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tv   Eyewitness News at 5  CBS  May 20, 2015 5:00pm-6:01pm EDT

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rabbed her waist and rear end area. she was able to break away and ran home and called police. >> reporter: police say tea mail jogger ran past the man felt nervous and ran back the way she came. right after he turn around, he lunged. >> she was definitely upset obviously very affect by it. luckily she made it home safely and she called us and going through a thorough investigation right now. >> repor rittenhouse park with the k-9 team but could not find the man. so far it looks like april isolated incident and park is considered to be generally trouble free but enough to make on students feel freaked out. >> i think it is alarming because i ran almost every day and i feel really safe on campus and that is not really not that far away. >> reporter: caitlin gleason who we met in the middle of the afternoon jog says incident is a remine for keep up your jog. >> you have to be careful. i should have a yeah. >> reporter: police are looking for people to help identified this suspect. he is about 30 years old with
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long hair and bushy beard and wearing a red played shirt and khaki pant and they think he may be homeless. reporting live from newark, cleve bryan cbs-3 "eyewitness news". harrison township police investigated a bomb threat at clear view regional high school just before noon time today. school was evacuated after that threat was discovered on a note inside the school. the students who moved to a secure location and surrounding schools were placed on lock down. clear view was cleared just a after 1:00 p.m. and school day resume. investigation into who wrote the the note continues. seven former nurses have been charged with criminal neglect in vineland. officials say nurse december not treat a patient's broken finger properly and that led to a hand amputation. an indictment issued last month says that the nurse's wrapped the the hand of the disabled patient so tight thely, it developed gangrene. those nurse hose worked at the vineland developmental center have been since fired. philadelphia couple, says that their poodle will is fighting for his life after
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being a attacked by a much larger pit bull. now the the police are involved. "eyewitness news" reporter syma chowdhry has this story now from the northeast. >> he is fighting for his life. >> reporter: janet a and bob wilson say it is touch and go a after their five-year old poodle named chicago was attack by an unleashed dog. >> i'm so traumatized i can see that dog on top of him. >> reporter: it happened at their apartment complex in the northeast on tuesdayning. >> he had chicago in his mouth like he was a rag doll. >> reporter: janet was coming up these stairs when the dog came from another apartment complex and attacked chicago right here in, front of the wilson's apartment. >> hit the dog with my hand, then i took my foot and was kicking him. >> reporter: janet even tried beating the other dog with this broom but nothing stopped it until the dog's owner came. we spoke with this witness who did not want to show her face. she said that the owner of the attacking dog grabbed it by its neck and walked a released it, and
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then just and like it was nothing. >> witness after said where is the leash for that dog. she a said he didn't have a leash. >> reporter: chicago was taken to this veterinary hospital. >> i don't even know whether chicago is going to make it or not the. >> reporter: the dog suffered skin and nerve damage. >> he was pick up, and shaken by the other dog and has injury to the nerves of the left front leg. >> reporter: wilson's say chicago is more than just a pet. >> he is like our child. >> reporter: we tried to talk to the dog's owner but no one answered. >> they need to have them on the leash. this could happen to a child with a dog. >> reporter: wilson's have filed a police report and now they are hoping that chicago pulls through n northeast philadelphia, syma chowdhry for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". good luck to chicago. >> lets look at the weather now, sunnies out but get ready for more of the cool down, and it could include some rain. meteorologist kathy orr is live on the sky deck with more kathy. >> beautiful breezy day but temperatures cooling down big time, this morning we were in the 07's now struggling in the
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60's and we can see what we will wake up to tomorrow morning. it is going to be a cool morning across the delaware valley and as we get closer to the holiday weekend. the temperature was peeking at 75 degrees, right now 67, after temperatures were up and down, throughout the entire day. sixty-one in allentown. fifty-one in the poconos. the it is 63 in reading look what is come, 50 in cleveland 45 in chicago and buffalo, new york it is 50 degrees. temperatures will be falling through the 60's this evening by 11:00 o'clock, some cloud cool and 59 degrees. we have a system to the south that will keep it cloudy, during the day tomorrow, we will be flirting with the 40's, and a chance of rain and we will take a look at that holiday weekend forecast and temperatures will be cool, and warm over the the course of the next seven days. i will be back with that later in the broadcast when i join you inside. >> thanks very much. we have been counting down to the end of an era and now it is here. david letterman takes the late
