's headlines. the "new york times" says isis released an audio statement said to be from the leader who was wounded in an air strike. >> britain's guardian says the ancient city is in danger of being destroyed by isis. it said fighters are within a
7:32 am
mile of the gate of the world heritage site holding important artifacts from greek, roman, persian and islamic cultures. >> no way you can rebuild anything like this. >> terrible. the los angeles times says california senate approved a controversial bill to boost vaccination rates not allowing parents to opt out. parents who oppose the bill staged protests following outbreaks that began at disney in december. a lawsuit that claims uber cofounder and investors stole the idea for the car service. the plaintiff has history of litigation and reproduced a video. uber calls claims baseless.
7:33 am
reported after women took majority of city council the staff was warned to expect more questions and longer talks. the warning came in a controversial seminar on working with women. a city official is on administrative leave. women find something to bite hard on as you listen to this story. >> that's exactly right. the training seminar called "the changing dynamics in governance women leading local governments." it was implied that women in power don't prepare for meetings and ask a lot more questions than men do. >> reporter: a press conference by women who is part of a historic new female majority on austin's city council angered that a training session was held. >> i have to question the culture that allows a training session considered. >> they don't process things the
7:34 am
same way. >> reporter: this was the training session in question. jonathan allen was invited to speak because he was a city manager in florida where he dealt with all female city commission and said women don't bother to read the research they given. >> when they say could you tell me how much that capital improvement project costs, my sarcastic response would be if you look at paragraph 4 you would find that information. >> reporter: allen made a comparison to how he patiently answers his 11-year-old daughter's repeated questions. >> and then i said that's how i have to deal with the commission. >> we ask too many questions, don't understand numbers. it was just ridiculous. >> reporter: elected to the austin city council in 2014. >> i would be just as offended if it was how to work with hispanics. >> i was stunned. i was speechless and stunned.
7:35 am
>> reporter: mr. allen and his co-presenter issued a statement. if our overall intent and message was not clear during the presentation we apologize for miscommunication. the city manager whose office organized the seminar insists their intentions were good. >> it was the wrong thing to do wrong, inappropriate message and failed to meet up with our values. this is just -- we messed up. >> this wasn't the best training seminar. it is creating discourse about gender issues so i think there is a positive outcome from it. >> the city manager echoed the sentiments telling cbs news the failed seminar can serve as foundation for constructive conversations about sensitivity and diversity. >> this is not the best way to get there. >> no it's not. >> they need better vetting because this was not something
7:36 am
they looked at beforehand. you have gone through lady training, right? >> charlie gets an a plus plus. >> i have lots of questions for mr. allen. he is a saturday night live skit waiting to happen. somebody remind this man it is 2015. >> you can tell a lot about a man by the number of women he has worked for. >> dare i say you are smarter for it. >> and happier. >> thank you. that was great. the census may sound different. a prominent voice says he is leaving springfield. >> hello, simpson. >> you're mine. >> as you know i have been writing a musical about the malibu stacy doll. >> the real news is on local tv delivered by real news men like
7:37 am
me. >> harry shearer, voice actor tweeted he is leaving the show after 26 seasons. i was shocked when i read that. he says he wants the freedom to do other work. everyone knows he is so iconic to the program. he does so much of the work voicing so many characters. >> i think you are on to something when you say contract dispute. oprah shows -- >> yea! >> you know her? >> i like her very much. i think she is great. >> she shows us what makes david letterman so special. and we preview the sunday morning interview with the late show legend. all that is next. you're watching "cbs this morning." >> we will miss a young man
7:38 am
named david letterman who is signing off from his program. we will not be here for that. i wanted to say what a remarkable honor it has been for me to have gone on his show. he was for me and i think many in my generation an incredible epiphany. there are so few people that can innovate that format. and then to have the kind of longevity to be an innovator with longevity. i think the list is dave. introducing lunch at outback every bloomin' day! hurry in for all your outback favorites. plus new aussie tacos, new savory ribeye melt and our delicious burgers. over 70 lunch combinations starting at just $6.99. it's lunch at last every day at outback.
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fearless original always himself. that's what i think of david letterman. i think that is the absolute secret to connecting with an audience, whatever it is you are bringing 100% of yourself.
