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tv   Eyewitness News  CBS  May 16, 2015 11:35pm-12:06am EDT

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crashes through a wall on the campus of lower moreland high school. around 2:00 o'clock this afternoon witnesses say the driver of the truck accelerateed straight through the wall on the other side of the brick was maintenance supply room with water main and electrical supply. also in the building at the time of the crash about 100 people participating in a fundraiser. nobody in that group was injured injured. school officials say they have not announced if classes will be held on monday. stay tuned for that. also we are following the latest developments in the amtrak tragedy. here's what we know at this point. federal officials ordered amtrak to improve safety in the area of tuesday's deadly derailment in port richmond. amtrak says rail service between philadelphia and new york will resume on tuesday. work continues to replace the tracks and other equipment in that area. five crash survivors remain in critical condition at temple university hospital. and the ntsb is interviewing a septa engineer who had something strike his train just moments
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before the amtrak crash. the ntsb meantime is trying to figure out if amtrak train 188 was also hit by a projectile shortly before it crashed. there was a hole in the train's windshield. "eyewitness news" reporter matt rivers spoke exclusive a passenger on the septa train that was hit. monica williams was few rose behind the engineer when the train came ton abrupt stop a few minutes later amtrak 188 sped by her stopped train and moments later as seen in this exclusive video obtained by "eyewitness news" the derailed. >> immediately i wonder if it's connected how often does it happen that the glass on your train is shattered and then the train we just saw there was a tragedy. >> even if the amtrak train was hit by a projectile there is no telling if that is what actually caused the train to rapidly act is he rate seconds before the crash. now for a check on the weather, it's been a stormy day
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for parts of our area and more wet weather could be on the way for us. meteorologist justin drabick is in the weather center. he's got the very latest fours. hey, justin. >> natasha typical summer like day today. we had the heat and humidity with the late day showers and storms. things are start to go calm down a little bit. thunderstorm activity has ended. maybe a couple of sprinkles possible especially across far southern new jersey and also central and southern delaware. everybody else pretty much dry right now under partly to mostly cloudy skies. but there's still more showers to our west over the ohio valley once again tomorrow with all the heat and humidity there could be a scattered shower or storm but the chances should be less than what we had tonight. still storm damage roared in montgomery county. earlier this evening. gilbertsville picking up 1 inch diameter sized hail and also 55-mile per hour wind bust at one of those thunderstorms. unless montgomery county douglas township and new hanover township reported trees down. still warm outside. 60 toss about 70 degrees. 71 officially at the airport in philadelphia and the atlantic city airport 67 willow grove.
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64 in quakertown. very humid outside. you can feel it. one of those nights you want to shut the windows if you can and crank up the ac a little bit. let's break down sunday. another warm and humid day waking up dry. temperatures low 70s by noontime. afternoon highs low 80s watch out for lay day scattered showers and storms. let you know how long the heat lasts when i show you the seven day forecast in a few more minutes. natasha. >> thank you justin. >> the us is is learning more about isis operates. special operations forces killed a senior isis leader and captured his wife after a raid in syria. danielle nottingham has more. >> reporter: white house official say president obama towardsed the raid targeting a senior isis leader. he was killed during the overnight operation which engaged u.s. force. about a dozen isis fighters were also killed in the raid that included hand to hand combat army delta commandos captured
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his wife heehaw was tine a military defect facility in iraq for interrogation. a young woman who may have been held as a slave was rescued. u.s. official hope to get a better understanding of isis leadership from laptops and cell phones recovered during the its raid. he directed the islamic state's black-market oil and gas operations used to finance the terror group. he also played a role in isis military operations. the us has been conducting a month long air campaign against isis targets in iraq and syria. friday the group hit the city of ramadi in western iraq. they're closing in on the ancient city of palmyra. a world heritage site dating back 2,000 years. danielle nottingham for cbs3 "eyewitness news". >> the man accused of of shooting into george zimmerman' cars tonight is free tonight on
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$35,000 bond. the judge said the bon came with certain conditions. he must turn in all of his weapons with his ammunition and stay away from george zimmerman. police say he opened fire on zimmerman's car on monday causing minor injury. his attorney says it was self-defense. there were previously involved in a road rage incident last year. he will face a judge again next month. ♪ tuesday is primary day in
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>> taking a master class in retail politic. >> you and your brother helped my mom get her house. >> oh really. >> way back in 1975. >> yeah. yeah. yeah. >> i'm still here. >> he's been a mixture in this community a self styled voice for the poor. >> he was letting people know what was right what was wrong when i was a kid. i'm 44. he's been doing this since then. he never changed. >> at 74 he says the secret to his longevity simple. >> i'm like a postage stamp. i'll stick to it until i get there. >> milton street has been a entrepreneur and a state lawmaker brother of a former mayor seeking the office for himself for third time. >> how would having milton street in the mayor's office be different than having john street in the mayor's office? >> it's a different time. different issues. it's a different attitude. >> his issue is crime.