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show stage for final time. s sure to have everybody talking and we have a front row seat to the action. "eyewitness news" reporter todd quinones is live outside ed sullivan theater as we say good bye to dave, todd. >> reporter: two things here are pretty clear and that is an awful lot of people will miss dave and number two the the philadelphia region will be well represented, in tonight a's ought yens. the biggest send off on tv certainly lures the biggest stars, jerry seinfeld, barbara walters, tina fey and chris rock are just some of the celebrities seen entering the ed sullivan theater to be part of the last late show. >> photo id. >> reporter: line for fans to get in wrapped around broadway to west 54th street, fans lucky enough to get tickets are conflict. >> i'm glad to be here for it. he will be very missed for sure. >> so excited to be here. it is sad too. >> reporter: this couple made the trip from medford, new
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jersey. sad. >> i don't know i cry at stupid stuffy guess. >> i think he will get choked up, you know, and i think he will be very emotional. >> reporter: the guess is flying as to what will happen tonight on david letterman's last show. >> i'm hoping to see some big celebrities, you know, great music and send dave out on a high note and don't want him to go, we will miss him. >> reporter: todd, from linwood, new jersey didn't score tickets to see letterman's historic three three-year run as a late night host end but he has a great view of the side entrance where all of the stars have been arriving. >> they said there is ten celebrities coming into do the top ten foo fighters were in earlier. >> reporter: well, steve martin and payton manning were also spotted going in the ed sullivan theater and tonight we will witness a bit of television history. reporting live from manhattan todd quinones, cb is. three "eyewitness news". >> it will be something
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special tonight todd, thanks very much. can't wait for 11:35. don't miss dave's finally there will be huge splices memorable moments and top ten list as todd mentioned with celebrities. it will be great. catch dave's final late show at 11:35 tonight right here on cbs-3. after last night's primary victory, 29 candidates for mayor of philadelphia hit the campaign trail today. democrat jim kenney and republican melissa murray bailey broke political tradition and made their first appearance together. "eyewitness news" reporter matt rivers joins us from city hall with more, matt. >> reporter: jessica, we spoke to both candidates earlier today, at the broad street ministries fundraiser lunch that was held and we asked them a question, we asked if elect, would they keep police commissioner charles ramsey in his current role. democrat jim kenney disagrees
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with commissioner ramsey on a few issues but he was unequivocal wednesday in his support for the man himself. >> he is one of best police commissioners we ever had and we have faith in him. why would i kick him to the curb. >> reporter: just one of the issues brought up wednesday as kenney and his republican challenger melissa murray bailey spoke at a fundraiser for broad street ministry, asked about ramsey murray bailey said she wasn't yet sure if she would keep him but quick to point out her opponent has been in city politics for a long time and says it is time for a change. >> last mayor was in city council and then became mayor mayor before that was in sit council and then became mayor. same thing happening again. >> reporter: tone of the day was decidedly friendly with both candidates seated at same table along with governor tom wolf. of course, it is easier for cordial when race won't be very close philadelphia has not elect a republican mayor since 1948 but still both candidates expect the campaign hard. >> she has great eye tease and
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we will run a robust race against her, she will run a robust race against me. >> reporter: one of the issues that jim kenney has with the current form of the police department is use of the stop and frisk policy. he said if elect he would end that policy. coming up 59:30 "eyewitness news" investigative reporter walt hunter will look in depth at that policy and speak to commissioner charles ramsey about it. we're live outside city hall, matt rivers, cbs-3 "eyewitness news". matt, thanks very much. still to come on "eyewitness news" at 5:00 miles of the california coastline are coated in oil. a spill they are threatening wild life and it could keep thousands of swimmers and cameras away, this memorial day weekend. then hackers take down the philadelphia city council web site just hours after it is a primary election. and glasses and contact lenses, they could soon be a thing of the past, we will tell but a procedure that some claim will give you you vision three times better than 2020.