7:43 am
i think every night that is what he did 100% of himself. >> wow. >> oprah sharing with "cbs this morning" the mixed emotions that so many people feel about the late show with david letterman next week. she is on with dave tonight. he opened up to john paulie. they go back decades. here is a preview of this week's candid conversation. >> you had me under an important point in my life when i was leaving the "today" show which was '89ish. i was a guest on your show. now you are having what i'm guessing is a profoundly vivid moment in your life. i'm grateful that you are sharing that. >> thank you very much. i'm naked and afraid because --
7:44 am
it's so cliche but i will share it with you anyway. any enormous uprooting change in my life has petrified me really petrified me. once i come through the other side the reward has been unimaginable. >> do you have a picture of yourself in the future? >> yes, i do. i can tell you the kind of feelings and emotions i hope will come of this. and that i'm looking forward to. now, getting back into television perhaps will not be as easy to accomplish. >> the late show with david letterman! >> i don't think i will ever be back in this building honestly. >> because? >> i think it's just too difficult for me emotionally
7:45 am
too difficult for me. i just don't want to come back and see others living our lives. does that make sense? >> absolutely. >> good morning. >> good morn >> tell us about this last conversation. >> i think you know charlie, and this is surprising. david letterman is a great interview. for someone who is famously kind of private and eningmatic when you talk to him he talks. he tells you and he is very revealing about -- >> it's like he is thinking out loud. >> and then he regrets it as soon as it is over. and i don't think he could see -- it doesn't matter if it came from anywhere else comic genius he won't accept that.
7:46 am
that part of his psyche is just shut off to that possibility. it's not an act. >> did you get a sense that he is ready to go? when i was there with oprah i kept hearing this is the last time we will do this the last walk we make the last conversation. did you get a sense that he is ready to go? >> let's learn the definition of ambivalence. it doesn't mean i'm wishy-washy. i am so ready to leave. he is seen around the ed sullivan theater in odd places his staff said and confirmed that he walks around and wants to be everywhere and wants to have an accurate mental snapshot. he wants to memorize what it was like, what it feltlike what the audience looked like. and yet i asked if you are taking the desk no. he said he once had an opportunity to buy johnny
7:47 am
carson's desk and he said if johnny didn't want it why would i? he is leaving the furniture. >> jane really looking forward to it. thank you for being here. you can see jane's full interview with david letterman this weekend on sunday morning. we won't miss it here on cbs. stick around because dave's musical director and side kick paul schaffer is going to be right here in studio 57. we will hear his post-late show plans. in mitt romney ready for a knockout fight? why the former presidential candidate is
7:48 am
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mitt romney weighed in last night against heavyweight champion. proceeds from tonight's fight will benefit a charity that seeks to restore the vision of people in developing countries. >> stop in for lunch and tap, swipe, and go. chili's. fresh is happening now.
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>> we check in with katie for the forecast. >> should be another pretty one, if you looked out the window already saw quite a few clouds out there don't worry about t staying dry today. we we will eventually see sunshine with the forecast here, as high pressure hanging on for one final day. yes, we ends one some pleasant weather overall just not as much blue skies as yesterday produced. sun, clouds, the expectation going forward, high of 75, very typical. tonight we drop down to 60 and overnight start to see couple of showers dotting radar with the next warmfront lifting in. that's what's going to set our temperatures on this huge spike tomorrow sunday, mid 80s, as well as the steamy necessary returning and we will have scattered not a wash out but scattered showers and storms to dodge both days. vittoria? >> thank you so much, katie. right now probably trying to
7:57 am
dodge the rush hour delays, going to set you back this morning. i would say if you are traveling on 95, there is really not too much wiggle room. traveling 95 southbound, seeing delays out of the northeast, down through to the vine street expressway. you'll find that traffic moving in pockets heaviest, around the construction zones. also, very heavy traffic on the schuylkill eastbound headed into the city westbound moving in toward your western suburbs, and keep in mind, we still have suspended service for amtrak between philadelphia and new york. erika? >> all right thank so much. your next update at 8:25, next on cbs this morning late show bandleader paul schaffer on what's next in his music career. we'll see you on th
7:58 am