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making streets safer. he envisions hiring members of the community to patrol their own neighborhoods neighborhoods. a kind of quick response team to work alongside the police. >> we had 2500 mothers in this city in 2007 that lost a child. 2500. and none of these candidates seem to give a -- >> milton street is not without baggage. he spent time in federal prison for tax evasion and pin columns often debate his ethics and honesty. streets laughs it off he says he's misunderstood. >> the establishment now can't deal with me because i'm not a go along to get along. i don't go along to get along. i stand alone. >> will he stand alone at city hall and philadelphia's next mayor? he believes the time is right and that the people are ready. >> i feel an energy in the poor community this time than i never felt. >> i think we'll take back the city. i think the city will wake up and say, oh my god milton
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street. laugh la. >> chris may cbs3 "eyewitness news". stay with "eyewitness news" for continuing coverage of the race for mayor. we are profiling every candidate in the days leading up to tuesday's primary. look for our reports on television and online stay with us everyone.e on "eyewitness news" tonight, a girl is dragged by her schoolbus. find out where this happened and how the young victim is doing tonight. "eyewitness news" continues i've got a to-do list and five acres of fresh air. top three tools: hammer, screwdriver, front loader.
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>> disturbing surveillance video shows a little girl being dragged by her schoolbus. it happened in louisville kentucky where eyewitnesses say the five-year-old student got her backpack stuck in the bus doors. fortunately she possible suffered scrapes. the district is currently investigating what happened. ♪ tuesday is primary day the race for philadelphia' next mayor and we're continueing our look at the candace. youngest in the field doug oliver told jessica dean that it's his life experience experiences both personally and professionally that make him uniquely qualified to lead this city. >> reporter: doug oliver is a new name in philadelphia poll dicks. >> this is this city could use a different perspective on some of the challenges that faced it for years report. >> i'm very concerned about the children in my city.