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we will be right back.
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twenty-four hours after election day philadelphia city council's web site was hack. a group called cyber commandos claimed responsibility, in the front page of the web site was replaced with a pro islamic message, and about an hour, in a statement a statement wrote to be clear, phl is hosted separately from the city
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government's web site. no city information that would be deemed sensitive was ever compromised or accessed. a coastline has been blackened by 21,000 gallons of aisle, and this is the scene today after a pipeline broke, off the coast of the central california. cbs newsorrespondent chris martinez tells us the oil is now you washing a shore and threatening wild life. >> workers are spread out across the shoreline in central california, scraping, raking the sand to clean up oil that washed a shore. more than 20,000 gallons of aisle, leak from the broken pipeline in the pacific ocean creating a massive slick near santa barbara. off water crews are skimming as much oil as possible. >> oil recovery tend to be a complicated process that involves a a lot of manual labor. it can be a slow process. we want to a make sure we do it right to get beach back to the pristine condition. >> reporter: clean up crews have their work cut out for them the oil is coating everything, including all of
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these rocks here along the shore, and crews are bagging whatever they can find, washed up on the beach. many are concerned whales are swimming into the crude and some bird are already coated in oil. >> you know, you got to wash them off, with soap and clean them up, and try to get them out of here. >> reporter: campers in a state park in the area were forced to evacuate. >> a few hours ago it was a beautiful beach and now it is a mess. >> reporter: pipeline broke on shore and spewed into storm drains for hour before crews shut it off. company that owns the pipeline says its will do all it can to limit impact on the environment. chris martinez for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". nightmare. still to come here on "eyewitness news" do you plan on hitting the road this holiday weekend? as memorial day approaches, gas prices are creeping higher. our consumer reporter jim donovan is on your side with what drivers need to know. your grand mom may be more trendy then you thought why more and more young people are
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paying big money to go gray. it is one of the biggest hair trend of the the year. we will tell you bit coming
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take a live look at ed sullivan theater in new york city where tonight for the final time david letterman will take the stage and host the late show, now aren't any announced guests for tonight but we know a lot
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of surprises are in store. we know a lot of celebrities have been spotted going inside ed sullivan theater for a night that promises to be television history. we are keeping an eye on that and todd quinones is there and we will check in with him later. >> this is one you do not want to miss, watch it live, set a dvr. >> everybody will be talking about it tomorrow. the don't wait until tomorrow to see it. >> that is right it will be a is mag. >> we're happy we will be here tuned in, popping the >> all together. >> it will be great. >> we are looking at a chilly night across the delaware valley but this afternoon was very exciting and funny because meteorologist justin drabick took the wet lab to the mast community charter school in philadelphia he spoke about meteorology the weather lab and his broadcast career. he talk to the eighth through 12th grade involved in the video morning news crew. wow. those students in training. those students have many great questions and very excited to be part of the live broadcast on talk philly, today at noon. they look like they are
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smarties. watch out they will take our jobs. a little ways down the road. looking good, looking good down the shore as well, it is a beautiful afternoon from the city to the shore. temperatures cooler down the shore. we are keeping an eye on some rain that will be impacting south jersey during the day tomorrow. a coastal low that is going to get a little bit too close to provide any decent weather for your thursday. storm scan three moving in at the dry conditions right now. we will have a few cloud lifting to the north. temperatures are cooling down very quickly, we will start off the early morning in the 70's, right now in philadelphia 67, 68 degrees in millville and poconos it is 51. wind of change moving in. down the shore we have that land breeze and temperatures in the 60's, ocean water temperature sitting at 58, which is fairly normal for this time of the year. future weather you will see cloud increase late tonight and during tomorrow morning starting off with some sunshine, and then the clouds really thicken during the morning hours and watch the the the moisturefrom the south that