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♪ it is friday may 15 2015. welcome back to "cbs this morning." there is more real news ahead including paul shaffer. we will talk with him about his 33 years with david letterman and the one musical thing he cannot do. here is a look at today's eye opener at 8:00. >> military is confirming that is the wreckage. they sent in a specialops parachute team. >> this morning crews cleared much of the wreckage. >> how would you describe the blues? >> it's good for me when i'm feeling bad and when i'm feeling good. >> brady will have to convince the league commissioner. >> all the way from central
8:01 am
texas through oklahoma to parts of kansas. >> president obama's claim appears far from certain. >> they don't process things at the same way. >> the man addressing the group started implying that women in power don't prepare for meetings and ask a lot more questions than men do. >> i'm speechless and stunned. >> david letterman! >> i don't think i will be back in this building. honestly. >> i want to wish a happy birthday to facebook ceo mark zuckerburg. i got him something i know he wants, my social security number. >> this morning's eye opener at 8:00 is presented by walgreens. >> i'm charlie rose with gayle king and norah o'donnell. search crews in nepal found the wreckage of an american marine
8:02 am
helicopter. rescuers say they also found several bodies. local officials say there is no chance of any survivors. search has been going on since tuesday. the chopper carried six u.s. marines and two nepalese soldiers. it was part of a relief mission to deliver aid after two devastating earthquakes. >> investigators say the train that crashed accelerated when it should have slowed down. workers are repairing the tracks this morning. amtrak ceo says he wants to restore full service by tuesday. the engineer of train 188 will speak to investigators in the next few days. philadelphia police are reportedly demanding cell phone records. >> the sound of lucille will live forever. his career lasted more than 65 years and kept performing until
8:03 am
a few weeks ago. i asked king about coming to the end of the road. >> when they play the last song and he is going to meet his maker, what do you want to hear? >> peace in the world. >> peace in the world. >> it's a song we do now called "peace to the world." i'm hoping when they play that last song for me there will be peace in the world. maybe it can be more peaceful. >> i love him. all the interviews he was always right in the moment. >> leny kravitz said he can say more in one note than many could say in hundreds and thousands of others. what a beautiful life he has had. >> and influenced so many and played with the greats. >> talk to paul shaffer about that. >> many make $1.50 an hour.
8:04 am
our hidden camera goes
8:05 am
there were multiple suspects in the murder of a pennsylvania woman 30 years ago. investigators couldn't identify the killer. ahead a 48 hours preview shows how new evidence turns a cold case white hot. you are watching "cbs this morning."
8:06 am
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8:09 am
this morning the governor of new york is pushing for major reforms in the nail salon industry. >> following a "new york times" rr investigation that revealed workers are often poorly paid. >> the state of new york has second highest number of nail technicians. nail salons can be found on
8:10 am
virtually every corner. this bargain luxury comes at a price and it is not the customer who ends up paying the bill. >> reporter: it's just after 4:00 at this nail salon in mid town manhattan. we used a hidden camera to find out more about the manicurist sitting across from us. speaking in spanish she described 11-our work days with little pay and no overtime compensation. she told us wages are solo. she relies on tips but if the tip is put on a credit card she doesn't receive it. new york governor andrew cuomo promised to put an end to this announcing a task force that uncovers unpaid wages and shut down unlicensed businesses. >> many women in these facilities are desperate.
8:11 am
they are not here legally. they don't have working papers. they have to put food on the table and have to support a child so they have to do what they have do. >> reporter: nail salons are part of an industry nationwide. according to a "new york times" investigation workers mostly from asia and south america can be paid as little as $1.50 an hour and can pay up to $200 for training. technicians face health risks from exposure to dangerous chemicals and communicable diseases passed on from customers. >> people are realizing that that discount manicure is an oxy oxymoron. customers we spoke to say the investigation left them conflicted. >> poor girls are barely surviving. >> i do what i can in terms of tipping as well as possible and making sure it goes directly into their pocket. >> there are 15,000 nail
8:12 am
technicians who work in new york state. on thursday two manicurists filed a proposed class action lawsuit against salons who they say fail to comply with overtime laws. >> thank you. i know i will never put a tip on a credit card again. we are in the toyota green room. guess who is here. paul shaffer. >> your first time here. >> not time. >> your first time here. you have a new documentary. i think people are going to see you in a whole different light. was that the goal? >> hold that. when we come back these talented men ahead on "cbs this morning." there is lots to discuss. we'll be right back.