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>> i share her concern. i have a 12-year-old son. unfortunately, if i only care for mine and i don't care for yours i'm not leading the city i want. >> oliver a former press secretary for the mayor and executive at philadelphia gas works is a product of this city growing up in germantown he switched schools five times in eight years and his mother searched for the right fit for her son. >> how would you say your child hood has shaped the way that you see so many of these issues? when i look at challenges of the school district i can't help but reflect how i fell as a kid and picking middle school when other kids ask kids stole my trumpet behind to learn how to fight and got good grades. >> he graduated from milton hershey school located in hershey. he says children should not have to leave the district to get the education they need. >> we have to invest in schools the right curriculum the arts and music the activities all the things that make well rounded kids and well rounded adults
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difficulties. >> his childhood shaped his view on the tensions between communities and police. he remembers being stopped and frisked as a kid. >> i recognized my life, my world relationship between neighborhoods and police officers it's a flawed relationship. at the same time i was part of an administration that has the very five police officers who were kill in the line of duty. i think both sides have legitimate concerns. the mayor of the city will have to recognize. >> oliver has never held lecked office for him that's benefit. >> my executive experience and my experience on the second floor of city hall i think uniquely qualifies me tore the office to an extent far greater than everybody else running right now. >> jessica dean, cbs3 "eyewitness news". >> stay with "eyewitness news" for continuing coverage of the race for mayor. we will have the latest primary results for you on tuesday night both on television on online at let's get you the very latest of
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your forecast. justin do i need an umbrell when i step outside tonight. >> i think we're done with the rain so far. a slight shower. tomorrow afternoon there could be another shower or thunderstorm nothing like we saw today. we had strong to severe thunderstorms to report some hail and that trees down in montgomery county that's where we felt the strongest storm. things much quieter outside right now. let's take you to center city. live look from our roof camera clouds over the region but very muggy. again, feeling like the middle of summer right now. crank up the ac. there goes the electric bill. not going to be in the middle of next week we get a break in the humid conditions. we'll take you out to corm scan three because of this humid air mass helping to fuel the showers and storms cold front across new york and steady rains over the delaware valley nice and quiet right now with just clouds and still some hour showers out through the south and west into the ohio valley that's needs to
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roll through in here later tomorrow afternoon scattered thunderstorm in some locations. there you go. 60 toss low 70s for the current air temperatures this hour right now. very muggy. all across the northeast and mid atlantic. everybody feeling like summer here and there's dew point temperatures this is what we look at to get an idea how humid it is. once you're above 60 degrees, 65 that's when it starts to feel humid and there we are pushing the upper 60s to near 70 degrees especially in dover delaware. almost that oppressive fuel. air mass outside right now. there youo. same deal tomorrow. warm front -- cold front to our north. warm and humid side. 80s again with the afternoon shower or storm. slightly cooler on monday. but still humid. wyndmore off the ocean. in new jersey your temperatures will be in the fence the farther inland still 80s and then the heat cranks up once again on tuesday back into the mid 80s. the cold front will bring
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another round of scattered showers and storms. let's take you through the drove night hours. not much happening a stray shower by tomorrow morning pretty quiet. a sprinkle or two in south jersey into the afternoon there could be that isolated shower or thunderstorm breaking out a quiet for monday morning and monday afternoon kind of the same deal a little bit sunshine will help fuel a shower or thunderstorm. we're sitting in that warm air pattern l you go jet stream well to our north you can see that indicated by the reds indicating the warm air sitting across the eastern part of the us over the neck several days. it's not until wednesday and thursday of next week we see a dive of cooler air temperatures get back to near average for this time of year late next week. 70 degrees for our temperature tomorrow waking up well into the 80s for the afternoon highs. the same deal on monday. eastern new jersey we'll debt that inflict of chilly ocean water. still overnight shower chance otherwise mostly cloudy 58 for the low temperature. parly sunny or storm on sunday.
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88 degrees. extended forecast. very warm and humid through tuesday. owns of comfortable for wednesday and thursday. beach ball the kick off orr at the shore. memorial day weekend looking dry friday and saturday. comfortable temperatures in the 70s. another humid day tomorrow. i know lesley was complaining about that as well with her hair. >> yeah. i know. it's all about the hair. >> a girl thing. >> we got the beach ball going. that's all that matters. >> thank you justin. >> we could have history in a few week at belmont. american farrow with a convince convincing win in the preakness here's only one with away with a triple crown. lesley van arsdall has those highlights and we'll hear from the owner
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>> lesley let's talk about the phillies. >> on roll right now. >> yeah! >> who knew? nobody really expect add great season, but the phillies getting their first four-game winning streak of the year and that's definitely a step in the right direct. you know what, the phanatic loves this fan. this baby mesmerized by the guy. who wouldn't be? entertainment hour 50 minute rain delay. speaking of the big guy ryan howard really turning things around. third inning. double deep to right. two-zero phillies. how about chase utley who has been struggling but finally showing signs of life.