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coastal low off mid-atlantic but come close enough to bring rain, heavy rain through cape may county and inching into atlantic county during tomorrow afternoon. up to three-quarters of an inch through south jersey, through cumberland county and atlantic county in to cape may county central and southern delaware the same in the line through wilmington extending through southern burlington county and ocean counties and up to a quarter inch and a tenth of an inch toward philadelphia and i-95 corridor. lehigh valley not expecting anything this area of low pressure will skirt off shore and then we will be drying out by late tomorrow evening. but temperatures are cool with the on shore flow only in the 60's with mostly cloudy skies. reenforceing shot of cool air moves through friday afternoon with a few spotty showers temperatures in the 70's and after that we are home free, high pressure builds in for rest of the weekend mostly sunny for your saturday with temperatures climbing through the 70's. overnight tonight we are looking for increasing clouds, low temperature of 50 in the
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city but 40's in the suburbs. tomorrow morning wake up to temperatures in the 50's and 40's, the high temperature only 64 in the afternoon with a few showers aroundes specially philadelphia south and east. as you plan your day look for cloudy skies and cool start to the day light jacket or sweater required, lunch outside a few sprinkles possible, same after school and for your evening activities temperatures in the mid 50's and we expect mostly cloudy skies. three day forecast calls for showers on thursday, friday, pretty quiet with partly sunny skies and s high temperature 07 degrees. heading to the poconos sat the day 67, sunday 74. and then by monday a chance of the shower or storm temperature 79 degrees. that is your forecast, kate will have more on the holiday weekend with the seven day next half an hour, we will be back with more news
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gas prices have been climbing slowly and steadily but still far from where they were within year ago. >> this is as americans prior to kick off summer travel season. three on your side consumer reporter jim donovan takes a look at drive plans for the memorial day weekend. >> reporter: after bottoming out in february, prices at the pump have been on a slow but study climb in time for memorial day weekend which ushers in busy summer travel season. they have been increasing slightly over last few months. we are at highest price point that we have seen, so far this year. >> reporter: according to triple a some factors pushing prices higher are simply seasonal like more demand from summer drivers. others are a unique to the current global economy like a bump in crude oil prices, the
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dollar slowing its strength verse foreign currencies and anticipated increase in oil demand from china. still, triple a expects an estimated 33 million travel tours hit the road an increase of 5.3 percent over 2014 and the greatest volume in a decade. >> the good news, this holiday weekend and for most of the summer that is prices will be at the lowest they have been at in five years. >> reporter: it is not just road that will be busy this summer airline industry groups airlines for america said monday it expects a record 222 million passengers to fly between june 1 and august 31st, that is up nearly 5 percent over summer last year. >> will you be flying this holiday weekend. >> no, you couldn't give me a free ticket to be in the airport around a holiday just too many people. >> you don't want to be with people. >> stay at home, lower shade. >> sit on the hammock enjoy yourself. >> there you go. >> jim thanks. still to come, secrets of
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osama bin laden revealed, the cia releases documents seized during a raid that killed the terrorist leader four years ago and officials are calling this a treasure trove of information. also it it was a frightening ordeal for more than 3500 people, on board this cruise ship, they ran a ground shortly after leaving bermuda, we will hear from some of them coming up on "eyewitness news".
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here's some of the top stories for you a female jogger is attacked in rittenhouse park in newark, delaware. police are looking for someone who grabbed that woman from behind, free and ran home but in the end she was not injured. the race to be the next mayor of philadelphia, is on, the the two candidates made their first public appearance together after last night's primary victories. and the star studded farewell to david letterman as he tapes his final broadcast send off has been, kept under wraps but don't worry see it for yourself tonight after "eyewitness news" at 11:00. we will have more of david letterman's final show in just a few minutes. kate in. and good evening chris well temperatures were on the cooler side today have after that cold front came through yesterday and tomorrow we're watching a system off to the south that will bring cloud showers and cool conditions.
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the sunshine returns for the the holiday weekend. the in the seven day forecast we will go from the 60's to the 90's and everything in between a lot of variety coming up. i will have the seven day in a few minutes jessica. jim kenney's victory in the democratic primary raises questions about philadelphia's stop and frisk policy. will that policy continue if kenney becomes philadelphia's next mayor? "eyewitness news" reporter walt hunter has more. >> it is a program that is not resulting in anything positive going forward it should be stopped. >> reporter: jim kenney made it clear throughout his campaign if he is elect mayor he will stop, stop and frisk. a message he says that he plans to deliver to police commissioner charles ramsey, who has implemented the policy here. >> i will tell him in the end. it doesn't make police officers safer, it creates confrontations that are made and don't result in any arrests.