8:13 am
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8:16 am
i said this before paul
8:17 am
shaffer and the band is the best thing about our television program. i would not have considered any change unless paul was eager and happy and willing to go with us. >> that's david letterman in a 1993 news conference about you when he announced his big move to cbs. only four shows left until america says good bye to the late show with dave. and there is paul shaffer. >> it's the longest funeral in history. we are lying in state over there as people come to pay their respects. >> from the president of the united states to bill clinton to george clooney. >> before we talk we will take a look back down memory lane. >> let's take that walk. >> say hello to our good friend paul shaffer. ♪
8:18 am
>> three, two, one, it's a new year's celebration. >> by sending check or money order. >> we are right in the middle of a show. >> we are? >> yeah. >> i thought the show ended hours ago. >> is it over? >> you look like you might be half a ventriloquist act. ♪ >> can i try it? >> yeah. >> here you go. >> enjoy. what do you think? >> paul? ♪
8:19 am
show right now is the most wonderful hour of the entire day. >> i'm very hot. >> i'm a little warm. >> television just doesn't get better than that. >> and paul schaffer you have had a rough road. how are you feeling today? >> of course nostalgic. i have gone through the kind of phases that one goes through. i have come around to a very zen place of gratitude. what else can one say? 33 years with the smartest hippest, quickest man in show business, with all due respect to you guys. but to work with dave totally spontaneous every night. >> when he first told you what did you think? >> it was nutty. we were about to go out and do our warmup. the band is playing.
8:20 am
i'm about to go out and then dave comes out to say hello and says just come here for a second. we went in an al cove back stage and he said i told them i'm retiring today. and then the next thing you know ♪ everything felt different. >> was it as he said the best hour of the day? >> of course. of course it was. everything was in preparation for that. and it was a lot of fun every day. he kept it so real and so loose and spontaneous that it was different every day and i never knew what he was going to do. >> he recently called you a musical genius. >> he exaggerates, but he has been so supportive of me. he has heard every single note that i and my band have heard. you don't think he is listening
8:21 am
but he is right there. >> what was that? >> the relationship between the two of you is something special. were you friends before the show? >> i hadn't met him. i knew who he was and i had seen his morning show and i just got a call from his management company to come in and have a meeting with him regarding the show. we hit it off and he claims that he never had anyone else in mind. he said that he had seen some of my stuff on saturday night live. i had done first five years. and he has just been the most incredible boss saying to me if you have anything i don't care if it is in the monologue or interviewing julia roberts jump in at any time. who wears an open mic for 33 years? i had that. what can one say? >> is there one moment that you remember more than anything else?
8:22 am
>> well i think everybody remembers in the midst of all of the comedy i think everybody remembers the serious moments. who will ever forget? he was the first man in late night to go back on the air with a comedy show after 9/11 attack. when he did it he made it okay for everyone to come back. of course, that last show that she gave in the entirety and said y have to enjoy everyone. >> you think he has any regrets? >> he has been very honest and verbal about saying why did i say this? he has been a perfectionist all of these years. that is how he kept up that amazing level of perfection on that show. he never threw away a single show. so although he will always say
8:23 am
why did i say that to madonna. he still on a very real level i don't see why he would. >> he said he will turn to a life of crime. what do you plan to do? >> kathie doesn't want me around the house. you got to keep working. >> have you thought about your next chapter? >> i'm going to keep on playing the piano. i think somebody will let me. i love to do the different things. dave would let me do comedy and improvise. i want to do all of those things, continue to do those things. maybe csi miami. i'm open for anything. >> is there a musical guest that you say i wish we would have had -- >> only we missed elvis and we
8:24 am
missedsinatra. >> any other surprises? >> yes. and things that everybody wants to see and would expect. >> thank you. >> congratulations. >> thank you for having me on. the guests for the last episode include oprah tonight, tom hanks, eddie vedder. bill murray. we'll be right back. # . a haunting mystery in a long search for justice. >> i'm peter van sant. in the summer of 1979 the murder of a beautiful young woman stunned this pennsylvania town. five suspects hundreds of
8:25 am
good morning, i'm ukee washington overnight the last of the derailed cars was removed from the scene of this week's deadly train cash. here is cell phone video showing that rail car on the back of a flatbed truck. as it made its way through port richmond around 1:00 a.m., it was taken to a rail yard in delaware, for evaluation. also, this morning, new video of repair work underway, amtrak says, full service between new york and philadelphia could resume tuesday. meanwhile investigators want to talk to the engineer. we'll talk to that engineer's best friend coming up at 8:30 on the "cw philly". right now katie has your forecast, good morning. >> good morning, ukee, our forecast generally quiet initially, starts to get more active, also steamy for that matter. storm juan three despite the clouds, not indicative of anything to come really soon anyway, we are going to stay dry, eventually see bit more sunshine, if you're a little bumm pipe the cloud cover that's currently out there. don't worry, on the way some sunshine, that is, 75 degrees, our expected high. drop it down to 60 tonight. with few showers, starting to