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he has an rbi single here in the third and doubles right down the right field line in the fifth to give the phillies a five-three lead. they go on to win tonight seven to five. day baseball the braves visitingvisiting marlins. stanton on a tear. this is not -- i'm sorry this is cabrera getting his 400th hit right there. >> meanwhile the soul has been on a role coming into tonight' game in jacksonville gone seven-zero to start the season. they lost tonight. jacksonville only had two wins going into this game. american pharoah pulled away to a 2.5 length lead. >> we have a shot triple crown here. american pharoah win the 140th preakness stakes. it will be the 14th horse to have a shot at the triple crown since the laugh one in 1978.
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three weeks from now at belmont we'll have a chance. >> today winning this preakness at pimlico the oldest track in america is just an unbelievable honor for us. and now god willing he comes off this race well and we can be talking about history and for me how could i be more happier than that? this is dream come true. >> each race i learn something new and surprise me the way he runs. today is just an amazing race for him. i can't really see how far i was in front because there was so much water in my eyes i can't really see. >> also a big factor day one of qualifying fort indianapolis 500 rained out. qualifying is going to pick up tomorrow. good day at the wells fargo championship for rear mcilroy during a 10 hole stretch from
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the seventh hole to the 16th 16th he birdied nine out of 10 holes. just making it 10 for 10. he hit every green regulation and only needed 12 putts. he broke the course rode record and takes a four shot lead
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why do we do it? why do we spend every waking moment, thinking about people? why are we so committed to keeping you connected? why combine performance with a conscience? why innovate for a future without accidents? why do any of it? why do all of it? because if it matters to you it's everything to us. the xc60 crossover. from volvo. lease the well-equipped volvo xc60 today. visit your local volvo showroom for details. we are continuing our coverage tonight of the race for philadelphia's mayor. "eyewitness news" profiles all of the candidates in the campaign. nelson diaz is one of the most accomplish members in the field and now wants to put his years of experience to work at city
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hall. our own chris may sat down with diaz for a one-on-one interview. >> nelson diaz is the familiar face around philadelphia. >> vote for me to get that done? >> yeah. >> he's called the city home for 45 years and now he hopes to transform it. >> we can make every school in the city available to kids so everybody have a quality education. >> the foundation of his campaign is desire the to improve public education. he believes that's the solution to the city's biggest problems. philadelphia has one of the highest rates of poverty of any large city in america. how can you change that as mayor? >> everything stems from education. education is the only equalizer if in a person's life. why do i know that? that's how -- >> raised in harlem housing project he was the first pure tow recant to earn a degree from harvard. his passion was for philadelphia where he serve dozen years as
12:02 am
the common pleas court judge. >> i believe that the belief and the community should know each other. >> unlike his rifle anthony williams diaz open to keeping charles ramsay as police commissioner. >> if he decided to work with me on community policing i would welcome the opportunity to keep him on. >> he also wants reforms. reducing philadelphia's wage and business taxes which he calls regressive by shipping the tax burden on to commercial real estate. and he wants new sources of revenue like allowing center city bars to stay open later at night. new money will lead to new jobs an better philadelphia. >> it's about what is best for the city. and what's best for the educational opportunities of our kids. that's why i'm doing it. >> he's also doing it to make history. to blaze a trail to city hall. >> you've got a chance to be the city's first ever lecked latino mayor. i'm very proud of it but we're all americans and as american we'll try make this
12:03 am
city and this country better than3 "eyewitness news". >> of course stay with "eyewitness news" for continuing coverage of the race for mayor. we will have the pry march results tuesday night on television and online at that is it for us tonight. thanks for staying up a bit later with us. i'm natasha brown. for lesley justin, all of us here. we appreciate you being with us. if you're up early join our morning team at 6:00 in the morning always online as well have a great night everyone. ♪
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