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>> reporter: less than 24 hours after kenney a's democratic win the police commissioner says he is in the planning to change stop and frisk, but, he is happy to discuss it. >> there will be a lot of discussions that take place with whoever whoever the next mayor will be, to sit down and discuss what their there's if i is. >> reporter: while the commissioner and kenney will be discussing the fate of stop and john mcnesby president of the police union that endorsed kenney, says the policy they are talking about shouldn't be an issue for discussion in the first place. >> everybody is making a big deal about stop and frisk. the a as police officers you are allowed stop and frisk somebody. >> reporter: kenney's republican rival in the november election melissa murray bailey also opposes stop and frisk. it appears whoever becomes mayor in in the days of that policy in philadelphia may well be numbered. live from the sat center, walt hunter cbs-3 "eyewitness news" good walt, thank you.
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a mother turns in a bank robbery suspect after his aunt recognized him and photos, police posted on line. bristol township police say they got a call from that mom late last night and she allegedly told them her son trever bergie is the man seen in these surveillance photos. also she said he was this is bucks county hospital seeking treatment for heroin withdraw symptoms. when police caught up with bergie he confessed to robbing the the td bank in levittown. a shooting caught on tape in philadelphia's rhawnhurst neighborhood police are looking for the man in the blue shirt pushing another man in a wheelchair. have after the the suspect puts the wheelchair in the back of that minivan watch what happens next. he fires several shots from the passenger side door. this happened, may third on bustleton avenue. police say no injuries or property damage was reported. beau biden former delaware attorney general and oldest son of the vice-president, joe hospitalized tonight. he is being treated for an
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undisclosed illness at the walter reid military medical center in bethesda, maryland. the 46 year-old has had bought of illness in the past, he suffered a mild stoke in 2010 and underwent surgery for a brain lesion in 2013. biden says he intend to run for governor next year. cia released more than a hundred documents seized during 2011 raid on osama bin laden's compound they include love letters and plans for an attack on the u.s. investigators say they shed new light on the former leader of al qaeda cbs news, correspondent jonathan, tells us more. >> reporter: u.s. intelligence officials say inside obama bin laden a's hide out in pakistan with shelves filled with american books. new documents revealed al qaeda a leader had bob woodward's best sellers obama's wars and literature on thought control and how to books on terrorist attacks. u.s. officials recovered handwritten letters from bin lad then urged followers to carry out a attacks.
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he wrote focus should be on killing and fighting the american people. is there even an application form one of the questions, do you wish to execute a suicide operation, with space for an emergency contact in case the the recruit became a martyr. u.s. navy seal found thousands of documents when think they killed bin lad men his hide out in may 2011. the letters show bin laden planned to make his youngest son hamsa the heir to his empire but bin laden struggled to unite al qaeda while in hiding. the letters suggest followers could not agree on how to wage their next deadly attack. jonathan cbs news. cia declassified that material today as part of the federal mandate. the intelligence community will be reviewing hundreds of additional documents in the future for possible declass racial and for release. a cruise ship carrying 3500 people, runs a ground off the coast of bermuda norwegian
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cruise ship had just left bermuda on the return trip from boston last night when a malfunction in the steering system cause that had ship to veer off course. officials say ship then lost power and got stuck on the carol reeve leaving frightening passengers, stuck for more than six hours. >> family and write sitting down having dinner. we felt a sudden stop in the cruise ship. we went to check on the upper deck and we could see carol reeve that we had grounded on. >> high tied eventually push the ship away from that cover ol reeve and passengers are finally heading home to boston. officials say no one was injury. that ship is expect to dock on friday. well, it is a big moment for national movement to raise the minimum wage, the city of los angeles has raised its minimum wage to $15 an an hour. the pay would jump from $9, to $15 by 2020. however, some small business owners there say they will be forced to layoff workers with that change.