8:26 am
top the region overnight. get your evening plans in without a hitch. including phillies games that's where you're headed. as we head into the weekend it get hot. mid 80s once again also dodging scattered but locally maybe heavy drenching showers or storms. >> thank you good morning so we have rush hour on the schuylkill, 95, the blue route, 422 42, 55, all of the usual culprits, as we take a look at 76, looks like we just cleared out of the way disable vehicle westbound on 76 approaching gladwynn, so, that's improvement. but you can still tell by the residual delay it is not that much of an improvement. considering already what we're tuck in. in regard to mass transit. suspension of amtrak service between philadelphia and new york. and the trenton line, new jersey transit, however, still cross-honoring ukee? >> thank you. next update 85:00, a up next on cbs this morning former sixer and mba mvp allen iverson talks about his controversial career and great career. we're on the "cw
8:27 am
8:28 am
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8:30 am
welcome back to "cbs this morning." coming up in this half hour, a pennsylvania woman found murdered more than three decades ago. the case went cold but investigators made a break through. we will preview tomorrow's 48 hours. a new documentary highlights the great alleniverson. time to show you headlines from around the globe. houston chronicle says a venture capitalist gave $50 million to rice university. it will launch an institute to teach students to be better leaders. the australian has an update on johnny depp's dogs. the country's government threatened to euphonize them because they did not undergo quarantine. dep is in australia to film the
8:31 am
latest pirates of the caribbean. >> the dogs are safe. the guardian reports on studies that may have solved the mystery why people saw the dress differently. you remember this dress. the majority said blue and black stripes, moe were men, younger people or owls. those who said it was gold and white were more likely to be women, older and people awake if the daytime hours. >> a pennsylvania man spent more than 30 years agonizing over who murdered his sister janet walsh in their tiny town near pittsburgh. it wasn't hard to find suspects but police couldn't make arrests. tomorrow night 48 hours looks at how determined prosecutors unravelled the mystery. here is a preview of peter van sant's report. >> i drove up to the front of the house and ran up to the door and janet's father told me she
8:32 am
was in the back bedroom. >> reporter: it's 1979 and rookie cop andy gall was about to walk into his first homicide. >> i walk in and i pull the sheet back slightly. there was no need to even check for a pulse because you could tell by her face and the scarf around her neck that she was dead. >> word dead didn't apply. she is my sister. nothing could make my sister be dead. >> reporter: he was 20 years old. >> i had to go in and see for myself but my brother would not allow me to. he put me in a bear hug and would not let go. >> reporter: his sister was getting a fresh start in life after recently separating from her husband and moving into her own place. janet had gone out with friends, but the next day when she didn't show up for work her family went
8:33 am
to check on her. she was found tied up and strangled in her bed. investigators soon had a list of suspects. >> i have a plot from an old tv show where we have five suspects and i can't put a finger on any of them. >> reporter: no one was arrested. the case turned ice cold. three decades passed. in the late 2000s a cold case unit decided to reexamine janet's case. cops rounded up the unusual suspects from a drifter who danced with janet the night of her death to janet's soon to be ex-husband. >> scott did you murder janet? >> i did not. >> reporter: assistant district attorney brittany smith would end up getting assigned to janet' >> this is a time capsule. we are going back to the late 1970s to the death scene now. >> reporter: using enhanced dna
8:34 am
technology this cold case turns white hot. they find dna on janet's sheets night gown and bath robe tie used to bound her hands. it's a bombshell. the dna belonged to one of the original suspects who we can now call a killer. >> wow. peter van sant is with us. so amazing that the dna was able to provide such clues so many years later. >> that's the enhancement of the dna technology. there is even a dispute with the several samples that they weren't able to take. it's very expensive to get dna. the samples that came back one included an unidentified male. >> it does sound like a murder she wrote episode. was there one suspect always at the top of the list? >> eight out of ten times if the
8:35 am
wife dies the husband did it. the soon to be ex-husband who had a reputation of following her was at the top of the list. there was a local drifter in town whose check book was found about a block away from the murder scene who failed two lie detector test. i grilled this guy during the course of the hour. >> homicide investigators know that and they are so dogged i don't care if you are on live tv on the other side of town you're the guy they spepdnd all of their energy on. and you can watch the full report janet's secrets tomorrow night on 48 hours right here on cbs. one of the most influential men in basketball history is telling his story. alleniverson is with us in studio 57. the
8:36 am
8:37 am
8:38 am
8:39 am
with the first pick in the 1996 nba draft the philadelphia 76ers select allen iverson from georgetown university. >> lived up to billing as number one draft pick. offensive skills and speed made him unstoppable.