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l.a. becomes largest u.s. city to increase minimum wage to $15. a great turnout today for a charitable cause a line wrapped around the the block in reese's hoagies in south philadelphia. that stop put together a fundraiser for late police officer robert wilson the third. $2 per hoagie sold was donated to family members. officer wilson was kill in the line of duty on march 5th and at today's commendation ceremony the police department award $5 officers with the sergeant robert wilson valor award. this award is givencers who show extraordinary act of courage with disregard for personal safety while engaged in combat with an armed adversary. >> he was posthumously promoted to the cank of sergeant and i named at ward of valor in his honor. this is the first time we actually gave that award out. he was the first recipient. >> reporter: others received the medal of bravery for
5:37 pm
outstanding arrest in the face of danger. medal of heroism is given to office hours risk their save toy to rescue others and life saving award is presented to saving or sustaining someone's life. once again it is a bitter sweet day at cbs as david letterman end his 30 plus year television career later tonight. >> susan marquez is live outside ed sullivan theater with what and who we should expect to see in tonight's final episode, of the late show. >> reporter: stars have started to arrive at the ed sullivan theater for david letterman's last show, after 33 years of memories. from drew barry more's surprise birthday gift. >> oprah winfrey. >> to his on air reconciliation with oprah winfrey. >> i had never had a moment feud with you. >> reporter: joaquin phoenix bizzarre. >> joaquin i'm sorry you could not be here tonight. >> the late show host told cbs
5:38 pm
sunday morning hose jane pauley, he is trying to take it in. >> even though i have done it for so long i don't want to be without a fairly accurate, vivid impression of this experience. >> reporter: details of the final show are kept under wraps but long time band leader paul schaefer expects it to be heart felt. >> there is so much pressure on these last shows, so many people have have them, this one is i think is going going to be quite sincere. >> reporter: letterman admits he is nerve bus retiring. >> any enormous up rooting change in my life has scared me. really has. but once i have come through the other side, the the reward has been unimaginable. >> and he is in for one more rewarding night n new york, susan marquez for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". bill murray jumping out of the cake if you have not seen that get on line. hash tag letterman has been receiving up to 400 posts per
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minute this afternoon this afternoon people paid tribute sharing their memories of dave as he wraps up his career, you can join that conversation on line as well and we invite to you add hash tag cbs-3 chat. still to come here on the broadcast imagine never needing your glasses or contact lenses ever again. we will tell you how one optometrist says that a new procedure can provide vision three times better than 2020. plus you have to love nature this time of the year, unfortunately nature also loves us, we're talking tics and how to get rid of them, that story is coming up. today felt like a return to spring after a few summer like days tomorrow, will feel like we are headed back to april as we cool down in the 60's and tracking chance for a little bit of rain, we will tell you where thermos likely to see rain when we come
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on the cbs-3 healthwatch tonight, the gender of a baby may affect a mother's wrist pick for diabetes. researchers at mt. sinai in insuring found pregnant with man expecting a boy were more likely to develop gestational diabetes. they say increased risk could be because of the affect baby boy has on mother's ability to
5:43 pm
produce insulin. there may be an alternative to glasses and contacts soon, canadian opt tomorrow miss garth web has created the bionic lens. he says that these lenses could be implanted in a painless eight minute procedure and provide vision that is three times better than 2020. web says the bionic lens could be available in two years pending clinical trials. sound pretty good. it is fleet week in new york city. event kick off today with the parade of ships beginning in new york harbor and going up hudson river. fleet week celebrates the the military services and allows chance for people to meet sailors marines and members of the coast gar. you can tour ships and take part in parades demonstrations through monday, in thisr of that event. fleet week in new york, we will be right
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may is live ease a wearness month. >> transmitted to tics and our carol erickson talk to the expert about how to safe guard your yard. >> reporter: what a great secluded plans for a chance hook up tall grass private no one will know. especially you. almost impossible to see tics, these are greatly enlarged ones, are desperate to meet you, again this spring.
5:47 pm
>> usually it is by brushing against them. tics don't yum seven run or crawl. >> reporter: nothing proud about a deer tics search like the one hank or you provide crawling up stone ledges, crawling through the unmost part of the yard crawling with the potential for lime disease according to exterminate or george softly who kills tics for a living. >> we try to find some tics in this yard, fortunately we could not find any but george do think they are hard to find. they are small. >> they are extremely small. they are as small as the to the on this piece of paper. >> reporter: the dangerous tic starts by with mice. >> baby tics in the next stage will hatch in the mice nest and feed on the mice. >> reporter: the tro january horse to get in the mouse's nest. >> most effective way toys use tick tube. cotton balls are used by mice for their nests. >> reporter: strategically placed around the yard they can kill off a tics hook up
5:48 pm
life cycle and thousand off spring per season without hurting people or animals. too bad lowly tics are not as big as the within on the box but then they could not been if the from the chance encounter they are waiting for. in moorestown, carol erickson for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". >> they are so gross. >> we don't like those. >> with the weather so much nicer we are spending more time outside in our back yard. something you have to think about. >> i had no eye tea about those tic tubes i have to pick up a few more my yard. >> good weekend is shaping up. >> it will be a great week toned get outside. tomorrow, not great but we will get that over with before the holiday weekend starts. that is the great news. lets look at how this afternoon and evening is shaping up. beautiful day. center city looking at blue skies with a breeze. almost feels like a fall afternoon with the breeze and cooler air but nothing but blue skies. we had a few clouds earlier but things looking great as we go to the go pro camera mounted on the cbs-3 studio no
5:49 pm
problems right now. we will start to see some cloud work their way in and soon, as soon as tonight and they will be hurling the arrival of the will cool air and even some showers, as we get into our what our thursday actually our thirst will be cloudy, it will be chilly, and it will be a bit damp but we will get it out just to time for the holiday weekend. checking in with the eyewitness weather watcher ed conners i enjoying this day. 37 degrees at ed's house. the nice cool evening with the strong sun. that does make it feel warmer outside. not as cool as we head west to the city, with jim at 66 right now. continuing down into delaware we are looking at 70 degrees as we check with deed contract morrison. the she's in smyrna, delaware with sunshine and 70 degrees at the moment. lets look at storm scan three. we can see not much happening across the north east. there are high cloud lifting up over scranton wilkes barre area in new york city. seeing clouds this evening. but for us here in philadelphia and mostly our region skies are clear for the
5:50 pm
moment but as i zoom out here on storm san three you can see what is waiting in the wings. here is our next system bringing rain from chicago right on down into tennessee very cool conditions, with this system as well. phillies have been in denver past couple nights and temperatures tonight only around 50 for phillies/rockies game there. that cool air is trying to even sprayed our area temps below average. we are at 67 at the airport. average high is 75. not enclose but that is where we get those averages from, a few days in the 80's and now in the 60's. seventy the atlantic city airport and barely got in the 50's today in the poconos. the here's what had storm will do heading in to tomorrow afternoon, heavier rain will stay south but it will brush our region. on the north edge of low we will see cloud moving in with thick included cover that will not get very warm tomorrow. that storm does try to blow up off shore overnight tomorrow night into friday but will move away, gusty breeze friday. secondary cold front will slip through during the day friday. friday could be one of those days where it looks mostly
5:51 pm
sunny, out and about in the afternoon and then a couple of spotty showers will pop up in the afternoon. they will be isolated but behind that front it get cooler again for start of the holiday weekend on saturday, high pressure build in with sun, temperatures barely hitting 70 degrees. cloud roll in temperatures in the 60's tomorrow and showers from the city on south. steady rain down the shore and delaware where temps hold in the 50's all day. those areas could end up with a half inch to three-quarters of an inch of rain while we will get lower amounts in philadelphia and barely anything in the northern suburbs. so rain chances best, for tomorrow and then those rain chances do drop as we head in the holiday weekend at the day and sunday things looking better. so for tonight increase in cloud. chilly. your memorial day forecast across the region not too bad. look at how warm we will get. back to the mid 80's by memorial day. your seven day forecast starts in the 60's, back to the 07's in the weekend. memorial day 86.