8:40 am
even for all-time greats like michael jordan the man called the answer made 11 all-star teams. he was mvp in 2001 and finished with more than 24,000 points. his bad boy image influenced a generation of players and led to problems off the court. he was controversially jailed in high school. he had other run ins with the law during his career. he is opening up about his childhood, arrest basketball and everything in between in a revealing documentary callediverson. >> loved little kids all over the place would say you are alleniverson's coach. i want to be like him. >> i have all of the sneakers. >> i got all of his sneakers. >> best player ever. >> he was a role model. >> good or bad he was a role model. >> he was a person that is so real. this whole thing was like this
8:41 am
is who i am. people loved him for that. it is a gift and a curse. >> the way he carried himself, the way he dressed. some people liked it some didn't. >> joining us at the table. he still has the tats. you are still alleniverson. >> good to see you. when i looked at the documentary i had one judgment of you. after the documentary i had another one. i love that it starts with a song i'm just a soul who is trying to be good lord please don't let me be misunderstood. that sums up your life. you felt very misunderstood. >> definitely. people really don't know who i am. i am judged by the idiot box and the newspaper. i really wanted to do this because i wanted kids to see that they can make it
8:42 am
regardless. you hit road blocks in life but i'm living proof that you can overcome those road blocks and become what you want to become. >> let's talk about your road blocks. you were in prison. from high school you were jailed and sentenced to 15 years in prison charged with maiming some people in a bowling alley. the video tape shows you leaving the bowling alley before that stuff happened. you were sentenced to 15 years in prison. >> definitely. i felt like it was unjust. i mean i felt like i couldn't cry about it. all i prayed for was another opportunity in life. >> and tom brokaw. >> he did a lot for me. governor wilder did a lot for me by giving me clemency. i feel like john thompson saved my life because he gave me another opportunity when everybody stopped recruiting me.
8:43 am
once that incident happened everybody went away. he gave me an opportunity. >> i want to spend a minute because we were classmates together. talk about -- >> were you all dating? >> that would have been a story. >> my girl now was my girl then. >> good. >> talk about the influence of georgetown. had it not been for coach thompson what would have happened to alleniverson? >> who knows? he gave me an opportunity. all i needed was one chance. god sent him to me. >> what do you want us to know about you? >> that i'm not the person that everybody makes me out to be. >> who are you? >> i'm a father. i'm a friend. i think i got the biggest heart
8:44 am
in the world. a lot of times that's not a good thing. >> on the supports level do you know anybody who had more skills than you did at your best? >> no. i mean i'm the biggest michael jordan fan there is. he made me want to play the sport. i always wanted to be like mike. i'm just like everybody else. >> remember that crossover. >> look at -- pound for pound probably the greatest player who ever played. i saw julius irving the other day. he said he is a great man and a hell of a player. >> give me chill bumps because i have a lot of respect for both of those guys. >> i didn't realize the magnitude of who i was at that time because i was in the
8:45 am
moment. i had to fall down a lot of times to get back up. and i just didn't realize it. i guess at times i might have been too young, might have been too naive at times and didn't understand who i really was to a whole coach. >> i think your basketball skills are unmatched and well recognized. a lot of controversy has been on your jewelry and you made $150 million and now you are struggling financially. is that true? >> that's a myth. that's a rumor. >> what part? >> the fact that i'm struggling in any part of my life. that is what the documentary is for, as well. i don't care too much about what people that don't care about me say about me. but a lot of times i get tired of defending myself. and i will be 40 years old next
8:46 am
month. and i'm so sick of defending myself. the documentary does a lot because my fans care about me. they hear the rumors too. >> the documentary shows you in a whole new light. congratulations. premieres tomorrow on show time which is a division of cbs. i'm lynne abraham. when i became philadelphia's da, child victims had to face a judge ...a jury...the public... and testify eye to eye with their attackers. it wasn't right. so i got a constitutional amendment passed allowing children to testify remotely. i'm running for mayor for the same reason -- our children should come first. jim kenney and tony williams are fighting over public schools versus charters. i disagree. we have to
8:47 am
improve education for all of our children.