5:52 pm
tuesday we will hit 90 degrees. big changes on the way. back over to you. kate thank you. nba mvp step curry has been men to take over a game but his daughter riley took over his press conference last night. >> i know, hold on one second, daddy. >> be quiet. >> yeah, it is time to go. isn't she cute. >> you can see her she waves hello to reporters. hi guys. maybe a little bit past her bedtime but she seemed to be enjoying it what a cute little most people, as they saw there in the woods would be scared panicked but not this swedish man. >> wow. >> that is what they actually say you are supposed to do, ralph person was out with his wife and dog when this bear charged they were filming at the time and he raised his
5:53 pm
arms to appear bigger and give a roar to scare that bear away. what they say is you don't want to runaway. it sound counter intuitive but the the bear thinks you are bigger than you are. i remember my parents with take to us yellow stone and they make a scene. you never want to surprise a bear. >> they necessity they will coming and they will move along. >> wow. >> that was a big bear. >> takes a lot of guts okay, i will do it. >> and to have the camera they have a nice little memory, to keep going. a lot of woman try to hide their gray hairs some women are going gray on purpose. >> we will have more on the granny hair trend that is taking social media by storm.
5:54 pm
5:55 pm
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many people try to hide their gray hair, others go gray on purpose. >> it is all part of the growing trend known as granny hair and correspondent morally hall has more on the hair raising style that is picking up some steam. >> all right, suzy we are ready for you. >> reporter: suzy katz just can't waiting to gray, in fact she's dying to. >> here we go no turning back new. >> reporter: the 29 year-old is one of the growing number of young woman and men who are
5:57 pm
asking professionals like marie robinson to color their locks, various shades of gray. how often are you doing this in your salon. >> i would say we're averaging three or four clients a week which i think it is a lot for an unusual unique look. >> reporter: but trend known as granny hair has taken social media by storm. >> if you are on the internet you will see it rye now. >> reporter: augusta is the beauty editor at buzz feed the web site called granny hair the biggest hair trend of the year so far. >> it is start of the high fashion and new up through celebrities have it and new we will see people picking up on it. >> reporter: twenty-four year-old jean salvador has been gray for past four months. >> i come back to do this about once a in. >> reporter: coloris t lucille must bleach the hair to yellow and then apply gray t int. >> transformation process is an eight to nine hour job. >> reporter: average cost is about $700 but that can vary
5:58 pm
depending on your hair and the salon. >> some people say this is drastic. >> i think if you are able to rock it, why not. >> reporter: after an entire day in the chair suzy loves her new look. >> i feel like a super chic, older lady, but in a young ladies body. >> reporter: marley hall for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". >> $700? wow. >> some look like cruela deville. >> it is high fashion you see it on the runways. >> for $700, it better be high fashion. >> if you you want to take part in the trend or short on the time and cash there are gray hair extensions, if you don't want to make the commitment. >> that will do it for "eyewitness news" at 5:00. >> now at 6:00 it is a who's who of the entertainment world at ed sullivan theater that the hour as david letterman tapes his final show. our todd quinones is there for the big good bye. also a scare for the
5:59 pm
university of delaware student who grabbed and groped while jogging through a popular park pennsylvania, students who frequent that area are reacting tonight as police search for a suspect. federal up investigators are releasing new details in the deadly derailment of amtrak train 188 in port richmond, we will have the the latest kathy. temperatures will be falling into the 40's, we have a before we warm it up, over that holiday weekend, plus the threat of the rain, we will show you who will get the most, tomorrow. all that is left of the 150 year-old south jersey bank is this vault coming up, we will tell you the story still locked inside . now at 6:00 o'clock, this is it, david letterman's final late show, camera were rowing today as, big name celebrities and friend of the dave, entered the ed sullivan
6:00 pm
theater for his final farewell. a live look right now at the marquis at ed sullivan theater, the taping for dave's grand finally is underway right now and you can bet it will be a night filled with surprises. good evening i'm chris may. i'm jessica dean. we are a few hours away from the big finally of the late show with david letterman. >> "eyewitness news" reporter todd quinones is live ed sullivan theater in insuring to tell us about a star studded send off. >> reporter: one of the biggest send offs in tv history needs a lot of stars and there is plenty of star power here tonight. alex baldwin payton manning jim carry steve martin, and the list just


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