8:48 am
8:49 am
that does it for us. be sure to tune in tonight. as we leave you let's take a look back at the week that was. have a great weekend. >> take it easy. >> this train never made it to new york. it met a violent end. >> a mass casualty incident. we have train cars that are ripped apart. >> the busiest corridor in the country. >> literally teared up as they described the chaos. >> got me out of the train. the it train was filled with
8:50 am
smoke. >> eyewitnesss report people running into the streets. >> no chances of any survivors in the crash of the united states marine helicopter. search crews found the wreckage. >> tom brady's agent promises to appeal. >> i thought it was a sledgehammer. >> i heard loud gun shot. >> this is the memorial to those two officers who were shot. >> if you have to be in a plane crash that -- >> talked about how she learned to ignore criticism. >> referred to me as obama's baby mama. >> kiss me now. >> no! >> why is your energy so low? >> one two, three, four five. >> three, two, one.
8:51 am
>> would you have been in favor of the iraqi invasion? >> president bush would not have been in favor of it. >> should players who have known to use steroids should be in the hallf ofame? >> no. >> even alex rodriguez? >> i don't think it is fair. >> have you told him that? >> no. >> that was huge. you are alive! >> we are so glad. >> are you ready to go back? >> i would go back in a second i think. >> what does it mean to you? >> it doesn't mean you have to be the most fit, strongest or the fastest. you have have the will to try. >> what were you doing 29 years ago? i was haveing a baby. >> i know some ladies that might help him with the process. ♪ what are you trying to do ♪ >> i saw him and all i could
8:52 am
think is there you are. where have you been? >> did you happen to find out where steven got the pants? charlie was wondering. >> good lighting. you both look great. >> $160 million. sold. >> you didn't touch it. >> all that -- >> how do you feel about working with women? >> i love it as you know. >> and all that matters. >> on cbs this morning. >> dare i say you are
8:53 am
8:54 am
>> good morning, amtrak says that full service could resume as early as next tuesday.
8:55 am
between new york and philadelphia. chopper three over that scene right now, of tuesday night's deadly train derailment, as crews are replacing those damaged tracks. the last of the derailed cars was removed overnight. investigators still have not interviewed the engineer of that train however, attorneys say it will happen soon. we finally made it to friday. katie, hoping for another spring day. how is it looking? >> generally i can say looking pretty good. starting things off with some clouds, i do promise that you're going to see some sunshine as the day progresses, just not as bright and sunny with the beautiful blue sky lasting all day like you had yesterday. so that said, we start off with quick view, see the back edge to the thicker cloud cover? eventually you will see these clouds lift for some sunshine, call it partly sunny generally speaking here, seasonable for that matter, 75 degrees, the expected hi, we drop it to 60 tonight. eventually couple of showers start to dot the radar that's mainly after midnight.
8:56 am
>> mid 80s by tomorrow, sunday, court of the of the latest warmfront bringing in the showers overnight and there will be scattered showers and storms, any time, especially later in the day say, saturday, sunday, and now pattern continues into early next week. >> thank you good morning everyone, so actually starting to wrap up the rush on major 95 getting better out of the northeast down through to the vine still sluggish around girard to the vine, but getting better. can't say the same for ben franklin bridge, is seeing delays new jersey into philadelphia, still problem spots on the schuylkill expressway as to be expected amtrak being philadelphia, new york is her cyst suspended until tuesday as erika mentioned, trenton linus opinion spends dollars. ac rail line shuttle bussing back to normal. new jersey transit cross honoring tickets. >> that's "eyewitness news" for now. talk philly coming up at noon on cbs-3 i'm erika von tiehl. hope you have a great
8:57 am
8:58 am
8:59 am
>> ladies listen up, we are revealing what men love most about your body. >> then disturbing ultrasound images. >> that shouldn't be happening anymore. >> shocking things one mois doing to her baby. >> plus: >> one of the most complicated cases i have worked on.
9:00 am
>> an amazing m makeover. >> and our tyson beckford exclusive. what he's revealing about stripping down in the hot new movie. >> what he ve to mariah carey. >> you did? >> yep, he did. >> all new on the doctors! [ applause ] >> ivf has given millions ga couples the ability to start a family, but new research suggests a possible association with autism? >> the of highly controversial topic of where autism comes from, has taken an interesting turn in the medical world . a new columbia univ


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